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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 3, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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was her suggestion to come over at 6:00 in the morning and just see what happens. >> see the love amongst that family. we go now to washington, d.c., for special coverage of the state funeral of president george h.w. bush. ♪ right now, you're looking at live pictures out of joint base andrews, where hundreds of u.s. service members, they are already gathered. they're awaiting, they're waiting to pay their respects to the former president of the united states, george h.w. bush. we want to welcome you to our special cnn coverage. o i'm wolf blitzer along with my colleague jake tapper.
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today begins the first official day of mourning for the 41st president of the united states. here at the u.s. capitol, former president george h.w. bush will lie in state after the first service remembering his life and service to the nation. >> in just minutes, we expect special air mission 41, that's the plane carrying the late president and his family from houston, to land at joint base andrews, right outside of washington, d.c., where that crowd has gathered. from there, a motorcade will take them all to the capitol, where in the next hour, the processional into the capitol rotunda will begin, for the service featuring remembrances of the former president from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, speaker of the house paul ryan, and vice president mike pence. wolf, this is just the beginning of a week-long celebration of president bush's remarkable life. >> and it truly was remarkable. he passed away at the age of 94, but he did so much during all of those years. before he became president of
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the united states, certainly after he became president of the united states. and the nation will be paying tribute to a truly remarkable man. our special correspondent, jamie gangel is here with me along with cnn's john king. jamie, let's walk through what we anticipate happening, once this special plane, this presidential aircraft lands at joint base andrews. there will be a motorcade up here where we are to capitol hill. >> so what we know is half the bush family is on the plane with former president bush, his sons, former president george w. bush and family, and neil bush and family, and a lot of his staff and his very best friend, james baker. but waiting here at andrews air force base in addition to the honor guard and the ceremony we have, we're going to see the rest of his family. they're gong to greet him. there will be a ceremony here and we're going to have a change in honorary palbelbearers. in houston, the honorary
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pallbearers, and president bush picked them himself, they were his secret service detail. here in washington, there will be new honorary pallbearers. they will be the captains and commanding officers, including the present one, sean bailey, of his carrier, the "uss george h.w. bush." you will still see secret service with him in the motorcade. they will be right behind the hearse. they will stay with him until he is interred. the car you will see in the motorcade is his normal follow-up car. and they will be on duty. and last, we will probably see his service dog, sully h.w. bush. you know, we all saw that just incredibly poignant photo, mission completed, of sully sitting in front of his casket last night. he is returning to washington and he will actually continue his service at walter reed. >> and we'll be hearing from the leadership of the u.s. congress,
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including the vice president of the united states, who is the president of the senate. >> a reminder, number one, of the tradition and the protocol. it's been 12 years since we've buried an american president, since gerald r. ford. and also a reminder, we think of george h.w. bush as president of the united states and as vice president of the united states and many other things, because his political career started as a member of the house of representatives. so he's coming back to the house, if you will. as vice president, he was vice president of the senate, and ku during the reagan years, there were many battles in his role as vice president and president of the senate. nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell were in the senate, but paul ryan and mike pence, the vice president now who was a member of the house before becoming indiana governor, they weren't here back in those days. but nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell do have memories of the end of the reagan presidency and the bush presidency, as well. it will be interesting on their reflections. >> and what's so interesting is the praise, the celebration of
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this president is coming from democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives. >> and again, to the point that it was a different day, the democrats controlled the house. and by a decent majority in those days. so president bush had to do business with the democrats. so, bipartisanship is a lost art in washington. it is one of the things being discussed now, is there any way to get back there. and a key moment for this president, donald trump, as the democrats are about to take charge of the house again. will we see lessons of the bush presidency or lessons of any other presidency? but as you remember, just to think back, i mean, the americans with disabilities act, a signature civil rights achievement in this country that you see on that corner sidewalk behind us, even on the speaker's roster now, there's an elevator to bring a wheelchair up to the speaker's roster from the house of representatives. that is a bipartisan remarkable achievement of president george h.w bush. >> and we'll be seeing and hearing a lot from his family, as well.
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>> absolutely. so his family really wants this to be a celebration. excuse me. there's a motorcycle going in the background. his family, his grandchildren are actually going to be on cnn a lot. they're doing a lot of interviews. they want their grandfather honored. his cabinet is going to be here. when the motorcade pulse up at the capitol, dan quayle, his vice president, will be standing there with the members of his cabinet to receive the casket and to lead it up into the capitol. >> we're only minutes away from the presidential aircraft arriving at joint base andrews, right outside of washington, d.c., where the casket of the 41st president of the united states will be greeted by many members of the bush family and a special honor guard. much more of our special coverage right after this.
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we're back with our special coverage of the state funeral of former president george herbert walker bush. at any moment, the presidential aircraft, which has been designated special air mission 41, will land at joint base andrews right outside of d.c., after taking off from houston this morning. cnn's senior white house correspondent, jeff zeleny, is at joint base andrews right now. jeff, tell us what you see from where you are. >> reporter: friends of the late president have arrived here, as well as 114 crew members of the "uss george h.w. bush." they are over here right to my right. they have lined up in formation. they are going to be here to welcome the former naval aviator. of course, george h.w. bush who served as a very young man. looking at the ranks of these young men and women, jake, so
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young, their faces, of course, were not alive during the administration and time of the bush presidency, but they are here to pay their respects. you can also see behind me, perhaps, this presidential hearse. a hearse with the presidential seal on it, sitting with american flags, as well. the -- there is going to be a 21-gun salute here. and there's also going to be "hail to the chief," of course, as well as "my country 'tis of three." but jake, i can see family members there. and jeb bush will be here greeting his father. i spoke with him earlier today. he talked to me about his conversation with president trump on saturday. he said it was a gracious conversation. jake? >> all right. jeff zeleny at joint base andrews, where we expect president bush's family to arrive any moment now, with his coffin. my panel is here with me. tim, let me start with you. president george h.w. bush was really a creature of washington, d.c., even though he was from, you know, from connecticut and
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houston, texas, and he'd been to a number of events like this. >> well, he famously said when he was vice president, they die, i fly. well, he was a man who understood -- first of all, he loved dignity. i don't think he loved pomp and circumstance. but he loved dignity. he observed ritual. and he knew the performance of these moments. it would fill me with patriotism and they were viewed by him as unifying moments. but he liked when the flag came out. he liked when members of the military stood there tall and saluted. but he never did it because it was his power. he did it because it was a rallying of the spirit, the american spirit. so to the extent that he is watching, and after all, he did plan this funeral, i think he
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would be proud to see the service men and women on the ship named after him, there to receive the coffin, as he arrives for his final journey to washington, d.c.. >> and even though we know that he did not vote for president trump, it is very bush-like that he would want president trump to be there, even though it was not a great relationship between him and the bush family in general, he was very much about reaching out. he reached out to former president bill clinton, the man who defeated him, and they became very, very close. >> it's a very genteel move to reach your hand out, if you will, even from the beyond, to say that some things transcend partnership, inviting president trump down to the funeral. but i do have to say, there's an important point to be made that typically, historically, when a president is laid to rest, the current president who's in attendance would speak, not just show up. so there's a sense in which donald trump is both being
12:15 pm
invited in and also kept at a respectful distance that other presidents in the past weren't kept so far away. >> in the sense that he's not eulogizing him at the national cathedral. >> that would be the normal historical pattern for a current president, if he's in the room, he should speak. >> and mary kate, you worked with him, with george h.w. bush. what was he like emotionally behind the scenes? because he was criticized when he was a president for seeming out of touch, for not being emotional enough, as a president, especially compared to bill clinton. what was he like as a boss. >> well, anyone who knows him knows that he's very easily tears up, and you can see it that his son, neil, is the same way in a lot of ways. and he was very self-aware of that. so one of the first meetings we had with him as president, he told us, don't give me speeches that are through the roof emotional, that you could have given to president reagan. you've got to rein them in for me, especially if i'm going to dover, delaware, to meet the
12:16 pm
remains of soldier coming back from overseas, anything like that, he would tell us, take it down a notch. there was a series of specioech when he went to kuwait to the front lines, and that's what he said, what are you trying to do, kill me? keep it in check. after he left office, he was much better about showing his emotion, i think he felt it wasn't presidential if he got choked up. and he was much better about showing his sense of humor after he left office. i remember him saying, they didn't elect me to be a stand-up comic. but after he left office, he let go a little more. >> everyone, stick around. we're continuing to follow the final journey of president george herbert walker bush to the capital. we'll take a quick break. stay with us. this isn't just any moving day.
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all right. you're looking at live pictures. seconds from now, the presidential aircraft. what's designated as special air mission 41 will land right at joint base andrews outside of washington, d.c. the nation's capitol. a place where former president george h.w. bush has left a remarkable legacy as a former president, a member of congress combat pilot among so many other accomplishments, including director of the central intelligence agency. this plane, jamie and john, the plane is about to land. it's, obviously, like air force one, but it's been designated
12:22 pm
joint -- special air mission 41 for this special, special moment in american history. >> so, one of the things that a reliable source, president bush himself told me was, when they first asked him to do his funeral plans, he really didn't want to have anything to do with it. and then they said it was his duty to do it, and he jumped in and he -- he would be the first to say, he micromanaged it and he planned all of this. but i will tell you, you're going to see a reunion here, all of his children are going to be together. this is a big family. we have five children, i believe 17 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren. so this is the first time since he passed that they will all be together. and here he lands. >> it will be an emotional time, certainly this week, john, as the plane is about to touch down at joint base andrews. there you see it landing right now. it will be emotional, but it
12:23 pm
will also be a celebration. >> and the bush family has made clear about that. if you watched, i saw you over the weekend, interviewing some of the grandchildren, talking about how he lived such a full and remarkable life that, yes, it's a sad moment, yes, it's a solemn moment, but the family wants it to be a celebration of the great and remarkable life, to them, beginning with the role as father and grandfather and patriarch of a remarkable family. but also for a career in politics that has just a mind blowing resume when you think of all the things that george h.w. bush did and accomplished in his life, whether it's cia director, ambassador and the like, this plane came into commission during the push presidencbush p. and we all know what a powerful symbol of the united states that began under this very international president tells you something. >> we'll have extensive live coverage of the ceremony at joint base andrews and all of the activities a s that motorcae
12:24 pm
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you're looking at live footage of special air mission 41. that's the plane carrying the casket of former president george h.w. bush, as well as some of his family members. the plane has just landed at
12:29 pm
joint base andrews, right outside of washington, d.c., as the nation begins the official process of mourning the life and legacy of the 41st president. cnn's jeff zeleny is at joint base andrews, where the plane just touched down. and jeff, my understanding is that neil bush and george w. bush, former president george w. bush are on the plane and that other members of the family are on the tarmac. >> jake, that is correct. i can see standing here, watching the plane is former florida governor jeb bush and marvin bush, as well. they and their families and really dozens of former bush campaign staffers from the white house residence to the west wing to the staff of air force one, to the u.s. secret service, standing here in formation, watching as special air mission 41 makes a final turn here. and for president george w. bush, this is his first time aboard this airplane in nearly a decade, of course, since leaving washington. but as you see this, the special
12:30 pm
air mission 41 make a final turn here, jake, i can tell you, it's a crisp but rather warm december day. a clear blue day for flying. and everyone has their iphones out, from every family member i can see to other staffers, watching what is about to happen here. you see that presidential hearse sitting there, but the casket is going to be unloaded and then there will be a ceremony here, complete with "hail to the chief." jake? >> all right. jeff zeleny at joint base andrews, as the plane lands. and kate anderson brower, so this is the first time the five bush children will be together since their father died. jeb, marvin and doro are on the tarmac, i believe. neil and george w. bush on the plane. there are five children, 12 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren. former president bush or george h.w. bush hated the term "dynasty," hated it, but that's
12:31 pm
a dynasty. >> he also hated the term "legacy." he didn't like it used around him, pause it conotes some sense of entitlement. george h.w. bush and barbara bush, the longest presidential marriage in history. they met when they were teenagers in a dance in greenwich, connecticut. and he said she was the most beautiful creature she had ever laid eyes on and the only man she had ever kissed and her children about threw up when she said that. the residence staff adored the bushes. he would grill hamburgers on the south lawn for them. they were a loving, wonderful family to work for and they treated everyone the same, from
12:32 pm
statesmen to maids. >> i heard that from a member of the obama white house just yesterday, about how every president is liked, every president is loved by the white house staff, but the bushes, i mean, they would -- this white house staff would line up to see them again. >> exactly. and it's so fitting that secret service agents were part of the, you know, helping to bring the casket back in houston. this is a tradition that i believe he started and it carried on to his son, the white house that i covered, george w. bush, that during christmas, they would stay in. they would go to camp david or the white house. and there was one reason for that, because they wanted to have as many secret service agents home with their families, not working, to protect them, as possible. that just speaks to the thought process that goes in to people around them and what takes to protect and help and aid a president who leads the country. >> i think it's the way he grew
12:33 pm
up, to which much is given, much is expected. and i think that the kindness and consideration, not only to the white house staff, but to everybody who stepped into the oval office, to his political opponents, the letter he wrote to bill clinton after bill clinton beat him for the presidency, is something now we think of when we think of, when we think of george w. bush. when we think of that h.w. bush and we think of that tradition of passing something along to somebody, so they can make something of it. and in that letter, when he said, i am rooting hard for you, just kind of sticks with me, because it was a hard fight. it was a really hard fight. and he lost, yet he was rooting for the country. and that's just what we think of with bush. and he got mischaracterized a lot. remember the wimp factor, the vision thing. he didn't like to talk about himself a lot, and all of that,
12:34 pm
but there was, there was something tough about him, but also very gentle, as well. >> it is the editor of "newsweek" who put him on the cover, i believe it was in '88, when he was running against the caucus, the wimp factor. he later expressed regret for that, but we should note, this is a guy who the day he turned 18 and graduated from high school, that same day, went to boston to enlist in the navy, to fight world war ii, even though everybody from his headmaster to the secretary of war to his father was telling him, go to yale first, go to yale first. no, he wanted to go and make a difference. his country had been attacked. >> yeah, and then he went and flew 58 combat missions. it's a miracle he survived. he got shot down, lost his two crew mates, and it changed his life forever. and he was really a very tough man, on the interior, but gentle
12:35 pm
on the outside. and i think he got mischaracterized quite a bit, but he was made of iron. he really was. and a lot of it had to do with being shot down as a, what, 18-year-old when he got shot down. and remarkable life as a result, and yet when that wimp story came out in "newsweek," all the people around him that knew him said, that's the last word i would use to describe george bush. it just didn't -- >> yeah. >> the age that he was at that time. >> yeah, at the commissioning of the aircraft carrier, he saw the same cadets all lined up around the age of the aircraft carrier, and he said, i wish i was your age, i wish i was with you tonight standing watch, looking out on the stars. it was one of the formative experiences of his life, standing watch on the aircraft carrier when he was that age. and i think he missed it. >> and that generation, that generation, tim, didn't talk a lot about their experiences in the war. the world war ii generation. ptsd was decades away from being
12:36 pm
diagnosed. i think it was called like shell shock at the time. but he would say things, more recently, in the last 10 or 20 years, about survivor's guilt, about revisiting the day where he lost his two crew members, white and dell. he was very open about how scared he was and how he cried. >> well, we all talk about the fact that he kept -- as an older man, he went and jumped out of airplanes again. >> yeah. >> but we don't talk about why. we don't talk about the fact that in 1997, when he went to a meeting of the international parachutes association, talking about parachuting made him think of that day and the true crewmen he lost. and he wanted to complete the mission. he wanted -- he always felt, you know, he hit his head coming out of the plane. he wanted to parachute again for himself and for them. it just wasn't a stunt. >> he said he wanted to get it right. >> he wanted to connect with that moment, which never really
12:37 pm
left him. >> and he went on to fly, as you say, dozens more missions. just as you're tuning in, we are waiting for the casket containing former president george h.w. bush to come out of this plane. there will be "hail to the chief" played and a 21-gun salute. jeffrey engle, he was a war president. he was the commander in chief for the first gulf war, for the war in panama. here's some of the individuals coming out from the plane. but he hated war. >> oh, there's no doubt about it. and he really worked hard when he was president, both in the invasion of panama and subsequently with the gulf war to make sure the military had whatever force it needed, whatever force they thought it needed to ensure that american casualties were limited. in fact, at one point, he was presented with a war plan by general colin powell and said it would take 300 to 400 troops, the largest deployment since vietnam. and president bush just stood up and said, you got it, let me
12:38 pm
know if you need more, and walked out. at which point powell turned to general scowcroft and said, does he realize what he just authorized? and scowcroft said, he knows exactly what he authorized, because he wants you to know he's got your back the entire time. >> i'm going to throw it back to wolf blitzer right now. wolf? >> yeah, thanks very much. you can see the special air mission 41 aircraft on the ground at joint base andrews outside of washington, d.c. jamie, you know, already, we're seeing some individuals de-plane. fairly soon, we'll see the hearse that's already alongside the plane get the coffin, as well. there will be an official ceremony. and it will be a moving ceremony here at joint base andrews. >> so his whole family is going to be there, i think very shortly. we'll see former president bush, his son, neil bush, their families. the grandchildren. but for those who are watching, a few minutes ago there was a young man with a beard with a lot of cameras who came off the plane first.
12:39 pm
and i just want to take a moment to tell you, his name is evan sicily and he has been the person in charge of bush 41's health and medical care for all of these years, since parkinson's. he was a veteran, a medic, and he arranged and coordinated all of the medical care. and you know, there were a lot of struggles over the years and a lot of times they almost lost him. evan is responsible for saving his life many, many times. >> we see the military band there, now approaching. there will be four ruffles and flourishes, "hail to the chief," 21-gun salute. john, all of the honors a president of the united states certainly deserves. >> without a doubt. and a reminder, "a," of the tradition. how much of george h.w. bush's life was spent around the presidency. i think what you'll see, you heard the conversation earlier about all presidents get along
12:40 pm
with the resident staff, but this staff, just talk about how gracious and just the extra steps, both barbara and george h.w. bush took. i had the lead of his secret service detail on earlier today. and again, most presidents get along well with the secret service, but just the extra kind gestures, the notes, the forgiveness when they have a misstep, as often happens. and the bushes saying, let it go. so this remarkable moment here, not just for this president, but again for this family that has had such a place in american politics. to watch a president, george w. bush, walk down those steps, to be part of the agreeing of the body of a president, his father, eight years after george h.w. bush leaves washington, george w. bush in the oval office, remember that first day after the inaugural parade, where george w. bush is sitting at the desk and then his father comes
12:41 pm
into the office. i remember conversations with him about that, and just how moving it was. and one of the interesting things, and george w. bush will eulogize his father, that president george h.w. bush, the bush men cry. and when you talk to jeb bush or you talk to george w. bush about their father, their mother they viewed as sort of the force of the family. >> she was known as the enforcer. >> and the father was more the gentle soul to them in the family. but whatever stories they were telling about their father, they would well up in tears. and during their father's political campaigns, i was on the receiving end of this a couple of times from w. george h.w. bush is known as this kind, gentle man. but he ran some pretty tough, pretty fierce campaigns. and george w. bush was one of his enforcers who would let you know if you wrote something that he felt was unfair to his father. >> all branches of the u.s. military are participating in this event right now. joint base andrews. the casket eventually will be moved to the hearse. the u.s. air force band, the
12:42 pm
ensemble will play "my country 'tis of three." there will be currently the joint forces color guard positioned. this ceremony, this very, very powerful ceremony is about to begin and the family, no doubt, will play a critical role, not just today, but throughout this week. >> the family, you asked the children, they never wanted to disappoint their father. that was the worst thing, if he said, i was disappointed in you. and they really want this not only to be a celebration, but they want everything to be just right for him. and just a little side note. i know that jeb bush stopped by the staff office today, as his father would have done to thank everybody on the staff who was working. truly a 41 touch. but it's very important to them
12:43 pm
that this really be done to honor, to celebrate, and to remember both the man and the politician. >> you can have a disagreement about the politics of whether it's governor bush or george bush, who was governor and then president. that's a fair debate. but in terms of the dignity of the people, they're incredibly well raised. if you interact with any of the bush children, and that is a credit to president george h.w. bush and to barbara bush, just incredibly polite, gracious children who drop notes, who make the right phone calls, who remember the birthdays, who check in on people. when they're up and when they're down, and that to them, to jamie's point about wanting to do this right, the reverence in which, in my experience, george w. bush and jeb bush, the two i know fairly well -- you see george and laura bush there coming down the stairs. >> so those are the bakers, actually. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> i think that's secretary of state james baker and his wife,
12:44 pm
susan baker, who i think are coming off first, to lead the family, to join them. his best friend. >> perhaps his best friend. >> absolutely. there from the beginning and now we're seeing other -- let's take a look. i think we have other friends who were on -- >> these are family members. >> -- the plane and grandchildren coming down and walking over. there's neil bush. oh, no, pierce bush and his wife coming off the plane. pierce with the beard over to the left. so these are the grandchildren. that george p. bush there and his wife, amanda. >> i spoke to pierce bush yesterday, the grandson. you know, they all had a special name for their grandfather, didn't they? >> gampy. you know, to john's point about,
12:45 pm
that these children were very well raised, about dropping notes. i will just say that i, when 41 passed, i sent a quick note and e-mail to his son, former president george w. bush. he immediately e-mailed back, thanking me. he didn't have to do that. but that's this family. so these are the grandchildren, walking over. that's george p. bush there and it's a little hard to see in the sunlight. i believe that's neil's daughter, ashley and her husband and then in the back, you see pierce with the beard and his wife. >> it's truly a wonderful family, indeed. and over these past couple of days, john, we've gotten to know some of these family members a bit better. and it's such a loving, wonderful family. and you've got to give, you
12:46 pm
know, the former president and his wife, who unfortunately passed away last april, an enormous amount of credit. >> veterans of the rough and tumble of politics are -- >> i'm just going to interrupt you. there is president bush's -- i'm going to get a little weepy now, his service dog, sully h.w. bush, coming off the plane. we all saw that extraordinary photo of him lying in front of the casket yesterday. mission completed. he will continue his service now and he will go to walter reed and work with veterans there. and here is -- >> the former president, george w. bush and laura bush, walking down those stairs, as well. and he will be delivering one of the eulogies. >> this is not going to be an easy eulogy for him. you know, we've talked a lot in the last couple of days that he told me, one of the most memorable moments with his
12:47 pm
father, when he was president was after 9/11 and he spoke at the national cathedral. and there is that now-famous photo -- >> you see neil bush behind him, too. >> -- of his father leaning over and touching his hand. there is not going to be a dry eye in the house. i know 43 is going to do his best to, as he would say, hold it together, but it's going to be a very emotional speech. so right behind former president bush and first lady laura bush is neil bush and his wife, maria. >> and that's going to be at the national cathedral wednesday morning, john, which will be a powerful moment, indeed. the former president, president george w. bush, will be just one of a few who will deliver rather emotional addresses. >> and brian mulroney selected by the bush family as a reflection of "a" the international nature of the first four years of the bush
12:48 pm
presidency, but "b" of the personal friendships. brian mulroney was a key partner in the age. it's hard to remember the age, but if you think back to those days, the collapse of the soviet union, the berlin wall falling and so many giant global challenges. and the president relied, president bush relied on personal diplomacy and personal friendships and at times, you see -- >> that's just -- i'm just pointing, because the family is reuniting there. they were -- that was doro bush, his daughter, doro bush cook, and they were just kissing hello. so now all the children are back together, all five children together. >> the family has been escorted into their official positions at joint base andrews and now the formal ceremony here at joint base andrews will begin, once again. there will be four ruffles and flourishes, "hail to the chief," a 21-gun salute, the casket will be moved to the hearse as the u.s. air force band plays "my country 'tis of thee." there will be a lot of emotional
12:49 pm
moments, presidential color, which certainly this late president of the united states deserves. and you know what, as we see this unfolding right now, why don't we pause and just watch and listen. ♪
12:50 pm
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12:55 pm
former president george w. bush and laura bush beginning to move away from the tarmac. the casket in this presidential hearse, and they make their way about a 40, 45-minute motorcade that will take them from joint base andrews outside of washington to the u.s. capitol, where we are. let's take a quick break, resume much more of our special coverage, right after this.
12:56 pm
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the nation and the bush family preparing to bid farewell to former president george herbert walker bush. moments ago, the hearse preparing to depart joint base andrews preparing to carry the president to the capitol. you're looking at live pictures there. it was an emotional and moving arrival ceremony at joint base andrews, the beginning of a week of memorial services honoring the remarkable life of the late president. you're looking there at sully, the former president's service dog. sully. welcome to this special edition of "the lead," i'm jake tapper. today vice president mike pence is among those who will remember george h.w. bush at a ceremony in the capitol rotunda. the 41st president of the united states will lie in state until wednesday, allowing the public to pay its respects. we're told president trump and the first lady, melania trump, will pay their respects at the capitol this evening, as well.
1:00 pm
on wednesday, what's been designated by president trump, a national day of mourning. friends and family will gather for a memorial service at the national cathedral in washington, where the son of the 41st president, 43rd president, george w. bush, will eulogize his father. wolf blitzer is on capitol hill now. and wolf, they're intending to keep the public viewing all night at the capitol. >> yeah, there will be long lines, i'm sure, of people wanting to come up to the u.s. capitol where we are now to the rotunda and pay their respects to the 41st president of the united states. this is an emotional moment for a lot of people who remember, jamie and john. jamie has been with us, john king has been with us. you know the family well. and we just saw a rather emotional, brief but powerful ceremony at joint base andrews. >> you know, he was 94 years old. he had been through a