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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  December 31, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PST

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we're going to be here for a long time. >> democrats should not get a inch. >> outgoing white house chief of staff, john kelly, told the "los angeles times," trump abandoned the idea of a concrete wall early in the presidency. >> the president doesn't want to come on the perilous journey to begin with. >> at the end of the day you had two young children die in the custody that should never have occurred. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning, everyone.
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welcome to your "new day." john is off and erica hill joins me on this new year's eve morning. happy new year's. >> happy new year. >> it's so exciting. >> it's, like, your favorite holiday. >> i am the one person on earth that does not feel like it's overrated. you stay up past midnight. it's also great -- >> that alone for you is huge staying up past midnight. >> 17 hours and counting until the ball drops here in times square. we are now in day ten of the partial government shutdown, and there appears to be no deal in sight though who knows what today will bring. president trump is dug in on his demand on funding the border wall, and he told lawmakers he will not agree to a deal of $1.3 billion for border security, and democrats are not budging either and there's no indication progress will be made before they take control of the house
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on thursday. in the meantime, outgoing chief of staff john kelly says the trump administration abandoned the idea of a physical concrete wall along the southern border months ago. why is president trump still touting a wall? also, just what is kelly referring to when he says his tenure of chief of staff is best measured by what president trump didn't do? and all this when the president trump claims democrats are responsible for the two migrant children who died while in custody. we have it all covered. let's start with boris sanchez who is live at the white house. >> reporter: good morning, erica. it's day ten of the government shutdown and there's no break through on the horizon, just more controversy. kelly doing an interview with the "los angeles times" which in
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he blasts the administration, and remember they said there was no family separation policy. kelly attempted to redefine what the president says when he says a border wall with mexico. look at the quote that kelly gave the "los angeles times," and he says to be honest, it's not a wall. often times he will say barrier or fencing. he tended towards steel slats, but we left a solid concrete wall early on in the administration. let's not forget a few days ago president trump tweeted the only solution to the immigration crisis was a good old-fashioned wall on the border with mexico. we also heard from senator lindsay graham this weekend, and graham having lunch with the president here at the white house and he says he presented the president with a newish idea on how to end the shutdown. listen to this. >> the president didn't commit but i think he is very
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open-minded. i know there are democrats out there that would be willing to provide money for wall and border security if we could deal with the daca population. >> and democrats tried to strike a deal like this in the spring, $25 billion in exchange for dreamer legal status, and there's a deal that likely could get through the supreme court, and that could resolve the status of the dreamers without any action from congress. the president potentially added insult to injury by freezing the federal way of all federal workers for 2019. >> thank you very much for
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setting us up for all of that. joining us now, we cnn political reporter, nia-malika henderson, and jackie kucinich, and brian carom. you can be forgiving for being a little confused about exactly what president trump is calling for with his wall because even he seems to be having a hard time defining -- >> shock. >> -- what it is that he wants. let's remind people what he has said about the so-called wall. hold that thought. >> we have natural barriers. it's going to be so big. it's going to be so powerful. it's going to be as beautiful as a wall can be. the wall, also called -- so that i give them a little bit of an out, steel slats. we don't use the word wall necessarily. it's not going to be open until we have a wall or fence or
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whatever they would like to call. we are looking at between 500 and 550. >> a 1,000-mile concrete wall, and now he says he is giving them an out, and not sure who he is referring to. >> himself. >> yeah, in the plural. now it's steel slats and it's 500 miles. how are democrats to know what to negotiate with here? >> how is anybody to know what to do? first of all, happy new year to all of you, before we unpack this action-packed episode. the president started out picking this up on the campaign trail, and it was 1,900 long, and if you ever have been to the big ben in texas, you can't get a wall there.
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where is the 55 miles in texas going to be placed? there's no specifics on this. this whole thing is fluid. as the democrats pointed out, he didn't spend the money last year in the budget for border security so why give him more? he has not a clue as to where or what it's going to be. the democrats don't really know what he wants. you are left negotiating in quicksand. you are going to be back where you were at the beginning of all the mess before ann coulter shot her mouth off. he was going to compromise, ten days ago on a wednesday, he said, look, we have a compromise, he will sign a cr and he didn't sign that continuing resolution because the base came out and hammered him on the fact that he didn't go after the wall. is a pointless issue. it will not stop anything that
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it claims it will stop. the cold harded nature of the president of the united states blaming the democrats for the death of the those two children disgust me on a level where it's hard to talk about. he will blame democrats for the debt of t death of two children with no evidence. mind you, he said he would own the shutdown. why has pb pt n't he come out o death of khashoggi? here we have evidence of somebody causing somebody's death, but he doesn't go after them, he goes after democrats on a wall. it's just a horrid issue all the way around and it was an issue that was built basically around appealing to his base. you are left in the quagmire when you are left trying to find out what will be built when everybody agrees, democrats and republicans on the hill that we need more money -- >> yeah, that's the absurd thing, there's a consensus but
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you wouldn't know that from day ten of the government shutdown. >> yes, we will see democrats take control of the house later this week, but when it comes to the senate, there's still obviously a large number of republican there in the senate, and the fact that even republicans, jackie, are not sure where to go on this and don't want to speak out publicly because the president so publicly burned them, that in itself is a major issue moving forward. >> what it goes down to, it's basic, it's trust. there's no trust between congress and the president on both sides of the political aisle because as you said, erica, they have been burned. lindsay graham coming out and saying the president is interested in striking a deal having to do with daca recipients and tps recipients. yeah, i am sure the president said that to lindsay graham, however, has steven miller, one of the president's most hawkish immigration advisers gotten to him yet, because after he does
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the president might not be there anymore. when you look at the polling a couple weeks ago before the government shutdown, a majority of the people did not want to see the government shutdown but wanted to see the president and congress compromise, and now republicans don't want him to back down, and that's the numbers he is looking at. this is a president that will be increasingly political as he gets closer and closer to the election. we are seeing the beginning of that now. >> john kelly reinforced this, and gave an extraordinary interview for two hours on the phone, basically his exit interview to the "los angeles times," and he was able to talk to the "los angeles times," and he talked about the ever evolving vision of the wall, and he said it is not a wall and has not been for a long time.
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he is what he said. to be honest, it's not a wall. often times he will say barrier or fencing and now he is tended towards steel slats, but we left a solid concrete wall early on in the administration. what are we even arguing over? it's not a wall. everybody wants border security. the democrats should seize on this, and they should say we will give you money towards border security, and you are not going to call it a wall or concrete and we're done. >> in some ways you can see the president's aides out there backing off of the idea of a wall. he does keep calling it a wall, slats, whatever, but they are now talking about barriers. they are talking about border security, and i don't think any of them that have been out there the last couple of days, nick mulvaney, as well as kellyanne conway specifically said anything about a wall, certainly nothing at all about a concrete wall that is 900 miles long,
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which is where the president evolved to eventually, and apparently he is somewhere else now. i think the president is going to have to figure out what he can sell to his base. he wants to apparently maybe go down to the wall at some point, and he has a hawkish base on this issue, so what is he going to be able to sell as a win to his base and will they buy it? >> what he wants is a win. that's all he wants. he doesn't even care. this is so disingenuous. nobody trusts him on either side. who is he going to talk to? as steven miller weighed in? i am left back to where i was after anonymous came out, who is in charge in the white house? who gets the last word? >> i am literally texting ann coulter to see if she will settle for a 500 mile fence? >> yeah. >> see if she knows too what the
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115 miles was that the president was referring to? >> it's him making stuff up. in many ways this has always been a figment of his imagination, just like there is going to be a concrete wall and mexico was going to pay for it. >> remember when it was going to be see through and echo friendly and solar panels. >> this is why there's such a problem negotiating on this, because he keeps moving the goal post or the metal slats as it were in this debate. >> it would be funny if it was not so serious, and it's like open mic night. >> we are talking about moving the goal post or the slats, and as you laugh, yeah, goal posts, you know -- i don't know at this point, we have seen so much, and it could be the beaded curtain, but as you look at this, you touched on a little bit how the
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messaging is changing. i think kellyanne conway made it clear yesterday what the new messaging is, and it plays to the point this has to be a win for the president, and saying it's not about the wall and when you look at all of that, the messaging is very clear. >> i think it is, and i think by inserting all these things about border security and the wall and metal slats, i think they are muddying the waters to give the president room. you are right in that, you know, blaming democrats is the name of the game, be it, you know, the wall, the shutdown, and even though the president himself said this is my shut down. i was googling around, and the schumer shutdown, when you google schumer shutdown, january from last year comes up, and so we are seeing this replay itself. i can't imagine how frustrating it is for these federal workers
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currently on furlough or working without pay watching this. >> let's be honest. when you mention, eric, you mention kellyanne conway, she has zero credibility, and she is the one that gave us alternative facts. >> but she has insight into -- >> she spins everything. she is like the president in the fact that she will take words and speak them, but that doesn't mean they have any relationship with reality, and we will come back later and spin something else. they will spin it into a victory no matter what goes down, even if we go back to the cr or something reasonably close including daca. that will be a victory as far as the president goes and as far as kellyanne goes. facts do not matter when they speak. >> thank you all. great talking to you. >> always fun. >> happy new year. it's already 2019 in new zealand, welcoming in the new
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year an hour ago. in case you missed it, here is a look in case you missed it. i think they are enjoying the first few moments of 2019. here in new york city we are expecting about a million people to ring in the new year, and security tight as always. and we go live to time squares with more, and we should point out alisyn camerota will be there tonight to help drop the ball. >> reporter: alisyn camerota is usually pressing everybody else's button, and tonight she gets to press the button to bring the ball down. so that's when the ball is going to come down. daylight is breaking, and you can see the rain clouds here later, and the pole, that's where it will come down. and there will be security. they are expecting -- planning for up to 2 billion revelers to be in the area and over a ton of confetti and lots and lots of
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security, and lots of police, and the local, state and federal level agencies, and they are going to have bomb-sniffing dogs, and magnetometers, and those pens are going to be a little like hotel california, you can check in anytime you want but if you have to leave you are out, so you better have your restroom strategy figured out before you go into the pens if you are going to be one of the few, the strong and the brave with the serious bladders of steel there. one thing extra this year for security they will have is drones. >> we will be deploying nypd drones for over watch. we have not done that before but that's going to give us a visual aid and a flexibility to move a
4:18 am
camera to a spot with great repity through a tremendous crowd. >> reporter: those drones will be tethered to a building, so if there's a technical fault they won't fall into the crowd. if you are going to be bringing your drone out here to fly, there will have anti-drone technology to bring those drones down, and they are not saying how. the biggest issue may be the weather, not the cold as it often is here, but the rain. they are saying at 1:00 p.m. it's supposed to start raining and it's going to be soggy for much of the afternoon, so let's hope it clears up by the new year and everybody goes nuts and that confetti does not get stuck to everybody's wet faces. >> it's so exhilarating and it's such an exciting night, and i can't wait to be there and i will tell you more about pressing the wall later in the program. thank you very much. now this story. there's a disturbing video from a detention center on the
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border, and it shows workers mistreating these migrant children. it's really upsetting when you see the children. we will tell you what is being done about it. (drumsticks clatter) we can't guarantee, you'll find gold on your wild west vacation... but we can guarantee the best price on that thar rental cabin or any hotel, home, boat, yurt, whatever. ♪ just don't get carried away with the wild west thing. hey guys. get the best price on homes, hotels and so much more., booking.yeah your insurance rates skyrocket you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead?
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disturbing new video emerging that shows staffers dragging children at a facility in arizona, and there is going to be hearings on the deaths of two guatemalan children. and cnn's diane gallagher is live in arizona with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. yeah, we are going to show this video. i want to warn you what happened here in the hacienda del sol is closed down, and it shows what appears to be workers abusing children. they are dragging the children and pushing them and confronting them. these videos obtained through "the arizona republic" were blurred and edited by the department of health here in
4:24 am
arizona. it appears around the same time these were published the phaeuf maricopa county sheriff's office said it was going to turn this investigation over, which apparently happened back in september, over to the county attorney's office to determine whether or not criminal charges need to be placed here, if whether or not they need to bring criminal charges. initially when we reported this back in october they said they didn't think it rose through the occasion, and they found additional evidence and want the attorney to way in. this is now a facility that is shut down, and we reached out to southwest key and they referred us to a statement they already sent, and they said they were looking forward to working with the department of health and human services and the office of refugee and resettlement, and they are trying to work with
4:25 am
programs to make sure they were on the up and up, and a source tells cnn two staffers were fired after this, and that they -- after this was shut down they continued to work on what is happening here in arizona. alisyn, this comes as there is continued discussions about what happened to the two migrant children that died as they came across the border, and lindsay graham, who is likely going to be the chair of the senate judiciary committee says they would like to have hearings on that as soon as they could do that when the new year comes. >> yeah, sounds like they will get on that. thank you very much for all of that reporting. joining us now, congressman from florida. >> good to be with you. >> happy new year to you. when you see that video of those kids, those children in custody there being physically
4:26 am
mistreated as well as we know that these two children who have died in custody, clearly the system is not working. that's not a news flash. we all know the system for asylum seekers are not working. and president trump said any deaths of the children at the border are strictly the fault of the democrats and their pathetic policy, and if we had a wall they wouldn't even try. what do you think about the president casting blame in that way? >> well, that's a true shame, alisyn. one can only hope -- i truly believe these are isolated incidents. i visited some of the facilities in south florida and happy to say the children there were being treated with great care, however this does need to be looked into. rather than dehumanizing these children and trying to assign blame whether it's to democrats or democrats trying to blame the administration, we do need to
4:27 am
find out what is going on. more broadly, we do need to reform our asylum policies in the country, and we put an immigration bill on the floor that provided that for immigration, and although we must be a compassionate and caring nation, i know the united states cannot be the orphanage for all the poor children in the world, so we need to find a healthy balance and we need to do our best to treat the children who are in our custody as best as possible. >> as a republican from where you sit, though there's a republican in the white house and we know republicans controlled both houses of congress, do the democrats deserve some blame for how broken this is? >> i think everybody deserves blame to the extent that we have not reached an agreement, alisyn. our government is designed for dialogue and compromise, and that's why we put together a bill that had wins for
4:28 am
republicans, for democrats, for those that want more border security, for those who are sympathetic to the daca population and want to see them have a permanent future in our country, and that's what we need. right now, you see what is happening right now, and the government is shut down in the country, and it seems like the political leadership, nobody cares, it doesn't make a difference to anybody. during previous shutdowns you had people over at the obama white house around the clock trying to reach an agreement, at least having conversations. now we're not even talking. that's just a shame. it shows how far our politics have fallen in this country. >> the president is very dug in on his demand for $5 billion for a wall. i am wondering, as a member of congress and as a republican can you define the president's wall? do you know this morning exactly what that looks like? how long it is? how high it is? what its made of? >> i think that's part of the
4:29 am
problem, nobody knows exactly what it is he would agree to. i do know the solution is somewhere in the middle. i think most americans do want to see more border security, and most americans do understand there's a lot of human trafficking and drug trafficking at the southwest border, and i think we would all like to see that diminished. of course you had senator graham on your air yesterday articulating this. there must be a compromise, and that compromise does or should include the daca population, and we had 2 million children that grew up and are working here and have not broken any laws and are paying taxes, and let's give them a path to permanent
4:30 am
residency. it's going to be by compromising, not by digging in. obviously leadership starts at the top, and the president has to be the first one to come out and say, we have to compromise, let's meet somewhere in the middle, that's the only way that our system of government where we have separation of powers, two houses of congress, three branches -- that's the only way it's going to work. >> that's a nice concept, it's a utopian concept right now because that's not something president trump specializes in. who do you think today owns the shutdown? who is at fault? >> well, the answer to that question is very simple because the president declared a few weeks ago that he would be the one to shut down the government and that he would take pride in doing it. now he has the opportunity to say, okay, i made that threat and i delivered on it, now let me try and help here and find a
4:31 am
way out of this. i think he really needs to look to leaders like mitch mcconnell, senator mcconnell has a lot of experience in negotiating and in getting the government out of difficult situations, and we certainly saw that in 2011 and again in 2012. the president should really empower congressional leaders to resolve this. he should empower them to come up with compromises. members of congress should be allowed to legislate something that we have seen little of in recent years because everything is dominated by the white house, whether it was obama or trump, and a small handful of congressional leaders. that's not the way our system should work. that's why it's to the point where there is complete gridlock. nobody is even talking. that's why americans lose more and more trust in confidence in their government every day. these are things i will not miss about congress, but i know need
4:32 am
to be fixed about congress and our federal government, especially if younger americans will start believing in our government again. >> wednesday is your last day. what is the first thing you are going to do out side of congress? >> well, i'm going to take a little time to be with my family. i have two daughters, alisyn, 9 and 6. those two and my wife have spent a lot of time alone in the last four years while i have been in washington, d.c., so i will be home a lot more and certainly the first couple of weeks of the years, i will take them to school every day and pick them up and be a regular husband and dad for the first time in a while. that will be fun, but i will be thinking about our country and the colleagues remaining in congress and the new members of congress who are coming in. i really hope the best for them. our country needs them to succeed. our country needs them to sit at the table and dialogue, compromise, and make progress on some of the important issues
4:33 am
like immigration, the environment and national debt that are dividing our country and threatening our future. >> thank you so much. good luck in the future that >> thank you. the new year expected to bring a flury of presidential candidates to the 2020 race. just who will challenge president trump? we discuss that next. adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it can even warm your feet to help you fall asleep faster. so you wake up ready to make your resolutions, reality. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j.d. power. plus, 24-month financing on all beds. ends new year's day. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. i am not for just treating my symptoms... (ah-choo) i am for shortening colds when i'm sick. with zicam. zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam. oral or nasal.
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we are now just 673 days away from the 2020 election, november 3, 2020. speculation of who will challenge president trump is well under way, and who are the frontrunners and who has the best chance against president trump. let's discuss it with cnn political commentator, steve cortez, and a former campaign manager for hillary clinton, patty. patty, you said you were excited by the wide range of democrats, but will the democrats go to the broader edge they have or will the party force them to go to the old guard? >> i don't really have a
4:38 am
favorite right now. i think me, i am like most democrats, really excited to kick the tires of all of these potential candidates. we have, you know, former mayors, senators, former governors, businessmen, you know, angelina jolie may run. i think there's a lot to choose from. what i would like to see, i would like to see a woman get the nomination, or if not the nomination be on the ticket. women were pivotal in the midterms last year, not only as candidates but as voters. they are leading a movement politically, culturally and socially, and i think it would be smart on behalf of the democrats to put a woman on the ticket. >> there are a number of options, steve, and somebody joked the other day on this program, every senator, every democratic senator may be running. when you look at it who do you think presents the most
4:39 am
realistic challenge to president trump? >> also, just, first let me say for those of us that are political geeks, this is exciting stuff, right. 2019 is going to be crazy and fun and most of the fun will be on the democratic side, and the most i would be afraid of is joe biden, experience and the likability and what the candidate did not have in 2016. let's be honest, it's an electoral college election, and not about the popular vote. so western elites are likely not going to be a threat to president trump, and so from my perspective as a trump partisan biden would be the most formidable adversary. >> joe biden right there at the top with 32% of respondants, that being said, putting a well established and well-known politician, but an older white
4:40 am
man at the top of the democratic ticket, is that a smart move? >> well, look, i think the person who is going to beat trump is going to have to be -- when that coalition that obama put together, african-americans, hispanics, women, young people, but for 2020 specifically they need to bring back those obama voters that voted for trump. you know, people were dissolutioned in 2016, and they were angry in d.c. and at institutions, and donald trump very smartly took advantage of that anger and ran as the disrupter. people were willing to roll the dice on him, and now we have two years of donald trump and two years of chaos and two years of uncertainty, and we have two years of incompetence, and in
4:41 am
2016, inexperience and resume were dirty words. bernie sanders and joe biden fills the bill, and those running have experience and that's going to be a huge aspect. >> what joe biden has, the problem, is he is an older white male. it's music to my ears to hear democrats fix kwraeate on ident politics. they are so focused on the matrix of enter sexuality. i think they are going to focus on the divisive identity politics that have plagued their party, and if they do that again in 2020 i think we have a easy path to re-election.
4:42 am
>> well, the country is not made up of white men. as a woman, i can tell you that. number two, when you talk about the divisiveness and the fracturing, there's a lot of fracturing in the republican party itself. you have hard core never tru trumpers. >> what is a problem of the republican party, trump won a share of the hispanic vote that nobody thought he could and it held in the midterms and i think it will grow in 2020. i would also say this, we are not a fractured party when we look at voters. we are among the washington sort of corridor elites of media and washington, d.c., but republican voters are solidly behind this president. 90% plus in most polls. republican voters, we sort of had our civil war between the
4:43 am
establishment and the up starts and the populist, and the populist won and the democrats have not had that battle yet. >> and yeah, it will be interesting to hear from the resistance, bob corkers and jeff flakes of the world. >> they are on their way out. >> there will be an exciting time for political hacks like us. the dnc promised lots of debates, you know, and they are going to select the debates by random, the candidates. no favorites this time, and we are going to kick the tires and it's going to be a fun, fun two years. >> we start at midnight tonight, although really it started november 6th. great to have you both with us. happy new year. >> happy new year. there was a deadly lion attack in north carolina. how did the lion get out of its enclosure to kill a young intern? we have a live report for you
4:44 am
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4:48 am
church is facing growing scandals in america involving priests sexually abusing children. the judge that declared the affordable care act unconstitutional says the law could remain in effect on appeal. congress eliminated the individual mandate penalty, and since the law was upheld as a tax, no tax, he says, no law. the future of the expansion into doubt, and also the threat of wiping away protections for those with pre-existing conditions. and then a 23-year-old intern was killed after a lion escaped its locked enclosure. we have more. what is the latest? >> reporter: alisyn, yesterday morning it was time for a routine cleaning of the lion's habitat here. the conservator senator says at
4:49 am
the times the staff follows safety protocol before entering the enclosure. they move the big cats into an area they believe safe and secure before the humans enter the habitat that the lions are usually in. yesterday something went terribly wrong. it's unclear how one of those lions escaped and got into the area where one of the humans were and quickly attacked and killed the 22-year-old alexandria black. the staff here is in shock. they are heartbroken, as is alex's family. her family released a statement stating in part, she loved animals and she was a buteautif young woman that was just starting her career. the center here will stay closed until further notice.
4:50 am
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2018 was the year that dragon energy became a thing, thanks to kanye west and this tweet. he said you don't have to agree with trump but the mob can't
4:54 am
make me not love him. we are both dragon energy. he is my brother. i love everyone. that is the seventh most notable quote according to the yal ebook of quotations. joining me now fred shapiro. thank you very much for being here. how did you narrow it down? there were so many notable quotations from 2018. >> every year, i compile this list of the ten most notable quotes and it's an update to my book, the yal ebook of quotations, to encompass contemporary politics and culture. the quotes i pick aren't necessarily admirable quotes but i pick them on their famousness, importance and whether they reflect the spirit of the times. i'm looking for some combination
4:55 am
of those three attributes. usually nowadays it's political quotes. >> yes. >> often whacky political quotes. >> here is one -- i don't know if it's whacky, but it is a political quote from the president. he said i am not smart but genius and a very stable genius at that. honestly, how did you -- how many quotes did you sift through? between the president's quotes, even kanye west's this year, how many did you sift through? >> well, i look all throughout the year for striking or reveal i ing, important quotes and i look at hundreds of quotes. the president is really the contributor nowadays to a list of notable quotes. he comes out with a remarkable amount of fantastic quotes. i may not agree with them but
4:56 am
they are extremely notable. >> on a very serious note, one of your most notable quotes came during one of our interviews in the hours after the parkland massacre. we interviewed david hogg and he was so striking. he was one of the students who had survived and he was so striking because he seemed to have a clarity of purpose and clarity of mind even then. here is number five on the notable quotations. listen to this. >> we're children. you guys, like, are the adults. you need to take some action and play a role. work together, get over your politics and get something done. >> why did you choose that one? >> well, it's interesting that the quotes often are by presidents or very well-known, political figures but sometimes some of the most remarkable comments come out of the mouths of babes, people that aren't
4:57 am
famous or, in this case, someone who is not even an adult, but he really was chastising his elders and asking them to live up to their responsibilities. and it reflects a big issue of the year in the tragedy of mass shootings. >> makes perfect sense. number two comes to us by way of brett kavanaugh during his hearing for confirmation. so let's listen to this moment. >> did you consume alcohol during your high school years? >> yes. we drank beer, my friends and i, boys and girls. yes, we drank beer. i liked beer. i still like beer. >> there was so much to choose from, frankly, from his confirmation hearings. why did you settle in on the "i like beer" one? >> well, you know, some of the quotes i pick are incongruous,
4:58 am
amazing quotes and here we had the spectacle of a supreme court nomination revolving around the drinking -- essentially around the drinking history of the nominee. and that's not something you see typicallin amongst the dignity of supreme court nomination hearings. that one kind of became a meme. it really became part of our culture. >> yes, yes. particularly because of matt damon also. here is number one. the number one quote from 2018 that you chose is this moment of rudy giuliani. listen to this. >> when you tell me that, you know, he should testify because he's going to tell the truth, that he shouldn't worry, well, that's so silly, because it's somebody's version of the truth, not the truth. he didn't have a conversation. >> truth is truth. i don't mean to go -- >> no, it isn't truth. truth isn't truth.
4:59 am
>> how did you settle on that one? truth isn't truth. >> i try, in these lists, to reflect the spirit of the times, the big themes of the year and the culture. and i think the biggest theme this past year is probably kind of an assault on truth, which is come i coming out of washington, d.c. and this quote. rudy giuliani later explained that he was talking about the difficulty of comparing witnesses' recollections but it's the kind of assault of truth going on in our political life. >> truth isn't truth does seem to encapsulate it. fred shapiro, thank you for sharing all your notable quotables with us. >> thanks for having me. we're following a lot of news. let's get right to it. president trump is not going
5:00 am
to walk away from this fight without border security funding. >> we are not wasting taxpayer dollars on a ransom note. >> it is silly semantic argument. he keeps saying wall, wall, wall. he wants all type of border security. >> we wouldn't be in this situation if the president didn't keep changing his mind. >> nobody is going to win in this game. we all lose and we kind of look silly. >> our president decides to use the death of two children as a political tool. >> i was disgusted. >> our agents did everything they could. this is a multi-faceted problem that requires a multi-faceted solution. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. welcome to your new day. happy new year, everyone, in sydney, australia. that's where they have just begun ringing in 2019. >> it is beautiful. >> gosh. sydney harbor is beautiful on any day. look how dramatic. what a spectacular show


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