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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  November 23, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PST

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that open fire at an alabama mall on black friday. >> i started praying. >> it's a sad day. shoppers come out to have a good time. traditionally presidents wish them happy thanksgiving. >> a lot of bad decisions from the ninth circuit that has become a thorn in our side. >> you want the president to be presidential when he is calling the troops on thanksgiving. >> it shouldn't go that way. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." john berman is off and john avlon joins me. great to have you here. hope you had a great thanksgiving? >> i did. how was yours? >> delicious. we begin with breaking news because there was another night of gun violence in america. this time on thanksgiving. you can see terrified shoppers here having to run for safety. >> police say two people were
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shot, including a 12-year-old girl. authorities say armed police officers inside the mall confronted the gunman within seconds, shooting and killing him. alabama's largest mall is set to re-open in just minutes. we have the breaking details. >> reporter: john, it is a little bit surreal to be quite honest. the parking lot is starting to fill up, and there are people lining up waiting to get in. just eight hours ago a man was killed inside the mall after gunfire erupted. many are saying thankfully there were extra people onhand with the officers for the black friday crowds. instead they probably made this a lot less deadly than it could have been. >> let's go! >> everybody out! >> reporter: chaos erupting in an alabama shopping mall packed with black friday shoppers.
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>> i just heard my manager yell there were gunshots. >> reporter: two people got into a fight, and the alleged gunman shot an 18-year-old man outside a store and tried to run away from the area. >> i heard one, and then bang, bang, and then right after people started screaming and going crazy to just get away from it, and then cops ran by us with their guns drawn. >> reporter: police officers on duty for the holiday season reacting quickly. >> and stepped in supply closets and we locked the doors, and we sat there for five or ten minutes freaking out and then they opened the escape route doors and we escaped through the escape route doors. >> and several shoppers were also seen with their guns drawn. one officer encountered the suspect brandishing a pistol and shot and killed him. >> we were fortunate that hoover officer was there where he
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needed to be and we believe at this point that maybe he prevented further injuries. >> reporter: also caught in the cross fire, a 12-year-old girl. >> we believe, last we heard, she was alert, conscious and talking. >> as soon as everybody started screaming they were like, shut the doors. shut the doors. >> reporter: word of the shooting here as not kept people out. we just saw people walking through the doors of that jcpenney moments ago. that 12-year-old girl, she was shot once, we are told, and she is in stable condition and already has been through surgery this morning. the 18-year-old was shot two times in the torso area, and the officer hoop fired that shot, he has been placed on administrative leave, a
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neighboring county, the deputies there are investigating it since it is an officer--involved shooting. >> please keep us posted on the victims' progress. thank you. as diane noted, it's surreal to have shoppers already going back to the mall even after the gunman terrified shoppers, but bargain hunters are heart to detour. and that alison kosik is at a best by in new jersey. what is the situation there? >> reporter: it's hard to detour these shoppers from coming out, and it's 12 degrees and already a dozen people outside this best buy, and most of them looking to buy the door buster tvs. those deals are only what you can get inside the store and not online. on thanksgiving it was expected
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$3.7 billion was spent, and i am talking about thanksgiving day while people are eating turking and on their phones shopping, and by black friday, $6 billion expected to be spent. what are they spending on? they are buying drones, and laptops, and electronics are a big draw for holiday shoppers this year. what else is drawing shoppers? game consoles. anything gaming people want. the big game this year, it's call of duty, black ops. the national retail federation expect november and december, we will see people spend anywhere from 717 to $720 billion in two months on holiday shopping. >> thank you. and president trump called
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troops overseas to air grievances. let's listen. >> we have a lot of bad court decisions from the ninth circuit, which has become a big thorn in our side. we always lose and then you lose again and again and then you hopefully win at the supreme court, which we have done. it's a terrible thing when judges take over your protective services, when they tell you how to protect your border. it's a disgrace. >> the president went on to take questions and threatened to shut tkoup down the border and government. and joining us now, white house reporter for the washington post, josh dawesy, who was in the room. you have a great piece in the "washington post" today. it's brilliantly capturing the
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surre surre surrealal surrealality of that scene. let's get into the specifics of what the president said. you and your colleagues at the "washington post" have reported that the cia said the crown prince was directly involved with the murder of khashoggi, and the president is saying that's not true. where is the truth? >> these were not traditional thanksgiving tiedings, john. yesterday the president began his call to the service members talking about a whole array of issues, and some asked him about the cia assessment that the crown prince had ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi, the journalist from the post. the president said that that was their feelings but they had not conclusively ordered that and he was not planning to do much about it. when he was asked directly who he thought would be held
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accountable for the world, he said the world because the world is a vicious place. and he said the crown prince felt worse about it than he did. it's hard to believe that could be true, because there has not been any remorse from the crown prince, and the cia concluded he wanted it to happen and ordered it. >> let's play that sound for the folks so they can hear the president himself. >> they did not come to a conclusion. they have feelings certain ways, but they didn't have the report. you can ask -- nobody has concluded. i don't know if anybody is going to be able to conclude that the crown prince did it. >> josh, presumably what he is talking about is the high degree of confidence statute which the agency uses, but he blamed the world, the human condition for killing jamal khashoggi, not the
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crown prince. but that was only one nugget among the conversation, and he was asking commanders in the field what they thought about m migrants and it put them in a awkward position. >> frankly it's usually the president saying thank you very much and the troops thanking him. he was asking the commanders in real time what was going on in their countries. he began asking about how catapults work off of boats to propel planes off of ships and gave his opinion that a certain kind should be used, and the commanders in the field disagreed, and he talked about the border with some of the commanders, and they were saying they were using barbed wire plus to secure the border and he was talking about trade when some of the commanders in bahrain pushed
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back on the president saying he didn't see any problems with the trade. >> pretty remarkable for soldiers in the field and commanders taking issue and pushing back on the commander-in-chief real time. it's a form of radical transparency, which is the silver lining to this president's approach. it's a scene unlike any other that you describe, the op yao lunt table being set in the background. >> the president is proud of his property, and he had a press conference and dinner there, and most of the day was spent, you know, beneath the very lavish ceilings of mar-a-lago.
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and the president sat in the middle of the room with his whole family, kissing ladies on the cheek and grinning over at us. the president will solicit us when he is in host mode and when he is down here he loves the idea of being the head of the club and everybody coming and kiss his ring and say hello to him and he was in the mode all day yesterday. >> fascinating stuff. thank you for your reporting. looking forward to the next installment. joining us now, washington bureau chief, jackie kucinich, and form national press secretary for bernie sanders, scott jennings. happy post thanksgiving to all of you. great to have you with us. scott, i want to start with you. i think that josh's reporting was interesting, all the color
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behind the scenes of mar-a-lago, and the president does not abide by customs, he does things his own way. he spent the day much of the day golfing, and i personally believe that he will go, okay, at some point, in the relatively near future to see troops in war zones because there has been enough clamoring for that, where i think he will. until then are you okay with him breaking that thanksgiving tradition and doing it his way instead? >> i am okay with that, as long as he and secretary mattis are talking about getting him out to a war zone because it's important for the commander-in-chief to go out and see what they do close-up, and i think i want the pentagon and secretary mattis make that call and help the president go at the right time, the least disruptive time for the troops where it's safe for them and the president,
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and then i am fine with it. >> jackie, the president has been on quite a tear and he is surrounded in his comfort zone in mar-a-lago, and he is attacking the chief justice and the military, and how is washington responding to threats to shut down the government that get tossed in the context of the overall conversation he had yesterday? >> i think republicans in washington are sort of used to this bluster in terms of, you know, it's what mcconnell and speaker paul ryan have been dealing with since go. i think they are pretty much used to it. whether he shuts down -- tries to shut down the government or not is an open question. you know, republicans already lost the house and there's not a whole lot to lose on this point, and i do think you have heard
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people like mitch mcconnell and paul ryan say they are not going to shut down the government. whether this is just bluster this time, we will have to see. what is not bluster is the fact that the president did send thousands of troops down to the border who were there during thanksgiving for a mission that is still, you know, kind of up in the air, and some of them are on their way back. this politicizing of the military sadly, is not new. >> when he had an opportunity to thank the troops, simone, and to say what he was thankful for on thanksgiving, the president took a different tact. here's what he said. >> what are you thank yfor havid for having a tremendous difference in the country, i have made a tremendous difference in the country. this country is so much stronger now than when i took office you would not believe it. >> he is thankful for him. >> alisyn, it makes me feel he
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did not even bother to read the briefing book, or at least checked what yesterday was. it's just disappointing. i would love for one day for the president to have to engage in a presidential act and be presidential. i think it's more than just being presidential, it's about, i think, understanding the gravitas of the moment, and i don't think the president grasps that. i said last week on cnn i thought the president had been giving the per verbal middle finger. he could have used this time to do a whole host of other things but instead he used the time to reinforce his unpopular policies and put military members in a tough spot and that's unfortunate. >> scott, the president has sent
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clear messages that congress seems to be following, republicans in the house with their final weeks are calling on james comey to testify with hillary clinton's e-mails. what is the republican sense to handle the 40-seat loss in the house and the maintaining of the senate. do you think they will change their strategy to try and channel this president as they look towards the next elections? >> yeah, it reminds me of when i take my children to the arcade, and i say it's time to go and they say one more quarter, one more game, and i say, fine, have have, here's another quarter. i think the republicans need to focus on a couple things. one, how do we get back in touch with people in the suburbs? number two, how do we get back in touch with the upper midwest? and if they want to do
4:17 am
something, pass the farm bill. it's the last piece of business that didn't get done that matters to a lot of trump voters out there. if they want to help trump get re-elected, it's get back in touch with the voters and also pass the farm bill. >> are they look into ivanka's trump's e-mails? >> i don't think they are going to. >> why is that? >> doesn't seem like that is where their focus is. never mind there's a inspector general's report looking into loretta lynch and james comey and hillary clinton's e-mails, but we are at a point in the house where it's kind of a really long fox news segment at this point going on in the
4:18 am
judiciary committee. we will not only look into a whole plethora of things in the trump administration. >> simone, democrats coming in and there's a long laundry list of to dos, from his taxes on down, and do you think as somebody that worked for bernie sanders there are areas where they should try and find common ground with the president, and there are conversations nancy pelosi raised, like infrastructure and prescription drug prices. do you think that's a wise thing for the democrats to do for the country? >> i think it's about going in and doing what the people
4:19 am
elected the democratic-led house to do. oversight is part of the duties, and oversight that the republican-led house of representatives have not done, and ie, calling james comey and loretta lynch back to testify, that's not exercising real oversight and putting a check and balance on the white house. i think you will see a lot of hearings, oversight hearings. you will see enquiries. you will also see legislation getting done. nobody would argue that obamacare is perfect, that there are fixes and tweaks we would have made to the program. maybe, i mean, it looked like a conyou will wee couple weeks ago, criminal justice reform. the question is will the president and the republicans in the senate be willing to do the same? >> wouldn't that be something? >> thank you all very much.
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sign up online and get a $300 pre-paid card. comcast business. beyond fast. saudi arabia apparently getting a pass from president trump in the murder of khashoggi. the cia assessment shows the saudi crown prince ordered khashoggi's death, and president trump did not believe that assessment. >> no, they did not come to a conclusion. they have feelings certain ways but they didn't -- i have the report. you can ask mike, they have not concluded. i don't know if anybody is going to be able to conclude that the crown prince did it. >> joining us now, a former director of human rights watch and an assistant secretary of
4:25 am
state under president obama. >> good morning. >> you heard the president say it's impossible to conclude with 100% certainty, so what do you do? >> well, this is why the stakes are so high here. the president is basically saying he doesn't care if saudi arabia murdered a journalist for the "washington post" so long as saudi arabia keeps paying us. that's a signal to russia, china and governments all around the world that basically they can get away with anything, including with respect to americans. i don't think congress can accept that. congress said the senate foreign relations committee already invoked the comiskey act, and the trump administration has 120 days to impose sanctions on the crown prince or to explain why they are not doing so and after
4:26 am
that congress can act on its own. >> let's just look at the president's position a little more closely. it sounds like, if i can paraphrase him accurately, basically the administration feels there's a lot of human rights abuses all over the world, and this is a hideous murder, and this is one man, not a u.s. citizen, a resident, so is it -- is it that important to blow up the alliance between the u.s. and saudi arabia where saudi arabia can help the u.s. in other venues over this? >> oh, my goodness. first of all, it's not just a human rights abuse. this is something that happens rarely. saudi arabia reached out across its borders and murdered somebody that was lured from the united states to go into one of its embouassies in turkey. this is something we cannot allow to become the new norm.
4:27 am
dictateships killing their critics on foreign soil. the u.s. has thousands of refugees who are critics of governments, and do we want them to start being murdered in washington, new york, paris and london. it's really important to send a signal that this is a line you can't cross. as for saudi arabia, you know, when they help us, it's because it's in their interests, not because they are close allies or they love the united states of america. they are going to continue to help us on iran because saudi arabia is threatened by iran and they need our help there. this is not about blowing up the relationship. it's about sanctioning an individual. it's about separating a relationship with saudi arabia from our relationship with this incredibly volatile dangerous and unpredictable young man who is campaigning to be the ruler of the country for the next 50 years. >> you were in the obama state
4:28 am
department and you are one of the people that went to congress with intelligence to show them, to try and get their attention, that russia was interfering in the 2016 election, something, as you know, president trump has been very reluctant to admit or get his arms around, so what does it mean to you that he is using that same sort of logic now with a different dictator, where he believes their denials and their world over the cia and u.s. intelligence officers? >> it seems like the president instinctively sympathizes with powerful leaders who are accused of moral transgressions, and i don't think it's too hard to figure out why that is. the result, though, is that he believes foreign dictators whether it's putin or the crown prince of saudi arabia or kim jong-un over the conclusions of our own intelligence community,
4:29 am
and that is not just a ridiculous thing that we should laugh at, it's very dangerous to our national security. >> i want to ask you about what the house judiciary committee is doing. they are issuing subpoenas to james comey and loretta lynch because they have more questions about hillary clinton's e-mails. when democrats come into the house and are the majority, should they investigate ivanka trump's e-mails? >> i think ivanka trump's e-mails are the least of our problems. obviously the republicans are hypocritical on this issue, but the voters did not send me and other democrats to congress to litigate minor e-mail investigations, and they sent us to protect the justice department and the fbi and the judiciary from the president's attacks. these are very serious matters. i don't think we should get into a tit for tat over e-mails.
4:30 am
>> what should be the first investigation or oversight when democrats get there and takeover in january? >> i think we need to protect the integrity of the mueller investigation, and of the fbi. let the investigators do their job in defense of our constitution and let the congress do its job that the american people elected us to do. >> thank you so much for being with us. attention black friday shoppers, we will tell you where the best deals are coming up next. ♪ ♪ -whoops
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black friday shoppers waited hours for doors to open, but is it better to get deals online instead of inline? matthew, what do you see this year because the numbers show enormous growth in online shopping? >> good to be with you. happy black friday. we are forecasting an
4:35 am
outstanding holiday season, and our projections are retail sales will grow about $725 billion from last year, and last year we had a strong year, the best we had in a decade before the recession. this year we think it could be that good or better, which means it will be a very strong year. consumers are responding to the kinds of things retailers are doing to bring them into stores and online, and we are excited about this. >> are we at the point where online is getting more than walking into a mall? >> well, that's not what we are seeing. we are seeing online is extremely popular and has been for many years. that's growing off a smaller base. 90% of the retail sales that occur in the country happen in a bricks and mortar location, so that's an overwhelming majority of sales. for a number of years we saw massive growth in the online
4:36 am
side of things, and what we are seeing is that's growing about 10% of the overall piece, but as you see some of the legacy bricks and mortar stores adding more and more online, you see the quarterly reports are growing 60% a quarter online and then you see these stores that started out as digital only, and that i think that represents, to use the football analogy, customers are playing more at the 50 yard line and so you are seeing retailers, both bricks and mortar and digital moving to the middle of the field, and that's where the customers are. >> yeah, you see brick and mortar stores going out of business, and then you see the online shopping tripling, and that's a trend you are seeing, right? >> no question online is
4:37 am
extremely popular and retailers are making it easy to do. you see the bricks and mortar retailers are doing a buy online and pick up in store or buy in store or deliver at home, so they are using digital strategies to serve customers, and then you see the big example was a couple years ago when amazon bought whole foods, and you see digital-only companies rent the runway, they are opening bricks and mortar locations because they know that customers operate in a world in which it's very seamless and they want to move comfortably and easily between bricks and motor and online, and they want to be out socializing in the store, and because there was initially a lot less on the digital side on the bricks and mortar, that's where you are seeing the growth there. >> we want it all.
4:38 am
that's how it works. we want all the options. i am really interested in 90% of bricks and mortar, they are still 90%. i like that. i need to try things on, but i thought i was being, you know, becoming antiquated. >> no, i don't think so. listen, we represent everybody. we have bricks and mortar and we have startups and mom and pop small business saturday, and we represent main street retailers all the way to the largest retail companies and everything in between. i think what you are seeing is these companies are finding new ways to engage with their customers, and that means using the store in a different way, and that means bringing digital strategies to the marketplace, using the technology that exists, serving customers more quickly, whether it's delivery options or pick up options, and whether it's putting ar in the
4:39 am
stores, and all of these things are the kinds of things customers want and we are in a good place this year because the economy is very strong, and customers have a great deal of confidence about the season, and the weather patterns are good. this is sort of -- i don't know what is the positive of a perfect storm, this is it, and we have not seen one for at least a decade. this is going to be a really strong and outstanding holiday season. >> thank you for supporting small business saturday. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> nice to be with you. so the release of a major government report moved up to today, to friday after thanksgiving. what is this report and why is it so important? why was the government trying to bury it, or were northeasthey? all that is, next.
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[ sigh ] it's bring your own phone, not pony. so i could've taken the bus? yeah. bring your phone. switch your carrier. save hundreds a year with xfinity mobile. call, click or visit a store today. the deadliest inferno in california's history is 90% contained. the death toll jumped to k84 in the camp fire. and two men worked on thanksgiving to feed the firefighters who worked endlessly to fight the fires. the timing of the release of one report is being questioned,
4:44 am
and some think it might have critical news about the human impact on climate change, and government officials hope nobody will be paying attention because it's black friday. >> we will see what is in that report. meanwhile on a lighter note, it's the cinematic circle of life. disn disney releasing the first teaser of the animated classic "the lion king." >> one day the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king. >> that is very cool-looking. you just heard james earl jones, reprising his role, and the
4:45 am
remake will hit theaters in july of 2019 to coincide with the anniversary of the release. and my son was just in a school play and was a hyena. >> the one where his favorite word is moist. >> yes. >> looks fantastic. i can't believe it has been 25 years. >> can't wait to take my kids to that. >> a caulka recipient changing the rules and how he broke the rules to become a road scholar. what will happen to him now? that's next.
4:46 am
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it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue... and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum tum tum tum... smoothies... only from tums it was a full day of feasting and football. the cowboys serving up a win on thanksgiving. more with the bleacher report. >> i didn't think i would be saying this three weeks ago, but the dallas cowboys are now in first place in the nfc east and jerry jones and the team kicking off their campaign with the salvation army yesterday. the players getting in on the fun after scoring the first touchdown of the game. remember, he jumped in there two
4:51 am
years ago. dak prescott impressive run, scored the touchdown here and elliot runs over and tosses dak into that red kettle. all right. today is the day, the match. tiger versus phil in las vegas. winner take all. $9 million is on the line. but possibly more important for these two is owning the bragging rights. >> i feel like tiger coming along during my career and playing as well as he did got the best out of me because i saw a level of play i hadn't seen before. >> we totally respect one another and what one another could do on a golf course. and the wins and obviously losing to him doesn't feel very good. >> i tend to rub it in. >> tiger a 2-1 favorite to win the match. you can watch it on bleacher
4:52 am
report live or order it on pay-per-view. both of them want to win. $9 million on the line. but i think phil wants to win a little extra since tiger has always seemed to get the better of him. >> $9 million, dragging rights, but that is going to be a heck of a match. >> a daca recipient winning an unprecedented award. he receives a rhodes scholarship. congratulations. >> thank you. thank you. >> i understood you went through a range of emotions. take us back through that day. >> yeah. it was announced saturday. so the first thing i felt was nothing. i felt neither happy, nor sad. >> what is that about? >> i think i was honestly just in shock. so after the initial kind of
4:53 am
shock, i think i felt an incredible gratefulness and thankfulness to my parents, to the immigrant community and to my friends and peers. >> but it is complicated for you. you don't have a passport, do you? >> so i have a korean passport, but i don't have the ability to travel outside of the u.s. and come back. so that's kind of what i'm working on right now with lawyers. >> but how will you? you have to go to oxford? and then how will you return? >> yeah. so that's the biggest legal question in my head right now. so i'm talking with lawyers. one possibility is to bring a lawsuit because, as you know, they weren't processing them. >> just to explain to people, that's for daca recipients, there is something called advanced parole where you could
4:54 am
leave. >> so it was a provision when president obama first announced it in 2012. there were two court cases. one in california, one in new york. and currently they aren't processing advanced parole, so that's kind of the challenge. we're working on a bunch of different strategies, but that's one way i'm exploring it. >> what is your level of worry right now, not only that you won't be able to fulfill the scholarship. but do you worry you won't be able to stay in the united states after you graduate? >> that's always a worry. having a president and having people that never think that that's true, so that's always a worry. but i'm confident that the contributions that i and other immigrants make to america will eventually prevail.
4:55 am
>> you spoke out about this. you go to harvard and you spoke out about this in may. so let me play a clip of that for everyone. >> if you have ever eaten at a korean restaurant or received at a mani-pedi or not, like it or not, you may have funded the education of an illegal alien. >> what do you want president trump to know? >> the message is, if you are immigrant in america, you learn some of these foundational lessons that your talents don't belong to you in the traditional sense, that the fruits of your labor, you spread around to others. that's what i wanted to commune date, that immigrants have -- we learn this lesson that the immigrant community has to stick together and the fruits of our labor have to be spread around.
4:56 am
that's really what i wanted to impart. >> what do you want to do with your life? >> right now i propose two master degrees. for me the idea is to hopefully come back to the states and work as a part of a public health department and to create evidence based policy to improve the health and the outcomes of undocumented people. >> what about president trump's argument, that you can't break the law. >> no, of course. so -- and this is what i would say to that. the first part is there is this social institution called the law and then there is also this other cultural component called social membership. so immigrants feel that they are part of america. and whether or not citizenship -- whether or not they have citizenship is a complete different question. oftentimes people say we are a country of laws.
4:57 am
but membership and citizenship sometimes go to together, but not always. regardless of the occupant in the white house, it is important to note these broader questions, who is american, who belongs and who are we going to treat as members of america, those questions are what i'm more interested in. i think those questions will remain regardless of who is president. that's where we have to keep the focus. >> i read that you are a research assistant for integrated cancer research for mit. so maybe you can cure cancer. and if you can't do it here, would you go back to korea? >> yeah. no, i wouldn't. when i think about this question, i come back to this point that i really want to keep the focus on, which is membership. i'm an american. and regardless of what my citizenship is, i'm always going to know that. this is the point i'm trying to make is undocumented immigrants
4:58 am
are part of this country. our roots are here. our family and friends are here. so we are american. we're just waiting for our country and our laws to catch up to that fact. >> jim park, we wish you the best. so please keep us posted. >> got it. thanks. we're following this morning the news overnight there was a deadly shooting at an alabama mall. we have the latest for you right now. >> i heard one and then bang, bang. people started screaming. >> one person killed, two others wounded in an alabama mall on black friday. >> as soon as everybody started screaming, they were like, shut the doors. >> we were fortunate that officer was there. maybe he prevented further injuries. president trump talking to military commanders across the world. >> i wanted to thank those service members, and it breaks my heart he can't do it.
4:59 am
>> this country is so much stronger now. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. good morning, everyone. welcome to your new day. it is friday, november 23rd. john avalon joins us today. there is more gun violence in america. terrified holiday shoppers had to run for cover at a crowded alabama mall on thanksgiving night after a gunman opened fire. two people were shot, including a 12-year-old who we're happy to say is recovering this morning. >> and police officers who were patrolling the mall, confronted the gunman within seconds. the gallery remains closed this morning. we're live in hoover, alabama with the breaking details. >> reporter: john, this mall has opened up. the parking lot probably not as full as it would normally be on
5:00 am
a black friday. but there are plenty of cars here, and we have seen plenty of people going in there just about eight hours after a man was killed inside this mall. authorities are saying it could have been far worse if security wasn't already so beefed up for the shopping holiday. >> let's go! let's go! >> reporter: chaos erupting inside a shopping mall. >> all of a sudden i heard like my manager just yell, there was gunshots. >> reporter: a shooting after two people got into a fight. the alleged gunman shot an 18-year-old man outside a store and then tried to run away from the area. >> i heard one and then bang, bang. and then right after that, people started screaming and going crazy to just get away from it. and then cops ran by us with their guns drawn. >> reporter: police officers on


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