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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  November 13, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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process to constantly say the system isn't working. >> let our people vote, and let our votes be counted. this is "new day" with alisyn camekacam. >> we are one week from the midterm elections. you promised to get me an anniversary present this hour. >> i have it for you. it is coming up later. in the meantime, breaking news out of california. catastrophic wild fires devastating the state. it has been a deadly and terrifying night there. the death toll stands at 44. 42 are from the blaze called the campfire, now the deadliest wild fire in california's history. the numbers could rise because dozens and dozens of people are still accounted for. there is a different fire threatens homing in southern california. they are expecting near
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hurricane force winds. we will have reporters there in a few minutes. >> okay marks one week since the midterm elections. an unprecedented victory in the senate race in arizona, flipping a seat that has been in republican control for more than two decades. she also becomes the first woman to represent arizona in the state. in florida, these are live pictures of the recount still underway in key races. little quieter this morning, but an hour or two ago bustling there. all ahead of thursday's deadline in that state as tensions continue to flair, prompting a judge to urge both sides to, quote, ramp down the rhetoric. new reporting this morning on another shake up in the works at the white house. president trump asking his secretary of homeland security to resign in the coming days.
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let's tackle all of this with washington post white house reporter and cnn political analyst and reporter and editor at large of cnn politics chris cilliz cillizza. there have been rumbling for some time that the president was not happy with the secretary. but the fact, chris, that, you know, she wanted to hold on, as we understand it, at least through her year anniversary, could she really be out in the coming days? >> sure. we sort of saw this come anything that donald trump, we know the two of them have clashed in private before. we know that he has railed against her for her inability, in his mind, to stop the flow of immigrants trying to enter the country. obviously, he's agitated in the days leading up to the election about this caravan, which is still quite far away.
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the thing to watch mere is she is extremely close to john kelly. she followed him. we know that john kelly and donald trump are also, i don't want to say on the outs, but have had a frank chctured relationship. those are two people we know who he has not been thrilled with. we already know he has gotten rid of jeff sessions the day after the elections. >> two for one. and it's interesting because john kelly has had shouting matches inside the white house over kirsten nielsen. you know, presidents shake up cabinets. the time to do it is after
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midterm elections. i wouldn't think it is surprising. we say, i figure it could be hours at this point. >> yeah. and that's right. we recall that john kelly is committed to stay on. his relationship with the presidents and within the white house has been. it's hard to see is that going to happen through the president's re-election campaign? but i do want to point out. nielsen has taken on a different job because her job focuses on the issue that the president had been elected in the first place, which was immigration. we have reported repeatedly just how difficult -- just how angry the president has been with her in private for his view of her inability to deal with this issue at the border. and it's going to be a major challenge for senate republicans
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as well because if and when she does exist that post, first of all, there is no confirmed deputy secretary in place. there is no natural interim in the first place. and these are two cabinet positions that have been controversial and difficult to confirm in the senate because they deal with very controversial, difficult issues. we are still waiting for votes in florida. obviously, we have the mississippi race still uncalled with the run-off. but rich mcconnell is not going to have as big a majority as he thought he did. confirmation votes for these high level cabinet positions will be difficult for senate republicans and president trump. >> jackie, let's shift gears to arizona, looking at what we saw overnight. so she will be heading to washington to represent the state of arizona. martha mcsally conceding there
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overnight. ultimately they could both end up there. >> you have still the appointment of john mccain's more permanent successor. so we don't know what the governor there is going to do. either way, we were going to have the first female senator from arizona, which is noteworthy and sinema is the first since 1995 in that position. when you look at some of the exit polling, it is really interesting to see who has won and lost. one of the biggest jumps, i thought, was the latino vote. when you look at exit polls, it appears that sinema won 30% more than mcsally. she lost the white vote. perhaps that had to do with immigration. she is seen as more of a moderate. perhaps she's someone that the white house might see themselves
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of having to look out to because of her views. but about nielsen, i don't expect her to fade into the dock ground too soon. let's not forget house democrats likely will call her. they said they will probe things like the family separation issue. >> that's a good point. even as a former, she might have to come up and testify in front of congress. staying on arizona, i think in some ways arizona has been undercover. we have not focussed nearly enough on the impact of this. thankl ly thankfully, cnn has a three hour election special tonight. arizona is the future of the democratic party and always has been. well, now, they have got their hands on it to an extent. this is democrats succeeding in the sun belt. this is also a much different result from what we thought might be happening to the democrats one week ago.
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>> yeah. first on arizona specifically, jackie mentioned '95. she's right. but the teetruth, it's the last time they had someone elected as a democrat was this same guy in 1976. so he got re-elected and retired in '94. but that's a long time ago. i mean, i'm 42. that's the year i was born. '76 was the last time they had someone. so we forget how solid i republican arizona was. on a broader point, right now you have republicans plus one. now, you have florida out there. rick scott is obviously ahead and we have mississippi. i would, despite her problems recently, i would suggest cindy hydesmith is more likely to win that. but even so, plus two on a map i would remind people 26
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democratic seats, 9 republican seats. of those 26 democratic seats, 10 in states donald trump won. five he won in states with double digits. this was a nightmare map for senate democrats. to only go down two at max really preserves their ability in 2020. i know people want to talk about the 2022 senate map. i get that. but my point is they had gone down -- if senate republicans control 28 seats, it becomes a lot harder to claw back to that majority. i think that gets lost because we just look at the net. oh, well republicans picked up seats. sure, but not what we they could have. this was a once in a lifetime sort of election cycle given the numbers and where the seats were for republicans, and they did not maximize it. >> i also feel like once in a lifetime in terms of the nastiness involved about a recount. i know there's been nastiness in
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the past, but this nastiness early on -- i'm talking of course about florida -- when we look at this, we're hearing a lot of the rhetoric. we're hearing it on the ground there. and the fact that the judge had to come out and say, everybody on all sides, you need to ramp down the rhetoric. that is something that triggered recount, which isn't until thursday. >> exactly. the rick scott/bill nelson was one of the closely watched senate races, but it wasn't as openly nasty as the mcsally race. all that anger and nastiness is coming out at the end as we are waiting for this recount to proceed and to end. it's been fascinating for me to watch rick scott kind of in his mode, in almost a trump yian mo as he appeared on fox news
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several times to discuss this issue. it's been a fascinating twist was rick scott was one of the very few republican senate candidates that didn't cling on to donald trump. we saw senate candidates latch on to the power of the presidency and trump's popularity to propel them to victory. rick scott didn't do that. but as we have seen this recount become much more contentious, he's become almost trumpian in his rhetoric. >> we will talk to a representative of his campaign in a bit. i want to move on to a different subject, which is michelle obama. she's got a new book out. she has a new media tour out. let me play you what she said the other day. she was asked about her conversations with the current first lady, melania trump, and whether melania had asked for
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advice. >> i know laura bush reached out to you and said, if you need any help, i am a phone call away. you talked about how you extended that same courtesy to melania trump. has she reached out to you? >> no, she hasn't. >> moments ago we got a response from the white house, from the first lady's team. mrs. trump is a strong and independent lady who has been navigating her role as first lady in her own way. when she needs advice on any issue, she seeks it from her professional team in the white house. there is not a lot of love from the trumps and the obamas. >> that's a good analysis there, john. i mean, let's not forget, melania trump also did promote the birther theories before her husband was even elected president. so there was some tension. but it is -- it is an unusually
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tense relationship between this white house and their immediate predecessors. we saw this on the campaign trail. clearly it is continuing into the first lady's office. now, on the other side, you can also see melania trump getting criticism for looking like perhaps she was being two faced if she was reaching out to michelle obama under the radar and yet being so critical -- or her husband being so critical of the white house. you can see it cutting both ways. all in all, you would hope that even something like, you know, advice, the best way to navigate being first ladies, they could put their differences aside. >> not surprising because from the very moment she stepped into that role, melania trump made it clear she will do things her way. i want to stay on the former first lady. >> key race alert. >> we should play that. >> the key race alert, 2020.
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>> we're halfway into the race for 2020, and we've got this development. take a listen. >> and now we look forward to the next election, 2020. 2020. i'm looking at you. >> no, no, no, no. >> what's your point? >> you have made it abundantly clear that you have no desire to return to public service like that. what candidates do you see out there that catch your eye? >> recently one of hillary clinton's former adviser speculated she could run again. do you think she should? >> i think at this point everybody is qualified and everybody should run. >> there we go, crystal. everybody should throw their hat in the ring, deflecting a little bit there. perhaps not surprising. but an interesting answer all the same. >> oh, look. i actually don't think she's interested in running. i think she's seen it up close
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enough with her husband to see the ugliness of it and not be interested in doing it. that said, if she did want to run, i think she's a top tier candidate. i don't think she wants to. but, man oh man, if you're looking for someone that could be the obvious heir to the obama legacy within the party, which is still quite powerful, it's easy to see that happening. but again she's not someone -- if you look at hillary clinton's answers, for example, on this question, it's like, no, i don't want to be president. that said, i would be a great president, and i'd like to do it. and you're like, um. michelle obama has been equivalent. she's never expressed interest. she's never been someone who has run for office before. so i sort of take her at her word. that said, i'm sure if we did a poll today, she'd be at or near the top of it. >> there is no daylight and i always look for some daylight. i always assume that everyone is
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running. there is no daylight. no wiggle room in her comment. i don't believe she's running for president today. >> look at what you did, john berman. >> no daylight there. all right. thank you very much for being with us this morning. the votes still being counted in several key races. cnn is airing a prime time special at 8:00 p.m. eastern. it is fascinating because we know a lot more about this election than we did one week ago, and they will talk about it tonight. >> this is true. if you were with us at the top of the broadcast at 6:00 a.m., john berman pointed out that because it was the one week anniversary, i probably owed him an anniversary gift. i happen to keep gifts in my office for just this occasion. i drink a lot of tea. today's tea says your greatest strength is love, john berman. so i give you that gift.
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perhaps it is good for watching tonight, your own box of detox tea with its own sayings that you can share with ally tomorrow. >> thank you so much. happy anniversary. >> we are shifting gears here. out of california, those wild fires, which are ravaging this state. the death toll there now climbing to 44. the decembstruction is really unspeakable. a live report for you just ahead. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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breaking news out of california where the death toll stands at 44 in the wild fires ravaging the state. dozens more remain missing at this hour. firefighters struggling to contain two main fires at this hour. there is the campfire and the fire to the south. dan? >> reporter: well, hi, erika. there was concern at the beginning there would be a high death toll with this fire given the fact that it spread so fast and there are a lot of retirees in this community. there is also the grim task of identifying the bodies. keep in mind most, if not all of them, were so badly burned they could not be identified. they are asking family members
5:22 am
to provide dna samples so ultimately these bodies can be reunited with their loved ones. it is just gruesome. let me explain where i am here. you can see these grocery carts. this is a safeway that was destroyed in the fire. it shows you how much was lost in the community. as far as this fire is concerned, modest growth overnight. right now we're looking at 117,000 acres and it's 30% contained. it's burning away from populated communities. the bad news is this is no rain in the forecast and things remain extremely dry. john, we'll send it back to you. >> unrecognizable where you are. dan, thank you so much for your reporting. want to move down south to malibu as firefighters try to contain the deadly woolsey fire. what are you seeing? >> reporter: it is calm right now and people are hoping it stays that way, but the forecast doesn't say it is going to stay
5:23 am
that way. the numbers so far, two fatalities. people found in their burned out car. 400 plus structures killed. but to put that into perspective, 1,500 structured saved by fate or the work of the firefighters here. 20 miles long by a dozen miles wide, this woolsey fire. they say it is about 30% contained as well. we're in one of those million dollar view. we can't see it here. but the pacific ocean million view neighborhoods. look at what is left of this truck, how small it is after all of the fiberglass and everybody burned away. the house behind it completely in shambles. check this out. look at this hardened puddle of aluminum that was melted by these temperatures.
5:24 am
while i ran into pierce brosnan yesterday, who said his home was spared, a reminder it is not all celebrities here. there is college kids here. th i went to pepperdine university here. a little taste of what it might be like for people coming back and finding their entire lives gone. and many of them maybe not insured the way these million dollar mansions would be up here as well. but today all eyes are on the winds. john, hoping they could contain this thing before more damage is done. >> seeing your apartment there not just burned but almost melted away there, that's really chilling. >> reporter: it really is. that's the second floor.
5:25 am
my old bedroom, the floor melted and caved in below. and on that road just up the highway this morning, there was a flair-up. so even though things seem calm now, things can change instantaneously as embers get blown into these tinder dry canyons. >> so much to stay on top of. the threat is not over. bill, appreciate it, as always. thank you. so many folks watching this wondering what you can do to help. there are ways that you can help those impacted by the california wild fires. just log on to fraud allegations and florida's re-election recount. we'll hear from the rick scott campaign next. yep. we match all the cash back new cardmembers earn at the end of their first year, automatically. whoo! i got my money! hard to contain yourself, isn't it? uh huh! let it go! whoo! get a dollar-for-dollar match at the end of your first year. only from discover.
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well you remember what happened last year. you can't bring a backup thanksgiving to my sister's house. it's not like we're going to walk in with it. we'll bring it in as we need it. ...phase it in. phase it in? yeah, phase it in.
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the fierce recount fight in florida heating up. a judge wants both sides to cool it down. >> i am urging, because of the highly public nature of this case, to ramp down the rhetoric.
5:30 am
if someone in this lawsuit or someone in this county has evidence of voter fraud or irregularities at the supervisor's office, they should report it to a local law enforcement officer. >> let's go to rick todd. thank you so much for being with us. we heard from the judge urging both sides to ramp down the rhetoric. what change will we see from the scott campaign today? >> governor scott's position has been clear. he wants the laws of florida to be followed, and he wants to shine a light on the noncompliance of florida's anti-fraud laws. fraud hides in the shadows of noncompliance. it is the only way to make sure -- >> again, that judge made clear yesterday and the secretary of state's office made clear the other day there has been no evidence of fraud committed. >> well, hold on just a second. brenda snipes, the supervise vor
5:31 am
of elections in broward county admitted she comingled ballots and counted them anyway. the lawyers are currently in court trying to commit fraud in open public. they are trying to invalidate laws that have kept out invalidate votes. those laws in florida are very clear to prevent fraud. each board has to evaluate ballots as they come in and the nelson campaign wants to count votes deemed invalid by judges. >> the campaign wants to wait until the over seas ballots come in. even though the president wants only votes that came in by election day counted. do you standby that? >> you are mischaracterizing the nelson campaign's position. our election law should be tossed out the window. >> but, brad, i was talking about the president's statement, who also, i think, wants to toss
5:32 am
out election laws saying the only votes by election days are counted. hang on. the law does allow -- correct me if i'm wrong -- the law does allow for military ballots to come in until the 16th, correct? >> yes. and in florida you do count ballots that come in, as long as they have been received by election day. and you have to announce the total of those ballots that you have to count with the exception of the military ballots. >> which can be counted until the 16th. they don't have to be in by election day. they have to be postmarked by election day. >> overseas ballots. but bill nelson's campaign is seeking more than that. they want to count votes mailed out from florida after the deadline and received in florida after the deadline from domestic sources. nelson's campaign's position is he should ignore florida's election laws. rick scott's position is we
5:33 am
should follow elections. >> i do hear what you are saying here, and you do keep on using the word fraud, even though, i just want to state this, the secretary of state's office has said clearly they have seen no evidence of it and that judge we have heard from said he has seen no evidence of it yet either. so, brad, let me ask you this because i am an avid watcher of cuomo prime time. you were on last night. chris doesn't throw many softballs. he asked a huge softball where he asked you outright if after the recount somehow, and i know it is unlikely, but somehow bill nelson were to prevail, would rick scott, who was the governor right now certify that election, and you wouldn't say yes. you have had a night to think about it. is the answer yes? >> i'm also not going to answer is rick scott going to win the heisman trophy because he's not. but he is going to be the governor. the question is will bill nelson
5:34 am
accept that outcome? the question is does he want to have that long of a lifetime of service to florida to be unwritten and for his only legacy to be the guy who was a sore loser and wouldn't go away. >> i don't presume to know bill nelson's thinking, but does he want to leave public life before all the legal procedures as mandated by florida law, does he want to do it before they are all carried out? i want to give you one more chance because i consider this to be a softball of all softballs softballs. if the law is carried out in florida and somehow bill nelson ends up with more votes, you are telling me right now you won't guarantee rick scott will certify that election? >> he's won this election. he's won it fair and square. the only way the democrats could possibly see anyone besides rick scott would be an insurmountable theft in the courts. talk about that word
5:35 am
unsurmountable. bill nelson's own lawyer called smaller leads than this insurmountable. he said people should graciously concede. the question is at 3:00 on thursday when this machine recount is completed and bill nelson is still going to trail by many thousands of votes, will he graciously concede? that's a question we have to ask ourselves. the thing that is also interesting to a lot of people is if you believe the math is what it is, if you are so certain that the outcome will be what it is, why have you all been so caustic? why not just wait for it to come out the way you are so certain it does? it makes people think you have an ulterior motive. >> let's ask that, john. bill nelson is not going to overcome this deficit. so why are the democrats so furiously suing over every possible plank in the florida elections code?
5:36 am
>> because it's the law. the law says tit needs to take place. >> i think bill nelson and the democrats are suing to throw out florida's election law because they think they need to get rid of the election laws to defeat president trump in 2020. i think this is all about 2020. >> given your commitment to the math being what it is that you are also being still so political about your arguments here. why not just -- >> i'm not being political. i'm being legalistic. the laws should be followed. brenda snipes has not followed the laws in florida. the laws should be followed. the ballots that were legally cast and timely received should be counted. and that's it. >> and recounted? and should there be a recount? >> we are in the middle of a recount right now. >> we are in a machine recount right now. the scott campaign is completely cooperating with that machine recount according to the laws of
5:37 am
florida. we will continue to cooperate according to the laws of florida. that's our position and will continue to be our position. the only campaign not following the laws of florida is the nelson campaign. they are trying to get rid of the regulations that nelson's own lawyer sought two years ago that passed unanimously by bipartisan vote. >> i have a feeling we will have a chance to talk to you again over the next few days because your position doesn't seem to have changed despite the judge's ruling. more fallout from a crash of an air flight that killed everyone in board. did boeing keep pilots in the dark about a new flight control system? with fidelity wealth management you get straightforward advice,
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the family of a security guard gunned down by police at a bar in illinois has fired a lawsuit. he was shot by an officer responding to a shooting in sunday south of chicago. an attorney for the 26 year old's family says he was holding a man down following a shooting inside the bar where he worked.
5:42 am
the illinois state police, though, is investigating. "the wall street journal" reports that amazon has choose new york and virginia to split duty as its second headquarters. neighal contest was dubbed hq2 and launched last september. the giant based in seattle is expected to make an official announcement later today. >> does that come with roses or not? >> i don't know what they have to do to get it. >> that's a separate issue. boeing withheld safety information about its new model plane. an investigation found boeing failed to warn the industry about a possible fault in its new flight control system. that feature is suspected to have played a roll in a crash in indonesia last month.
5:43 am
that crash killed all 189 people on board. the start of the criminal trial of drug kingpin, accused of international drug trafficking, conspireing to murder rivals and money laundering. he allegedly earned nearly $14 billion as head of his drug cartel. the vatican is ordering the u.s. conference of catholic bishops to delay taking action on reforms that would hold clergy accountable for failing to protect children from sexual abuse. the group had planned a vote wednesday on a code of conduct and to establish a commission for investigating misconduct. stars from the marvel universe and the rest of the country paying tribute to the man who was marvel economics, the legendary stan lee. lee created a cast.
5:44 am
the head of marvel studios says he leaves an extraordinary legacy that will outlive us all. i'm a huge comic book fan and stan lee made my life better. >> someone tweeted yesterday, they say you should never meet your childhood heroes. they were long. he was talking about when he met stan lee. >> after the show, i'm going to hulk out of this suit. >> he only does that on tuesdays. here is a look at your late night laughs. >> the president went on twitter today to demand they stop the vote while the republicans are ahead. he said large numbers of new ballots showed up out of nowhere in florida. >> they're in the mail. i refuse to believe he doesn't know how mail works.
5:45 am
that's how he got two of his wives. >> just out, call for a new election? >> donald trump joined dozens of other world leaders in france to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of world war i. just to be safe, trump brought a note saying he absolutely couldn't fight. >> trump is that guy that invites a friend to brunch that nobody else likes. actually putin showed up to the event late. he was like, forgive me. i was overseeing recount in florida. >> you should know the president is writing up a storm this morning about france and what happened there. so obviously it's still on his mind and perhaps he was up late last night watching the comics, so he felt like he needed to respond. one week since election day. there are still more house and
5:46 am
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ask about vraylar. has won the race for senate in arizona, turning that seat blue for the first time in more than 20 years. so what will the senate look like? what will the house look like when this race finally comes to a close some time in the next day, week, month? let's get the bottom line with david chalian. happy anniversary to you. one week since election day. we're all celebrating in our own way. >> don't you miss when elections ended on election day? >> well, i have frank here. we lived the florida recount together. we're both having relapses, breaking out into sweats again. so elections tend to have strange endings. this one has really had a different, i think, ending. a week later than it did early
5:51 am
tuesday night. and this is one big reason. this arizona state race provides a whole different lens, i think, to look maybe at the entire election. >> i think that's fair, john. first of all, let's say now with democrats picking up this second pick-up, republicans will be limited to a net gain of two seats if rick scott hangs on in florida and they keep the seat in mississippi when that goes to a run off on november 27th. and, you know, if those elections go another way, it will be less than that. so a max gain of net two pick up for the republicans in the senate. but to your point, i think, about specifically what arizona represents here. as you noted, this is the first time a democrat has won a u.s. senate seat since 1988. this is not just by happenstance. if you recall, there's been a ten-year project in the democratic party. started in many ways by obama's
5:52 am
campaign manager back then about turning arizona red to purple to blue. and it's not just arizona. democrats are also eyeing georgia and texas. you saw the democrats there at the top of the ticket getting very, very close. though, at the moment coming up short. so i do think that you are seeing here the impact of what it means for a republican party to run in these states. >> how will that figure in then for republicans? we know as we look at this, this is great. democrats love hearing this, right? there are other states where thing dos not look quite as rosy like in ohio. >> ohio trended to be a big more tread. if indeed when the recount is done, ron desantis is on top in
5:53 am
florida, those are two big governorships. but the big victories republicans had on election night were in mostly deep red territory. those are states donald trump has to rely upon to get re-elected. if you look at the midwest, in pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin, specifically the states that delivered the presidency to donald trump. without them he would not have been president. they all elected democratic governors, democratic senators got re-elected in those states. that looks like a sort of blue wall that donald trump obliterated in 2016 rebuilding itself. >> so the house right now stands at 30, flips a gain of 30 so far for the democrats. we have 10 outstanding races. it is a safe bet democrats will pick up some, if not many or most of all of those. what's the impact there, david? and what does that mean maybe
5:54 am
for nancy pelosi? >> that is probably the most immediate and important impact to pelosi, which is that if she can pad her majority by getting, as you said, a big chunk of these ten remaining races, that means, as she's trying to count her votes, she has more wiggle room. that is its most immediate impact. but, this is spelling trouble for donald trump. if they end up winning 37 seats, it is going to be not just where hillary clinton won. the majority of those pickups are in seats where donald trump won, where he is clearly having problems now with independent voters, with suburbanites with the very voters that powered this democratic majority. and this is his 2020 to do list
5:55 am
if he hopes to get re-elected. >> looking to arizona one last time, you have to wonder if jeff flake, had he won for re-election, if he could have won a general election. he wouldn't have won the primary. donald trump would have forced him out. but he would have been a republican that kept that seat. great to see you. i'm sure you will be part of tonight's special election coverage. stay tuned. the good enough is next. if you're waiting patiently for a liver transplant,
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brush like a pro. the good stuff is brought to you by oral-b. brush like a pro. time now for the good stuff. a nurse in michigan is using her voice to lift the spirits of her patients. ♪ you light up my life. >> that is nurse brenda singing to a patient whose daughter never thought he would make it. then the nurse entered the picture. >> that for me is what nursing is all about, to touch their life, to touch their heart. >> her voice giving robert the energy he needed to make it back home to recover. >> i just hope this woman knows
6:00 am
what she's done for my dad. >> that's so nice. you know, so many different faces to love. so many different things you can do. that's so nice. >> it is a great story and a good reminder for all of us. >> you'll sing to me in a little bit. time for nor poppy marharlo and jim sciutto. hit it. top of the hour. good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow. we begin this morning in northern california. dozens of people still missing as the so-called campfire becomes the deadliest wild fire in the history of the state. at least 42 people killed and fears we will see more images like this today as officials search the charred piles with cadaver dogs. there is still dozens missing. >> 500 miles south near malibu, the woolsey fire has intensified overnight. let's get straight to dan


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