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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  December 28, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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next job and then it turned out millions of people were watching me do it. >> maybe you know me and maybe you don't. or maybe you heard of me. but never saw me or maybe you used to know me but don't know me any more. one time in my life i was famous and it seemed like everyone knew me. >> love, gilda airs new year's day 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. and "the lead" starts right now. looks like the president has found himself a theme for the week. shut it down! "the lead" starts right now. first, the federal government now apparently it's time to shut down the border. president trump's new threat as democrats prepare to take over the house with the big lawyers wanted sign outside. plus, never thought we would ever ask this, but what does a nude selfie have to do with robert mueller's russia investigation? yes, there is a real answer. and supreme court justice clarence thomas' wife sharing on
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facebook much more than their holiday pics. the controversial highly political post she is promoting and how it could impact the high court. welcome to "the lead," i'm dana bash in for jake tapper. and we begin this friday afternoon with the politics lead. a new year, a new congress fast approaching, president trump issues another shutdown threat. this time, the warning is that he may seal off the entire southern border with mexico and insisting the federal government will not reopen until he gets his billions in wall funding. day seven of the partial shutdown and neither side is giving ground. white house press secretary, sarah sanders, telling cnn the president has been in the office for the past several hours and making calls all morning. but it seems much more of his attention has been on his twitter feed. cnn's jessica dean joins me now from the white house. jessica, we learned today the president will stay in
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washington through new year's instead of going to his mar-a-lago club in florida. but that does not signal there is necessarily a breakthrough, right? >> reporter: right. that's the case and how it appears right now, dana. of course, we're going to see how things unfold over the next several days, but the president was supposed to spend christmas at mar-a-lago and new year's. they hold a big new year's party there. he was planning to attend, but democrats and republicans remain very far apart on these negotiations. now we know that president trump will be spending new year's here as this shutdown drags on. as rain poured on washington friday, president trump unleashed a tweetstorm, threatening to close the southern border with mexico. the president writing, the united states loses so much money on trade with mexico under nafta, over $75 billion a year that he would consider closing the southern border, quote, a profit-making operation. repeating, either we build, finish the wall or we close the border.
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the tweets coming as the partial government shutdown enters its seventh day. the white house has found its strategy, blame nancy pelosi. >> this all comes down to mrs. pelosi's speakership. she does not have the votes and if she cuts a deal with the president of any sort before her election on january 3rd, she's at risk of losing her speakership. so we're in this for the long haul. >> nancy pelosi, in fairness, does not have the votes for the speakership yet. she cannot be seen by her party as being weak on negotiating with donald trump. >> reporter: but pelosi likely does have the votes and is expected to become speaker when the new house convenes on january 3. her spokesperson issued a statement on thursday, saying in part, quote, democrats have offered republicans three options to reopen the government that include funding for strong, sensible and effective border security. but not the president's immoral, ineffective and expensive wall. another part of the white house strategy, keep president trump in washington. >> we actually talked about it
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with him late last night. the president has been here, by the way, all weekend, all christmas. he's staying in washington, d.c., over new years, cancelled his plans for christmas. cancelled his plans for new year's. >> reporter: the first lady returned to florida to spend new year's with their son at mar-a-lago, leaving the president alone in the white house as he tweeted on christmas eve. and we do know that the president has been here having meetings, making phone calls in the oval office, dana. but, again, still no movement from the white house on the partial government shutdown, and nothing moving forward at this point. >> sure doesn't look that way, jessica. thanks so much for that report. here with my panel, happy friday, everybody. bill crystal, do you think shutting the southern border is a real possibility, or is this just twitter talk? >> just twitter talk, i think. the big thing that's happened in the last couple of months, i think, is things we dismissed as just talk, and at the end of the day, didn't -- the president didn't follow through on. he started to follow through on. syria being the most obvious example. he has said for months, all of
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his presidency, we have troops too many places, needed to end these wars. and then various people, hr mcmaster, jim mattis, john kelly, were able to sort of stop him from doing something rash. he has moved from speaking rationally to acting rationally. so i would normally say, of course, he's not really going to close the border. >> and those three people you just named are gone. >> right. and who knows what stunt he'll pull next week to seize the political initiative on the border or something ridiculous like that. >> what do you think, alice? >> what's shocking to me, look, i voted for this president. i didn't vote for him on thinking that mexico was going to pay for this wall. all the republicans out there that did vote for him, they have to be scratching their heads right now. they have to be going, what happened to the art of the deal maker? look, he's had several opportunities to make this right. he didn't follow through. mexico is supposed to pay for this wall. they didn't pay for it. he said originally -- had a daca deal on the table, and wanted to get $5 billion. i was expecting him to come in the middle. he has had several opportunities
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to make this thing work. and if i was a republican, i would certainly be frustrated. and now the talk about closing the border and now he's threatening the caravan is coming back in. it doesn't make sense. i had confidence that the deal-maker was going to make a deal on this. it doesn't seem to be happening. >> you voted for him on a deal. a lot of his base voted for him on disrupting and staying the course. and you mentioned the caravan. this is what he said today in this tweet. word is that a new caravan is forming in honduras, and they're doing nothing about it. we have seen this movie before, leading up to the election. then he stopped talking about it. this is a big flashing sign saying, base, base, stay with me, stay with me, right? >> absolutely. but i think if we remember correctly, it didn't really work in the midterm elections, either. the immigration and the scare tactics at the border, the president saying that these migrants are coming into the country, we have to stop them. that didn't work. largely, the american people rebut that message, and they
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have now sent -- they will be sending democrats to the house and in control of the house of representatives come january 3. i remember when the president did shut down a piece of the border. he shut down the busiest port of entry between the united states and mexico earlier this year. matter of fact, it was in november. it seems like it was so long ago. so i don't think donald trump is -- these are empty or idle threats here. what needs to happen, though, is folks do not need to kowtow to the president's temper tantrum. that's exactly what this is. three deals on the table. the senate passed. will mitch mcconnell keep his word, so on and so forth. but there are tangible things on the table that can happen. >> one of the things that could be on the table is something that the "washington post" editorial page talked about. and here's what it is. democrats should let him have funding for the wall in return for a permanent fix to the immigration status of the dreame dreamers. people brought to this country who have been living otherwise
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lawful and productive american lives. this would be a grand bargain that would give both sides something to brag about. this is something that has been on the table in the past. it fell apart. people like lindsey graham on the republican side, tim kaine on the democratic side have said in the past maybe is this something we can do. but the leadership has so far said not now. what do you think? >> i think -- i mean, the president cannot be counted on for any type of deal. i mean, he had this before. he rebuffed it. this is what i believe democrats must do. they must hold strong on this. >> no deal on dreamers. >> no. we need a deal on dreamers. not only do we need a deal on dreamers, but we need real immigration reform. the congress continues, and this president included, to continue to kick that down the road. it's not going away. we have to deal with it. but dealing with it, with the shadow of this wall, is really no way to deal with it. let's do the things that are necessary to protect our borders, protect them holistically, but not just based
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on the wall so that the president will have red meat to throw to his base. and furthermore, the attacks on poorer nations like guatemala. i hope the american people understand, only about 1% of our budget is given to that kind of aid to other countries who are in need and are impoverished. and that is no answer, especially given the deaths that have just happened, you know, at our border of young children. we should put ourselves in their position, too. even if we don't agree with it. >> and you talk about trump's base. i think there is another key point in this op-ed and i think this -- putting a little onus on the democrats. they talk about there is really not a difference on the policy here. both republicans and democrats do want to secure the border. and democrats have been fined with a secure fence in the past in 2006. but the fact they don't want this, because this is trump's wall, this is base-pleasing polarization as i talk about in this piece. the democrats could be able to come a little bit closer to this president on this, but they don't want to do it, because this is trump's big --
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>> the issue for next week and i think it will be interesting to see what happens and you'll be reporting on it, i'm sure, what about the senate republicans? basically, i think nancy pelosi has to for now stick with the democratic position and repass the cr that the senate -- >> which had no money. >> they may add some disaster relief, which had no money for the border wall. trump will say unacceptable. the senate republicans are in the middle. and so far over the first two years, the senate republicans have basically gone along with donald trump. i really think that's in question now. i think if you're a mitch mcconnell, given everything that's happened in the last couple of months, you start to think, i don't know, are we just going to stick with trump on a government shutdown here that's unpopular? and that seems -- for a wall -- >> because they got burned. >> nobody wants. nobody wants this wall. all of -- except donald trump. you're right. donald trump wants -- but no! >> that's not nothing. >> but people polled, mpr, nbc news hour poll two to three
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weeks ago said they did not support shutting down the government over this border wall. so no one wants the government shutdown over this wall. so i thought this "washington post" op-ed, i was hooked. donald trump is throwing a temper tantrum. if you give into the bully, the temper tantrum, you have to give in every time after that. no give. >> that's the key. it just can't be about the wall. and that's why i want to keep coming back to congress and president, do your job. comprehensive immigration reform. let's find a fix for dhaaca, unfortunate. >> everybody, stand by. lawyer, lawyer, lawyer. because, calling all lawyers, if you have experience in criminal investigation, immigration, constitutional, bankruptcy law, democrats are looking for you. their strategy to take on trump is next. skpru heaand have you heard about robert mueller and the nude selfie in russia? except it's not a joke. we'll also explain next. little things can be a big deal.
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welcome back. sticking with our politics lead, we're days away from democrats taking control of the house and likely launching a series of investigations into the trump administration as well as the trump organization. and to staff up, democrats on key committees are on a hiring spree, looking for top investigators and lawyers. cnn's phil mattingly is on a very quiet capitol hill. phil, first let's start with where things stand, if anywhere, on the shutdown talks. >> yeah, if you can hear an echo right now when i'm talking to you, dana, it's because there is a distinct lack of humans on capitol hill right now. lawmakers are gone, staff are not here. in fact, i just walked by majority leader mitch mcconnell's office, the friday morning papers still out in front of his office, because it never opened for the day. the reality is, at the highest levels, there just isn't any progress. nobody is moving forward, negotiations are not ongoing. there are not proposals being tossed back and forth. dana, i know you've been hearing and jake tapper has been hearing that on the rank and file level,
1:17 pm
there are discussions about trying to figure out some kind of path forward, whether some type of broad appropriations deal with maybe a $1 billion fund for immigration priorities or maybe even including daca. those things could ripen eventually, but right now they're not. and the next thing people are pointing to is when house democrats take the majority. nancy pelosi made very clear that as speaker shortly after everyone is sworn in, she will move quickly to pass perhaps a series of bills to reopen the government, kick them over to the senate. i don't think the senate is going to move on them without the president's signoff so where this ends up is anybody's question. but when you look to next week and you look to democrats taking the majority, you also have to look at those investigations. democrats on investigative committees doubling their staff, not only do they get more power and subpoena power when they take the majority, they also get more money. and some of the investigations they're looking into, the president's taxes, his business dealings, his cabinet officials and what they have done. no shortage of targets, no shortage of overlap between those committees. for months, democratic leaders and colleagues have been meeting
1:18 pm
to try and map out potential targets. one thing we know for a fact, they will be hiring and hiring a lot of lawyers. what they come up with, still an open question, dana. >> sure is, phil. hope you find a friend up there. thank you so much. appreciate it. back around the table. nina, you always give important perspective from the real world. from your home state of ohio. as a democrat, hearing that democrats are getting ready to investigate a whole bunch of things that, you know, republicans, as they have been in control haven't necessarily done when it comes to their oversight responsibility, do you have any cautionary advice for how far they should go, knowing what you know about how people in the midwest and elsewhere view washington and view the democrats? >> glad you asked me that question. i went to 40 states over the last year. so it's not just my great state of ohio. while the democrats are investigating, certainly the republicans did abdicate their responsibility to be a check and balance on this president. no doubt about it.
1:19 pm
just pure politics, for nobody else's benefit but republicans. however, memo to the democrats. people want to see some implementation. medicare for all. hello, the majority of american people support that. we need to do something about it. a green new deal is something else they can do. so while they're investigating, i hope to god that they plan to implement some policies that have a benefit to the american people. if there is something there, bring it out. let's have at it. but at the same time, the fact they're staffing up for that, and i don't hear anything else about what types of policies they want to push and how they want to use their position of power, their new-found position that the american people gave them to help the american people troubles me. >> and that's a great -- good concern. simply because if the news comes out and it turns out, as the optics of what is being done on their side is more about investigating as opposed to legislating, that's going to be an issue. and the president and republicans will drive that home. so as she says, let's see some
1:20 pm
of what their agenda is, once they take over in the house and make sure that people understand that. because this president, as he has done with the mueller probe, which i disagree with his language on this, but as he has done with the mueller probe, he continues to drive the message home that it is a witch hunt. there is nothing there. there is no there there. and he will try and do the same. attempt to do the same with the democrats, if it appears that is their main focus heading into the new session. >> simone, do you agree with nina, democrats have to be careful of overreach? >> i also think democrats ran on and got elected on putting a check on this president but protecting health care. making sure that there are not -- making sure there is a policy for hard-working americans in this country and not tax cuts for billionaires, millionaires and companies. and so i think democrats very well understand what it is they have to do. part of what i think is important in the messaging is that they demonstrate and communicate to the american people that oversight is a necessary part of congress' job. that i know that the republican-held congress for a really long time has abdicated that responsibility, but congress is a coequal branch of
1:21 pm
government to the executive, and they have to do oversight. yes, they have to legislate, but we cannot just abdicate for fear of what the president is going to tweet. >> and bill, the president has taken this line and turned it into something different. he calls it presidential harassment. listen to this. >> well, then it's probably presidential harassment. and we know how to handle that. i think i handle that better than anybody. >> whatever that means. look, i think the drama, actually, though -- the focus of attention is going to be on the senate side. once you get over the drama of the turnover in the house, with the new speaker that happens, that's big. but think about it. the senate confirms, the house doesn't. an attorney general confirmation, a question of whether the new attorney general commits to protecting the mueller investigation. we could have a supreme court nomination or two. i mean, that's a senate thing, not a house thing. and, you know, you can tell them they should legislate, but at the end of the day, the mitch mcconnell is not going to pass a
1:22 pm
lot of nancy pelosi legislation, anyway. so i actually think the drama for me for the next six to nine months in washington is senate republicans. do they -- do they stick with trump on everything? do they begin to break? do you get a triangulation with republicans, senate republicans, house democrats and trump? does trump try to triangulate against them? he could sit down with nancy pelosi and they could agree on an infrastructure bill that busts the budget, which trump has no concerns about, apparently and some republicans in the senate don't like. so when you have a split congress, it's always unpredictable and more interesting. because there are more moving parts than when you have sort of two houses of republican congress against a democratic president or something like that. >> i don't disagree with the points that bill is making. however, democrats were elected in the house to serve the people. so whether or not senator mcconnell is going to pass any of their policies, you have got the power now. show the american people how if you have both chambers, you would legislate on their behalf. while they keep the president in check. >> health care is a really
1:23 pm
important point here, i think. look, there has been an assault on health care in this country. and democrats were elected in part because republicans were running amok with the american people's health care. so -- i think that's something they have to take care. >> stand by. we have a lot more to talk about, including whether democrats should play nice with the president, as bill suggested possibly could happen or would the resistance approach work best? well, a red state democratic senator who tried it both ways will join me with his advice for his party, next.
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we're back with our politics lead, and seven days into the government shutdown, president trump is now threatening to close down the entire southern border if he doesn't get funding for a border wall. joining me now is outgoing democratic senator, joe donnelly of indiana. senator, thank you so much for coming on with me. so we are -- >> thank you very much. >> thank you. we are in day seven of this partial shutdown. what do you think the end game is here? >> well, we voted, you know, before christmas in an agreement with the administration on a $1.3 billion number. and the president changed his mind the next day. and so the biggest problem is, we need to find out, you know, when the president will say -- will take yes for an answer, has been the problem. and so the end game here, it's
1:29 pm
going to eventually get to a point where the house will be having nancy pelosi as speaker, and they'll send over a $1.3 billion bill, i imagine. something like that. look, there's a way that we can do this, but the president is not going to get his border wall. not with the change that's coming. and so, you know, there are opportunities here, but that's not going to be part of it. the president can talk about changes around the edges as an improvement, as a win, as getting him closer to a border wall. but i think that's the discussion that's coming. >> that's interesting. because you are somebody who looked for areas of a compromise. but you think that this is just not an area where democrats should or would compromise. he should just forget about the wall? >> well, i don't think you're going to find that the funding is going to be there for the wall. you know, there are things that can be done where there's additional funding for drug interdictions, for instance. we lost over 70,000 americans this past year to drug
1:30 pm
overdoses. much of it is coming across the border from mexico. we know that southern command and northern command, i've served on the armed services committee, are desperately short of funds to stop the drugs coming in. and so maybe there could be an additional plus to work on stopping those drugs from coming in, on working at the border crossings where those drugs are coming in. but there won't be funding for the wall. >> very interesting. so you are serving in your last few days of congress right now. so is missouri senator claire mccaskill, who, like you, was defeated in november. she sat down with cnn's manu raju to talk about republicans you serve with and what they really think about the president. take a listen. >> now, they'll tell you, if it's just the two of you, you know, the guy is nuts. you know, he doesn't have a grasp of the issues, he doesn't -- he's making brash decisions, he's not listening to the people who know the subject matter. but in public, if they go after him, they know they get a
1:31 pm
primary. and they know that's tough. >> senator, have you heard similar things from your gop colleagues? >> well, we know they're very, very concerned about the primary situation. and look, in the work we do, everything is based on your word. and your word is your bond. and like early last year or this year, we put together an agreement to do the border wall, as well as daca funding. ten democrats, ten republicans. it was a team effort. the president said, if you do this, i'll get this -- i'll move it forward. we all kind of looked at each other and we knew that we could get this done, we'll get it to that point. and it may well sink at the white house that night, because having the word, yeah, i'm going to stand by this and do it, doesn't always work with this president. that what it is today is very different tomorrow. and all my colleagues know that. >> and -- but on the notion that republicans, you know, in the cloak room, on the floor, are
1:32 pm
saying to you and your fellow democrats, that kind of thing, or as senator mccaskill said, they think he's nuts or whatever -- you know, choose your adjective. are you hearing that, as well? >> well, what i'm hearing is that they're really concerned about the judgment. that we know as a senate how to get out of this process. but we don't know how we ever get an agreement out of the white house, for instance, on the wall. there's paths there that we have all talked about and that can get done, but the problem is it then gets to the point where there is an agreement one day and then the next day they listen to rush limbaugh and everything changes. and so that's the problem, is there's no consistency from day-to-day. >> i'm going to ask you about your party, about the democratic party. you lost in indiana in november. mccaskill, we just talked about, lost in missouri. heidi heitkamp lost in north
1:33 pm
dakota. the democratic party was already receding to the coast, even more so now. so can the democratic party be viable without appealing to the interior of the country where you live and where you represent? >> i don't know how you do that. i mean, i was fortunate enough -- i got more votes in this midterm than any democrat in indiana in modern history. but it wasn't quite enough, because the president came three times in about the last week, six times in about the last month and a half. and said this is about him. and he said, if you don't vote, basically, you're betraying me. and we have not made enough of a connection. i work like a dog nonstop to make that connection. but that the people of my state understand that culturally, we want to make sure you succeed. that we're going to fight to make sure that, for instance, on student loans, we'll keep the interest rate at the same rate as a housing loan. but when you talk medicare for all like i heard on the panel earlier, you start losing the people in my state.
1:34 pm
when we start talking about, hey, we're going to work together with the insurance companies to lower premiums, that's what connects. and so, you know, the talk on the coasts just doesn't get it done in the middle. and dana, this presidential election that's coming up, you know, what's going to happen on the coast is already baked in the cake. this is going to be one in pennsylvania and ohio and michigan and wisconsin and north carolina and florida and arizona and iowa. and that's where the meat and potatoes is going to be. and if we're talking the other way, we're just not talking to those folks. >> i was going to ask you about something like medicare for all, looking ahead to 2020. so given what you just said, who is the person? who is the person or what kind of person do you really think is viable against president trump? >> well, you know, who wins the primary is not necessarily the best person in general. >> who should win the primary? >> well, i'm not going to -- >> not a specific person, but a kind of person?
1:35 pm
>> yeah. a kind of person who can go into michigan and go to the auto plant and have spent time there before, and have talked to the workers there, and have talked to the families at the churches and have talked to them about how important it is for their kid to get decent health care. and that that decent health care is with lower premiums and coverage for all. people just want to make sure they have a good job, decent health care, that they can retire with dignity, and that they know that the future is better for their children and grandchildren. when we talk about those things, we have success in the midwest. i won four elections in a row -- elections i never was supposed to have won, because i talked to the hopes and aspirations of good jobs, making sure your kids have a great opportunity, and knowing that you'll get decent health care. that's what this is about. >> senator joe donnelly, i watched you many years work the halls and work hard for your
1:36 pm
constituents in indiana, and i know that's a bipartisan, nonpartisan feeling on capitol hill. so thank you so much for that. and thank you for coming on. >> thanks so much. it was a privilege being with you today. >> thank you. and breaking news in our national lead. the man suspected of murdering a california police officer is now in custody. investigators say gustavo arriaga was arrested earlier today while trying to get to mexico. before an arrest was made, president trump tweeted, time to get tough on border security, build the wall. cnn's sara sidner joins me now. and sara, an emotional day for his family and the police department. >> incredibly emotional. no one in that room could stand there and listen to reggie singh, ronil singh's brother, without shedding a tear. he was trying to thank those who had finally arrested the man
1:37 pm
after a 48-hour manhunt who was accused of killing his brother. >> there's a lot of people out there that miss him. and a lot of law enforcement people that i don't know that worked days and nights to make this happen. i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> you hear him there. he just can barely get the words out. so devastated, as any family would be. ronil singh killed in the line of duty while trying to pull over a man he suspected of driving drunk. but as it turned out, according to the sheriff, that man was actually an illegal immigrant who was known to law enforcement, and the sheriff railed against california's new law, which keeps local departments from being able to contact i.c.e. and let them know that they have someone in their custody and then hand them over. he said this is a known gang member, this is a person who is
1:38 pm
known to law enforcement for dru drunk driving in the past, he crossed over the border illegally, and ended up killing one of the officers who was beloved in this community. the sheriff very angry about that. here's what he said about what has happened in california and, as you know, california calls it their sanctuary laws. >> my point is, why are we providing sanctuary for criminals? gang members? it's a conversation we need to have. i'm suggesting that the outcome could have been different if law enforcement wasn't restricted, prohibited or had their hands tied because of political interference. >> and this coming at a time, of course, when immigration is top of mind as part of this political power play that is happening there in washington, where you are. now we're certain to hear from donald trump about this. exactly the talking points he's been making, trying to get his
1:39 pm
wall paid for. >> they sure are. doesn't make it any less heartbreaking for that family. thank you very much. appreciate it, sara. and up next, she's a long-time conservative known for pushing the envelope. but did the wife of a supreme court justice go too far with her latest facebook posts? the hard work you put into lowering your
1:40 pm
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1:43 pm
not just the divided congress about to come back to washington. a more polarized supreme court is also just days away from a new session, and the far right, trump-supporting facebook posts of one of the wives of a supreme
1:44 pm
court justice is raising questions. for years, ginny thomas, supreme court thomas' wife has been a vocal person in circles. but her most recent is #maga all the way. >> a supreme court spouse for decades. virginia thomas, better known as ginny, well-known for speaking out. >> the second reagan revolution is growing. >> reporter: but it's her recent, rapid succession of facebook posts blasting democrats and promoting highly partisan views that are prompting pushback. earlier this month, thomas put up this meme, asking, where is the wall? portraying california as a war zone, where undocumented immigrants attack and carjack americans. she reposted this claim of democratic voter fraud after the mid terms with no proof at all. she has even derided republicans for not going after the left, who she has labeled as liberal fascists one week after a woman was killed in charlottesville.
1:45 pm
one user responded to a recent post, you're literally married to a sitting supreme court justice and you put out this partisan propaganda. you tarnish the people's faith in the court and you ought to be ashamed of yourself. >> ginny thomas has every right to have whatever opinion she wants. she has every right as an individual to express those opinions publicly. the question is whether, by expressing those opinions publicly, she is calling into question -- she is providing fodder for those who want to attack the impartiality, the credibility of the institutional legitimacy of the supreme court. >> reporter: ginny thomas didn't respond to our request for comment. >> clarence thomas, you're the best man walking the face of the earth. >> reporter: she did interview her husband in january as a contributor for the conservative site, daily caller. >> oh, god, you make me laugh. >> reporter: their banter offered a window into their close and playful relationship. >> i keep a sign on my desk, "don't make fun of your wife's choices. you were one of them."
1:46 pm
>> thank you. i really appreciate that. and that's so true. okay, what do you -- what do you say -- >> plus, i love my wife, so -- >> reporter: and justice thomas told cnn's jamie langel in 2016, his wife is his rock. >> some people could put your life on a worse course, some people could take your life on a better course. my wife put mine on a better course. >> reporter: she had outspoken conservative commentary in that daily caller interview. >> as a judge, you don't get to be on one team or the other. you have to think independently in order to live up to the oath you take. >> and the best part of being a justice? >> first of all, it's -- it would be impossible without you. i have to be honest. >> and justice thomas and his wife have been married since 1987.
1:47 pm
and ginny thomas was an outspoken political advocate even before they met. but dana, supreme court watchers do warn that even though she is entitled to her own opinions, with such close scrutiny of the supreme court in this upcoming year, it could become more important to stay away from any appearances of impropriety. dana? >> jessica, thank you so much. that interview between husband and wife was interesting. thank you. back around the panel. okay. so as jessica reported, look, ginny thomas, i remember when she was working for dick army in the '90s. you worked with her in conservative circles back then. what's your take on all of this, bill crystal? >> she's got a different way than i have in terms of donald trump and some aspects of conservatism. but i don't think there's really a story here. there's zero evidence that justice thomas voted some way on a case because of his wife's views. he's a very consistent justice. very strong, originalist. i think most court-watchers could predict a lot of his opinions, based on his views. and no one has ever said, look at that case, that's a weird one
1:48 pm
where obviously his wife has taken a political view. so i really don't think it's an issue. >> she was very opinionated and vocal and involved in the conservative movement. i've been involved with her on many issues. she was this way well before he was on the court, and she's been very outspoken on certain issues. the nfl and entitlements, and what she views as those on the left taking away the rights of all americans. and she's always been outspoken on that. the fire in her conservative belly really was reignited after the anita hill hearings and really got more involved. but she views this as her free speech, and i challenge anyone to try and tell her she needs to pull it back. >> she has a right to her free speech. that's fine. but the implications and the impact that it may have, especially her insensitivity after heather heyer was murdered in charlottesville by neo nazis. i can't let the moment pass. the senator you just had on flat-out attacked medicare for all. so about 44% of americans in this country could not pay. they skipped going to the
1:49 pm
doctor, because they couldn't pay their medical bills. i'm sure some of those folks live in indiana. and news flash to the senator. people want more than decent health care. they want good health care. we pay more per capita in the united states than any other industrialized nation. our life expectancy is going down. >> ladies and gentlemen, a preview of your 2020 presidential race for the democratic party. >> nancy pelosi is watching this. and seeing the next two years of her life. >> no kidding. simone, getting back to ginny thomas, one of the trump advisers during the campaign, commentator steven moore, told the "washington post" the following on ginny thomas. she has channels into the white house and gets her stuff on the president's desk. >> well, that's scary, given some of the things that ginny is putting on her facebook page. but i will say this. you know, i was surprised and also kind of interested to see this story. because there is so much attention on george conway, ideas and things that i agree with george conway says on his
1:50 pm
twitter page. and people are saying, well, george conway is saying this. how does this affect kellyanne conway, she can't do her job. split household. and here we have ginny thomas, spouting some -- not just far right. some of the things she has said are down right conspiracy theories. she said the parkland children were a danger to democracy. that's not just conservative. that's -- i would even say -- >> she deleted that post. >> and she deleted that post. but put it up in the first place. it still lives on the internet somewhere. so i will say that i was -- interested to see that it seems as though folks in the media and other folks are looking to hold, if you will, justice thomas to a settler standard they are holding kellyanne conway. >> not entirely analogous, because george conway is speaking out against the policies that kellyanne conway, his wife, goes into the office every day to defend. >> agreed. >> and it's murky what's going on in the supreme court. >> but the question is, can you be held responsible for something your spouse says and
1:51 pm
does in their personal and private time? and i think that the -- you know, this is not totally out of the question. i think there are valid concerns here when it comes to the things that ginny thomas is putting on her facebook page. >> i think justice thomas has been very clear and consistent on his views and certainly how he has basehaved and acted and ruled on the high court. and that hasn't changed. and like i said, there are two strong-minded people, and certainly as that piece showed, they're madly in love. but, look, she's a strong voice for the conservative movement. and i'm actually glad she's getting some attention, because she's been very active in the conservative movement for many, many years. but what she says and does on her private time and on her facebook page is not going to influence justice thomas. >> but does justice thomas agree with what his wife is saying? much like we asked kellyanne conway. i'm not a kellyanne conway defender, but we have to put the question on the table. >> i think the panel on monday
1:52 pm
should be nina and joe donnelly. >> democrats from ohio, democrat from indiana. the rest of us will just leave. that's a whole hour. >> here's another tease. this tease is, what a naked selfie has to do with robert mueller's russia investigation. stay tuned. here. and then, more jobs began to appear. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy creates many more in this town. the zip code you're born into can determine your future. your school. your job. your dreams. your problems. (indistinct shouting) but at the y,
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1:56 pm
in our politics lead today, how could a nude selfie threaten the national security of the united states? that's the question one russian company is asking, alleging special counsel robert mueller's team collected the proactive photo as part of its investigation into the russia election interference issue. cnn's sara murray joins me now.
1:57 pm
sara, you have the floor. >> isn't this the only thing the mueller investigation was missing, was an apparent nude selfie? this is a charge that concord management is making, mueller's team has said was involved in helping to spread political propaganda and influence american voters. and they are saying, you know, we believe in this pile of data that mueller has collected there is a nude selfie. they don't say who is in the nude selfie. and they're saying, what could this possibly have to do with national security? they're doing this as part of a plot to get access to all of this data mueller has collected that's evidence in this case. what mueller's team wants to do is share it privately with the judge. they don't want to give a russian company access to what they believe is sensitive information that could reveal secrets about how the u.s. collects its information. and this is a russian company with close ties to someone who has close ties to vladimir putin. they don't want that information getting in their hands, either. but they have chosen to make
1:58 pm
their argument in a very colorful way. >> obviously. and you said there's a connection with vladimir putin. >> there is a connection. one of the people who is an executive in this company who is died to th tied to this company is referred to as putin's chef. so one of the things mueller does not want to do is hand over tons of information, they do not want to reveal information about how they collected it to someone in putin's inner circle. >> sara murray, thank you so much for that. and explaining all of that very important information about the naked selfie. from new jersey writes in and says -- >> since taking the stage at studio 8h, gilda radner cemented herself as a comic legend. the first person ever cast on "saturday night live," radner was a trail blazer for women in comedy until ovarian cancer took her life at age 42. the new cnn film, love gilda," use home videos to tell her story and give some of the biggest female names in comedy a chance to say thank you for
1:59 pm
paving the way. >> hi. i'm gilda radner. and, uh -- okay, now. >> dear, gilda. hi, it's me. >> dear gilda, i loved watching you on "saturday night live." >> gilda radner was a huge inspiration to me. >> when i was about 9, i saw the sketch, "the judy miller show." it inspired me to write my own one-person comedy sketch. it was directly because of you. >> thank you for teaching us it's okay to be unapologetically wacky and fearless. you've blazed a trail for so many of us and i am so grateful. >> boom! >> this incredibly funny girl who is like equal to the guys. >> i started to experience gynecologic cancer symptoms. i kept talking about you and your symptoms. and then i survived, and then i thrived. >> gilda radner was a bloody
2:00 pm
great girl. >> not only were you brilliantly funny, you had a terrific soul. >> "love, gilda," tomorrow at 9:00 p.m.. >> tune in sunday for "state of the union." our guest will be lindsey graham. our coverage on cnn continues right now. happening knew. walled in. president trump says he's staying in washington over the new years holiday and is threatening to close the entire border with mexico if he doesn't get his money for the wall. as the trump team fires a new broadside at nancy pelosi, is there any hope for behind the scenes talks to end the nearly week-old shutdown? lawyering up. house democrats prepare to take control. they're seeking lawyers and staffers for multiple investigations into the trump administration. what are they targeting? closing in. just a week after president trump blindsided u.s. allies by announcing he's pulling troops out of syria, there are indications syrian forces are
2:01 pm
closing in


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