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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  November 30, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PST

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wanted lunch. >> thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. enjoy the weekend. "new day" starts now. he's a weak person and what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence. >> this thing is enormous. >> all of his indictments came from people who got to lie. where's the crime. >> and we will be very interested, and we have a lot more work to be done. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." it's friday, november 30th, 6:00 here in new york. the breaking news this morning the president is walking a political, diplomatic and
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political tightrope before our eyes this morning. and the mueller investigation clearly rattles him. individual one, trump emerges as a central subject of probe, and new connections are connecting him, his children and his long time attorney, michael cohen, he says he lied in order to protect the president and discussed the propo proposal with president trump and members of his family. is the president now tweeting that he knew about the deal. the president is in a terrible
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mood and nervous he may have trapped himself into perjury with the written questions. the special counsel appears to be focused on raurpboger stod wikileaks. vladimir putin had announced plans to sit down with president trump tomorrow but president trump cancelled that meeting. we do expect to hear from president trump in the next hour. let's begin with abby phillips with the latest. >> reporter: hi, alisyn. president trump landed here in argentina late last night. as we learn more about the
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special counsel's case, building a case on russia collusion in the 2016 election, president trump is clearly spooked and distracted by all of this. a source telling cnn he's in a terrible mood going into the consequenti consequential weekend of meetings. president trump calming on special counsel robert mueller's probe to end after michael cohen pleaded guilty to congress about a moscow project, and to be consistent with a political message. according to charging documents, cohen previously testified discussions about the moscow project ended before the 2016 iowa caucus, but cohen now says
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negotiations continued through that year. during that summer then-candidate trump and paul m manafort insisted he was not involved in any russian dealings. >> i have nothing to do with russia. i have nothing to do with russia. >> to be clear, mr. trump has no financial relationships with any russi russian oil atkpwaurbgz. >> we could make deals in russia very easily, but i just don't want to. >> cohen discussed the moscow tower project and briefed trump family members about the prospects.
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the president responding to cohen's cooperation with the special counsel by attacking his former long-time attorney and insisting the public was aware of the project. >> what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence. >> a former business associate of mr. trump's who was working with cohen tells cnn that one idea was to give vladimir putin the $50 million penthouse as a ha marketing employ. rudy guiliani said the president never heard of the idea and insists there was no contradiction of what was told to mueller and answers last week to written questions.
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even before president trump left this morning for his first meetings he was tweeting about the special counsel investigation defending his business dealings in the 2016 election and calling it all a witch hunt. this is happening as president trump is going into some of these meetings with world leaders this weekend and clearly it's on his mind, detracting him from what is happening him, and we will see if he gets any questions about all of this swirling around him, alisyn and john. >> abby, thank you so much. there's so much to talk about this morning. let's bring informer counsel, carry cordero, and joel lockhart and john avlon. let's start with the legality of all of this. let's say that all of this is true. let's say that president trump, then donald trump, was interested in building a trump power in negotiation and then it
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stretched into the campaign, and where is the legality? >> it's not something that would be a violation of u.s. law if he was negotiating those activities while he was a candidate. at the time he was a candidate, and there's a difference what he says publicly and what exposes him or his family members for criminal liability. the bigger legal issue is what he put in the answers to the writing, and what other trump organization leadership members put in their written or oral testimony -- >> if they lied, if they tried to fudge the timeline somehow then it gets illegal?
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>> we >> well, if they lied in their statement, in their oral testimony in front of congress or if they put provided written responses, which is what michael cohen did. he lied in his written answers, and it was not a misspeak or i forgot, or something that could be mithe false information provided. >> everything donald trump jr. told congress is on the line, and he is liable for every word he said. jared kushner on the line for everything he said to congress. everybody else who testified for hours on the line and the president on the line for what he said a couple weeks ago in his handwritten take-home exam. and he didn't seem to say they
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were in conflict. john avlon, to me there was something that happened just this morning. the president's tweet on this subject. the first thing he had to say this morning was this morning. i decide to run for president and continue to run my business, very legal and very cool, and talked about it on the campaign trail. lightly looked at doing a building somewhere in russia, and put up zero monies, and i call it a few good men defense. this is you are damn right i did. is he admitting that michael cohen was in negotiations with russian officials about am tower? >> it's one of the virtues of
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trump's dependance on twitter, you get the real time in effect. what is significant here, he's trying that you are damn right, i called the code red. the problem is not the duh lynn ration between he was a candidate and when he was president. at the heart is questions about why russia may have interfered in the election on his behalf, and also what leverage, if any, the russians may have had. remember, the only human being on earth not named trump, that trump has refused to criticize is vladimir putin. one of the questions we asked ourselves is why? why? we want to find the truth, follow the money. two, may not be the crime as much as the cover-up. >> follow the money leads us to greed, right?
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donald trump has a candidate wanted to do a deal in moscow. where it gets, i think, fishy, is that somehow people were lying about that idea. the president is now not lying about that, and he is saying, yeah, big deal, look at my twitter feed. yesterday on the white house lawn as he was heading off to argentina, he spelled out the timeline as far as he knows it. listen to this. >> very simple. we had a position to possibly do a deal, to build a building of some kind in miscellaneooscow. i decided not to do it, and the primary reasons -- there could have been other reasons but the primary reason was simple, i was focused on running for president, and there was a good chance that i wouldn't have won,
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and in which case i would have gotten back in the business. >> he didn't expect to win, we know that, so why should he cancel any of the business deals so he continued to do it. what is fishy is that somehow people around him were lying about the timeline. they say he wrapped up the deal before the campaign started if earnest. they instinctively knew for some reason to lie about it, and he just is telling you how it worked. >> he told you the truth yesterday but lied about it for a year and a half. >> did he? had he been on the record saying it wrapped up sooner? >> no, he talked about i have no interest in russia and have not done a deal in russia. he misled. maybe he did not lie. it reminds me of the great harrison ford scene when he is in the oval office with the president and he says, i barely know the guy, and harrison ford
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says, no, he's not a friend, he's a close friend. the story shows that it was not light. the big thing, and i think carrie was right, this is not terrible for trump but it's a political matter. if he is going to be removed from office it will be in the house and the senate, and it's unlikely that happens, and it's very politically difficult to sell to the public that i was running for president at the same time as i was cozying up to the russians to make money. that's one of those things that is very difficult for him politically, and may come to be the most important part of this as a political matter as opposed to a legal matter. >> one thing i would say, impeachment is a political matter. we know that. but there's zero indication to date that robert mueller is interested in the optics of
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this, and you have donald trump, this volcanic personality, and then robert mueller saying just the facts, methodically moving forward. we are getting the contours of a legal case and not a political case. >> alisyn and john, alisyn and john? here's why it matters he was lying at the time. it matters from the national security perspective. myself and others in the national security community were fiercely opposed to his candidacy because it appeared he was using the candidacy and would potentially use his position as president for personal enrichment and those actions he was taking and the positions he was taking towards russia appeared to be at risk of being influenced by his personal financial and business
3:14 am
interests. we are still in that position in his presidency where there's a serious question about what motivates his foreign policy and national security decisions and whether or not those decisions are influenced by intelligence information and advisers from government officials or whether those officials are influenced by other things that have a personal interest or financial interest nature. >> were those negotiations motivated by money? that's the question that is raised. >> he did not think he was going to win so what would it have mattered until he won? so everything he did then, he would say, was legit as a businessman -- >> very cool. >> -- and very cool. i am just speaking from -- i am channeling him. >> i will raise other legal issues, michael cohen told the
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courtroom yesterday he lied to congress to put his views and statements in line of what the president said publicly and out of loyalty, but did the president know that michael cohen was going to go in and lie or -- >> or coerce him to. >> yeah, that's very important. this is not just crossing the red line that donald trump set up for the mueller investigation, this is leaping beyond it, this is vaulting over it by miles. this puts this investigation all over the money, not just the special counsel investigation but a democratic congress, a democratic house, this just opens the door to look at financial dealings. we are talking about the speaking indictments with the russians, and the speaking plea agreement where they are talking about jerome corsi. this was robert mueller telling us what he is now looking at and that includes the president's children. >> yes. >> and that, to me, is new and
3:16 am
it is big. >> there's always been real questions about don junior was he gave testimony to congress, and was that unlisted number he called the father. and this is the children were very involved with the business, including some developments that may have dealt with russia, whether through russian money, and a close ally of cohen, and the family, so how did that russian money flow through and what contacts and the awareness the children have, and it's part of the jeopardy, and it's part of the problem the trump family may find themselves happen. when american banks are reluctant to loan to you, where did they get the money and what is the implication for the kids. the president loves his children, obviously. that's going to ratchet up the
3:17 am
pressure on the president and his feelings. >> it's not just this moscow deal. this opens up a whole other area and it goes to the financing, money laundering, and that goes to what sort of leverage did the russians have on the deal. >> we have a lot more to discuss including what is happening before our eyes. we will hear from him again in just a few minutes. will he answer questions. will he address this. from our reporting, one thing is clear, he has been knocked off balance here completely. the legal team did not see this coming, so what will the reaction be going forward on this. also, as robert mueller moved closer to wikileaks revelations. there's more after this.
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ensure. now up to 30 grams of protein for strength and energy! the president of the united states is in bough for the g20 summit. we will hear from the president in just a few minutes. how will he address this? we are back with john avlon and carrie lockhart.
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the acting attorney general was notified that this was about to happen beforehand, he was told of the michael cohen plea deal and he was told this was about to happen, and we know he was told and he didn't stop it. does that mean the fears of matt whitaker interfering with the mueller investigation, are they somewhat delayed this morning? >> i don't think so. there's a few reasons why. first of all that would be consistent with the special counsel's regulations. on one hand it cuts against the president's argue that the special counsel is some rogue entity going off into far corners, because that shows that even with matt whitaker in place with the acting attorney generals office, and the unprecedented way in which he stepped into that position that the special counsel is still
3:23 am
going forward with the appropriate procedures. the justice department has not been transparent with what whitaker's role is, and so i don't think it's 100% clear whether or not the special counsel is still going up through a chain of command through rod rosenstein to matt whitaker. also this plea agreement, if matt whitaker was notified of it but didn't have to approve it, it's not something that is so unusual in terms of an interpretation of the constitution or the law. i think the more significant decisions that could come to whitaker is like whether or not the special counsel could subpoena the president, and that's an unclear area of law and that's the type of thing that a attorney general's decision would be important. >> that's good to know. john, let's dive into our tape
3:24 am
library and i think it's time to go to the way back machine and talk about all the times that donald trump denied having any, any financial entanglements with russia. listen to this. >> you said you have no investments in russia, but duo any money to russia or russian institutions? >> no, i don't have any deals with russia. i had miss universe a couple years ago, and other than that, no. we could make deals in russia very easily but i don't want to because i think that would be a conflict. i have no loans in russia and i don't have any deals in russia. i had the miss universe pageant which i owned for quite a while and i had it in moscow a long time ago and other than that i have nothing to do with russia. >> the timeline has changed with michael cohen.
3:25 am
>> the game is fun with verb tense, i do not as of this second have a deal with russia, however i was working hard to make a deal -- >> yeah. this goes back to joe's former boss, you know, and the definition of -- that's the verb tenses example. the president, you know, at what point was he telling the truth and at what point was he lying? >> i think that's relevant and the timeline, i think, shows then might have been technically true. >> we know a lot of russians buy condos in cash particularly in his florida properties. was he referring to that? maybe. what volume, exactly. he says there are no outstanding loans. is that a technical assessment of russian money that may have
3:26 am
flown through his properties or not. the problem is the president's credibility is not high because of a litany of mistruths and half truths. he's not a candidate and putting on a great show and he has the responsibilities and real questions about his willingness to stand up and be tough on russia, because he has refused to do so. >> michael cohen feels like he had to lie to congress -- >> maybe he was directed. >> if you dissect the president's language, it was wildly misleading as is this statement which is a whopper from paul manafort who was the president's campaign chair. listen. >> to be clear mr. trump has no russian relationships with
3:27 am
russian oligarchs? >> that's our position. >> that was in july, that was at the time of the republican convention which followed a month when this deal fell apart, which it fell apart officially on the very day that the "washington post" reported the russian hack into the democratic e-mails, june 14th, 2016, the day of miraculously, the trump tower moscow deal fell through and the day it was reported. >> i think paul manafort is not a morning person. >> if there's one thing we can say definitively. >> if you believe that all of these things are coincidental, you really have a very active imagination. these things are all connected. one of the things that troubles me is the way they respond. i was watching yesterday and donald trump sounds like a crime
3:28 am
boss, people are rats, and people are week. jim acosta reported last night that a senior white house aide said to him that cohen is a rat and inmates hate rats. that's a senior government employee talking like, you know, mafia muscle. that really, you know, that sort of mentality should be really troubling to people. >> one last point on michael cohen, because president trump and rudy guiliani doing their best to bash cohen yesterday. but the mueller team would not have done it if they did not have supporting documentation. >> they would not have done the plea deal if they did not have documentation to support this deal. >> so many people involved in the case in the trump orbit has proven themselves to be liars at one time or another, and at this point i don't see how the special counsel's office could take the statements of somebody
3:29 am
unless they have other witnesses and lots of documents to back it up. in order for michael cohen to be able to proceed in this way and layout what he is now saying the truthful situation, that he would have to verify it through other documents, tapes, other witnesses and all sorts of other information. i would add quickly, and i think what joe is saying, which is that this assault on prosecutors and -- verbal assault is what i mean, on the prosecutors and attacking of the justice system, it's not something that should go unnoted and it has been a feature or a bug of the president's rhetoric throughout it. it's so significant. it's always describing himself as a law and order president and administration, but it's the exact opposite. they undermine the justice system and the rule of law when you are attacking prosecutors and trying to portray their activities as somehow damaging
3:30 am
people who are otherwise good people. >> thank you guys. stand by. there's a lot more to discuss this morning as we wait for the president to address this. a dramatic life or death moment. a sheriff's deputy captures his escape through the deadly camp fire. we will show that to you next. i like chillaxin'. the united explorer card makes things easy. traveling lighter. taking a shortcut. woooo! taking a breather. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com. i am not for just treating my symptoms... (ah-choo) i am for shortening colds when i'm sick. with zicam. zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds.
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and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. ingenious space- neat nest™ by fasaving design. so you can go from this... to this. farberware neat nest™. stacked & intact™ buenos aires. we have breaking news right now that could escalate tensions with russia at the g20 summit. cnn just learned that british investigators determined that russian president, vladimir putin, personally approved those nerve gas attacks that nearly killed that former russian spy and his daughter earlier this year. british officials warned allies that intelligent agencies risked killing thousands of people when
3:35 am
they smuggled that perfume body pao packed with that nerve agent. >> just when you thought there could not be more layers with the russian probe. the marshall and a team were delivering a warrant, and the s suspect surrendered without incident when they went to his home. they have arrested the gunman behind the shooting on thanksgiving day. he was arrested in a relative's house. the police mistakenly shot and killed a different man incorrectly and identifying him as the gunman. we have dramatic new video
3:36 am
of a deputy's narrow escape from the california's deadly afire, the one that is called the camp fire. he was looking for four missing nurses and he turned on his body camera when his car broke down and progressed on foot. he flipped the switch fearing it would capture the final moments of his life. this is stunning video. he was able to find the nurses. a bulldozer was able to bring them all to safety. >> what a selfless -- these are the people, the emergency responders that we rely on. >> it gives you a sense of what they are seeing and feeling during those incredible moments. now that michael cohen pleaded guilty about a moscow project, what other questions do lawmakers have for him? is this the beginning of michael cohen's revelations?
3:37 am
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a very interesting thing in
3:41 am
buenos aires. at this moment senior adviser to president, jared kushner, is giving an award to him. kushner was vital in negotiating the updated nafta deal. this is the ceremony you are watching right now, jared kushner and ivanka trump and the president is there as well, but you can't see him right now, and we don't expect the president to speak at this but we expect the president to speak in 20 minutes where we think he will take questions and obviously so many of the questions will focus on the breaking news, the swirling scent of scandal surrounding the white house now, that michael cohen, the president's former attorney pleaded guilty to a special charge from mueller,
3:42 am
lying to congress about business deals the trump organization was trying to negotiate with russia during the presidential campaign. joining us to talk about that is chris coons of delaware. it all comes together at once before our eyes here, senator. let me ask you, the president in a tweet this morning said yeah, i was a businessman and i was trying to do business while i was running for president for a while. there was a deal that was in the works with russia. we didn't decide to do it so it went away. what is the problem there? is there any legal problem there in your mind? >> john, first that makes it clear that now president trump was flat outlying as candidate trump when he said and tweeted repeatedly i have no business interests in russia. he did not say i just wrapped up a business deal and he didn't say just a few days ago i stopped communicating with the
3:43 am
kremlin and he said categorically i have no business with russia. that's not illegal but it says something about the character of then-candidate donald trump. but it's complicated and has legal consequences for individuals like michael cohen who came before committees of congress and submitted spoken and written testimony and then agreed to cooperate with mueller, and special counsel mueller charged him and he has plead guilty to additional lies to congress and that puts him in legal jeopardy. given that president trump has submitted written answers to questions and special counsel mueller, and he may have submitted answers that followed the same pattern as cohen. >> yeah, we don't know if he lied, and that's a huge deal if he did. and rudy guiliani said the
3:44 am
president's answers aligned with what michael cohen is now saying. i have no problem calling out lie when they are clear, and i think it's important to call a lie a lie, but if you parse the president's statements and put them up in terms of timing, when he said i have no deals with rush wrau a russia and he said that in july, and the deal fell apart in june, and if you parse what the president said about i have no deals in june, is that a lie? >> if that's the exact timeline then no. i think it would be a misleading statement but it would be true that if in july that's when he first made that statement. >> it appears to be, and we have pulled these things and the president's statements were i have no business dealings or deals, and up until that point -- that candidate should have told us for six months while he was running for president he was also trying to
3:45 am
secure a deal with russian government officials, and that's another story. do you believe that he crafted his russia policy? i am talking about from january of 2016 to june 2016, while he was a candidate for president because of financial interests? >> that's an important issue for the central intelligence committee and the judicial committee and the foreign committee to investigate further. what is striking is this is not a conversation with some shadowy business figure in russia, and this had direct negotiations with kremlin officials. >> we have to know whether or not then-candidate trump knew his people were negotiating with kremlin officials for financial gain.
3:46 am
this measure you have worked so hard to get passed in the senate is blocked and that's the bill that you worked on with republicans to protect robert mueller. why do you think there are republicans still blocking this? >> that's a great question, john. senator flake and i and senator booker went to the floor and asked for a live vote and we got a hearing and vote on it earlier this year, and it passed by a 14-7 bipartisan vote, and even grassley voted for it, and the majority leader blocked it in person saying there's no need for it and no imminent threat. president trump tweeted within the last day that the mueller investigation should be shut down and now that the person in charge of the u.s. department of justice is matt whitaker, not somebody confirmed by the united states senate immediately
3:47 am
following the forced resignation of jeff sessions, and i think there's more urgency than ever before to our passing this bill. >> matt whitaker did know about the plea deal for michael cohen and did not stand in his way as far as we know. does that alay some of your concerns for him? >> so far i have not seen evidence that matt whitaker is interfering with the investigation, but we would not know until after he made critical conditions that closed it or sharply narrowed it. >> the business of the nation goes on here even as the investigations continue. in one measure that might be before the senate this month, we don't know for sure, is the criminal justice reform that you worked so hard on and have a meeting on this today, we have heard there could be as many as 70 votes for it in the senate. are you convinced it will get to the floor for a vote and if not
3:48 am
why not? >> again, just like the special counsel protection bill, it's the leader, and i pray and i hope that it's the case, and this is a broad bipartisan bill, and it would provide significant lead to family members who have been there, and have it not get a vote in the last two weeks would be a real mistake. the majority leader has some republicans in his caucus that strongly oppose it, but the o r overwhelming majority support it.
3:49 am
>> senator from delaware, you have your work cut out for you in the next few weeks. thank you. john, we are about to look at live pictures there in that little box, and we understand the russian president, vladimir putin, just arrived here at the location, i believe that's the hayat in buenos aires. we do expect to hear from president trump at this location momentarily where we expect him to take some questions from the press about everything that is happening, from the g20 summit to the mueller investigation. we'll be right back. >> are you going to yell at me during the break? >> yes.
3:50 am
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it's a texas-sized upset as the cowboys put the nfl's hottest team, the saints, on ice. coy wire has more in our "bleacher report." how well am i selling this, coy? >> killing it. i love it. the saints won ten in a row behind the nfl's best defense. drew brees completed 24 of his 28 passes. including this touchdown to elliott. and then huge hits like this, surprisingly no penalty called here. they sacked drew brees twice and put this one on ice with the
3:55 am
interception with two minutes to go. the saints held to the lowest amount of yards in that years. a huge sec championship between number one alabama and number four georgia. and steph curry is making one little girl's holiday extra special. one little girl wrote to him saying all she wanted was a pair of shoes, and he wrote a handwritten note back, and not only did they get them to put the shoes under the girl's section, but he told her he would send her a special surprise. >> so surprised because he's such a busy person. i was not expecting anything like that. i was just expecting under
3:56 am
armour to see it, and not say anything and fix it. and then i was not exsphebpecti to say he would give me the curker curry 5s, and then the curry 6s. >> what a fantastic gesture. that is just rewarding her activism. >> good businessman and person. president trump expected to speak very soon answering questions about the new swirl of scandals surrounding this administration. stay with us.
3:57 am
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good morning, everybody. we have breaking news. in fact, it's a very busy morning here. welcome to your "new day." we just watched vladimir putin arrive in buenos aires, and we are also waiting for prime minister to go to a ceremony in buenos aires where he is expected to take questions. why is that important? because there are a lot of questions this morning about everything from what is happening on the international stage to what is happening here at home with the mueller probe. >> on your left vladimir putin arriving just moments ago. he will not meet with president trump. the president cancelled that meetin


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