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tv   Smerconish  CNN  December 8, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ i'm michael smerconish in london. we welcome our viewers in the united kingdom and around the world. antimacron riot said ahead. are the world 36s oldz dp mockeracies in jeopardy. i never lie.
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recmepding staub stapgsal jail time with cohen. ritsdser the most view cnn interview woob i've ever done. and it touchdownary said hap prsz prison preform, jaw swra and you. you see seven people die a week, i think you would probably carry a glun troll. >> yeah, i wraubably would, yeah. ♪ baby it's cold outside baby >> and the song "baby it's cold suticide" but it's make thing that quasi-grade and that is today's survey question.
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answer this wegds. should radio stations stop play thing holiday classic, "baby it's cold outside." and on theeral rops this weekend. that much is clear from an enornless in paris, it's now week foufr of what begun. she named for the safety isest opposition to a fog and tooij it and emanual mcfreo leadership had arerper y am nooi wrunt oo oier hymn hin hm ooij hp morls y hymn peoesue hey d hen 0000 p
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ziesz or ecis eflected here. and one oof the major underlying poiptsz of conflict continues to be boarder patrol and events in pairs and frirten have not up fielded in a vacuum the gauer. and former rir. ee fwn fn and all three tsds reason stands little political chance in the nufrper it seals kweet kblat have raup rap. arguing that the foofor lefl.
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quote there's no doubt in my mind largely was largely yare clinton said but imglagz really, greely hopes it oenk the lane quinton peel, former correspondent for the new york sims. inroyal instud of nars nastple ifairs. whaus is the difference. >> i think bhaut we urshare is. apuproad. ted if and quite centralized country. and the real revolt that we're
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seeing on the streets pip net nesimplest. gadeicide sigh. iand kw can frarm dp is it skp a -- globalization has actually made their live said more insecure and they feel their identify identity is both in britain and in france. >> right. well, the same could beicides goot the inthe if and thed lee tee thaw realizing that prr it he pip tsz le. iter stl and came
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to pawer poas a mm and this is giing to be this voice frk you like, of the 45ir7b9 he is one of the elite who went to the great schools in paris. he became an investment banker. very different for the sort of people out here now wearing these yellow yak said. ary rr the working classics that they feel they've been left behinb behind. i think it is a bit of a back lash. he's not in any dachger to quit offices.
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he's got a five-year term and a big majority in parliament. he looks like he's no longer entirely in control. >> with with reghoord tooud foed who skenlal said a foed they know they're going to lose. >> its rar very zachg sasz ways. and she's really plugged away at this issue kpaet from the european union. and actually she's been on a midinging for nothing. because she's vying to nip with with trying frrm not to damage the british economy. there's no brexit teal that's
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not for go dining be damaging to glint and kwh sheez rsh gone knack skbm twhole british parli they're dead lucked. she's zut flulal acay and there is a stance it to noild she might say i'm not guyn to home and fayicts yer kwb staw foreign minister it scuiask iask iand second degree. >> that is becoming more and more likely precisely because we can go dead lock. in that situation maybe the only option is to go back to the
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country and say like, do you want my son or ray rr rer rer can ask eer a. iesal. prrs what are are your thoughts. >> go to my facebook page. this comes fum fraek shows how inpt these right. er look, i think it's incumbent upon teresa hey. to care out out the tile tell kp neezeveedsple come to. it if and my fierl talk.
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after ebe epg spruj from jail in april. enbut like jurchl he's on a way to rhyme prove the him the in the court of law. ♪ we live like no one's watching, ♪ laugh like there's no tomorrow... ♪ ...and welcome you... do the same. ♪ the united states virgin islands.
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friday was a significant day for those probes related to the frumps presidency. while the president was kwiek to feet totally clears the pds prrp pru. the redsdant it moeb freer we at the safe sound bite. first while sigh engit's no time to get my prissance sentence. they said the now president dregted cohen to make payments. can ereseals an unnamed russian and tsz paul manafort will ever know it's you. and it givesuous augect.
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it but sarah sanders issue as statement astain he would deroemtedally. foe intourly. that wasn't and as the prosecution has pointed out to the court ushs he must in terrell. hards hast to noticem and and skoeen vailated on liz own toem and in paying offopy sar and winner 00 skbifrts sfoems for kpoetsed bhae bp snar rr competed the limit.
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the policy is not to intiet a sieltingdize. should that be deemed grounds for impeachment? 20 years guy when bill clinton's underlining conduktd wassomelerly about snow, the question was no. per thaelz noem places moppic for the pds frmg entwoept of the foej f-- slew it alone or in th manafort inothered it be kaegs and can collusion. and unluck more than chn hew. joining mese to discuss.
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i fups thaes and the vest skeler apparse and the eveds of t trump. you did so puch reporting 20 years ago. to convict when they hour heme martyr that's truetopper for and well, gnaw. ib ena prom partnershiper for memorandum by the tid fng frrm frrm and the peez 27 tofr porm and no through thiz personal lawyer to a porn star and a playboy notal frrps that
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saidtuate employees from that? as you tound out stapt frart from tod is aio can't indict a sitting president bp fwrrs the sudern tist prkt is knot toite. aseeming they deget ner liefrp nm by the congress. can think of what that would look like for a moment. who your wntss. frrgs starmy dapiums, accompanied by mike. >> cairn antgy. private sectual asape in the hews with with that set of fsz said. ball laws.
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said about his fugtfulness. that i think he would like to have. so there's a big question marb about where that goes. now there's lots of other stuff in these momos that do get closer to the core russia vez. a lot of questions bot them ooze well. i think that's better than the rest of us should be focussed on. >> as you read thetea leaves and file in the phipp about sulution in these and they don't this us to collapse in and then case of
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teletupies. frrlts adegzal contalkt from the falloff fwo foon and lie. my understanding is this oolympic weight lifter who contabted cohen, that's additional evidence of russian efforts to reach out and cultivate the campaign. it's interimportant in term oz of your narrative. ed the we try to get our hooks. here is kneery sponse from this. so that's wie and what kind duds he sl with the trump team and the sbeeds before he gave his faulsz testimony.
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>> the reference mueller makes -- >> the trump power project in moscow. chiegt. frs kp me was provided mfrpg lanl it if ander zwnl zndom it it and the hang wmg you use kwh your plaging. gachk us evidence we can use to prausz cute smeb. well done. >> that know you. via smur conx, wetter and fln zbn oodmaut tds eday but all
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that we need to knee efor sure right now is the president is dogument said those payments. but they were to sex is not enough, i thing. if we have time. smerconish was set up by bevered a see it spy on the trump pan pain. for it came fwrum inmer for foreign minister still to come, riltszer arbeloved christmas classic written 70 years ago. that he will flzer radio smile
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like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. rapper meek mill became a poster case for how the prison system deals with african americans and now he's addressing criminal justice reform on a new album called championships. in an opdock he has powerful words about his experiences.
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>> the plantation and the prisn are no different. the past is the present. this was the plan since abligsz to keep us subgeigated by creating this system. >> meek, all i wanted was a new mercedes. >> nice to meet you. so the words in that video for the new york times. you talk about how there's no difference when you compare the prison and plantation. i think we can reach general agreement that the criminal justice system needs to be reformed but what's the basis for saying it's all part of a plap to keep people subgeigated? >> going as far back as pureal and probation. a lot of people are being stuck by a parole cystic or probation
6:29 am
system where not even committing crimes putsz you back in pris. i spent time with with men that had 28 months in prison for bail and $100 kept them in prison and tax payers have to pay money to keep this guy in triz. things libe that never made sense to me. i've been on probation since i was 19 years old. growing up in the system, i always thought this was normal and i didn't value myself the way i value myself now. >> you say it's all about subjugation and i'm not understanding where's the evidence for that. >> my vision of it is i see that some of these statutes and laws
6:30 am
are basisically targeted towards a certain group of people where we're trapped inside of a system where it's extremely hard to get o out. >> are you able to square that with the fact that your judge is african american. >> i didn't blame it on caucasian, african american. it's a mindset of self hate. i don't think it's a thing off a certain color. but it's designed to keep myself and the killture i come from and and born in these condizes and got caught up in the same design. >> do you see president trump as an ally in the cause for krikinal justice reform? this is a rare issue where he's sought to do something bipartisan in nature.
6:31 am
>> i'm not too familiar with everything donald trump do because i don't real ey keep up with politics. when was the last bill he passed? i don't know exactly. coming it was the from the crack and cocaine bill whether where you getplore time for crack than cocaine. it's almost like white america and plak america. and crack cocaine is a black america choice of drug and cocaine is a white choice of drug >> i ask about president trump in. particular because as you well know jay-z goes oofr kanye on your new album over the whole make america great again. >> i think he actually just says don't let them separate us like they did michael jackson and
6:32 am
prince. kanye came out of nowhere with red hat i don't bow where he -- we've been fighting for our rights for a long time and that red hat doesn't represent what we have been fighting for all of our lives. >> did you talk to jay-z about why he wanted that to be on your new album? >> i was just like yo, i had dreams of having a jay-z verse who i views as the greatest of all time. so whatever he did i was going to accept it and that's what he delivered to me and i was happy with with that >> were joust happy to have him on the album, regardless of what
6:33 am
he rapped about. >> that's what it was more about. >> how about the mindset -- i have to play devil's advocate. you wrote that for the new york times and not only did i have reads what you proceed and thauch thid eso i, but i voed the kroemts. and thenny of were supportive and many of them you're not the right guy to take on this fight. let's look at facts. it was or the than a wheelie. he got probation and can convicted for selling drugs, possessing a firearm. eaerchally you'd play by the rules. and >> i always baem and speak for
6:34 am
the spice ltsz ying men of america. frrs i grew up in america where we're not protected by police. we grew up with with people selling on our neighborhood. we grew up around 93rder. i think if yougue up in nigh neighborhood, you see seven people die a week bem >> yeah. i praeb laep rds. or you've seen one of your best froents. squekd off all, i i didn't want to tell my nulter she goes to school. and my mother was in the grave yard. so i was afraid to tell my mom i
6:35 am
was suspepded. that was my fers arouds asa uland at 18 years old. most of these guys were federally investigates. were found out to be liarers. i was arrested for pointing gone and a strake is whether five or six -- i was pointing a shot at two owe throw irests. now we have cameras. i want to ask you do you really believe i pointed a gun at two or three shots without a tom is flame nang snms. >> kshs skks squems and can dent baept to eegnor the tark
6:36 am
dwrarmtd tit mike mile isn't the pun i have just want to know if from a personal opinion you plefb a young man. >> and they don't have lawyer money or they kpanlt can lift up a firearm and buoyant a gun at two or three shots while attempting to do a dust and nautsz a apgal osin america and i never really spoke on that because i never value high sid. err just normal to me and i always felt embarrassed a around my caucasian friends. i got sentenced, pointing a gun
6:37 am
at lease officer. i have never thought about kpigt suicide in my life and it's almost like disrespect to meanporouser for. things i talk about on my album, championship. i was wrongly accused. i was sent most of the times for not committing crimes. at least two or three times for being addicted to percocet. and never rehab. if you follow me on instagram i've been popping wheelies across america for the last 10 years and i never was arrestm. the farthest it went was a traffic ticket and the whole teas nl is i'm not involved in crime. i employ people, i pay taxes.
6:38 am
if they can bring me back to a state penitentiary without committing a crime, what can it do to people surrounded by crime and sliel viens they don't stand a chance. their bed issall riddy made up. >> hey, meek. i appreciate giving you the plat zblorm thank you very much. i appreciate it. all right. let's check in on your tweets and facebook comments. i grew up in a neighborhood where people were shot, killed, stabbed, no hope, taught by your elders to get out. if you have tlisn to songs all day about robbing people and selling drugss, that's what you become. i doents know, jack. i've 3rd before daw if guy pat
6:39 am
tlajic,yard be going akround and put itting my niengers in glois and shades foin. and giving him to it the friendship ftsz be to orch can and cog pousz n issues. zplrs and the other hall is he's the prong skpaeks fn. if you need to be someone who served time to comment on these issues, then no one is going to pass muster. it's an important conversation for us to keep having. and ladesy gaga. in the #3450e too era. they're hearing hawness.
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it's a duet where a man, is trying to keep, usually a woman from going home. this is how it was sung in "neptune's daughter." by ester williams and ricardo esteban ♪ my brother will be there at the door waves in the tropical shore gosh your lips are delicious or maybe just a cigarette more ♪ >> well, sure, it looks inappropriate to some now but for 70 years it's been performed without protest from everybody garth brooks to lady gaga. on south park they use the song to have bill cosby hit on taylor swift. ♪ well, i guess it's time to leave yeah but it's snowing out there ♪ ♪ but i need to get home but
6:46 am
it's snowing throughout what's had hurry ♪ what's in this drink ♪ ♪ that's just j-e-l-l-o >> and radio stations got so many complaints that they pulled it from the play lists. and the director for k-o-i-t. some will say there's that liberal program director in san francisco but this began in ohio, ohio, right? >> yeah. so we flipped the christmas music the friday before thanks governing. i received several complaints, hundreds over the period of a week and last week a radio station in cleveland among othersry moved it from the play diz. hey, i've got comments, radio
6:47 am
stations are banning the song and i took it off the air monday. >> i can knoyou have your own poll but what will determine whether your radio station resume playing it? are you going by the will of the majority? >> yeah. phippically we goent asvericizes. if it doesn't research well or year getting complaints about it. the local news affiliate ran a local angle. and less than 24 hours i said there's a lot of people pro this song. i better get out and see what the listeners really think. >> i'm of an era we had things eknown as liner notes. and i looked at the words. i'm prabably goeing to get a lot of email for saying this but to
6:48 am
me sh that's what it looks like. some of the feedback i received. one is i was brutally wraiped at college student. weemen who have been sexually harassed in the work place. women with teen age daughters state that what dauz that mean exactly when you put that in my drink? and our freedoms are already being challenged. now you're going to mess with our christmas music? i think so. i've been called a nazi for messing with the christmas play list. >> i don't think there's a certainty he slipped her a mickey. i think she's saying this is a strong drink. what's in my glass and do you
6:49 am
were a about a slupry slope. i just interviewed meek mill. if baby it's cold outside cannot play, what are you going to be left playing? and >> and this type of radio station that typically plays taylor swift and michael jackson, we're not usually in the middle of a controversy. by christmas week reaches 1/3 of the population here according to nielsen. so imagine the feedback opthis situation where a lot of people are using this brand and we're messing with it. >> many thanks for being here. well told by you. i appreciate it. tweets and facebook comments like this one. what have we got. smerconish, they should stop playing the song. people need to listen to the
6:50 am
words, not just because it is a catchy tune. saying what's in this drink implies no, i don't agree with this, that he either added alcohol or she's not used to, it is a drug. i parsed those words. instead, it is her saying this is a potent drink, not like uh-oh, did you put something in here, are you now about to take advantage of me as a result? what do you at home think. coming up, the final rumesults the survey question. right now, go to and tell me. should radio stations stop playing the holiday classic "baby it's cold outside?" but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios.
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so how did you respond to the survey question at should radio stations stop playing the holiday classic "baby it's cold outside." 10,559 votes, 93% say no, don't stop. what do we have in terms of social media? seriously, in 201150 shades of gray sold 125 million copies, but "baby it's cold outside is offensive." point well taken. hit me with another. things i didn't think i would hear, meek mill saying i always dreamed of being on cnn while being on smerconish show on cnn. all right. we're out of time. thanks for watching. why didn't you book your family vacation on a travel site? at, i get the price match guarantee.
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good morning, it is saturday, december 8th. i am victor blackwell. >> i am jessica dean in for christi paul. >> the president is being implicated of two crimes by people in the justice department that he appointed. >> they're accusing trump of directing personal lawyer michael cohen to break federal election laws, pay hush money to two women he allegedly had