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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  January 8, 2019 4:00am-5:01am PST

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oped over 200 precise formulas to transform every cat and dog into a magnificent animal. royal canin harris. we're going to be discussing the president's decision to withdraw and take care of those -- >> the president doesn't have any idea whatsoever what he was talking about.
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there's no consistency. >> this is "new day," with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning. it is day 18 of the partial government shutdown. the president will make his case tonight with a primetime address from the office. mr. trump will address the shutdown and demands for a border wall. the president's allies have told him his border message is not resonating and democrats calling it a publicity stunt and demanding equal time for a rebuttal. this morning, fact checkers are eating their wheaties and get their rest since they will be working overtime to determine fact. president trump claimed he had conversations with his predecessors about a border wall. some of them, some former presidents, president trump
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claimed, told him they wish they had built a wall. but every living president now says that's not true. congress is back three days before a million federal workers miss their first paycheck because of the shut down. tsa trying to figure out how to keep the airport security workers working without pay, keep them on the job. millions of americans could lose food assistance if the shutdown drags on. joining us, mark, and sun and david gregory. i want to start with you. we're just hearing from our hill reporters republicans are getting ancy over this shutdown. republicans on the hill, we already know three in the senate want to end it now. 15-20 in the house say they will vote with democrats, republicans are getting ancy about the shutdown. other sources tell cnn allies are telling the president his message is not resonating.
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why is it not resonating? >> i don't know, john. the president will have a chance tonight to make his case to the american people. you step back and see the president asked for $5 billion for the wall funding and the democrats said they would not support a concrete wall and he said he was comfortable with steel barriers and they passed a budget with $20 billion additional spending. 5% is one-tenth of the overall budget. the president has a chance to make his case to the american people. >> what would be different tonight. i put the numbers on the screen. support for the wall has not budged, september of 2016 to now. 57. oppose it. it was 58% in 2016. it has not budged. the president talks about this all the time, hasn't convinced them yet. why would tonight be different? >> the president can make this a
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broader case about border security and a large percentage want to have border security. you and i talked about it on your show, when the border people talk about it, this is something we asked for before president trump was president. this is an important part of securing our border. 90% of heroin in the united states comes from the southern border. >> through the legal ports of entry, we need to be clear, marc, what the administration has been telling them is erroneous about the border is misleading. let's be clear. the heroin gripping our country comes, mostly, the vast majority, through legal ports of entry in tractor-trailers and private passenger cars. you know what people who want border security want, scanners who can pick it up better than those visually waiving the
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people through. that's what the president should be talking about. >> that's part of his request for additional tools and additional beds and judges, and each time democrats refused to provide the funding. >> marc, i feel you are also being misinformed. >> alisyn -- >> he doesn't mention these things and talk about it. he has the biggest bully pulpit in the world. >> you just asked me, i'm trying to explain to you. the democrats refused to fund it in the last years. >> there were bipartisan offers that never got anywhere. it was 25 billion -- >> it was part of our budget request in 2017 and 2018 and next year. democrats refuse to fund i.c.e. agents and additional judges and beds each and every single time.
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>> i remind you 800,000 people will miss their paychecks this week, january 11th, they will not receive a paycheck. ill h it will soon be the longest shutdown on record. the food assistance program will be shut down in the long run. the pressure seems to be mounting and impact on real people being felt. is the president facing this pressure? >> i think the stories are definitely out there. the president has shown what the base feels especially about this border wall. at the time being this is something he's hearing from his allies and base that this is something they want. this was a critical campaign promise. i can to tell you the real life impact of the shutdown, stories you are hearing on air waves are hitting republican lawmakers and they will return to washington and try to figure out a way out
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of this impasse. we're talking about republican senators who already said we should pass legislation without funding for a border wall, just get the government back open and resolve the border wall pass there. i would suspect as the shutdown goes on, those numbers would increase and put the pressure on majority leader mitch mcconnell who has somehow extricated himself from this and left it to president trump and house democrats to figure it out. vice president pence had to call several house republicans before they put up legislation funding the government on the floor because the administration and its allies were afraid there would be a lot of house republican deflection. it's the real life impact story that could influence republican lawmakers what we will be gaging
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this week. >> congressional democrats have been saying they have been willing to offer in the past much more money than the $5 billion for border security but it hasn't gone anywhere. >> the challenge for marc not here today speaking for the president, what he is articulating is a comprehensive real problem for border security there would be a broader discussion, and it's different how the president and more hard line advisors lay it out. saying there's gangsters and terrorists and others who will commit violent crime against you and some examples of that. that's what he uses as a basis to put up a big wall and keep all the mexicans and central americans out. they pursued a family separation policy which was a disaster, as the president might say, he had to backtrack on. the opportunity here is for the
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president to come out and actually take the american people to school on this in primetime and say when i call it a disaster, this is what i mean. there is a spike in illegal crossings, there is a spike in violence. this is what a wall would do, among other things to solve this problem. he has not done that heretofore because those numbers have not changed because it's a singular symbolic issue other than other issues to force democrats to concede there are real problems for border security and we need to support, so how do we go about doing that. marc has to -- doesn't have to be accountable right here but he was part of the administration when they had more money offered to democrats for the wall and they said no to that deal because they didn't like some other aspects of it. >> you have a question for marc? >> marc, i want to get back to
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this. you say the president wants all these things. what we hear from the president is the wall. if the president does want more equipment for scanning and more personnel to cut down on drugs coming through the border, why did that poster, that "game of thrones" poster he had on prominent display say, the wall is coming. >> it didn't say scanners are coming. >> it didn't. >> i don't know, alisyn. i think david expressed it more accurately than i did. reality is the administration should make this a broader case. >> they haven't. >> that's fair, alisyn. democrats can be painted in a corner when they say they're for border security and their record doesn't support that. david is right, the rhetoric is spocuts on the wall. and saying, i will secure the border, i think they will hear that tonight. >> the national security argument. the president's people used the word "crisis" 37 times in one
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briefing and the president floated the possibility of a national emergency. is that a way out for him to end the shutdown in the next few days? >> that is a way out for him and the president is definitely considering that and looking at that as an option. i spoke to a number of legal experts after it was publicly floated last week. there are powers in the national emergency act the president could conceivably vote to declare a national emergency over the wall but the same legal experts say this would almost certainly be immediately challenged in the courts. it follows the pattern how often this administration's actions have gotten tangled up in the court and the travel ban ended up in their favor and other instances, it has not. if it will be an effective option legally, it will be something to wait and watch. clearly, this is something they're looking at. >> can i say, part of the
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calculus for democrats, they see an opportunity to hurt the president further politically by having him kind of own, as he said he would, all of the pain that will come from the shutdown. otherwise, they could be in a position of taking the reins of defining border security and saying here's what we will sign onto that are problems and we have to give on the wall we're opposed to but other things that could be effective. they could own part of a more comprehensive solution including getting relief for dreamers. again, a broader package that broke down the last time they were all talking about this. >> marc, part of the problem with what we will be hearing tonight is the president and the people around him at the moment don't have a great track record in terms of presenting real facts what's going on at the border. as you saw it sunday, sarah sanders was handily shout down by chris wallace on fox because she tried to say 4,000 terrorists were somehow
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threatening the southern border and he made the point that the facts show they were attempting to get visa applications while they were in foreign countries or foreign airports or stopped at the airports here. it had nothing to do with the southern border and kirstjen nielsen, secretary of homeland security said in june, i will quote, we do not have a policy of separating families at the border period. that was disproved by the 3,000 families separated at the border all of us could see with our own eyes. how will people know what to trust tonight? >> i think there's plenty of facts to back up the president's case and they don't have to misrepresent them. this past weekend the "washington post" had a cover story their correspondent went down and characterized a crisis at the border. the "washington post" hasn't been exactly friendly to the president. even their reporter called it a crisis. i think there is a case and the
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president may do that tonight. >> the president may have some facts on his side. the question is, why does he misrepresent others. let me play for you what he said about conversations he apparently invented with former presidents about the border wall. this is president trump. >> this should have been done by all the presidents that receded me. they all know it. some of them have told me they should have done it. >> some of them have told me they should have done it. all of them have come forward and said we didn't have that conversation. president carter put out a statement yesterday, i have not discussed the border wall with president trump and do not support him on this issue. if he has facts, why does he say things like that? >> john, i don't know why he said that or what the correspondence was or wasn't. >> does it hurt the case? does it hurt the case, or once sarah goes on fox news and
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says -- >> any time one of us is wrong it hurts our case and credibility. but to support what has been a customs and border patrol to support security that includes a wall and fencing. the president can make that case. >> the problem is the boy who cried wolf, the credibility has been so damaged and facts been so disproved it's been a real conundrum for networks to try to figure out how to handle it tonight. there's suggestions of having it on a delay, real-time fact checking afterwards. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer demand equal time because they believe there will be so much erroneous information. it's hard to know what to expect except if history shows us we can expect misleading facts. >> i believe there will certainly be scrutiny of the facts the president lays out
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tonight and those of us in the media will be looking at it very closely. it's interesting the president does seem to be ramping up his public relations campaign for the wall. the address tonight, the first from the oval office of his presidency, he's going down to the border thursday to make his case for a border wall. this is something perhaps he should have been doing in the lull of christmas-time he was at home and did not go to florida and had the air waves to himself because congress was out and people were enjoying the holidays with his family. at the same time, i don't think it moves democrats and i don't think it will. the president can do what only a president can do which is uniquely seize the microphone even though he has done it others have not through social media. he can try to educate and create the narrative. it's going to be scrutinized. we live in a media age, at cnn
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we do it, they do it at other media organizations will scrutinize him and we have to watch republicans to see if they stay on board. >> thank you very much. right now, airports across the are are feeling the impact. experts say senior tsa leaders held an emergency call to keep workers at their posts. what have you learn about this, rene? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn, we know according to two sources, one of them on the call, tsa will start tracking the sick call-outs from the tsa employees nationwide and learned the agency talked about with security directors with airports across the country, incentives to entice workers to show up to work. the head of the tsa, david,
4:18 am
mentioned he does want to be transparent about the number of people calling out sick from the agency, so travelers can be better informed and know how long it will take to get through security checkpoints. hoe also pointed out the security standard will remain the same at the airports. that is what he is vowing. really, this call is an indication the increase in sick calls really has the attention of top agency officials at tsa. that is despite very public rebuttals from the department of homeland security as well as the transportation security administration that this isn't really a significant issue. of course this all comes, john, after we broke the story on friday, that hundreds of tsa officers started calling out since they started call in sick.
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>> rene marsh, thanks very much. we can expect a development in the russian investigation overnight. the paperwork paul manafort's lawyers apparently did not file. that's next. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small you could fix it with a pen.
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we expected attorneys for paul manafort's office to respond in the accusation paul manafort lied for a plea deal. the deadline to be filed was last night. it didn't happen. the lawyers missed that deadline and it's also possible they filed it under seal. if they did that, normally they would have told us and didn't this time. here to tell us what that means, the author of "the world on global terror" and jennifer rogers. let's start with this filing that either didn't happen or we did not see happen. what do you think went on? >> it would be a real rookie move to miss the filing deadline. i suspect they did file something and we haven't seen it on the electronic system and
4:24 am
still probably under seal. >> the importance of this filing. >> they were asked a question by this judge, do we need to have a hearing here where we have witnesses and documents and evidence. they kind of waffled on this. at fist, yes, they're lying and we need a hearing and then backed off. i'm pretty confident they did file something because they needed to answer that question. i think ultimately, no, we don't need to have a hearing here. >> interesting, the special prosecutor saying paul manafort lied to us in conversations after the fact. what's your response to paul manafort's lawyers, we don't have a good one? >> no, we aren't lying. but when it comes to court, we will bring people in and bring documents and you establish they are not telling the truth about this, wait a minute, this is a judge that will sentence me and i will maybe take this a little more carefully and back off.
4:25 am
>> that brings us to where we are in this investigation. you have a piece about to come out or came out moments ago about robert mueller's 2019 to-do list. i cherry picked some interesting worth going into. one of them is, find out who else lied to congress. explain. >> this is one of the biggest new developments we can imagine is unfolding in the special counsel's probe this week. remember, when he charged michael cohen with lying to congress, that was a new investigative approach by him, not something we saw so far. remember, democrats on capitol hill, michael cohen was lying, we think lots of other people were lying before our committee during the house intelligence committee investigation into the 2016 attack. so adam schiff takes over the
4:26 am
house intelligence committee this week as the house democrats come into power and expects to turn in evidence transcripts to mueller to show other people who were lying. that's potentially evidence mueller doesn't have but devin nunes, the republican chairman the past two years, has been actively trying to keep from mueller. there's likely damaging information from possibly new information and all of that is being handed over to robert mueller to continue to investigate and possibly charge additional defendants with lying to congress. >> we don't know it's damaging and do know it's new. all of a sudden robert myouuell will have transcripts withheld from investigators for months. >> and most charged to date have been lying type of charges. they're not easy to prove but it's a pretty clean charge if
4:27 am
you can get it. if they get ahold of these transcripts and find out those were lies told to congress those are clean charges and interesting in seeing them. >> they will have their testimony and match it up to what was said in congress, that could happen pretty quickly. >> jerome corsi, what happened to him? >> this is one of those trails that went cold in this flurry of activity in november-december. jerome corsi, conspiracy theorist with roger stone potentially tied to wikileaks and julian assange, mixed up in the question whether the trump campaign had early or possible knowledge or coordination about the release of stolen e-mails by wikileaks of democratic officials. he had this plea agreement under way with robert mueller and blew up and released the plea
4:28 am
agreement in november. we saw this flurry of activity around julian assange as well in early november and december and all of a sudden that disappeared. we haven't heard anything about that in a month now. i can guarantee you bob mueller hasn't forgotten about that and had enough evidence to push corsi to begin with and this is one of the next shoes to drop or sitting on mueller's desk for him to tackle soon. >> if robert mueller was ready to accept a guilty plea from jerome corsi, we know he was, if he was ready to accept in the fall, why not now? >> he may be ready. remember, there's another associate, robert miller, in the mix who fought his subpoena and is being negotiated.
4:29 am
we will see it fairly soon with corsi and roger stone and they're still working on that. the corsi thing will still come. >> six months, the grand jury that is hearing some of this evidence just got extended at most six months. that's pretty significant. >> yes. this was an 18 month grand jury judge how wewelhowell extended weekend. we were expecting her to extend it. it gives us the punxsutawney moment where we know we have six more months of mueller ahead. >> thank you. appreciate it. she started a new job and she is 234starting a new job an not taking a paycheck until the shutdown is over.
4:30 am
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rosen. president trump is facing a credibility crisis as he prepares to address the nation
4:34 am
tonight. the president and his administration are under fire for repeatedly using false misleading statistics to make their case for a border wall but he will make that case once again. joining us now is representative sherrill who just began her work in the congress and joining us. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> as one of your first acts, you decided not to accept a paycheck until this government shutdown ends. why? >> i was working at the u.s. attorneys office when there was a shutdown. i remember a single mom sitting next to me turning to me saying, i have no idea how i will pay my bills. i think it is the job of congress to face the same issues of the people affected by this are facing. >> president trump we understand will speak for seven or eight minutes tonight. what can he say that will
4:35 am
convince you to move off the democratic line which at this point is no more than $1.3 billion for border security that doesn't include funding for the wall. >> you know, we just passed in congress the most bipartisan bill we could, we passed the republican senate's bill to reopen government. we have to immediately get government open. a lot of families are being affected by this right now, and start to move forward on what's next. we believe in strong border security. the president still has a billion dollars he hasn't spent yet. we just appropriate another billion dollars for border security. we need to now move forward opening the government and making sure places like our ports of entry and airports are safe and secure. >> the president say there's a humanitarian and national security crisis on our southern
4:36 am
border. is there a crisis? >> i'm from new jersey. i can tell you 9/11 was a national security crisis, a national emergency. no, we're not facing that same type of threat. i don't think tossing around that term is helpful. >> he says that there are people pouring over the border, and vice president mike pence just went on all the morning shows and said some 3,000 special aliens have tried to cross the southern border. does that pose a security threat? >> i tell you the security threat i'm worried about. in my area we have some of the largest airport in the nation. we know that's where a lot of people attempt to enter our country illegally and elicit drug trafficking comes from. we have to make sure we're paying our tsa agents. we're hearing about the crisis of people calling in sick. we have to make sure we have the government open again and paying
4:37 am
our federal employees. >> do you feel or could you support any additional fencing on the border. the president moved off his demand there be a concrete wall and said there be steel. democrats in the past have voted for various forms of the barrier that included fencing. would you support new fencing? >> i'd have to look carefully at that. we already have fencing where appropriate. even then we know drug traffickers made incursions over the fencing. in five years there were over 9,000 incursions over the fencing. they have better technology than we're using. we need drone technology, towers, border patrol agents, sensors. these are the kinds of things that will help keep our borders safe. >> what will you be listening tonight when the president speaks. i want to hear empathy and understanding the plight of federal workers. i've been a federal worker much of my life and always been incredibly proud of that. i want to hear our commander in
4:38 am
chief understanding how important our federal workers' role is and get them their paychecks. >> can he believed? >> we'll see. we'll see what he has to say. the first priority of the president and congress should be getting government open again. >> you served in the navy many years flying a helicopter. obviously, national security is of intense interest to you. do you understand what the u.s. policy is towards syria this morning? >> so, you know, i've heard various things from security experts. i think we need to move a bit more cautiously in this area. i'm glad to see even though the government wants to pull out of syria it's not happening as precipitously as i originally anticipated and hope we can keep a measured pace there. the president initially said he wanted troops out of syria in 30 days, then now and then in four months and now john bolton says
4:39 am
u.s. troops will stay in syria until conditions are met. overnight, the president of turkey, erdogan, lashed out at bolton saying, no conditions. president trump promised me no conditions. who do you believe? president trump's version or john bolton's version? >> i think what we're doing is making sure when we pull out of syria we're taking care of our friends and allies. the kurds have been fighting alongside american soldiers. we need to make sure we don't precipitously pull out and put our allies in danger. >> you said you served as a federal prosecutor. one of the arguments the president might make tonight in this is speech is there is a national emergency and try to circumvent congress and use military dollars already appropriate to build a border wall. do you think that is a legal maneuver? >> i think it remains to be seen if that's a legal maneuver. being from new jersey, i know
4:40 am
national emergencies. we've seen superstorm sandy and 9/11. this is not a national emergency. i don't want to see any money taken away from our military forces who we have station all over the world to keep us safe. this would not be a good use of military funds. >> representative mikie sherrill, one week on the job. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. the parkland students are trying to keep it from happening anywhere else. the new proposal on background checks.
4:41 am
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today is exactly eight years after the mass shooting that nearly killed former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords and left six others dead. democrats will introduce a deal requiring universal checks on gun sales and will be joined by some of the parkland high school massacre. joining us is a representative of march for our lives, both survivors at the shooting of marjorie stoneman douglas high school. great to see both of you this morning. >> thank you for having us. >> david, you will be appearing, both of you, alongside speaker pelosi and gabby giffords. what's your message to the country? >> this legislation could have
4:45 am
been passed a long time ago. because of all the americans we've been working with and fellow survivors put in, we've been able to get this legislation at least introduced in the first place, quite remarkable in and of itself. >> there is a bipartisan quality to it. peter king, a republican, is supporting it, jacqueline, so what are its chances? >> i think chances of passing in the house are very likely. the importance is the american people push the senate to pass this as well. 22 republican senators are up for election in 2020 and only one have actually spoken about gun violence prevention bills. the american people need to speak up and vote against people who vote against bills like this one. >> here are many crazy parts of shootings in this country and mass shootings. as you both point out in an
4:46 am
op-ed, 97% of the country, of the public, say they support these expanded background checks and closing these loopholes. >> right now, the most dangerous gap in the federal firearm law system is this universal background check loophole. right now, they can still sell firearms without a background check on perspective purchasers. people die everyday because this bill isn't law yet and we as americans, especially young people, need to step up to say it's not coming anymore and not going to do it without consequences. >> we all remember what happened at parkland. 17 students and teachers were killed there and that #neveragain was born. tragically, it has happened again. the graph we can show our viewers in terms of school shootings, not mass shootings,
4:47 am
2018 was higher than 2017. so, david, after these school shootings, people always say, the people who don't want anymore gun control say, well, no more laws would have prevented this. would background checks have prevented what happened at parkland? >> i think there's many instances and instances of gun violence that could have stopped further acts of gun violence. there's 40 acts of gun violence every year, a very small minority of them end up in school shootings. when we're talking about hardening our schools and different things, what we're not talking about is how to make our communities safer. we're talking about school safety we're talking about coming to and from school, outside their house. our congressman and elected officials say they don't care about them before violence because of the zip codes they live in or bank account.
4:48 am
if we talk about national emergency like the president likes to talk about, 40,000 people killed from gun violence is a pretty good one to start out with. it is bipartisan, i hope, because both democrats and republicans die from gun violence, bullets don't discriminate and neither should our legislators and shouldn't look at these laws and say i can't vote on that because i've taken contributions from the nra. that's what they're thinking. american people need to wake up and see for example the shooter at our high school could have been prevented from security at our high school but didn't because of the nra that actively try to stop these things from happening in the first place which they benefit from, after every single mass shooting, gun sales go up significantly and the nra benefits from that.
4:49 am
>> that is an important point as we define a national emergency as we wait to hear the president's special address on national emergency and to your point, the numbers of gun violence register at that level. i want to talk about both of your futures because i know our viewers are so invested in you after we met you a year ago tragically in parkland. david, i remember interviewing you back in march, when you had been rejected by various colleges you wanted to get into. fox newsed a even sort of mocked you, that you had been rejected by four colleges and after that, they lost some of their advertisers. i don't know if you recall, i said at that time, what dumb-ass colleges would reject you. now, i'm curious, what dumb-ass college has accepted you nfor next year. >> i plan on going to harvard next year. i'm looking to advance my education so i can work to
4:50 am
saving more lives. that's the real story. the fact the youth of america, over 3,000 high schools and middle schools walked out during the student led walkouts march 14th and over 2 million people walked in 800 marches across the country on march 24th. that's what this story is about. it's not about about what has happened in the past, but to force congress whether they are republicans or democrats to force people whether or not they are domestic abusers and number one prediction of a mass shooter is domestic violence in the home. the if we can predict the things before they happen and disarm them with things like an extremist protection orderer is a bipartisan solution that we can all agree on and we need to fund the cdc and other
4:51 am
organizations for funding because that is something that has to change. >> yes, jaclyn. >> although we receive tons of op opposition, young people around the country continue to move forward because preventing gun violence is an ishb shoo u that we care about, because we don't want our children to grow up the same way we did where you wake up to a mass shooting and see it as normal and see shootings in black and brown communities an accept it as normal and that is not acceptable anymore. >> listen, you guys personify turning pain into action, and we applaud you and we ap preepreci you always checking in and updating us on what you are working on and best of luck to both of you on the few u chur paths. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you very much. >> i saw what you did there with the dumbass college thing, and it is noted. >> and what college did you go to? >> dumbass college. i saw what you did. >> the same one that david hogg is going to. >> i see that. and so the facts of what is
4:52 am
happening on the border, and what is true and what spin? well, they are putting out what is not facts, and our reality check is up next. ld. especially these days. (dad) i think it's here. (mom vo) especially at this age. (big sister) where are we going? (mom vo) it's a big, beautiful world out there. (little sister) woah... (big sister) wow. see that? (mom vo) sometimes you just need a little help seeing it. (vo) presenting the all-new three-row subaru ascent. love is now bigger than ever. t-mobile knows dancing is better when you include a partner. singing is better when you include a friend. and unlimited is better with a phone included. it's true. forty bucks with the other guys, doesn't include a phone. so, start the new year right. join t-mobile and get unlimited with a phone included for just forty dollars per line.
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president trump is going to make his first oval office address in primetime tonight to make his case for the border wallment some of the statistics that the administration has been using are misleading and do not add up. our john avalon is back and not a moment too soon and he is going to join with us the reality check. hi, john. >> yes, in a primetime address tonight, president trump may declare illegal migration on the southern border as a national emergency, but as we have seen, border arrests are declining and that is going to occur with this gambit on the longest government shutdown in history. we know that he has made
4:57 am
statements, but a pattern is emerging. he stakes a extreme position, and drives up the base, and then the white house staff scrambles to find the alternative facts to back up the president's decision and this is going as well as you can imagine. the travel ban first addressed in the campaign was very popular with the are trump's base and some 80% of the conservatives supported it and only 40% of moderates and 17% of liberals. and trump's claim is that people from these countries disare proportionately represent a terrorist threat specifically from isis. looking at the facts 91% of the people arrested for the isis claims between 2014 and 2017 were american citizens or or from countries not covered by the ban. more recently, the president has been focused on the migrant care events head ned to the southern borderer saying they are a threat to public safety, but we know that nationally as the
4:58 am
migration has gone up, the violence a has gone down. and according to the kato institute, undocumented workers in texas were responsible for less crime per capita than counterparts. and now, trump is invoking the president's glove to defend the policy saying that system of the predecessors said they super ported the wall and wish they had built it themselves, but the problem is that every living president has either opposed the wall or explicitly denied they have talked to trump about it. and also, a conspiracy that more terrorists are crossing theer border. and his own factors don't bear this out. and so maybe we have been too hard on president trump, after all, there are three documented cases of would-be terrorists sneaking into the united states
4:59 am
to commit an attack across the porous northern border with canada, and that is the are reality check. >> thank you, john avalon. and i want to point out that vice president mike pence who has had days and days to i think about this did a round of interview s th interviews this morning where he is spewing the same misleading facts that you called out about terrorists pouring over to the southern border, and they are not. thank you, john, for pointing that out. appreciate it. good morning, everyone. and welcome to "goodday." it is january 8th, and the president is breaking ground today for his first primetimed a are dress from the oval office and the question is why? sources have told him that the border wall message is not resonating and the congressional are reporters are saying that they are antsy about the shutdown that the president promised to own to get funding for the border wall. we are told that he is going to have seven minutes to argue what
5:00 am
he is calling a crisis at the mexican border. >> but as you heard the administration is using repeated false numbers at the border to try to make the case. and president trump makes the cases that some of the predecessors confided in him that they should have built the wa wall, but every single living president has come forward to say that is not true. meanwhile, here is the state of play from our reporters on the ground concerning shutdown negotiations. they say that there is no side of either side buckling or come opromizing some would call it, and in fact, the talks are stalled as the lawmakers are waiting for the president to speak tonight and make a move. joining us now, we have two of the newest cnn political commentators who just left congress. mia love is a former congresswoman from utah and luis gutierrez is a congressman from illinois, and also david chalian and great to have all of you here as we try to figure out what we will find out tonight.


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