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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  November 14, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PST

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there is actually a lot of turmoil in the white house. >> the first lady was looking for a public shaming. >> i don't comment on other white house issues. >> this fire is not even out and it already made records. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day," it's wednesday, november 14th, 6:00 here in new york. president trump is moving towards a major shake-up in his cabinet and west wing. a top official by first lady, melania trump, she is calling for the national security adviser to be fired after she clashed with mrs. trump's staff on the trip to africa.
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she release add quote saying she no longer deserves to work in the white house. >> cnn has been told the only west wing staffers that should feel secure in their jobs are jared and ivanka. that's his daughter and son-in-law. jeff zeleny was sold that. it's the family driving the staff exits. if you think this is all getting to the president, the "washington post" says maybe you are right. look at this headline. five days of fury inside trump's paris temper, election woes and staff upheaval. this is a week where things could really get dicey. >> could? >> get?
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>> meantime, cnn learned president trump met with his lawyers on monday and could submit his written answers to robert mueller's team any day now. let's take a breath. joining us now, former press secretary, joel lockhart, and cnn senior political analyst, john avalon. let's start with the staff upheaval, which is not unusual after a mid-term election or any election. what is unusual to me is the first lady and her office thought they had to put out a press release to get the message out. there are different ways. you can shout across the hall. >> isn't this reserved for pillow talk at night? isn't that what nancy reagan or somebody else generally relied on? >> this is very different. john, it's not just you.
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it's different for the first lady to go out after somebody with a press release. that was through using direct and indirect means, including maybe pillow talk. this is surreal. it's a stepping up of the overall atmosphere that this is just one giant reality show, and the fact that the first lady is going after the deepputy nation security adviser, as the west wing turn continues. >> at the stomach churns. this deputy national security adviser has fought endured herself to a lot of people. she seemed to have crossed john kelly. she was john bolton's person. here is just a little more from the statement of elmelania trum.
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how unprecedented a public statement. >> it's pretty shocking. i feel while the president is often tweeting crazy things, the first lady's office doesn't and hasn't. she pretty much as kept a backseat driver and has not been a public figure, so this is pretty shocking for sure. i also think, as you say, she worked for josh bolton, sharp elbows, and she clearly has sharp elbows and the first lady is pushing back. >> the reportinging on this is ric ricardel is over. >> is kelly going to make it? >> i feel like this morning if i
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ever got to go on onion tv, this is what we would be talking about. the killer line in the "washington post" story is a white house official saying in the background that this is like the maury show, and the only thing we are miss something a paternity test. she has put the president in a difficult situation, which is now publicly he has to say i'm doing what my wife tells me to do and it's on a national security job, something that she -- it's not like it's her portfolio. >> why is that embarrassing? i do it ten times a day. >> your work wife. >> that is true. that is true. >> exactly. >> it may be great gripping television but it's no way to run the white house? >> is it the way to run the white house to have your son-in-law and daughter --
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>> the reason son-in-laws and daughters don't serve in administrations, because it usually doesn't turn out in banana republics. no matter how closer to the principal, you are not getting invited to thanksgiving, but rarely is the family in the administration. >> you bring up a great point, you both do, because ultimately the melania trump and the rik d ricardel, you have been doing all kinds of reporting on all this stuff and you make the case that if you just take a step back from this, this white house had a hard enough time staffing up the first time. this is not going to help. >> i think that's going to be the biggest problem for this
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white house as you look at the two years and the next four after that. they did not have the a team that wanted to come into the white house to begin with, and there's few establishment republicans, the grown ups in the groom did not want to do this, and who is going to say, yeah, it's my turn, i am ready to take this on? >> and here is the appointment of whitaker becomes instructive, and now the pull comes to tough guys and not who have expertise, and that's not only a problem for the administration but for the administration of the country. >> the "washington post" writes five days of furry, and we didn't know how upset the president was about the optics and the coverage where he skipped going to the cemetery, where it was a u.s. soldier burial ground and he did not
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anticipate the backlash that would have happened. >> i think the runner up in the papers this morning is where brinkley says the president is the bull that carries his own china with him. >> the reality is he should not have been surprised by any of this. i think the interesting thing, and it's conjecture here, but you are seeing now the infection of what is going on with mueller and his mood. all of the trump historians say the more he gets back spwaodint corner, the more he lashes out. it's a sign something is going on with mueller, and cnn is reporting that he is preparing these answers and that's another side we don't know, but the weekend in paris was an international embarrassment. it's not just that he did not go
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to the event, he apparently berated theresa may on the way over, and tweeted insulting tweets towards the french prime minister, and then he expect people to say, oh, you did a great job. >> he did not like the lecture from macron. >> that was -- he tweeted on the way over before the lecture. what did you expect macron to say. >> we will talk about mueller more in the next segment, but it's clear the mid-term results is hanging over his head, and it becomes clear it was better for the democrats and worse for the republicans and it was clear that he was treated in a very harsh way by the french leader over there. it's clearly on the president's mind and we also know he's got the staffing issue going on. can i talk about nick air yes for a second. that's who jared and ivanka want
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in. the thing i am interested in in all the articles this morning, is the president is getting warnings that people in the west wing could quit if he gets the job? with a what is the beef? i don't get it. >> he kept him out of the fray so far in the trump administration. i think it will be interesting to see, it's a political operative, and it would make sense to have the chief of staff to be more political, and like everybody, you know, you have people who like you and people that maybe don't like you, and in this kind of war of worlds that is happening, there's whispering saying maybe he's not the guy. there's political aspirations we are written about. if you want to run, is being the chief of staff of this president in particular, is it the right
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choice? >> imagine john kelly sitting in his office yesterday and he looks at his computer and sees the first lady just put out a press release saying somebody should be fired. it's banana republic-like. i think anybody would have to go in with their eyes wide open because it's a career stain for post people who come out and for some a career killer. >> it can also be a career booster. if you stay the right amount of time and play it right and being in the white house and having access to this amount of power, it could boost you. i forget about the public service aspect of this. >> nikki haley -- >> dana powell. >> yeah, maybe some of the economic people. for most people, they have been shown the door in a very strange way. >> even the trump loyalist from early on, like jeff sessions. obviously there are people
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serving the administration even when they may privately disagree with the president. that's worthy of all of our respect. the president demands loyalty but doesn't give it. and your careers end up as road kill in certain times for certain reasons. >> thank you all. we are following breaking news for you because this morning the death toll in california has climbed to 50 people as devastating wildfires ravage that state. 48 of those deaths connected to the camp fire alone. the frantic search for dozens of missing people continues. this hour we are learning about another plays, the sierra fire that broke out in san bernardino county. cnn's bill weir is live with the latest. i know it has been a long night, bill. >> reporter: oh, not as long for
3:12 am
the folks who are actually fighting these fires, alisyn. good morning. mr. rogers said when he saw scary stuff his mom would say, look for the helpers. there's so many helpers. we followed the plume of spoke overlooking west lake village, lake sherman, and we saw firsthand the helpers in the sky. it was a full on aerial assault as it just takes one ember coming from the burned out areas to create a whole new firestorm. they are not messing around. trying to contain this thing, about 97,000 acres, it burned another three or 4,000 acres yesterday. helicopters, swarming and dropping loads of fire and flame retardant, and bombers and
3:13 am
dc-10s -- imagine the pilots bouncing around to drop and protect the residential areas below. and in the surreal scene, it was almost a perfect day for surfing on world-famous malibu beach, and those that ignored the evacuation order was enjoying the swells and sharing the ocean with the super scoopers, and they would take the water to take to the canyons to fight the fires. those perfect waves, despite the mudslides that are certain to come and the relentless fires. >> that picture was everything. amazing reporting. thank you for showing on what is
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president trump and his legal team meeting monday. they did meet on monday to discuss written answers to the special counsel's questions about russia collusion. will the president answer questions in person about obstruction or other issues. joining us, federal prosecutor, laura coates. there's a big meeting with the president's lawyers on monday, and there's lawyers working in the special counsel's office on monday and cohen heading down to washington and people saying they are going to be indicted here. feels like a big week in the investigation? >> it's not a big deal. but my eyes are on the meeting. until you have an in-person discussion with somebody, the
3:19 am
written answers will not be impactful. they will have a lot of legal ease and ways in which if you were to draw a flowchart how to avoid more legal scrutiny. they are not going to be full of comprehensive answers, and for that reason if you are mueller's team looking at any written answers that are forthcoming is figuring out where do you see gaps and you will target on those areas. the obstruction aspect will be a minor part of a written answer but a lengthy part of a verbal discussion because that's when the intent can be tested. up to this point it's on the paper and will be highly vetted and not impactful. >> well, right after the midterms robert mueller is going to do something, he's going to act was the talk. it now has been a week -- >> a week. you are pretty antsy here.
3:20 am
>> this news cycle has churned up everything to immediate, and very wise men shot perhaps that friday -- >> i still do. >> you think last friday that mueller might -- >> i do. >> well, some things do happen immediately. that means, i think, that robert mueller was not ready before the midterms and was not just waiting for the midterms to happen. things are still happening behind the scenes. >> things have been happening. mueller has been holding fire and proceeding on the investigation and playing the game on his own time, as he does, and was quiet during the six weeks before the election, which is appropriate especially in light of what happened with james comey. but things are clearly accelerating now. the president's demeanor indicates that, and spending time with his lawyers, and cohen coming down to washington with his lawyer to meet with mueller presumably, although we don't
3:21 am
know that for a fact. it has been seven days. our attorney general has been booted and replaced with his chief of staff that seems to have primary qualifications of loyalty to the president. >> and dislike of the mueller investigation. >> yes. just wait a couple days. >> we don't know anything when it comes to the mueller investigation. what we do know is what we see, and what we saw over the weekend with president trump clearly agitated and the "washington post" reporting about the five days of furry. >> mueller is not immune to what he is going around him. john is right, he did not want to do something in advance of the midterms. if he had the indictment sealed, it's the right thing to do. he's watching what trump is doing. trump put whitaker in there to
3:22 am
stop him. so he normally might take three or four months to do, he might now take three or four weeks, but mueller will do it the right way even if that means it doesn't half us and he doesn't keep us informed, but everybody watching agrees there does seem to be an acceleration, but there's no reason to believe it will happen this week or next week, but it will happen when he is ready. >> what happened the day after midterms? the very next day, within 24 hours of the polls closing jeff sessions was fired and you had uncertainty about whether rod rosenstein was going to over see the investigation, whether it was matthew whitaker, and we have been opining what whitaker's impact will have on the mueller investigation, but at that time, it was a continued
3:23 am
thing that happens, every time he talks or tweets, he impacts the deadline and ae long gates it. in the realm of legal suits, i just want to get your take on give us context of what this means for cnn suing the white house. >> the government cannot infringe upon the freedom of the press. this is a clear indication of somebody who is doing viewpoint based discrimination, meaning it's not that i am going to restrict all members of the press or make this particular area or access to me completely irrelevant and irrespective of whether you like me or don't like me or ask me favorable questions, this seems to be the content of the lawsuit and it's right on here, it seems there's
3:24 am
a recal tory action being taken because of my questioning to you, and there's a clear directive in the history of the white house's taking back of press passes coming to the '70s, there's a protocol. it's called due process, or an opportunity to explain one's self. those two things combined with the fact that there's a shifting explanation as to why his press pass was revoked, was it because of a physical assault or a view exfl explanation. >> you say it's the first amendment case, but it's first and fifth because it gets the due process.
3:25 am
an appeals court ruled you can't do this without due process, and at that point it was not grant a press pass without explaining why, and you wouldn't think the white house could remove his press pass without going through the process. and that explanation, and they said he assaulted a staff. >> they doctored the video. >> not only is it wrong, it's illegal. there's a little bit going on here. the hard pass is -- all it does is make it easier, you know, for you to get in and out every day. if you don't have the hard pass you have to call somebody in the press office and they have to go
3:26 am
through the process of clearing you in. that's all it is. what they have done here is taken it away because of the way he was asking the questions and the content of the questions. they made a critical mistake here, though, and i am not a lawyer but i know this will be a mistake. they could have just said to him, well, because you are rude you are going have to go through an extra step, and it's a way to humiliate him a little bit. he did call and they denied him. and the day pass in and of itself and the hard pass insures that even if you have a rough day with the president or press secretary, you are in allowed the next day. and then they can say today is not a good day. i think cnn has a strong public policy case. i am not a lawyer, and i assume they have good lawyers that will
3:27 am
make a good case. the white house has just at every step messed this up. the part that i am looking forward to is discovery. i want to see these people -- >> will it get to that point? >> probably not because who wants to have kellyanne conway and sarah sanders talking about, well, this is what trump made me do here and this is what i said here, and it would be fun to watch. >> trump gave away the ghost in a subsequent comment saying i can do this to anybody if i don't like their coverage. and it indicates this is about something bigger, this is about american principles. >> the white house has tried to hire ted olson in the past for various things, and in this case he chose to represent the case against the white house. a security guard fatally shot by police moments after he
3:28 am
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we are following breaking news for you right now. the air force is investigating the crash landing of a military training plane tuesday night in texas. one pilot was killed and another injured in this crash. laughlin is home base for the training squadron and that trains about 50 students every year. and more breaking news. israel's minister resigns over the cease-fire. arwa damon is live in gaza city with details. what you have learned? >> reporter: it would seem that
3:33 am
the israeli defense minister was saying the agreement to the cease-fire deal was amounting to a surrender to terrorism and he felt israel's response to the launching of some 400 rockets from gaza, where we are right now, into israeli territory was insufficient, and we did see strikes whether they are military installations or even hamas' tv station, and we did see their morning broadcast moving forward. as for residents here in gaza, that cease-fire deal was met with such relief. they did not know up until the point that it was actually announc announced whether they would be going through, and they did not pt know if they would have to
3:34 am
suffer through the constant barrage of strikes. israelis were warning residents to leave these various locations. there's a sense that perhaps the cease-fire deal is really just temporary, it's just a pause in what has been an ongoing cycle of escalations of violence, and what people here really want to see is a lifting on the siege on gaza and a move towards something that is perhaps more sustainable, alisyn. >> thank you so much for bringing that report from gaza city with the incredible backdrop behind you. we will check back with you. in hours a case will resume with el chapo guzman. let's go to cnn's athena jones outside the u.s. district court in brooklyn.
3:35 am
what you have been seeing, athena? >> reporter: hi, alisyn. day two kicking off in a few hours with the defense set to complete their opening statement. yesterday guzman's lawyers said the claim that he is a biggest drug cartel in the world is false. we are now learning in a new filing the prosecution submitted a motion to strike that opening statement by the defense saying it's an example of professional misconduct because they made argument and did not keep their evidence to the statements. i should mention federal prosecutors said guzman was a hands on involved boss which they called the largest such operation in the world.
3:36 am
they said guzman had his own private army and sometimes he pulled the trigger, and citing a lot of details, and it's taking place under heavy security with bomb-sniffing dogs and federal marshals and metal detectors, and two jurors were dismissed yesterday. a lot going on. >> high drama just beginning there at that trial. thanks for watching for us. a security guard that detained a suspected gunman was fatally shot by police when they arrived on the scene. what went wrong here? how the victim's family is responding, next. to most, he's phil mickelson, pro golfer.
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illinois state police are investigating the police--involved shooting death of a black security guard. he was working at a bar on sunday when somebody opened fire. police responded to the scene and the security guard was
3:41 am
subduing a suspect and was sphashot and killed. the family's attorney joins us. layo lay out of your case. you said he was trying to save people lives? >> yeah, in the early mornings jamelle was working security at the club, and there came a point in time where patrons came back in the bar and one had a handgun and some things occurred and a bartender was shot and another security officer was shot. people started to exit the bar. i believe there was a call of a shooting inside a club, several police departments responded.
3:42 am
jamelle exited the side entrance of the club and apprehended one of the suspects and had one of the suspects at bay on the ground when an officer came in the front door, which i was told was with an ar-15 or something of that sort, and started flashing the gun at patrons, and pointed the gun at one of the security officers who told him, look, look, i am security, and he jumped off the bar and exited the bar and saw jamelle having somebody appear r somebody apprehended, and then he started screaming, he's security, he's security, and the officer raised his rifle and automatic weapon and fired ultimately killing him. >> was roberson wearing anything
3:43 am
that identified him as security? >> it was my understanding and there are different reports -- i have not had a chance to obtain anything from the cook county morgue what he was wearing, but i was informed that he was wearing all black with some type of markings indicating he was security, including kind of a ski winter hat, which had security across it. >> has the family been told anything about the investigation at this point? you have heard if there was dashcam or body cam or anything from the scene? >> nobody has told mrs. roberson or the family or the public anything. we filed the lawsuit directly to get answers. i don't know if there was body cam. last night actually we filed a motion which will hopefully we will be presenting this week to have other departments preserve
3:44 am
any and all evidence they have, and we don't know, nobody has reported if there's dashcam or body cam. >> let me read you a statement from the police chief after the shooting. he said roberson was a brave man that was doing his best to end an active shooter situation at manny's blue room. there are no words that can be expressed as to the sorrow his family is dealing with. what is the family's reaction to that statement? >> they appreciate that. they appreciate that. here was actually a man that was a hero, and he more than likely saved other peoples' lives. he went to work that evening to provide for he and his family and himself and he did what he was supposed to do. he saved people's lives and is a
3:45 am
hero, and unfortunately we have an officer that made a bad choice -- >> do you think race was a factor here? >> i don't want to infuse race into this situation. some people have attempted to do that. at this point we are looking at whether the police officer had a right to shoot and use deadly and lethal force. eu67 >> we don't know you, but you have had a chance to get to know his family, and what kind of man was roberson? >> i have spoke to not only his family, but coworkers and people that knew him and two pastors, and he loved music and had as spa ratio aspirations of being an officer, and he had aspirations in life and enjoyed doing security work, and he loved to play the organ.
3:46 am
he played, as i know, in several churches. in fact, the morning of the incident i believe he was supposed to show up that morning to play at church services but did not show up because he was killed. >> thank you very much for being with us. please send our condolences to his family. >> i will. thank you, john. >> we'll be right back. (chime)
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it powerfully cleans from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld. one dock, two sharks. the shark ion robot cleaning system. a storm packing snow, ice and rain is about to hit the eastern half of the country, and that could mean big delays if you are traveling anywhere this week. let's get to chad meyers for a look at the forecast. when is this happening? >> for you it will start about 11:00 a.m. tomorrow with snow, heavy and wet snow. it will be the rain and snow mix. this weather is brought to you
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by shark ion robot cleaning system. this is going to get one dock and two sharks. here's the story, though. we do see the snow out to the west and we will see snow in virginia, west virginia and all the way through the poconos and into the catskills and at r adirondacks and new england. it has a long way to travel before the snow starts in d.c. somewhere around 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. a heavy and wet snow. sticking more in vienna, and then it moves up towards new york city and will be cold enough in the beginning to make the snow, but as the low gets closer and closer more of the ocean influence will blow into new york city and change the snow back over to rain. you may wake up and go, whoa, look at that, and then it's washed away. if you are further west than that, it doesn't get washed away. we have flood warnings across parts of the south, but that's
3:52 am
the big snow of the season. skiers in vermont and new hampshire are thrilled. >> they can be thrilled on their own time, chad. thank you. a redo of the recount. palm beach will have to restart the recount because their numbers overheated. 179,000 ballots will need to be counted again. the deadline to finish the job is tomorrow afternoon. john, just for you, a royal update. britain's prince charles turns 70 today , and the occasion is being celebrated by photos. let's go to the candid image. that's the formal one right there. they all look quite handsome.
3:53 am
here is the candid one, and the royals, especially prince harry and duchess meghan is cracking up. >> look how hard they are laughing right there. >> and we are getting a look at baby prince louie. >> how did they do in the midterms? >> they have a different system in britain. they don't have to be re-elected. they have to procreate. >> that's a good job. i'm in the wrong line of work. your late-night laughs are next. >> first lady melania trump is calling for the firing of deputy national security adviser, mira ricardel. i assume melania is doing it
3:54 am
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shake-up, the late-night comics arrived to work yesterday with their scripts already written. here are your late-night laughs. >> once again trump wants to fire somebody, but in a refreshing change of pace it's not donald. today we found out in a stunning move, first lady melania trump is calling for the firing of deputy national security adviser mira ricardel. i assume melania is doing it with her traditional good-bye gift, a jacket that says you don't really work here anymore, do you? >> the president is reportedly giving the axe to nielsen, he strongly supported his policy of
3:59 am
taking children away from their families at the border and in the end she was not quite evil enough. >> john kelly plans to secretly record himself firing himself. but if john kelly does end up getting fired he could always go back to his own job, playing the overbearing father in every movie about high school football. >> funny. >> it must be nice to come to work every day and go, we're done. >> well, we sort of have some of that. the news writes itself. thanks to our international viewers for watching, and for you "cnn talk" is next. for our americans viewers, "new day" continues right now. we are a white house people want to work with. >> nielsen could be the next to go. >> the first lady demanded ricardel be fired. >> most staffers understand don't get the first lady angry. >> it seems like a soap opera
4:00 am
over there. >> with 50 lives already lost to the california wildfires, the threat may be widening. >> 90% of the town is gone. there's thousands of firefighters on the front lines trying to stop this fire from spreading. >> everybody i know lost everything. good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." who works at the white house this morning? you might need to ask the first lady. her office basically fired the deputy national security adviser. how did they do it? was it the first lady asking her husband over breakfast? no, it was a press release. there was a public statement saying mira ricardel no longer deserves the honor of serving this white house. it appears she's not the only
4:01 am


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