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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  November 24, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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to get a winner. >> in the end, mickelson earning $9 million in prize money. not bad for a day's work and something perhaps priceless. mega bragging rights. somehow i smell a revenge. a u.s. government report on climate contains dire warnings. >> it is frighting and screams serious action has to be taken right now. >> environmental ls al gore says the president may try to hide the truth but his own scientists and experts have made it as stark and clear as possible. another controversial figure possibly ready to flip and help robert mueller investigate the trump campaign. >> this idea that he could implicate me, there's no
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evidence. >> stone's evidence is deny everything, launch counter attack. >> he could have a missing leak between wikileakses and the trump campaign. well, good morning. thank you so much for getting up with us here at 8:00 on a saturday. so president trump is spend long holiday weekend at his estate in south florida. he's grappling with the reality that democrats are soon going to be in control of the house of representativives. >> calling on congress to strike a bipartisan deal on border security. >> democrats have set their own agenda though. looking into the president's fine ap financial ties to the kingdom. devastating effects of climate change.
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warning of extreme economic consequences if global warming is not addressed. >> we're monitoring the tense situation in paris this morning as protesters clash with police. this is the second weekend of of demonstrations over rising fuel prices. we're live in paris in just a moment. >> we want to begin just this week of climate change. americans faced the coldest than thanks governing in history. >> they actually looked at the long term, right? >> and they're talking about the short-term problems we're already starting to see but t the-term effects of decades and hundreds of years from now. they broke it down by region. i think that helps you
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understand what your biggest impacts will be. takeb for example out west. we all hear about the fires in california and other states. california known for its fire season and it's no long arseason. day can now take place any month out of the year and what do you do to fix this down the road? another thing for areas of the southern u.s., things like hurricanes, tornados, flooding events that may be more frequent or to an extreme level. every single area of this map has the -- is expected to have extreme temperature swing increase as well. this also applies to cold snaps, like the one the northeast experienced around thanks governing. those are expected to become more frequent in the next several years and decades after them. while this report breaks down
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the united states' impact, this is on a global scale. this is the map of global temperature rise and you can see how it's gone up exponentially since the industrial rev lugsz. here's all the bad things that are going to happen. it also tries to come up with solutions to these problems, especially because the three biggest industries that will be impactred agriculture, real state and the health care industry. flooding events are expepgted to increase. so an akadia planning commissions was created to address that. wild fires in the west, they've started to develop adappitation stratd aenls. -- i would say use of prairie strips is expected to help reduce crop loss. in this particular report they talk about two crops specifically.
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in the midwest less than 75% of corn ears could be expected and could lose 75% of the soybean yields in the future. >> thank you very much for that report. >> for more on the analysis, we want to bring in director of the earth system science center and distinguished professor. how climate change denial is destroying our politics and driving us crazy. professor man, i should say. you have heard this report. for people sitting at home and wondering what does this really mean to me, can you break it down for snem >> in fact we don't have to use our manlinations because we saw this play out over the last several mingtss. the unprecedented wild fires, floods, droughts, heat waves.
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the super storms. the impacts of climate change are no longer subtle. we're seeing them play out in our newspaper headlines. in this latest report simply documents in a robust manner what we're already seeing. the effects of climate change are upon us. we're already see thing danger posed by unchecked climate change. >> is the right government? right president? right technological advances? what is the solution here? >> it's all of the above. i wish there were a magic bullet but we really have to focus, as individuals on two different things. we have to make changes in our lifestyle that we're aim able to. there are lots of things we can do that reduce our carbon emissions. they save us money. riding a bicycle when we ece.
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more energy efficient vehicles and appliances. all these things that save us money and help reduce our carbon foot print but that same time we need inceptives at the highest level in our economy. we need politicians who will be willing to do what's best for us rather than what's best for powerful special interests that they too often advocate for. by passing a bill in congress, putting in places legislation that will put a price on carbon n sentivize the shift that's already underway. we just need to accelerate the transition. >> you know this report from scientists in the trump administration essentially contradicts what president trump says about climate change.
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the fires that he saw hasn't changed his mind. >> i'm not sure there's anything ib can say to him. there's a famous saying. it's very diffcancult to get a man to understand him when his salary depends on him not understanding it. he's appointed fossil fuel lobbyists and climate change deniers to the highest level in his c cabinet. his policies have sought to dismantle the obama administration administration and other past democratic and republican administrations. we need work around donald trump. we'rall redsy mang progress. we may nget the policies we nee but we're seeing enough action at the state and local level and what our businesses are doing
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that year on the path to meet our obligations under the paris treaty. in a couple years maybe we can elect a president willing to help us in this transition. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> perhaps the biggest impediment to inict aing any kind of law will be president trump plp he has openly questioned whether it's real. >> the united states will withdraw from the paris climate accord. i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> i don't think it's a hoax. i think there's probably difference but i don't know that it's man made. i don't want to give trillions and trillions and trillions.
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i don't want to lose millions of jobs. i don't want to be at a disadvantage. >> i want great climate. >> so there is the science of climate change and then the politics. co author of "shattered" and senior political correspondent for the hill. why is it the president, despite all the scientific evidence and this latest report that specifically looks at impact on americans, why does he continue to maintain he doesn't believe it? >> because his interests aren't aligned with it. he's pro coal, antiall these policies that oobama has put in place. he has rolled back a lot of policies in the obama administration. it doesn't serve a lot of people that have elected him.
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despite the fact anath rer port came out last year at this time and said the same thing. he has seen that hurricanes, the super storms, the fires have all happened under his watch and he keeps pretendi it's not real. >> we've seen progressive democrats push to make climae change a policy. >> your already seeing people like alexandria cortez is saying it's one thing to say it's importedant and another to it's a priority. i think other progressives are saying we have proof this needs to be a priority, going into twept 20. and you're signing candidates,
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potential 2020 candidates talking more about it and you'll see people like michael bloomberg. and bernie sanders burn came out and talked about it. >> of covers this report was mandated by congress and the trump administration had to release it. but do you think releasing it on a black friday -- it seems they really weren't wanting many people to pay attention. >> people aren't really focussed on their televisions, on reports 23ri78 government agencies and they tried to pree. that. they didn't want coming out to december. and give more fuel for the tenure and so many of the people in congress. so i think this is done intentionally.
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you can tell by the white house response they think this was an exaggerated thing. these were the extreme cases. 23r >> amy parnz, thank you very much. good to see you. >> i want tatake you to paris right now. they haven't always been embraced and we're seeing a big bruntd of what is coming from the protesters there. you see the people on the street. we understand at one point someone estimated this yellow vest protest, protesting rising fuel costs and another tax increase on diesel is coming. they say there were about fiechb,000 people in the street. bittermann is with us.
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he can see over his shoulder some of these protests. jim, i just saw you with a gas mask on. are you expeer yngs any of the effects of what's happening on the street below you? >> i certainly eam. i have to apologize a little for my appearance because we just got huge blast of tear gas up here. in any case lets me show you what's going on in the streets below. ical basically you see the yellow vested protesters that have been here since about 9:00 paris time. and they've been basically building these barricades the police are breaking up the barricades and coming back and rebuilding them elsewhere. they were told they could not protest on the shaunz leswra and
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as a consequence, the demonstrators gist encouraged them -- and so all fran did say in an area near the iefl tower. one of the problems for the government is just a bunch of people angry about fuel prices and then people angry. it president macr oshs n's approval rating has dropped to 25%. and as a consequence, it's very easy for them to get a yellow vest which all french motorists are supposed to have in their
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cars. and take their yellow vest and become part of this movement. >> we're getting word marie lepen is rejecting acuswragszs she fuelled today's violence. what do you know about these protesters? there's no one person organizing it that you know off that government can speak to but what do we know about the people coming out here. we're hearing that blast again. we've seen cars on fire. we see the water canons going off. jim was being effected by the tear gas. surely this has grown into something they did not expect. >> reporter: kpaktsly. i think while the interior minister said they were planning for this, i was here this morning and at about 9:00 this morning the demonstrators started to infiltrate the avenue
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and the police were nowhere to be seen and as a consequence they were able to take over the champs elysees. that was a little bit off a fib as far as the government's concerned. but in any case the protesters expect to continue this afternoon and the thing about mureleben, the interior minister blame said her for this. because shes a couple of days ago she didn't ntsds why the government was forbidding people to protest on the champs-elys eshs e sshs. and the government said from the very beginning they did not want people here. this is a terrible thing for the image off france. only two weeks ago that the world's leaders were gathered
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wheer president macron and they paraded up the avenue. >> take good care of yourself there. and style come. more trouble looms for president trump after an associate says he is negotiating a plea deal with special counsel robert mueller's office. and an american missionary's last words to his family. how he hoped to spread the word of jesus christ to a remote tribe, even though he feared for his own life. i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org. - [narrator] meet shark's newest robot vacuum. it powerfully cleans from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces
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there are new developments in the russia investigation. it roger stone associate in plea talks with mueller's team. in regards to his relationship with with wikileaks founder
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roger stone. he expects to be indicted for giving false information to the special counsel or one oof the other grand jury. joining me to discuss this is criminal defense attorney. good to see you. >> thank you. >> i want you to listen first and foremost to trump's ally, roger stone. >> this idea that jerry coursey could implicate me, there's no evidence that would show i know source or contect or any macked emails. >> and i'm wunds wlrg you think he should sound so confident.
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>> i mean we all that's now been well publicized, that nicted he knew something was going on. he's also toelds tougter people he a a a direct channel toom feep i didn't know. the question are his statements now going to be found inkunlsistent with what he said before and cannot peepen him before and it perhaps obstruction of justice. >> he said he's the victroom ooi don't like that. and before i have jutalk about a purnlry trap, he's apparently saying at some point he told the truth or didn't.
5:25 am
how does that work? >> eve rr haurd lot about perjury traps. rrs what's critical is it has to be a statement about a muitterial fact. weeb heard examples. they asked if my tie was reds, ib i said burr he a for there to ever be anyivation. and as he said that he was. >> if you're not straight on the facts or trying to please the special counsel's office or cover for somebody like roger stone, there's the possibility you can make critical false statements and that's what they're seizing on and focussing
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all right.
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want to show you live pictures out of paris as we continue to follow the developments there. >> demonstrators are take thing to streets over rising fuel costs. police have been using water canons and tear gas. they have gath express frustration with president macr oon. and he's pushing incentives for electric vehicles. many take issue with moving towards environmentally friendly and this is all ooccurring on the champs-elysees. >> i know we see people in yellow vests and think they're police officers. they are not. the people in the yellow vests
5:32 am
are the protesters. it's called the yell vest protests because they're in paris everyone has a yellow vest in their car. something burning. looks like it may have been a vehicle at one point. tear gas has been used, water canons have been used to get everybody under some sofrt of control and that doesn't seem to be happening. let's talk about the gun debate. gun debate here america. nra verses the nation's doctors. medical journals suggested new ways to reduce gun violence, counseling them about gun safety.
5:33 am
the nra not so happy about that. they went to twitter and said basically someone needs to tell these doctors to stay in their lane so doctors decided to share photos showing damage the gun shots can do. these are graphic photos and they're hard to look at. but here we go. "i am a trauma surgeon. this is what it looks like. #stay in my lane. #this is my lane. and there were thousands off others doing the same thing. that picture isn't loading properly but it is a bloody scene of them treating a gun shot victim. and dr. brendan campbell who is
5:34 am
also a member of the nra. i appreciate both of you for being here. dr. campbell, you own guns. you must in some way feel caught in the middle here. what is your perspective as a gun owner? >> i'm not a member of the national rifle association but i ina gun owner. i'm hunter. it's not about being caught in the middle. it's about finding ways to find common ground. and to use a public health approach to try and make some meaningful progress on this issue. the one down side to thisser your lane and not 9. so it's very important that ewoo
5:35 am
work culaborately -- >> you've experienced it yourself. you were hit with a bullet i believe when you were staen. what would you like the sthie nra. >> well, good morning. i think that type of red rrk we heard too, me is a clear demonstration of how complex a health problem is. and to think they're not part of the solution is unacsebt ceptable and goes long with the false narrative. >> i think it's very clear when i talk to hundreds, if not thousand of gun other thanes, we have a lot more a common. wie do have that picture for you
5:36 am
and i think it's approp retoot show it now because when you were talking about how you are on the front lines and treating to gun shot wounds and emergency rhyme. is there a space for gun rights advocates and it it crack solutions together. or too inflamed? >> there's absolutely an opportunity. we see common purpose. and to make firearm owner hp saz safe as possible. firearm strategy team which i'm a part of just published 13 recommendations for how we can make the united states safer. and year not the first to do this. but the first group of own
5:37 am
physicians. background checks and providing federal research on this issue. we have to treat this the same way we're treating our patients. we identify what the best treatments are. whether it's a tumor or domdrama. what are the best sliegzs and we need implement them. >> was there a noemt he's talking do you is there ever a moment i you look and think i'm a doctor. i did not think these were part of the conversations i was go dining have to have as part of my career. >> this is a public health crisis we're face aing. we just saw the krds and fads put out a warning tew marecons we should throw out all our lettuce and that's because 32
5:38 am
individuals were infected and when you look at that same time period. 240 children shot, and 78 died. so we must have the same type of proportional response that mirrors the burden off disease we're facing. and i think us working together with other individuals is the only way year going to come up with saurnl elgz dr. campbell? >> well, i think dr. sakran is right ont. this is an issue we've known for a long time and hasn't got the same amount of attention that itserves. i think if we're going to make
5:39 am
meaningful progress, we're going to have to find ways to collaborate and work together. >> thank you both so much for making time for us today. >> thanks for having us this morning. >> absolutely. it details his desire to evachgallize the peemtal who end up killing him.
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we have new details this morning for you regarding a letter an american missionary wrote before he was killed on. a remote island. he give gask it to fisherman before leaving for the last
5:44 am
time. >> it ipeers he knew they were dangerous. "you might thing i'm crazy in all of this but i think it's worth tootoo declare jesus to these people. do not angry with them or me that -- >> wheer the details. >> this is one of the oldest and most isolated tribes in the world and authorities say they're response last week's killing of american john allen tow. this archive footage provides some oof the few existing images of the treeb living in complete isolation. chow illegally fads paid firgsman is -- and deliberately
5:45 am
disregarding an kpbed perimeter around the ooiltd island. the kpiks-year-old wreet i haulered my name is john and i love you and jesus loves you. he was then reportedly shot at by member of the tribe in his key just go chow's last entry in this yurnl read you might think i'm crazy but i think it's worth it to declare geezes to these people. god, i don't want to die. in 2006 the same tribe killed two poachers illegally fishing near the yare pia. >> they've made it very clear they do not want contact. someone swess they have noia how
5:46 am
or why. but had nothing but love for the people. if lrp they can do is wait to find out cnn, new york. turning us now mary oh, all nation as international hauteur. he says he was graces, sensitive, ambassador of jeess christ. >> we're very sorry for the lost you have suffer said. he obviously was a very remarkable person. and first of all i wantb to say here in our nations, we are so
5:47 am
greaves and shocked by this news and love john and are mourning his death and praying for his family, his friends and the people that he loved. on the north island. >> i know you're irn touch with his family. firm what made you think he'd go to thengts to get to the reswrikted island. since his day said, he found out about the north sentinel and since then he's developed a great last of them and spent the
5:48 am
last 10 years to reach out to them with the love of god. so even the major he chose, he chose to major in sports and spt. he got trains as an emt. . for what 12 well, that was exciting. linguistic. and as far as we know, he was very well prepared for this moment bp and before he left he sends his last news letter and was vavery aware that the indian government just skbiss a travel ban.
5:49 am
the indian juchlt issues travel ban and one of thosile e island >> did your organization in any way support or have advanced knowledge to do this. >> yes. so john dhou is a member a missionsary of oufr nations. to share the luchb of jesus christ with them and we knew he was going and you sent them. >> we knew he was very well prepared. when i met john because i had
5:50 am
talked to him for a couple of oyear businessfore i fiepally met pim friendship and i was so impressed. i was so impressed what a calm, consistent and humble young man he was. >> knowing the danger he was walking into, was there any conversation about making sure he didn't go alone? >> yes. yes. and there was several people who would have been happy to go with him. purt this is typical of john. i thing he did not want to endanger other people's lives. and so finally he went alone. but there were others willing to go with him. >> that is a very tale.
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>> thank you very much. all right. we have video to show you here. it is amazing. a home explosion rocked a small neighborhood in minnesota. this is the aftermath. we have the video of the moment it exploded. if you're waiting patiently for a liver transplant, it could cost you your life. it's time to get out of line with upmc. at upmc, living-donor transplants put you first. so you don't die waiting. upmc does more living-donor liver transplants than any other center in the nation. find out more and get out of line today.
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an 80-year-old man is in the hospital with critical injuries after a powerful explosion ripped his home to pieces. it happened friday in st. paul, minnesota. it damaged multiple homes and gildings. neighbors were shaken by the blast. >> i was just watching tv, playing video games and it was a loud explosion. like somebody came and kicked the house. >> next thing you know the whole house started shaking.
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i'm michael smerconish in philadelphia. we welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. as dust settles from the midterms what explains the diminishing role of the majority in america. and al frankten offering his thoughts since he steps down from the senate.


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