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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 30, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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shaking is? >> it kind of sounds like a train is really close to the house and is running at full force towards the house. after you hear the sound, you start to feel the shake. i actually had just got out of the shower. it actually like dropped me to my knees. i couldn't stand anymore or try to get downstairs because of the shaking going on. so it's a very interesting feeling, and during when it's happening, you don't know how long it's going to happen. it feels like an eternity in the moment, but it was definitely quite a jolt. >> it's the jolt and then we've clocked 15 after shocks is what our meteorologist just told us. last question, i hear you're a teacher and as you just described, you were still at home. but i hear you talked to some of the other teacher friends. how are they doing? how are the kids doing in this classroom? >> yeah, it was a really
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traumatizing experience for the kids and for the teachers. you know, we train for this all the time. when you're in the moment, it's just -- it's tough to try to figure out what's the best -- what's the best thing to do. but i know that all the teachers that i've spoken to, they said that they are safe and their students are safe but they just had student tiles falling and part of their classroom walls that were starting to rip open. i know that situation you go through with your kids, nothing can everyone prepare you for what that's going to be like. >> no. it's like you run through these drills. i'm sure as a teacher, you don't want to show this to your classroom. are they getting all the kids
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home? >> kids at school were asked to go home. it seems like most of the kids have gone be back home safely at this time. >> okay. julie seibert, thank you for staying on the phone with me. you're rattled, as everyone is. we want to take a moment to show you the video of the moment this earthquake hit. you'll see first pictures inside of this courtroom, and then you'll see pictures from inside this one woman's home. >> oh, my god. >> it's okay, you're good.
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>> one woman i spoke with said she's lived in alaska for 37 years and never felt like this. >> this was a rather long earthquake. it looks like it puts it at a minute and a half. most earthquakes of this significance only last for 30 seconds. the longer you have that violent shaking, the more time it has to trigger some damage. we're now up to 16 aftershocks after the initial 7.0 quake. when you talk about the area that felt it, it actually spreads out pretty wide.
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we're talking as far away as 400 miles people felt some kind of shaking. this area is where people felt strong or severe shaking. again, that violent shaking in buildings, in homes, in other types of infrastructure that's really throughout many of those locations. again, we talked about it. here is a look. this is what we call the si seismograph. that's how we can gauge the scale here of terms of how long this actually took. again, we figure it took about a minute and a half give or take. the initial quake here being a 7.0, depth of about 40 kilometers. that's give or take about 25 miles. that may seem that it's very deep to you, but in terms of earthquake terms, it really isn't. anything 70 kilometers and less
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than that is considered a shallow earthquake. and the shallow ones tend to cause the more significant damage. it wasn't just folks that live in, say, downtown anchorage that felt some of that strong shaking. wasilla also felt that shaking. they put out pager colors. they've given a yellow pager for the estimated economic impacts. they take into account roadways that have significant damage. we've seen videos of sinkholes and ramps that have been damaged. it also takes into account the buildings and infrastructure that could be damaged by this. there's been 16 aftershocks with this particular earthquake. when you have an earthquake that's an initial magnitude of
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7, you could get one that's 6.0 or higher after a quake like this. the concern going forward for a lot of these people is really going to be those after shocks. >> they just had a 7.9 in january. why does this feel so much worse? >> it could be a couple of different factors. that one could have been significantly deeper, could have been farther away from the communities where these people live. the deeper an earthquake, the less likely -- i don't know where those specific people live in reference to that previous one. there's a lot of factors involved. this one was really close to downtown. you'd likely have a lot more people those typically will cause significant damage. this one lasted about a minute
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and a half and that's on the longer end of the scale. that will also cause more damage as well as. >> can you imagine 90 seconds as everything around you is rattling and you're ducking for cover and you don't know what's going to happen next. >> that was the most violent earthquake i have ever felt. it was absolutely terrifying. >> describe it moe. >> it shook like i had never felt anything shake before. and it just didn't stop. it kept going and it got louder and louder and things just fell everywhere, everything off my dresser, book cases, the kitchen covers. and your husband, is he stuck in traffic?
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how is he doing? >> he's on his way home from anchorage. they're routing everybody through the because the bridge has been damaged and then one of the bridge's in peter's quick there are sinkholes on the highway as well. >> so maybe a minute before you see your sweet husband come home. when we talk about the 7.0 magnitude quake, you say it's the most violent quake you felt if 3 plus decades. >> when i was on hold with you guys, we have two of them. things just start to rattle, maybe start to shake a little bit. you get a little scared because you don't know how big it's going to be. >> what does it sound like?
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>> um, like somebody is shaking everything in your house. literally, your house is just shaking. anything and everything is rattled. it's hard to describe. my piano moved half a foot away from the wall. organization, there's another aftershock right there. >> you just felt another one? >> yeah, i have a lan turn. it's organize. >> thank you for calling in. this is also affecting air trave travel,. >> >> here we go around. >> at the cafe, there was an
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earthquake here. >>. >> rene, i got to tell you, the woman on the other end saying it's a pretty cool cucumber. i don't know if i would have and they were on the ground trying to communicate with planes trying to land. >> we believe that audio is the first transmission from the moment when this earthquake was striking there in alaska and at the airport. we know in the moments after that the control tower had to be evacuated. we also know that operations at that airport, ted stevens anchorage international airport, came to a complete halt. at certain points flights that
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were bound for this airport, that were in the air, they are being diverted. i just got a text message from the faa, slight development as far as operations there. they say that the control power is however play now they are at 10-points there. obviously the key, u for they say they are suspending all their operations at this particular airport, simply because they want to do a torso miss ent and they have other infrastructure at the airport they want to make sure is safe for these flights before they
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resume operations fully. that's where things stand there as far as air travel in and out of alaska, but clearly good news that departures are hping but flights not being allowed to come in just yet. >> rene, thank you for keeping us posted as far as the air travel is concerned. coming up, we'll talk to someone who can't leave home. you're watching special coverage of the earthquake in alaska. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small
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[ screaming ] in-home security camera capturing another family there screaming as this earthquake, this 7.0 magnitude lasted 90 excruciating seconds as people were taking cover and sheltering in place. melissa is in anchorage. are you all right, first and foremost? >> yeah, we are all okay up here. >> okay, okay. good deal. it's my understanding you cannot leave your home because of this earthquake. can you tell me why? >> we just can't get out the gate closest to us because the bridge is shut down due to a
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sinkhole forming under -- i was told by the gate guards. >> so you're near a huge sinkhole so you're stuck for the time being. >> basically everything is grid lock gridlocked. best to stay home. >> how was it this morning? were you home alone? >> no, i was on my way to work in downtown alaska. it was getting robbed. all the cars around you had their hazards on. nobody knew what was going on. it was really scary. and then the aftershock came pretty quickly after that. i heard you guys report it was only about 90 seconds but it felt like five or six minutes. >> i bet it did.
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i bet it did. >> are you the southerner living in alaska who never felt an earthquake before? >> that's me, yup. >> that's you. as a fellow southerner, i have never felt one. can you help me understand what the heck it felt like. describe it for me. >> honestly, there's no way to describe it because you just are kind of in shock when the whole thing happened. for someone who never felt it, it took -- it felt like several minutes it took to register what was going on. as it all is happening very quickly, everyone is calling each other, making sure everyone's okay. people were getting out of their cars. >> and it's cold. it's snowy. i'm looking at pictures. snow, ice. were you slipping and sliding? >> yeah, it felt like my car was uncontrollably sliding left and
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right. i just didn't understand because it was going perfectly fine up until then and it felt like the ground was going to open up underneath you. lights were flashing, it was very dark. it was crazy. >> and the aftershock, we're up to counting 16, are they just blips compared to that initial earthquake? can you feel them? >> we can feel most of them. i felt the very first aftershock right as i crossed over the bridge that is now closed. and it felt like another earthquake. but we have felt several shakes just kind of sitting on the couches, keeping up with cnn. the aftershocks are terrifying because you don't know if they're going to be small or if there's going to be another big quake. >> melissa lohr, southerner in alaska experiencing her first
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ca quake. a sinkhole out at the gate where she lives. gavin, i want to get into her point about feeling those aftershocks. 7.0 magnitude, put that in perspective for us. >> it's pretty large. because it's pretty close to anchorage, about 40 kilometers deep and about 10 kilometers to the north. >> i think people in the anchorage area felt it so, so deeply is because it was so close to them in ways that maybe other earthquakes were not. how far out did people feel this? do you know? >> i don't know offle top of my head. probably -- it would have been
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felt over a broad area. >> and how many aftershocks do you have o to endure? >> there will be dozens over the coming days. the chances of it being 6 or above are somewhere in the area of 25% and an earthquake of about 3 and above if that are immediately beneath anchorage will probably be felt. >> not to totally geek out, but what causes an aftershock? can you explain? you have the first initial quake but what triggers each and every aftershock? >> aftershocks are still earthquakes. they're still an earthquake in their own right but they're just
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smaller events around that main shot so it's reorganized strength. er that all related to the same phenomenon. most of the jar shocks are going to -- >> it's a quake boundary. big earthquakes are fairly common in this region. we saw a mass of 9.2 earthquake in 1964. earthquakes around that size in this plate boundary -- >> there was word of a tsunami warning. at least that's been lifted. we haven't heard any reports as a result. gavin, thank you very much for
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the science of some of this. the president of the united states, who is in argentina, just tweeted this: "to the great people of alaska, you have been hit by a "big one." please follow the directions of the highly trained profls who are there to help you. your federal government will spare no expense. god bless you all. >> reports of damage are quite significant. stand by. (roger) being a good father
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in the wake of this 7.0 magnitude earthquake in the anchorage, alaska area, there has been one military base significantly impacted. ryan brown is our correspondent. what do you know? >> the base is just north of anchorage. we're being told it has been impacted by this earthquake. there's been some damage to some water lines. a full dam still being carried out. to the runway, i have spoken to some officials at the base. they say the missions at the base are ongoing. you have air force personnel who fly f-22 jets, help patrol the
12:31 pm
skies near the alaska/russia border. it's going on. a damage assessment is on going. and the governor of alaska has announced that this base will be the headquarters for the incident response center that the state is conducting with the commander of the national guard. this impacted to some extent the extent of that damage still being assessed by base personnel. >> got it. ryan, thank you. we'll stay in contact with you as they continue that assessment. as far as roads and bridges, nick wat, i was talking to one woman who was stuck outside her home. she lives in an apartment complex and maybe even on a base. so what's the status of the roads right now? >> well, brooke, we have heard about that sinkhole. we've also heard about a partial road collapse near the airport, we've heard of rock slides and roads closed i'm and as we've
12:32 pm
been reporting there are going to be and have continued to be aftershocks. all kids there are okay. we hear that the alaska pipeline so far, no damage confused alaska airline says there's no injuries to staff or guests as far as they're concerned. and the emergency rooms. >> and seconds feels like minutes. and to see the walls of your hou
12:33 pm
house. >> it's an exceptionally difficult situation to find yourself in. >> i spoke to a woman named gabby black. she was in ainge ridge this morning, breakfast and she was talking to me, describing what it was like. >> i've been in alaska my whole life and it was absolutelywe're looking around thinking it wouldn't mash and things start falling and so immediately i, you know, pushed everything that's under the counter out and went in there and all my co-workers were yelling "get
12:34 pm
under the table." there were people that weren't from alaska, if they didn't know what to do to get under the tables to be safe but i'm still shaking. can you probably hear it in my voice. i'm too scared it's going to happen again. but it was slully terrifying. >> owe and so how many people were around you and what was everyone else's reaction once it started? >> so people around me, there was probably about 15 customers in the restaurant, in the cafe. and i was when it happened, we
12:35 pm
look at each other and were look what could can and glass breaking and things shattering is when you just immediately dropped to your knees and try and pb and this evening the-- you're just hoping it will stop and hoping that everyone you love is okay and saying your prayers. like i said, we were just shouting out "get under the tables" in case anyone from out of state was unaware of what to do. >> so we have much more on this breaking news, this earthquake
12:36 pm
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we'll get you back to our earthquake coverage in alaska in just a moment. let's go to buenos aires where
12:41 pm
president trump and the saudi crown prince "exchanged pleasanttopleasanolic pleasantries." of course there's been a lot of debate about how world leaders should handle reactions with the crown prince in the wake of the murder of american journalist jamal khashoggi. the strategy seemed to be keep your distance. a couple of handshakes. no one seemed happier to see the crown prince than vad mr pladim putin. both men accused of humurdering
12:42 pm
journalists critical of their policies. wolf, just beginning with the smile and high five between these two, when you first saw that, what did you think? >> well, it was very different, brooke, from everyone else. they were very cool. they didn't necessarily walk away from the crown prince, didn't completely ignore him by any means, but there were no high fives, no major smiles along the line of what we saw with president putin and the saudi crown prince. they probably were happy to see each other and were having substantive conditions -- we'll see if anything develops. but it was pretty extraordinary to see that very warm, robust
12:43 pm
exchange between the saudi leader and the russian leader. >> the exchanges, the smiles and then you have president trump's pleasantries with the saudi crown prince. the fact that mbs is there at all, potential optics nightmare for any world leaders there. how are other world leaders handling this? >> they're trying to be distance, some more than others. they all, like president trump maintains be they have various degree degrees. but on the other hand, they're all very, very angry at the saudis for the murder of jamal khashoggi. that's being underscored here at this g-20 summit. we'll see how unfolds over the next few hours. there's going to be a major dinner later tonight, tomorrow and all sorts of other
12:44 pm
activities. we're anticipating president trump will have some sort of formal news conference when all is said and done here in buenos aires. but it's been an awkward moment to put it mildly. >> sources tell cnn that president trump is, quote unquote spooked and completely distracted. what happened with the plea deal with his former fixer michael cohen. they cancelled the meeting that was scheduled to happen with vladimir putin. is he being more transparent about this and why? >> he's insisting the reason he cancelled the meeting as he left joint base andrews outside of washington, d.c., within a half an hour he cancelled the meeting. he insists the sole reason was because of the russian aggression. hissen how t-- listen to how th
12:45 pm
president explained cancelling what was supposed to be a two-hour meeting with the russian leader. >> we're not happy about it. hopefully they'll be able to settle it out. we look forward to meeting wi with -- >> he said the sole reason for cancelling the meeting, what was going onhe learned his long-time lawyer and fixer michael cohen had entered into a plea agreement with robert mueller and was talking about all sorts of activities that the trump organization was having during the first half of 2016, trying to work out some sort of trump tower project in moscow. and so there's a lot of concern and the president clearly is worried about what's going on.
12:46 pm
you got a long-time aide like michael cohen who is fully cooperating with the special counsel. 70 hours, brooke, of conversation, 70 hours of q & a. the president is clearly upset about that and his aids are making it clear he's upset. he continues to insist there was nothing wrong, nothing encounter. trying to put his best foot forward on that point but clearly behind the scenes there's deep concern. >> wolf blitzer, live in argentina, we'll look for you in a special "situation room" at 5:00 eastern. more details about the damage and after.
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more now on the fallout of michael cohen's plea deal with special counsel robert mueller after cohen admits to lying to congress about how much he apprised candidate trump of the moscow trump tower project. with me, garrett graph, who wrote the book, "the threat matrix: inside the war on global terror." good to see you this friday. i know you and i were exchanging e-mails and you said the biggest news to come from headlines this week is cohen's plea. the fact that cohen has sat with mueller for 70 hours all together -- 7-0. he's revealing more than just this moscow/trump tower deal.
12:52 pm
what else do you think he's revealing? >> yeah. this is a great question. and it goes at one of the things a lot of people forget, which is just how much material bob mueller has gathered over the course of these 17 months. remember, all of those documents, all of the different physical cell phones that he gathered from michael cohen's law office during that raid earlier this spring. mueller has amassed this incredible amount of material from all sorts of people. and someone like michael cohen is able to come in and help explain what it all means. he's able to help piece together lots of documents, get inside the heads of the people who were in the room at various meetings. and remember, michael cohen has worked with donald trump for a decade. so this is someone who knows almost everything there is to know about how donald trump operates, who he operates with and, you know, the proverbial
12:53 pm
where the bodies are buried. >> mueller is also leaving, as you describe, these public bread crumbs in his filings that are perhaps signs of things to come. how do you mean? >> yeah. so, you know, bob mueller is using each of these court documents as an opportunity to push a lot of material into public view. and in those ten pages of michael cohen's plea agreement, he was able to cram in a lot of new information that transformed our understanding. some of it, it seems like the significance we might not yet know. one of the most relevant things that jumped out at me was that the trump tower/moscow project, according to michael cohen, appears to have died on june 14th, 2016. a very specific date and a specific conversation that bob mueller cites in the plea agreement. what mueller doesn't say in the plea agreement is that june
12:54 pm
14th, 2016, is the same date that the dnc hack becomes public for the first time. and remember, it's just about a week after that trump tower meeting with paul manafort, don jr., jared kushner and all of the russians who show up saying that they're there to help trump. so this is turning into a very consequential period of time in june 2016. and it doesn't seem like it's probably entirely a coincidence that trump tower/moscow died on the same day that the dnc hack was revealed if bob mueller is going out of his way in these court filings to make that argument. >> garrett graff, what a week it's been. >> amazing. >> and at least with these -- as you point out, these public court filings, just because matt whitaker is now this acting attorney general and everybody thought, well, what would that mean for the russia investigation and bob mueller, clearly he's going to get so
12:55 pm
much out there publicly that we will see the -- the public will be able to see what's developing. garrett graff, thank you. we will speak again, i'm sure. in the meantime, we have more on our breaking news out of alaska. new details about the damage and the aftermath from this major earthquake that hit the anchorage area right around 8:30 local time. quick break, we'll be right back. share the love event, we've shown just how far love can go. (grandma vo) over one hundred national parks protected. (mom vo) more than fifty thousand animals rescued. (old man vo) nearly two million meals delivered. (mom vo) over eighteen hundred wishes granted. (vo) that's one hundred and forty million dollars donated to charity by subaru and its retailers over eleven years. (girl) thank you. (boy) thank you. (old man) thank you. (granddaughter) thank you. there lots of people who are confused about which medicare plan is right for them. hey, that's me. i barely know where
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1:00 pm
widespread damage. my colleague, jake tapper, will pick it up from here. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. "the lead" starts right now. the white house complaining that bob mueller is the third wheel in president trump's relationship with president putin. "the lead" starts right now. shaken and spooked. the whitehouse admitting the president is rattled as he comes face-to-face with world leaders, including a couple he won't call out for murder. breaking news. a major earthquake hitting the u.s. roads and bridges out, aftershocks still going on, and a new look at the wreckage across alaska. and a putin-approved poisoning. the british now drawing a direct link to an attack on their soil