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tv   The History of Comedy  CNN  December 15, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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around adult words mnchts some of them are [ bleep ] and [ bleep ]. we need these. let the better people not use them. my first announcement is one i think you've all been waiting for. >> politicians have been lying and [ bleep ] and flip-flopping since the beginning of time. >> i'm the best. only i need to understand. >> i'm mostly pissed off that not enough people are pissed off. >> politicians are very visible and they tend to be liars, which is great, so, you can really go after them. i [ bleep ] hate those [ bleep ]. >> it's making me angry and i feel like screaming. but i'm unsure about how far my neck veins can safely bulge out of my neck. >> political humor now that it's become such a farce, it's hard to outdo it. >> yes, this is real life, this is really happening. >> i cannot believe the men and
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>> i cannot believe the men and women we have chosen to be our leaders. you watch the in-house footage of the congressional hearings and i think what sort of empty headed pez dispenser seance am i watching here? >> politicians is one of the most egregiously hypocritical areas of society, thus great fodder for comedy. >> in the white house, in the oval office, on the wall, obama has the original copy of the
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emancipation proclamation, which i'm pretty sure is just there in case the tea party is like, we don't think you're free. look at the warm. >> politicians are so loathsome, but we're stuck with them. we can't prosecute all of them, so, let's at least mock them. >> i believe if you can't say something nice about somebody, you must be talking about hillary clinton. >> donald trump, oh, my god. donald trump is like the nagging cough that's turned into full blown aids, you know what i'm saying? >> i think every political comedian feels their role is different. it's very clear now that we have political comedians who are actually acting as advocates and also really feel like it's important to speak truth to power. >> i ended up doing political comedy because when i'm angry, i'm funny. that just seems to be the deal. and politicians make me really angry. democrats and republicans believe that what they tell you about the fact is actually the
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fact itself and it isn't a [ bleep ] fact. >> we don't have anything to lose. we don't have to worry that the white house isn't going to give us access, we already don't have access so we can say whatever we want. >> the reason that comedians pick on politics, it's almost like a prayer. hey, could you maybe not steer us off a cliff, but the only way i can maybe keep you on it is to make you look ridiculous so you'll stop what you're doing. i feel like george bush can bring about the biblical apocalypse. because here's the thing. i don't think bush wants to be president. i think he wants to be the last president. >> that puts into a battleground situation, also, with those who find what you say funny and relate to it, because they agree with you, and those that disagree with you who don't find it funny or find it offensive. >> well, until jon stewart and colbert and bill maher, the best political satire was basically
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cartoonists. >> just drawing someone in a ludicrous way brings them down. >> of course, those things influence people, because most aren't good readers. we like a little grab. >> it's the pen in the balloon that's puncturing, showing the emperor has no clothes. >> herb lock did much more than just puncture pomposity. he illuminated hypocrisy. >> during the watergate years, they were very incisive, very intelligence cartoons, and being from d.c., running from "the washington post" that broke that story made it even more important, because it was one of the few places in a newspaper where you can tell it like it is. so, in the end, herb lock had a great deal to do with nixon coming down. >> he had a lot of people that would complain to him, that's outrageous. he had one answer every time, he'd say, but it's true.
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>> franklin? i can call you franklin. >> years ago, it was frowned upon then to make fun of the people running the country. >> won't let anyone talk politics in here, because this stadium was dedicated to art, sports and any useful enterprises. >> now, mr. nixon won easily and he wasn't even campaigning, which shows you how well a politician can do if he keeps his mouth shut. >> here we are. reagan and carter. ♪ what kind of choice is this >> mark russell would get at his piano and make gentle fun at politicians, but it was so gentle that he would go hang out with them afterwards. ♪ can it be true ♪ no matter which one wins ♪ the loser's me and you >> i would get criticized more
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often for being too gentle than for being too harsh. i was not a bomb thrower. i was not an anarchist. i was too safe. i kept seeing pictures of kennedy and khrushchev together, they look like they need a new caption. dad, may i have the keys to the car? >> mort sal was overtly political and partisan. the idea of a comedian really taking a stand, having a point of view. this was something new. >> when john kennedy became president, mort sal was doing pits about kennedy. many of them very hard-hitting and people were surprised. he just saw himself as the guy whose job it was to go whoever it was in power, be they republican, democrat. >> do you have an agent now? >> no, and i can't get one. >> no one will handle you? >> no. the last agent i had, he said, no agent can help you in the position you're in. >> i like a comedian who i'm
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truly not sure what side he's going to be on an issue. i'm not a fan of a standup comedian that just reaffirms the status quo. >> do you believe entertainers should have opinions, should express them? >> definitely. they got to have opinions. >> you think entertainers should exert political influence? >> if they want to. ♪ war in vietnam ♪ keeps on a ranging ♪ blacks and whites still haven't worked it out ♪ >> the smothers brothers, this was in the '60s, to be on television at that time and to talk about the vietnam war, the sensors were after them all the time. >> gee, sarge, i understand now. i'm not afraid anymore. i can kill. but i still can't vote. >> the smothers brothers was a great show. but it was taken off the air. >> if cbs has its way and we don't go on the air anymore and there's nothing said about it, nobody else will come forward, there's no one in the business
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trying to do anything that steps out or say anything. >> when the government starts censoring us, that's a real genuine problem. censoring an artist is the ultimate obscenity.
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>> at that moment, you feel it in your bones, i'm doing it. >> doing comedy is the most confident i ever feel, ever. there is definitely a thing that people want, and when they don't get it they feel cheated. >> they are almost angry. >> it feels like a low. i'm a woman and i have to acknowledge that i'm white. you almost feel like you have these tasks that you have to acknowledge for people to start listening to you or there's a lot of male comics that go out they're like we're all people, right? >> i don't think about being a woman doing this until somebody decides to remind me. if i had seen, in my teen years, i would have pushed more. well worth using an ex-boyfriend's amazon prime account.
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good natured ribbing of the first family, mr. von needer. >> i think he'd made a fine candidate in '64. 1864. >> von meter came out with the parody called "the first family." it parodied jfk. >> he's doing my gestures and he's using my lines. do not ask what this country can do for you. that's one of my original lines. >> i thought it sounded more like teddy than it did me. >> there's something very charmingly american about this idea that we really respect our political figures, but at the same time, we kind of like to take them down a peg. >> gerald ford was like a football player he's like a really great athlete.
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but in the public's mind, once chevy started doing gerald ford, i mean, try getting that toothpaste back in the tube. >> i do have two major announcements to make. oh, no problem, no problem. no -- >> as a kid, i doesn't know anything about president ford. i thought, oh, he's a clumsy idiot. >> no problem. >> chevy's ford, there was no attempt to make him look like ford. he just played sort of a stumble bum. chevy's portrayal may have made a difference. >> will president ford win again in '76. >> i don't think so. do you? >> my name is jimmy carter. and i'm running for president. >> "saturday night live" for a lot of its existence has defined the comedic take on the president. >> try to be a lusty, zesty kind of president. with all the -- hi baby, how are you? >> it was nice meeting you.
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>> come on, lisa, come on. >> bye-bye. >> bye. >> back to work! >> whoever's doing the impression on "saturday night live," that's everybody's impression of the president. >> lobster boy, i feel your pain. >> man, it's cool. i'm going to be president. that's wicked. >> will ferrell's depiction of george w. bush, in my opinion, made him seem cooler and more relatable and maybe a little silly, but you know, warm-hearted. >> we have to get ready to debate al gore. polls say you're neck and neck. >> i'm a uniter, not a divider. i'm a uniter, not a divider. >> snap out of it. >> everybody knew that bush was sort of challenged when it came to the english language. >> strategery. >> but darrell's gore said something that was not helpful to gore.
10:14 pm
>> rather than squander the surplus on a risky tax cut for the wealthy, i would put it in what i call a lock box. >> that sort of slightly superior repetition of lock box said something to americans about gore that is responsible for the 500 votes in florida. >> i love those hockey moms, you know, say day the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull -- lipstick. >> democrats were petrified of sarah palin. she had a rousing speech at the republican convention and it took tina fey putting on a wig, she was really the takedown of sarah palin. >> are we not doing the talent portion? ♪ >> how will you solve the financial crisis being a
10:15 pm
maverick? >> you know we're going to take every aspect of the crisis and look at it and then we're going to ask ourselves what would a maverick do in this situation? >> one study just out showed sarah palin's favorability rating dropped after viewers watched an "snl" spoof of the governor. >> tina fey destroyed that woman's political career. destroyed it. god bless her. >> we're doomed! we need a revolution. millions of people on the streets. and we got to do something! and we got to do it now. ah. >> after the first debate, my agent called me on the phone and i started talking like bernie and he said, oh, my god, that's so funny. you should make a video, put it on the internet. hits and all this. i said, it's not -- i don't want to do that. it's more of an sn -- before i got the l out of my mouth, he hung up the phone and ten
10:16 pm
minutes later, lorne michaels called, and that was it. >> oh, my god. mr. bernie sanders. i'm your biggest fan. i'm and telling you, i'm feeling the burn. >> that's okay. >> caricatures are fun, because you don't have to give the back story. you can get right to the punch line. you know what donald trump is. >> i'm going to start this debate in the quietest voice possible. in the past, i have been big and loud but tonight, i am a sweet little baby trump. >> i think what it's done well, it's just funny. it's entertaining. "snl" is a topical show where they deal with what people are looking at, and in an election cycle, that's what people are looking at. >> our first question is for you, and it is about reproductive rights. >> they're ripping babies out of vaginas.
10:17 pm
>> trump's just saying rubbish and hillary's a little shifty. it's not just the person doing a great impersonation, it's got to be a great person to impersonate. >> that's the power of "snl." it's been a de facto branding of political candidates. has "snl" ever really changed somebody's vote? that's a question that i think about all the time. >> got it.
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good morning, and we still don't have a winner. >> cable news turned politics into sport. they became so predictable and partisan that it left this vacuum of, is none going to talk about what's actually going on? >> the president boasted at the top of his press conference last night that we had the support, now, of britain and spain for our attack on iraq, because, you know, when you want to make it clear to the world that you're not an imperialist, the people you want in your corner are britain and spain.
10:22 pm
>> he was before jon stewart and he was the young, hip, hot, telling it like it is guy. >> did you see that press conference? i don't want to say there was nothing new there, but at one point, the closed captioning actually said "blah, blah, blah." >> that is really a political show. he doesn't make any bones about the fact that he's going right into the teeth of it. >> please, don't run for president. don't, please. >> bill maher takes the "meet the press" talking heads around a table and says the [ bleep ] that no one else is going to say and does it in an entertaining way. >> let us know which one of these bloated ticks on america's hide needs to be burnt off with the mighty cigarette of democracy. >> mostly comedians try to stay in the middle so they can appeal to both sides, but bill is fearless. >> i think colin powell could be
10:23 pm
the guy, if he wanted to, to run against obama, boy, that would make russia's head explode, two black -- >> he's got a point of view. it's not a straight line. he's not just a straight up lefty. he does criticize both sides. >> sweet grandma hillary, she would have done fine in 2008, but this year, the voters respect in the mood for steady as she goes. they're pitch fork angry and they don't want america's nicest grandma. >> you've been tough on president obama, too. >> yeah, that's my job, to hold their feet to the fire no matter what party and who is in power. >> he is as loved as he is hated. he's doing it right. >> jon stewart changed the face of late night comedy in america. and he altered the trajectory of the humor. >> you wonder sometimes how our government puts on its pants in the morning. >> the value of satire and comedy when it regards to the government is important in the
10:24 pm
sense of by finding the funny of the situation that is happening, we find the truth. >> i was not elected to serve one party. >> you were not elected. >> that was a turning point. >> the elections? >> not for the country. for comedy central. for you. >> yeah. >> saddam hussein has gone to elaborate lengths to build and keep weapons of mass destruction. >> it was the first george w. bush term. the iraq war was just starting, there was this sense of everybody kind of blindly going towards this thing and nobody really being willing to criticize, and jon stewart was willing to call it like he saw it. >> obama bin laden declared war. how i wish the administration in those years had done something. >> yes, although i think there
10:25 pm
were other warnings, too, that came later. >> i believe the title was bin laden determined to attack inside the united states. >> he was really adept at serving it up to show hypocrisy, abuse of power. >> is tonight the night that they exploit 9/11 or is tonight inspired empty promises for the future? >> i loved to have a story broken down for me in a different way. the news can get really dark the deeper you go. that's why i loved jon so much. that's why i loved "the daily show" so much. >> you're doing theater when you should be doing debate, which would be great. what you do is not honest. what you do is partisan hackery. >> you've got to be kidding me. >> you're on cnn. the show that leads into me is "puppets making crank phone calls." what is wrong with you? >> all the medians that came out of stewart's shop, the larry
10:26 pm
wilmore, john oliver, samantha bee. they're very passionate and pointed. and often very partisan, and i think they make no bones about it. >> on this show, your voice will be heard, in the form of my voice. because you're looking at a straight shooter, america. i tell it like it, is i calls them like i sees them. i will speak to you in plain, simple english. and that brings us to tonight's word. truthiness. >> what colbert did was remarkable, because he was playing a very arch character that was obviously based on fox news personalities. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. >> this is all an act. >> you're breaking my heart, bill. >> if you're an act, then what am i? >> with this character, he was improvising everything in real
10:27 pm
time from an inverse point of view. >> a lot of right wingers thought colbert is actually a republican and he's just cheeky. have they didn't know that it was a joke. i mean, come on. >> president bush. great president or the greatest president? >> he did that classic satire thing. i'm going to make my points through the other side. >> are you familiar with what we do here? >> i am. >> okay. >> i'm familiar with the total scrubbing -- >> well, you know i'm in character. >> yes. >> then i'm an idiot. >> it's wonderful to see out of character. >> comedians have the credibility and the ability to tap into things that are happening right this second. couldn't be more urgent, couldn't be more on people's minds. they want somebody to say something about it, so, we turn to them and weir so desperate for it that it then spills out
10:28 pm
of the society, also. >> do you think it's fair to say that the majority of lobbyists are good, average people and moms. >> yes. >> what? what are you talking about? i feel like you're living in a fantasy world. do birds dress you every morning? >> you can say the things that journalists literally can't say on camera. they do have to be professional about it. i do not. i'm making a comedy show. my job is much easier. >> political comedy has become a part of the mainstream discussion. (paul) no, they just don't know that sprint's unlimited plan gives you 5 lines for just $24 dollars per month, per line. (mom) wow, that would save us... (atlas)...nearly $1,000 dollars? (avo) save nearly $1,000 dollars for people with hearing loss over verizon and at&t with sprint. visit coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the #1 brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief
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♪ >> i called you mr. nixon and mr. vice president, i'm sorry, i shouldn't be so informal on the air. what is proper? what should i call you? >> well, jack, i wouldn't really worry about that. i've been called everything. >> the intersection of politics and comedy especially on late night is a two-way street. on the one hand, the audience and the shows themselves are
10:33 pm
interested to get to know politicians, but i think that there's a pool for politicians to use that vehicle as a way of humanizing themselves. >> the first job of the candidate is to get elected. and sometimes you'll see the most dignified men do some of the craziest things. >> good evening, i'm chevy chase and you're not. >> good evening. i'm gerald ford, and your you're not. >> the public likes to feel that that individual who holds the office or that individual who is hoping to achieve the office is kind of one of them. ♪ >> when bill clinton played the saxophone or arsenio, he doesn't look like a presidential candidate. he looks like the guy that would be a guest on that show. one of the reasons clinton was successful was, he had some ability to connect with pop culture. >> the big man. >> since we have a deficit
10:34 pm
that's enormous and needs to be brought down, i think we have to raise some more money. you can't raise money on the middle class, because their taxes went up and their incomes went down in the '80s. >> it's definitely part of the campaign trail for a politician to be on late night, to be on "snl." it's just become part of the job. >> are you tired of this campaign at this point? i know i am. >> a lot of what has happened is, we're just more familiar with our public figures in all sorts of way. >> the 44th president of the united states, please welcome president barack obama. >> president obama was the first sitting president to go on a late night talk show. now it's inconceivable that a presidential candidate wouldn't. >> when is the dog coming, i keep hearing about the dog. >> listen, this is washington. that was a campaign promise. >> oh, wow. wow. man. >> politics is and always has been a performing art.
10:35 pm
and it is ego dominated, it is needy, it is narcicisstic. all the going on shows, this is nothing new. this is just a form of baby kissing. loosening your tie, rolling up your sleeves to show you're a regular guy. >> what's up, gangstas? it's the m-i-double tizzle. >> i love having politicians on. you can ask them personal questions. these are things you don't see when they're on "60 minutes" or a show like that. i know you support state's rights to legalize marijuana. you smoked it a couple of times, it's not your thing. what is your thing? >> yes, my thing is my grandchildren. >> you smoke your grandchildren? >> they want to see that you have a sense of humor about yourself and that you're human. that's all they want to see. they don't want you to be a master of dialects.
10:36 pm
>> that's not their idea of the president. >> comedy shows, i just don't see the president going on one of those. they're beneath his dignity. >> when president obama took office, the general plan, if you had a piece of policy you wanted to pass, an agenda item, either do a straight news interview or do a big speech or some combination of those things and those are still valuable, but the difference is, you can create your own content. you want to reach audiences where they're consuming their information and their news and entertainment. >> sorry i had to cancel a few times. >> the president is president in a completely new media landscape where you have kids that don't watch television anymore, they watch stuff on their mobile devices. >> good to be with you. >> obamacare was vilified by half the country. we needed a water cooler moment to say, yes, we know the website didn't work, but it works now.
10:37 pm
the president realized that you have to communicate in the venues where people are, and with "between two ferns," you had a program that, you know, tens of million of people watched. >> what is it like to be the last black president. >> seriously? what's it like for this to be the last time you ever talk to a president? >> must kind of stink that you can't run three times, you know -- >> no, i think it's a good idea. you know, if i ran a third time it would be sort of like doing a third "hangover" movie. didn't work out very well, did it? >> the big thing with it, it was actually funny. and i couldn't believe that i was actually laughing. >> how long have you had that? >> just four months. >> zach, you need to get that checked right away. get on that's one of the most disgusting things i've seen. >> is your plug finally over?
10:38 pm
>> we need to have separation from these people, and i think when they come on, it sort of says, like, hey, i'm in on the joke, i'm okay. and some of these people aren't okay. >> trump returns to nbc this weekend to host "saturday night live" inspite of growing protests. >> when public figures cross certain lines, they should lose their privileges to host tv shows. >> yes! >> yes, it can humanize people, that some people say shouldn't be humanized. of course, always half of the people say that person shouldn't be humanized. >> oh, trump can be a total sweetheart with someone who has no reason to be terrified of him. huh. i noticed there were no cutaway shots to the roots. i wonder why. network execs -- yeah. >> especially now, comedians have more of a responsibility, because they have more power
10:39 pm
than before. you can reach people with comedy and, you know, all those back to spider-man, right? with great power comes great responsibility. more and more comedians are asking themselves, how do i want to use my comedy for something beyond just getting a laugh. >> is there anything to people giving you a hard time for being too soft on trump for your questions? >> yeah, never, i mean, have you seen my show? i'm never too hard on anyone, yeah. i just got my cashback match, is this for real?
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stay tuned to the half hour news hour coming up next, right here on the fox news channel. >> and if you don't, we'll invade your country, kill your leaders and convert you to christianity. >> why can't conservatives make a funny comedy show? >> i don't know. i do not know. i'm sure they're just hilarious in their own way. >> the half hour news hour may offend the following. the left, the far left. in fact, anyone standing to the left. >> whether you're a tea party guy or occupy wall street guy, i think there's opportunities to find humor. there's a lot of comedians on the right side of the aisle that do a great job of it, as well. >> you think our founding fathers would have put up with any of this [ bleep ]? they were blowing people's heads off because they put a tax on
10:44 pm
their breakfast beverage. >> you can be on the right and just be talking and not have to identify yourself as the right. what is the blue collar comedy tour other than right wing comedy tour? >> we heating up the earth. oh, shut up. well, you seen what happened in washington, d.c., 27 inches of snow. explain that. all right, february. how's that? >> entertainers tend to be left wing in their politics. and the reason for that is, it's a happier message. they are audience pleasers, even those who make a point of upsetting the audience. >> as a right wing hate monger, it's fantastic to be at a big hollywood shin dig with all these glittering celebrities that isn't a fund-raiser for obama. >> historically, what we would call right wing politics tends to be more about protecting the status quo, and i think good comedy is about attacking the status quo. questioning it, challenging it, satirizing it.
10:45 pm
>> in just eight years, i have given you enough material for 20 years. >> the president does this speech every year at the white house correspondents dinner. historically speaking, this is the most, like, disgusting display of elites in a room together, right? it's journalists, members of congress, cabinet members and the president typically does this speech that makes them all laugh. it's all inside jokes and they're all kind of toasting to their power. it's kind of the worst of washington is this speech. >> how about another hand for the president? >> you have this mix of reporters who know all the ins and outs of every political story. then you have all these celebrity guests and they're coming in with a totally different sense, and so figuring out what's going to appeal to everyone is definitely tricky. >> ladies and gentlemen, here with a special edition of the colbert report, stephen colbert. >> i think you show up at the press correspondents dinner, you
10:46 pm
better go for the throat, and you better risk being booed. and that's what i loved about what colbert did. >> i believe the government that governs best is the government that governs least and by these standards, we have set up a fabulous government in iraq. >> stephen colbert at that white house correspondents dinner, i watched with deep jealousy. here he was doing subversive brilliant humor, not just about it, but two, a sitting commander in chief. >> it's not easy to stand up in front of a room full of people who you know you're going to say crazy things about. it's very difficult. he delivered it and it was fantastic and we all appreciated it. i certainly did. >> this administration is not sinking. this administration is soaring. if anything, they are rearranging the deck chairs on the hindenburg. >> i watch it at home and they cut away to the audience and -- huh?
10:47 pm
what? they doesn't get the joke. so, you're screwed from jump street. but it was his character, that's the character he does. what -- who did you buy? >> thank you very much. good night. >> i don't know if it's a good thing that comedians and politicians get together in that room, because i think it definitely makes you pull your punches a little bit. >> it was bush's last one that i did. i was sitting there and i was going to open with this joke and i get talked out of it by a lot of people. so great to be here with bush and cheney, because they won't be seen again the trial. that said, don't do that joke, i wish i had done that [ bleep ] joke. i can't tell you how excited i am to be here tonight. now, i realize many of you may not share that excitement given you have no idea who i am. >> that's a very odd night, because i've done it a couple times, you know, that's kind of a tough room. >> even though his poll numbers are at an historic low, the
10:48 pm
speaker is writing another book. once again, he's taking a $1 advance. not voluntarily, that's the most he could get. they're as uptight as a group can be. you can do whatever you want to open a sphincter, all right, it's not going to happen. >> in washington, there are people who live to be offended. comedians don't live to be offended. they live to offend. >> hosting the white house correspondents dinner was the most scared i've ever been as a performer with the exception of my first appearance on the letterman show. >> mr. president, you remember when the country rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow? that was hilarious. that was your best one yet. >> we're like, this is not fair. obama should be able to say what he wants. because of the climate of the world, he can't. so we'll do it for him. >> i invited luther, my anger translator, to join me here tonight.
10:49 pm
>> we knew this was something president obama was really going to enjoy. he may have felt that he could use an anger translator for year a few times and now he actually had one. >> we count on the press to shed light on the most important issues of the day. >> and we can fox news to terrify old white people with some nonsense. >> i was amazing. it was earth shattering. the best way to describe the feeling is satisfaction. >> focus on billionaire donors creates real problems for our democracy. >> and that's why we running for a third time. >> no, we're not. >> we're not? >> no. >>. who the hell said that? >> donald trump is here tonight. >> i had just started at the white house and i got the final draft and it had all this new stuff about donald trump. and i just remember thinking, whoa, this is going to be a lot different than the draft i saw before that. >> just recently, you, mr. trump, fired gary busey.
10:50 pm
and these are the kind of decisions that would keep me up at night. >> you do find the correspondents dinner where the president goes up to that line and doesn't cross it, and then you have folks who go up to that line and absolutely do it. >> and. >> since i just assumed he was running as a joke. >> comedianses can say things that other people can't say say. they don't have to be furious in a way that politicians are no. >> i wrote with him on and it i felt that we sort of -- that is his origin story. it was that night that he apparently decided to run for president. i'm sorry. >> i humbly and greatfully
10:51 pm
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well, here we are, ladies and gentlemen, the end of the election. can you believe it? what a year tonight has been. right now, i don't know you don't have your phones or anything. the election is too close to call and too terrifying to contemplate. the huge story this is a nail bite intera passport grabber. >> it's nice to be able to laugh at something that is serious. you can go down a rabbit hole. you need levity. >> six nor electoral votes for donald trump this evening. 228-209. >> he is now on the doorstep of 270 electoral votes.
10:56 pm
>> wow, that is a horrifying prospect. i can not put a happy face on that and that's my job. >> cnn can report that hillary clinton has called donald trump to concede the race. >> i don't think that kmcomedy n change minds. you can give them. >> and i am hopeful. and one thing that make me hopeful, we know that interviews he has given over the years he has held every position on every issue. he has been pro-choice, pro-life. for the iraq war. against. pretty much his only consistent
10:57 pm
position is anti-rosie o'donnell. >>fy thought that was our main goal, we could just stop doing jokes. >> and don't think what a lucky break a trump presidency is for comedians. jokes don't write themselves. jer jews write shows and they are scared [ bleep ]. >> the show is not intended to make change. that is not -- that is my josh. your job is to do a comedy show e that is interesting. >> i think if a man gets up and says he is going to leave the greatest country in the world. he is subject to analysis be criticism. he has the compensation of the
10:58 pm
country to play with four and eight years. >> the gullet of comedy is to entertain, to tap into politicians or media coverage. that is where it starts to are resonate for people on a deeper level we're angry and crazy for the same reasons because the democrats make his angry and the republicans make us crazy. or switch it around if you want. >> young people don't generally care about politics. if you get them laughs, you get them to the polls. >> i do understand that any
10:59 pm
country that let's me run my mouth. >> if do you it, you are up to the line. it's a kour jay rouse thing to do. >> it shows the spirit of what our democracy is. we're not afraid to make fun of people that are in power. i think that is a beautiful. >> do you they donald trump will be invite know did his -- be his -- >> i can't wait to find out. >> go to the democratic convention, you have sarah silverman going up there and you go to the republican one and you have kochy. is that --
11:00 pm
>> it made since sense to me. not so much right atwi voters in minnesota. won the first won by 312 votes. that's funny. looking for a girl to do a little of this, okay? >> the theme of sex in comedy is like there's a huge flowchart and everything leads to sex. >> you think i care about the sex? >> it is the number one past time of all human beings. >> i guarantee if there is life on mars, they're getting it too. >> i think we should get naked. >> sex is ridiculous, and it's clumsy. >> what i want to do is, like,


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