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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  January 7, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PST

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with with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> it is monday, 6:00 here in new york, happy monday. >> watched a lot of football this week. >> football. >> american football. >> it was on in my house. the second longest government shutdown in u.s. history stretching into week three and there's no end in sight. another round of talks over the weekend failed to find a break-through. as we have discussed, it's been hard to keep track of exactly what the president wants. is it a wall? a steel slat? a wall thing as it was called last week? in a letter overnight, the white house has outlined the president's latest offer. he's asking congress for $5.7 billion for now a steel barrier, not a concrete wall. nancy pelosi has called a wall immoral and they have not been willing to budge on the democratic side. and, in fact, some of them are insisting the president reopen the government before they agree to any deal. now, the president is again
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threatening to declare a national emergency to bypass congress and build his wall thing. >> so, with nothing else working yet to sell the wall plan or the wall thing, the white house is trying something else, deceit and getting caught in a fairly embarrassing fashion. white house press secretary sarah sanders trying to suggest that thousands of terrorists could be coming over the border with mexico. that's not true. the state department says that's not true. fox news says that's not true. also new this morning, we're trying to determine what the administration's policy is for the withdraw in syria. the withdraw that led to the resignation of general mattis. they say there will nobody rapid withdrawal and a list of conditions that must be met. john bolton's comments counterthe president's vow made
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back in june. we have a lot to discuss. let's begin with lauren fox live on capitol hill with the shutdown i guess negotiations. >> reporter: good morning, john. trump administration trying to respond to democratic criticism this morning laying out their list demands and playing fast and loose with facts about terrorism trying to make their case for the wall. president trump standing firm on his demand for $5.7 billion for a border wall. again, insisting that he's considering funding the wall through executive action. >> i may declare a national emergency dependent on what's going to happen over the next few days. >> reporter: declaring a national emergency could allow the president to bypass congress and use military funding to build the wall. but democrats insist this move would be challenged in court. >> look, if harry truman couldn't nationalize the steel industry during war time, this president doesn't have the power to declare an emergency and build a multibillion dollar wall
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on the border. >> reporter: white house officials detailing the plan in this letter sent to congressional leaders. the letter now redefines trump's border wall as i steel barrier rather than a concrete wall, which the president has repeatedly promised. a tactic white house officials cesar sayok sign of compromise. >> if asked to give up a concrete wall and replace it with a steel fence in order to do that so that democrats can say see, he's not building a wall anymore, that should help us -- >> you want the headline to be -- >> reporter: the letter also asked for an additional $800 million to address the urgent humanitarian needs on the border. a nod to concerns expressed about the treatment of migrants, and increasing money for detention beds to a total of $4.2 billion for 52,000 more beds. it comes as a source says another weekend of negotiations failed to produce any progress toward reopening the government. leaving both sides openly frustrated. >> the impress you get from the president that he would not only
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like to close government, build a wall, but also abolish congress. so the only voice that mattered was his own. >> the goal is not to open up the government, the goal is to fix a broken immigration system. it was pretty clear to me that we're never going to have a deal unless we get a wall as part of it. >> reporter: democrats vowing to pressure lawmakers by passing individual bills to reopen each of the closed federal agencies. >> we'll do it bill by bill so we can help taxpayers, we can help people who need food assistance, we help people who need housing vouchers, people who need flood insurance. >> reporter: two senate democrats urging their colleagues to block action on any bills unrelated to opgt government until a resolution is reached. meanwhile, president trump insisting that he can relate to the financial plight of the 800,000 workers currently furloughed or working without pay. >> i can relate and i'm sure that the people that are -- or the receiving end will make adjustment, they always do.
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>> reporter: now, the house and senate are both out of session today and there's no word on when congressional leaders will meet again at the white house with president trump. remember, after that friday meeting the president telling chuck schumer that this shutdown could last months or years. john and alisyn. >> thank you very much, lauren. joining us now, cnn political reporter and former special assistant to george w. bush scott jennings and joe lockhart. happy monday, everybody. great to see all of you. joe, i want to start with playing with what sarah sanders tried to say over the weekend, because i think it is exhibit "a" in how they fear monger, how they use misleading numbers, how they try to fudge the numbers. i mean, without shame, you know, on national tv trying to suggest that the southern border is being overrun by terrorists. that's why we need a wall. terrorists are pouring into the southern border. the department of homeland
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security says not a single terrorist has been arrested at the -- here's -- here's -- when you ask the state department for real figures, what they say is no credible information from any member of a terrorist group has traveled through mexico to gain access to the united states. so the state department has to put that out because sarah sanders and secretary nielsen and president trump are trying to say something different. here's what she tried to get past chris wallace on fox news. >> we know that roughly -- nearly 4,000 known or suspected terrorists come into our country illegally and we know that our most vulnerable point of entry sat our southern border. >> wait, wait, i know this statistic. i didn't know you war going to use it but i studied up. do you know where those 4,000 people are captured? airports. >> not always. >> the state department says there hasn't been any terrorists that they found coming across the southern boarder. >> it's by air, by land, and by sea. it's by all of the above. >> no, it's not. no, it's not.
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no, it's not. they come through airports. >> what's happening here? >> it's laughable, but it shouldn't be. and, you know, sarah sanders i think lost her credibility a long time ago. but the secretary, a senate confirmed woman who -- >> was pedaling that same number. >> was pedaling that same number. just take one step back. if you're a terrorist, do you want to come through a border that has thousands of border control guards, that has now 15,000 or so troops there? you're not coming. the -- the only recorded terrorist apprehension that i know of in the last 20 years happened at the northern border around the millennium. so it's -- it's become -- we've become numb to it, but we saw probably the best example in a while of how they will say anything and it's all about creating a reality that's different than the facts. and that's dangerous because we're now making -- we now have the government shut down based
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on a fantasy. the most startling thing from the weekend was "the new york times" story where they talked about where the wall idea came up with. it was roger stone and sam nunberg who was frustrated that the president kept forgetting to talk bem aggregation in his speech and they found that if they said build a wall, he'd remember it because he's a builder. the government is shut down now because of that fantasy from two cooky political advisers and donald trump. think about that for a minute. >> it's interesting, chris wallace laughed at sarah sanders. he was visibly laughing at sarah sanders yesterday. the facts are laughing at sarah sanders and the assessment and the assertion she made. but my question then is what does it tell us about where the white house thinks these negotiations stand right now? where do they think they are? why do they feel that they need something like this? >> i think they are where they
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always have been with this issue. it is this notion that there is this -- a flood of dangerous criminals coming from the southern border. that has been the play that we've seen from this white house, that's the play that we saw from donald trump, the candidate as well going back to his 2015 speech. so this is what they tried. i think it clearly hasn't worked, it didn't work on the republicans when they were in control of both houses, it's certainly not going to work on democrats at this point. what is interesting, though, is they seem to be really sort of grasping for straws here, this idea of what the conversation there was yesterday on fox and even the president saying, well now it's steel slats, it's not a concrete wall, the democrats might accept this. they seem to be making it up as they go along. i don't think they really realize not only the sort of impact of the government shutdown, but they just don't have a very good argument. so you hear from the president over and over again the same kind of rhetoric which hasn't
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worked with republicans who were in control again over the last two years and it essential is n certainly is not going to work with democrats. but the second part of this that gives us an insight into how this white house and president is thinking is this idea of a national emergency. that seems to perhaps being an off-ramp even though as many people said it would run into court challenges. but that seems to be where they are. but also what's interesting is the idea of the national emergency is it contradicts something else they say, we'll leave this problem lingering for months, maybe years and leave the government shut down if, you know, they don't get a wall. so it's either a national emergency or it's something that can be part of a government shutdown over months and years. you sort of can't have it both ways. >> the threat of a national emergency, that the president could call a national emergency and there by bypass congress,
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that's an idol threat. you don't see that happening? >> the president has done things in an unconventional way since he took office. i don't see it as an idle threat. i think if he's threatened it he may try. i'm not sure it's going to get the quick resolution that he hopes for. i don't understand the white house's transitioning to a different argument on sunday on this border wall. you know, this has been an illegal immigration debate heretofore, that's what's worked for the president. i think with his people. now they're transitioning to a debate over terrorism. if you follow sarah's words, you not only need a wall on the southern border but northern border as well. that means you to seal up all the borders north and south. >> and the sky. we would need a border -- sorry to interrupt you but we would also need a border over the sky because those terrorists were
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captured at foreign airports as they tried to board a plane, not even here. >> a better place for the white house to get back to is to have this fight over immigration. i do think a great many people believe we do need border security. and the deal has always been there for the president. trade the wall and some kind of border security for a fix on the dreamers. now, you've got lindsey graham and other trump allies out there saying that that should be on the table. that's a good sign. president is saying he wants to wait until the supreme court rules. that's unnecessary, in my opinion. i think if the president wanted to end this, you know, 5 billion plus 800,000 for -- 800 million for humanitarian aid, that's a pittance to get this pixd for the dreamers which they deserve, by the way. so i think the deal has always been there, they should stop meandering around looking for other arguments. make the deal on immigration. that's the deal that's going to finish this. >> i think it's interesting that scott is saying this this morning ninkt it's interesting that thom tillis and cory gardner and susan collins were saying end the shutdown and make a deal. i think it's interesting that jared kushner walked into these
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negotiations willing to talk, perhaps about dreamers this weekend. i find that all very interesting. >> because when your hear racial thought, it does get your attention. >> what it tells me is there is pressure. there's building pressure within the republican party do something. question is how will the white house respond to is it? one facet was the sarah sanders. the other is the president saying steel slats. >> barrier. >> slats is such a great word. >> it is but i don't know if we've lost that if now we're at a steel barrier, like a flat steel barrier, i just can't tell anymore. >> i can't tell either. but, joe, $6 billion include 234 miles of new fencing or new barrier. the democrats this we've had on, right, you ask them would you allow for any new fence something well, maybe. so is there a deal from the democrats side if there's give and take here, cot democrats give some new fencing?
3:14 am
a missile ne a mile of new fencing? >> sure. i think if you could make the case that it helped border security to put five miles here and ten miles there, they would. er in not going to now without getting something in return, and i think scott's right, that's a deal on daca and dreamers. i think the pressure is steady going to ramp up this week as the democrats and the house underspeaker pelosi start trying to pass these separate appropriation bills that. really puts pressure on mitch mcconnell and the senate because you're now making the argument that we should keep the treasury department closed the, the interior department closed because we're arguing over border security. the second thing is one of the reasons that these shutdowns happen more often generally work for democrats and not republicans is they remind people what government actually does for people. rrps always arguing for small government, democrats for larger government, that's a traditional debate. but people take for granted what the government does for you. but when you stop getting your food stamps assistance, you stop
3:15 am
getting your heating assistance, when you stop -- when you don't get your tax return on time, when you can't go to a national park, even though you've planned the vacation with your family, when you got airport and have to wait in a much longer line and you have the airline pilots saying the skies aren't safe, that reminds people the government does something, that works against republicans. let's talk about syria, nia. it sounds like that also is shifting. as you'll recall, the president sort of impetuously declared without consulting other people that u.s. troops were going to rapidly leave syria and now his national security adviser john bolton seemed to be changing that tune. here's what he said this weekend. >> we're going to be discussing the president's zoitidecision t withdraw but to do so from northeast syria in a way that makes sure that isis is defeated and is not able to revive itself
3:16 am
and become a threat again. and to make sure that the -- the defense of israel and our other friends in the region is absolutely assured. >> he changed the timeline also, i mean, to months or longer. >> yeah. that's right. this is a surprise. the president was so bold in talking about this, he talked about it in front of troops when he visited iraq, basically said the military leaders had come to him time and time ghoagain to extend the troops in syria. and he did it for a little while then he finally decided that the young men and women over there could come home. he said this over and over again. and then you had obviously outrage from republican hawks, most prominently probably lindsey graham who said this would basically be a boom for isis if the u.s. pulled out of syria. and he went over and he talked to the president about this and it seemed to be in some ways that meeting that changed the
3:17 am
president's mind. and this idea that republicans on the hill, senate republicans, folks in the house as well, just couldn't imagine this is something that a republican president would do. and so now you have what seems to be a pretty complete reversal. >> yes. >> this idea that they're not going to pull out until the complete defeat of isis, it very much contradicts what the president said, which was a pullout within 30 days or so. >> i don't know if it's a reversal from the president yet because we have yet to hear him say it. until i hear it from him, frankly, i'm not going to believe it. i do think, scott, we'll let you have the last word on this quickly, the john bolton plan as one veiled yesterday, i don't think general mattis kwiks over the john bolton plan. that plan allows for conditions and allows for a situation on the ground there, which is all mattis ever wanted. >> yeah. we don't know what the u.s. position is right now. the president has said one thing, bolton has said another. i personally hope bolton is laying out what our position actually is because i think it's
3:18 am
much better policy. but if it took this to get to thaur that better policy, it cost us jim mattis, secretary of defense, which is a terrible thing in my opinion. i hope that what bolton said sticks, that it's true, and that the president backs him up. but until we hear the president affirm everything bolton said, we're not entirely sure what our plan is. i know this, trusting turkey to protect our kurdish allies, i don't see how that's ever going to fly with turkey. i'd be surprised if what bolton laid out is actually the case. the more important issue is are we abandoning israel on defending them against the iranian influence in syria? to me that's where the real problem is. our only friend in the region, israel, certainly wasn't happy with the president's decision. >> thank you very much. fascinating that we'll have to wait to see what the president's reaction is to the bolton plan. >> and then you'll believe it? i was interested that you'll only believe it after you hear the president. >> i suppose i will believe that's the president's position
3:19 am
today. can it could change again. >> got it. new democratic member of congress alexandria ocasio-cortez getting into a twitter spat with a republican lawmaker over comments she made in a new interview. what she said that has the house minority whip fired up. that's next. and unlimited is better with a phone included. it's true. forty bucks with the other guys, doesn't include a phone. so, start the new year right. join t-mobile and get unlimited with a phone included for just forty dollars per line.
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if you have signs of ketoacidosis, which is serious and may lead to death. ask your doctor about the pill that starts with f and visit for savings. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. newly minted member of congress alexandria ocasio-cortez got into a twitter feud with the house minority whip steve scalise after she
3:23 am
told 60 minutes she wants the super rich to pay a lot more in taxes. watch. >> there's an element where, yeah, people are going to have to start paying their fair share in taxes. >> do you have a specific on the tax rate? >> once you get to like the tippy tops on your 10 millionth dollar sometimes you see tax rates as high as 60% or 70%. that doesn't mean all $10 million are taxed at an extremely high rate, but it means that as you climb this up ladder you should be contributing more. >> that would joe lockhart, nia-malika henderson and scott jennings. i'm not defending an incredibly high marginal tax rate but people hear 70% tax rate in this day and age and their minds explode. i want people to know it did exist in this country for a long time. we had 90% tax rates into the 1960s here. but, scott, i could sense you and other republicans listening to representative cortez say that on tv last night and a warm
3:24 am
fwlo ju glow just surrounded you immediately, why? >> i love cortez. i know a lot of republicans are after her all the time and i love her because she has restored honesty to politics. they'll tell you exactly what they're thinking, exactly what they want to do. number one, they want to raise your taxes. number two they want to impeach the president. number three if they get their facts roun, she told and cooper that's fine because what i'm saying is moral. this is it what democrats actually think and they're willing to be honest about if. she's willing to be honest about it, whereas nancy pelosi and the democratic leadership try to hide the ball on all these things. i so i hope cortez and the rest these freshmen keep talk because they're being honest for the agenda in america and i think that's good for the republicans in 2020. >> not all democrats share alexandria ocasio-cortez' feelings on a host of things. and i'm just curious how you feel as a democrat that, you know, she's one of 535 members
3:25 am
of congress. she's getting a lot of attention. >> right. >> is that helpful for other democrats? >> well, listen, i mean, republicans may need to -- they may roo the day that they represented create this. not that her winning and stunning victory didn't. but it's the fact that it's republicans shining the light on her because they think it helps them. and i think, you know, you can make this argument either way, 70% mind blown or if you make more than $10 million a year every dollar after 10 million should be taxed at a higher rate, i think that works in a lot of america. >> it's the same thing. >> that's the same thing. >> but, it depends on how you make the argument. here's what i think is the important thing, which is when the republicans came into power, they very quickly the freedom caucus, the most conservatives, the people who have basically shut the government down over and over again took control and the leader, whether it be paul ryan or john boehner could never manage the house because of that. i don't think that a couple of new congress people coming in
3:26 am
with, you know, big ideas are going to run the democratic caucus. that's the test. can you have bright new people with ideas that some people in the party like, some people don't? but will nancy pelosi and jim climber be able to push through the agenda? i think they will be. i don't think they're going to make the mistake that paul ryan and john boehner made of letting the freedom, the most conservatives gum up the works and run the caucus. >> let's listen to a little bit more of that interview that anderson did with her last night on 60 minutes where she called the president a racist. we can play the short version. >> do you believe president trump is a racist? >> yeah. yeah. no question. >> how can you say that? >> well when you look at the words that he uses, which are historic dog whistles of white supreme macy, when you look at how he reacted to the charlottesville incident where neo-nazis murdered a woman, versus how he manufactures
3:27 am
crises like immigrants seeking legal refuge on our borders, it's night and day. >> she's been in congress for four days and she's getting the 60 minutes treatment. what is it about her that is causing so much fascination and endorsement even from scott jennings? >> yeah, i mean, she is just very real and raw. she's very well spoken. i think she understands this new landscape of social media. i don't know if you've looked at her twitter or instagram feed, she invites people in. she was at one point making mac-n-cheese in an instapot. and so there's that. you know, and certainly progressives, young progressives like what they see in her. she's 29 years old. she speaks their language. she's not afraid to really kind of i think push the envelope in terms of where the democratic party should be, something that bernie sanders did as well. but here she is reflecting i think the diversity of the democratic caucus and the
3:28 am
diversity of voters, really, who really i think in many ways if you look at democrats have wanted somebody like this, right, that represents sort of the younger -- the younger spectrum of the party. then you have that, not only democrats interested in her, and then republicans very much wanting to paint her as the entire democratic party. so, yeah, there's a mix there and so that's why you get her having not only 2 million twitter followers, but the 60 minutes treatment a more mainstream arena for her to be. >> scott. >> and then there's joe biden. and joe biden is debating whether or not he's going to be getting into the race. you have the new school aoc as she's called and then you have joe bide whon represents, you know, obviously old school and establishment. here's what he told a democratic official according to the "new york times" this weekend. if you can persuade me there's somebody better who can win, i'm happy not to do it. but i don't see the candidate who can keirly clearly do what be done to win.
3:29 am
as a republican, the idea of a joe biden race scare you? do you think that he would be effective against donald trump? >> i don't think he's their best candidate. i've never thought biden was the best option for them. i think they should do what gave them success in 2018, frankly, which was younger candidates, female candidates, minority candidates. it strikes me they just had success with this and they should try it again. there's a number of options that aren't joe biden. joe biden, by the way, got a delegate for president at the 1984 democratic national convention. i have i hard time believing that i democratic party that wants to be younger and more modern is going to nominate a president for 2020 that got a delegate in 1984. >> that wasn't even the one he ran in in that race. he did better in the election he didn't even run in. what does happen if biden enters? because i think it has a profound impact on the field. >> i think it does too. let me say first if you ask me
3:30 am
about the republican field, don't pay any attention to me, i'm playing politics. but, but, think it does -- it is -- it is the first and most important thing to happen in this race. because if biden gets in, you then have an establishment candidate. he's uncle joe to a lot of people in this country. but it then becomes who can position themselves as an alternative? who is young center who's more progressive? who's a person of color? who's a woman? and it really will start to shake the field out. >> he becomes a target and i'm not sure that where he wants to be for what could be his last political actor kobt way he gets to the white house, we'll see. but it's interesting. joe, scott, nia, thank you is all very much. great to have you on. the united states is now in the grip of its second longest shutdown in its history. president trump, a billionaire, of course, says he can relate to the 800,000 furloughed workers who are not getting paid. do they agree? we ask some of them next. you can do this.
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♪ olly. . the partial government shutdown enters day 17. hundreds of thousands of federal workers are going without pay. of course they're facing tough decisions. so president trump claims that he can, quote, relate. cnn's suzanne medical video is live with some of those workers what did you learn? >> good morning, alisyn. one of the remarkable common threads among the federal workers that we talked to is they are reticent to take political sides. what they do say is that the president just doesn't get it. . >> to be a government employee to be a civil servant which president trump is now as well and that doesn't mean it's about a republican agenda it's about coming to work to provide a service. president trump says he understands what the hundreds of
3:36 am
thousands of federal workers coping with the uncertainty over when they will receive their next paycheck are going through. >> i can he relate and i'm sure that the people that are on the receiving end will make adjustment, they always do. >> reporter: but some affected by the government shutdown aren't buying it. >> i have a hard time believing that someone who's been a millionaire since childhood can relate to having your family's income taken away and with no notice. >> aaron kidwell and her husband both work for the forest service in oregon working to prevent wildfires that devastated the region last year but with neither receiving paychecks. aaron has resorted applying for unemployment and looking for temporary jobs to support her family. >> i'll have to make those decision whoons bil decisions on what bills we can pay and have to take out loans. i'm really hoping this isn't
3:37 am
very long. >> reporter: 380,000 federal employees remain furloughed and another 420,000 continue to work without a paycheck. >> it's eye ron take this the people making the dedecisions are still getting paid. but we have to net get paid and still do our job. >> reporter: strks tsa agent brian has determined an essential employee meaning he has to work but he hasn't been maid paid since december? it's going to come to a point where you say i do put gas in my car or feed my family. >> reporter: he says he will run out of money by the end of the month. without a solution, they fear they will lose their house. >> our child care payment is more than our mortgage. we're already stretched thin with thatted on without the paycheck, it's just almost an impossible situation. >> reporter: despite these hardships, trump continues continue to cyst thto insist that shutting down the board o government for a border
3:38 am
wall is worth it. >> many of those people that won't be receiving a paycheck, many of those people agree 100%. >> reporter: aaron adamantly disagrees. >> as a union rep i have not heard anyone that agrees with this shutdown and not receiving a paycheck. >> reporter: isaac ortiz, a senior correction officer in el paso for 27 years says he has a message for the president. >> if i was to have time to talk to him would tell him, look, we understand the agenda of border security, but don't put government employees in the middle of it. >> reporter: isaac also says it's ironic that the federal inmates he watches ever or working inside the prison and they're getting paid while he and the other correctional officers are not. john. >> all right. thanks fvery much. some 800,000 people who are miss a paycheck this week. the golden globes kicked off the awards season. we have the shocking results. shocking. i am shocked next. in the time it takes to brew a cup... here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters
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a big upset at the golden globes last night. bohemian rhapsody won best
3:43 am
drama. >> wasn't even good, let alone best hot how can something that's not even good be best? >> we're going to find out. >> green book earning top honors in the best category. >> how is it that it was in the drama category? >> you have a lot of strong thoughts. >> i'm sorry. go ahead. >> co-host sandra oh making history as the first person of asian dissent to host 8 wards and taking home the best actress award in a tv drama in nearly 40 years. joining us now are cnn chief media correspondent and entertainment tonight host michelle turner. i don't know why we need guests. >> i mean, coming in hot. >> coming in hot. he's going to start at an 11. okay, michelle, what was the headline to you? >> well, what you just said, one of them bohemian rhapsody winning best picture. i'm not as far over as john is with that one, that it wasn't even good. but i don't think it was the best picture of the year. i think that ronny malec was
3:44 am
outstanding the last 20 minutes of the film, but best picture? i will tell you the hollywood press loves ronny malec and they love a musical type of film. i guess i could see where they're coming from, although i don't know if this one will translate into the rest of the award zbleen that's what this group is for, to give us something to argue about at the start of the award season. >> that is true. >> i would love to see a star is born and black panther and some of these big move stlas herve seen actually be celebrated. >> good movies. >> something like that. but that's what the oscars are for. hopefully we'll have oscar nominations in two weeks. >> you're really sticking to your criterion. >> if you have to be best you have to meet that minimum bar of being good. >> i see. >> okay. it wasn't terribly political, in fact it seemed like andy sandberg and sandra oh really steered away from it. >> to make it about hollywood, not d.c. >> but christian balance didn't. here's that moment. >> he said i've got to find
3:45 am
somebody who can be charisma free and reviled by everybody. thank you so satan for giving me inspiration on how to play this role. >> whoa. he's trying to sell a few more tickets there reminding people what vice is all about the it's been a polarizing movie, that's what makes it interesting. but it's a slightly bigger movie, it was mostly a nonpolitical night. it was mostly a night where shows you'd never heard of or movies you've never heard of were winning awards. and that's part of the challenge where there's 10,000 things to watch. >> and mitch mcconnell better get ready because christian bale said he's going to play him next. i don't know if my old kentucky is home in is in the works in hollywood. but brad simpson, who is the executive producer of american h horror story, he went political as well, not to the point of christian bale. but largely everything was stayed away. it was a feel-good type of night. there were a couple shots taken by the hosts but it was a
3:46 am
feel-good kind of night. my favorite moment was carol burnett. i was on cloud nine when she came out and that room was full and there was so much love in the faces of everyone for her and she nailed it once again just sharp as ever. i loved that moment so much. >> so do i get to ask anything or i have been disqualified completely? >> go ahead. let's try it. >> i wanted to know. i'm happy to sit this one out. so the whole andy sandberg, and sandra oh, they did talk about the oscars. there were two hosts for the golden globes, there are no hosts for the oscars. think we have a clip of this. let's play it. >> we are going to have some fun, give out some awards and one lucky audience member will host the oscars! >> people cringing there. what's going to happen here? >> i think kevin hart will host the oscars. think that's ultimately is what's going to happen. i think that everybody behind the scenes is trying to figure out a way for it to happen. the best possible way they can.
3:47 am
i don't know if there's a way to make it an easy transition, but i think that in some way it will happen. my vote, actually, is for maia rudolph, i think she's fantastic and funny. last night she once again killed it. i think she should get her shot do this. these fantastic. >> is she a contender? >> probably not. >> you're just throwing it out there. >> i was going to say, nerve that room has been -- >> they're thinking about having no host at all. >> yes. and they said they thought about having cameo heavy -- the show be cameo heavy and no host at all. but i do think thail they're goi going to figure out a way for kevin hart to host the show. but the whole plea with ellen, i'm not sure how well that has played in the public, even though i think in hollywood it was received well have some we have a picture of the biggest winner at the golden globes. >> that's dana bash right there.
3:48 am
sheds was on the red carpet inside the room, easily the most fabulous person there. >> easily. what award did she take home. >> best dressed. >> she was better by the way in bohemian rab so bohemian rhapsody than anyone else in that fill. >> she said if congress, if the white house and the aides could all get in the same room for as long as they are in the globes and get a little sloppy, we'd get a shutdown solution and get a deal zblun it's 88 members of the foreign press -- >> 93. >> so explain to people how is it different from the oscars? >> because there's 93 voting members for the hollywood foreign press. there's 3,000 or so for the oscars. so there you have it right there. you could really win with like 15 votes. win a golden globe with 15 votes. >> fascinating. >> there you go. >> all right. thank you. >> great to have you here. i apologize you had to sit through this. >> grumpiness. >> john's killing me at 6:48.
3:49 am
>> thank you, guys. now to the heartbreak in chicago, the bears bounced from the playoffs by a matter of -- am i editorializing? i feel like -- >>s >> it was a bounce. >> more in the bleacher report. with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. so even when she grows up, she'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only with expedia.
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the eagles continue their imagine cal run with a dramatic playoff win on the road against the bears. coy wire, this was awful for bears fans. i know you're in santa clara are where you're there for the national college football championship game. >> reporter: yeah. we'll talk about that in a second. but jaw-dropping finish in chicago. the playoffs ending in heartbreaking fashion for bears fans. chicago was actually up with under a minute left, but the legend the eagles backup nick foles continues to grow. a perfectly placed touchdown pass to golden tate to go up 16-15. built bears would drive in the field goal range and cody parkey, who is tied for second most kicks this season nails the 43 yarder. but it doesn't count.
3:54 am
of course doug pederson called a time outfor the snap. he kicks again but it hits the uprights and then the crossbar and bounces outs. the eagles say they tipped it. parkey finished with an astonishing six misses that hit the uprights. he was booed off his home field and all chicago fans heartbroken after that wild, wild ending. now, in college football, alabama and clemson play tonight for the title for the third time in the last four years and many folks are saying this matchup is bad for college ball. you can get tickets on stub hub right now for 180 bucks. last year the cheapest ticket for the bama/georgia matchup was $1,700 the day before the game. location a huge factor. two teams from the southeast. i talked to several players who said their parent can't make the trip to see come see them play in the title game because it's a big trip to the bay area. we caught one players at media day and asked them if they think this game is bad for football and why they think fans should
3:55 am
even watch. listen. >> only thing better than a trilogy is the fourth time around. >> it's a must-see thing. >> we can't help it that we're good. >> it's rocky iv. i'm a senior and i've played every year since i've been here. we have to go out on top. >> it's to powerhouses going at it and it's going to be a dogfight till the end. >> one clemson player told me that he hopes that people look back at this as an all time classic rival lake back in the '80s when your celtics and lakers went at it three times and it's now considered a great, great all-time rivalry. >> i could i coy wire, who do you have tonight? >> who's player? >> alabama/clemson. >> who should i like? >> one of them. >> who has the better uniform? >> alabama. >> fantastic. as the shut joan enters a third week, they're pedaling erroneous numbers on border
3:56 am
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this is our moment to dream big, fight hard. >> there are people, you think biden would have the best shot beat president trump. he does recognize the need to make it clear his flans time. >> we've got to make sure that we touch all segments of the american public in order to take back the white house. >> this is new day with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning. beautiful sunrise. welcome to your new day. this morning the white house is rolling out a new strategy to end the government shutdown, call it steel and deceit. white a recipe. this is


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