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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  November 30, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> and on top of putin ordering personally that assassination the officials are stunned by what day call the recklessness of car rrying around that much deadly poison. >> thanks. that it. up next, team trump blaming mueller for undermining the relationship with russia. what about the russians indicted for attacking. former campaign chairman could face new charges, possibly a retrail. the breaking news and a 7.0 earthquake. all of this in alaska. the after shocks still coming.
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below the surface anger and resentment. not brutal dictators. no anger at robert mueller. blaming the special council for hurting america's relationship with russia. saying in a statement the russian witch hunt which is openfully nearing an end is doing very well. it probably does undermine our relationship with russia. blaming mueller for undermining, not what indicted during the 2016 election. those 26 russians do include top military officials with direct ties to putin. even the republican chairman of the intelligence committee said today and i quote, we never
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dreamed we would find as coordinated, complicated focused efforts to use tools that allowed them to meddle any where. it is an incredible statement. sanders says it is mueller who has been uncovering the russians involved. robert mueller who is undermining the relationship. sanders first words calling the russia probe a hoax. the president is press secretary used it so often we barely hear them anymore. when we use them and you call it a hoax when russia attacked america it means you're siding with the russians. >> it because hoax. >> it's like a witch hunt. this is a hoax. the witch hunt continues.
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the witch hunt as i call it. >> 26 russians indicted is no hoax. those words make the president's claim that he suddenly cancelled his planned meeting due to russian aggression really hard to stomach. here is the president earlier today. >> ukraine. >> we don't like what happened. we are not happy about it. on the basis of what took place with respect to the ships and the sailors. >> that was the sole reason that he cancelled the meeting. it doesn't add up to being any part of the region.
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>> we haven't terminated that meeting. >> okay. four days after russia seized the ships the meeting was on right? not going to terminate it. trump said that and boarded air force one for the meeting, right? less than an hour later he tweeted based on the fact that the ships and sailors have not been returned i have decided it would be best for all parties concerned to cancel my previously scheduled meeting with putin. what happened in that hour when he said it was beginning ahead and it didn't. the president saw how breaking news but playing out. cohen pleaded guilty and saying trump knew about the lie. wall to wall coverage. we know he was distracted and jeff is out front where the president is meeting with world leaders. jeff, no meeting but how has the
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president's time been going? >> good evening. there will be no official trump/putin meeting. there will not be a dissection of that where the president's meeting with him is dissected for days and days. it is widely criticized. we do expect there to be more conversations on the sidelines if you will. they are at a dinner this evening. a likely venue for them to speak. the president was largely proceeding in the backgrounds at some point. he did not want this moment of course where putin this video was pretty incredible. he was essentially high fiving the saudi crown prince as they were walking. you can see president trump there walking in. he of course did not want that image of him high fiving this t saudi crown prince. he did have a brief conversation
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with him. what is really hanging over all of this is what the president is making clear. it is all about the russia investigation. there has always been a russia headline. it has never stopped him from wanting to meet with putin before. he can do more than one thing at a time. he needs to have the important meetings. now the optics of this -- or any meeting at the same time it clearly this investigation is in a very new place. it is not something the white house wanted. the president at that dinner this evening. he will be here again tomorrow perhaps the biggest meeting is tomorrow evening at dinner with him. the headlines certainly in the
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president's head and surgeoncer hanging over this summit here. >> out front now let's go to david davi david, you heard the white house. they blame mueller. he is partly ily responsible fo undermining the relationship with russia. >> so far this has been a mess for the white house. i don't know why they would go after bob mueller when they are out a summit in the midst of many of the world's biggest leaders. it is wildly off base. i think anybody who has followed this knows it for two years plus. donald trump has been very very sympathetic. towards putin. he calls him out on anything.
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what we know is if it's a crisis in the mueller investigation it is because donald trump's most trusted lawyer friend for years and years has now admitted he has been lying about the relationship between trump and the russians. that's what has caused the real crisis-like atmosphere. just in one relationship after another i think everyone on this program is accustomed to presidents going into the summits very well prepared, a clear sense of what they are try to go get out of it, knowing what they have had and this one is just a hash. you never know what he is going to do, keep changing his mind. what it does, the reputation he distracted his whole team seems distracted. it just hurts american diplomacy. i can't tell you how damaging this is over time. >> what do you think?
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you hear the republican chairman investigating this on the senate side, right? respected investigation. never dreamed they would find what russia did. you have 26 indictments by bob mueller of russian attacking america's election system. yet the white house today says that mueller is undermining the relationship with russia. what does putin think when he hears that? >> well, for putin it is a huge win. what he is talking about is a huge thing in terms of the president looking weak. i think putin has judged this is not a strong world leader that he has to be concerned about. i think it's reflected in russia's actions not only in the annexation and continuing war waging in the eastern part of that country. i think putinh has taken his measure and said i think i can
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keep pushing forward. i don't think there will be consequences for me because i think i have stuff over him is what putin is saying. the west is more divided and more weak. that gives putin more room to manuma n maneuver. >> your take? >> absolutely. it is, you know, just an attempt for them to create some fictitious narrative and what's going on in the world. just reported that trump has it cancelled because he couldn't be seen being with putin. i would put a little wrinkle on that. i think that trump may not want to see putin at this stage. if we believe that mueller has
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concrete evidence that not only did the russians have trump compromised and his family compromised and then of course there's the election hacking issue and what they did in the election we may see a president who does not want to face a person who knows what he has over him. and so i'm not surprised. if i were trump i would not want to see putin at this stage. if i were the president of the united states with a backbone to defe defend american interests then i of course would want to see putin. i am pretty convinced that trump's narrative is not only about ukraine being that it is completely false but i'm now convinced after the news of yesterday that trump, you know, trump knows what putin flows. putin knows what mueller knows. this is a scary time for the
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united states. >> you heard two people talking about that sort of, you know, casual growth style high five swing handle greeting as trump was receiving in the backgrounds. you know, two dictators that have back murders on foreign soil in the past 12 months. a strong explicitly siding with. we saw this greeting today. what do you make of that? >> well, you know, it's exactly -- you're exactly right. you two dictators, you know, who see eye to eye and saying hey, bro, well done. if we had a normal president that president would go into both of those guys and lay down the law and say your behavior is completely against international law and ourselves and our allies will make you pay the price for it. you, saudi arabia, you will not go around murdering journalists.
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that would be what you would have if you had a normal president. what we have is donald trump. if donald trump goes behind closed doors with either of those guys then who is to say he is not going to come out with his tail between his legs giving, you know, putin a real boost? my assessment is it is probably not a bad thing. at the very least they don't get a meeting with the american president. >> and the irony is that he is glad about the ships being seized because as we said it has given him a reason to cancel the meeting. thank you all very much. next robert mueller, big developments on this front tonight. breaking news on charges coming and top republican ton senate intelligence committee. a stunning warning. >> if you lie to us we are going to go after you. apparently there are people on that list.
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weighing new charges against manafort and considering a retrial on resulted in hung jury. it is after agreeing to cooperate. that revelation one of several game changing. perez is out front. these new charges, what could they entail? >> one of the possibilities is that paul manafort could end up getting charged to things he has not yet been charged with. he spent more than nine days behind closed doors with the mueller prosecutors spending dozens and dozens of hours talking to them. if he admitted to new crimes they were in the aware of or he hasn't been charged with that is one ocf the things they are looking at. >> and he would have thought i'm
4:19 pm
koofer rating. they say now you can? >> right. you blown up -- they have blown up the cooperation agreement. they said he repeatedly lied during those times. one of the other things they were looking at is the possibility of retrying him on some of the charges that the jury was not able to reach a verdict on back in earlier in the summer when he was on trial in virginia. there were charges that the jury could not reach a verdict on. they are holding out the possibility as they go through the procedure here of putting more charges on manafort and putting him back on trial. he is facing decades in prison as a result of being found guilty and pleading guilty here in washington d.c. the judge has said march 5th, 2019 as his sentencing date. between now and then we are expecting a big fight to break
4:20 pm
out in court between the prosecutors and the manafort team. remember, his team says he didn't lie and they now are going to seek everyday from the prosecutors. they want evidence of what lies exactly these are. they say they will try to maybe get some -- put some of the fbi people to explain what happened behind closed doors during a public hearing before the judge. so we are expecting a lot more fireworks in the manafort case between now and march when he is finally sentenced. >> all right. thank you very much. of course hugely significant coming as it does, as michael cohen is saying he lied about the president's russian business ties to protect the president with the president's knowledge. we me now and former council to the u.s. assistant. wrour here with me. government says possible new
4:21 pm
charges, retrial. >> yes. >> how significant? >> it is very significant for manafort. you'll remember as he was staying sever were open counts. they weren't convicted or acquitted. the government said we promise we won't retry you on this. that plea agreement has been broken according to the government. now it is open season. he can be charged with those counts and charged with obstruction or false statements. and the defendant is going to try to keep that agreement in place to avoid more charges. >> and this is a huge week. it was a week where possibly everything changed or became mump more clear. on tuesday we got that draft charging document here at cnn for roger stone ally.
4:22 pm
yesterday the refr lugs that he lied about trump's business deals, particularly trump tower and trump knew about it. how bad a week was it? >> it was a pretty bad week or pretty significant week. i tend to think that the exposure of the line, in particular the michael cohen agreement where now it is revealed that he lied in his written testimony to congress and their investigation, i think it is props the most if we could pick out the most significant in terms of what it means for potential exposure in the trump organization or close to the president or the president himself in terms of responses that he or others may have provided either to the intelligence committees or to the special council. now if their stories had been aligned and those stories were not correct and now michael cohen is providing is correct
4:23 pm
and accurate information there's a lot of people who might be worried about potential exposure to false statement charges. >> as part of his guilty plea he said i made these to be consistent with individual ones and out of loyalty to individual one. how significant is it that he is individual one? when you think about it from a nonlegal per specific ifr individual one is the center. it is this is all coming to you. is that accurate? >> it seems to be accurate. it is frankly shocking. this is the way in which you refer to people who are on the peripheral or some how involved in a crime that somebody else has committed. for that person to be the president of the united states and we saw it also back in august when plimichael cohen sa that the payments he made to
4:24 pm
daniels and the others were made, you know, essentially at the president's direction. so we see the president showing up in this shadowy way with not pursuit to doj but the president is close to others criminal activity. >> and this is what he said. identi out of control, super vision please. what do you make? he is obviously trying to say the implication is make trump look bad. make trump look like right before he sees him. did he have a point? >> it is really disappointing. as a former justice department
4:25 pm
lawyer it is so disappointing to see him sort of accuse the prosecutors of this type of activity. first of all on the timing front i don't believe that the special council is timing their criminal process according to dip llomat trips. i think the more relevant factor re release had to do perhaps with the timing of the president submitting his written responses. >> right. >> i don't think that there's any fact chul basis to think that the special council is trying to play games in terms of the timing and embarrassing the president or anything like that. as far as super vision comment, that, it's hard to not think of that as a very public appeal to the acting attorney general which really plays into all of the really serious concerns that lawyers of all across the political spectrum across the
4:26 pm
legal scholarship, everybody is concerned about the improper attempted influence ton the justice department. if he is trying to insinuate that now is the time for him to step up and play some kind of real to tamp down the special council's ninvestigation that i so out of bounds. >> thank you, both of you. devel developments tonight. he appears to have made a deal with democrats. plus thousands of people scrambling for safety. a massive earthquake striking alaska. homes, businesses as you can see shaking. the danger not over with aftershocks tonight.
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we have made referrals to the special prosecutor. if you like to us we'll go after you. >> meet referrals after michael cohen is admitting he lied to the senate and house intelligence committee to protect the president. up now richard bloomenthal. thank you for being with me. multiple referrals to mueller. do you think it is the tip of the iceberg here? >> i think that there are a lot of people who potentially congress and it begins with donald trump jr. i sat through the proceedings and viewed his statements at the time not only his statements but the way he said it.
4:31 pm
i feel more strongly now that there were very very serious questions at his ak cur si. i believe he has to as well as the intelligence. >> obviously they are reporteding he had pursued a deal. but he said he was quote peripherally aware. >> do you believe he is in legal parol? >> i believe he is in legal parol. but also what he said about whether he told his father about the trump tower meeting in 2016 with russian agents, what he and
4:32 pm
his father did together on that air force one statement, what he said about the block phone numbers on calls. >> right. >> there are a lot of statements that he made that struck me at the time. >> all right. so you think that and made ve ferls to the special prosecutor. it's not referral it's referrals. you're saying you think multiple people lied. >> and also came before our committee. i'm certain that being the systematic prosecutor is looking because he was intimately involved. >> in the trump tower interaction? >> yes. he was the guy in moscow on the ground who was producing michael
4:33 pm
cohen. he dweets i get it. when i see our country going in the wrong direction against all odds i decided to run for president and decided to run my business very legal and very cool. >> it was only a letter of intent. it didn't move forward. >> the project didn't happen but not for lack of trying and not for lack of desire. the point here is that he lied to the american people there
4:34 pm
continued to be. it may never have happened that the project in moscow went forward but the russians knew that he was lying to the american people. they enabled him and now they have that leverage over him. so he is compromised. they put out the statement. what's your response? >> my response is one more piece of evidence why matt -- so quickly before we go to the washington post today they went through every single thing they
4:35 pm
could find. he will follow regulations when it comes to the russia probe and special council. is it possible you have made a mistake? >> these questions, and they are good questions are exactly the kind of questions that have to resolve confirmation process. we have sued matt whitaker. there has been no hearings, no opportunity for us to answer those kinds of questions or about his financial dealings on private entities. so i am never one to say i'm infallible but the advice and consent process required by the constitution has never been used. >> thank you very much.
4:36 pm
out front next president trump's lavish praise for putin. >> he has done a very brilliant job in terms of what he represents and who he is representing. >> was that all? trying to make a buck. plus terrifying moments. this is alaska, the aftershocks stimhappening at -- still happening at this hour. with my hepatitis c,
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admits lying about a proposed trump tower deal there to try to help out his boss. it wasn't just a proposed trump tower project. trump tried for decades to do business in russia. how so? tom is out front. >> for decades as the trump empire expanded. >> it is one of the philippines tallest building. >> it is almost 2,000 acres fronts on the north sea. >> devouring real estate around the globe. >> we are creating knot earn
4:41 pm
baja as the new cabo. >> russians goon courting him before the end of the soviet empire with this trick that they went on. donald is very susceptible to people that flatter him. >> it was a heavy time. a we'lly hungry business class was rising in russia, just the kieb kinds of people that might invest in a large luxury hotel across the street from the kremlin. >> trump was going where the buyers might be found. so it was natural for him to go to russia when it was immerging and billionaires were being almost on a regular basis. >> by the time he brought his miss universe pageant in 2013 he was lavishing praise on putin.
4:42 pm
>> he has done a brilliant job in terms of what he represents and who he is representing. if you look at what he has done with syria, look at so many of the different things he has really eaten our president's lunch. let's not kid ourself. >> through it all trump persistently tried to make a deal for a marquee trump property in moscow. in 2015 he proposed putting the tallest building in the world there, the spa named after his daughter ivanka. >> he tried again and again to do deals there. >> the deals all fell apart and yell his long-time fixer is telling a federal judge deep into the 2016 campaign as trump turned his previous claims about putin. >> i do have a relationship and i can tell you he is very interested in what we are doing here today. >> upside down. >> i have nothing to do with putin. i have never spoken to him. i don't know anything about him other than he will respect me.
4:43 pm
>> even then his former lawyer says trump was trying to find some kind of an angle to get that never fulfilled russian deal. >> all right. thank you very much. obviously the history here so important. a long time that trump was working there. a major earthquake striking ak achl alaska. thousands left in the dark. temperatures well below freezing, plus -- >> there it is. >> that moment, impeachment fever began in this country. (burke) parking splat. and we covered it. talk to farmers.
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♪ ♪♪ i'm 85 and i wanna lifego home ♪savannah ♪ [ding] [boxing bell ding] [applause] powerful after 2k79s shocks rever ber rating for hundredsover miles. roads destroyed when the quake struck around 8:30 a.m. local time. officials warning of devastating damage throughout the state. they don't know the extent of it right now. we are out front with what we know. >> an earthquake. >> earth shattering terror for ne nearly a minute and a half as
4:48 pm
the anchorage day was starting. >> oh, my gosh. >> the 7.0 quake and dozen of aftershocks felt for thousands of miles. home security cameras caught the confusion. that was for humans and their pets. outright fear for me. >> thank you lord that i was just getting ready to take my babies to school. >> some kids already at school. >> do not leave. >> some diverd under their desk thankful to be alive. at the anchorage airport fed explane on final approach the landing aborted, alarm in the controllers voice.
4:49 pm
>> fed ex 49. >> sidney was in a layover. she went under the airport bench and the power went out. >> i was definitely on edge. i wanted to duck and hide when it hammed. >> holy smokes. >> a little more than crumbles. >> there has been extensive damage to roads. it is winter, cold, dark. we are not sure what that power situation is. we are worried about breaks in gas lines. >> you are lucky. >> sarah palin's home appears ransacked. she tweeted family is in tact, house what might be most shocking at the moment is there are no reports of anyone being killed. some reports of injuries. alaska is in an earthquake zone and has been hit with several
4:50 pm
7.0s and higher. never this close to a population center. the biggest issue may be that anchorage, the big city, is cut off from the rest of the state because of the roads. all of their goods come in through anchorage by sea or plane. this could be a major problem going forward. >> thank you very much, miguel. obviously, as they continue to have aftershocks, that is a very serious concern. kristen is on the phone with me right now. she was in palmer, alaska, at her home when the earthquake struck. that's about 50 miles from anchorage, of course, by the epicenter. kristen, thank you for being with me. we're glad you're okay. we're glad that you're able to be on the phone and be able to talk. i mean, what happened here? you were in the middle of one of the most powerful earthquakes to hit alaska. >> yeah. it was absolutely terrifying. absolutely terrifying. it started shaking, and then the power went out. being at 8:30 in the morning it started here, it was completely
4:51 pm
pitch black. fumbled for my phone, and it just kept shaking and shaking. everything came off the dressers. everything came off the bookcases. photos are all on the ground. we lost all our glassware in the kitchen. just everything is everywhere. we've been cleaning up glass all day. we're physically fine. there's not much damage to our house. we have one crack in a wall, but other than that, we are just all fine. >> it must have been so terrifying. we're looking at some of the video we have, the pictures. that courtroom in anchorage where the violent shaking lasted for over a minute, i can't imagine how long that felt to you. it must have felt so much longer than that. what did you do during the actual shaking, as it was hitting? >> i was laying in bed watching cnn. i grabbed my dog. i grabbed my phone. i tried to get ahold of my husband, who works in anchorage. he text marylanded me, and i wa text him.
4:52 pm
i ran to the other end of my house to find my son, who was sleeping, and he was okay. i called my parents, who live in new york, to let them know that we were okay. then they kind of contacted other siblings. i contacted my kids that live out of state to let them know. this was all while it was shaking. you're absolutely terrified. you want to let everyone know you're okay, then we keep having aftershock after aftershock. >> our thoughts are with you. the aftershocks are scary. you never know exactly what will happen. we're thinking of you during that. kristen, thank you so much. next, impeachment fever. it started with bill clinton, and it's gotten worse and worse. fareed zakaria with a special report, coming up next. stock ans with lower expense ratios than comparable vanguard funds. and we're now offering zero expense ratio index funds. that's value you'll only find at fidelity. ♪ one thing leads another
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saving you hundreds of dollars a year. and ask how you get xfinity mobile included with your internet. plus, get $200 back when you when you buy a new smartphone. xfinity mobile. it's simple. easy. awesome. click, call or visit a store today. impeachment. it's only happened three times in american history, but it is a word that recently has been thrown around quite often. a new documentary from fareed zakaria looks at the history of presidential impeachments in this country. take a look. >> all my life, i've wanted to be involved with people. >> reporter: in 1978, a bright eyed, 32-year-old bill clinton was running for governor of arkansas. >> i've tried to bring out the best of people through politics, and i've been really happy doing it. >> reporter: he and his wife hillary were also investing in
4:57 pm
real estate. a nice little batch of land in the ozark scored whitewater. that plot of land on the white river, a real estate deal that ended up losing money, would change the course of history. >> are you a subject or a target? >> mrs. clinton, did they read you your rights? >> reporter: decades later, t - >> the wyahitewater controversy >> reporter: -- whitewater became a massive, spiraling investigation. >> mr. starr? >> reporter: it led prosecutors to a sex scandal. >> the ayes have it. >> there it is. >> william jefferson clinton is impeached. >> reporter: that became the second presidential impeachment in presidential history. how on earth did that little corner of arkansas -- >> i hereby deliver these articles of impeachment. >> reporter: -- explode into a constitutional showdown?
4:58 pm
>> it is incredible when you think about it. out front now, fareed, the documentary is "presidents under fire." in your documentary, you said after clinton, impeachment went from being something you only use in moments of constitutional crisis to something used as everyday partisan battles. you start with a failed land deal 20 years before, and you end up with sex acts in the oval office. that got them what they wanted, to do what they wanted. he says it is a horrible development for the american people. you call it impeachment fever. we saw it with george w. bush. we saw it with barack obama. we are seeing it now with donald trump. >> we're absolutely seeing it. when george w. bush left office, 1/3 of america wanted to impeach him. when barack obama left office, 1/3 of america wanted to impeach him. when donald trump entered office, on the first day, 1/3 of the american public wanted to impeach him. so we've gone from, you know -- after andrew johnson, this is lincoln's successor, and it was
4:59 pm
a bad impeachment. generally regarded as a wrongful impeachment. for 100 years, nobody ever broached the issue of impeachment because it was seen as having been tarnished. after nixon, it was seen as having worked. still, 1973 all the way to the 1990s, you had -- >> now, it's like a way for the side to lost to get a redo, is what it seems like. >> exactly. the people who call for the impeachment for hillary clinton was before she was elected. you raise an important point. the clinton impeachment happened at the start of this new hyperpartisan america. it was the fox news. it was the beginning of all those websites, like breitbart. >> right. >> it was this take no prisoners politics. impeachment becomes not the nuclear option but the new norm normal. >> fareed, thank you very much.
5:00 pm
obviously, i think as you used it to say, deeply disturbing developments. the history here is so crucial. don't miss the special report, "presidents under fire: the history of impeachment." the documentary is sunday night at 9:00. thank you for joining us. anderson starts now. good evening. we begin tonight with breaking news in the russia investigation. it is a cnn exclusive and could be big indeed. the question is how big. the story concerns michael cohen, president trump, and a potentially impeachment offense. that big. cnn's evan perez, gloria, and pamela brown did the reporting. gloria, explain what you're hearing, what you learned. >> we're reporting that michael cohen, who is now a star witness for robert mueller, used to be the president's fixer, was under the impression early on, right after the sort of stormy daniels saga, that if he stayed on message and continued to prote