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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 13, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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and in this case the police were more dangerous to him than an active shooter. there's some high tension involved in this. it will be interesting to see how this case plays out over the next few days. >> stay on it for us, ryan. thank you. here we go. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. here we are exactly one week after election day. a major shake-up may be in the works. and melania trump is stepping in to call fors d the dismissal ofe security adviser. but also president trump is eyeing replacements for several positions, including his chief of staff john kelly. with me is dana bash and cnn white house reporter kate
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bennett. kate, let me begin with you. why does melania trump care so deeply to have this deputy national security adviser fired? railroad right. brooke, i just want to make sure the statement from mrs. trump's office said it's the position of the office of the first lady that she no longer deserves the honor of serving in this white house. so a very specific statement. a white house official does tell me on background during the trip to africa earlier this month, the first lady's office and some staff members butted heads and they felt she was being a bit obstinate in some of her behavior to some of the requests the first lady's office was making. the source said there was perhaps some retaliation by leaking certain things or attempts to do so. this is from a source inside the white house. it's an unfolding story. but certainly a very unusual,
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very strong statement from the first lady and her office actually saying this person doesn't deserve to be on staff at the white house. melania trump, as we both know, is not someone who is effusive in her statements, she's typically stayed out of staffing decisions, operates independently from the west wing. this being someone that doesn't necessarily operate within mrs. trump's circles. so this is a very unusual move. it will be interesting to see how it plays out. ricardel, we just saw her in the same room with the president so she's clearly city at the white house today. >> let me quickly bring barbara starr in. you have a bit more on ricardel, what she does. >> reporter: she cast a very
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long shadow over here at the pentagon ever since the beginning of the trump administration. it became clear she was trying to get some loyalists, some people she thought should have top jobs over here at the pentagon and get defense secretary mattis to have those people work here. he did not exactly see eye to eye with her to say the least. in the last several months it had become extremely well known that ricardel and secretary mattis were butting heads. he's a former marine and none of this escaped his attention. so he may not be terribly sad if she goes on her way and begins working outside of the white house to say the least. someone who had been seen as being very contentious over here. a little surprising if she is leaving perhaps that mr. bolton is the one that's telling her to leave because, again, bolton,
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mattis and pompeo, the secretary of state, are kind of the troika, if you will, of the three key national security adviser -- diplomatic advisers to the president, three different personalities and they've all clashed at times. so mira going away will be interesting. it may be mattis in a more solid position with the white house. it was clear she was pretty public within white house circles about all of that. brooke? >> i'm listening to both barbara and kate and dana and i'm hearing words like contentious, on -- obstinate. >> it's a public shame be. kate is absolutely right. i don't remember first ladies being this involved publicly
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ever. nancy reagan certainly was involved behind the scenes, but to publicly come out in an unsolicited statement and say her husband's deputy national security adviser doesn't have it, doesn't have -- i'm looking for the exact words, no longer deserves the honor of serving in this white house is remarkable. you can only conclude two things and they're not necessarily at odds. one is that melania trump is so annoyed and angry with this woman that she wanted to call her out publicly and make her look bad and/or two, john bolton wasn't budging, didn't want to fire her so melania went around him and went to the public. both could be true. we know the public shaming is true, we've seen it. the question is whether or not she had to do this because john
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bolton said i'm not letting go of her. >> okay. so you have this public shaming of mira ricardel by this statement from the east wing. when i was jumping in the elevator, you and i were quickly chatting about there is tension between the first lady and john kelly. but the white house is denying any kind of anything, correct? >> it's interesting. they are denying that melania has an issue with the chief of staff. she's saying the east wing doesn't operate in tandem with the west wing. as we know to be true, this is a very independent first lady, a very independent east wing. it's interesting, the times that melania trump have punched back are times when she's felt slighted in terms of honesty or truth. if what the white house source is telling me that there were
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perhaps stories pushed that were inaccurate on ricardel's point about the first lady, that seems very much in line with the times melania has pushed back. we've seen her do it a number of times, statements that come from steph nip grisham. they're few and far between but somewhere she feels someone is telling an untruth or injustice about her. i do think and we heard this from the first lady when she spoke on the africa trip, she does have influence. she did tell the president if there are people she thinks he should not trust in that office. and she was asked what happened to those people and she said some of them don't work there anymore. she's not afraid to say if i influence him or give my opinion, sometimes he acts on it. so this will be interesting to see whether ricardel with bolton and her different role not necessarily in the east wing,
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whether that affects her overall job. >> what does this mean bigger picture for national security? you mentioned the clashing between ricardel and maybe mattis, maybe he would feel on stronger footing. who else does this affect, big picture? >> this is quite significant. ricardel essentially runs much of that apparatus within the white house day to day. bolton often travels with the president. all of the hard work that goes on with the national security process, how you move issues through the government, whether it's what to do about russia, what to do about iran, isis, afghanistan, are in the korea. these are very different the
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issue long and involved discussions between the national security community. and ricardel is in a process to shepherd that process through. secretary mattis likes to see all these issues we're talking about get a full national security analysis. by all accounts that's been very problematic in recent months. not as much of that process has been followed, perhaps due to mr. trump's off-the-cuff approach to national security at times and perhaps due to some of the drama that's been going on, if you will. so now the question will be really what kind of national security apparatus will john bolton -- if ricardel does go, what kind of apparatus will he establish once again in the white house for mr. trump to work with. who will be the new national security adviser? will this be someone who simply says yes to every the president wants? will this be someone who goes
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for the rigorous analysis needed in so many crucial national security issues? especially with these negotiations coming up with north korea. while mr. pompeo, the secretary of state has the lead, this will be crucial to the pentagon. they want to know exactly what weapons north korea has, what they're willing to give up, what the process will be. we're entering into a process where everything from north korea to russia to iran is in a critical stage so that position without ricardel will be absolutely vital. >> thank you very much. dana, let me finish with you tonight. you're part of this election night sequel. we heard the president as we've been talking eyeing replacements for chief of staff, secretary nielsen. others are thinking the election
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results are worse for republicans than people thought. >> it's true what a difference a week makes. as we were watching the results come in, it was obvious that the democrats were doing quite well in the house. we called the house for the democrats relatively early on in the evening last tuesday, but the senate picture looked different. it looked as though the president had really gotten a big bump from all of his extensive campaigning in the red states where you had either open seats or democratic incumbents in peril. a a lot of those seats, he did okay, knocked off indiana where the president won by double digits, claire mccaskill in missouri, where the president won by double digits, heidi height commonweal heitkamp where the president won by double digits. in particular what happened last night in arizona really does
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start to paint the picture differently of where the republican party is right now. what that means is it's a lot more narrow. it's a lot more narrow. we saw that in the house. the suburbs went bye-bye for republicans, independents, women, and now it's looking more to be the case in other states that aren't ruby ruby red. and that is a very dangerous thing for this president and more broadly for the republican party. >> talk about a takeaway looking ahead to 2020. not getting ahead of myself. let's look forward to this evening. we're so there, we're so there. dana, we'll look for you tonight with the whole crew. election night continued starts at 8:00 eastern. dana bash, anderson cooper, jake tapper, john king, all of them right here on cnn. now to the trump hire that is so controversial, it's forcing a courtroom showdown. acting attorney general matthew whitaker. maryland's attorney general just filed papers asking a federal judge to replace whitaker with the deputy attorney general rod
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rosenstein saying whitaker's appointment violates the constitution and the attorney general succession act and this is happening when the department of justice is set to release its defense of his appointment. let's go straight to our reporter at the justice department, laura jarrett. laura, my goodness, what a difference a week has made from when you were breaking the story. then to now, the maryland attorney general is going after matt whitaker. on what grounds? >> brooke, it's kind of interesting. a legal maneuver here where they're using an existing lawsuit that had been filed against the trump administration naming jeff segs ssions as a defendant that had to do with t the affordable care act. they're asking for a formal
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court order to that effect. and it's interesting, there's a hot legal debate going on right now between constitutional scholars about whether whitaker's appointment was constitutional in the first place. we've heard from george conway, kellyanne's husband weighing in on that. our legal expert thinks it is constitutional. the office of legal counsel, the chief legal officer, the law firm for the administration is planning to issue an opinion hopefully later today which will lay all of this out, defending the decision under the federal vacancies act. the question is whether trump effectively created this emergency on his own by appointing whitaker instead of ros rosenstein. we're told the administration is doubling down on whitaker's
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appointment. he had a rough couple days there, a series of stories but now the president is prepared to keep hmm on for several weeks in this temporary position, brooke. >> laura jarrett, thank you very much for the update there. coming up, the president says he loves the u.s. military, despite attacking the late senator john mccain and gold star families and critics saying he should have done more on veterans day weekend. is this part of a bigger pattern? my next guest says yes it is. >> and the death tolls in california continue to climb. one of the biggest fires in state history, dozens of people still missing. and monica lewinsky, what she said about hillary clinton in a
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as government officials, historians and fellow republicans continue to criticize this president for skipping a veterans event because of rain, my next guest said the president has a pattern that should not be ignored. she points out he has yet to visit u.s. troops at a combat zone, certainly four of his predecessors have done by now. that infamous insult against
12:21 pm
john mccain, trump had attacked a gold star family during the campaign and rushed u.s. troops to the border for a mission that is still not clear. your dad was an air force officer, you grew up on various military bases and it's a strong, scathing piece you wrote in the post. in the final line you write about the president treating our troops as props. props. why? >> we have a president who says he is better for the military than any president ever has been. and he'll talk to the major increase in the defense budget that's taken place on his watch. when you consider all the opportunities he has passed on for really showing respect for individual military members and for the sacrifices that they have made for this country, not only the list that you mentioned
12:22 pm
but just yesterday he did not go to arlington cemetery for the observance of veterans day. what he did do with one of his first tweets of the morning is suggest that the florida -- counting of votes in florida be halted and that essentially election night results be accepted. one thing that would be to do would be to toss out the overseas and military ballots. that is under florida law, those ballots are supposed to be counted. it's really just jaw dropping that a president of the united states would suggest that people who are overseas and in some cases in harm's way serving their country should not be allowed to make their voices heard at the ballot box. >> i've talked to my friend in the military and they're just sort of like why has he yet to visit any military theater? why hasn't he come to see us? you bring up the point about arlington yesterday.
12:23 pm
we talked for months about how this president what surrounded himself with military generals. he loves the generals. how is there not someone in his inner circle who is tapping him on the shoulder and saying, mr. president, you are the commander in chief, you need to go! >> certainly we just now found out today that he was cancelling a trip to the border, where he has over 5,000 active military. this is different from what previous presidents would send down guardsmen. this president has to one-up them with active duty military. these men are down there with no clear mission and the president has cancelled a trip to go see them as well. his four most recent predecessors had all made trips to combat. this is president is almost two years in office. he says he been too busy but he's nonetheless been able to
12:24 pm
play golf for over a hundred days of his presidency. >> we do know secretary mattis will be going, even though the president won't be. you make the point he has increased military spending. do you give him any benefit of the doubt? >> certainly he is popular within the military, and i think effectively under a bipartisan agreement that the president had made with congress, he has increased military pay. but he likes to say it's the first raise the military has gotten in ten years. that's a lie. the military has gotten a raise every year. and in fact, the raise that they got under president trump is actually smaller percentage-wise, than the raises they got in 2009, twen and 2008. >> he takes trips, he's gone
12:25 pm
overseas, gone and why he hasn't taken a trip to visit our military is unknown. >> coming up, monica lewinsky, how the events with former president bill clinton affected her life. >> and a nazi salute from this high school photo. at fidelity, those zeros really add up. ♪ maybe i'll win, saved by zero ♪ at fidelity, those zeros really add up. your insurance rates skyrocket you could fix it with a pen.
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it's bring your own phone, not pony. so i could've taken the bus? yeah. bring your phone. switch your carrier. save hundreds a year with xfinity mobile. call, click or visit a store today. monica lewinsky is breaking her relative silence and sat down for 20 hours of candid interviews for a new documentary ka called "the clinton affair," sharing private details about how her affair with president clinton started and ended and the emotional impact of wearing a wire 20 years ago. >> i don't talk about this very often and i still feel uncomfortable talking about it. it's not as if it didn't register with me that he was the president. obviously it did.
12:31 pm
but i think in one way, the moment we were actually in the back office for the first time, the truth is is that i think it meant more to me that someone who other people desired desired me. however wrong it was however misguided, for who i was in that very moment at 22 years old, that was how it felt. in order to cooperate and to avoid charges, i would have to make phone calls, monitored phone calls, which they would listen into and record. and i might have to wear a wire and go see people actually in person. the ground completely crumbled in that moment. i felt so much guilt. and i was terrified. they imagined that i would have flipped really easily. they had no plan in place for what would happen if i said no. there was a point for me somewhere in this sort of first several hours where i would be hysterically crying and then i
12:32 pm
would just shut down. and in the shutdown period, i remember looking out the window and thinking that the only way to fix this was to kill myself, was to jump out the window. and i just -- i felt terrible. i was scared and i just -- i was mortified and afraid of what this was going to do to my family and, you know, i still was in love with bill at the ti time. so i just -- i felt really responsible. >> wow. let's talk about that moment there. maeve reston is with me, our political reporter. how open she is, it's a wow
12:33 pm
moment. i know this documentary isn't all about her. we've seen her walk off the stage, maeve, when she's been asked about that time. why do you think she agreed to do this? >> this is the year of me too, this is the year of the woman. this a moment when a lot of people are coming forward and kind of sharing their truth. and clearly she's trying to reclaim her story here. for so many years the clintons were able to try to frame the narrative. hillary clinton obviously had a big role in that. and now this is her moment to tell her story, and she did speak to "vanity fair" about this, wrote a piece about why she did it. she said that the process of filming has been exceedingly painful but i hope that by participating, by telling the truth about a time in my life, a time in our history, i can help ensure that what happened to me never happens to another young
12:34 pm
person in our country again. you know, clearly being inspired by the many other people who have come forward over the last year and a half, it's a really amazing thing after she was such the center of the campaign for so long against the clintons. >> she talks a lot about apologies, the one she's given, the one she's yet to receive. tell me about that. >> so it's interesting also that she was asked, you know, she has been asked many times about whether she's wanted bill clinton to apologize. and she said what feels more important to me than whether i am owed or deserving of a personal apology is my belief that bill clinton should want to apologize. i'm less disappointed by him and more disappointed for him. he would be a better man for it and we in turn a better society, which is just a really striking
12:35 pm
statement and it will be fascinating to see how bill clinton respond to that, brooke. >> how he respond, if he resp d respon responds. thank you for bringing us that bit of sound. that was incredible. >> coming up next, the story behind this absolutely despicable photo. american high school students posing making what appears to be a nazi salute. only one person in the whole photo wasn't making the gesture. now he's telling cnn why. to most, he's phil mickelson, pro golfer. to me, he's, well, dad. so when his joint pain from psoriatic arthritis got really bad, it scared me. and what could that pain mean? joint pain could mean joint damage. enbrel helps relieve joint pain, helps stop irreversible joint damage
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police are now investigating a school photo showing a group of wisconsin high school students right before spring prom with their arms raised in what appears to be nazi absolutes. school officials say they are working with authorities to track down how and why this photo was taken. cnn talked to one student who was in the photo who decided not to raise his arm. >> the way the students had taken it was out of control. the photographer said to raise your hand, but he didn't say a specific way. and it appears it should have not raised it in this specifical way. that was the offensive way. at that moment i was uncomfortable.
12:41 pm
>> with me now, the wisconsin state senator. thank you for being with me, senator. >> sure. >> we have to begin with the pi picture. when you first saw it, you saw what? >> disgust. beribou is a town of about 13,000 people, strong, hard working, great quality of life there. it doesn't even come close to what i see there but i'm absolutely disgusted with what i saw in the photo. >> you heard the student say it was the photographer who said, "raise your arms." what more have you heard? how are they explaining this? >> people are saying they were raising their arm to say hi and raising it or whatever. >> no. >> the bigger point is what some students jchose to do and what
12:42 pm
they whochose to do is wrong. >> you said they watch, they learn, they mimic. you have actually cited the white house in this story. are you blaming these students doing a nazi salute on the president? >> not blaming it on the president, but i got to tell you whether it's a president or a governor, the tone or the tenor of the debate starts at the top, always has and always will. when you have someone in office, whether it's a president, governor or even a state senator who chooses to use words that are combative, that are offensive, that are borderline racist, you're going to see that played out across the country and obviously in some of our high schools. >> do you feel that the president does that? >> i'm sorry, what was that? >> do you feel that the president does that? i read something where you were talking about the president's use of language. >> when i watch a president heckle reporters for doing their
12:43 pm
job or pick on a nationality who is trying to seek a better life in our country and calling them names and pointing out how bad they are and mimic and make fun of someone disabled, i have a problem with that and i think the majority of the country has a problem with that. again, when you're dealing with kids, they watch, they learn and they're going to mimic what they see. they might think it okay because they see an adult or somebody else in their life doing it and it's really wrong. >> i was reading what the auschwitz memorial said. they said if they wish to know more about what can be the extreme result of normalization of hatred and hatred is enrolled in this symbol, please see some online learning dedicated to the
12:44 pm
information about auschwitz. >> what would you do? >> i would sit down and make them do research and make them learn what in a symbol means and how offensive that actually is. at the same time, what baraboo is doing, they're going to use that as a moment to reach out to those who don't get it or do get it but reach out and try to educate them even more that that particular symbol is offensive, it's wrong and it needs to stop. >> hopefully it will listen. state senator jon erpenbach, thank you for coming on. >> coming up, look at this. this is the camp fire in california, the deadliest in history. we'll talk to someone who has been trying to save animals, all of these horses left behind
12:45 pm
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calmer winds around california's now deadliest wildfire giving exhausted firefighters the littlest bit of respite. the camp fire has already claimed 42 lives. only 30% contained, and the woolsey fire circling the malibu area only 35% under control. two people have died there.
12:50 pm
the flames in malibu swept so fast, many families were forced to abandon pets, horses, a lot of horses in the malibu area. so a lot of breeders rallied to save those left behind. with me on the phone, up with of those who saved a lot of horses. he is ata sharadpore. thank you for jumping on the phone with me. obviously, in these instances, human lives are priority number one, but we love our animals too, and there are so many horses in the malibu area. how many do you think you've helped save? >> caller: thanks for having me on, brooke. this troop, i have to say, was maybe about a dozen. but normally, the number is quite large, unfortunately, like the last fires we got anywhere around 300 horses. but this one, because of the nature of the fires, and where they're at in the canyons, it was just impossible to get in and out, especially if you have larger rigs.
12:51 pm
and that made it very tough. and people who were trying to call us, we couldn't get hold of, we couldn't return their calls. the highways were closed, the canyons were closed. if you were in there, you were able to get horses in and out. and then we would come out and hear the unfortunate news that, well, they got their horses out but the properties burned down. so this is the unfortunate circumstance of what we're dealing with out here. >> isn't the challenge, and i think you hit on this a second ago, because this fire became so fierce and so fast, a lot of these horse owners actually -- they had to fend for themselves. and leave these beautiful creatures behind. >> caller: yeah, absolutely. i mean, you know, normally, you know, you can -- you have a little bit of advanced notice. you see it and some people can prep. and some people have done that. but unfortunately, the way this fire was moving, we -- you couldn't see the size of it. and couldn't see how fast it was moving. so when we got into hidden hills, for example, i thought we had plenty of time. and all of a sudden, i mean,
12:52 pm
within five minutes, there were sheriffs in there saying this is mandatory evacuation. and you also move the horses in and when you're moving out, you realize, wow, what i saw was black sky is now red sky. and you're seeing the flames right there. so you hustle to get the fires out -- i'm sorry, the horses out and get them to a safety spot. and then phone calls come in, we need you to come over here and you call and see the roads are closed. roads that were open five minutes before now completely engulfed. and so it's a really, really bad situation, because if you're in that area and you can't get out, your best and saving grace is sometimes to turn your horses loose and hope they will, you know, move to better grounds that we can't get them to. and sometimes that works, and unfortunately, sometimes that doesn't work. but in this case, i think there was a lot of heroic people who were in that area, and they got a lot of horses out fast. and i will tell you something, brooke. i mean, it's just something that will shake anybody who hasn't seen it.
12:53 pm
but you can look at a road and see 20, 30, maybe sometimes 40 horse trailers backed up like a caravan. it will move you. i don't care who you are. you just look, and you just love humanity when you see that. and it's inspiring to see that. there's a lot of people out there working hard. and the first responders are beyond words incredibly heroic people. >> beyond words, the first responders, the firefighters. i was talking to this one incredible nurse yesterday, and people like you, you know, saving horses, dogs, i read about cats and pigs and everything that they possibly can in the midst of this madness. thank you so much for all you're doing. bless you for that. and good to talk to you. thank you. >> caller: thank you very much. a stunning new twist in the deadly lion airplane crash. cnn has learned that pilots were reportedly kept in the dark by boeing about potential hazards. we'll have that for you. and the first lady of the united states publicly calling for the firing of a top national
12:54 pm
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[ neighing ] [ sigh ] it's bring your own phone, not pony. so i could've taken the bus? yeah. bring your phone. switch your carrier. save hundreds a year with xfinity mobile. call, click or visit a store today. . a pilot's group tells cnn that boeing withheld information about potential hazards about a model plane in the lion air crash. boeing was aware of problems with new flight control features. the flight crashed off the waters of indonesia, killing all 189 people on board. so rene marsh has been reporting on this, our correspondent. rene, why would boeing let them fly the plane? >> right. brooke, i spoke with the pilots
12:59 pm
at the allied pilots association. they are a labor union representing airline pilots, and they told me that boeing failed to warn pilots about a potentially dangerous feature in this new boeing 737, specifically the max 8 and max 9. that there is this flight control system which is supposed to help pilots avoid raising the nose of the plane too much and stalling. what pilots say they didn't know was that this plane system automatically pushes the plane's nose down in the event of a stall, in a very sudden and dramatic way. and the point they're making is that, you know, the plane is safe, but by not communicating all the information about how the plane systems work, that is what creates the danger, brooke. >> glad they're talking about it now. but how incredibly tragic for 189 people and their families. i know we'll hear so much more
1:00 pm
on this from you, i'm sure, in the coming days and weeks ahead. rene marsh, thank you very much from washington. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me for the last two hours. let's send it to jake. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. one white house official tells the "wall street journal," the president doused a bunch of white house staffers with gasoline and is just waiting for someone to light a match. firing line. president trump said to be itching for a major white house shakeup as the first lady in an extraordinary move tries to get in on her husband's action. we'll tell you who she wants to see sent packing. one guy who could be around for a while, president trump is standing behind his widely criticized acting attorney general now. even as one state is already taking matt whitaker's appointment to court. plus, tell your boss the job is done. the new audio that could directly link the saudi crown prince t


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