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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  January 15, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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stay the course. stand the watch and serve with pride. you are not and will not be forgotten. thank you so much for being with me. the lead with jake tapper starts right now. >> he says he will not be bullied. the lead starts right now. dominating as his pick for attorney general faces questions from the senate. is the president getting the attorney general he thinks he picked? talks to end the government shut down about as quickly as airport security lines right now. talks as more americans again to feel the financial pain. it was a thrashing. brexit deals crushed in the u.k. a defeat that could bring the
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u.k. government to its knees along with a tsunami of financial headaches across the pond to you. william barr facing the first day of confirmation hearings today. despite a 2008 memo he wrote which he called it fatally misconceived. bar told the committee he will not interfere with the mueller investigation pledging to not carry out any order to fire mueller without cause and stating he intends to release as much of the special counsel findings as possible. he aserserted he made no oversit for has the president asked for
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any. not only did he say he doesn't believe it is a witch hunt he said he thought mueller was a good friend and has been far long time. jessica starts off our coverage with more of today's hearing. >> i am not going to do anything i think is wrong and i will not be bullied into doing anything i think is wrong by anybody whether it be editorial boards or congress or the president. i will do what i think is right. >> barr stressed his 30 year friendship with robert mueller and how he disclosed the close
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bo pond to the president. >> i told him how well i knew bob mueller and how the barrs and muellers would be good friends when this was all over and so forth. >> will you share it with you as much as possible? >> with the law, yes. >> he later clarified the actual report wouldn't be released instead they would release their own summary. he blasted james comey's decision to announce no charges against hillary clinton. >> if you're not going to indict someone you don't stand up there and unload negative information about the person. that's not the way the department of justice does business. >> released a report addressing allover mueller's findings even if it included no wrong doing.
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>> do you see a case where the president could claim executive privilege and say that parts of the report could not be released? >> someone might raise a claim. >> leaving room for the president to redact he rejected the power to edit any report. >> that will not happen. >> and barr cast doubt that he would ever fire mueller even for good cause. >> it would have to be pretty grave and they would have to compel it. the interest is to allow him to finish. >> he batted away questions and concerns saying his point was not that the pot could never obstruct justice and he couldn't do it to curry favor. >> if i was going after the job there are many more direct ways of me bringing myself to the president's intention than
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writing an 18 page legal memorandum. >> and just in the last few minutes barr was further pressed to release mueller's full report rather than a we are written summary. >> thanks so much. he said quote i don't believe mr. mueller would be involved in a witch hunt. he also thinks jeff sessions did the right thing in recusing himself. it seems fairly significant. those are two things that president trump really strongly disagrees with. >> those are two things he really disagrees with. we have seen that president trump isn't ideal logical or philosophical. he is really practical. he seems to have put barr in
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place. he thinks that barr will support him in his very wide view of his powers as president. i think that memo that he wrote, maybe it wasn't the most direct way to get the president's attention. if you write an 18 page memo arguing that trump could have obstructed justice and it shouldn't be the case and they shouldn't be looking into that, that will get president trump's attention and he had to like that. >> is that more important the idea that he is skeptical of the obstruction of justice avenue? i think -- >> go ahead. >> i think he moved over to the mainstream views of many republicans and democrats. he was a pro. he said, you know, he wanted to open this and transparency on the report. he is going to listen to the ethics officers. you can go through the list of things of his independence.
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he is basically taking the side of independence. he doesn't run things i will not be bullied however he carefully left loopholes there where he is going to retain the ultimate power if he thinks this is something wrong and that's what people are worried about, is he going to see things that mainstream people would not see. is he going to find there are reasons? we don't know that. we are dependent on whether he continuing ton an honorable man. he has that reputation. >> right. and david, he really did cast himself as independent individual talking about how he is kind of in the twilight of his career. take a listen. >> i'm in a position in life where i can do the right thing and not really care about the consequences in the sense that i don't -- i can truly be
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independent. i am not going to do anything that i think is wrong and i will not be bullied into doing anything i think is wrong by anybody whether it be editorial boards or congress or the president. i will do what i think is right. >> you agree? >> yeah. let's not lose sight of the fact that this is a guy confirmed by unanimous consent three previous times. he was confirmed up and down we think the guy is a good guy. >> yeah. 1991 is a long time. >> yes. >> however he wrote a book about this. >> yes. >> absolutely. there was partisan ship in 1991 and 92 and 93. he did an incredible job in today's hearing. i think he did lever certain windows and doors open on certain matters. he said i'll listen to the ethics professionals. i'm the attorney general and i make the calls myself. so he does have to leave certain
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things open because he is a very wise plan. >> what do you think? >> i will get that. >> okay. >> so i -- no. i think that what he wrote in that memo is actually very important. i don't think because he acts slightly differently or says this is me opining kind of off the cuff that we should discount what he said. i think it is also report that had he is somebody considered firing the special counsel so this is something that he has thought about before when he felt like the investigation was getting too out of control. so i think that he is a washington insider. he knows thousand speak the language. he certainly compared to other people that trump would choose is probably preferable but why did trump choose him? i don't think that everything he is saying is the type of things that would make donald trump up
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sech set. it doesn't make sense he has chosen somebody that will be so, you you know, let the department be so independent. >> i think what he -- the approach he took today would have been very acceptable. people on both sides would have said yes. we are going to vote for him. they are in dire movement no matter what the administration does in this area suspicions are so high people will be automatically on their guard. nobody is going to -- i think she is absolutely right. we shouldn't take this and assume there it is. it will be locked in stone. it's not. >> he says i'm older and i'm independent. i'm old and rich so i'm independent. it doesn't necessarily -- you don't necessarily stand up to the president on everything. i want to say young people can be very good at challenging. >> i want you to take a listen
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to richard bloomenthal that he was leaving open loopholes. zbli don't know buy he doesn't say i will respect the judgment of this special counsel and approve whatever resources that are necessary in levering open this loophole i think he creates a lot of doubts and reservations. >> what is the loophole you're seeing here in this testimony? >> what i'm seeing is the possibility that he could invoke unknown rules and regulations that would permit thoim shim to to a subpoena, no to an indictment. no to resources. no to an additional area of investigation. >> and laura, for example, barr
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said he would allow the president to be subpoenaed if the facts supported it. i guess that he would consider that a loophole. what do you think? >> as you describe it the idea of the if and finding the flow chart of what he may or may not do. it is ironic. he wrote an 18 page memorandum. i think what you're seeing here is also perhaps the reluctanceovreluctance of him having gone through and lived through about the reluctance of people to accept somebody who is overseeing a special council type investigation and allowing that person to run amuck or run without any checks and balances. i think he was trying to
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establish that. i think in many ways that this type of hedging is not productive to understanding what he will actually do when you have really contentious points and mainly the russian collusion probe, in particular when he weighed in on this particular factor. it is not comforting to know about what he is going to hand over and why given the fact that he already talked about this. while everyone is focused on the mueller probe and that's extraordinarily appropriate he is particularly aligned on his immigration policy. remember he had the whole order and about haitians coming over and the idea about having steel barriers. i think trump was looking at that issue as equally as he was about his version and viewpoint
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of mueller. >> thanks so much. >> we have breaking news in right now. we learned that the acting attorney general will appear next month. it will give the opportunity to on views related to the russian investigation. he has been under fire criticizing the special council investigation. the new chairman of the committee if whitaker did not agree voluntarily. this house passing a resolution condemning king's racist comments. are his days in the house numbered? plus we have been following the confirmation hearings for president trump's ag pick. we'll bring that to you when we come back. stay with us. network, would you want the one the experts at rootmetrics say is number one in the nation? sure, they probably know what they're talking about.
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steve king voting for condemning white nationalism. >> even though i would add more i agree with the language in it. i want to ask my colleagues on both sides of the aisle let's vote for this resolution. i'm putting up a yes on the board here. what you state here is right and true and just. >> the resolution passed the house 424-1. the sole foreign vote against it said it doesn't go far enough. who voted against it? >> it was democratic congressman and as you said, he did not think this resolution went far enough for what steve king did. he wants a full on resolution, something very rare up here on capitol hill, very embarrassing
1:20 pm
for a congressperson and something that serves as an all out center of them. it is directed at this person. they have proposals that would be directed specifically naming steve king not just calling out language over white supreme si. it is unclear whether democratic leadership will embrace this. they have been very noncommital. he was asked by reporters. he said a resolution could open pandora's box. you people potentially moving to center them. it is unclear the moves they will make on this but very clear that pressure certainly is mounting on stooeeve king. many want more than, you know, a hand lashing, so to speak. they want him to be punished. we saw him stripped of three up here on capitol hill.
1:21 pm
>>. >> he is not stepping aside even though they have said maybe you should pursue another line of work. >> that's right. those were notable comments coming from many here on capitol hill. he has been defiant. after he lost last night he said it is politics at play. he continues to say that his excellen comments were taken out of context. he has not said one word to reporters so far. many asked do you plan on resigning and he has been stone faced and has been silent. >> all right. thanks so much. i think probably everybody at the table everybody agrees he has been saying racist things for more than a decade. what are they concerned about? >> i don't flow exactly what the
1:22 pm
concern is or whether they concerned that some how they could get caught up in this or by putting steve king out there it makes it look like the democrats are out to get him instead of having the republicans deal with their republican. that could be part of what's driving this. the point is i think that by steve king voting for this resolution shows how kind of powerless it is and how kind of meaningless it is. he is saying his argument is he is against white supremecy. >> he is flamed but it doesn't condemn him. >> it doesn't condemn him. >> it is just a whole thing condemning. >> exactly. so he signs onto it and says i agree with this. you're not condemning me. that makes an argument for people that say it is needed in this case to actually condemn what he said. of course the issue is why now? why do this now when he has been
1:23 pm
making these comments over and over again? republicans were moving the committee chairman -- or not -- >> yeah. >> they are doing this now when it really cost them nothing. they lost the house. you know, at this point they are not in power and then they take this. >> so why now? >> look, i think he clearly crossed the line and went too far for everybody right here. the people that truly suffer is constituents. he will be wholly ineffective with this hanging over his head. the people suffering here are the people who put him in office and thinking he was a different person perhaps than his or even if that's not the case he has no power now. he has no ability to really work with anybody on any side of the aisle. he is an island out by himself. i think it may be to simply walk away from his job there and seek employment elsewhere has been
1:24 pm
suggested by several political leaders in town here. >> i have seen them say we have condemned steve king now where are they that said things that have -- or things that have had friendships who is a notorious -- do you think that's what they are trying to avoid, attention in some of their own caucus? >> maybe. i think they should be condemned. i'm not quite sure white you wouldn't want to do that. he has crossed so many lines. i'm dying to know the answer why this is the thing. he has said so many things that are so horrific. >> i want to turn and get your
1:25 pm
perspective on something. she will announce tonight that she is forming exploratory committee. she will do it on the late show she will run a campaign on gender issues. this is interesting because he wrote a piece about the primary and how many democratic senators running for president are thinking about him as a real power house. >> exactly. in the midst of all of this you knew barr was going to be testifying. why would you get no publicity as a result? you know, he will have on, you know, hamilton. they have the whole hamilton show coming up. >> yes. >> i had no idea you were such a jimmy fallon fan. this is the night they offer it on the stephen colbert show.
1:26 pm
>> she is on the east coast. she is well respected. she would be -- you know, if she were running only in new york she would do very very well. i don't know why you would do that. >> what do you think? >> i think it will be a very crowded field. part of what she will have to find a way to stand out and find a way to make her message be a message that is going to kind of spark democrats and spark those young people and get people motivated to come out and support her. that's going to be big for pretty much every person coming out right now. they will have to show where do they stand and what is going to make them that person that
1:27 pm
people should get behind? it will be a very crowded field. >> we have the government that is still shut down. coming up next an honest attempt to negotiate? what happened at lunch at the white house because of the shutdown. stay with us.
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government shutdown. a conversation. they say they have not been given enough notice. none that move law make rs seem to be working this time around. not to coast guard members, the first time they have not been paid not to excruciating long security lines. the longer it goes the worse the consequences will be making these weeks seem like the good old days. that prediction seems like the future. hopes dashed when none of them accepted his invitation to lunch at the white house. >> if you don't show up at the table how are we ever going to come to a solution? >> republicans who showed up said it was a sign they weren't
1:33 pm
willing to negotiate but democratic leaders said they feared it could be another trump stunt. >> the question everyone can reasonably ask is he inviting people to really try to solve this problem or to create a photo op? >> the attempt to drive a wedge between party leaders and members highlighting how the white house is starting to feel the heat from the shutdown. despite trump claiming this yesterday. >> many of them are saying we agree with you. many of them are calling and many of them are breaking. >> house democrats say they remain firmly opposed to funding the l what. >> our objective is to reopen government. >> we want border security. >> and the president isn't letting up for his demand on billions to build the wall
1:34 pm
either. a sign of the mounting frustration among lawmakers showing itself during barr's confirmation hearing. >> are you advocating a wall? >> i'm advocating a barrier system. >> the shutdown effecting a celebration at the white house after president trump personally purchased fast food for the clemson tigers because staff are furloughed. >> so we went off and we ordered american fast food paid for by me. lots of hamburgers and lots of pizza. >> of course the most people effected by this are the 800,000 workers who aren't getting paid. inside the white house they are trying to paint it as another sign they are not willing to
1:35 pm
negotiate to reopen the government. i'm told white house officials are becoming concerned and they are paying attention to the polls that show more americans are holding the president responsible for shut down than they are democrats. >> yeah, by 55% or something like that. >> yes. >> the white house invited some of the more moderate democrats over. >> yeah. i think that the moderate democrats felt like it was a photo on and they were trying to divide to democrats and they were united on this. there was no point to do it even if pelosi said go ahead and do it. i think that the white house is
1:36 pm
losing this battle. there's not a lot of give an take going on. democrats have said they have not interested in funding. he will have to decide what he wants to do about this. i think if they give into this it will set the stage in the future where every time he wants something he will just shut down the government. >> and he suggested the president should force the democrats to vote against that and guitierrez said he would vote for that. >> how many don't like the president to begin with, who are
1:37 pm
blaming the president for the shutdown in i think it is a mistake not to send people to these meetings. i think when they negotiate and said staff it is a mistake. i would show up every day and say look, we are here to negotiate. at least you're participating the process. i think when you say the president says i want $5 million and pelosi says i want a dollar. there is that is extremely wide. it is not a good look for either party. >> they offered money for border security. >> but not for the wall. that's the issue. >> right. >> things are about to get a lot worse. long lines with tsa workers are going to get worse. they already shut down the term gnat al in houston. it is effecting more than a million americans.
1:38 pm
it is already the longest in american history. will the white house be able to continue on that? >> the u.s. has never gone through a shutdown this long. the u.s. has never gone through a shutdown that went weeks and went months and/or went all the way -- or went so long. so the question is what happens when it gets to that point where people are really effected. right now they are trying to say it's just federal workers. maybe they didn't need to be here. when you have questions about food stamps why are people going to continue to show up to work when they aren't getting paid? how long can this continue? i think what the president was pointing out in his tweets earlier today is some polling has shown a majority of people
1:39 pm
do think there is a humanitarian crisis at the border. they are looking at that. so they think they are winning on that. there has been growing support for the wall. they think they see movement in that. i think they with looking at that and kind of seeing signs like maybe this is sinking in and maybe some people will be moving to our side. it may be what they are hoping for. >> what do you see out of this? >> i think the white house ought to get serious i think democrats sending staff, i thought that was crazy. but the democrats to go nine or ten of them to go down to the white house the first time he held the cameras in there and talk today schumer and pelosi.
1:40 pm
that was clearly a stunt. the next time he walked out. why should they go back and be tv prop for them? i don't think they should and i think they were wise. he is the head of the civil service. he kplands all of these people. he has shown zero interest. he will discourage so many from ever going to work in washington. why should you go work in this? it doesn't make no sense. >> one tweet that he did today is he said he went after nancy pelosi. why is he getting paid when people who are working are not? they argued pelosi is supposed to reopen the government and signed into legislation that would pay pelosi. i think a lot of them are like
1:41 pm
think are any of them getting paid? >> right. i think maybe things would be different if people on the hill weren't getting paid. maybe there would be more of a sense of urgency. >> i think if you had congress people not getting paid and senators not getting paid. >> the president made this point before in this negotiation. he said i'll reopen the government. will you pledge to sit down and work with me on a wall? the democrats said no. if you were to reopen the government it was every bit of leverage. >> stick around. it is an alliance that stood in the way for generations. why is president trump reportedly asking about getting the united states out of nato? stay with us. ♪here you come again lookin' better than♪ ♪a body has a right to ♪and shakin' me up so
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the 70-year-old alliance with europe and russian aggression. according to this stunning report around the 2018 summit trump said he didn't see the point which alarmed administration officials. it wud withdraw the influence and could em bolden russia for decades. it is in the an overstatement to say it would be like a dream for
1:47 pm
putin. obviously candidate trump have said a lot of things to question nato. take a listen. >> number one nato is obsolete and number two the people aren't paying their way. >> it is on salubsolete and peo aren't paying they pay billions of dollars do slaush. we are the ones paying for the whole thing. >> when it comes to this the white house says this story was meaningless when it was written is the commitment to nato strong? >> i do watch it and i watch what the president said. i would have a couple of responses. the first is one of sadness.
1:48 pm
could you imagine being a family of a nato service member in afghanistan who died? who said my child died for your cause and that meant nothing? more significantly go back 20 years. part of diplomacy is about the law of unintended consequences. what's happening in syria, the rise and fall of al qaeda and isis, could you imagine russia would redraw the map in europe? if you say that is obsolete look at everything in the past 20 years. nato will serve us. we don't know how yet. >> knowing what president thinks about nato although he did take it back in his residency how might putin, an intelligence operative use it to his advantage in his meetings with the president that we don't know
1:49 pm
much about? >> that's what concerned me. putin is extremely concerned and his greatest concerns with regard to the west and nato alliance is splitting it trying to divide the west and nato. if you go back there are two allegations that basically say if we do this on the side we expect in return some sort of kplen tear and some sort of weakening of the nato alliance. that seems to indeed -- that seems to be what has happened. you eluded to all of the times where the president has been behind closed doors with not only putin, but other russians. we don't flow what was said. we flow putin wants there db
1:50 pm
when you put it together it seems to be dark and very concerned for an organization which has been the work of security for the west for the better part of 70 years. >> and obviously i think we could all agree more countries are paying what they are spending on defense spending and agreement to meet that kind of spending. what might be the fallout for europe if the u.s. did pull out of nato or cig any furthsignifi their role in nato? >> afghanistan, let's say another major event. for example a terror attack whose origins are in southwest
1:51 pm
asia. let's say we couldn't have imagined this 25 years ago that he tries to redraw the map in europe. they will say this is a threat to global security. who are we going to turn to and say we have an alliance? we cannot predict. i don't care what people say. forget about the next 100 years. if we ever withdraw we would have to say whato is going to b there with us? i wouldn't know. >> and article 4, an attack on one is an attack on all. everyone else joining with the united states. president trump a few months ago was joining with a fox news anchor questioning and suggesting if they were attacked they might -- first of all suggesting they might start a war with russia. do you confidence, steve, that
1:52 pm
under president trump there would be an honoring if a country were attacked. sit large lay ly as a result of president trump. russia is already on the move. russia has annexed crimea. he has closed off so that it makes it extremely difficult. they have come to us and said this is a real concern. this is not just a theoretical thing. they could be over the border. war planning going onto figure out how would we respond to that? this is not just a theoretical
1:53 pm
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we're all under one roof now. congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though. a lot of colleges. you get any financial advice? yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now. right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids, 2 dogs and jake over here? that would be great. that would be great. that okay with you, jake? get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management. >> we are back. moments wall theresa may overwell mingly lost a vote.
1:58 pm
only 202 votes in support. it was supposed to approve the only existing plan and without a plan there is just weeks left before brexit is supposed to happen. we are live in london. explain to us what comes next. >>. >> the vote today was a devastating blow. the brexit deal is not popular. she exceeded expectations in the worst possible way. she got a defeat by a majority of 230. we are talking the worst defeat in the history of the british parliment. that is a pretty long his rhode island it is calling into question to govern the united kingdom and whether or not she can take the plan any further.
1:59 pm
>> i'm pleased that motion will be debated tomorrow. so this house can give its verdict on the shared incompetence of this government and pass that motion of no confidence in the government. >> he wants to see a change in prime minister and wants that change to be her. the brexit deal looks so unpopular it might have to be panned all together. global ripple effect or a second referendum that has potential to
2:00 pm
overturn the brexit return. we may be looking at no brexit. >> thank you much. you can follow me on facebook. tweet the show add the lead. our coverage on cnn continues right now. dramatically breaks with the president. >> gates still open, the special counsel announces rick gates is still cooperating. does it indicate the mueller investigation could be far from finished? no brexit plan. a stunning defeat for a british government, in fact the worst defeat for any government in nearly a century to