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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  November 14, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PST

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>> it seems like a soap opera over there. >> with 50 lives already lost to the california wildfires, the threat may be widening. >> 90% of the town is gone. there's thousands of firefighters on the front lines trying to stop this fire from spreading. >> everybody i know lost everything. good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." who works at the white house this morning? you might need to ask the first lady. her office basically fired the deputy national security adviser. how did they do it? was it the first lady asking her husband over breakfast? no, it was a press release. there was a public statement saying mira ricardel no longer deserves the honor of serving this white house. it appears she's not the only
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one headed for a white house exit. >> in fact, cnn has been told the only west wing staffers who should feel secure in their jobs this morning is daughter, ivanka trump, and son-in-law, jared kushner. homeland security secretary, nielsen, may go, along as kelly. joining us now, white house correspondent for "the new york times" and cnn political analyst, maggie haberman. are we in the midst of a massive turnover? what is happening? >> i don't know how massive it could be when you have a fairly empty white house campus at this point because so many people have left already, but it's true that the president is looking to make more changes. as you both know very well the president tends to marinate on
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these ideas for a while before he goes ahead and does them, so it could be quite sometime. we know he soured a long time ago on kirsten nielsen, the homeland security secretary, and some think it's really getting rid of john kelly, and the president is having a hard time firing a four-star general, and he's looking to find a situation where kelly will leave on his own. the president is heading into a mid-term cycle and has a chief of staff who is not very steeped in politics. >> maggie, that is a fascinating dynamic you just laid out. we know the president doesn't like face-to-face confrontation, so john kelly has been the h henchman, and who is going to do that dirty work? he is hoping he leaves on his
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own. that's interesting in how that will all play out. was all this in the works before the midterms or since the midterms has the president's peak gotten worse because of, say, the paris trip and the mid-term out comes? >> it has gotten worse since the midterms. whether that's a temporary state of being is hard to say. i know there's roeeporting thate suddenly got angry at kirsten nielsen, and john kelly is much more of a target. don't forget something you mentioned earlier, is that the president spent the whole day on monday and much of the day yesterday with his lawyers preparing answers for special counsel, robert mueller. he knew he would head back to that once he was in paris. don't think that is why that's not part of why he has been such in a bad mood. there's always going to be the staff churn.
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i think there was a wide expectation after the midterms there would be changes. none of these names are particularly surprising, except for one, which is the one that the first lady got involved with. beyond that we will have to wait and see who goes. >> since you brought it up, alisyn and i have different theories on how that firing could have gone, right? if the first lady wanted mira ricardel out, she could have asked the president over breakfast or shouted across the room or have done anything -- >> we don't know she didn't. >> there are back channels available to a first lady. i suggested pillow talk has been used in the past. why the public statement? why was that statement released by her office necessary? >> i think -- my reporting is that she has been spending weeks making clear to the president and the president's aides that she considered mira ricardel a problem, and mira ricardel has been a very controversial figure
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in the white house and people should not pretend otherwise, including dust ups with the department of defense and her own colleagues in the west wing, and she made clear mira ricardel was a bad actor and she was spreading stories about not only the first lady's staff but the first lady. john bolton, the national security adviser, who is mira ricardel's boss, had been very resistant to firing her. if she is fired today that is new information. as of last night this was not happening. >> we're not -- no, we're not. >> the president does not like to be cornered into something. i think it speaks to the extent that the first lady had to do something to make clear this issue was a problem, and her issue was not with the president but john bolton. >> she's in the white house cleaning out her desk was --
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>> that's been a long cleaning, if true. >> when she is gone, she's gone, and we will report it finally. there has been so many contradictions so we don't know for sure. it does make me think of the interview with melania trump which was chalked full of news. listen once more to how the first lady describes her view of loyalty in the west wing. >> has he had people you didn't trust working for him? >> yes. >> did you let him know? >> i let him know. >> what did he do? >> well, some people they don't work for anymore. >> interesting to hear it said one month ago and today seeing it play out in public. >> one thing important to bear in mind, you are seeing the trump family in different ways leaving an imprint or attempting to on the staffing choices going
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forward. it has been widely seen by west wing staff that jared kushner and ivanka trump are supported of nick ayers, and melania trump is doing something similar and it's less about maneuvering than she felt this person was a problem. to your point, she has not shied away when she has had an issue, she has not done it that often. >> what is the relationship between melania trump, the first lady, and the first daughter, ivanka trump? from the outside, it looks as though there is tension? >> we had a story last week about ivanka trump planning her own trip to africa after the first lady did, and she moved
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hers out of deference to the first lady, and you have an unusual dynamic of somebody who is a west wing adviser who embraced the title, first daughter, and there has been overlap and sometimes uncomfortably so between the two women in terms of what they are working on in the west wing, and this is a criticism that gets made certainly privately but frequently within the white house is that when it's convenient for her to say she's a staffer, she emphasizes that, and when it is convenient to say she's a daughter, she says that. she was asked about her father's previous history with women, and she said it was inappropriate to ask a daughter. i think when you see this strange dynamic it can be because you have two people filling this void, especially since melania trump was not physically in the white house
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for the first six months of the administration. i think that changed somewhat in terms of the dynamic, making it clearer that there is one first lady, but certainly ivanka trump's role is unusual and involved a lot of efforts to get her press and, quote, unquote, credit for things she has worked on. >> this is just one of the articles you have written, because your bi-line is everywhere. there's a lot of focus the last few days, and we did see it play out in france when he was lectured by emmanuel macron, and on twitter when she is justifyig not going to the cemetery, and his reaction seems to be hostile, and it's wednesday, we have a lot more time to go here. >> he was very upset about the coverage of the paris trip. this is not a secret. he put it out on twitter.
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my understanding of what happened on the trip, and washington post reported this as well, and when there was an issue with flying marine one to the cemetery, they discussed a car ride that would be 2 1/2 hours, there was a lot of finger-pointing for the chief of staff for not managing the president or for the president being criticized for not making the trip to the cemetery, and it was not handled in terms of preparing the president for it. >> that's an interesting one. what we have heard, as you know from all white houses, there's always a rain contingency plan. >> there was a plan, it just involved a long car ride. the question is did the president want to go on a 2 1/2 hour car ride? the answer, i think, is no.
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there's a surprise at the blow back as if there never has been a president that faced these issues before, and as if presidents and teams never anticipated what reactions would be. it seems they learn this lesson anew there every time. it's not just the midterms and not just making the trip he didn't want to go on and it's not the sugar high of the campaign rallies have stopped right now, i think people are kidding themselves if they don't think he was coming back to work on these questions was weighing on him for 20 hours. >> 20 hours is -- >> i am estimating. it's somewhere, 10, 15 to 20. >> that's a lot. maybe we are seeing that play out very much in public. maggie, fascinating to have you with us. we will let you get back to the ten more bi-lines that will be
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up today. the death toll has climbed to 50 as the devastating wildfires keep ravaging the state of california. the camp fire in the northern part of the state, they are searching for dozens of people missing still. another fire has broken out in san bernardino county. it is threatening homes as we speak. it's just one of several stubborn fires crews are battling. our bill weir is live with the latest. what are you seeing? >> reporter: one fire official yesterday from the state said there has been 500 fires in just the last few weeks, so it's this game of perpetual whack-a-mole, inferno whack-a-mole. we have an amazing sort of front row seat, we followed a fresh plume of smoke looking down to west lake village and lake
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sherman and hidden hills, and we saw this fuel on aerial assault. it was almost like a war zone. we have covered them, and just air assets, helicopters, big and small, and big dc-10 tankers dropping that jelly-like flame retardant that sticks to the ground. what you don't realize is one canyon can be burned down, all it takes is one ember to fly into the next canyon to find fresh fuel. they did open up a bit of malibu for some residents, so the evacuation order is slowly lifting in this area, and this fire is close to 100,000 acres in southern california. the good news is the red flag warning will stay in effect today with the high winds, and forecasts say that might die
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down, and alisyn and john, the most amazing scene yesterday is where the super scoopers sharing the pacific ocean with surfers. some people trying to get back to life as normal while others are fighting this endless inferno. >> we will hear personal stories of people that lost everything coming up in the show. thank you for showing us what is happening there this morning. cnn has learned president trump can submit written answers to robert mueller in the coming days. we will ask senate intel committee member, angus king, next. get the recipes at
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[ neighing ] [ sigh ] it's bring your own phone, not pony. so i could've taken the bus? yeah. bring your phone. switch your carrier. save hundreds a year with xfinity mobile. call, click or visit a store today. his lawyers this week to go over written questions from special counsel robert mueller's team. the answers could be submitted to the special counsel in the coming days. joining us now is a member of the intelligence committee, senator king.
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it sounds like he is not answering questions face-to-face but submitting to written questions. what does that tell you on the intel senate committee about where the mueller investigation is? >> you would assume if they are talking about questions from the president they are getting close to the conclusion of their investigation. that's an assumption. i don't have any inside knowledge to that affect, but it would seem to me this would be a capstone. the question would be what follow-up there is from written questions. you can imagine these will be heavily lawyered questions, but they will give the mueller folks an opportunity to see where the president stands on a variety of issues. i think it's all speculation at this point. i think one way you can measure the skill of an investigation, alisyn, is if it's quiet, if you don't hear anything they are keeping things to themselves, which they should. we will have to see where it goes after these answers are filed, if indeed, they are in the next few days.
4:20 am
>> one thing that is not speculation is that for months you have said that congress should take some sort of steps to protect the mueller investigation. i am wondering if the appointment of matt whitaker to oversee the investigation after jeff sessions was ousted, does that kick that into a higher gear for you? >> absolutely. i don't understand what the delay is. leader mcconnell keeps saying it's not necessary. the problem is if we wait until it's necessary, it's too late. it's clear that at least part of the motivation for the firing of jeff sessions was to put somebody into that position who is hostile or at least not enthusiastic about the mueller investigation. how many signals do we need? there's a bill sitting there that could be brought to the floor this afternoon and we could move on this. it's a protective measure rather than have something -- everybody
4:21 am
rush around in a fire drill when something happens. >> why don't leader mcconnell do that? >> i have no idea. you will have to ask him. i assume the white house doesn't want this to happen. it would put many of leader mcconnell's members in a difficult position to protech the mueller investigation or protect the president. it would be the cleanest way to solve this and resolve some of the questions about mr. whitaker and whether he's constitutionally appointed, what his authority is and what he could do. this would clean that up in a matter of days, and i suspect it would have to be passed with t veto proof majorities. i don't like the idea of just waiting until the shoe drops and
4:22 am
then it's a very unclear situation, what we can and should do at that point. >> you, today, do have some concern and fear that whitaker will try the end the probe prematurely? >> well, end is a strong word. what is more likely is he would try to curtail it or scale it back, cut the funds, death by 1,000 cuts, if you will, and i think there's a serious question as to whether he has a constitutional power to do so. the constitution is very clear that these positions require senate confirmation, and there could be emergencies where you put somebody in an acting position, but in this case the president created the vacancy by firing the attorney general and skipped over the next logical person in line, that would be the deputy rod rosenstein to somebody that has not been
4:23 am
confirmed and i think there are issues as to whether the constitution would allow to take these substantive steps. >> as you know, kellyanne conway's husband, who is a lawyer, has called it unconstitutional and illegal. >> if he acts as a caretaker and waiting until somebody is confirmed, but if he takes an action, and curtailing the mueller investigation, that could be an argument that is a void from the get go because he has not been confirmed by the senate. this is one of the fundamental checks and balances built into the constitution. >> there's new satellite images about north korea that show that a dozen undeclared north korean
4:24 am
missile operating bases have been detected, another sign north korea is going forward with the missile program, a sign that talks with the president has stalled in recent months. the president said this, the story is inaccurate. we know about the sites being discussed. just more fake news. i will be the first to let you know if things go bad. what is the truth here, senator? >> well, what we know from unclassified material is, these are missile bases. they are short and could be converted to medium-range missile bases. it's certain that our intelligence knew about the bases. this is the fifth time since 1993 that we have been in discussions with north korea
4:25 am
about denuclearization. there has been high hopes and multilateral discussions, and then we make concessions or the west makes concessions and they back off on their commitments. here we are again and i don't think the medium-range and short-range bases are a make or break issue, but they raise the likelihood that the north koreans are not going to come through in the end. what worries me is the president invested so much in the positive news out of this, that if he is jilted, if you will, by kim, there could be an overreaction in the other direction and that worries me. you have to have an understanding of history that this is not unusual for the north koreans to back off on the commit th commitments they make in big ceremonies. >> and there's reporting that
4:26 am
the president is sort of a fit at peak because of the ways did not go as plans in the midterms and paris, and there was backlash to him not visiting the cemetery, and back here at home he did not go to arlington national cemetery. what do you think of that? >> i think in some cases this may be the president not being served well by his staff. maybe somebody should have -- and maybe they did, i don't know, and they should have said, mr. president, we have to go to the cemetery, and it's the birthday of the marine corps. this was a highly symbolic visit. i guess i would say somebody should have said, mr. president, i am sorry but you have got to go. and then to compound it by not going over to arlington on veteran's day, i think, again, these -- the presidency in large
4:27 am
measure in many cases is symbolic, and it's the president's presence that is important. i think these were opportunities that were self inflicted wounds that could have been avoided simply by a couple hours motorcade and in the case of arlington, a 20-minute trip across the river. >> senator angus king, we appreciate having you on "new day." >> thank you, alisyn. a lot of discussion this morning about what is happening in the west wing. one sentence statement from the first lady's office may lead to the firing of the national security adviser. this type of thing doesn't happen, not like this. we will discuss the implications, next.
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cnn has learned the deputy national security adviser, mira ricardel, is headed for a white house exit after first lady's melania trump's office released a statement calling for her to be fired. the statement red it's the position of the office of the first lady that mira ricardel no longer deserves the honor of serving in this white house.
4:32 am
joining us, chief of staff to first lady, laura bush. kate, i want to start with you, was john berman has been talking about the old-fashioned way of using pillow talk for first lady's to address something they didn't like. why resort to a public statement? >> my understanding is the first lady did try several times about mira ricardel and her concerns that she was a bad actor and things were happening behind the scenes and she was trying to leak stories, so i don't think the first lady didn't try to go that route, at least initially. when that was not happening or when john bolton would intervene on behalf of his staff member that's when the first lady
4:33 am
really took it to the next level. i think, too, and this is important, she has a very small staff. this is a very unusual east wing where it's a -- i mean, small, like, you know, four or five real core members of the first lady's east wing. when they were feeling under pressure that there was an injustice against them, this is when the first lady said something about them. in our reporting, this woman, mira ricardel, she was not well liked, and somebody said she would get in a fight when she was in an empty room. this is unprecedented and it certainly speaks to how important this issue was for her and what was going on behind the scenes. >> anita, you are no stranger to
4:34 am
navigating the back channels between the east wing and the west wing, first lady's and the president. what do you make of the statement? >> to pick up on your comment about the pillow talk, that's valid, that's where any spouse will talk privately and share their opinions. one thing that was critical is lau laura bush had a great relationship with the two chiefs of staff that would serve president bush, and she would have periodic private meetings with them, and that was confidential, and all in -- under the umbrella of what is best for her husband. i remember interviewing with her for the job. she said i am not here for me, i am here for george and because of george. she wanted to do everything she could to help him, and the west wing knew that. it made our life and our job as
4:35 am
a an east wing staff to get all the support and assets we need. mrs. trump's staff is very small, all the more reason to have allies on the west wing to get that help when you are planning a solo trip to africa or whatever it might be. and mira ricardel aobviously --i know of her and john bolton, too, and they have a hawkish view, and they don't care about infighting. >> i know about the sharp elbows, she didn't endear herself, mira ricardel. did something happen on the afri africa trip? >> well, i was on the trip. the first lady does not fly in a
4:36 am
big air force one 747 like the president, it's a much smaller plane, and doing the trip to africa, there was staff and a handful of staff and secret service and the advanced team, and the plane -- it was not a plush situation. i hear the beginnings of this feud began in that situation, and then proceeded, there was some talk -- i see them withholding resources that were needed and on the return to washington there were stories that there were leaks and planting of stories about her staff being made. whatever it was i think it began on the africa trip in terms of the feud behind the scenes and that has escalated and certainly to a point where this first lady felt the need. as anita said, this is an interesting white house as well because the east wing has been -- not only do they practice their independence, they have been very vocal about it. this is a first lady that typically releases a statement
4:37 am
without discussing it first with the west wing, and they operate on their own agenda and that's another issue facing this as it unfolds today. >> anita, i am wondering what you think this means? does it mean the first lady doesn't have allies in the west wing she can trust? why is she operating so independently? >> well, maybe, but one thing for the west wing and everybody in the administration to understand, too, and be reminded of, you know, when you are first lady of the united states in the east wing, it's the most powerful role in the white house, full stop. that's just how it is. it just doesn't help everybody to not have good relationships and to work with each other and to the point of the trip to africa, and we went to 67 countries with laura bush in four years, 77 total that she went to. many of those in that second term were solo.
4:38 am
we travelled with -- i asked and requested and got the support of the national security adviser to have somebody from the state department, a policy expert to come with us, because as much as i was involved deeply in the planning of these things, you need a policy expert. you have no idea of things that are going to happen on the ground. it's more helpful if the east and west wing can work together closely. it's the objectives of the president and the administration that really need to be served here regardless of the independence of any of the voices and the valuable voice of mrs. trump because she is great overseas representing the country. >> ladies, thank you very much. it's hard to get better experts on this topic than both of you. thank you. >> thank you. you are trying to keep saying pillow talk, even when i am off camera. >> when we talk on commercial
4:39 am
breaks, it's pillow talk, and it's private between us and i try to influence you. >> i know what -- i know what it is. >> why are you so uncomfortable right now? >> a little more than 40 hours away from the deadline in the recount for three major races in florida, and one big county is dealing with a major glitch, a malfunction that could cause a delay. that's next. we will have normal conversations during the break.
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the deadline for florida's recount in three major races tomorrow afternoon but technical difficulties are putting election workers in a tough spot. old, overheated and over stressed machines malfunctioned and now the county will need redo its recount. that doesn't sound good, rosa. >> reporter: that sounds like just par for the course, john. good morning. as you mentioned, broward and palm beach counties have been the two counties plagued with most of the controversy and one day before the deadline is no exception. in palm beach county, overheated, old malfunctioning machines are causing them to recount the recount. you heard that right. they lost one day's worth of work and now they are having to fly in technicians and staff are
4:44 am
worki working 24/7. the supervisor there said she will never complete all three state-wide recounts, only the senate race. we will look out for that tomorrow. here in broward county, the supervisor of elections suggesting she might step down after reporters asked about a tweet by jeb bush contemplating her removal. she is saying she will meet the deadline. we have see a slew of lawsuits in the recount. you should know at least one of them filed by the democrats in tallahassee, and the hearing is today and here's what is being argued. the state law that requires that the signature in a mail-in ballot matched the registered signature is unconstitutional. john and alisyn, buckle your safety belts because we have one
4:45 am
more day and if you know anything about florida, anything can happen. >> yeah, we are buckled in. >> we have the rear-facing car seats. the information between lic wikileaks and trump's corner. we have a reality check. >> so wikileaks, trump world and mueller time. these three forces could well be colliding in the coming days or weeks so here's a quick refresher on all the times we know that wikileaks reportedly connected to team trump. according to the u.s. intelligence committee russian intelligence used wikileaks to publish e-mails aimed at undermining the hillary clinton campaign. now the president's son, don
4:46 am
trump jr. reported communications with wikileaks, and roger stone claimed on numerous occasions that he had information. >> i have communicated with assange, but there's no telling what the october surprise may be. >> this comes shortly after the first dnc e-mails were released in 2016, and that's when stone dished to the republican group in florida. going forward he went on a tear of tweets in days and weeks forward, filing off and bragging about his ability to predict what might happen in the future. minutes, days after this last tweet the "access hollywood" tape dropped, and wikileaks began releasing the e-mails just 29 minutes after that tape dropped, so either stone is
4:47 am
psychic or seemed to have information. at the same time don junior was back channeling with wikileaks as well, and this is when candidate donald trump started channeli channeling wikileaks constantly. that's just a taste. donald trump mentioned wikileaks at least 137 times according to politicfact. stone's lawyer now says he had no contact with wikileaks, and vp nominee pence said this about wikileaks and the campaign. >> nothing could be further from
4:48 am
the truth. all of us have had concerns about wikileaks over the years. >> after the election, kellyanne conway had this exchange with john dickerson from cbs? >> did anybody involved in the trump campaign have any contact with russians trying to meddle with the election? >> absolutely not. i hear people saying it like it's a fact on television, and it's not only accurate and false but dangerous. >> not just false but dangerous. we know several people from the trump orbit were in contact with wikileaks and we know wikileaks was the prime receptacle for hacked e-mails from clinton. >> and pompeo said it's time to call out wikileaks for what it is. >> we will soon see if mueller
4:49 am
agrees. that's your "real sity check." >> essentially stone's defense is, you know, he was not telling the truth, he was showing and fronting and that's always an x factor when you are dealing with roger stone. >> if your best defense is i make things up, and that may not be a good defense. but we will see very, very soon. a democratic victory in the house and now conservative lawyers banning together to say the president is going too far. one man in the middle of it all, next. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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4:54 am
won a couple of seats in your home state of pennsylvania. what do you think happened to the republicans in the house? >> first of all, i think you get credit where credit is due. nancy pelosi and her team decided they would build a plan around what they stand for. everybody knows they were personally opposed to president trump. but the fact is they talked about issues americans care about and were rewarded with a substantial victory. i would say a lot of message discipline in the party. i hope it carries over into the new congress and that message, at least from my point of view, is to figure out a way to work with the president, to bring civility back to political discourse and maybe we could come up with a new hat that says, let's make government work again. so it is a new congress, new tone, new approach. i tip my hat to the democrats. they did a pretty good job staying on message. and their message was positive. i think americans want
4:55 am
government to work for them. they don't want political figures to work for each other or for their parties. i think that's exactly what transpi transpired. >> along those lines here, i wasn't aware of this until i read it moments ago, you are part of a new group of lawyers calling yourselves checks and balances. >> yeah. >> right? this is a group of lawyers who are concerned about the trump administration's betrayals of bedrock legal norms. what exactly do you mean? >> well, i think not as much about president trump as about our wholistic embrace of the constitutional principals, separation of power, respect for the rule of law, respect for the bill of rights, particularly first amendment freedoms. i particularly was attracted to this group because they also want a more civil discourse in the world of politics.
4:56 am
it's not like we're unanimous around any single issue because we're probably not. the issue we are embedded in and that is the glue to hold this together is a country founded on a constitution on the rule of law and we expect political figures on both sides of the law to respect those values. >> is the president respecting those values. >> i, for one, find it very unfortunate that the president of the united states has taken on just about every day the press. look, i was governor of pennsylvania. it's not as if all my press conferences were warm and fuzzy events. they aren't designed to throw bouquets of approval every time a political figure steps forward. the press exists to hold all of us who are privy to hold office
4:57 am
accountable. and criticism is part of the game. it is a tough sport. but one of the officials in the sport happens to be the press. again, that's a constitutional principal that i think lawyers, republicans and democrats would rally to protect. there are countries in the world that don't have freedom of the press. i don't want to live in china, russia or iran. >> let me ask you about secretary nielsen. how do you assess the job she's done and if in this administration doing that job well is possible. >> well, full transparency, she's a great friend of mine. she's a great talent. more importantly, the department of homeland security has been a political piñata for a long, long time. because the president is raising the issues of immigration and the wall and some of the rhetoric associated with it has made her job even more complex
4:58 am
than from a public relations point of view more difficult than her predecessors, including yours truly. i think she's done a very good job under very trying circumstances and i think she would be credited for being the leader and patriot she's proven. >> among the example you are trying to set, you are part of a bipartisan panel on bio security and bio defense strategy. you will hear some testimony today. why should we care about this today? >> well, it is interesting. thank you for raising it. we will hear testimony from the white house today. three years ago, six public figures, three democrats and three republicans, bipartisan making government work again decided we have an issue not everybody is paying attention to. it is called biodefense. whether it is mother nature, we have a problem. we don't have a strategy.
4:59 am
we don't have priorities. we have money being spent all over the place. we're grateful one of the recommendations -- again, i'm proud to co-chair it with senator liebermann. one of the recommendations was let's have a strategy. let's figure out where all this money is coming from. let's set priorities. it is a serious national defense issue. we had ebola, zika. we also know that a lot of nation states out there that still have the capability of turning a biological -- creating biological weapons and we know the terrorists play around with that as well. bipartisan group, bipartisan strategy and president trump's administration has braced it. >> former governor and secretary of homeland security, thanks for caring about the serious issues. >> very good. >> good luck with that. thank you. appreciate it, governor. i wish we could say that
5:00 am
without having people think -- >> he seems more optimistic than some people. >> he's not going to quit trying. a scene described as five days of fury, what's going on inside of the white house. welcome to your "new day." it is wednesday, november 14th, 8:00 in the east. so president trump is reportedly moving towards a major shake up in the cabinet. after a stunning public rebuke of a top official by first lady melania trump. she's calling for the deputy national security adviser to be fired after he clashed with mrs. trump's staff on that trip to africa. releasing a statement that he no longer deserves the honor of serving in this white house. officials tell cnn president trump does intend to fire him and his peers. he's not the only one headed for the exit. >> the only west wing staffers who should feel secure in


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