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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  January 17, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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top of the hour. good morning. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm jim sciutto. if there is a line president trump repeated more often than "build the wall" it is "no collusion." both brought the presidency to crisis points and both are in doubt more than ever before. last night on cnn with chris
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cuomo the president's lawyer acknowledged that the trump campaign may have colluded with russians in 2016. he falsely claimed he had never said otherwise. here is the fiery rudy giuliani speaking to an incredulous cuomo. >> i never said there was no collusion between the campaign or between people in the campaign. >> yes, you have. >> i have no idea. i have not. i said the president of the united states. there is not a single bit of evidence the president of the united states committed the only crime you can commit here, conspired with the russians to hack the dnc. >> to be clear, giuliani has publicly denied collusion. many times. >> many. many, many times. as he put it he denied collusion with the top four or live people in the campaign which would include the one-time campaign chairman paul manafort who we now know funneled that polling data to a colleague linked to russian intelligence. giuliani's client could wallpaper mar-a-lago with his
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tweets denying collusion and declaring the mueller probe a witch hunt. this is by no means a comprehensive list. talk about moving the goal posts here. beyond that in such a significant way. why? >> yeah. it is certainly significant. nothing anyone expected rudy giuliani to say. we certainly never know what rudy giuliani is going to say. by all means this is probably something more significant than he has ever done. because this goes to the heart of what's been going on the last couple of years in this investigation. whether or not there was collusion. we really don't know. it could be that rudy giuliani, given that we now know paul manafort shared secret internal polling data with a russian operative, it could be that maybe in their minds now finally things are changing.
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but, you know, it isn't only rudy giuliani who has previously said there was no collusion. let's take a listen to what the president has said. >> there was no collusion between the trump campaign and the russian people. >> there was no collusion whatsoever. there never has been. the last thing i want is help from russia on a campaign. >> there has been no collusion between the trump campaign and russians. >> becoming quite obvious that kalimnik is at the center of the collusion. the sharing of the polling data, more information paul manafort shared with the russian operative. that could be where a lot of the investigation is centered. we have also realized more information from a filing that came from the mueller team this week. they really revealed a little
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more information about how kalimnik has been the focus of a grand jury investigation. >> that's one massive moving of the goal posts. stick around. joining us now to discuss it, former new york city prosecutor paul kalen. the president's lawyer no longer denying that members of the trump campaign colluded with russia. should we imagine they have gotten wind of evidence that the especially counsel has turned up? people say giuliani is a loose cannon, et cetera, but he makes statements with cause. we have seen it in the past. >> yes. he always starts out with broad generalities about the president's innocence and the campaign innocence. then eventually as we saw happened in the stormy daniels case when there was a denial that the president knew anything about the payoff, eventually giuliani came out and said, well, he did know about the payoff. but he found out later. >> and it was personal money. >> this is much bigger. the reason i say that is this is
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the missing link. this is the connection between contact with the russians and collusion with the russians, if it's true. having contact with the russians during a presidential campaign is not criminal. it is criminal, however, if you slip them polling information so they can hack into or use hacked materials to try to influence selected districts that might be in the interest of the trump campaign. >> right. >> that's the missing link that could turn it into a serious collusion case. >> so the goal posts that were moved by giuliani last night in the extraordinary interview chris did is that he is now trying to insulate and protect the president. >> yep. >> yes. >> the president from the people around him. the question becomes does mueller have evidence that ties anyone who may have colluded on the trump team back to the president? how hard of a line is it to draw and how significant? >> well, it is a difficult thing to do although i think if you step back, most people say, how could the president not know his
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campaign manager is slipping polling information to the russians? how could the president not know when his own son orchestrated a meeting in the trump tower with russian representatives to get dirt on hillary clinton? it all looks like the president knew a lot. but the defense here is he didn't know. we'll have to see what mueller has. i'm assuming there may be other things because the mueller investigation has been thorough and detailed in every case when an indictment is filed. i think eventually we'll see more of the connection. >> thank you for your expertise this morning. let's dive deeper. spectrum news political anchor errol lewis and sun ming kim. errol, giuliani makes statements intentionally. he didn't back away afterwards. he insisted to chris that he never said it which wasn't true.
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>> right. >> he said it and didn't back away. i wonder why. >> when you move the goal posts maybe somebody realizes that the ball is getting closer to the goal. then you want to move it back. we have seen in lots of filings in various jurisdictions we see this redacted information from paul manafort. i assume the president and his lawyer know something about what welterweight on the went on there, what's been deemed too sensitive for public release as of yet. everything we are hearing is the mueller investigation is winding down, that attorneys welcome back released and some kind of final report could be made public in the next few months. i think they are trying to get prepared for what is almost certainly going to be devastating information about all of the different ties that his campaign manager and national security adviser and family members and campaign officials all had with russian
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officials throughout the campaign. >> we should remind folks. go back to the original denials. no contacts between the russia and the campaign. that was proved false. then that the contacts were innocent as we see the sharing of polling data. >> such a good point. >> there was more to it. the evolution over time. you cover the white house. i'm curious as you are speaking to folks this morning, are they concerned about giuliani's revelation? were they surprised by it? were they prepared for it? >> a little too early to tell at this point. going back to an earlier point, giuliani, as confusing sometimes and shocking as some of his public comments may be, he does things intentionally. i think the fact that he has throughout his time on the president's legal team he has kind of moved the goal posts and walked where our perspective is on different points is
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remarkable. it was november 2016 that hope hicks, president trump's spokeswoman at the time said there was no contact between any campaign -- between the campaign and any foreign entity. by the washington post count this morning there were at least ten times where spokesmen were the president or his legal team moved the goal posts in terms of what the communications were or whatnot between russia and the trump associates and the trump campaign. the latest comment from rudy giuliani clearly is a major movement in that direction. we'll see what the president has to say if anything. he's not tweeted about the matter. it really is a remarkable development what rudy giuliani said last night. >> another important part of the interview chris did with rudy giuliani was questioning him on the reporting that giuliani had said he wanted to be able to correct the mueller report
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before the release. giuliani insisted he didn't say that and wants to see the whole thing. let's play for you his answer about why. >> having something to do with paying some stormy daniels woman $130,000 which is going to turn out to be perfectly legal. that money was not campaign money. sorry. i'm giving you a fact now that you don't know. it's not campaign money. >> sorry, sorry, technical difficulties. that's the wrong one. let's roll this from last night with chris cuomo. >> as his lawyer, i honestly would like you to see the whole report. i think jay and i could knock the hell out of it. >> significance of that all. >> he's not going to get an advanced report once mueller is done, william barr who will be the next attorney general once confirmed has said as much. they have no reason to give anyone this copy, this report in
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advance. that's just not going to happen. the thing is we are going to maybe learn a lot before this report comes out. if there are going to be more court filings, more indictments, that's where i think a lot of the information will come out. just yesterday the attorneys for paul manafort said they just received about 800 pages of exhibits of evidence against their client that the special counsel filed to show how he lied to them consistently about this russian intelligence official he had contact with. i think what is going to happen is even before the report comes out, we are going to learn more information which is going to be significant. also keep in mind that paul manafort's attorneys have essentially said as much that they have been sharing information with the president's legal team. so they have a lot of information already because of the sharing of this information. other defense attorneys shared information with them that they
6:12 am
have gotten from the mueller team. they have a good indication of what's going on. i think the information that we have learned really in the last week about the sharing of information and konstanti konstantin kilimnik is huge in their minds. it is out there now. there is this guy who was working for the russians that paul manafort had a longstanding relationship with and was giving him polling data. we don't know why. that's something that's going to have to be answered at some point. >> all these documents are redacted so we have to assume we are getting a sliver of what the special counsel has been able to establish which eventually we'll see. thank you very much. president trump has met privately with the russian president, vladimir putin, five times. not much, if anything, is known about what they talked about in
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the meetings, but the president phoned a reporter from the "new york times" right after one of the meetings. we talk to that reporter next. >> day 27 of the government shutdown and the effects are being felt literally coast to coast. a congressman who met with the president yesterday to try to strike a deal with join us live. is there hope for compromise? also, isis launches a deadly attack in syria killing four americans. so far the president has remained silent on that and not changing his strategy on with drawing from syria. we are live. ! discover. i like your card, but i'm absolutely not paying an annual fee. discover has no annual fees. really? yeah. we just don't believe in them. oh nice. you would not believe how long i've been rehearsing that. no annual fee on any card. only from discover. new aveeno® cracked skintell you cica ointment. what to wear. with shea butter and triple oat complex. for fast relief and a protective barrier for lasting relief. wear what you love, aveeno®.
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listen to this. a scathing report in the "wall street journal" says president trump's former personal lawyer and fixer michael cohen hired a firm to rig online polls to help the then candidate. cnn has confirmed the story from michael cohen himself. it says what i did was at the direction of and for the sole
6:18 am
benefit of donald trump. i regret my blind loyalty to a man who doesn't deserve it, implicating the president in the payment. >> that's coming from michael cohen exclusively to cnn this morning. what is this "wall street journal" story about? cohen gave the owner of a small tech company thousands of dollars in cash in a walmart bag when he came to trump tower as payment for writing online scripts to help trump score better in polls, rigging polls to the benefit of the president. with us is mj lee, cnn national correspondent. anything illegal here? >> reporter: just to add to the growing list of bizarre michael cohen headlines. let me walk you through the "wall street journal" story. it reports in 2015 a man named john gouger who runs a tech company went to trump tower to collect $50,000 for work he did for michael cohen to try to rig online polls for then candidate donald trump who was running for
6:19 am
president so that he could have better poll numbers. we don't know if that effort was successful, but this was the work he says he performed for michael cohen on donald trump's behalf. now, the story says michael cohen handed over to this guy a walmart bag full of around $12,000 in cash. cohen to the "wall street journal" denies that piece of the reporting, says all moneys paid to mr. gouger were by check. so the cash bag part of this, michael cohen is denying. gouger claims in the "wall street journal" that he did not get paid in full, that what was promised to him was the $50,000. but what the "journal" is reporting is that in 2017 even though michael cohen didn't pay the full amount to this guy who was trying to rig the online polls for donald trump, cohen still asked donald trump for the
6:20 am
full payment of $50,000 and that he was paid this money. again, just to emphasize the headline from the story is that michael cohen paid this guy around $12,000 to $13,000 according to this person. then two years later he asked donald trump for more money than what he allegedly paid out of his pocket. poppy, according to the statement you read from michael cohen we got, all of this comes back to loyalty. michael cohen's defense now for a while has been that all of the things he did that were frankly really sketchy, he did out of blind loyalty to donald trump. this is obviously going to be a huge narrative that we see when michael cohen testifies in congress next month. >> the testimony is set for february 7th. you are learning new details about the corns he has about testifying before congress. what are they? >> that's right. we are learning that michael
6:21 am
cohen is basically concerned about his family. this is obviously going to be a huge day on capitol hill. we are all going to be covering this very closely. michael cohen's concern now remains his family and what all of this would do to them. this is not a new concern that we are learning about. even when he was under investigation as michael cohen was waiting for months to get his sentencing finally from the judge here in new york, he was afraid of the toll that all of this was taking on his family. keep in mind, too, his concern for his family was actually the reason he made some of his legal decisions that he made as he was waiting for his sentencing. even before he was able to get a full cooperation with prosecutors, he decided he's going to get the sentencing on the day that was originally determined because his strategy was i want to put this behind me as quickly as possible so i can move on and so my family can move on. >> mj lee, thank you very much.
6:22 am
>> paul is back with us. the legal question here, right? did he admit to a crime here by confirming that, yes, i did this but it was at the sole benefit of and direction of the president? >> he quite possibly did. there is a federal crime called wire fraud or mail fraud where if you use federal mails or telephones or the internet to communicate over wires and defraud somebody that's a federal crime. >> this would be defrauding the american people. >> the president as well? cohen says the president directed him. >> that would pull the president, too. here's the problem with the theory being used by prosecutors. you would probably wipe out half the congress. everybody exaggerates what they are doing in the polls. or they discredit a poll. >> pay someone off to skew the po polls? >> i don't know. but will every candidate claim
6:23 am
rigged polls? you could make a criminal case but it would be tough. the other problem i see here with michael cohen is he obviously only paid the guy $12,000 or $13,000, but he billed the president $50,000. trump will come in and say, i'm the victim of michael cohen. he defrauded me as well as the public. >> the "wall street journal" says the trump organization didn't ask what the money was for. cohen didn't say. >> there are more details we need on the story. >> cohen saying he did it at the correction of the president. significant. >> okay. it's been a tough day for mr. trump. >> it's 9:23 in the morning. thank you very much, paul. we know the president has spoken with vladimir putin five times, often privately. sometimes only with a single translator in the room or few others. on at least one occasion the president confiscated notes telling the interpreter not to speak about the meeting to
6:24 am
anyone. >> the "new york times" reporting, quote, the day after the meetings as mr. trump was on air force one headed back to washington he telephoned a "new york times" reporter and argued that the russians were falsely accused of election interference. it might be surprising who he based that on. the reporter was david sanger. we spoke with him moments ago. >> joining us now, david sanger, the man on the other end of the amazing phone call from the president. to be clear, the president of the united states was parroting a talking point supplied to him by the russian president over the confident judgment of the u.s. intelligence community. >> and did it publicly shortly after that. he had been in hamburg. he was at the summit. first time he really met putin. after he had the two conversations with putin he called me from air force one as he was taking off. most of the conversation was off the record.
6:25 am
i respected that. he did say much of this publicly shortly after he landed several times. basically, his line was putin has said to me, he said, that the russians are so good at cyber that had they hacked in to the dnc they never would have been seen. he said, i think that's convincing. he knows i write about cyber issues and so forth. he said, don't you agree? i said, well, you have seen the intelligence reports. they not only say putin knew about it but putin ordered it. >> you pointed out what the u.s. intelligence community said. >> yes. >> just to remind him, lest he not remember. >> yes. >> his response was? >> his response was that came from comey and he's a political hack, he said. by that time he already had fired comey. it came from brennan, clapper. you know, they all can't be trusted. i said, you know, it also came
6:26 am
through admiral mike rogers who was the head of the nsa who at that point had just reappointed for a second year. he said, oh, yeah, great guy. >> terrific guy. >> and disregarded the key point. >> you mentioned he repeated his point publicly. a few days later he told reuters someone did say if he did do it you wouldn't find out about it. that appears to be vladimir putin. he repeated the same to the pool that day. if they were involved you wouldn't have found out about it which is an interesting point. almost repeating the language. in your view, does the president not understand this assessment is the broad assessment of the broad u.s. intelligence community, many agencies involved here. does he think it's purely a political judgment by his political enemies or does he just not want to accept it? >> that's a good question. that would require getting inside his mind of what he knew. he got briefed on this by the
6:27 am
intelligence piece during the transition. it was the same briefing in which mr. comey told him about the steel memorandum, dossier as we call it now. he probably remembers the dossier more than almost anything else. what's happened since that conversation should really drive home the point which is that special counsel mueller has indicted the members of the gru, the russian military intelligence. in the course of that he picked up conversations between members of the gru about the hacking. >> right. timing matters here a lot for a number of reasons. he called you as air force one was taking off. >> that's right. >> the same flight now made famous by the revelation that he dictated the statement that would then come out subsequently about the trump tower meeting with paul manafort and don jr. >> a false statement.
6:28 am
>> same flight. >> whatever happened to watching movies once the plane takes off? same flight. >> significant. >> it is. he was dealing with what putin said and what he had been told was an impending "new york times" story about the trump tower meeting. >> russia. >> and don jr. they came up with a story that was all about adoptions. >> both were fundamentally misleading statements. >> david sanger, thank you. >> thank you. >> quite a revelation. as the shutdown drags on with no end in sight, hundreds of thousands of furloughed workers struggle to pay for items. we'll speak to a congressman who met with president trump yesterday. >> plus, we are moments from the opening bell on wall street. it is looking like a weaker open. the dow pointing slightly higher. this as the nation's biggest banks wrap up earnings season today. lower than normal numbers for morgan stanley. we'll have it in a minute. [leaf blower]
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it is day 27 of the government shutdown. 800,000 federal workers not getting paid. many struggling to make ends meet. the impact felt coast to coast. short-term loans offered now in california. food stamp benefits sent out early in ohio. in north carolina, one school has reduced the lunch menu to conserve food. all this as tsa protests and long security lines continue at airports around the country. >> these families are struggling. it is hurting our communities. they are having a hard time
6:34 am
keeping -- paying bills and keeping food on the table. it's about time government does something about it. >> that says it all. it is about time government does something. let me bring in someone who can do something. joining me now tom reed of new york. he met with the president yesterday on this. thanks for being with us. >> thank you very much. >> let me remind the viewers you don't just vote down party lines. a few weeks ago you broke with the republican colleagues and voted with democrats on a rules package. the first member to cross the aisle since 2001. >> true. >> you talked to the president yesterday. where is he willing to compromise. >> we were also joined by a handful of democratic members who came with us. kudos to them for leading on the issue and being willing to meet with the president to have a conversation. that's how bad and childish the leadership in washington, d.c. has become. they won't even sit down and talk. it is time to work out our
6:35 am
differences and get this resolved. not only for the government employees but also to fix the problem at the border that's been there for decades. >> where is the president willing to compromise? >> i was very impressed with where the president was willing to say let's talk, let's figure out the deal that can be struck here. he's obviously very much committed to border security. i think if we can give the parameters of what that means from a democratic point of view and actually start those conversations, we can resolve this in short order. >> i read that as you saying he didn't throw a number out there, didn't say i'm willing to budge from the $5.7 billion number. you read the "new york times" this morning, i'm sure. second line of maggie haberman's reporting is the president privately is worried and said to his chief of staff, quote, we are getting crushed. if you look at the democrats here and look at, for example, dick durbin who joins us next hour, the headline on his page
6:36 am
now is president trump is holding 250,000 veterans' paychecks hostage for his border wall. the polling shows more americans blame the president now for the shutdown than blame democrats. are you worried about the optics for your party as this continues? >> do you know who i'm worried about? are the american people suffering -- >> for sure. goes without saying. >> also where i think the fingers will be pointed will be at congress itself. congress. >> you're not worried about how republicans in congress look then? >> i'm worried about how the institution of congress is laughed at and looked at as a childish institution that's not dealing with this by talking to each other. that has to end. >> salaries. let's talk about some of your fellow members of congress saying no thank you to their paycheck during the shutdown. you called that a pr stunt. those are the words you used to my colleague a week or so ago. >> i did. >> why is it a pr stunt?
6:37 am
what are you doing with your salary, your paycheck during the shutdown as long as it continues? >> let's be clear. those paychecks are going to members of congress. you can't stop it. even a letter to the strettreas won't stop that. we have historically given our paychecks during government shutdowns to charity. we'll continue to do it going forward. i do that because it's the right thing to do, not because the cameras are on. >> your full paycheck, as many as it takes, goes to charity until the government re-opens? >> we have given the money to charity and we'll continue to do that. the members doing that with holding paychecks, you should ask are you getting a check on the 1st. >> let me ask about the russia probe and a significant statement the president's lawyer rudy giuliani made last night to our colleague chris cuomo. here it is. >> i never said there was no collusion between the campaign or between people in the
6:38 am
campaign. >> yes, you have. >> i have no idea -- i have not. i said the president of the united states. >> he did, point of fact, say there was no collusion among campaign members. the president tweeted at least 13 times directly saying no one on his campaign colluded with the russians. rudy giuliani moved the goal posts in a significant way. does it concern you to hear that, congressman? >> on this issue, the investigation with mueller, we need to see the evidence. why do we have to keep speculating and answering hypothetical questions? mueller has been at it for years. it's time to show the evidence. >> i hear that. mueller -- when he finishes, the american people should see it for sure. i'm asking, are you concerned that no longer is the president's attorney saying definitively no one on the trump campaign team colluded with russia. he's saying it's a possibility. >> that's why the investigation and as i have said, let the evidence lead this investigation
6:39 am
to its conclusion. speculating, having commentary in the press as to what's there just leads to the frenzy that can occur. we need to focus on the evidence and hold accountable each individual the president shows needs to be held accountable. >> importantly before we go steve king of iowa was reprimanded, slapped on the wrist but not censured by the house. should he be? >> he's been disciplined. think whatever the level of discipline is for his commentary as i voted for the discipline on the issue, white nationalism and supremacy is something democrats and republicans should all repel and make sure we send the message it is not acceptable. >> should he be censured? >> that's up to the powers to be. i will tell you his accountability is to him and his electorate. censure is part of the disciplinary actions. >> you're one of those powers that be, but okay. should he resign? >> that's up to him and his
6:40 am
constituents. at the end of the day what we can do is say that commentary is not appropriate and should be condemned and rightfully so. >> would you resign if you said that? >> i'm not going to be in a position to make that type of commentary. i reject it. therefore, i'm not concerned about that in any way. >> congressman tom reed, we appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. >> manu raju caught up with nancy pelosi moments ago after she asked president trump to move the state of the union citing security concerns related to the shutdown. has she heard from the white house? are there talks going on with the white house? >> reporter: jim, 24 hours after she sent the letter to the white house, still no response from the president or any of his emissaries about whether or not he would agree to delay the state of the union. i asked the speaker that directly.
6:41 am
here's what she said. madam speaker, any response from the white house yet on the state of the union? >> no. >> reporter: now the question is what's next? the white house has not signalled what its intentions are. some of his allies on capitol hill want him to come anyways on that day to deliver a speech. how he would actually be able to do that procedurally, a lot of questions going forward. the house moving to adopt a resolution to allow it to happen. kevin mccarthy, the house republican leader said the president should still come up and deliver that address on january 29. you are hearing other republicans saying, why not do it in the senate chamber instead because republicans control that chamber. of course that runs into other procedural complications. in that chamber you have to do everything by unanimous consent. questions about what will happen next and what the white house will do. no response yet to the house speaker's request yesterday.
6:42 am
jim and poppy? >> if you can't figure that out, can't imagine they'll figure out the shutdown soon. thank you very much. we are learning details about the four americans killed in an explosion yesterday in syria. isis is claiming responsibility for it. we have updates. stay with us. prepare for the unexpected with retirement planning and advice for what you need today and tomorrow. because when you're with fidelity, there's nothing to stop you from moving forward.
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welcome back. two u.s. officials now say that isis is behind the explosion that killed four americans. the suicide bombing in mambij, syria. the americans killed include two service members, a dod civilian and a contractor. three others were injured. >> the president tweeted, claimed isis was defeated weeks
6:47 am
before the attack. meanwhile the white house said it is not reversing the president's decision to with draw all u.s. troops from syria. clarissa ward is following the story from syria. we understand you were there a couple days before this attack. what is the situation there now? isis still capable of carrying out deadly violence. >> reporter: well, jim and poppy, it's important to remind our viewers of the fact that mambij is nowhere near the front lines in the battle against isis. it is a seven-hour drive away. this is territory that was liberated from isis back in september of 2016. daily life has resumed there. when we went we found streets full of people bustling. we actually drove past the restaurant, a place where we were shooting footage just a couple hundred yards away. based on the small amount of
6:48 am
time we were there it's fair to say it was clear that there were tensions simmering beneath the surface. this is an arab town under the control of kurdish-led security forces. we came across a funeral that was taking place for two local security officers who have been killed by an ied attack the day before. clearly, even in so-called liberated territory the veneer of security is very thin. the question really becomes what exactly were u.s. forces doing in this area? why would they be sitting in a restaurant in this area in a town where tensions do exist? there is a u.s. base just on the outskirts of the town. we saw it with the u.s. flag flying. there is a significant u.s. troop presence there. certainly a little unusual for u.s. forces to be sitting in a restaurant in a crowded area like that. >> clarissa ward, thank you for your reporting. you and the entire team going
6:49 am
back after the attack. we so appreciate it. ahead, imagine this, you are serving your country in the military, putting your life on the line yet the government says, you know, it is just not paying you. you have to work and you're putting your life on the line and not getting paid. up next, how a california community is trying to help. ♪
6:50 am
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you know it, we all have to do this. this week thousands of coast gard members did not receive paychecks marking the first time that a military organization was not paid during a government shutdown. with me now is the vice president of the east bay coast guard spouse's club. her husband serves in the coast guard. you yourself a navy veteran. thanks for taking the time this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> just for folks at home, how hard is it to make ends meet in this environment when you are not getting paid? >> you know, i think the difficult part is that you don't know when it is going to end. what money you may have had in savings especially living in the bay area, it is such an expensive area that you know the money is not going to last. it comes down to calling your loan companies and figuring out which one is able to work with you and which one isn't. that is a situation that no military family should be in.
6:55 am
>> i wonder if you and your husband, your family feel left out by the government, by the president. >> i think forgotten is the word that i want to use. you just feel forgotten. the coast guard is an armed services branch. while the d.o.d. remains funded the coast guard doesn't. their mission doesn't stop. they have to continue to go to work every day. just to not have the talks there of funding the coast guard, it hurts. >> i get it. listen, i don't want to put you in the midst of the politics here. in your view is the idea of a border wall, is the debate over the border wall worth you and your colleagues, your husband's colleagues in the u.s. coast guard to not get paychecks? >> you know, i saw this online yesterday. i think the coast guard is the wall. they are protecting the borders and stopping the drugs from
6:56 am
coming in. they are the wall and they are not funded right now. how are we having this debate over a wall when we're not funding the people who are protecting the border? >> i haven't heard it described that way. that is a smart way to describe it. what would your message be? we know the president and lawmakers make this broadcast at times. you have a moment here. what would be your message to them? >> you know, i understand the coast guard falls under homeland security. we have members who are gone months at a time. to put this stress on their family's shoulders when the military life is always stressful, that is a stress that doesn't need to be there for the families. they need to be worried about taking care of their family and staying close as a unit when you
6:57 am
are worried about finances it brings so much unnecessary feelings into a time where you should be spending together and enjoying each other's company. >> absolutely. it's hard enough without facing this challenge. we know a lot of organizations around the country have stepped up in various ways to help people who are not getting paid. in your community is that kind of thing happening. >> we started a food bank about two weeks ago collecting items in the anticipation. the response was so overwhelming. we did one food bank this past sunday. we had 186 people signed in which was over 640 people touched. yesterday we had over 300 people sign in. so in the course of three days, we touched over 1,100 coast
6:58 am
guard families here. those numbers are just amazing. it truly goes to show how bad people need these groceries. >> that's america at its best when people step up like that. we wish you and your family the best luck. we had a picture of them up earlier. we wish you the best of luck. >> thank you so much. >> that says a lot. >> it does. >> the coast guard is the wall. no collusion. president trump and his personal attorney rudy giuliani have uttered that phrase countless times. the significance of it next. so, like the biggest tax reform in decades at jackson hewitt we help lots of people like you. no one gets you a bigger refund. otherwise you get $100. that's right. no one gets you a bigger refund. visit jackson hewitt today. and i don't add trup the years.s. but what i do count on... is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein,
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