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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  December 16, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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do your rig right. shop online or find your store at it's now 7:00 eastern, 4:00 in the afternoon out west. thanks for being here, i'm ana cabrera in new york. president trump spending much of today on the internet posting on twitter starting very early this morning. a tweet storm lashing out at what he calls unfair news coverage. he didn't like "saturday night live," he compared his and president obama's border policies. he promoted his favorite news network, and as always, no collusion, and no less than five witch hunts in the space of just a few hours. president trump also added a new word to his list of insults for
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his former personal attorney, michael cohen, who has now flipped on the president and will start a three-year prison sentence soon. this from the president today. i'm quoting here. remember michael cohen only became a rat after the fbi did something which was absolutely unthinkable and unheard of until the witch-hunt was illegally started. cnn's boris sanchez is at the white house right now. boris, michael cohen is a rat, according to the president of the united states, but before he goes away in march, cohen may have even more to say on the record. >> reporter: that's right, ana. despite the fact that he admitted he lied to congress as part of his plea deal with the southern district of new york. elijah cummings today on state union with jake tapper said he would like to invite cohen back to capitol hill to testify once more. of course, cummings is the upcoming chair of the oversight in the white house and he believes there's still questions unanswered. listen to more from the
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representative. >> i'm hoping that mr. cohen will come before the congress where he can tell the american pick up exactly what he has been saying to mueller and others without interfering with the mueller investigation. i think the american people just voted for transparency and integrity in our hearings. they want to hear from him, and i certainly would like to see him come in the month of january before the congress so that the people's representatives will have on opportunity ask him questions. >> reporter: of course from the white house's perspective, michael cohen should not be taken seriously. rudy giuliani spent most of sunday morning trying to discredit the president's former fixer, suggesting he was a liar and not to be trusted. he did say, for example, that michael cohen, his claims about the president, could not be taken at face value, that we can only rely on his word to believe what he's saying. that's not the case. when you look at the filing from
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the southern district of new york, they have ample evidence that corroborates what michael cohen is saying. further, rudy giuliani continues to suggest these hush money payments were not campaign contributions paid by the president, that they were paid for personal reasons. of course, as you know, ana, michael cohen pled guilty to campaign finance violations based on those two payments. so there's what's happened in court and the posturing we're seen from rudy giuliani and others, ana. >> boris, also just released today, new nationwide opinion follow poll from nbc news and the "wall street journal." this poll covers a lot of issues, but look at this. on the question of whether the president has been truthful and honest about the russia investigation, a big number there, 62% say no. they see the president as not being honest. no mention, though, of this poll in the president's big tweet storm today. do we know if he's seen it?
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>> reporter: no, ana. no indication that the president has seen that sort of polling based on his previous responses to those kinds of questions, you would imagine he would say that those are fake polls. what isn't fake is the president's frustration over this russia investigation. you will recall in the past few weeks he tweeted out his approval waiting would be in the 70s based on a successful economy, hjudicial appointments and et cetera were it not for this investigation. that is a cloud that has hung over the administration. no matter how many times he tweets that he's been cleared, we won't actually know until robert mueller submits his final report, ana. >> boris sanchez, thanks for that reporting. i want to point out something else the poll found. it also reveals that 45% of americans want the investigation to continue compared to 34% who want to see it end. with us now, former adviser to four u.s. presidents both democrat and republican, gergda
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gergen. your reaction that two-thirds think trump is lying about russia? >> that's right, damaging for the president of the united states for more than half of the country thinks you're lying, one of the most important policy issues of the day. it must be discouraging for a lot of people working around him. but the truth is, you know, i think there will be democrats who think what about those other 40%? what are they not getting about this? i think there are a lot of people out there who just believe whatever happens, he's going to lie about it. the fact we've got these stunning numbers from "the washington post" that's been following this of over 6,000 lies are misstatements since he's been president, that's just -- you can remember back in american history it wasn't so long ago when i was groping and eisenhower was president,ize hour himself, one of his greatest regrets as president that she lied once in a big way
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about francis powers. he thought powers was dead and he lied about it. no, not us, and he brought him out and proved eisenhower a liar. that was once. i don't think there's any other record of him not telling truth. and that was the president for our presidents for a long time >> that is stunning. there's been facts, but not necessarily to just blatantly lie and not correct those lies if they are indeed mistakes or misstatements. but trump, you know, he uses words to his advantage. he's attacking the mueller investigation frequently, but mueller isn't the only one who is looking into this president. i want to show our viewers all of the trump entities currently under investigation by mueller and other jurisdictions. we're talking about his campaign, his transition team, his inaugural committee, his white house, his organization,
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his foundation. david as we mentioned, you have worked for both presidents clinton and nixon. have you ever seen this many investigations to this extent involving one president? >> no. it's far beyond anything we've ever seen before. what's striking, ana, about those numbers and the institutions you just put up, that is every organization he's run. all six of those organizations, all six organizations he's run as a professional are now under investigation of one kind or another by three different legal organizations. you have the mueller team, the federal team in the southern district of new york, the attorney general of the state of new york, now you have the congress looking into it. this is going on and on. it's beyond anything. it's the totality having this much damp eng on the president's capacity to govern. there's so many other issues out
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there that suggest illegality or cutting corners or, you know, things that you would not expect of a president of the united states, things if they had been revealed during a campaign, the vote likely would have gone another way. >> you were actually brought into the clinton administration during the early days to be an adult in the room, so to speak, to help bring some order. that's sort of the same thing we heard about general kelly who is now leaving. at the same time it seems the walls are really closing in. is that a good thing or a bad thing? >> well, in many ways, i thought having kelly leave right in the middle of when mueller seems to be coming down with his report within a matter of days, if not weeks. it was a bad time to change the manager of the white house. there's just too much.
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i do think the president given the choices he had made a smart choice in mulvaney to come in from the office of management and budget. on the face of it, he's the right person at the right time for the president. if the government is shutting down here in just a few days, as it looks apparent it may, you know, he have "l" have hwill ha experience. he is going to be there, i think, in the early days when the congress starts, democrats in the house start lining up investigations. he's worked in the house, been a member of the house, he has a lot of friends there. so you can look at this. he has a legal background, went to the unc, university of north carolina law school. all those things play in his hands, and the president trusts him. but underneath all of this, there is a question of how ideological is he going to be, how rigid is he going to be a
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chief of staff. usually he's the chief negotiator with capitol hill. mulvaney has a reputation of being a hard-liner, very stiff, very difficult. whether the democrats and he can get together and talk about things and find common solutions, i think that's a huge question over this. that's the big question hanging over it right now. >> we know how much president trump values loyalty, and yet listen to mick mulvaney shortly before the 2016 election. >> yes, i'm supporting donald trump. i'm doing so as enthusiastically as i can. smaft, i think he's a terrible human being. but the choice on the other side is just as bad. >> i know it was hard to hear, so we had the captions. but he called candidate trump a terrible human being. >> well, you know, the trump people do place a huge value on loyalty. looks like they've given mulvaney a free pass. they're forgiving him, but i will bet you there will be staff members who will be sniffing around all the time to see if
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he's really one of us, is this opportunism or is he dedicated to the president. there's reason to believe he's a real loyalist. frankly, in politics if someone goes over the line, one mistake, you shouldn't kill him. i think the real question is, does he ever breathe anything, ever breathe such a sentiment in the future. >> susan collins was on "state of the union" this morning. listen for yourself. >> sounds like you think it would be a good thing for the country and a good thing for the party for the president? >> it's really not my choice. it's the choice of those individuals. but i see nothing wrong with challengers. that is part of our democratic system. >> that is astounding saying they're okay with someone challenging the current republican president? >> yes, i agree with you, ana.
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the real issue, because susan collins is seen as an outlier on issues like this. the question will be will that spread. even a corker or flake could raise hackles if they came out that hard. even in ohio which is so important to both parties, he's in the wings making noises that he might take on the president. i think the truth is that at this point unless things change, anybody who goes up against this president within his base is going to get crushed but that person may also force the president more to the center for national election purposes. no matter who you are, if you're a sitting president, you do not like a challenger in a place like iowa or new hampshire. that kind of person we saw with
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george h.w. bush. pat buchanan ran against him and it damaged him even though bush won the primary. >> david gergen, appreciate you taking the time as always. >> thanks, ana. >> thank you. up next, by the way, in the next hour i should say, ryan nobles will break down a brand-new poll from cnn in a des moines register. tonight it's the republicans, what iowa caucus gories think about a potential challenger to trump. stay tuned for that. another cnn poll revealing in the race for 2020, which is already in full swing, the obvious lesson is that at this early stage being well-known is the key. we'll break down those numbers and we'll talk about it with a congressman ro canna. plus we speak for the trees. dr. seuss makes an appearance in court, but it's not what you think. we'll explain. a judge's unusual ruling and raise a glass as we all trod off
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monongahela. a democratic showdown brewing for the 2020 white house race. now an early look at who the top contenders might be. it's early, but this is a new des moines register poll which is the all-important first caucus state. joe biden leading the pack right now with 32% support. senator bernie sanders 19%. texas congressman beto o'rourke, 11%. and elizabeth warren with 8%. largely echoing a national cnn poll from december 6th. you see the percent to three there, are the same top three. i want to discuss this with a sitting house democrat, congressman ro khanna of california.
4:19 pm
congressman, good to have you with us this evening. two polls out this week with the same top three democrats, biden, sanders, and beto o'rourke. any surprises there? >> no. i think we're going to have a very strong field. the polls reflect name i.d., obviously the former vice president, bernie sanders finished as the runner up. b warren is a national figure. you'll also see dark horses emerge when the campaign gets going. >> beto o'rourke has had a lot of energy around him, but i want to ask you about this since you are the vice chair of the progressive caucus. with a lead shahid told axios this. he says i can't remember anything from beto's campaign that seems like a big policy idea. he's like emmanuel macron, super charismatic, but then on policy
4:20 pm
he's going to surround himself with wall street backers because he doesn't have really strong ideas. do you share those concerns? >> well, i don't think he's like macron who's a neoliberal. beto and i founded no pac caucus. one of the ideas he had was not taking pac money, and that is a big idea. i do think there will be other great progressives like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and they should all debate the issues, but i don't think it's healthy to be attacking any of her candidates before the race has even begun. >> i'm glad you brought them up because we're learning they met this week to talk 2020. you worked with both of them. they kind of occupy similar space in terms of the electorate. who do you think is the stronger candidate between the two of them? >> i've got to sit down and look at their platforms. i think they both have strengths. elizabeth warren has done so much on issues of holding wall
4:21 pm
street accountable and economic policy. bernie sanders has just helped stop the war in yemen and had the success with jeff bezos in getting a raise of $15 an hour for amazon workers. my view is they're two of the greatest progressive leaders in recent times, and they both would be great candidates. of course, i would make a decision as the campaign unfolds. >> of course. so much can and will happen between now and 2020. but we do know just next month democrats will be taking over the house. we heard a lot of talk about shaking things up in terms of oversight in this administration. there's the talk about whether impeachment proceedings should begin. take a listen now to republican senator roy blunt who is part of the clinton impeachment process. >> do you regret the impeachment process? >> i looked at ken starr's book. looking back at that would not want to rush to anything that
4:22 pm
has all the ramifications impeachment has. if i was giving advice to my friends in the house, most of the chairmen i would have served with, my advice would be legislate, don't investigate, if you want to be awarded with the continued opportunity to be in control of the house of representatives. >> legislate, don't investigate, he says. does he make a point about political repercussions? >> it's a little bit ironic for him to be giving that advice given his own role in the impeachment of president clinton, that mcconnell did nothing but obstruct president obama. that said, i think there's a choice that needs to be made. of course query going to legislate to protect the affordable care act and have medicare for all, we'll have a $15 minimum wage, a positive agenda, but we also have a constitutional responsibility to hold this president accountable to look at the mueller report, to look at evidence. that's what we're sworn to do. so we can do both.
4:23 pm
>> but this conversation was in reference to the clinton impeachment which, as you know, turned out to be a bad political gamble for republicans. >> i don't think you can compare trump's actions with president clinton. i mean, president clinton was an inappropriate affair with an intern, no one defends that. but with donald trump you have so much evidence, i mean, you have the issues about what happened with russia, you have the issues into his finances, you have auvz campaign finance violations. you have issues of an abuse of the executive office. so it's very, very serious and it would be a dereliction of duty not to at least hold hearings and look into the matter. i'm not saying we jump to conclusions or make that our only focus, but that is our responsibility being members of congress regardless of the politics. we're sworn to hold this president accountable. >> it's also your responsibility to keep the government running. less than a week from now we
4:24 pm
could see a government shutdown. you are on the house budget committee. sticking point is the funding for trump's border wall. will democrats meet trump halfway on this. we heard your colleague representative jackie speier signal she could budge that you remember up to $2.5 billion up from the 1.6 if daca recipients were given a path to citizenship. do you concur? >> i'm open to looking at it, but not in the context of keeping the government open. we should not have to fund the wall to keep government running. the president is holding the entire country hostage for millions of dollars that he wants on his wall, and there's no correlation. fund the government, next year we can have a debate about the immigration issues, but don't hold hostage the united states government for your own agenda. so i respect nancy pelosi's position that we're not going to cave on funding the wall to keep the government open.
4:25 pm
>> congressman ro khanna, good you have to with us. looks like a beautiful day there in san jose, california. i hope you can get out and enjoy a little bit. happy holidays. >> thank you, ana. happy holidays to you. >> thank you. the all-clear finally called as anxious families are finally getting the chance to return home. what victims of california's deadly camp fire are facing after their journey back. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." boom. enjoy your prime rib! anyone ever call you, "meat santa"? no, that's... weird. happy holidays. enjoy. next customer? -morning. -morning. -what do we got? -keep an eye on that branch. might get windy. have a good shift. fire pit. last use -- 0600. i'd stay close. morning. ♪
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♪ there's no place likargh!e ♪ i'm trying... ♪ yippiekiyay. ♪ mom. ♪ we mentioned how president trump has been on a twitter terror today starting early with
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anger over media coverage, "saturday night live" skits. a few hours later he touched on the issue of child separations at the border claiming the separation process was much worse under barack obama, warning at a that if people are not separated, more will come, and alleging that smugglers use kids. well, let's fact check that. first of all, president trump's claims that the current separation policy is better than that of the bush and obama administrations are simply not true. and the department of homeland security has never provided any proof when asked about smugglers using children to cross the border, despite the president repeatedly making this claim. what we have is 2,000 children who've been separated from their parents between april and may, after then-attorney general sessions ordered prosecutors to pursue criminal charges against all migrants who cross the border illegally. in many cases, those parents have been deported back to their
4:31 pm
countries. while the children were left in legal limbo here in the united states. in june, the trump administration said it would end that policy, but according to the department of homeland security, 81 children were still separated from family members after being apprehended. we have news of a 7-year-old who died within 48 hours of being taken into u.s. border patrol custody. ed lavandera will tell us about this little girl and her final days and hours. >> reporter: this all started on the night of thursday, december 6th, a little more than a week ago where dhs officials say their first came into contact with this father and seven-year-old jakelin caal maquin at 9:15 that thursday night. they had crossed the border and
4:32 pm
turned themselves into border toll agents. they were with a large group that had done the exact same thing. they were taken into custody. in the process of being moved from the border check point 95 miles up the road to new mexico, they were on the second bus out of there, which didn't leave until about 4:30 in the morning on this friday morning. it was on that bus ride that dhs officials and the father also confirmed that jakelin started showing signs of distress, vomiting and complaining of being sick on that bus ride. the father has said and other sources over the weekend have said the father is grateful for the efforts of border troll agents inside the bus and the later medical professionals that would tend to her. we were told that he felt they did everything possible to save the young girl's life. but the question still remains as to how she got sick and so sick that she passed away.
4:33 pm
she was there airlifted to a hospital here in el paso several hours later, and it wasn't until the early morning hours of saturday morning, almost about 27 hours after being taken into custody, when she passed away at that hospital in el paso, texas, with her father by her side, ana. >> ed, the rest of the family is pushing for an investigation now. what can you tell us about what they're seeking here? >> reporter: even though the father is saying that he believes those border patrol agents did everything they could to save the young girl's life, they do push back and dispute the way department of homeland security officials initially reported this story, essentially saying that the girl had gone several days without food and water. the father says that is not the case, that on the journey up to the border she had been properly fed and hydrated all along the way, that they had traveled by bus from guatemala to the border, and it wasn't until they
4:34 pm
were in border patrol custody that she showed signs of distress. one of the other things in the words of the father's lawyer they found unacceptable is they had this father sign a form saying that their daughter was healthy. that form was in english. this father does not -- spanish is his second language. his first language is an indigenous guatemalan language. >> ed lavandera in el paso. five weeks since the camp fire ignited in northern california, and just yesterday all evacuation orders were finally lifted, allow residents to return to their homes. for most, all that is left is ash and rubble. the camp firele ravaged butte county, especially the town of paradise, killing 86 people and burning nearly 14,000 structures. remember the lorax? a federal appeals judge remembered the dr. seuss classic
4:35 pm
when giving a ruling about a pipeline. the court slammed the u.s. forest service for granting the permits in the first place, adding the forest service has no authority over the appalachian trail. in subject up their decision, the judges took a page out of the lorax. we trust the forest service to speak tot trees, for the trees have no tongues. cnn gained exclusive access deep inside a sophisticated system of tunnels on the border of israel and lebanon. details on who allegedly bill built them, next. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." on by l'oreal. matte without the flat. up to 24 hours. resists, sweat heat humidity now available in even more shades. infallible pro-matte foundation by l'oreal paris. not in this house.? 'cause that's no ordinary family. that's your family. which is why you didn't grab just any cheese. you picked up new kraft expertly paired cheddar and swiss for eggs. beat that!
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4:40 pm
from lebanon into israel, and they say this tunnel was built by hezbollah for the express purpose of killing israelis. >> reporter: there's a secret in this hole, those responsible prefer you not to know. we drop a camera down past tens of meters of hard limestone to reveal a sophisticated tunnel complete with ventilation, lights. it's large enough for an nba player to stand in. srael says it's the work of hezbollah, the lebanese militant group with ties to iran. it was important for them to drill as close to this wall as possible, and that's because on the other side is lebanon. what they wanted to show is how hezbollah's tunnel began in lebanon and entered israel. finding this tunnel wasn't so much on what they saw, but rather, on what they heard.
4:41 pm
vibrations from drilling exposed the digging. this video shows when the lebanese militants first discovered their tunnels were no longer a secret. in that video we see an explosion. what can you tell me about that? >> the explosion, we decided not to kill those people walking in the tunnel. it was a warning for the other side to stay out of the tunnels. we have the tunnels bobby trapped. >> reporter: four tunnels have been uncovered so far. the army expects to find more. israel says they violate a 12-year-old ceasefire. u.n. peace keepers who monitor the border are investigating. secret, sophisticated technology provides a location, then they start to drill. there's little margin for error. >> if the drill is half a meter to the right or half a meter to the left, that's it, you're out. you're not in the tunnel and you didn't achieve your goal? like finding a needle in a
4:42 pm
haystack >> reporter: uncovering them early has been a threat. but they had the potential to do harm. thousands of civilians living near the border at risk of kidnapping or worse. a senior hezbollah official previously told cnn the group was surprised by israel's operation, but neither confirmed nor denied they were digging tunnels. meanwhile, israel continues to dig down to build up security. ian leads, cnn, on israelose northern border with lebanon. it is a holiday classic you may have already watched this year. "saturday night live" now taking a page from "it's a wonderful life" to imagine a world without a president trump. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." it's a long-distance journey, and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for over 10 years. humira works inside the body
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of trump's administration is out. president trump announced on twitter, of course, that secretary of interior ryan zinke will leave his post at the end of the year. zinke's departure is just the latest in a string of staff shakeups within the trump administration. that brings us to the weekend presidential brief a segment we air every sunday night highlighting some of the most pressing national security information the president will need when he wakes up tomorrow. joining us now is cnn national security analyst and former national security counsel adviser sam vinograd. sam, i know you have supported numerous communications with foreign officials.
4:48 pm
how does the latest personnel shakeup impact national security? >> ana, we're in a high-risk environment. when i was at the white house, we couldn't dedicated threat assessments around the holidays from it's a high-risk time. more americans are traveling, there are a lot of high-profile events and terrorist try to take advantage of those opportunities. that's when you have a fully staffed cabinet and a fully-focused president. it's a different ball game this year. in between responding to the investigation, making personnel decisions and tweeting,st unclear how the president has time to focus on security threats. and his lack of focus is known around the world. terrorist may try to strike when the iron is hot, and that's why going into the holidays, the best thing the president could do right now is meet with his national security team. >> i understand you believe that
4:49 pm
foreign intelligence services have the you were hand right now over u.s.? >> 100%. in the global spy games arena, it is very clear that the playing field is woefully uneven, and that's because key americans, including the president, have forgotten core counterintelligence. if foreigners start contacting you, you didn't suddenly win a popularity contest. foreign agents targeted americans to influence decisions that's why reporting for an outreach and foreign contact is so important. even if you do, in the age of social media, foreign intelligence services have the you were hand because of the president's open-book twitter policy. foreign agents used to have to work hard to figure out what makes a u.s. president tick. now literally at zero cost they just have to follow him on
4:50 pm
twitter. we do not have the same luxury when it comes to our rivals like president putin and president xi jinping. so from an operational security perspective, the president's posture on social media undercuts his we have talked about jared kushner and his close relationship with the saudi crown prince. given what you just said, could that relationship come in happy right now? >> well, it could come in handy when it comes to yemen. the president and jared kushner are standing with the crown prince of saudi arabia, and the u.n. just brokered a really important cease-fire around a key port in yemen that's critical to get humanitarian assistance in. unfortunately, there's reporting that the saudi-led coalition and the rebels in yemen are already breaking the cease-fire, so the president and jared kushner should leverage their relationship with the crown prince, pick up the phone and tell the saudis that maintaining the cease-fire and letting humanitarian assistance in is a core priority for them. >> sam vinograd, good to have yu with us. >> thank you. you've probably heard red
4:51 pm
win is good for you. you've probably also heard it's bad for you. so which is it? a cnn reality check in just minutes. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." ♪city fallout let our lungs breathe♪ ♪can you hold me, i can't even speak♪ ♪oh my, here it goes♪ ♪'cause this is already bigger♪ ♪this is already bigger than love♪ [♪] dare to be devoted. jared®
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♪ ingenious space- neat nest™ by fasaving design. so you can go from this... to this. farberware neat nest™. stacked & intact™ instead of "it's a will wonderful life." it's a wonderful trump. "saturday night live" spoofing the holiday classic, reimagining what life would be like if donald trump weren't elected president. watch. >> michael cohen, shouldn't you be in jail after you flipped on me? >> what? i would never ever flip on you. you're my best friend, and since it's christmas i just want to say that you taught me everything i know.
4:56 pm
>> oh, come on, michael. >> no, no, no, it's true. every single thick i've done is because you've directed me to do it. i have something for you. >> subpoena or your final report? >> no. report, no, no. it's a picture of my grandson. i've been spending so much more time with him since i don't have to investigate some idiot for treeson. >> wow. this night has put everything in perspective. i've had an epiphany. i guess the world does need me to be president after all. >> yeah, that was not the lesson at all. >> president trump clearly not finding humor in that sketch tweeting a real scandal is the one-sided work. hour by hour of networks like nbc and democrat spin machines like "saturday night live." it is all nothing less than unfair news coverage and dem commercials. should be tested in courts. can't be legal. only defame and belittle.
4:57 pm
collusion? well, you've probably heard red wine is good for you. you've probably also heard it's bad for you. john avlon cuts through the confusion in the cnn reality check. >> reporter: it's holiday party season, and it's a safe bet that there will be wine involved. what's the veritas about wine actually because one day it will kill you and the next will save your life, according to studies. the stud list give you whiplash or as comedian ellen degeneres tells you. >> a new study finds that studies are disturbing. >> reporter: a brand-new study from the american medical association says the so-called mediterranean diet skip red meat for fish along with the occasional glass of red wine will cut your risk for heart disease and stroke. this was a big study, tracking 26,000 women for 12 years.
4:58 pm
in the end they determined the diet, including moderate amounts of red wine, cut women's heart disease risk by 25%. that's the good news. back in august, the medical journal "lancet" said no amount of alcohol is good for you, not even a little bit. defining that little bit is, as you guessed, it our humble four-ounce glass of red wine. in 2016 alcohol accounted for nearly 3 million deaths, contributing to everything from alcohol-related cancers which i didn't even know were a thing to tuberculosis and violence and traffic accidents, even drowning and fires. it's enough to make you swear off the booze forever. but hold on because back in april there was another study in the very same journal that says moderate alcohol consumption actually cuts the risk of a heart attack. the study is a bit schizophrenic because it says each glass of wine over the weekly recommended five could cut one half hour off your life. before you imagine your bartender as the grim reaper, a year before found that a glass
4:59 pm
of red wine for women and two for men cut the risk of heart attack by 30% and another study said alcohol lowered type due dabetes by 40%. five studies that don't agree with each other and one barely agrees with itself so when it comes to wine, what's actually good? well, we don't definitively know. everybody is different. if you abstained so facts and circumstances keep it that way no. need to start drinking now unless possibly you've been indicted, but if you're a vino lover try to stick to one glass of red wine by dinner. you can be inspired by about the surprise news that even keith richards has given up drink after a lifetime-of-legendry success. instead indulging in an occasional glass of would inand why i'd never counsel anyone to follow the rolling stone's plan for lifelong health coat richards has come to this bit of classical wisdom, all things in moderation. and that's your reality check.
5:00 pm
>> top of the hour, you're live in the "cnn newsroom." hello on this sunday, i'm ana cabrera in new york. president trump spending much of his weekend, today at least, on the internet posting on twitter starting very early this morning in a tweet storm lashing out at what he called unfair news coverage. he didn't like "saturday night live." he compared his and president obama's border policies and promoted his favorite news network and as always no collusion and no less than five witch-hunts in the space of just a few hours. president trump adding a new word to his list of insults aimed at his former personal attorney and fixer michael cohen who has now flipped on the president and will soon start serving a three-year prison term. this from the president today. quote, remember michael cohen only became a rat after the fbi did something which was absolutely unthinkble and unheard of until the witch hunt was illegally started. cnn's boris sanchez is at the white house right now. boris, so


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