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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  November 22, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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lots of members of our extended it's why we focus only on headaches. cnn family here today to yours. nothing works faster. we see your pain and what's possible without it. on the count of three, you guys, excedrin extra strength. can we do a happy thanksgiving. one, two, three -- happy thanksgiving! have a great holiday. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. i should have brought my kids today, then. very good morning to you, and a happy, warm, food filled thanksgiving to you. i'm jim sciutto. poppy has the day off. president trump is serving up another healthy platter of contempt this morning for the u.s. court of appeals. he is calling that court a complete and total disaster, out of control with a horrible reputation, he claims. going further, bedlam, chaos, injury and death will follow if the anyo9th circuit keeps votin
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against his issues. the chief justice of the united states of america who yesterday responded to the president for attacking the judge who blocked his executive order on asylum. we see your pain and what's possible without it. he said the following, we do not if you're waiting patiently for a liver transplant, have obama judges or trump it could cost you your life. judges, john roberts wrote. just dedicated judges doing it's time to get out of line with upmc. their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them. at upmc, living-donor transplants put you first. today the administration reportedly has a new plan for migrants seeking asylum at the so you don't die waiting. southwest border. it is called remain in mexico. upmc does more living-donor liver transplants and that just about says it all. than any other center in the nation. meanwhile a new controversy erupts around the acting find out more and get out of line today. attorney general over campaign contributions he received this year for a senate run in 2014. who says there is no new news on a holiday? we will dig into all of it. we thought this was a one-day battle. the president took any doubt about that away this morning.
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>> reporter: yes, he did. if you thought this was going to be a one day battle, you do not know president trump. even though he didn't respond to the pet's latest remarks tonight when he blasted him on twitter saying, sorry. president trump responded again calling out john roberts once again and going after the 9th circuit court after he initially criticized that decision because of a decision they made about his asylum changes that he wants to make. president trump seems glad to be continuing this. it was his first message or his message before, right before he sent out a happy thanksgiving message this morning to all of his followers on twitter. but it is something we are seeing the president continue. that's because people close to the president say when someone . saudi arabia is using is criticizing him or his president trump's own words to cast doubt on the cia high administration, he is not going to back down. instead he is going to double confidence assessment that the down and continue pushing back. that's not what sources close to saudi crown prince ordered the john roberts are saying. murder of jamal khashoggi, argue they don't expect him to continue this argument with the guing that u.s. intel is
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president after he offered that unreliable, pointing to these very rare rebuke of him in the first place. remarks by the u.s. president. we'll see where this goes from >> the cia has looked at it. here. but it is the president fighting they have studied it a lot. with the chief justice of the supreme court on twitter. they have nothing definitive. and the fact is maybe he did. >> so kaitlyn, there is now a maybe he didn't. probe of the acting attorney >> whose side is the president taking here, saudi arabia's or general matthew whittaker. briefly explain what is involved the u.s.'s? in here. let's discuss. >> reporter: that's right. matt whitaker is the guy who was so samantha, quite a moment the chief of staff for jeff here, and i imagine predictable. sessions, now the acting attorney general at the justice the president undermines u.s. department. he is now having an intelligence agencies by investigation looked into him questioning their high because a watchdog group filed confidence assessment, which is some complaints with the office as high confidence or as of the special counsel that is definitive as intelligence separate from the special counsel that is robert mueller assessments get. and the saudis parrot that back. that is investigating russian interference in the election. how much of a problem is that but they had filed this for the u.s.? >> it is a problem, jim, because complaint against him alleging intelligence on to itself they believe he could have doesn't make policy. violated the hatch act. intelligence is geared toward it prohibits federal employees its number one customer. from accepting political that is typically the president contributions. of the united states. they say they believe matt if the president chooses not to whitaker may have done that integrate it into a policy because of some donations made process, the buck really stops to a committee when he ran for with him. and the issue, jim, is we might senate in 2014. he lost. did not win that. see a very public divide over
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but those were contributions the coming weeks between the that were made when he was in the chief of staff for the attorney general. and they are causing some united states and civseveral ot scrutiny for that, and they are looking into that and whether that goes forward just shows allies. countries have come together to this renewed scrutiny on matt hold saudi arabia accountable whitaker now that he is leading for the murder of jamal khashoggi. we had denmark announce they are the justice department. >> that of course raises cutting off arms sales. questions about how well he was vetted. thanks very much. macron is looking at sanctions with me now, cnn political as well. it may very quickly turn into a commentator joe lock hart and case of warring assessments of what did or did not happen. cnn legal analyst. we will have the president of thanks for coming in on this the united states on one side siding with saudi arabia. thanksgiving holiday. we will draw on your wisdom and let you go home to your and then our other allies, the families. if i could start with you, ones that don't murder american alison. this trend of attacking residents and journalists on the other. >> the thing is the facts are on institutions by this president one side here. certainly not new. but expanding. i mean, within the last week, the evidence, the u.s. intelligence agencies that you adam schiff, democrat, admiral and i know are conservative in making assessments. but they were high confidence bill mcraven, john roberts, here, which leads you to believe that they had the goods to place republican appointee and chief justice of the supreme court. blame on the saudi crown prince. you add to that the president's >> yes. let me just be very clear.
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past attacks on the department of justice, the fbi, who is i worked at the intelligence community for many years, pushing back against this various parts of the intelligence community. president as he seeks to attack there are no maybes in these institutions, in effect intelligence assessments, particularly high confidence saying that if you are not on my ones. what a high confidence side, somehow you are not doing assessment needs is that various your job. >> well, you may want to add the parts of the intelligence media on that list as well, jim. community, various government agencies agree with that but, look, clearly no one is assessment based upon the kinds of intelligence that they're pushing back. integrating into that and i would imagine if they did assessment. perhaps a phone call that's it would go without any type of response from the president. he is going to attack those who indisputable and other bits of intel that comes in. it means there is very little attack him, who are critical of him and who don't support his doubt. so this being a high confidence policy. that's the way he was during the assessment typically would campaign. that's the why he was during encourage the president of the united states in the first instance to take it seriously. this administration. and in the second to use it to my concern is those people that you mentioned and others that he inform policy decisions and really to prioritize which does attack certainly democrat equities he is paying attention to. so the president tweeted earlier opponents, whereas he embraces this morning about oil and jobs and stands behind brutal being paramount. well, typically you'd have the dictators, that's where the president really place the concern is. it raises questions as to who he physical security of american residents like jamal khashoggi
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above oil and jobs. feels is someone that is worthy >> another high confidence assessment is that president of his scorn and criticism and who he feels is someone that needs to be protected. trump undermines questions, that is where there is great russian interference in the u.s. concern. >> i wonder if we as a country election. >> and putin likes to parrot sometimes are the frog in the that around as well. boiling pot of water. >> the publisher in "the the temperature is rising but washington post," of course that the publication that jamal because every day there is something you're like, does this khashoggi wrote for, he responded again to the president one really matter, does this one very strongly worded column. really matter. and i want to read some of that. he said trump's response does but taken together, it is important to connect the dots for people that the president not advance the united states raised real questions that is interests. it betrays them and places the undermining some americans dollar values of commercial confidence it appears in all these institutions. deals on respecting liberty and >> no. i think we get caught up in the human rights and personal personality and examining why relationship above the united trump is doing this. states strategic relationships. there is really dangerous stuff going on here. it's not just about warm and if you look back just to the fuzzy values here, is it? middle of the last century, you is because both republican and had dictators moving forward, democratic have determined through decades that defending and you had people appeasing u.s. values serves u.s. national those dictators, hitler and security interests. >> it does. and donald trump is not the musilenni.
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if he doesn't negotiate people, first president to care about he demeans them. oil and jobs by the way. i worked with president obama to i think it is very scarey. talk about their oil production. right now, the republican leader this isn't just about warm and is appeasing the president. fuzzy values. there is no other word for it. it is about physical security. it is dangerous when this isn't we know an american resident was just about trump. we may come out of this trump murdered. that is a gross human rights era hopefully in just another abuse. but the problem now is the two years with a country that no president of the united states is signaling that if you pump longer believes in the media, no more oil or if you waive a longer believes in the memorandum of intent about arms judiciary, no longer believes in deals in front of him, he will the justice department, no let a murder go. longer believes in the from an intelligence perspective, i would guess the intelligence community. that is right before intel community is telling the president, if he's listen, this is going to encourage more authoritarianism. we do have to step back from the murders to conduct more crimes just as long as they promise to sign a weapons deal with the daily tweeting and what his united states. this could really impact the stage is. he said it at the convention. physical security of americans we live in a dark world and only and others around the globe i can say this. going forward. >> will the president listen it doesn't sound like a democratic president. >> i want to ask you this with based on past experience? unlikely. thanks very much. john roberts. >> thanks. well, record breaking cold you have the chief justice. in the northeast today. and now the president says where but also someone who is very
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is the global warming? conscious of the court's we will fact check that claim. reputation and it's standing in american society. a, that appears to be his you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off motivation behind this rare thinking you've done everything for his well being. statement contradicting the president here. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, he's not someone to hold grudges, but i wonder if the sometimes within 24 hours. president's attack on him could backfire, that in these many while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. consequential decisions coming before the court, many of which like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated might be a five-four kind of against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. decision, that this justice is be quick to talk to your teen's doctor one who might be motivated to make a stand for the court's about a meningitis b vaccine. perception of not being partisan that sets you up for losing from the trump administration perspective some of these cases. do you see where i'm going with that? >> yeah. although not certain with john roberts. i think fundamentally he is a constitutional conservative, and i think that he will rule on cases before him based on the law in front of him, not the politics of the situation in which he finds himself, which is really in some sense untenable
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for him. but it could be he finds a way like with the upholding of the obama care decision to look for a legal way to uphold it for political end. i don't expect that. but to the point that you are raising, jim, it is possible that he's so disgusted with what's going on here that he looks for alternatives. >> let's talk about the latest challenge to matt whitaker. this one here for folks at home who aren't following, an obscure campaign law. did he take campaign pai'm open to that.medicare? be quick to talk to your teen's doctor lower premiums? contributions when he held another role in government. extra benefits? it's open enrollment. are you concerned that all these time to open the laptop... questions circling around matt ...and compare medicare health plans. why? because plans change, so can your health needs. whitaker undermine his future as the acting attorney general? so, be open-minded. look at everything - like prescription drug plans... >> i think he and everyone realized once his name was oh, and medicare advantage plans from private insurers. announced in his position, he was going to face tremendous use the tools at scrutiny. it is a big position. it is a critical time if our or call 1-800-medicare. nation. but as for this current probe open to something better?
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with regard to the hatch act, as start today. open enrollment ends december 7th. someone who has been on many campaigns, it is not unusual to work years later to try and retire a campaign debt, which is what's going on here. he had about $50,000 in outstanding debt and much of which he donated himself and someone stepped up and made a contribution to help retire that debt. the question will remain and his treasurer says he didn't ask for it. i would like to think that we'll be able to investigate this. if there is anything that's unthwart, i would assume the right thing would be to pay the money back. it is a valid concern given the ♪ the whole world's coming together now ♪ important position he's in now. amazon's black friday sale is on now! but i'm sure if they find with deals in every department, something that needs to be low prices and free shipping on millions of items. corrected, he will do so. the amazon black friday sale. on now! >> do you think these are ♪ correctablish ye issues with th acting attorney general, or are they ones the democrats are not going to let go of? >> yeah. i think it represents a pattern. you know, i think it's not a
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stretch to say that he's not fit to be the acting attorney general, much less the attorney general. there is a number of conversations that went on with the president before he was elevated with what he was doing there over the objections of attorney general sessions. so i don't expect that this particular hatch act violation is what will bring him down. i think it's the over all. taking a step back, this is all about the president trying to impede the mueller investigation. by putting someone clearly not qualified, someone who will follow his marching orders and someone who likely when bob mueller says i need to talk to you have a lot of deadlines in your business, right? the president, i want a we miss deadlines, we don't get paid. subpoena, is likely to tell the what if you lost your network connection? president and the president will you gotta be kidding me. chaotic. our gig-speed network lets you download files have veto power over that. that violates every tenant of up to 20 times faster. and we go beyond fast
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what the special counsel's office is supposed to be about. with 4g lte backup for complete reliability. >> so, michael, what is holding so, if you lose your network connection... the president back about this? ♪ ♪ we talked about a saturday night massacre in slow motion that the you won't miss the deadlines. having the confidence of something president has installed as that's never gonna go down would be priceless. right now, get fast reliable internet for a low price. attorney general and as the overseer in fact mueller sign up online investigation in which the and get a $300 pre-paid card. president is involved, a comcast business. beyond fast. friendly actor here. what stands in the way of that remaining the reality? >> democratic house that may by and large be impeached for abuse of power. >> against the president? >> yeah, sure. i like to wish my wife jen, because if what they have done here is a slow motion saturday my daughter mattie, my son zach night massacre. that is, they have put in a and the great people of the person who will now try to cap united states of america, a happy thanks giving. date the work of the special down so that he cannot proceed >> remember, we have thousands to a conclusion, that has to be of servicemen and women reported to the house judiciary stationed around the world today. and senate judiciary and senate we hope everyone watching the parade in person is bundled up because this will be the coldest intelligence for inquiry. thanksgiving on record for many if they find that in the course year in the northeast.
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of that inquiry that this was done for the purpose of chad myers is here with a look interfering with his investigation, that's an abuse at the record setting cold. of office, that inquiry. what's going on? >> certainly anyone in that so i think that's what should be crowd has never seen a colder holding him back. new years, christmas, that's what mcgahn told him when he said he wanted to bring thanksgiving. this is a really chilly one. charges against comey and temperatures are around 6 hillary clinton just the other degrees above zero. week we learned that. the good news is it was not and mcgahn said you can do that windy enough to ground the constitutionally, but you run the risk of abusing your office balloons. they are flying here. 17 degrees below zero. i just got a tweet from ottawa. and articles of impeachment could follow. they said it's 25 below up here. i think that's the biggest governor on his behavior. they are in the middle of the >> it is a high bar. dark purple there. the most important thing that happened this morning -- was rochester right now, you feel like six degrees. that you, joe? coming up tonight another cold i heard a dog in the background. night. new york city will get all the way down to 17 and 20 or so >> that was my dog. >> he wanted to pipe in on the cities will break new record low discussion? did he have any wisdom he could temperatures for tomorrow morning. new york city gets to translate for the panel? >> i think he agrees with 17, but by sunday the low is 46. everything i say. >> smart dog. this is the bottom. >> he's waiting for some and then it starts to cool back. leftovers. jim, if i could quickly say. we should be 52 in new york today. it is going to be nowhere near >> please.
6:14 am
>> not only is the president getting legal advice to make that. so 25 degrees below normal for sure and not obstruct the mueller investigation. today. when you travel around in the warmer in denver, though. midterm elections, a lot of his 61. how about that? billings 49. base and republican voters say 22 degrees lower in montana than they want to make sure that nothing is done to stop mueller new york city. and what he is doing in his this is where we are right here investigation. and the president knows that. in the northeast united states, he understands there will be in canada and all the way up some pushback from his base if we were to do anything. toward new finland. so i don't expect anything on but the rest of the world pretty his part related to saturday warm today. night massacre because he we have one bit of cold air understands there will be some that's only going to last a couple days. we will wait to see if it warms consequences. >> very happy thanksgiving to up by the rest of the week. >> chad, thanks very much. all of you. >> you, too. we want to take a moment >> thanks for coming in. this morning to highlight the well, the 92nd annual macy's president's deliberate denial of scientific fact. thanksgiving day parade is the president tweeted yesterday, winding through the streets of new york city right now. brutal and extended cold blast it is bitter cold, but that didn't keep millions of people could shatter all records. from lining the parade route to whatever happened to global get a front row seat to all of warming? the answer, two words. those balloons and marching average temperatures. that's the only figure that bands. this is how i spent my childhood, freezing my tail off matters and average temperatures are only going up. out there. it was always worth it. what is the best balloon this according to data from noah,
6:15 am
year? >> well, the one that's right 2018 is on pace to be the fourth behind us is chase from paw hottest year on record. what are the three hottest? patrol. joe's dog has nothing on this >> 2015, 2016 and 2017. one. they are keeping them very low to the ground because there are since recordkeeping began in some winds, but they are flying. 1880, the four hottest years on so far so good. record are the last four years. and they will watch the wind as those rising average they progress down the city temperatures have an immediate intangible effect on our lives. here. but people are all over the place. i have folks have finland over a climate scientist and director here. people from las vegas. what are you guys thankful for told cnn earlier this year, quote, we were seeing them play today? >> oh, my son, my family. out in realtime in the form of >> being able to come here. >> it is a very great unprecedented heat waves. opportunity. droughts and wild fires, and we >> and you are from virginia. >> i'm thankful to the troops have seen them all. noting a cold snap in the midst overseas and making it home to of that rise is silly. their families. >> and it is incredible. not as silly as bringing a they weren't sure -- oh, here snowball on to the senate floor comes the clowns. during one of the previous years hello, clowns. on record to question the hard how are you? >> great! happy thanksgiving! data of a warming earth, which >> there are over 1,000 clowns you may remember is exactly what that are here today. a republican senator, then chairman of the senate's just huge audiences. environment and public works everybody excited for this? committee did in 2015.
6:16 am
don't believe the tweets. don't believe the stunts. focus on two words: average [ applause ] >> reporter: and so far so good. they will watch wind conditions. temperatures, and they are rising. it is very cold out here, but a new warning from an some three million people coming iranian general as tensions mount. out. the cold not stopping anyone. u.s. bases are soft targets? we're going to take a look. our big idaho potato truck is out there somewhere jim? >> well, i'm thankful for having you out there. it brings back memories from being a kid. i see the pillsbury dough boy. >> reporter: i feel like a kid being out here. and we're going to find it. it's great. >> keep on top of it. thanks very much. awe man. saudi arabia's foreign minister is using president always look for the grown in idaho seal. trump's statement to down play the ci a's report on a journalist's murder. we will have the latest. plus, the death toll now 83 dead in california's campfire. look at those scenes there. almost one million people are no o♪eno one gonna love you so trueo ♪ ♪ under a flash flood watch in the region because up to six inches
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this morning as tensions between the u.s. and iran rise, a sharp warning to the u.s. he is calling american bases near iran soft targets for their missiles. he also said aircraft carriers in the region are like, quote, shooting targets. pentagon reporter barbara star is following the latest there. what bases and assets are in the region that could be vulnerable to iranian missiles. >> let's talk about what is a soft target. you think of a shopping mall or a sports arena is not defended.
6:21 am
there are u.s. troops in kuwait, in quatar, in dubai and those u.s. navy ships that go up and down the persian gulf waters all the time. there are patriot missiles in various areas of this middle east region. so when you look at the iranians, you have to look at capabilities. do they have the capability to strike out with their missiles? probably they do. can the u.s. defend? yes. could they get through with a single missile? they could perhaps, but it is the intentions. why are the ie ryranians saying this? do they have any reasonable intention, if you will, of striking the united states? right now i think most u.s. military experts would tell you they don't see it that way, but they watch all the time. jim? >> what expectation of an
6:22 am
enormous u.s. military response. another issue. returning to afghan, really a disturbing photo or a striking one emerged at the top u.s. general in afghanistan walking to a meeting there, carrying a weapon. i believe that's an m-4 assault rifle. what does that say about security in afghanistan today? >> an extraordinary photo. let's put it up. that is general scott miller, the head of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan. he is clutching a fully loaded m-4 assault rifle. this is not what you typically see the top commander doing. his security personnel, who have to protect him, around him, they are fully armed. but general miller was, of course, in the middle of a fire fight essentially last month, so there is concern about these insider attacks, concerns about these areas of afghanistan where
6:23 am
the taliban is resurgent. again ma he is a long decorated combat veteran. he is sending the message he will go anywhere he wants to go and he will protect himself and other afghans around him. >> quite a statement about the state of security there 17 years later. thanks very much. >> sure. will the oldest survivor of the attack on pearl harbor in 1941 has died. he went on to serve on a transport ship. in may, he le flereflected on h service in an interview with cnn. >> never give it away of what you see and hear. that's the way i am. i remember. and then i forget and remember again because it's very
6:24 am
important that the younger generation know and learn. i would do it again if i was called to. >> the last survivor now passed away, 106 years old. i want to go to live pictures. these are president trump in a video conference long distance with u.s. troops stationed abroad. let's have a listen. >> over in the united states, as you know and you are celebrating it in all parts of the world and we will be talking about it individually. we will honored to be joined by great patriots. you are really great patriots representing each branch of the armed services. melania and i want to express our gratitude for the sacrifices you make to defend your nation while you are away from your family and loved ones. i hope you will take solace in knowing that all of the american
6:25 am
families that you hold close to your heart we're all doing well. the nation is doing well economically, better than anybody in the world. we are the hot nation of the world. nice to know you are fighting for something that's doing well, and that's our country. i want to begin by welcoming the men and women of the 101st airborne division. they're real warriors, and you have the resolute support, sustainment brigade, and they are joining us from afghanistan where our soldiers are providing invaluable aid and combined joint area operations throughout afghanistan. you are doing an incredible job. a lot of progress has been made and your courage truly inspires us all. we know what you are doing. we watch it. oftentimes we are watching it every night during the news, and we know it is dangerous, and we also know that you have an
6:26 am
unbelievable impact. joining us from kuwait is the central command first response and crisis response special purpose marine air ground task force. lieutenant kernel sam howie, you are the embodiment of honor and courage. it is incredible the job you are doing. i want to congratulate you on the job you have done to crush isis on the ground and air. really, it is a big, big progress has been made. they're very close to being gone, and we like it that way. but you have shown incredible courage, and i have to say you have shown great, great leadership. so thank you very much and lieutenant kernel thank you very much and we'll be talking with you in a little while. happy thanksgiving very well to all of the sailors aboard the
6:27 am
"u.s.s. ronald reagan." we have that motto at home. it is an ensuring symbol of american might, american strength, american power and really american goodness in so many ways. from the united states air force, we're joined by the 455th air wing, which is supporting operation freedoms, sental and nato's support. thank you very much, david, as the commander. and i want to congratulate you on every minute of the 455th for your outstanding work, not only have you destroyed hundreds of isis and actually far more than hundreds and many, many taliban
6:28 am
targets, but you protect coalition ground forces throughout the region and you protect them like nobody else. it is incredit the job you do, and i want to thank you all for being on, and i have to say, general, it is great to speak to you by teleconference and by phone because your reputation is an incredible one. representing the u.s. coast guard, our crew members from the shore support teams that are part of patrol forces, southwest asia, which is the largest coast guard unit outside of the united states, and i'm actually going right now. i'm in palm beach, florida, and i'm going over to your local coast guard station, and we're going to spend some great time with the men and women of the coast guard. they have from a lot of sand points, you could call it branding, you could call it whatever you want. the job they have done on hurricanes in this country, they have saved thousands and thousands of people.
6:29 am
in fact, in texas, they saved over 12,000 people. if you think of what that means, over 12,000 people. they went into seas and they went into areas that nobody else would go into, and it was incredible what they have done in texas, what they did in florida, what they did in puerto rico. the coast guard has really become a symbol of strength and perseverance and genius, really. so hello to lieutenant nicholas hartman, the commanding officer. and i also want to congratulate christopher wilson on being selected for a school. that's a. that's the best, right? you truly make us proud. congratulations. that's a big deal. going to that school is like going to the wharton school of finance if you happen to be doing what you do. and everyone in today's video conference also, i want to thank
6:30 am
you all for serving. today we thank god for the blessings of having you people be our heroes and you really are our heroes. and your families are back here, and they love you and they respect you and they look forward to seeing you because you are the ones who keep america safe and strong and free. you do a job like nobody else. and it is really great respect that we all have. you are very much appreciated like you wouldn't believe by the american public, by the citizens of our country. i want to maybe start with the air force, and i know that brigadier general david lions is on the phone. david, tell me a little bit about what you're doing. >> our mission here, we defend the two busiest airfields in afghanistan. we support our teammates in our mission sets and then we deliver
6:31 am
combat air power across the entire country of afghanistan. mr. president, i know you can't see us right now, but you have got 150 airmen in this room that would love to say happy thanksgiving to you. what do you say to the president? >> happy thanksgiving! >> that's great. that's really fantastic. how are doings going over there? are you looking up? how is it looking to you? you have been there a while and you have seen what's going on. you know what's happening better than anybody. how do you find things going? >> the taliban and isis are resilient adversaries, but i thinkwhat i mean by that is we want this adversary to reach our shores again. every airman here is dedicated to keeping this fight away from our shores. a stable afghanistan is good for afghanistan, but we do what we do for america.
6:32 am
>> you said it better than anybody could have said. keep them away from our shores. that's why we're doing the strong borders. you probably see over the news what's happening on our southern border, and our southern border territory. large numbers of people and in many cases we have no idea who they are. in many cases they're not good people. they're bad people. but large numbers of people are forming at our border. and i don't have to even ask you. i know what you want to do. you want to make sure we know who we're letting in and we're not letting in anybody, essentially, because we want to be careful. you're right. you're doing it over there. we're doing it over here. and your people at the border, we have the military at the border for the first time. i don't know if it's ever or certainly there's never been a presence like this, but we have a very powerful border right now. we have the fencing and things people don't even believe. we took old broken wall and we wrapped it with barb wire plus.
6:33 am
i guess you could really call it barb wire plus. this is the ultimate. nobody is getting through these walls. we'll make sure they're the right people because that's what you and your family want and all of your families. that's what they want. that's why we're all fighting. we're fighting for borders. we're fighting for our country. if we don't have borders, we don't have a country. we're doing very well on the southern border. we gut a lot of bad decisions from the ninth circuit which has become a big thorn in our side. we always lose, and then you lose again and again, and you hopefully win at the supreme court, which we have done. but it's a terrible thing when judges take over your protective services, when they tell you how to protect your border. it's a disgrace. so we're winning. and you're winning. and i appreciate very much. and general, your reputation is an incredible one. thank you very much for doing the job and i'll see you back when you're in the united states or maybe i'll see you over there. you never know what's going to
6:34 am
happen. >> thank you, mr. president. we appreciate that. >> thank you very much. and thank all the men and women with you. really spectacular people. well next, let's talk to the u.s. coast guard, commander officer coast guard cutter and it would be lieutenant nick hartman, and so nick, tell me a little bit about what you're doing, where you are, and how is it going? >> good morning, mr. president. this is nicolas hartman from coast guard cutter. here in the room, we have 14 members from patrol forces southwest asia. and we're located in the kingdom of bahrain, mr. president. our mission out here is to patrol the arabian gulf, straits of hormuth, and conduct our central mand and objectives here in the gulf. a lot of our work is partnering
6:35 am
in building relationships with the gulf coast countries and so that we have a good standing and resolve here in the arabian gulf. and central command aor. things in my opinion, mr. president, are going very well for us. >> and what do you see in the region? what's going on in the region? how are they feeling about things? how are they feeling about trade? you know, trade for me is a very big subject. we have been taken advantage of for many years by bad trade deals. how are you finding things in the region, nick? >> mr. president, from our perspective on the water, sir, we're seeing there is an abundance of trade happening in the region. there are vessels moving through the straits and across the arabian gulf on a daily basis, carrying cargo to and fro, and we don't see any issues in terms of trade right now, sir. >> okay. well, you'll keep it that way.
6:36 am
and we want good free trade. we also want fair deals where we can do well, too. not everybody else. right now, nations do well with us, we don't do well with them. that's changing fast. where you are is a big factor, as you know. i want to thank you very much, nick, and great job. and again, as i said, there's no brand that's gone up like the coast guard over the last couple years because of what you have done with the hurricanes in this country. people saw things that they have never seen before. the bravery of those -- of your people going out in waves like, you know, record setting. it's been record setting. the one hurricane in texas, they say, dumped more water and more violent in terms of water than anything we have ever had in the country. and you guys went out there and you did it like just a day in the office. and i really appreciate it. we all really appreciate it, nick. and thank you very much.
6:37 am
thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. president. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. take care of yourself. let's go to the army. good old army. we love the army. we have colonel stephanie barton of the u.s. army. and stephanie, tell us a little bit about yourself and where you are and what you're focused on and what you're doing. >> sir, first and foremost, good morning. and happy thanksgiving on behalf of the 101st sustainment brigade. we're currently located in bag rb, afghanistan. we're the senior logistics headquarters and theater, and it's an away game. i will tell you in order to fight and win the nation's wars, it's because of sustainment and logistics. you have highly motivated true professionals in this room and outside this room that are truly making it happen. if it's in the hands of the war fighter, it comes through us to
6:38 am
them. so we support everything from coalition to joint forces, from border to border here in the country, sir. >> good. how are you finding things in afghanistan right now? >> sir, it's good. we're truly making the mission happen. when it comes to sustainment, we're strategic tactical logistics. if it comes in the theater, we get it in the war fighters' hands. we have a phenomenal team, and i can't speak enough about that. a lot of times we're behind the scenes, which is fine, but it's a good team effort and it takes support by all to make it happen. >> so colonel, how many people are you commanding right now, would you say? >> there are 10,000. >> wow. that's a lot of people. that's fantastic, stephanie. that's beautiful. that's beautiful. and not only is it important what you're doing but you're enjoying what you're doing, is
6:39 am
that right? >> sir, absolutely. we truly love it. i will tell you, our formation is a great mixture. we have all the army combos from the active duty, national guard, we have army dod civilians and civilian contractors that literally we all come together and make the mission happen. so we do hate that we're not with our family and friends today, but i tell you we're a close family here and i'm truly happy to be a part of it. it takes the whole community from green suitors to civilians to make it happen. you would be very proud because we truly are. >> that's fantastic. we're proud of you. we're proud of your people. please say hello to everybody. have an incredible thanksgiving, and we're taking good care of you. you know, the budget is now at $716 billion, stephanie, so we're getting rid of some of that old equipment they gave you. you see what's going in, the best in the world. so you see a big difference. awfully big difference from what we had before. and it's only getting better.
6:40 am
we'll be stronger than ever before, and with people like you, we feel very confident. so stephanie, thank you very much. happy thanksgiving to all. and i will see you when you're back. >> sir, sounds great. we have one last message if that's okay. >> yes. >> that's great. i really appreciate that. i really do. i appreciate it. take care of yourself. we'll see you all soon. thank you. from the u.s. marine corps, we have colonel george schleffler. george, are you on? >> this is lieutenant colonel sam howie. the colonel is doing a battlefield exercise right now. >> good. that's great. that's great, sam. good. how is it going over there?
6:41 am
>> it's going great, sir. right now, special purpose, we're based in kuwait, but we have marines from jordan to afghanistan. and up into iraq and syria. every day, those marines are insuring those who do us harm pay for it. it's amazing watching these young men and women, sailors and marines, and what they do with a smile on their face every day. >> how is the progress going, would you say? >> i would say the progress is excellent, sir. we have moved throughout those areas and cleared the vast majority of those enemy forces from bases. and right now, i think we're in a good position to continue that for the rest of the year or foreseeable future. >> that's great. i'm hearing very good things. they treat you good over there, i imagine. do they treat you good? >> sir, outstanding. our partners throughout, including here at the air base, they treat us like gold. we want for nothing, and today,
6:42 am
we had -- i think everyone can agree, a fantastic thanksgiving dinner here. >> that's great. that's great. they should. we're good friends. and they have been a good ally. we treat them well, and they treat us well. a lot of good things are happening over there. people are surprised to see how fast things are turning around. but you have one of the great bases. you have something that's incredible and special. and we'll get to see you very soon. and i will say, and say hello
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