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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 8, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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♪ mom. ♪ this is cnn breaking news. >> we are follow oing the breaking news. protests playing out on tstreet of paris, france. these live images. much of the city center on virtual lock down as crowds of yellow vest protesters are filling the streets. demonstrators are out in full force. they're demanding the president and his government do something
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about economic inequality. the movement started in response to a proposed tax increase on fuel but the government backed down from that bill, they say there's much more to be done. officials are concerned these protests will turn violent throughout the day as we saw just a week ago the riot that over took paris. they deployed some 8,000 security forces to protect paris alone. and many of the famous landmarks, tourists go to see in paris, the eiffel tower, the louvre and the catacombs. it by phone on the streets of the french capitol. we're looking at these images right now.
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plenty of police officials out right now. >> reporter: i'm standing that around about and all of these avenues have lined security policeman to try keep them safe and most particular kae-- the estimate was 1,fib 500 protesten the sean leswra. and there is a new strategy in place this morning compared even the saturday before that the police have secured the round about. and essentially they're trying to keep the protesters inside that perimeter, at least for what is this part of paris to
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keep them under better control than last week. >> by phone with us telling us again learning from what we saw just a week ago, making sure to secure the round about there around the it arc tre -- and we're seeing what appears to be tear gas in the air as these yellow vest protesters are out in the streets. give us a sense of the mood. we've seen things heat up a bit. is there a concern this is very volatile and delicate because we have seen certainly people have been detained. we've seen people take it into kwezing. what is the feeling on the streets? >> there is quite a bit of tension on the air put it's on the side of the security forces who saw those tremendous levels of violence and with who are expecting the worse. this has been the message on
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part of the authorities to try to convince people to stay at home today with with the situation in paris specifically wass was looking fairly risky and on the part of the protesters, a great deal of hostility already this morning. we've witnessed ourselves, protesters slowing things in their direction and a good deal of tear gas has been used already. for the time being i would say what is around here, thenings lb as though they're under control. the kwez is how many people they manage to get out in the streets today. 136,000 last saturday. the numbers have been going down. the number is as high as it was, the yell eoskres will be able to clime victories.
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you'll remember that hike in the fuel tax duty. since cancelled by the government and yet still all this palpable anger. people that we've spoken to, the yellow vests are told us this is not about the fuel tax duty. this is about the cost of living and emmanuel macr oon -- calling for his resignation. >> you can know they're there to make their voices heard, to make sure their messages are understood and be the people who show up sometimes in the middle and the end to cause damage, to spark violence and that's something police ofelgss are concerned about. as these crowds continue to grow, is that a big concern about what we're see engare
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right now and throughout this weekend and melissa, have you seen any instances off damage that's been caused by the groups we're seeing so far? >> so far not a great deal of damage and partly because so much of paris has been locked down. the shops are all boarded up this week. and any of the potential flash points have been shut down. in the hopes of being spared some of the damage. when it comes to those protesters thshs an,ests, the authorities they've been warning about was that there were just peaceful protesters and an,ests intent on trouble. frars lot of yellow vests found thefblselves caught in anger and violence that striezed many of them. trouble makers the authorities
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have expected. but there were so many ordinarily yell eo sfroes tefrds. and you've simply got cut up on a turfer that day er for sfrlall thoes insurection fervor might be repeated this saturday. >> cnn's paris correspondent by phone to tell us what happened on the streetsz of paris. live what you're see engrogue now to give a little background in our viewers around the world because i threw out fransz. it is required you keep a yell trers enfor a case oemergency. just a week ago we saw violents from yellow vest protesters and
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this week they're concerned there could be vile pt in force and troops are out on the streetsz of damage. if you go visz that eiffel tower, the lufbler and i'm -- the city center in paris is shut down at 1108:00 in the morning. >> what we're see engis tear gas be engused then crowds. let's bring in our other guests. via skpiep, thank you for giving us your spukt exsective of what's happening. as melessau was saying, it's yet of ostruggles all over the
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country this be engsaid i think kwul rr vaer to remember president trump i don't like strikes and massivedomen stragzs. what is new about this movement is really the intoday. the fact that these people, especially the yell oo vests that are genuinely concerned about the standard oz of living, concerned about the ways off living, sleeping away. these people now can expect themselves on a ininternet and that's new. it eemhelped and they are out. we're not then fame at all. aside from that, you ahave what emelissa lose to.
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the right and the far left. and peal coming because they want to hit that top and steel. >> why the movement today is less imant more important than the police force. for the tools the past fee weeks. and so i think you would focus on the it it it it it -- and of course what has to be hoped for is the violence doesn't get out of hand. er not only those yellow vests who are really day.
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butterererr butterererror -- >> are you still with us? we lauts journalist there in paris. let's remind our viewers what weir seeing. 23rrs 11:00, 12:00 in the morping in paris, france. >> you're see itting yellow vest testers out in full force. some 211 people have been takeen into custody. you about han hour ago eyou had about 15 nm fuel and the president thshs government ps
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way from that and protesters basically frustrated with with economic issues, with with soilgseshus, coming toorgts to make sure their voices are heard in mares. and teng you any updates as we have them on cnn. ♪'cause this is already bigger ♪ this is already bigger than love ♪ dare to be devoted. jared. dare to make her melt this holiday and earn $200 in jared rewards for every $500 you spend on jewelry now through december 9th, only at jared.
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live images in the french capitol. yellow vest protesters are out in force. some 8,000 troops to guard france. we'll continue to monitor these images out of paris and give you any updates as we learn them. . the u.s. president tweeted he's totally clear but really? 2 former high level associates tell a different story. for the first time they stated michael cohen committed two election-related crimes that direction off mr. trump and new revelations about cohen and a russian national who offered quote political synergy with the trump campaign.
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and paul manafort in the highly redacted document and lied about five major issues, including contact with the trined a menstruation. and former business assoc ytd who has ties to russian intelligence. let's get to the facts first. jessica snider has more. >> reporter: a flurry of filings for two men once close to the president. prosecutors are telling the judge cohen should face four five years because they say the crimes were motivated by greed and deception as they put it. frurs and michael cohen deceived voters who he tried to tileance two women who had affairs with donald trump. on the flip side the special
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counsel is weighing in. eeven though they say he did initially get false answers when asked about the mocko/trump tower project. and he admitted he was pursuing meeting longer than he proposed. they said cohen provided substantial information including his own contact with with russian interest during the 2016 campaign and attempts dating back to 2015 of russian nationals to reach. squo mueller's office gave him the information to matters core to the tret. but it is clear that michael cohen has given him a lot of information that we have yet to see when the probe.
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there's a late filing on 4i78. mostly under seal. prosecutors are accusing him of lying on five different occasions or stubjects related in part to his communication. so we'll see what comes with with that. so a fleuro of filings enall of these cases. and we'll see what else has to come on the russia probe. frshs >> we're learning a glat deal from these court filedings. let's bring in the -- and there's a great deal of focus on individual one. and individual one is the president. what we heard from the acting u.s. attorney in the cohen filing. he said this about the hush
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money mamts who claims they had afires with for trump and as cohen has admitted with resbekt to both payments, he paeted enscofeed kw the boy. felony campaign finance. >> and they really are extraordinary allegations for the department of justice to be make aing very, very unusual to allege that the president himself was involved in criminal activity. it's important to note the fileing itself doesn't accuse the president off a crime. but certainly indicated he was involved in this a 7 and it really ememployeed that the president was somehow involved in a criminal activity.
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>> with regards to the trump tower moscow frars. the fact cohen can kobts to tis cis it well into the campaign was material to the on goinger and it occurred at a time of sustained efforts to interfere with the u.s. presidential election. so this is mueller laying out how it's reldant during the 2016 campaign. how damming is that for president? >> what we're seeing is some of of the tleds are being connected. >> we knew about this trump tower-moscow project but now it seems leak there's an indication
2:21 am
that you now those tleds haven't been connected yet. the fact they say elts rrallyants and raise as lot of questions. days, weeks and months. but it has been mensed and focussed on ifb i were the bt or hi. >> i'll talk about the president's response in a moment but with refwae to poul manafort. and heap is that. it's frankly astounding. there's an allegation in the current filing that, and as you
2:22 am
said maul nnd frrd after he was indicted was in touch with with senior kmien cosh eofiltszs are. they don't say who they are or what about but certainly it's a prob lumact for arp an indicted person to be taking to you and it raises very, very serious questions frrps >> and respond said later on this oothank you, says donald trump. frshs uncharacteristic and your thoughts here. >> well, soed a you know the u.s. department of justice says you can't indict a sitting president.
2:23 am
it's almost surtsenly ehooweent be intold toed for prem and is -- other ecfosaid in his administration and his family. but i thing the most moit concern what this means for the president chaly new house of rptsives coming in. y they're likely to start investigations that could teeds pooimpeachment. what what withey do with with regard to the row port. we apreegtiate your time today. now frua pill weed can could
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impact traveling tb >> and it most definitely i78 pact traveling from freks exexto and weal are rr get to details in fossfirm and that spiff clay is into another loimt dh which beak and tks tbs. prm and that's the can comi'm teeng toopg to foofirm and it it has been significant and there t is. you can see tharkss and warpings across texas and arkansas. the snow and the ice across the eenl. continues to impact the area.
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and raerts rain event into the golf coast to northern georgia. radar estimate said call for eight inches of rain. and houston, galveston have also had 24-hour rainfall record said reported from them. flun moderate nud taunl and it's bringing very heavy precip taegz. this is the festmium concerned about. we have the potential to measure not our snowfall in inches but snowfall in north carolina particularly in nashville and >> this is going to be a very dealt klt if you live within
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ties readen and 20 inches of snow below ethe storm. it's because of the way it's epivolving. join the secs of nrk and a lot of people want to know will we believe techtures wim it it epiand you don't have to travel too far to the north and ooetsz. and trarlts i got the putems 8 so at lant a aright in the sipty senlter. we'll keep this forecast yet. and thread rr no snow. we have the potential for historic snowfall. frrt so night fighting.
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♪ there's no place likargh!e ♪ i'm trying... ♪ yippiekiyay. ♪ mom. ♪ back to our viewers in the united states and around the world.
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i'm george howal with the headlines. police have fired tear gas. demonstrations across paris and across the nation. they're critical off the french psz's policies. france's interior minister says could be as bad as last week. 211 people have been taken into custody. a stampede at an italian night club east of florence. local media reported the someone panicked and released pepper sfra. >> prosecutors say former trump attorney michael cohen committed kmields. and they reveal a well connected
2:32 am
russian national. they say trump campaign chairman, paul manafort lied and contact manafort had with ties to russian military intelligence. cnn following live images in paris, france. 11:32 in the morning. 5:32 on the u.s. coast east coast. thousands are there. so far there have been some squirmishes. we continue to monitor events with with with live images. and live now to our melissa bell.
2:33 am
melissa, what is the feeling, the mood of these yell oo vest protesters? >>. >> reporter: this is tense. it is not as packed as it had been this week. and this time try and prevent that violence we saw last time. the ideas being that by trying to contain perhaps the protest rksz avade some of of the violence we saw lasts week. you're wiegt right. we've been tear piecesall heady this morping. the point for the yellow vests is really a help there is nenny
2:34 am
peenal. 136,000 people. since then he's backed off from the fuel tax hike. it's broadened, deepened. grown more agry andileant. they manage to get anything leak the same numbers out on the street again. >> eam lissau, you poined this out about an hour ago. >> learning from what they experienced just a week ago. the violence and i believe you reported some 8,000 officials in paris alone. is there a sense of a delicate balance. at the same time adhering that security is a force.
2:35 am
>> reporter: pretty organizational for the last few weeks. we saw extraordinary level oz of violence. it had been intearly cordoned off. and the french presidential palless and it was baurpd that we saw her. this time they've seen to have taken out on board. an attempt to contain the violence. they have roads and riot police. things have been thrown. tear gas thrown at the protesters. nearly 500. who have already this morning been taken. into custody. it gives you an i don't have
2:36 am
numbers on the streetsz and a itterm nations to make sure doesn't happen before. >> the eiffel tower, the louvre, essentially laben shud down to the the the oceans. we see the yellow vest protesters in view. er. >> and beyond that -- of course when the rest of the world watches, this is the fourth in a erow. but since november 17th, every day the block aides, fuel depos have been block aided. so there has been a effect in terms of of the continuity of thiz protest.
2:37 am
its extent. and it targets. frshs and that has ended up being felt country wide by a great number of people are working that out for you. in >> menno have sign damage to them and the saturday before, you can see they've poerded up their windows in the hopes of being this week. encase once again three violence. this time they prepare them selves to be spaered earlier that damage. this is of course enits fourth week. hire in paris, hotel occupancy is down, the ood mobile industry has been effected. and you'll imagine. the vision, the image of france and one of the interesting things and what
2:38 am
we've seen over the last up with k8 of week sz specifically targeted. this is about the liberalizing policies of the french government itself. ads the government had done as well. the derance between protesters and raise engtheir voices to naek sure concerns are known. wake up to spark violence too, cause damage. that's what police officials are ruling for. now to the trump white house. president trump pushing ahead to reshape his team of key advisors. one former cab under ofilgtssies he has despairaging words partnership >> in what appear to be
2:39 am
breathless intimidation of what's to come and the russianau investigation. frus weeting we'll be doing a major counterarebord to the president. mr. trump phlegm posts its arer already faefb kpaejz. any move that could have a big imfac on the russia soca prominent d.c. adrny to become the next asinner egeneral man. he led the justice department with destingsz under george w bush. >> bar rr joins the trump cabinet as special counsel robert mueller is adding special pieces to the puzzle. investigation into hillary clinton's past.
2:40 am
although an investigation shouldn't be laufrmed, whether the maybe wants ittop brs and -- >> she's very smart, tal ntded, smart. and i think he's going to be preswrekted by all. >> sha well not have daninate level. critics touted she wauns oome ntd the door. we oply have a very long history at the government of doing. the former top diplomat pumbled in his okay. >> the president will say here's what i want to do and here's when i want to do this.
2:41 am
frshsz but you can't do it that way. it violates the law. >> and described him as mr. it thorough. >> for a man that's pretty undisciplined, doesn't like to read, doesn't leak to get into details off a lot of things but this isser this is what i believe. >> and cellserren saying i kwntd get i didn't tell of him. that's despite the president's 3r5u78s from campane. we're going to find out wloo they are. jim acosta on that is right report. frrts who had seen before. what some him. and it appears he may withdraw. the relationship between kelly
2:42 am
and druchl where ethey no longer speak. we learned kelly wrote to investigators leslie is the head of ou.s. and america's program in london. a pleasure to have your on our show. so the other major lean oun thoufrt white house is expected to reblien in the inial days anditary rr not talk eng. sch what do you make of his possible ereplacement and this move. had broken down. he was brought in and and to bring things to the focus and manage the interkz aed.
2:43 am
that is laerly froek. tone and time and again when the president dud. is had a a. >> the president made majorer announcements on the trip. william bar rr. what do you make,en her like some didn't turn on. >> i then it sunday real challenge to the rest of the world that this is not a pd that take said plat larl seriously. and that foreign policy is going to be driven by john bolton. pompeo and byicate. frshs he hut fun forward.
2:44 am
it's a big loss for america's foreign pall ace to not have awener and it's a very cef fnt good wup. welcome the quickly. he has served under previoused a min straegszs. frshsz what impact could he have? >> i think there will be unfofrttly infliegt.ed. it's difficult to come inin to the royal and a number of nnls. but he's a professional. he's a serious person. so one hopes that integrity is
2:45 am
restored. and it's a signal that the president is choosing somebody who, leak the others arounld him who are real eo growing to drill down on those plenls and promises sense before ehe was elected. >> live in blund.. >> thank you. still ahead why thousands are turning out oin rome to hear itdally's frel nem asoro. ( ♪ ) ready to juvéderm it? correct age-related volume loss in cheeks with juvéderm voluma xc, add fullness to lips with juvéderm ultra xc and smooth moderate to severe lines around the nose and mouth with juvéderm xc. tell your doctor if you have a history of scarring
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♪ there's no place likargh!e ♪ i'm trying... ♪ yippiekiyay. ♪ mom. ♪ live images in rome, italy.
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the man behind the podium, the deputy prime minister. his rhetoric has boosted the party's popularity and helped to push a more nationalist agenda. now let's bring in on the streets of rome. what is the mood, the expectation. what do people want to hear? >> reporter: this is a show of force for he and his party. he's going to be speaking at the stage behind me in less than half an hour. 250 buses were used to bring his supporters from across the country here. and this is really a way, he says to thank his supporters. in his words a thank you to those people that thank me and in many ways this is a playbook -- play right out of
2:50 am
trump's playbook. the language appeals to national pride. hearing the words made in italy. italians firs. he's interior minister but the league party actually only 1ler the election with 17% of the vote but since then they're polling at 34%. so this rally today is really about positioning the league and matteo salvini as the national power and that's why you're seeing this show of force today. >> live for us. thank you. we now know what the surface of mars looks like and year getting sound from there too. stay with us. - [narrator] the typical vacuum head has its limitations, so shark invented duo clean. while deep cleaning carpets, the added soft brush roll picks up large particles, gives floors a polished look, and fearlessly devours piles. duo clean technology, corded and cord-free.
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do you have the ring? oh, helzberg diamonds. another beautiful setting. i'm not crying. i've just got a bit of sand in my eyes, that's all. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. happening right now in the city of paris, france. yellow vest protesters are standing face to face with riot police. they essentially shut down thousands of security forces are there to keep demmen strazs from turning violent.
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so far there have been some clashes with police firing tear gas. they're calling for economic preforms and in revolt against the the president's policies there. what you hear there, sound of mars. the insight lander is sending back the first ever sound of martian wind. it's been sending back pictures and now we're hearing audio. the megz is to look deep into the interior of mars but was not ebs pecked to pick up any sound from the surs. so surprise that it did. this is the fourth installment of the "avengers" series and it's called "end
2:56 am
game" featuring many of the tars from the previous films including robert downy jr. and scarlet johannson. >> this is going to work. >> i know it is because i don't know what i'm going to do if it doesn't. >> a lot of people will be there to watch that. release for the end of april in the u.s. thanks for being with us this hour. i'm george howell. "new day" is ahead. for our viewers around the world "african voices" is ahead. cnn, the world's news leader. over the last 24 hours,
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♪ there's no momplace likargh!e ♪amirez!!! i'm trying... ♪ yippiekiyay. ♪ mom.
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♪ mueller drop coulding -- dropping a major bomb on trump. >> we know who must be next. >> his own justice department, trump's own appointees saying that you, mr. president, are directly implicated in federal felonies. >> in a normal case if he weren't the president, should expect to be indicted. as we know, the department of justice has opined that you cannot indict a sitting president. here's what i want to do and here's how i want to do it. i would have to say, i understand what you want to do, but you can't do it that way. it violates the law.


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