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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 8, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> the u.s. president would say a lot to see here, but there is a lot to see stemming from the russia probe. and now for, but there is a ltd ot to see. it comes from two major court filings filed on friday, one from michael cohen, the other on former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. first michael cohen, in a sentencing mee ining memorandum cohen committed two election related crimes at the direction of donald trump. there were also new revelations about contacts two cohen and a russian national claiming to be well connected. as for paul manafort, mueller says that he lied about five major issues including having recent contacts with the trump
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administration and man forthafo former russian associate. let's get to the facts first. reporting of our justice correspondent jessica schneider kicks it off. >> reporter: a flurry of filings related to two men, michael cohen and paul manafort. now, when it comes to michael cohen, prosecutors out of new york are telling the judge cohen should face four to five years because his crimes were motivated by greed. and that also michael cohen deceived voters during the 2016 election when he tried to silence two women who alledgedly had an affair with donald trump in the years before the campaign. then on the flip side, the special counsel is always weighing in, describing a more cooperative michael cohen even though they say he did give
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false answers during their first meeting. cohen later admitted that he was pursuing the trump tower deal longer than he first disclosed and filling in the president along the way. but the special counsel has said that cohen provided substantial information including about his own contacts about russian interests, and also telling mueller's team about attempts by russian nationals dating back to 2015. and he gave mueller's office useful information as they put it concerning discreet russian related matters core to the investigation. no real elaboration from the special counsel on that point. but its clear that michael cohen has given mueller a lot of information that we have yet to see when it comes to the russia probe. and finally paul manafort, a late filing mostly under seal, but we're learning that prosecutors are accusing him of lying on five different subjects
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related in part to his communication with administration officials, trump administration officials. so we'll see what comes of that. so just a flurry of filings in all of these cases. and we'll see what else has to come on the russia probe. >> jessica schneider, thank you very much. after the court filings, president trump tweeted he is totally cleared. sarah sanders offered more specifics saying this in a statement, quote, the government's filings in mr. cohen's case tell us nothing of value that wasn't already known. goes on to say mr. cohen has repeatedly lied as the prosecution has pointed out to the court. mr. cohen is no hero. with regards to paul manafort, sanders says the government filings say absolutely nothing about the president. it says even less about collusion and is devoted almost entirely to lobbying related issues. we're learning a great deal.
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>> these court filings, giving some insight into the investigation. to parse through it, let's bring in ross garver via skype from new orleans. thank you for your time. >> happy to be here. >> from your filings, there is a great deal of focus on individual one and as we know individual one is the president. what we heard from the acting u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york in the cohen filing, he said this about the hush money payments to two women who claim they had affairs with mr. trump. it reads in part, in particular and as cohen has now admitted, with respect to both payments, he acted in coordination with and at the direction of individual one. also for the first time we're seeing a direct connection to the president and felony campaign finance violations. >> yeah, that is true. and they really have extraordinary allegations for the department of justice to be
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making, very unusual to allege that the president himself was involved in dricriminal activit. it is important to note that this filing itself doesn't accuse the president of a crime, but it certainly indicates that he was involved in this activity with michael cohen and it really implies that the president was somehow involved in a criminal activity. >> with regards to the trump tower moscow project, we've learned this, the statement from the mueller filing on cohen stands out where it reads in part the fact that cohen continued to work on the project and discuss yu it with individu well winto the campaign was material because it occurred at a time of sustained efforts by the rush government to interfere with u.s. presidential election. so this is mueller laying out
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how the trump tower moscow project is relevant to russia's election meddling during the 2016 campaign. how damning is that for the president? >> yes, what we're seeing is that some of the threads are being connected. and here we knew about this potential trump tower moscow project that the president and some of his folks were working on before donald trump became president. now it seems like there is an implication that that is somehow tied into potential russian meddling in the election. now, those threads haven't been connected yet. but certainly the fact that the government says that it is relevant to the russian meddling investigation is suggestive. and it raises a lot of questions which i expect we'll get answer to over the coming days, weeks and months. but the fact that it has been mentioned and focused on, if i
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were the are presidepresident o lawyers, i'd be very concerned. >> and with regards to paul manafort, we've learned that he stayed in touch with the trump administration officials even into this year and after he was indicted. how signatuificant is that? >> it is frankly as stoutoundin. there is an allegation in the current filing that paul manafort after he was indicted was in touch with senior administration officials. now, prosecutors don't tell us who those administration officials are or why they were talking or what they were talking about, but certainly it is problematic for an indicted person to be talking to senior officials in the president's administration and it raises very, very serious questions. >> we know mr. trufrmp was focud
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on this in the morning and then later responded with this, totally clears the president. thank you says donald trump. of course not uncharacteristic of this president to try to cast doubt, but where is he most vulnerable after all this came out? >> as you know, the u.s. department of justice says that you can't indict a sitting president. so as long as donald trump is in office, it is very unlikely and almost certain that he won't be indicted for crimes. there can be issues once he leaves office and certainly his business, other folks in his administration and potentially his family, you know, could be in trouble here. but i think the most immediate concerns are about, you know, what this means for the president politically. we have a new house of
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representatives coming in in just a few short weeks, it is controlled by democrats. they are likely to start investigations that could potentially lead to impeachment inquiry. >> that is the question, what will they do with regards to the report that is put together by the mueller team and where will things go from there. ross garver, we appreciate your time today. thank you so much. >> happy to be with you. we'll be going now to france, hundreds of yellow vest protesters are on the streets of paris this hour. and a live look at what is happening on the streets of the french capital. protesters are out in force for sure, but thousands of troops are also in the city to protect monuments, protesters and pedestrians at the riots. the government says it plans to do whatever it takes to keep violence from breaking out. again, 4:10 in paris right now, we're looking at these -- 10:10
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i should say. and police are out in full force. police have detained 320 people for questioning before the marches even started. let's go live to paris and melissa bell. tell us the mood there and the concern that we could see more violence. >> reporter: already if you look behind me, you k scan see the evidence of the violence last week. this crowd goes well down the champs-elysees. so many of the yellow vests have turned up to protect already, of course 320 people already taken in for questioning. the authorities have made it clear that they intend to do everything that they can to keep this saturday less violent than it was last saturday. but already we've heard from the interior minister yesterday saying that they believe that it was likely to be at lease as violenvi
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violent as it was. >> and tell us about the police presence there. i understand thousands of officers there on the streets and we're looking at this live image right now. tell us about the lineup there, how many officers and is there is a a sense that police are in psition ready for this? >> reporter: so country-wide, the number is 89,000 security forces that have been put out on to the streets of the country, 8,000 in the french capital alone. and more than perhaps the numbers, what we've been hearing from the authorities is that this change of tactic, they blocked one end of the champs-elysees, all of the side streets have been blocked by much more mobile units than weeds sewe'd seen last week. so the violence happened all around the perimeter and so they are essentially protecting the presidential palace and a few exclusive neighborhoods.
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but this time they are more contained between the two ends of the champs-elysees. their hope is is that they can avoid some of the extensive damage that was caused last week, some of the injuries that they might prevent as well. but of course it is fairly early here in paris and the yellow vests have vowed to come out in full force. there has been a climb down on the part of the french government as what a has been the spark of this movement which was the hike in the duty on fuel. but the yellow vests now in their fourth week of protests have said that it is no longer about that and a number of them have said that it is much more about the cost of living and the chant that we've heard over and over is that macron has to resign. >> and the thing that we'll be watching surely is of course we stated to also protect the protester, but then watching out for people who show up maybe later, the anarchists who are there to cause damage and spark violence. we'll see how it progresses.
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melissa bell, thank you. let's now bring in my colleague and cnn anchor cyril vanier. you have covered paris, your hometown. i'd like to get your impressions on what we're seeing there. some 300 people detained so far. and if we look at this live image, protesters are coming together, but there is a real spirit of anger on the streets. >> a lot of anger in paris and across france. and there is a good reason for the anger. people are angry about economic inequality. i remember i was in high school in france and unemployment was already at 10%. and people already had this idea that it was going to be hard for them to find a job even if they a good degree. this has been going on for more than 25 years. so the economic morass is something that has been a constant. so at any given point in time, there is cause for anger.
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and every president who has tried to reform the french economy and the french state has at some point or another in his presidency rubbed up against this anger in the form of protests. and then some presidents have handled it better than others. it can be a presidency defining moment. i think we'll know a lot more at the end of the day depending on how much violence there is and how law enforcement handles it. >> and again, what we're seeing it right now, things seem relatively calm. we understand that there have been people detained, but how this progresses, we'll have to wait and see. the greater question though, the government response. can't be too heavy handed. has to be efficient, effective in keeping the peace. >> it is a subtle equation, not an exact science. i think if you are going to look at the variables of that equation, for the political leadership, for the president and the prime minister, you have
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to wonder how much do these popular support do these yellow vests have. until last weekend, from the polls they have in the 70% and 80% populist support. so you have to give them credit, you have to give them consideration. you have to address their political concerns. at the same time, when there is violence such as the type of violence that we saw last saturday with tellidegradations the arch detree omp, that could represent a political opportunity for the president if you want to think of it that way. and thirdly, there is a very narrow and i'll look at this from a cynical point of view, there is a very narrow skill involved for the politician here and i would say it is violence management. how much you rein it in, how much do you let them run the streets of paris and how much do you want to show strength. and knowing exactly where you
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place the cursor is very difficult. >> and how vulnerable would you say macron is with all of this playing out on the streets of paris? >> he is and he isn't vulnerable. he is because of the conditions in which he came to power. most people voted for him, many i would say, because they felt there wasn't a suitable alternative. he was up against the far right in the second round of the french presidential election. many people still cannot fathom the far right coming to the presidency. and so they voted for macron, but they did so reluctantly. so he didn't win with a big political score, we know that he is unpopular, he is the opposite. but having said that, he is not up for re-election soon, he does have a wide majority in parliament, nobody can force him to call a snap election, so he is secure in that sense. there is no reason why him or
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his prime minister or his majority would lose power unless things go so dramatically wrong for instance today that he is forced to reshuffle the political cards. >> and again, what we're looking at right now at 10:17 in the morning there in paris, we saw the yellow vests kneeling down for a moment, now standing back up. but just keeping an eye on what happens there in paris. hundreds of people have come together so far and we will see how the day progresses. thank you, cyril. right now to a story we're following in italy where a rap concert at a packed club turned deadly. at least six people were killed there, dozens injured in a stampede that took place, this happening in the city of coronad lch corona corona coronadl -- coronaldo.
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the panic started when someone sprayed an irritant, possibly pepper spray. an important position could soon become vacant. kelly has been talking to mueller. we'll have more on that. mr. us a verdict is reached in a vehicle attack that occurred during a white supremacist rally that took place in charlottesville. more on that ahead. .
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a lot of news coming out of the trump white house and a lot of wheels in motion to reshape his team of advisors. one key official who could be on his way out, chief staff john kelly. sources telling cnn his relationship with mr. trump may be damaged beyond repair. kaitlan collins has more on that. >> i want to confirm that -- >> reporter: president trump finally making good on his promise to shake up his cabinet. emerging from the white house to announce he will nominate bill barr to be the next attorney
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general. barr ran the justice department during george h.w. bush's administration and has received widespread praise in republicans and even some democrats. if gone ti if confirmed, he will take over from matt whitaker who has faced scrutiny on the russia investigation. >> i praise him for this excellent choice. >> reporter: andle tru trump pi heather nauert to replace nikki haley as ambassador to the united states despite her lack of foreign policy experience. >> she's very talented, very smart, very quick. and i think that she is going to be respected by all. >> reporter: as the president adds new faces to his administration, he is preparing to say good-bye to one more, with sources telling cnn john kelly is expected to resign in the coming days and is in longer on speaking terms with the president who is actively
1:25 am
discussing a replacement plan. despite asking his chief of staff just five months ago go to st -- ag o to stay on, but trump not addressing it. >> to go to work for a man who is pretty undisciplined, doesn't like to ride, doesn't read briefing reports, doesn't like to get into the details of a lot of things but rather just kind of says look, this is what i believe and you can try to convince me otherwise. >> reporter: now president trump has responded to the biting criticism from his former secretary of state writing in a tweet on his way back from kansas city that he is proud of mike pompeo the man who succeeded rex tillerson at the state department adding that his predecessor rex tillerson can't have the mental capacity needed. the president adds he was dumb as a rock and i couldn't get rid of him fast enough, he was lazy
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as hell. he says now it is a whole new ball game, great spirit at state. kaitlan collins, cnn, the white house. in charlottesville, virginia the man who drove a car into a crowd protesting a white nationalist rally was convicted of murder and nine other charges. 21-year-old james field was found guilty for the incident in august of 2017 which took 32-year-old heather heyer's life. he faces possible sentencing of life in prison. his defense tried to argue that field was panicking and acted in self-defense. he also faces 30 federal hate crime charges which will be decided in a separate case. we're watching these live images from paris. and these are images from just moments ago where we understand tear gas has been fired into the crowd. you see the crowd is moving about. we understand now some 1500 protesters are on the streets of
1:27 am
paris right now. they are protesting a fuel tax, and they have continued even after the french president backed away from that proposal. police at this point have detained 342 people for questioning. these images from moments ago of tear gas being fired into the crowd. cnn will continue to monitor these live images. we'll be right back after the break. my name is jeff sheldon, and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy.
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♪ there's no place likargh!e ♪ i'm trying... ♪ yippiekiyay. ♪ mom. ♪ welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. you're watching cnn newsroom live from the atl.
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here are the headlines. new court filings shed more light on the russia probe. for the first time prosecutors say the former trump toattorney m michael cohen committed crimes at the direction of president trump. and the filings also state trump campaign chairman paul manafort lied about five major issues after he agreed to cooperate, that includes recent contact with administration officials and contacts manafort had with a russian national with ties to russian military intelligence. at least six people are dead, dozens more wounded after a stampede that took place in an italian night club. this happened during a rap concert near florence. local officials tweeted that the panic started when someone sprayed an irritant substance. more than 1500 yellow vest protesters are on the streets of paris, these pictures from moments ago when tear gas was
1:32 am
fired into the crowds. they are calling for economic reforms and are critical of the president's policies. officials are prepared for the protests to turn violence there. they took in more than 300 people for questioning before the demonstration started and we understand at some point some 1500 are on the streets of paris. let's get insights now into what is happening with agnes. we appreciate your time and perspective. let's look at these live images everwhat -- of what is happening. moments ago we saw tear gas fired into the crowds. we understand some 1500 protesters are on the streets right now. given what we're seeing, i'd like to get your initial impressions. >> well, it was something that we all sxenku expected, somethi
1:33 am
feared. tear gas is fine if that is all there is. last saturday i was in paris and the police forces were outflanked really. so now the strategy has changed. and we are expecting thousands of very, very violent protesters to come to the streets. and we are facing at the moment not a movement really, but a revolt. so it is a moment for them to express their anger and the anger and violence hides also a strategy. we've seen in the last few weeks that they are suspicious of delegation and representation which of course makes it ved difficu -- very difficult for the french government to engage in a
1:34 am
discussion. so hopefully at the end of what they call the fourth act of their protest, that is to say today, perhaps there will be a change of tone and the beginning of a discussion. otherwise i don't see where this revolts might lead. >> you point out that the g government really struggles to find a clear leader and also difficult to separate out the people protesting for legitimate reasons versus those who show up instead to spark violence, the anarchists in the crowds. but i want it drive deeper into your point here about the spirit of the movement. again, this started as a protest around rising fuel costs, but the french president backed away from that tax given how broadly supported the protesters seemed to be.
1:35 am
as the movement morphed into something bigger and if so, can you put your finger on the spirit of anger there? what is it? >> well, it is interesting because macro has only been in power quite months and wasn't even born when the policies that have gradually over the last 30 years created this situation of anger for the lower and middle classes. so it is ironic that it is concentrating on president macron, perhaps his perceived a arrogance triggered the movement. and also as you say initially it was a protest against the eco tax and fuel tax. but their demands have been met. so yes, it has morphed into something much bigger. we are facing with a very diverse group of people from all
1:36 am
walks of life and different professional and social backgrounds. and really at the moment it is a revolt, it is an anger that comes from very, very deep and a needs to get it off one's chest moment and hopefully for everyone in france it will draw it a cloa -- hopefully it will to a close soon. there is the cop 24 taking place in poland and we all know that the transition to cleaner air has to be just for everyone and i think that that is perhaps key in this protest. >> let's take a look live here in paris, france. again, 10:36 in the morning there and we're seeing certainly things heat up there right now. again, some 1500 protesters on
1:37 am
the streets of paris. we know there are thousands of police officers as well in position to maintain the peace. and we've seen tear gas being used in the crowds. we believe that is what we're seeing there. but again, some 342 people have been detained so far for questioning. that is the last report that we received from officials. and again, this is in response to rising fuel taxes. but again, the french president backed away from that plan and now we're just seeing people continue these protests, these yellow vest protests on the streets of paris. agnes, one other question to you. the french president certainly under a great deal of pressure. i mentioned that he backed away from that fuel tax plan. but given that he backed away, is there is a sense that protesters are now pushing for more? >> oh, yes. if you look at their demands, it
1:38 am
is very difficult to try to pin down what exactly the demands are or whether they know it themselves. but if you look on social networks, the french newspaper compiled 50 of their demands. they compared it with french politicians programs. and it responds to the extreme right and extreme left. far less taxes, but more public services. that is a very difficult equation. and also leaving nato for instance or leaving the european union. we're talking about drastic demands. and how do you reconcile those, you know -- in a way it is a surge of radicalism if you like. and so at some point they will
1:39 am
have to meet and to start talking because a lot of their demands are simply not possible to meet in a democracy. >> agnes, journalist joining us from our london bureau, stand by for a month, want to recap our viewers as to what we're watching right now. 10:39 in the morning in paris, fwra france, some 1500 protesters on the streets there. yellow vest demonstrators. keeping in mind people throughout france, they keep these yellow vests in their vehicles in case of emergency. and these yellow vests are now representative of a protest that started against rising fuel costs, a proposed tax by the french president. the french president emmanuel macron has backed away from that plan, but the protests continued. and what we're seeing right now,
1:40 am
protesters on the streets. there is a concern that the protests could turn violent as we saw a week ago, break teprot did cause a lot of damage along the champs-elysees and there is concern that the violence could continue today. and we understand that police officials are out in full force. you see some of them there in this live image, some 8,000 police officials just there in paris alone according to melissa bell. thousands more throughout the country on standby to make sure that these protests remain peaceful. we'll continue to monitor these images, we of course have commentators to give perspective on what we're seeing. and we saw tear gas used just a short time ago. the very latest details just quickly, some 342 people detained for questioning, 1500 protesters on the streets of paris. cnn monitoring these live images. right back with more.
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cnn following these live events on the streets of paris. you are seeing two images here, these of yellow vest protesters who are out in full force, there is concern that these protests could turn violent and what we're seeing right now, tear gas being used as again some 1500 protesters are out in force this hour. we understand 342 people have been taken in for questioning. 127 people have been taken into custody. again, we continue to monitor these images and we'll bring you any updates as we learn them here. we're learning why an executive of a chinese company was arrested in canada. according to canadian prosecutors, the u.s. claims
1:45 am
wa she was trying to evade sanctions from iran. she is ceo of huawei, one of the largest smartphone makers. she was arrested in canada on a u.s. request. china has called for her release. this case has rattled global financial markets because it could complicate are are or eve trade talks between the u.s. and china. let's talk more about this now with greg swenson, he is a wall street veteran and of course has been monitoring this with a firm grasp on local trade issues. let's talk about what we're seeing here just to get your first impressions. what do you make of these charges against meng and how chinese officials have responded so far? >> of course it is quite natural reaction by the chinese officials and they are going to denny wrongdoing. but i don't think that the world would particularly trust the chinese comments in this situation. granted that the timing is a
1:46 am
little bit odd that this is coming right after -- or actually the same day that president trump is meeting with xi at the g-20. so interesting timing, but my hope is that enforcing laws and negotiating a trade deal are not necessarily incompatible. >> the timing is key here. it is sir consucircumspect for happening at the time of these trade negotiations. officials say it is pure coincidence, but what do you say to that suggestion that meng could be used as a bargaining chip? >> it might be. it is impossible to really state with any certainty whether the timing was deliberate or not. this issue didn't just occur in the last week or last few months during the trade wars. there was a very deliberate focus on this going back several
1:47 am
years and the timing might be actually because the executives of huawei stopped traveling to the u.s. after it was made clear that there were these kind of suspicions and that there was an investigation into the company. so there have been some visits to trade shows in the u.s., but by lower ranking officials. but the senior management stopped visiting the u.s. so it was just the first opportunity where she could actually be arrested, you know, in a country that is friendly with the u.s. obviously. so she was traveling to mexico and stopped in vancouver on the way. >> and here is the thing. so the markets have certainly responded with regards to the trade negotiations. it's been a mixed set of narratives. so what would you stay about the markets which again seem to have reacted in kind to a great deal of uncertainty?stay about the markets which again seem to have reacted in kind to a great deal of uncertainty?
1:48 am
>> mar kids donkets don't react uncertainty in general. so in this case, it is definitely the risk of the trade negotiations blowing up. it is not necessarily specifically about this arrest or any kind of sanction. i mean the market would prefer sanctions over tariffs generally speaking, but sanctions haven't worked, so the tariffs and trade war actually got xi to the table and for all intents and purposes, it is working by getting the two parties to negotiate. the problem here is the markets don't lie. the concern the markets are having is that the trade negotiations will be postponed or delayed. we'll see. but that is obviously the big concern. it wasn't specifically about huawei or about this particular incident. >> veteran wall street expert
1:49 am
with a grasp on global issues, we needed your perspective on this because it is certainly interesting, chinese officials would say the timing is sir consusir -- sir consume -- we'll see where it goes. and of course in paris, tear gas has been used. we'll continue to monitor this right after the break. from the first loving touch pampers diapers are the #1 choice of hospitals, and have been for over 40 years pampers swaddlers the #1 choice of hospitals, nurses & parents
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to a deeper family story. order your kit at . live images of pair writrip. we understand tear gas was again tired. some 342 have been taken in for questioning, 127 have been taken into custody. and the last figure we've learned, some 1500 protesters are on the streets outnumbered by police, thousands of police officials there in paris and throughout the nation of france
1:54 am
toere. again, these are imta agenyone from moments ago when tear gas was thrown into the crowds. we'll continue to monitor. and now to talk about the major winter storm taking aim at the southern u.s. this weekend. derek van dam here to tell us about that. and it is about to get kind of cold. >> very wintry as well in terms of the precipitation. it is important that we get this across to our viewers this morning because as people watch across the united states, this is an area that is going to see potentially historic snowfall of the likes that has never happened before. this isn't really the areas that i'm showing you on the map aren't the major concerns, it is really across the southeast that will still unfold later in the weekend. more on that in a second. let's talk about the impending system that is impacting texas
1:55 am
and oklahoma right now. we have winter weather advisories across this area, winter storm warnings for northern arkansas. amongst this is a significant amount of moisture producing heavy rainfall across louisiana and eastern texas. we have over 10 million americans that have flash flood watches and warnings. and by the way houston and galveston set daily record rainfall totals yesterday in a 24 hour period. i've seen reports of just under 8 inches with some of these rain bands that have moved through the area. so localized flooding still a possibility. in fact they are forecasting the national weather service that is that 31 river stages could crest at moderate levels, three river stages at major flood levels. so consideration for east texas. but look at you how the storm evolves across the southeast. that is the big ticket item here now across the western sections of north carolina and slipping into northern georgia, we have the potential for a historic
1:56 am
winter storm. all the ingredients are coming together. that is why the warnings are in effect raleigh to similar lochal the way to asheville. the potential for over a foot of snow exists across the high elevation locations. this will be quite devastating for this area, the potential for maybe 3 to 4 days without access to many of the major road ways. so definitely you want to plan ahead. if you are living or visiting those locations, just to the south where temperatures will be warm enough to keep this all rain, we have the potential for maybe 3 to 4 inches of rainfall just outside of the atlanta metro area. of course ice is a concern. we think the temperatures will stay well above freezing in atlanta. >> all right. thank you. again, what we're money are toriemonday
1:57 am
monitoring in paris, the city center essentially on lockdown. we'll have more on what is happening there after the break. please stand by. nning... but that plug quickly faded. luckily there's new febreze plug. it cleans away odors and freshens for 1200 hours. breathe happy with new febreze plug. take care of the hands that take care of you. that's me in back in 1987, when i gave isotoner gloves to all my teammates. now i have a different set of teammates. my family. and they all want isotoner gloves for christmas because they keep getting better. there's smartouch. for selfies whenever, wherever. then there's four way stretch for flexibility. they even have smartdri. see? stays dry. so get isotoner gloves for the whole family. take care of the hands that take care of you.
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every road in the world is now an information superhighway. (phone ringing) and the car has become an accessory to the smartphone. ride hailing, car sharing, carpooling... mobility services are proliferating. and there's a new generation who don't seem to want to own cars in the first place. it all means massive disruption to the car industry, cities, businesses and investors.
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i'm martyn briggs for bank of america merrill lynch. cities,♪ there's no place likargh!e ♪. i'm trying... ♪ yippiekiyay.
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♪ mom. ♪ this is cnn breaking news. >> we are follow oing the breaking news. protests playing out on tstreet of paris, france. these live images. much of the city center on virtual lock down as crowds of yellow vest protesters are filling the streets. demonstrators are out in full force.


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