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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 23, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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you are watching cnn on this friday afternoon. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. here's breaking news in the russia investigation. an associate of the president's friend and long-time adviser roger stone is now in plea negotiations with robert mueller. his name is jerome corsi. he also knows president trump. he wouldn't comment further to cnn about these talks. but corsi's role largely revolves around the possibility he may have been an intermediary between stone and wikileaks in the days ahead of the 2016 election when wikileaks published e-mails damaging to hillary clinton's campaign. corsi is also a well-known
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conspiracy theorist. but if a deal comes through, it would actually indicate that he was speaking the truth a couple of days ago when he predicted an indictment from the mueller team was coming. >> the entire negotiation discussions have just blown up, and you now i fully anticipate in the next knew daysfew days i indicted by mueller by some fuom or other of giving information to the grand jury or however they want to do the indictment, but i'm going to be criminally charged. >> let's go to cnn national correspondent alex marquardt. explain how corsi is involved in all of this and is it possible he may be a witness against roger stone? >> corsi isn't necessarily a household name in all of this. he's certainly someone who the mueller investigators have been
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interested in. he could end up providing a really critical missing link between russian hackers and wikileaks and the trump campaign. that's what they're looking into. corsi does tell my colleague he is in talks with the mueller team now about striking a plea deal for more lenient terms. this comes after that he was inspecting to be indicted by robert mueller's team. the special counsel is going to have lots of questions about his relationship with roger stone, specifically with regard to any possible coordination with wikileaks and the release of those hand democratic e-mails right before the election. corsi said he does not have a source inside the group. his defense is he simply developed a theory or prediction that the e-mails of john podesta had been obtained by wikileaks and they would be released right before the election. he said he shared that prediction with roger stone, who
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tweeted something similar. corsi said it was based on open information and that they had already released those dnc e-mails. it turned out to be true. even though they are in talks about a plea deal, there's no guarantee that will happen. in just the past few hours, stone has responded to this new saysi saying in part my friend dr. corsi has been under tremendous pressure and he stated publicly he's been asked over and over to say things he simply does not believe occurred. >> alex, thank you. let's get some legal analysis on all of what alex just laid out. with me is eli hoenig. tell me how this may turn p ppl
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this bigger picture. >> it's a big deal. we already know for sure that the russian state hacked into hillary clinton and the dnc e-mails. we know those were put out into the public by wikileaks and the inten was to help the trump 2016 campaign. was there coordination between wikileaks and the 2016 campaign. and as you see mueller circling stone, they're going to be the fulcrum that connects wikileaks to the campaign. >> which is huge. in the legal world you use the word proffer. let me ask it this way. if he is in plea negotiation, does it mean he's giving up the goods or is willing to give up the goods if he gets a good deal. >> mueller wouldn't sign him up as a cooperator unless he knows what the guy has. you sit down with the guy, you
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proffer them and get all the information and you then decide is he believable, will he cooperate and then you decide and sign them up. i've used cooperators who have committed murders. that's not as hard as corsi who is literally a conspiracy theorist. if mueller does sign him up as a cooperator, corsi or mueller has hard evidence to back up whatever corsi tells him. >> alex alluded to it a second ago, but we got a statement from roger stone reacting to all of this. do you think he's thinking, uh-oh, pressure's on? >> textbook one on one, who thinks someone is about to flip, they say my friend's going off the rails, he's lying, feeling pressured. >> here's the other breaking
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news. president trump is turning to the u.s. supreme court to take up his controversial bid to keep transgender people out of the u.s. military. this is the white house's latest attempt to bypass those lower courts, which have blocked the ban from being implemented. sarah westwood is with me now with more on this. what exactly is this white house trying to do? >> reporter: well, brooke, the president is direct being hing solicitor general to lift the injunction on the ban the president attempted to implement via tweet in july '17 that sent his pentagon scrambling to making that a reality. in the year that that took plas place, the lower courts have blocked the president from doing so. the ninth circuit has heard arguments in this case. the president has already been feuding with the ninth circuit
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over its decision recently in an unrelated case about asylum. >> i don't know if we've ever had a victory in the ninth circuit. a vast number of their decisions get overturned generally speaking. it's a shame. it's a disgrace. >> reporter: noel francisco wrote to the court that the military has been unable to implement a policy that the pentagon views as necessary to maintain the lethality of the military. obviously this comes as lower courts have ruled against a number of the president's attempted executive actions since the start of his administration. the president is perhaps looking to take advantage of that newly cemented conservative majority on the high court.
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>> elie honig, do you think the supreme court will take this up? >> i think there's a bit of political feeder here. we have the president targeting and singling out the ninth circuit. it's very unusual to see the supreme court toukake a case or d.o.j. to ask the sprupreme cou to take a case before they've heard it. >> moments ago the trump administration released a major report on climate change warning of dire circumstances and how it
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just in to cnn, basketball superstar steph curry was involved in a multi-vehicle crash this morning in oakland. we're told he is okay. the golden state warrior player was hit when apparently another driver lost control. fortunately no one in all three cars was injured in the accident. highway patrol says it was rainy
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so perhaps the weather played a role here. everyone involved in the accident was wearing their seat belts. the trump administration just released a major climate cha change report, raising suspicion that it was released here on black friday because fewer people are paying attention. the president has doubted its existence and refers to it as a hoax. rene marsh, what are some of the highlights or low lights as it were? >> reporter: i can't stress this enough. if you want paying attention to this issue of climate change before, when you read the details of this report, it may really change that. this is a congressionally mandated report. the trump administration put it out an hour ago. it screams that serious action needs to be taken as it relates
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to climate change and taken soon. wildfire season they say is long right now but it will get even longer burning six times more forest area per year by the year 2050. more people will be exposed to ticks that carry lyme disease and mosquitos that transmit viruses like the zika virus and dengue fever. higher temperatures they say will kill more people. they zero in on the midwest, which is predicted to have the largest increase in extreme temperature alone. they say 2,000 more people will die premature deaths by the year 2009 in the midwest. the cost of climate chang wie w be a blow to the economy. it says it could cost hundreds of billions of dollars annually.
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in the southeast, they say the southeast alone would probably lose over half a billion labor hours due to extreme heat. i mean really, as you read through all of this, it's hard to find any good news, brooke. >> as this ominous report is out, congressionally mandated, it is the day after thanksgiving. why is it released today? >> that is the big question because this report was not scheduled to come out until next month. so it is coming out earlier. everyone notices that it's coming out on a day that is one day after a major holiday here in the united states, a day that people are spending time with their families, they're shopping, getting good deals at the department stores. so people are, to put it in a word, distracted. the scientific community and many people observing this and looking at how this was kind of quiet live put out on a friday
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after noon on a major holiday, they're scratching their heads and wondering if this was an effort to barry the blow and dire findings in this report, brooke. they truly do run counter to what we have seen from the trump administration as far as their stance on climate change. we just saw a tweet why -- questioning why it was so-called. this congressional report is on the total opposite spectrum of where the president stands on this issue. >> we cannot be distracted. we have to pay close attention. talk about shrinking the economy 10%, not to mention the climate. rene, thank you for that. we will pay attention to that. coming up next, the republican party's problem with women.
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why so few women in their ranks in congress and how they can address it. >> plus, the number of undocumented immigrant children in government custody has reached an all-time monthly high. details on why it's up. i'm all for my neighborhood. i'm all for backing the community that's made me who i am. i'm all for my theatre, my barbershop and my friends. because the community doesn't just have small businesses, it is small businesses. and that's why american express founded small business saturday. so, tomorrow, november 24th, let's all get up, get out, and shop small. i got croissant. small business saturday. a small way to make a big difference.
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while women as a whole made progress, republican women barely moved the needle. west virginia's carol miller will be the only republican woman entering the 435 member house as a newcomer, compared to 35 new democratic women on the democratic side. how does the republican plan to fix the woman problem, sunlen? >> those numbers up laid out were alarming to people in the aftermath of the midterm election. i think you'll probably remember a few days after the midterm election, the new congress produced a one-sheet head shot list of all the incoming members and that was a real visual representation of the differences between the incoming house and senate democrats and incoming house and stenate
12:25 pm
republicans there. it was alarming to a lot of people. it shows how much work republicans need to do, especially when they're looking forward and talking about recruitment efforts coming up in 2020. within a few days of the midterm elections and this story line being part of the aftermath of the story, we did see two women republicans elevated in the house, both took over leadership positions there, an important move that republicans there. interesting, joanie ernst was asked about the work they have to do and she says we could do a better job of clearly communicating that we do indeed support women. >> on the women note, the woman's march, sunlen, was a huge catalyst for the women who decided to run this year and there has been some division among the leadership of the women's march. the leader and some of her co-chairs were pictured with
12:26 pm
islam leader louis farrakhan. what is the status now? >> i think this is a growing rift within the women's march. we're not going to see the last of it today. it needs to come to a conclusion but right now a lot of infighting within the movement. the founder, as you said, calling for the chairs to step down because of ties and connections to louis farrakhan, the fact that at some point some of them did appear at an event with him. now those co-chairs have come out with a statement in light of her statement saying that they condemn anti-semitism, condemn bigotry and really call for unity. they say, quote, we are imperfect, we're don't know everything and we have caused harm at times, we have responded with hurt, but we are committed to learning, we are grateful for people who have been with us over the last two years, wrestling with the challenges and opportunities of what they are trying to build. our ongoing work speaks for itself.
12:27 pm
that's our focus, not arm chair critiques who want to take credit for our labor. >> there's been apologies made before and they say they will make changes but then the changes never really happen. i still believe that we can come together, but we immediate to address the issues that have been festering and been sort of not dealt with. and we need to resolve it because a lot of women in the community are hurt. >> and this in-fighting is really playing out in a public way, all playing out just a few months before they are making plans for the big march, the third march in january here in washington, d.c. at the beginning of the new year. it certainly threatens to cast a shadow over this movement which has made a lot of news in years past. >> sunlen, thank you, in
12:28 pm
washington for me today. one way republicans are fighting to keep an incumbent woman in. on monday president trump will hold not just one, two rallies in support of hyde-smith. she is favored to win. she's a lot closer than expected in this deep ruby red state in the south. first she was caught on tape making comments that seemed to support vote are sr suppression. and then there was this remark about a public hanging. >> if it was a public hanging, i'd be on the front row. >> and this week she addressed the controversies. >> i certainly apologize. there was no ill will, no intent whatsoever. i also recognize that this comment was twisted and it was turned into a weapon to be used against me, a political weapon
12:29 pm
used for nothing but personal and political gain by my opponent. that's the type of politics mississippians are sick and tired of. >> i don't know what's in your heart but we mo what came out of your mouth. this is giving our state another black eye that we don't need. it's rejuvenated old stereotypes that we don't need anymore. >> her gaffs have dredged up visceral emotion. you're there in mississippi. how much has race played a role in this election? >> i think it plays a very big role. i especially think, you know, the mississippi race is really far below the surface but i think these comment have catapulted it to one of the main
12:30 pm
issues in this race. and i think that, you know, there is sort of this impression when she was appointed this spring that she might not be quite ready for primetime. and i think that it's kind of a down ballot position. i think the fact that she keeps making these gaffes and kind of stands behind them and she seems surprised that people are offended. in her apology on tuesday, she kept saying there's no ill will there. i think the idea she hasn't grasped that this is a big issue and driving people, i think those fears about her not being ready for primetime are confirmed. >> do you think with trump there making those two stops on monday, do you think that he will be able to help her? >> i think so. you know, we saw him come in in octob october in the county, which was
12:31 pm
a strong base of support for senator chris mcdaniel, who she was running against in the election. and he really turned out people, he got people energized. each easily won desoto county. i think they're hoping for the same result. i think they're really optimist being he can reenergize her base. >> the election is tuesday. we'll be watching. larrison campbell, thank you. >> more on our breaking news today, roger stone is about to respond as one of his associates talks with robert mueller about a plea deal. that happens moments from now. stay with me. if you're waiting patiently for a liver transplant, it could cost you your life.
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right now there is a record number of children, migrant children, in u.s. custody. the department of health and human services says the latest number has now reached 14,000 unaccompanied children. that shatters the highest number from just two months ago. ed lavandera is with me now. ed, 14,000. why is that number so high? >> well, there are a number of factors playing into all of this, but by all accounts it really seems to be because of major policy changes that the trump administration has been implementing even dating back to the summer when the family separation issue exploded into such a major and controversial issue across the country. but essentially what cnn reporting is showing over the
12:37 pm
last few months is that fewer children are being released and many more children are being held for longer periods of time. a lot of that is based, we're told, because of heavier scrutiny that the trump administration is implementing in adults coming forward to take care of these children. one of those policy changes includes arresting undocumented parents that are coming forward to claim these children. that has obviously sent shock waves and fear. this comes amid great controversy and criticism from many of the trump administration's critics who say that the trump administration is essentially using these children and putting them through horrific circumstances to try to punish them and send this message to migrants across central america to not come to the united states. there's real questions as to whether or not this strategy is really working. we are told that the rate of the number of children coming to this country as unaccompanied
12:38 pm
minors has held steady over the course of the last four years. so that includes the last two years of the baum administratob administration and first two years of the trump administration. there's serious questions of whether the strategy of sending this message to migrants is working. >> do you know how they're being cared for? >> as we've seen, there's about a hundred shelters in 17 states across the country, but this is really putting a strain on the system. just think about this, as you mentioned off the top, we hit a record of more than 12,000 children back in september. in just two short months we've set another record here, now over 14,000. there have been tent cities in the far west texas town that are now being expanded to care and house these children as well. so there's real questions as to just how much this system is willing or is able to handle this strain because there
12:39 pm
doesn't appear to be any changes in the way the trump administration is handling this situation to this point and nobody anticipating any changes going forward. the anticipation is the numbers will increase if they keep coming. >> ef laud lavandera, thank you. >> young, rich and loyal, what we've learned about a candidate to become president trump's next chief of staff. the consequences underwater can escalate quickly. the next thing i know, she swam off with the camera. it's like, hey, thats mine! i want to keep doing what i love. that's the retirement plan. with my annuity i know there's a guarantee. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at
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all right. up kn you know the deal, scarf down the thanksgiving turkey, and get up the morning and hit the black
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friday sales. it's not just the morning, it's after dinner. the latter is becoming more popular. online sales hit $4 billion by 5 p.m. yesterday. is the black friday tradition fading to black? our finance expert is with me. monica, is this just all about the amazon effect? >> well, it's really more about deals. i wouldn't say black friday is fading. i would say it is spreading and infecting most of november and december. people are looking for deals. depending how old you are, it really impacts how and when you shop. right after turkey, you're more likely to see gen-z folks skipping out and going to the mall and about 40% of millennials versus just 23% of
12:45 pm
baby boomers, who are probably more likely to be at home on turkey day. >> i like sales spreading the love. i'm not mad at that, into november and december. i know there are people who are turned off by the consumerism that is black friday and this post all these photos and meems for buy nothing in protest. do you think the enthusiasm will last? >> americans look stuff. people are really interested in deal. 65% of a lot of this black friday activity is driven by the consumer interest in actually finding a deal. the other big reason why people shot at this time of year is tradition. you're together for the holidays. going out and shopping together is something that people do year after year. it becomes something they want to do with their family. you also see that with younger folks. the millennial cite the social aspect as one of the big reasons they go out.
12:46 pm
>> heading into the weekend, what are those big ticket items you get more bang for your buck buying right now? >> well, electronics, that seems to be the big thing and in particular smartphones. the expectation is that smartphone sales will be up by 30% over this holiday weekend. again, people are really trained to shop for sales so the biggest shopping day used to be black friday, now they're expecting it to be the saturday before christmas and those sales are expected to eclipse what we're seeing today. >> last-minute shopping, i know nothing about that. monica mehta, thank you very much. >> happy thanksgiving. >> now that president trump has hinted he's considering staff changes in the white house, including possibly replacing his chief of staff, a top contender is emerging. he is 36, wealthy and the current chief of staff for vice
12:47 pm
president mike pence. insiders say he's young, he is ambitious but from what we're hearing not everybody loves him. jeremy diamond has the back story on ayers. how did he go in the president's circle? >> it is amazing how he's raising up so quickly at the age of 36. the president's private dining room just off the oval office is where my sources tell me the president came to know and like nick ayers and is considering him to replace general john kelly. he has been sitting down with mike pence once a week, usually alone, sometimes with a cabinet official. but for the last year plus now, since nick ayers and john kelly came into the white house as chief of staff and president and
12:48 pm
vice president, that is when nick ayers had this once a week facetime with the president in a private dining room just off the oval office and it game a study in contrast, a little more acumen, which is advisers tell him he needs in his staff. >> it sounds like he's the kind of guy who knows how to manage up well. but there are other staffers at the white house who are none too thrilled about him. can you tell me why? >> part of it his allies will say are jealousy. beyond that he has amassed at 36 $12 million. that is rare in politics for someone at that age to have made
12:49 pm
that much money and it's drawn a lot of criticism. but nick ayers has drawn a top detractor in the presidential wing and that is kellyanne conway. sources it will me and my colleague, elizabeth landers, who i worked on this story with, that nick ayers sought to fire kellyanne conway from that gubernatorial reelection campaign and that's where the bad blood stems from. when nick ayers was being considered to come in as the president's chief of staff last year, sources tell us that kellyanne conway tried to thwart to support that. the vice president's press secretary also disputed that, saying that nick ayers and kellyanne conway are close friends. brooke? >> jeremy diamond, thanks for the reporting. coming up next, breaking
12:50 pm
news. roger stone has just responded to the news one of his associates is in talks with robert mueller about a plea deal. we'll have that for you. also, the trump administration releasing a major report on climate change today, warning of these dire consequences. hear the specific consequences. but first, we just want to take a moment on this friday afternoon to honor one of the sears top ten cnn heroes, a computer programmer from nigeria helping to fill the gender gap when it comes to tech. her crusade has taken her to one of the city's poorest slums. >> when i went for the first time, i was so surprised to see the living condition of human beings. most girls are in a vicious cycle of poverty. many are not thinking of education. they plan for the future. i believe girls should be given opportunities. what can we teach?
12:51 pm
what you can't see, you can't aspire to. they need to be shown another life. >> how incredible is that? all these cnn heroes. her nonprofit has helped more than 400 disadvantaged girls learn skills to transform their lives. please, go to right now to vote for her or any of your favorite top ten cnn heroes. share the love event, we've shown just how far love can go. (grandma vo) over one hundred national parks protected. (mom vo) more than fifty thousand animals rescued. (old man vo) nearly two million meals delivered.
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beyond fast. long-time trump adviser, roger stone, has just responded to the news that his associate, jerome coursey, is in plea talks with special counsel, robert mueller. jerome coursey, who also knows president trump, would not comment further to cnn about the talks, but his role in this investigation largely revolves around the possibility he may have served as an intermediary between stone and wikileaks ahead of the 2016 election when wikileaks published those stolen e-mails that were damaging to hillary clinton's campaign. so here is roger stone from moments ago. >> i'm unaware of any plea bargaining. i have no idea what this is about, other than to say that the assertion that jerry coursey
12:57 pm
knew in advance that john podesta's e-mails had been obtained and would be published would be news to me, because he never told me anything of the kind. and he never obviously passed on any such documents. but let's take coursey's own quotes. he told nbc news, my crime is that i didn't tell them what they wanted to hear. they won't believe it, but this was the most frightening experience of my lifetime. i'm being punished for trying to cooperate in a game i was set to lose. i can't win this game. i was trying to tell them the truth, but they are not interested. that sums it up so this idea that jerry corsi could implicate me, there's absolutely no evidence whatsoever. >> former federal prosecutor. and we talked before about that paper statement. now we hear him, textbook again? >> yeah, it's textbook. there's no gentle way to say this. roger stone is a habitual,
12:58 pm
admitted liar. roger stone just quoted jerry corsi. i'll quote roger stone. he told jeffrey toobin that his personal motto -- roger stone's personal motto is admit nothing, deny everything, launch counter attack. that's what we see him doing here. this is the way people go after cooperating witnesses when they're afraid. i've seen this dance a thousand times. before things go bad, corsi, stone, hand-in-hand, plotting, working with wikileaks. as soon as stone sees the writing on the wall, it's a tack corsi claimed the prosecutors are leaning on him. >> to underscore, if people are just tuning in, this jerome corsi is not a household name. roger stone has become one. it's like the hawks who have been circling roger stone. what kind of information could corsi give the mueller team that could lead them on a path toward roger? >> so stone in all the sort of assorted personalities around
12:59 pm
him are central to the link between wikileaks, publishing the e-mails and the campaign. and stone has made all sorts of noise about who is doing it, was it corsi, they're all pointing at each other. if corsi cooperates and comes in, he should be able to tell mueller exactly who the line of communication was between wikileaks and the trump campaign. and we already know the back end. we already know stone was communicating directly with steve bannon. stone lied, denied it until the texts came out showing stone was in communication with bannon. so if corsi cooperates and does it right and he's backed up by documents, he should be able to draw that link between wikileaks and the campaign. >> and, again, the quote from roger stone to jeff toobin ten years ago -- remind us again. >> it was admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack. i think we see that playing out here. >> you've been fantastic for hanging out with us. thank you so much. good to see you. and thank you for being with
1:00 pm
me. hope you've had a wonderful thanksgiving, and hope you have lovely, safe long weekends. thanks for being with us here at cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. keep it right here. jim sciutto is in for jake tapper. "the lead" starts right now. could president trump be exchanging his chief of staff this black friday? "the lead" starts right now. west wing clashes, tweets, and could it be capped off with another firing? breaking today. another controversial figure possibly ready to flip and help robert mueller investigate the trump campaign. who he is and what he could know about the russians. plus, throwing shade. the man who chronicled the obama years in pictures just keeps on trolling trump with a photo contrast every f