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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 16, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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i want to warn you the video of the explosion that we're about to show you is graphic. but this is the first major attack inside syria since president trump shocked the world last month with plans to withdraw u.s. troops there. as i mentioned, isis has taken responsibility, but there's no hard proof of isis involvement as of yet. just less than a month ago, president trump dechaired that isis has been beaten badly in syria, but today republican senator lindsey graham warned that president trump's comments and abrupt policy decision may have emboldened the enemy. >> my concern by. the statements made by president trump is that you set in motion enthusiasm by the enemy we're fighting. you made people wonder about us and as they get bold er, people
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we're trying to help are going to get more uncertain. i saw this in iraq. and i'm now seeing it in syria. >> let's go straight to our chief international correspondent clarissa ward live for us in northern syria. clarissa, you were just there in this city two days ago. the site of this blast, there's a significant military presence there. can you tell us more about that area of syria and the role of u.s. military there. >> reporter: so the town was actually liberate d from isis back in september 2016 by the syrian democratic forces, which is a kurdish-led militia fighting on the ground with u.s.-led coalition support. since then it's been doing fair lel had live well as a city. 100,000 people living there, a lot of them went back to their homes. when we were there just a few days ago, we were right in the same area where this restaurant.
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it's on a busy street. there's an old supermarket next to it. we saw a lot of signs that daily life was getting back to normal. however, i would say it was very clear to us when we were on the ground that there were definite tensions at play here. it did not feel to me to be a totally secure place. part of the reason for this, and this is something we have been told by kurdish military leaders, is that isis still has sleeper cells across this country. kurdish-led forces can try to clear the territory, take back the towns, but difficult for them to try to alter the ideology or the mentality of some of the people who are still sympathetic to isis. right near where this took place is a u.s. base on the outskirts. we drove by it and saw the united states tlag flying above the base. the fear now for these kurdish
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forces is that with the u.s. withdrawal, you're creating a power vacuum. when you do that, that invites groups like isis to reconstitute, to regroup and to launch some kind of an insurgency to try to take back some of the power. >> and precise ly on that point and your point a second ago about the sleeper cells, juxtapose that with what the vice president said just this morni morning. >> we are bringing our troops home. the caliphate has crumbled and isis has been defeated. >> as we mentioned, this is a month after the president declared on twitter that the u.s. has beaten b isis badly. how do you reconcile what we're hearing from this white house and what you know to be true on the ground in syria? >> we were down right by the front lines of the war against isis today.
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this is near the iraqi border. the caliphate has not crumbled. it's nearing collapse, but there are several towns, there's still fierce resistance and everyday fighting and casualties on all sides happening ever single day. and more to the point, what did the commanders tell us when we were down by the front lines? they said, listen n the next few weeks or couple months, we'll probably take the next fewvi villages but we can't take the minds and hearts of thevi villagers with us. these people have been living under isis rule for years and years. and the militia, the u.s.-led coalition is working with on the ground is kurdish led. there are a lot of sectarian and ethnic tensions bubbling beneath the surface here. the minute you have a power vacuum, you can be sure that isis will be back. >> clarissa ward loif in syria
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if r us, thank you very much. here at home, it is day 26 of the longesthistory. it may impact one of the most precious perks president trump values, his face time during prime time. the state of the union. nancy pelosi is asking that the president either move the january 29th date of the address before congress or do it not in person, but through a written statement. something thomas jefferson used to do. but no modern day u.s. president has ever done this. the house speaker says the shutdown is hindering the job of staffers who must secure the space, which will contain the most important government officials in the entire country. >> we would have the president of the united states, the vice president of the united states, entire congress of the united states, house and senate, the supreme court, joint chiefs of staff, the cabinet of the united states, did i say that? and i diplomatic core all in the
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same room. hundreds of people working on the logistics and the security of it. most of those people are either furloughed or victims of the shutdown. but that isn't the point. the point is security. this is a housekeeping matter so we can honor the responsibility of the invitation we extenned to the president. he can make it from the oval office if he wants. >> let's talk to chief political analyst gloria borger. there was the issue of is she asking or really telling him. then saying he could submit the whole thing in writing. is this her trolling trump? >> yes, to a degree. but she's got a good argument to make, which is, look, we don't have the resources here. this is a big deal. it's called a national special security event, which requires a lot of security from the secret service and the department of homeland security.
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now i should note they both put out statements saying, we can handle this, which is not surprising. but she said, okay, why don't you do it from the oval office, which by the way knows is not his best formalt. or do it in writing, but during the middle of the shutdown we're not going to approve that. an invitation to a state of the the wrunon has to be approved by both houses. so it's clear that the democrats would say, no thank you, you're not invited. so is it politics, yes. does she also have a legitimate point, yes. you judge. >> given everything you just said, how is trump responding? >> i'm sure he's not happy about this because he loves to et get his face in front of the camera when he has something to say. i'm assuming he would talk about the shutdown and talk about the
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democrats being responsible and all the rest. i bet at the white house right now they are trying to figure out how to respond and maybe they will say, fine, we'll do it from. the oval office or where we intend to come or maybe she did this to light a fuse under everyone to say et we got to get this resolved by the state of the union. if the government is shutdown and the president is addressing his agenda, which is what the state of the union is all about, the government is closed. >> both parties are telling their respective sides to hold the line, stay united, trump is telling his supporters that this looks to go quite long. you even have newt gingrich telling the president to ramp up the pressure. i mean, to me, it seems like we're in a dark, dark place.
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>> we are, but can i tail light you. if i were going to get advice on shutdowns, newt gingrich would be the last person in the world i would listen to. it didn't work out so well for newt gingrich. so look, each side is going to say hold firm. at some point, they have to figure out a way to reopen the government and figure out a way to discuss the wall and what happens with that and what happens with immigration reform as grownups. because this is affecting everyone's voters. not just the president's base, but also the democrats. people want their government open. it does nobody any good, not any party, not any member of congress to be a part of this. even though the president is trying to. keep his base.
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happy, his base will grow unhappy when they see government services that they don't have anymore. >> i want to stay on this unhappy note. gloria borger, thank you. the white house is acknowledging it underestimated the economic impact of the government shutdown, which is forcing 800,000 federal workers to go without pay. top economic adviser kevin has set said they predicted some, but all the federal contractors who will not get back pay were excluded from that first analysis. so we have cnn crews across the country. so zach wolf reports on how more federal employees were forced to work without pay. but ed lavandera, start iing wi you. i see everyone shouting over your shoulder.
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what's going on? >> reporter: you're hearing the chants of we need a paycheck. this is a group of american federation of government employees union that have been gatt. ering here throughout the morning. continue to be here throughout the afternoon. these are tsa employees, also air traffic controller employees and local pilots unions and flight attendant unions to support these groups as well. everything we're hearing is that this government shutdown is really starting to put a strain on not only their personal lives, but the air travel situation. because of callouts from tsa agents across the country, long lines like washington, miami, atlanta, terminal b in houston has been shutdown since sunday afternoon. and the executive vice president of the national air traffic controllers association says that flying today is less safe than it was a month ago because of this government shutdown putting a strain on the entire air travel system across the
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country. so troubling warning signs coming from various officials across the country as these workers are demanding paychecks. >> reporter: they have opened up an emergency kitchen here to serve federal workers and their families. we have seen many, many people in long lines, even 50 deep. the line is not so long right now, but they have come here just for a meal to take with them for their family, for their children, whether it's a cup of coffee or a hot soup and a sandwich. the celebrity chef known throughout the nation, but specifically here in d.c. saying no family should have to worry about their own children not eating. i had a chance to talk to so many people whether it's custodians or a guard at the smithsonian or even ab attorney at the justice department. they all have different stories
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talking about one who said she's got a child, a 6-year-old in private school. they have to pay the tuition. so there's tough choices. some a little embarrassed that they were in this line. it's the largest concentration of federal workers and also should note that inside of this kitchen, many of those federal workers volunteers serving their peers and co-workers. just take a listen. >> i recently got engaged so was trying to save up for the wedding. luckily, i have a little savings to get me through this. if it ends soon. but it's not a good time not to have money coming in. >> i don't understand why we as government workers are being penalized for a wall that we have nothing to do with. >> reporter: many people i
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talked to while they are frustrated just 20 minutes from the white house, 20 minutes from the capitol where this makeshift kitchen has been set up, they are trying not to blame either side. they want everyone to come together and end this as quick ly as possible. >> a lot of government workers, those right there are presumably furloughed. they are not being paid and not working. but we see a lot more government workers being called essentially back into service but not being given a paycheck. yesterday we learned that 46,000 irs employees would be brought back in to do tax returns. the government wants to make sure they get refunds out on time otherwise the effects of the economy of the shutdown would be even worse. safety is becoming a big issue. the faa has recalled 2200 safety inspectors. other agencies are shake iing t
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couch cushions to find money to keep funding workers through the shutdown. the court system has twice now found ways to make money work. so they can keep paying their employees. they will do that now until january 25th until they find more money. we have heard examples of this at the irs where the mortgage industry asked them to keep an income verification group to not slow down mortgages for people who were trying to buy houses who aren't involved with the government. so all of this keeps compounding and compounding. >> we're talking about members of the military, a spouse in the coast guard and how this is affecting her life with three little ones and they are constantly moving. it's tough to get a job and make ends meet. thank you so much. just wanted to get a sliver of the stories across the country. we'll take you back and continue to tell these stories. but breaking news. critical no confidence vote is happening right now for theresa may.
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this is just one day after her brexit plan suffered that historic defeat. the question everyone is asking is will she survive this. we'll take you lye to london. with political chaos unfolding on both sides of the atlantic, is the russian president vladimir putin smiling through all of this. in a surreal moment, why is russia today actually defending president trump? we'll be right back. if you're turning 65, you're probably learning about medicare and supplemental insurance. medicare is great, but it doesn't cover everything -
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theresa may will keep her job for now. moments ago she managed to survive this vote of no confidence. the vote was 325-306. this coming after her crushing.
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epic defeat over her brexit plan. she lost by the biggest defeat in modern british history. her colleagues apparently so disapproved of her plan but disapprove of the alternative even more. the labor party leader is the one who called for this no confidence vote. so here was the prime minister moments ago. >> the house has put its confidence in this government. i stand ready to work with any member of this house to deliver on brexit and ensure that this house retains the confidence of the british people. >> british newspapers are calling the prime minister's defeat historic and humiliate ing and the fact this no confidence vote is taking place is hugely damaging to a sitting prime minister. so let's get perspective from nic robertson, our cnn international diplomatic editor
11:22 am
outside of 10 downing. talk to me about this vote, the vote margin and what this means for the prime minister. >> 19 to win that vote by wasn't a bad number for her. there was a feeling that it might have been even smaller. it could have been in single digits because that's the nature of her majority. so i think she'll feel quite comfortable with 19. but already the sort of fire and fury has erupt ed in parliament again. theresa may has outlined that she has to provide a plan b. plan a was voted on and lost yesterday. a plan b has to be articulated by monday. she's going to reach out across party lines so the leaders of the parties, we just heard now from jeremy corr bin speaking out saying the only way he will deal with the prime minister on this issue of brexit is if she rules out a no deal brexit. which of course, is looming at the moment and would be very
11:23 am
economically damaging potentially for britain and the european union as well. so we're now back into the sort of real heated arguments and debates about how britain can get. itself out of the european union. this is an incredibly divisive debate. it's divided the parties. it's divided the parties among themselves in themselves as well. so trying to find consensus on any point to try to get out of the european union seems hugely difficult at the moment. we can expect more potential votes of no confidence in the government to come. >> dead line of march 29th. we'll continue this conversation to see if they are going to meet that now. nic robertson, thank you so much. 10 downing street in london. back here at home, why is president trump still silent on the fate of steve king, who has been highly criticized for his
11:24 am
racist remarks. and climate clash, trump's pick to lead the epa seems to be at odds with the president's opinions. what he said that caught some by surprise.
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you'this january 18th-24th, would like to say, "thank you." enjoy a free week of movies on us- from networks like epix, lifetime movie club, hallmark movies now, and history vault. just say, "show me movie week." that's a full week of your favorite hit movies on your tv, online, or on the go with the xfinity stream app. [shouting] it's all on us, and it's all coming soon. you've got some serious watching to do. we are learning more and more details about 13-year-old jamie claus's heat her heroing 88 days in captivitcaptivity. kat patterson told investigators he was to the house twice before the october 15th incident.
11:29 am
now pather sob's father says he wants to get a letter to the family. jean casarez has more on that. >> reporter: yesterday at the justice center, i saw the father of the defendant jake patterson walk into the courthouse. and so i went up and i introduced myself. he was extremely emotional. he is still very, very affected by this. and he said to me, i can't talk to you. i'm sorry. i can't say anything. i can't talk. he said, all i care about right now is jamie's family. i want to get a note to them. the emotion that i saw in the courtroom the day before where he was sobbing in that courtroom was still with him today. as i stood there and we spoke a little bit, a deputy came up to him.
11:30 am
when he left, i asked if he got the note. he wouldn't respond but had a half smile and just sort of a nod on his head and he left. cnn was able to talk with a neighbor of the defendant's mother. she tells cnn that his mother is devastated and cannot wrap her mind around what happened. as you know in that complaint, prosecutors said that the defendant told them he was going to leave no dna at the scene so no one would ever find out what he did and that he would kill anyone who got in his way. back to you. >> jean, thank you. it was a climate clash on capitol hill as trump's epa nominee faced off against democrats. even amid-several protest interruptions there, the former republican aid and coal industry lobbyist touted the progress the
11:31 am
epa has made under president trump. you can hear the interruptions this. it was what wheeler said about climate change that is concerning to some. what did he say today? >> first of all, let's talk about climate change more broadly in the trump administration. donald trump knows he's been. a very, very skeptical figure as it relates to climate change. et he pulled us out of the paris climate change accord, the one nation to do so. he's also, and i think we have his tweet, this is the one i go back to when people talk about climate change. we have his tweet before he was president. but donald trump on climate change. this is november 2012. but nonetheless, the concept of global warming was created by and for the chinese in order to make u.s. manufacturing
11:32 am
noncompetitive. lots of scientists would disagree. let's play a clip from a back and forth with wheeler during his confirmation hearings today. >> i believe climate change is real. >> the president said it's a hoax. do you agree with him? >> i have not used the hoax word myself. i would not call it the greatest crisis. i consider it a huge issue that has to be addressed globally. >> there's two things there. one, it is noteworthy that andrew wheeler's view is not directly in line with donald trump's view. he said he does not agree it's a hoax, but it is important to know that andrew wheeler says i don't view it as the greatest crisis facing the country. scott pruitt, who was someone who really was picked in some
11:33 am
ways because his views on climate at least were close to where donald trump was and against what the broad scientific community would say. and again, just very quickly on andrew wheeler, he's the deputy of the epa, former coal lobbyist. you'll remember jim inhofe of bringing a snowball to the senate floor and saying, if i made this snowball and it's so cold out, how can the climate possibly be changing. so certain mixed messages here. wheeler acknowledges that climate change is not a hoax, which amazingly is news in 2019, though it shouldn't be because every scientist worth their degrees say it is. but it's not the biggest crisis face iing the country. so again, this hearing doesn't get as much attention as william barre on tuesday, but the impact that andrew wheeler has and what
11:34 am
his us videos are and how he carries those out could have huge impact. >> chris, thank you so much. we have some more news just coming in. speaker nancy pelosi is urging the president to move his state of the union address because of the government shutdown. the house republican leader is calling nancy pelosi's behavior unbecoming. standby.
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liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! two weeks fwoo into the new legislative year, the congress is being tested here and abroad. the longest shutdown in u.s. history, a public cob dem nation of one of their most controversial members and today this deadly attack on syria. an attack that isis is claiming responsibility for. just weeks after president trump claimed they were defeated. badly defeated. joining me now to walk through all of this is congressman
11:39 am
gregory mooeeks of new york. welcome back, sir. >> good to be with you. >> first off as a member of foreign affairs, what do you know that you can share about what's happened in syria? do you know yet how many american lives were lost? >> i don't know how many american lives were lost. this is a trageic incident that took place. but again, it just shows how you cannot be a president that just works on spur of the moment, i know more than anybody, i know more than the general, i don't have any consultation with anyone, i'm going to do what i want to do. and it is grave ramifications for any president when you have to make certain decisions. and certainly you should be consulting the generals and others, your diplomats, to try to figure this out. and it just seems to me that the president as he's done before saying isis has been defeated,
11:40 am
way defeated. you can't blie fly by your seat of your pants and not have knowledge. >> so congressman, would you be in favor of keeping a military presence in syria? >> what i'd be in favor of is i think i need to talk. i don't have all of the information that the president should have. i would first confer with all of my generals and all of my diplomats in the state department and then make that kind of learned decision. it seems clear here that the president did not do that. i think from the information that i have i would not just come out and make an announcement we're pulling people out immediately because i know of the complications in the area talking about with the kurds, who have been our allies. isis and remaining there, it's a complicated situation. i know a decision could not be made in a matter in which the president made it. >> we learned today he was warned when he was in iraq over
11:41 am
the christmas holidays. he was warned about the presence of isis. let me ask you about rush yoo. yo russia. your committee was discussing whether or not to subpoena that interpreter. what's the decision, congressman? >> well, we are organizing the committee. i think it's a very important piece of information that we need given the allegations that we have talked about. we're going to follow and i hope that mr. mueller is doing all of that. but we're going to look at from our viewpoint of oversight as to what has taken place. i know that chairman is looking at the possibility of subpoena. >> looking at the possibility, is there something that's holding you guys up? what's the main issue that's holding things up? >> the main issue is the committee is going to be fully organized. we don't have everyone or had our first organizationalal
11:42 am
meeting yet. the chair wants to get everybody together to make that determination. >> the president also reportedly told allies he wants to withdraw from nato. do you have a sense that this was perhaps one of the topics in one of these secret chats that the president had with vladimir putin? >> it sure seems that way know ing the position had been before. some of his public statements in regards to nato surely has not been a person who was supportive. i'm the former ranking member on europe. i can recall traveling to europe a number of times meeting with nato allies when the president said things about nato. so it doesn't surprise me he would have this kind of conversation with the person that would benefit the most from us withdrawing from naeato and that's vladimir putin and ru russia. here's a guy i believe if you talk to him three or four years running for president, he probably didn't know what nato
11:43 am
is. but now he has the eu to such a degree it's plausible to me that he would have had this back-door conversation with vladimir putin about withdrawing from nato. >> on congressman steve king, you voted for the resolution yesterday that condemns his words. you have taken it a step further and called for congress to sen sure him. the comments were called abhorrent. >> steve king's comments were abhorrent and the republican leadership unlike democrats have actually taken action with their members have said outrageous and inappropriate things. i hope democrat can leadership will follow the strong and rightful leadership that the republicans have done. >> that is some direct shade on your party, congressman. do you want to respond?
11:44 am
>> that's just ridiculous. here's a president that watches television all the time, looks at the news and yesterday he said he didn't know what was going on. that's like what he said when he didn't know what david duke was. he was hesitant in making statements because he doesn't want to disturb that part of the support that comes from the racest mentality and has the same believes and believe the same thing that steve king said. that's what he's had in his campaign and said about charlottes shil. ville. so it's a weak argument. so the appropriate thing was passing the bill we passed yesterday. it was right. i compliment the republican party by stripping his committees. but i do think we need to have a cent sure on the floor of the house because we can't allow the house of the people individualing windividuals who have those believes. it has no place in the united
11:45 am
states congress. >> why is this al just happening now? this isn't news that he has ever made racist remarks. your colleagues on the other side of the the aisle are now doing the right thing. but what took them so long? >> that's a good question because i agree with you. >> why do you think? >> because they are feeling as a result of the election that the american people is going in another direction. the american people, we have made so much progress in our nation. they don't want to go back to some of those ugly days. >> haven't we always been against racism? why is is this these remarks? >> unfortunately, we have not all been against racism. and this president has brought it back where it seems to be that it's okay. we have had individuals who were marching in charlottesville who did not even feel threatened enough to cover their faces anymore. so racism is still alive and well in the united states of
11:46 am
america and we have a president that seems to help unloesh and get people feeling they can come out of the closet with that kind of racism. >> resident lougs of disapproval for now. do you think he should resign? >> i think i agree with mitt romney and others. there was a big headline in the iowa newspapers where they say tr for the sake of iowa, steve king should resign. for. the progress we made, yes. >> congressman, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. coming up next, amid-this government shutdown over border security, this week active duty members of the coast guard are missing their first paychecks. we'll ask the wife of a 13-year service member about the impact this is having on her and her family.
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the irony here is astounding. a government shutdown over border security is putting a strain on the people who enforce u.s. immigration laws. border patrol agents, they are not getting paid, immigration judges canceling cases and members of the coast guard. one of the first lines of defense for illegal industry or drug smuggling by sea, they are not get iting paid. that's 40,000 active duty members. this marks the first time service members have not been paid during a government shutdown. my next guest is married to a coast guard petty officer who
11:52 am
has gotten big fat goose eggs in his paycheck. she's also the secretary of the coast guard spouse's club. thank you for being with et had. we're grateful for your husband's service. >> thank you for your support and thank you for having me on. >> your husband at moment, this country isn't serving him. he's not getting paid. you tell me day-to-day with you and your kids including your 4-month-old, how is this affecting you guys? >> so day-to-day, we rely on that paycheck. we have bills to pay, car payments, luckily we live in coast guard housing that's provided for us, but cell phone bills, preschool, we don't want them to suffer. and because we are not receiving a paycheck, they possibly could be. >> with the coast guard, you're constantly being asked to move
11:53 am
every two, three, four years. you have been in california, ohio, louisiana, back to california. i imagine that that doesn't make it easy for you trying to find work. if you want to help out. >> right, so absolutely. i had my first two children in louisiana away from our families. luckily, we had the community rally around us during each of our bifrths of our children, an the community of spouses that we have met during each tour where et we lived has been incredible. they rally around us. work has been very hard to find. not many businesses want to hire women who just work for four years. so most of us are stay at home moms who are single-income families. >> what kind of message do you feel like this is sending that the u.s. isn't paying those to
11:54 am
protect us? isn't paying active members of the coast guard. >> for us, there's actively 42,000 members that go to workday in and day out that are not getting paid. they continue to be very proud of their jobs. they are proud to be part of the service. i'm a proud coast guard wife, always will be. it's just hard to wake up yesterday and realize that there was no money in the account to pay for the bills that need to be paid. >> tell me about the food bank you helped set up for other military families. >> so the food bank, it came across on a facebook page in our community. someone posted saying, hey, is is someone helping our government families out. we got with our board and said our community wants to help us. what can we do? we set up a donation drive and they showed up and let us know
11:55 am
how much they cared tr us. we have had donations come in for the last week now and are still continuing to come in today, tomorrow, we're still taking donations. we have set up our distribution for our coast guard families. this saturday from 9:00 to 12:00 where they can come, shop, take whatever they need. they are coming and officering free pet food for the family members and setting up a farmers market for them as well. >> is there a website or address you can shout out so people can help out or jump in? >> absolutely. if you go to the facebook page of our coast guard spouses, we can direct you or if you want to reach out to me on facebook, i'm more than welcome to answer any questions, messages and let them know the address where they can send donations to. >> i'll help connect on twitter.
11:56 am
thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> here's hoping your husband gets that paycheck for you and your family. just in, quote, act like a speaker. those words from kevin mccarthy blasting nancy pelosi after she asked president trump to reschedule his state of the union speech. standby for news on that. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. around here, nobody evreally? it i didn't do it so when i heard they added ultra oxi to the cleaning power of tide, i knew it was just what we needed so now we can undo all the tough stains that nobody did
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