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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  January 7, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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government shutdown on record. president trump is threatening to fund his border wall by declaring a national emergency if democrats and some republicans won't budge on funding. they are not budging yet. the only shift is in the president's terminology. he now said he wants a steel barrier which he wants a down payment of $5 billion and weekend talks between the vice president and congressional aides were productive but even that is in dispute and claims the white house is putting out to justify a so-called emergency are just plain false. >> let's go to the white house and joe johns is there. good morning, joe. so other than concrete turning into steel, at least in terms of what the president says, any give here from either side? >> reporter: according to democrats, there was no substantive progress over the weekend. although, as you said, the president did indicate he thought that the talks, particularly between the vice president and some hill staffers
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were productive. also important to say that over the weekend, as you mentioned, the president floating the idea declaring a national emergency to get his wall built and using perhaps the defense department to do just that. some democrats even conceding that the president may have the authority to do that but will be subject in all likelihood to a court challenge if he tries it. to that send the president this morning tweeting out, quoting the incoming chairman of the house armed services committee adam smith saying in part that as adam smith said, the president may have the authority to do it. the president also tweeting let's get our deal done in congress. now so far no progress on getting the shutdown over and getting the president's money for his wall, be that -- which could be the case. still it is important to say that we're moving into a period now where this shutdown could
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have real teeth. that is because at the end of this week federal workers who have received checks so far will miss their first check. the president asked over the weekend by reporters if he, in fact, feels for those workers. here is what he had to say. >> i can relate and i'm sure that the people that are on the receiving end will make adjustments. they always do. and they'll make adjustments. people understand exactly what is going on. but many of those people that won't be receiving a paycheck, many of those people agree 100%. >> reporter: and poppy, the other thing about whether this should be a concrete wall or steel barrier, i just have to remind you it was just a few weeks ago that the president tweeted out a picture of a steel fence. so that is not really new either. >> okay. joe johns, thanks very much. let's go to capitol hill.
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so the president said he has options sundland, but democrats considering their own options to get the government running again. how would this work? >> that is right, jim. we'll see an effort by some democrats to take steps to essentially ratchet up the political pressure as this shutdown now enters the third week. over here in the house, nancy pelosi announced over the weekend that the house will intend to move on individual appropriations bills giving that spending the funding for those agencies and departments that were affected by this shutdown, that is largely a symbolic gesture, a symbolic move that will go nowhere in the house. mitch mcconnell has previously said he does not intend to move on those and certainly wouldn't move on anything without president trump's support. so that is largely a gesture but the house to essentially show you they are trying to do something. meantime over in the senate, two senators, chris van hollen and ben cardin are urging their colleagues to block
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consideration of any legislation in the senate until legislation to reopen the government is considered. they tweeted out their opinions over the weekend on that. we'll see if others follow suit. but jim and poppy, this, the third week of this government shutdown, the talks over the weekend yielded very little progress and today the house and senate, they are not in until tomorrow. back to you. >> there is a lot of work to do. let's hope this is the week. let's talk to one of the actual victims of this ongoing battle. brian garthwait furloughed from the food and drug administration joining us from minneapolis, minnesota. good morning. >> good morning. and thank you for the opportunity to sit with you. >> this is your fifth government shutdown in your 19 years working in the federal government for the fda. just tell everyone first what it is you do every day. >> my job -- i'm a compliance officer for the food and drug administration. and the basics of my job is to ensure that the regulated
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industry complies with the regulations and laws that govern the products they manufacture. >> that matters for safety. >> folks imagine it is government agencies, what do they do? >> there you go. >> they impact people's lives every day. you see it in the national parks and in jobs like you do. i want to ask you this, because you must feel like a political pawn in this. who do you blame for the shutdown? do you blame the president or congress or blame them both? >> i don't think it is right to ascribe blame. but what i would suggest is that it was very clear that there were resolutions passed by both the house and the senate that would have permitted the government shutdown to keep operating as its prior funding levels and for reasons that i'm not privy to, those resolutions were not supported by the administration so i guess you'll connect the dots and decide who would be ultimately responsible
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for that. >> it sounds like you think even the republicans who do support border security but who are breaking with the administration here like susan collins, like cory gardner, like senator thom tillis of north carolina are correct in saying let's get the government open and deal with border security once it is open and people like you are back to work. is that something you would like to see? >> well, i think i would like to just separate the border security part out of it completely and my focus is on getting the government shutdown back open and the people working. and that clearly was the option prior to the shutdown that was available and it didn't carry through. >> understood. so looking at this again from your perspective, what is your reaction when the president said that this could go on for months or years and there are some of his advisers who say this is
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political grandstanding there. but how concerning is that to you? >> i'm very concerned for all government shutdown employees affected by the shutdown. separate from the politics behind it, remember that many people, they are dual income households that are -- that receive their financial security from their federal jobs and now are operating without a paycheck. mortgages are coming due, all of the costs with maintaining and operating a household still continue but these individuals are not getting paid or being forced to work without getting paid. >> that is a condition that is more prevalent than we realize. people live paycheck to paycheck and you miss a paycheck, you can't pay the big bills. >> of course. >> exactly. >> and to jim's point, brian, the president this weekend and i quote, says i can relate.
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not sure he can relate to what all of you workers are going through. but he said many of those people who won't be receiving a paycheck, they agree 100% with what i'm doing. do you think he can relate? >> i don't know -- i'm sorry, i don't know any of these people and the president of our -- of afg local 3381 and i have yet to have a member of the unit articulate that position to me. whether the president can relate or not, i don't know. but what i do know is this administration has in the past year authored three executive orders that striped rights for bargaining unit employees later overturned in the courts, he's frozen salaries of civilian workers, and now he's using federal workers as a pawn for his political agenda. so how he can say that he relates, that is -- i guess i would have to look him square in the eye and ask him that
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question. >> he's made federal workers a target, oftentimes separate from this. brian garthwait, thank you very much and we wish you luck getting back to work. >> thank you for having me. joining us now is former director of legislative affairs under president trump, mark short. he knows a thing or two about how this president deals with congress and i'm sure has an opinion on the current impasse. thanks for taking the time and happy new year to your family. >> to you guys. >> and the president clearly feels he's winning this issue, the shutdown, the wall, with his base where his energy and political energy seems to be focussed right now. in your view, is he winning this issue and what are the risks for the president? >> jim, i don't know to what extent he views he's winning it as much as he believed he promised he would help secure the southern border and he's trying to do that. i think typically there are few winners in a government shutdown. but i think the president believes the stakes are
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significant enough. and this is your last guest, i sympathize federal workers who don't get paid enormous amounts of money and dedicate lives and careers to serving our government but i would look at this weekend and see the vice president of the united states, the chief of staff at the white house, the cabinet -- the cabinet secretary in the meetings and not one democrat trying to make progress in the negotiations. >> as you know, as former director of legislative affairs, there was a deal greed to by both parties a number of weeks ago which is no longer there. republicans, yes democrats sense political gains for sticking to their guns on this. but republicans who previously voted for legislation to keep the government shutdo-- the gov don't want to get on the wrong side of the president here. >> candidly, jim, i would go a step further which is that the budget of office and management
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put forward to congress ask for $1.6 billion in funding for the wall and that is what was on the table first. the administration then decided they wanted $5 billion. and there is good reason for saying we need additional monies there. but in many ways congress did deliver on what the white house first request was. >> there are republicans who are -- conservative republicans from border states just take representative will hurd of texas, 800 miles of his district border on the southern border there, he says, quote, "i've been very clear that building a wall from sea to shining sea is the most expensive and least effective way to do border security." he proposed a alternative. you spend money on the border and that is part of his plan but toward beefing up technology and things other than a wall to curb illegal immigration. do you wish that the president were listening to him and others in his camp more, in his own party. >> yeah, poppy, i think in some
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ways we're talking past each other. in a previous career i was chief of staff for the representative from texas who represents those constituents up and down the rio river and there is no doubt they have had commerce come back and forth along the border and many along the border don't want a wall. and what the administration put forth is not a wall from sea to shining sea, here is where the rio grande is, we want leavees here and out of a $4 trillion budget represents one-tenth of 1% and what border control has advocated for is not a wall and that is what the trump administration put forward to congress to fund. >> but the point is the president is also holding other issues hostage as a result of this. and i know that is become a talking about what tiny sliver of the budget is but make the same argument for food stamps or
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the pay for tsa that inspect people before they go on planes so they are not carrying bombs. and those are security arguments as well. are they not? you are de -- defunding other security priorities and holding up, because, let's be frank, this is a political promise that the president wants to stick to here. can you make the same argument regarding other national security priorities that are being held hostage to this. >> it is politics on both sides. it is not about the money. the democrats just put forward a budget that increased spending by $20 million including funding for the u.n. population control that would be funding abortions overseas but can't find money to fund our border security. it is politics all the way around. >> we could go into what is the bigger portion of the deficit and tax cut, et cetera. that is just math. marc, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. she might be a freshman but she is firing up republicans.
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o causio cortez sit down with anderson cooper. and in minutes kevin spacey will walk into court. he's facing indecent assault and battery charges. we're on it. and senator elizabeth warren is also hitting the campaign trail. will former vice president joe biden soon be joining her in the run? well, how are the massage chairs working out for everyone? i dunno. i'm still a little stressed about buying our new house. well, it's a good thing we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. geico can help with that. we can get homeowners insurance help from geico? well, sure. and they could save us a bunch too. mmhmm? i'm starting to feel better already. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and condo insurance.
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she recently became the youngest woman ever elected to congress and now new york democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez is becoming one of president trump's high-profile and some say boldest critics. >> in the first months on the national stage seize garnered support and criticism.
7:19 am
she sat down for a lengthy conversation with our very own anderson cooper. here is what she said. >> there are people that say you don't understand how the game is played. >> mm-hmm. >> do you? >> i think it is really great for people to keep thinking that. >> you want folks to underestimate you. >> absolutely. that is why i won my primary. >> winning that primary shocked the democratic establishment and in november alexandria ocasio-cortez became the youngest woman ever elected to congress. >> we have made history tonight. >> just a few days later, as soon as she got to washington -- [ chanting ] >> she paid a visit to climate change activists occupying her party leader nancy pelosi's office. she was the only newly elected member of congress who decided to drop by during the sit-in. she called on pelosi to create a select committee on climate
7:20 am
change without any members of congress who accept monies from the fossil fuel industry. [ cheering and applause ] >> nancy pelosi is incredibly powerful. >> she absolutely is. >> and you're occupying her office? >> oh, my goodness. i could have thrown up that morning, i was so nervous. but i kept coming back to the idea that they're fighting for wasn't wrong and i had also sat down with leader pelosi beforehand and she told me her story. she came from activism and i knew that she would absolutely understand how advocacy can change the needle on really important issues. >> reporter: ocasio-cortez and her alleys managed to get 40 members of congress to support the climate committee. house speaker nancy pelosi agreed to create it but it is not nearly what ocasio-cortez had in mind. pelosi granted the committee limited powers and did not ban members who take money from the fossil fuel industry. >> ocasio-cortez -- >> for ocasio-cortez it was an
7:21 am
early lesson in congressional politics. and another one came when she defied pelosi and voted against the speaker's new house rules but was not joined by many other progressive democrats. ocasio-cortez told us she's determined to fight for what is being called for a green new deal. a highly ambitious and some would say unrealistic proposal that would convert the entire u.s. economy to renewal sources of energy in just 12 years and guaranteeing everyone american a job at a fair wage. >> you are talking about zero carbon emissions, no use of fossil fuels within 12 years. >> that is the goal. it is ambitious. >> how is that possible? are you talking about everybody drive an electric cart. >> it would require a lot of rapid change that we don't even conceive as possible right now. what is the problem with trying to push our technology capacities to the furthest
7:22 am
extent possible. >> this would require raising taxes. >> there is an element, where people have to start paying their fair share in taxes. >> do you have a specific on the tax rate? >> you look at our tax rates back in the '60s and when you have a progressive tax rate system, your tax rate say from zero to $75,000 may be 10% or 15%, et cetera. but once you get to the tippy tops on your 10 millionth dollar you see 60% or 70% and that doesn't mean all of that is taxed at the high rate but as you climb up this ladder, you should be contributing more. >> what you are talking about just big picture is a radical agenda compared to the way politics is done right now. >> well, i think that it only has ever been radicals that have changed this country. abraham lincoln made the radical
7:23 am
decision to sign the emancipation proclamation and roosevelt made the change on social security. >> do you call yourself radical. >> if that is what radical means, call me a radical. >> she doesn't seem to be viewed as a radical in new york 14. the racially diverse and liberal and democratic congressional district that includes parts of queens and the bronx. she was born in the bronx. her parents met in puerto rico. her father owned a small architectural business and her mother cleaned houses to help make ends meet. by the time she was ready for preschool. her parents made a down payment on a small house in the westchester suburbs and a world away from her extended family still living in the bronx. >> what brought your parents here? >> schools. my mom wanted to make sure that i had a solid chance and a solid
7:24 am
education. >> do you feel like you were living in two different worlds, spending a lot of time in the bronx with your family and here. >> yeah. and just growing up that way and with my cousins who were all my age feeling like we all had kind of different opportunities depending on where we were physically located. >> she did well in school and with the help of scholarships and loans and financial aid attended boston university. but in her sophomore year her father died of cancer. >> we were really working on the classic american dream and overnight it was all taken away. my mom was back to cleaning homes and driving school buses, to keep a roof over our heads. >> she moved back to the bronx after graduating college and spent the next few years working as a community organizer and advocate for children's literacy. in may of 2017 the one-bedroom apartment she shares with her boyfriend became her makeshift
7:25 am
campaign headquarters where she launched a improbable run for congress. she was working as a waitress and bartender at the time. like many members of her generation, she had student loans to pay and no health insurance. >> i really understood the frustration that working people have across the political spectrum. when anybody is saying the economy is going great, we are at record levels, there is a frustration that says well the economy is good for who? >> unemployment is at record lows. >> i don't think that tells the whole story. when you can't provide for your kids, working a full time job or two full time jobs and you can't have health care, that is not dignified. >> a group of bernie sanders supporters who now call themselves justice democrats encouraged ocasio-cortez to run for office. he gave her training and support. she built a grass root coalition
7:26 am
that took on the democratic machine by going door-to-door. >> hi, saudio. i'm alexandria. >> arguing she could represent the district better than a ten-term incumbent who spent most of his time in washington. >> have a good day. >> reporter: please welcome alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> her victory made national news and soon had a higher media profile than many veteran lawmakers. some saw in her primary victory a craving for change in the democratic party. nancy pelosi draw a limited conclusion. >> they made a choice in one district so let's not get carried away. >> president trump suggested that all democrats were socialist and lead the country to ruin. >> venezuela -- how does that sound? you like venezuela? >> when people hear the world -- socialism, they think of cuba and svevenezuela. is that what you have in mind? >> of course not.
7:27 am
what we have in mind and my policies most closely resemble what we see in the u.k. and norway and finland and sweden. >> how are you going to p -- to all of this. >> no one asked how we'll pay for the space force or a $2 trillion tax cut only ask for how we pay for it on housing and education and health care. with the same exact mechanisms that we pay for military increases, for the space force, for all of these ambitious policies. >> there are democrats obviously worried about your effect on the party. chris coons said about left-leaning democrats, if the next few years is say raise to unrealistic proposals it will be difficult to make a credible case. we should be allowed to govern again. >> what makes it unrealistic? >> how to pay for it. >> we pay more per capita for health care and education for lower outcomes than many other nations and so for me, what is
7:28 am
unrealistic is what we're living in right now. >> since the election, some conservative media outlets have focused on ocasio-cortez with an intensity unusual for a rookie member of congress. >> her views, her policy positions are actually down right scary. >> reporter: shoe's been accuse of the true cost of her proposals and the tax on the middle class and criticized for making factual mistakes. >> the criticisms is your math is fuzzy. "the washington post" awarded you four pinocchios for misstating pentagon spending. >> if people want to really blow up one figure here or one word there, i would argue they are missing the forest for the trees. i think there is a lot of people more concerned about being precisely factually and semantically correct than about being morally right. >> but being factually correct
7:29 am
is important. >> it is absolutely important. and whenever i make a mistake, i say, okay, this was clumsy and then i restate what my point was. but it's not the same thing as the president lying about immigrants. it is not the same thing at all. >> we started the wall anyway and we're going to get that done. we're going to get it done. >> you don't talk about president trump very much. >> no. >> why? >> because i think he's a symptom of a problem. >> what do you mean? >> the president certainly didn't invent racism. but he certainly has given a voice to it and expanded it and created a platform for those things. >> do you believe president trump is a racist? >> yeah. no question. >> how can you say that? >> when you look at the words that he uses, which are historic dog whistles of white suppose ram assy and when you look at
7:30 am
charlottesville where neo-nazis murdered a woman how he manufactures crisis like immigrants seeking legal refuge on our borders, it is night and day. >> in response, the white house deputy press secretary told us congresswoman ocasio-cortez's sheer ignorance on the matter can't cover the fact that president trump supported and passed historic criminal reform. one of the things ocasio-cortez has in common with the president is cam bative presence on social media. when someone tweeted saying that jacket and coat don't like like a girl who struggles she called him for for what she said was misogyny. >> would you be taking a screen shot of steny hoyer's behind and sharing it around? why is there more comfort in doing that to me than there is
7:31 am
in doing it to any other member of congress? >> eliminating the influence of corporate money and politics is another one of ocasio-cortez's signature issues. most of her campaign funds came from small donations of $200 or less. she did accept some money from labor unions but she refuses to take any contributions from corporate political action committees. she's angered some of her colleagues in the house by encouraging primary challenges of democrats who accept corporate money or pose progressive policies. >> these are politically dangerous tactics that you're using. you've heard that. >> yeah. >> do you believe it? >> it is absolutely risky. it requires risk to try something new. but also we know so much of what we've tried if the past hasn't worked either. >> it is really fascinating piece. >> it is. you get a real deep sense of where she's coming from. >> where were you at 29?
7:32 am
well you were covering wars? >> i was not. more people were accomplished than i was at 29. >> we'll keep a close eye on that. right now a courthouse in massachusetts packed because in minutes actor kevin spacey will appear in front of a judge. we're live outside of the courthouse. rocket city, usa. this is a very difficult job. failure is not an option. more than half of employees across the country bring financial stress to work. if you're stressed out financially at home, you're going to be too worried to be able to do a good job. i want to be able to offer all of the benefits that keep them satisfied. it is the people that is really the only asset that you have. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential. bring your challenges. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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you are looking at a courthouse in nantucket,
7:37 am
massachusetts, because minutes from now actor kevin spacey will be in the courtroom to answer allegations that he groped an 18-year-old busboy. >> he is expected to plead not guilty to an indecent assault and battery charge. jean cassarez is there. we understand kevin spacey did not want to appear in court today but the judge ordered him to? >> reporter: that is right. because his defense side said that it could taint the jury pool because there is so much publicity. as you could see, maybe you can't, but i can, there is a lot of media here. the courtroom is packed. and the defense was saying that it could taint the jury pool. this is a small island. the jury would come from this island here. and the judge said no, this is an arraignment and constitutionally based, you have to appear. now we are waiting for kevin spacey to get here. it is believed that he will momentarily come to this courthouse. he will go into the building right behind me. it will be his initial appearance before this district court judge.
7:38 am
now the complaint is ledgie -- s alleging that the accuser was 18 years old and a busboy at a local restaurant a couple of blocks away. everyone knew kevin spacey was coming and he was excited and got off work at midnight and changed his clothes and wanted to meet kevin spacey. he did. and they spent an hour together and exchanged phone numbers and went to the pee anna bar and went outside but alcohol is a big factor here because kevin spacey asked him are you legal age to drink and he said, yes, i'm 23. he wasn't. he was 18. kevin spacey, according to the complaint, bought him three to five beers -- four to five beers, four to five shots of whiskey and that is when the accuser, according to the complaint, said that kevin spacey at a crowded piano bar began to touch him and it was not consented to, groping him. kevin spacey went to the bathroom and was asking him to
7:39 am
go to an after party and the accuser left. at a probable cause hearing two weeks ago, we saw where the defense is going because ellen jackson, a former extremely respected district attorney out of los angeles is now representing kevin spacey and he asked the detective at the probable cause hearing the gropy went on -- alleged groping for three minutes but the accuser didn't stop him, didn't move, didn't walk away, didn't do anything. the detective answered yes. now the serious issue, poppy and jim, is that he faces five years in prison and would have to register as a sex offender. this is a felony. this is a serious case for both sides. >> enormous stakes here. jean cassarez, thanks for following. will joe biden jump into the 2020 campaign ring. sources say we'll know the answer to that question soon.
7:40 am
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. welcome back. the suv right there in nantucket, massachusetts, is carrying the actor kevin spacey. he's arriving at a district court today for an arraignment on multiple charges against an 18-year-old busboy. the charges are battery and indecent assault. you remember spacey did not want to attend this hearing. and by the way, there is a camera in the courtroom. so you'll see him in the courtroom momentarily.
7:45 am
he didn't want to attend. a judge said he has to be there and he is. live pictures of kevin spacey walking in for the arraignment in nantucket, massachusetts. we'll bring you more of that in a moment. back to politics now. joe biden is set to decide in the coming months whether he will run in 2020. close ally biden telling cnn he's kaetded in recent weeks he's leaning towards a run and he knows he can't wait much longer to announce his decision. >> elizabeth warren is wasting no time making her campaign trip to iowa over the weekend. all right. hold that thought. let's get back to nantucket, massachusetts. our colleague jean casarez outside of the courtroom. we just saw kevin spacey walk in. just remind viewers what he's facing today at this arraignment. >> reporter: it is indecent assault and battery and a felony under the commonwealth of massachusetts. it is up to five years in prison. two and a half years in a state
7:46 am
local jail and he would have to register as a sex offender. so this is a very serious offense right here. and this is the arraignment. kevin spacey did not want to come. that is the headline, he didn't want to come. his attorneys are really mounting a constitutional argument because they are saying there is so much publicity that the jury pool on this small island of nantucket could be tainted and he could not then get a fair trial. that didn't work because this is a constitutionally-based procedure and an arraignment, he will be read the charges. he may or may not enter a plea. it is up to him. and it's very short but extremely important for that aspect of knowing what you are being charged with. so it is the second floor in that courtroom. you could see the pictures. you see people just standing there. it is just standing room only in that courtroom. everyone here on the island knows what is happening. some people are not happy that the media is here of course. and also they are concerned that this young man who worked at
7:47 am
this restaurant was able to drink so much alcohol underage. they don't like that publicity from this island either. of course the issue at hand is touching unconsented sexual assault by actor kevin spacey. >> okay. >> jean, we're looking at the entranceway where kevin spacey will come in. jean, what can you tell us about the defense, that it appears that his legal team is mounting and on what ground? >> reporter: well the position of the team and it's led by allen jackson who is a former assistant district attorney out of los angeles. very well renowned. the lead prosecutor in the phil spector criminal trial and ran for attorney general for the state of california. he was not successful. now as a defense attorney but he's extremely high-profile and at the probable cause hearing several weeks ago he was present and he was able to ask the
7:48 am
detective many questions, one being that the alleged groping according to the accuser lasted for about three minutes and this is where close to the piano bar and spacey touched him and he did not consent and it was groping and he froze and didn't know what to do and so what allen jackson made a point of, he said this lasted for three minutes but he never said no or walked away and never stopped it. he never -- he allowed it and did he tell anyone that the groping had occurred? because he talked to people about that kevin spacey was coming on to him but there is a lot of eyewitness -- but accounts of outcry. he told people shortly thereafter that kevin spacey was coming on to him. but as far as groping, that didn't come out until later. >> well, listen, we'll keep on top of that. you see a number of reporters and kevin spacey has not appeared yet.
7:49 am
we'll follow that story. and now back to politicals. m.j. wheeling with elizabeth warren in iowa over the weekend and patty stoll, former hillary clinton presidential campaign manager. patty, if i begin with you first on joe biden decision coming and i've spoken to people in his camp and they seem fairly convinced he is going to run here. it is going to be a big field--. in your view is he the strongest candidate for the democratic party? >> i think joe biden is very formidable. he's a former vice president. former senator. given the last two years of some dysfunction and chaos and incompetency experience is no longer a dirty word in the 2020 presidential campaign. he certainly has strong name recognition. the ability to raise a lot of money very quickly. and those things are very important when you have a potential field of about
7:50 am
currently 20-plus people. but is he the strongest? look, i think we have a very strong field. we have former mayors, senators, former governors, and it is going to be a very rigorous energetic primary process and we'll see who will rise and who will wither. he is formidable but whether he's the best is still remains to be seen. >> and not necessarily a bad thing to have a battle of the primaries before the general election. >> so m.j., two points here. first, if he does run and if biden does run, will he run for one term? and will he say i'm only running for one term in part because of my age and i'm just going to run to govern and not run again and if he does run again, what about the ocasio-cortez far left wing of the party? >> i think that timing is going to be so important. being with elizabeth warren in iowa this weekend, you could really sense there was some pent
7:51 am
up energy that people who were not even decided on supporting warren necessarily, they were not all there to be her supporters, but just to see what she was saying. and excited that the 2020 election was actually starting in iowa. there is that energy there and there is this thirst to see the democratic candidates and who their options are going to be to take on donald trump. so when you are talking about biden and the fact that he is currently undecided, that is potentially politically problematic for him if it drags on. because i do think the people waiting for this contest to really begin in earnest, they want someone who they feel like is all-in and no reservations and that is why i think the one-term possibility is important, if that does happen then does that become perceived as, well, maybe he's not all that certain and all that much in as much as at least compared to other candidates. >> i didn't think about it that way but i hear you. >> patti. we talk about the battle within
7:52 am
the republican party, the extreme right, the center and we see that with the trump phenomenon. but you have something of a battle on the democratic party, right? folks pulling to the left with warren and vice president biden might be seen as a more moderate candidate. who is better in your view for the democrats to win out in a campaign battle like that, in the primary battle rather? >> well that remains to be seen. we're going to see this battle go on and you're right, we do have many progressive wing of the party that really provides a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the democratic party. we saw that in the midterm elections. but we also are facing -- and again, i hate to relitigate 2016, but we lost three states that cost us the election. michigan and pennsylvania and wisconsin. and those are white working class voters that we lost. and there is a sense within the democratic party that we need to
7:53 am
get those people back. so you have attention between the progressive wing and then the more moderate wing. and we're going to see how that plays out. ideally, we'll have a ticket that represents both wings of the party. >> there you go. >> talk about it. primary voters, it is up to you. >> there you go. patti solace doyle and m.j., thank you very much. we're waiting to see actor kevin spacey. his car has arrived at this courthouse in nantucket, massachusetts. he will soon walk through that door. being arraigned on battery and indecent assault charges against an 18-year-old busboy. much more on the breaking news next.
7:54 am
7:55 am
you're watching live pictures of the actor kevin spacey smiling as he entered a tiny courtroom in nantucket where he faces a charge of indecent assault and battery relating to a groping incident alleged in july 2016 with a busboy that he met at a bar there. let's listen in. there is nothing going on yet. we'll await to hear the judge. joining us now, joey jackson, lawyer and been in a lot of courtrooms. joey, kevin spacey did not want to appear in court. the judge forced him to come in today to face these charges. now what should we expect to happen today? >> i think what happens is this is an arraignment and at an arraignment what occurs is that he's apprised of the specific charges and thereafter has an opportunity to enter a plea and we expect that to be not guilty. >> let's listen. >> hang on just a minute.
7:56 am
folks, i made a statement earlier and probably bears repeating. while you're all welcome to sit here and observe, no one should interfere or unt ru-- or interrt these proceedings. if you do, you risk being held in contempt which carries a fine or incarceration in some cases or being removed from the courtroom. so by all means, sit and observe but do not interrupt these proceedings. and with respect to the press, we have the pool cameras up here and other members of press, if you have your laptops or your telephones, you can communicate with them and in the course of doing your job but you cannot take pictures or record. anyone violates these requirements, your phone can be taken from you and as i said likewise held in contempt. so i don't anticipate anybody will act contrary to my
7:57 am
instruction and i hope you won't. but i thank you in advance for your consideration in that regard. so madam clerk, go ahead. >> 188-cr-0598, kamala versus kevin s. fowler. an arraignment. >> no record. >> thank you. >> mr. fowler, that charges that in the town of nan jukt on july 18th, 2016 did commit indecent assault and battery on someone 18 and over. >> sir, when you are charged with another offense while this matter is open you could be held 90 days without bail. mr. d.a., request beyond the bail warning. >> the commonwealth is requesting that mr. spacey be ordered to stay away and have no done tact with the named victim and his family. >> certainly the court will impose those conditions. anything additional? >> no, judge. >> okay. all right.
7:58 am
so no requests in terms of movement or staying within the united states -- >> as required by the court and required by the probation department, our request simply specifically is to stay away. >> okay. well those will be the conditions then. sir, you'll meet with probation and sign those conditions. you'll be required to stay away and have no contact direct or indirect with the alleged victim. all right. i know there was a motion filed by defense. i had occasion to look at it. mr. d.a., have you occasion to look at it. >> reef wwe've reviewed them, y judge. >> you want to be heard on the motion? >> briefly, judge. >> sure. >> regarding the motions to preserve, we agree that anything that is currently in our custody and control we have to preserve. we will preserve and turn over in discovery. >> sure. >> as it relates to the motion to preserve itself, we're suggesting the scope being
7:59 am
requested by counsel is overly broad. asking for july 7th and july 8th of 2016 but up to the present. we suggest that based on what has been filed up to the present is overly broad. the affidavits and the motions suggests that mr. little and his girlfriend or another individual were texting contemporaneously on the 7th into the 8th and then it said by providing this other information we'll likely see that something happened or that he talked about it further. but there is no basis for that information within the motion to preserve. we would suggest it is a phishing expedition at this point and that the motion should be narrowed at least to the 7th and 8th of july of 2016. >> it is a fair point. mr. jackson or miss polaro, i don't know who will respond but feel free. >> i'll respond. alex jackson on behalf of mr. spacey. >> sure. >> your honor, i don't believe we need to talk about the scope.
8:00 am
that is in terms of a subpoena. what i subpoena or serve on those individuals might require discussion or litigation by the scope. all i'm asking -- all i'm asking is this is data that we believe not only potentially exculpatory but likely exculpatory and i don't want to see that data deleted or destroyed inadvertently or manipulated. i don't think it is a burden at all on the commonwealth nor on the two individuals named in the motion indeed and the complaining witness to simply say i'm ordering you not to destroy anything. so that mr. jackson, miss polaro, the commonwealth can litigate in front of the court at some point whether or not there is exculpatory information that leads up to today. in other words, all i'm asking for is to put a bubble around that data so it doesn't get destroyed. i'm not saying i get it yet. i just don't want it destroyed


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