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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  January 7, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PST

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that is in terms of a subpoena. what i subpoena or serve on those individuals might require discussion or litigation by the scope. all i'm asking -- all i'm asking is this is data that we believe not only potentially exculpatory but likely exculpatory and i don't want to see that data deleted or destroyed inadvertently or manipulated. i don't think it is a burden at all on the commonwealth nor on the two individuals named in the motion indeed and the complaining witness to simply say i'm ordering you not to destroy anything. so that mr. jackson, miss polaro, the commonwealth can litigate in front of the court at some point whether or not there is exculpatory information that leads up to today. in other words, all i'm asking for is to put a bubble around that data so it doesn't get destroyed. i'm not saying i get it yet. i just don't want it destroyed yet. >> well, further response?
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>> we can only control, judge, at this point what is in the care and custody and control of the commonwealth. >> right. >> as far as information contained within the specific service providers of these individual cell phone carriers, that is different. we have no control over that, judge. we would suggest as far as the preservation goes, to the individuals directly or to the providers, that it be limited at this point to the 7th and 8th until more information could be provided as to why it might likely be exculpatory versus a phishing expedition. >> i haven't seen any of the police reports so i don't know what -- except for the affidavit, i don't know what information that you base this request upon. i do think that the 7th and 8th certainly would be appropriate to time span to preserve the evidence but i understand even if the motion is allowed it can
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be modified down the road and can be tightened up and so i'm inclined to allow the motion. i don't know if i'll do it up from the 7th or 8th. maybe six months worth of preservation but other than that i'm going to require that everything but preserved. >> at this point is satisfaction. six months of preservation is good to accommodate the commonwealth on that. >> so from july 7th -- >> july 7th and 8th of 2016, and six months thereafter. >> the motion will be allowed and requirement that the cell phones and i think the cloud-based -- and then some passwords, et cetera, that all be preserved. as i say, that is subject to further modification one way or the other depending upon what is discovered during the course of this matter. >> thank you. >> we have a further date for
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the gents and ladies that work -- >> we haven't discussed one yet. confer with counsel, i think we could come up with a date. >> go ahead. sure. sir, you could be seated. you don't need to continue to stand. thank you. thanks. >> your honor, may i consult my cell phone real quick. it has my calendar on it, i apologize. >> sure.
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>> your honor, mr. jackson is admitted prohackvichi and i'm local counsel, are you going to require my appearance or someone from my office at all proceedings? >> are you in already? i know you came in so that he could enter the pro hockviche. >> and mr. jackson was filed one on file today. >> so your appearance is already in. >> my appearance is in. >> we'll leave it there. thank you.
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>> youron hor, if it pleased court, we have discussed a date of the fourth of march, which is a monday. i understand that is most convenient for the court. >> yeah, that's right. that is a -- jury week is in february so march 4th would probably work. >> and counsel and i also discussed off the record and i would ask for the court's guidance on this, he has no objection and the commonwealth has no objection to mr. spacey not making that appearance. i could make that appearance on his behalf with miss polaro if need be without him having to be there on that date. >> that is fine. his appearance could be waived but his requirement is that he should be available if he needs to be contacted. >> absolutely. >> but his appearance could be waived. >> and could we schedule that for 11:00 a.m. again? >> sure.
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we all set? anything additional, folks. >> nothing, your honor. >> thank you for your help and i'll step off and then the camera people could break down their commitment and those connected with the case can depart. thank you. >> this is rescheduled for -- and report to the probation department before you leave the buildi building so you could sign the documents for no contact with the victim. [ multiple speakers ] >> you're watching it there with us. the breaking news, kevin spacey the actor, long time actor kevin spacey in court in nantucket, the island of nantucket, massachusetts, to face charges, a charge of felony indecent
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assault and battery, possibly facing prison time and in relation to an allegation or a charge he assaulted a minor in the summer of 2016. a lot playing out there and a lot of questions now coming out of what we just saw. let's get over to cnn jean casarez and outside of the courtroom and following this from the beginning. jean, what we thought would happen going in is we learned there would be cameras he was expected to enter a not guilty plea. did we miss that? >> reporter: i personally didn't hear it. according to the law in massachusetts, he can or cannot. so i never thought that it was a conclusive thing. but i do know he signed an affidavit, kevin spacey, did on christmas eve saying i plead not guilty. not literally but figuratively at that point. but what we heard in the courtroom was an interesting legal argument brought on by the defense because when the alleged assault occurred and the accuser said that it happened for about three minutes near the piano bar at this local restaurant, he was
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a busboy off work excited so meet kevin spacey and with him for about an hour that night, midnight until 1:00 in the morning or a little after at tables, at the bar area. a lot of drinking was going on. but what we just heard in the courtroom was that when the alleged assault was happening, there was texting going on between the accuser and his girlfriend and the defense wants to know what those texts were. now the accuser said to detectives that his girlfriend didn't believe him as he was saying that he was being assaulted or touched without his consent by kevin spacey, she didn't believe him. so he took a snapchat video that lasts about one second and it shows basically a picture of a hand on some clothes. we haven't seen it. that is how it was described. but the defense is saying this could help us, these texts and we want to know what they are and we want everything preserved
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between the the a -- the accuser and his girlfriend and not ome for the alleged date but six months after that. that is really one of headlines i think from the hearing today, the arraignment. and now the next pretrial hearing is beginning of march. >> march 4th, 11:00 a.m., the pretrial hearing set just now we heard in the courtroom. jean, thank you very much. we'll learn more from the courtroom. joining me now is former federal prosecutor, ally honig and the host of reliable sources brian stelter. thanks for being here. ally, jumping off what jean was just talking about, what did you make of what you saw on there? >> so it was a fairly standard proceeding in the judge advised spacey of the charges against him and he's pled not guilty. i noticed the same thing that jean did which is the dispute about the text. the lawyer said i want those texts preserved and the season is what jean speculated, what was the victim saying as this
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happened and saying to his girlfriend and really in his mind. the prosecutor's response surprised me. your response as a prosecutor should be of course we'll preserve that. we have a duty as a prosecutor to preserve any evidence whether it is helpful for the prosecution or helpful for the defendant. the term we use is brady evidence. you have an obligation to do that. and the fact that the prosecutor was a little bit mealy mouth and said, well, judge, they are just phishing around. >> like an undue burden to ask them to keep stuff like that. >> that gives me a little bit of pause about what is in those texts as the prosecutor, is he a little bit nervous. but when you are a prosecutor, your job is not to win but to do justice and if you have texts, good, bad or indifferent, they need to be preserved and go over to the defense. >> one of the things we watched this, brian, kevin spacey facing a felony charge that could bring serious prison time but on nantucket island. >> it is a sleepy place this time of the year. >> it is a very strange place
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this time of the year. the strangest way that something very serious is playing out. and you can see that also in how kevin spacey had asked the judge to -- his team had argued he didn't want to appear and the reason being is the circus, if you will, that would be coming, the media sirvimmediate -- the circus and he said my presence will amplify the publicity in connection with this case. >> but the circus comes because he is such a well-known star not just in the united states but all around the world. you think about kevin spacey, his stature for decades, and most recently on netflix on "house of cards" seen around the world and his world started to be challenged about 15 months ago when actor anthony wrap accused him of assault and we published a story about numerous production staffers on "house of cards" accusing him of harassment and assault. these came out in the public domain in october of 2017 and now this is a different case
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altogether but an example of how in this me-too movement, most of the cases are not argued in court. most do not end up in court. it is rare to see one of the high-profile men actually have to show up in court. mostly it is in the court of public opinion. you lose your job and fired and embarrassed and ashame and people move on but in this case we may see this play out in a courtroom. we've seen harvey weinstein and now kevin spacey and those are the exceptions to the rule in this me-too era. >> and we're looking at the outside of the courthouse where we expect kevin spacey and his attorneys to leave. we'll see what happens when they do. we'll watch that -- >> he wants to play, to speak in some way, did he that over the holidays. came out with a strange -- >> the strangest way on christmas eve he comes out with the -- with this video that he posts in character as frank underwood. it was almost moments after the charges had been filed against him. >> it is hard for him to complain about we'll draw undue
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attention and publicity if i appear in court when he puts out this crazy youtube video. who adrawing attention to this. >> what do you think about what brian said, this is the exception? people who have allegations they have faced and in many cases not criminal charges and we've been talking about, he's facing a felony right now. do you think this goes to trial? >> i do. i think it will go to trial. i think first of all, we know the way it works in massachusetts is this is already been pre-judged. there is a judge called a magistrate half a level below the judge who reviewed the evidence and decided there is enough to go forward and they have done those students and as a law student could you do them in massachusetts. sometimes judges throw them out and then some say you could proceed. the judge said there is enough to proceed. if you are the prosecutor strategically, you cannot give kevin spacey a soft deal and let him plead to some sort of meaningless little misdemeanor offense. you've taken a stand and you need to back it. and kevin spacey, look, i
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certainly cannot get inside of this guy's head but i cannot see him taking a guilty plea to an indecent assault and battery to not quite a minor but an 18-year-old but we could be headed for trial. >> because what we've learned about what the charge could bring, it is not only potential prison time, but it is also required to register as a sex offender. talk about what that means for a public a person. >> what kind of fall that is for him. that youtube video over the holidays suggested that he won some sort of comeback and his career is not over and is not finished and has more to say and the consequences of this felony conviction if they go to that, would affect his career. >> he can't be on set with people underage if -- >> what did you think about the restrictions or lack thereof and the prosecutors were saying stay away from the family. >> that is fairly common. you always want that. the defense didn't contest that. >> ally, what does it mean when he's facing a felony indecent
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assault and battery, what do you need to prove that? >> you need to prove -- the key issue is consent. i think the actual touching -- >> the allegation is that he put his hands down this 18-year-old boy's pants. and one thing that seems to be agreed upon is that he was 18 years old at the time and his mother said that he said he was -- told kevin spacey he was 23 when they met. >> this will all turn on consent. did the individual, the victim, consent. now it is complicated by a couple of factors. the celebrity is a complication. could you argue -- you could argue he wasn't willing to say no to this powerful person. or you could argue that i'm sure the defense will argue he wanted to be with this powerful person. the alcohol intake -- >> let's take a listen just to see -- >> any comment? -- >> kevin, do you have any -- >> what really happened? >> what are you feeling today
8:16 am
mr. spacey? mr. spacey? >> and likely under the advice of counsel, kevin spacey did not say anything as he was walking to the car. >> smart this time not to say anything. if only he listened before he made the video. alcohol issue is come blik -- is complicated because it cuts both way. the prosecutors argument is you had a victim somewhat impaired and more easily taken advantage of it and spacey will argue he drank and lied to get those drinks underage and perhaps made him more eager to be with kevin spacey. so that is going to be a complicator at trial as well. >> and when we talk about the role of celebrity here, it is really about power in this case. it is about power, a powerful a-list actor allegedly taking advantage of that power and that celebrity and that fame and using it to take advantage of this younger kid -- this younger person. >> and one thing that we -- so we've heard from seeing kevin
8:17 am
spacey and we have not heard from, at all, the accuser in this. we have heard from his mother who is the person who spoke out in 2017. do you think moving forward on march 4th the pretrial hearing and the judge said kevin spacey is not required to be in the courtroom for that one. going forward, will this accuser be required to show up? >> yeah. the accuser will be expected to testify at trial. you cannot make this case without the accuser testifying publicly at the trial. before then, if i'm the prosecutor in this case, i'm telling the accuser, look, i can't order you what to do as an accuser, as a victim. but i could advise you, stay quiet. you don't help anybody by speaking out. when the trial comes, yes, that accuser will be on the stand in that courtroom, that quaint little courtroom we just saw. dealing with victims in sexual assault cases, it is complicated and delicate and as a prosecutor your first vie ort is to protect the victim and make sure they don't get further vilified and it is complicated with a
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celebrity aspect. >> complicated is where it begins and gets more complicates from there. thank you very much. on march 4th at 11:00 a.m. for the next hearing for kevin spacey facing assaulting a minor. coming up for us, the shutdown showdown has many government workers wondering when they will see the next paycheck or back on the job. and now trump is threatening to declare a national emergency to get the money to build a border wall. details on that ahead. >> plus the president's shifting strategy on syria. are we back to the beginning, or are we somewhere in between? after john bolton seems to conduct his boss, president trump claims nothing has changed. your head should be spinning. we'll try to unspin it in. in the end, the question is what does this mean for the 2000 u.s. troops fighting in syria right now? we are back. well, how are the massage chairs working out for everyone? i dunno. i'm still a little stressed about buying our new house. well, it's a good thing we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance.
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welcome to week three of the partial government shutdown. 17 days in with no end in sight. that put 800,000 government workers in limbo and compromising air safety. a national pilots association is warning the president in a letter that the shutdown in their words, quote, unquote, is adversely affecting u.s. air space. so where do things stand? lawmakers and the white house, despite meetings over the weekend, they continue to dig in over funding for a border wall. or -- or whatever you want to call it. and now trump has a new way to get around the standoff. declare a national emergency. >> i may declare a national emergency depending on what will happen over the next few days. but i think we'll have serious
8:24 am
talks come monday, tuesday, wednesday. >> cnn sarah wes per is at the white house with more. now the white house is saying it doesn't need to be a wall, calling it a steel barrier or fence. whatever you want to call it, what are you hearing right now? >> reporter: well, kate, the white house appears to be hoping that changing the name of the border wall will somehow convince democrats to support it but if anything the name games are just injecting more con -- new confusion into a process already by a lack of clarity by the administration of what the president would support in terms of a spending deal but at the moment president trump appears in dug in behind the $5.7 billion figure that was included in what the white house described as an official justification for those funding requests distributed to congressional aides at last two meeting held over the weekend and on behalf of the administration was vice president mike pence and secretary of homeland security
8:25 am
kirstjen nielsen and jared kushner but they said not much progress was made or an agreement to reopen the government and now they are at a fundamental impasse with democrats telling white house officials over the weekend there would be no progress on talks until the government is reopened and trump is saying the government is not reopening until he sees progress on talks. now trump is declaring a national emergency for funding for the border wall if he is unable to do it legislatively and that would be a move met with a legal challenge to the white house floating some misleading statistics on border security as they try to keep the pressure up on democrats to do wall funding legislatively but it appears there is no deal on the horizon to reopen the government at the moment, kate. >> something has got to give at some point. i've said this for three weeks but something has to give. thank you so much. it is good to see you. and maybe we could find a
8:26 am
place where that will give. democratic congressman adam smith, chairman of the house armed services committee. thank you for coming in. >> thanks for the chance. i appreciate it. >> thank you. so the president was watching your interview yesterday when you talked to george stephanopoulos because he was tweeting about it because you are backing him up in this threat to declare a national emergency to build the border wall. what do you say to that mr. chairman. >> i realize we live in a world where truth no matt -- no longer matters but there is no national emergency. and that is what underlines this entire issue. we have spent an emormous amount of money on border security and built a good wall over the portion of the border long before president trump got into office. he is artificially creating this emergency to keep up his anti-immigrant xenophobic borderline racist coming for us from the border. we're spending money on border
8:27 am
security. what doesn't make sense is to build a wall even the president doesn't seem to know why he wants it except that he made the promise. and he promised that mexico would pay for it so where are we having this fight in the first place? but this is the key issue. there is no justification at all on border security grounds for a wall. everyone said the wall won't help at all. >> in terms of -- >> now when you talk about declaring an emergency, the president of the united states has an enormous amount of power. one of the reasons we need to be careful who we elect president. the president can declare a national emergency and take money out of the department of defense and there is no clear legal history for what a national emergency means. now he would be challenged in court because there clearly is no emergency. there is no reason for this on border security grounds but they asked, can he do it? yeah, he can. it would be wrong. it would be horrible policy and i'm totely and completely against it but from a legal standpoint he could do it and then taking the money from the
8:28 am
department of defense. and keep in mind the $5 billion that we're talking about in the shutdown crisis, the cost of this wall undefined as it is is estimated to be between $20 billion and $30 billion. that is what he would take out of the department of defense. so can he do it -- >> well again -- >> yes, but it would be a terrible idea. >> totally unclear what he would take. >> right. >> totally unclear if he'll make good on this threat. as we know the president has made many a threat that he has not made good on. but when you say it would almost immediately be challenged in court, if he would make this move, would you spearhead that lawsuit? >> absolutely. but look, if i'm going to be honest here and i realize honesty is not well rewarded in politics these days, but look back at the history. the japanese were interned because president roosevelt declared a emergency and did it. and the courts upheld it. we don't have a long history in this country of the courts standing up to executive power.
8:29 am
so it is dangerous. it is very dangerous. i'm not saying it is a good idea. but those of us who oppose the law, those of us who think that the president is demo going this issue, wasting money -- 2348 the crisis on the border is asylum sneakers. they are not trying to sneak in. they are turning themselves in. it is a terrible idea, but he could do it. >> does the administration now calling it a steel barrier or saying -- or even a fence, does that make any dense to you? >> no. it makes it clear the president has no idea what he's talking about. look, understand what this is. way back when, the president gave a speech and started attacking immigrants and started talking about the wall and he got a good response from the conservative base. that is why he decided he wanted a wall. >> but you are not against -- i've heard you say you are not against a wall as part of a border security -- >> well i am -- >> -- policy. >> i am against the wall as part of a border security and mick
8:30 am
mulvaney said it best before working for trump and when he said this is a childish idea to think a wall will protect us. what has been done, walls have been built along portions of the border. the portions that make sense. we've made massive investments. we have tripled the number of border security agents, we have drones and sensors and we have planes. a wall ask a colossal waste of money for a crisis that doesn't exist. the border security money that we've spent has worked. the number of unlawful crossings has gone down dramatically in the last 15 years. the number of undocumented people in this country has gone down. that is worked. the crisis on the border is the asylum seekers. and again, they're not trying to sneak in. they're turning themselves in. that is what we need to address. the wall doesn't help anything. >> so the negotiations going nowhere. i do want to ask you about another very important topic. the very big news overnight about syria. the president has gone now from troops are coming home now,
8:31 am
which ments -- which meant 30 days and then four months and then john bolton announced overseas troops will stay until isis is defeated and the kurds are safe. do you know what the timeline is? >> look, this is very similar to the border wall issue. it shows that our president literally doesn't know what he's doing. he is making it up as he goes along based on the whims of i guess what he sees on fox news or what his mood is. because john bolton raised the two issues blindingly obvious. i don't want us to have troops overseas any more than is absolutely necessary but the two big questions, if we pull out of syria, what happens to isis and to the kurds. >> right. >> that is blindingly obvious. but the president just blew right past it to say let's pull them out. >> do you in some way applaud him for changing course? >> who? >> the president. >> the president hasn't changed course. >> that actually raises a very important question i want to get your take. who speaks for u.s. foreign
8:32 am
policy? is it john bolton or president trump? >> the president does. he's the president unfortunately. and when you say do i applaud him for changing course? he's changing course like a drunken sailer. there is no thought behind it. what we need is actually rational policy in syria on border security. all we have is the emotional rantings of a child. and he goes back and forth depending on what the last person said to him. >> and the most immediate -- >> and that undermined our credibility. >> as a chairman of the house armed services committee, for the 2000 service members who are overseas in syria or quite frankly any service member in any combat zone right now, what is the policy? are they coming home now? do you know if there is another timeline? >> nobody on earth knows because the president makes it up as he goes along and that is terrible. look, if you want to come and make a case, look, we've been in syria for this long, it is time to pull out. here is why. and by the way you can't just
8:33 am
pull 2,000 troops out of an area like this. you have to do it intelligently. there is logistics involved and you have to have a plan but this president doesn't operate on that universe, he operates on the whims of his emotions and the message that sends, even if it is right, the way he's going about it is disastrous for everybody involved. have a clear coherent thought and then organize the policy in a structured way. this is ultimately why secretary mattis left. it wasn't just the decisions, it was the way the president made them. like a 4-year-old and we cannot govern the world and have relationships with allies when he flits all over the place with no intelligent rational, whether it is the border wall, whatever it is, it is what he likes to feel like in the morning. at some point he'll have to take a briefing and he'll have to read a book and fully understand
8:34 am
what is going on in the world and instead of just making it up as he goes along. because we're all going to pay a horrible price for it. >> congressman, thank you so much for coming in. congratulations on your new chairmanship. let me know if your the person that goes over to brief the president. i would be interested on how that conversation goes. >> i'll wait for the invite. >> thank you. still ahead, much more on the white house changing story on withdrawing u.s. troops from syria. plus the president said he's negotiating a location for a second summit with -- a second summit with kim jong-un. what does that mean for us? protk has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life.
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as it stands right now, it is clear as mud with the president's policies regarding u.s. troops in syria. at first the quote was this, they're all coming back and they're coming back now. and because of that, defense secretary jim mattis resigned. now a different timeline from the national security adviser john bolton is emerging. listen. >> we're going to be discussing the president's decision to withdraw but to do so from northeast syria in a way that makes sure that isis is defeated and is not able to revive itself and become a threat again. and to make sure that the defense of israel and our other friends in the region is absolutely assured. >> so now what is the timeline?
8:40 am
are u.s. troops coming home from syria or not. max boot is joining me, advising several presidential candidates on foreign policy and senior fellow at the council of foreign relations. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> so what do you make of this. >> i'm wondering if jim mattis can unresign. >> can't undo that one. >> i don't think you can. but this is such a bizarre spectacle. what you're seeing is a new u.s. policy on syria every single week. it changes week by week. so now we've gone from the troops will pull out now, which the pentagon briefed reporters as meaning within 30 days, and then the next week trump said, no, no, they said it will be more like four months and now bolton seems to be saying they won't come out at all until those conditions will be achieved which is not any time soon which is the defeat of isis and who knows what the policy will be next week. this is just utterly baffling and confusing. >> the president tweeted this morning that what we're hearing from bolton is nothing different from what his original statement
8:41 am
was. >> that is the most bizarre thing of all because it is completely different. you could go to the video -- go to trump's own twitter feed right now and look at the video in which he said they are coming home right now. he said that three weeks ago. that is very different from what john bolton said on monday. >> and he said they asked me for sim months more and he said no and would jim mattis resigned if this was what president trump announced. >> no the reporting is mattis went to donald trump and begged him to reconsider to say what john bolton is now saying and trump refused so mattis left. this makes zero sense even by the standards of the trump administration, kate. >> i asked this of the new chairman of the house armed services committee a few minutes ago, who speaks for foreign policy. is john bolton the position of the united states government? >> i don't think anybody knows answer to that question and that is very dangerous. that is very destabilizing. this is why you have a policy coordination process that in
8:42 am
previous administrations they have worked very hard to get on the same page so they have one message coming out from the administration. and this administration you have multiple messages coming out from the president himself for starters because the president himself said different things on different days but then you have his aides saying something entirely different so nobody knows what the policy of the u.s. is. >> lindsey graham seems to be reassured. listen to him. >> i applaud the president for re-evaluating what he's doing. he hasn't changed his mind. but he's listening to a lot of good advice sand president obama would never do that and you saw what happened when a president shuts people out. this president is not shutting people out. he has a goal in mind of reducing our presence. i share that goal. let let's just do it smartly. >> if this is how quickly things change, should graham be concerned. >> no. he could say different things on different days. he knows what he will say
8:43 am
tomorrow. the notion that he's pe-- herm innocently changed his policy on syria is absurd because he doesn't know what he will end up or what he thinks himself. >> quickly north korea. they are negotiating a new location for the second summit. what do you think? >> well i think this is a very dangerous moment. because we already had one summit in june in singapore where kim jong-un issued the empty assurances of denuclearization and it is clear since then he has no intention of actually denuclearizing because we know that north korea is expanding the missile program and expanding the nuclear program. there is no indication they're going to make major concessions. if you read kim jong-un's new year's day address he wants more from president trump, such as lifting of sanctions, before he would consider doing what we already thought he would do in singapore and some of the trump aides have tried to hold the line.
8:44 am
for example in september mike pompeo said there could be a deadline until 2021 for north korea to disarm and trump undercut that and said there is no timeline and it will take whatever it takes so the sense i get is kim jong-un thinks he could play this division within the administration by going over the heads of the hard-lines and get major concessions from president trump himself. >> great to see you, max. >> great to see you. >> we'll be right back. t-mobile knows dancing is better when you include a partner. singing is better when you include a friend.
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8:49 am
do? sources tell cnn that the former vice president is getting closer to deciding if he'll make a third run for the white house, one insider telling cnn that right now he's leaning toward yes and the final decision will come soon. how soon is soon and what is biden considering? reporter arlett seins is here. what do you know? >> we expect a decision about his 2020 run will be coming in the next month, but there is a possibility that he may not formally announce something until a little bit later. one ally that i spoke to yesterday who recently spoke with former vice president joe biden said the former vice president is leaning towards a run, but ultimately this is going to boil down to a family decision. but that ally said that the vice president is aware that he needs to make a decision quickly and that he needs to start acting pretty quickly and early in the process if he is serious about running. now, former vice president joe biden has been hearing a lot of
8:50 am
encouragement from across the country trying to get him to run. in fact, his younger brother frank did a radio interview earlier this morning where he says he's absolutely been pushing him to run. that's really no surprise there, but donors and activists are really eager to hear what his plans are to have him out there starting to make that me sssagen what's going to be a crowded democratic field. you already had elizabeth warren in iowa this past weekend. julio castro will be making an announcement about his plans later this week on saturday. for now it's just a waiting game whether biden is going to jump in. >> and waiting they are. thank you so much, arlett. so while biden is making up his mind, democratic senator elizabeth warren is already hitting the trail, making a campaign swing through iowa this weekend. listen. >> we need to think big, fight hard. here's how i think of this. what do we need to change? first thing we need to change is we need to change washington. >> so how is the democratic fight shaping up for 2020
8:51 am
already? joining me now to discuss the race for 2020 nomination is another possible contender, former governor bill mcauliffe. governor, thank you for coming in. >> kate, happy new year. >> thank you very much. pardon my cough and my cough drop. regardless, let's move on. you laid out what you think democrats need to do to beat donald trump in 2020. you laid that out very clearly in your view in the "washington post." one line in it reads as follows. negativity is playing on trump's turf. the reality show star will always win that race to the bottom. so essentially you're saying don't get in the mud with donald trump, but, governor, have you talked to any of the republicans who tried to beat him in 2016, he'll say that doesn't work. just ask jeb bush. >> there is nothing donald trump says that is truth, so you have to hit him on the falsehoods he has. but i think americans are yearning for is an optimistic leader who's got plans that can actually be implemented. when i think about the things
8:52 am
we've gotten done in virginia, we stopped the republicans from shutting the planned parenthood clinics down. i've restored more felon rights than any other governor in history. number one state for cyber, number one state for data. we invested a record amount for education. we need to put out real ideas of where we think this country needs to go and how we're going to get there. my only point is we can't be making false claims to get in the pigpen with donald trump who makes false accusations. he is a lying populist. that is what he is. he says things he thinks people want to hear but no chance of becoming law in this country. let's rise above it. believe it or not kate, people want to get things done. they want to create jobs, they want good education, they want the roads to work. they want to be able to move and see their kids play a ball game. i'm just concerned that a lot of ideas i've seen so far, some have no chance. good aspirational goals, i'm all for it, but we have to have
8:53 am
realism. that's what america is yearning for. he owns this shutdown we have today. i remind you, kate, that we have 800,000 people. they now can't pay their rent, can't buy their groceries. we have a lot in virginia. i met a woman last night and she said, governor, i'm broke. i have no money. this was created by donald trump -- and i hope we get it resolved. he's a very emotional, unstable man. i think one of his mood swings, hopefully he moves the other way. we need to reopen the government and then have a real honest discussion on border security. but he owns this shutdown. he is in a real pickle. unfortunately, he's caused a lot of problems for so many americans. >> when we talk about the democratic party, and as you just said you want them to be achievable, realistic promises they're making. you're raising your op-ed as a federal jobs guarantee, something that is not realistic.
8:54 am
corey booker may also run in 2020. what do you say to them? >> we have 79 million open jobs in america today. do what we did in virginia. i did the first work force performance grant in america. we have 166 credentials that have so many open jobs, we'll pay for you to go get a credential, we'll move you right into the work force. that's what we need is realistic solutions. we have a lot of open jobs today. but promising people, everybody a guaranteed job at $15 an hour when we have 79 million high-paying jobs -- i had 40,000 cyber jobs open in virginia last year. starting pay was $88,000. you needed a two-year degree, community college. we'll pay for that so you can do it with no debt. why do we teach cybersecurity in virginia beginning in kindergarten? we've redone our cybersecurity system. that's the only point i'm trying
8:55 am
to make. >> i can see coming through this that you're also touting the successes you've been able to pull off in virginia as well, which leads me, of course, you've said you're considering running. >> yep. >> what's your timetable like? >> i think i have to make a decision by the end of the first quarter. i have a loet t of supporters. some people say, well, he's been around for a long time. i've held this party for 40 years. i was chairman of the democratic national committee. i got our party out of debt for the first time in history. i built our first small donor database. i built our first national voter field. i've been fighting for this party for 40 straight years and i am very proud of it, but i have a lot of supporters. i think by the end of the first quarter, most people have to make a decision. i do think vice president biden is probably running from my conversations with him. i think he's terrific. i hope joe gets in the race. >> and if he gets in, would you still get in even if he gets in?
8:56 am
>> he's going to make his decision. mine will be totally independent of what the vice president does. i've always been a fan of joe bid biden's. i hope he gets in the race. the more the measurrier, i thin it's good for democracy. we're going to beat him because we're going to have a positive realistic agenda. people want results. they want people to get things done. what did people want for governor in virginia? a tough economy, rebuilt it. i inherited a huge deficit, left a big sur plplus. that's what people want. >> i have to get things done, too. i want to pay my bills. thanks, governor. be right back. ♪ and if you feel,
8:57 am
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welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. president trump tweets his position on pulling u.s. troops from syria hasn't changed. his national security adviser, though, is telling allies pay no attention to the president's initial promise to withdraw quickly. plus day 17 of the partial government shutdown and no evident progress. a white house letter to congress demands several things. democrats label nonstarters, not just the border wall. by the way, the president announcing he is headed to the border. democrats take over


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