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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 17, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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you are watching cnn. i'm book. thank you for being here. on this roller coaster unpredictable ride that is the trump white house, there is one thing american can always count on, frequent denials about any kind of contact with russia. >> there has been no collusion between the trump campaign and russians. >> there was no collusion between the trump campaign and the russian people. >> there was no collusion whatsoever. there never has been. the last thing i want is help from russia on a campaign. >> and rudy giuliani is just one of the many people in trump world making that case to the public. here is the president's attorney last summer. >> is it still the position of you and your client that there was no collusion with the russians whatsoever on behalf of the trump campaign?
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>> correct. >> and if someone did collude with russia, giuliani's response was -- >> i've been sitting here looking at the federal code trying to find collusion as a crime. >> it's not. >> collusion is not a crime. >> so just to recap, the first story was, there was no collusion and it changed to if there was collusion it wasn't a crime and now we know paul manafort shared polling data with a russian businessman linked to the kremlin, it appears mr. giuliani's having a change of heart. but the president shouldn't be worried because like any good attorney, giuliani's pointing the figure away from his client and toward everybody else. >> i never said there was no collusion between the campaign or between people in the campaign -- >> yes, you have. >> i have not. i said the president of the united states. there's not a single bit of evidence that the president of the united states committed the only crime you could commit here, conspire with the russians to hack the dnc.
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>> democratic congressman ted liu of california is with me now. he's a member of the house judiciary and foreign affairs committees. congressman, a pleasure. welcome. >> thank you, brooke. >> so let's get your take on the evolution of collusion from this white house, the story's certainly have changed over time. what say you? >> let me thanks cnn for putting rudy giuliani on tv, it would be great if you could keep doing that because last night he made a stunning admission, denying that he ever denied that anyone in the trump campaign engaged in collusion, only that donald trump didn't and we know that he had to go to this position because paul manafort, the trump campaign manager, gave polling data to the kremlin. that would be collusion because the kremlin was doing a cyberattack and influence campaign and this polling data would have helped give them a road map on how to influence american voters. by the way, collusion is a crime. i'm a former prosecutor.
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it's just called conspiracy in legal terms. >> so, as you point out, giuliani likes to come on tv. he likes to come on cnn and when he does, congressman lou, he has a habit of dropping bombshells to get out ahead of breaking news, to get out ahead of the next shoe that's about to drop, do you think that's the case here? >> it's certainly possible or he is looking at the same public reporting we're all looking at which is either there were 497 coincidences last two years with russia or something really bad happened and i think what he's trying to do is to put out into the public that, okay, we understand that members of the trump campaign, in fact, engaged in collusion but he's trying to protect donald trump from that. what congress is going to do is try to figure out this year, did donald trump know of the collusion within his campaign? >> there was one other moment in the interview that i just want to highlight where rudy giuliani
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complains obstruction is not part of mueller's mandate. >> they have gotten so beyond there scope that it's absurd. >> how has he gotten beyond his scope? >> how has he gone beyond the scope? at least four degrees of separation. it begins with collusion. he goes to a completely phony obstruction investigation. >> so that's actually totally not true. when you look at deputy attorney general rod rosenstein's it's his may 27 letter congresman, appointing mueller, this is section b, subsection 2, states, the special counsel is authorized to conduct the investigation confirmed by then fbi director james b. comey, including any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation. are you reading it the same way i am? >> absolutely. so in early 2017, congress members were all former
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prosecutor wrote a letter to the department of justice asking for appointment of the special counsel because we were reading regulations and it became clear to us that we needed to have a special counsel that was independent from the president, start investigating and based on those regulations as well as the letter that rod rosenstein actually wrote, it authorizes obstruction of justice investigations as well as anything else related to the russian inquiry. >> you mentioned a second ago that it is your party now in control on the house side and so, when we talk about trump and consequences, congressman lieu, is there any question in your mind that more of the trump inner circle will face indictments for contacts with russia? >> that would depend on what the evidence is that is uncovered. i do have to say that subpoena power used in the correct way is a wonderful thing and the democrats will certainly use the subpoena power to get documents. the mere fact they know we have that power will cause them to
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appear. i'm please that had michael cohen is coming up to capitol to testify. i'm going to have matt whitaker come testify. we want to know why he hasn't recused himself yet because he wanted to defund it. >> you mentioned michael cohen. lastly, just are there any new subpoenas coming from your committee that you want to make public? >> subpoenas or not, the preferred way we would like to do it, we want to first give witnesses the ability to voluntarily come. we're pleased that the acting attorney general matt whitaker has agreed to come to the committee. >> okay. hang tight with me just for a minute. you mentioned michael cohen. if people haven't been paying attention, collusion isn't the only word of the day. there is also cohen as in michael cohen turned convicted felon who is set to tell all the before congress next month.
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turns out he wasn't just shelling out hush money, he also tried to rig online polls in trump's favor as reported out today by "the wall street journal." the president has a love/hate relationships with polls, he loves them until he hates them. >> i love polls when i'm winning. i'm winning with the smart people. i'm winning with the not so smart people, too. i winning with everything. >> and watch the polls, because this is part of the crooked system. it's part of the rigged system that i've been talking about since i entered the race. it's a rigged system. they put out phony polls. >> fact check. the president was correct. someone was indeed trying to rig the polls and it was michael cohen and according to him, trump directed him to do it. m.j. lee is with me now. stunning piece in "the wall street journal" today. >> stunning and bizarre. donald trump does love to complain about polls being rigged if they are not favorable
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to him but he's okay with them apparently if they're being rigged to help him. "the wall street journal" story says that michael cohen enlisted a man named john gogger. he works at liberty university and is also the head of a tech company to rig these online polls to help donald trump look better. for example, a cnbc poll in 2014 that ranked business leaders, a drug poll that ranked the republican presidential potentials. now in early 2015, this man went to trump tower to collect $50,000 from michael cohen for the services that he provided. now, this is where the story gets very, very strange. michael cohen apparently handed john gogger a cash bag, this is a walmart bag that had some 12,000 to $13,000 in it instead of the full $50,000 payment. even though gogger says he was only paid this $12,000, michael
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cohen apparently then proceeded in 2017 to ask donald trump to be paid back the full $50,000 and he apparently got the money, according to the story donald trump paid michael cohen $50,000 for the work that he did related to the polling and just to let you know what michael cohen is now saying in response to all of this, he tells "the wall street journal" that he disputes the money bag part of this story, saying, all monies paid to mr. gogger were by check. he also gave cnn a statement earlier today and let me just read it to you. as for "the wall street journal" article on poll rigging, what i did was at the discretion of and for the sole benefit of donald trump. i truly regret my blind loyalty to a man who doesn't deserve it. so obviously he is not denying that this poll rigging happened and i can guarantee you, brooke, when he comes before congress in february, he's going to be asked about this and we are going to see him in a public setting
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saying, donald trump made me do this and that is why i did it. >> got to ask congressman lieu about this. when you hear these details and again it's almost -- whether it is a blue walmart bag stuffed with $12,000 in cash or as michael cohen is saying, no, no, no, it was a check, either way he is acknowledging it was handed over to this i.t. guy to rig the system. when you read about this, you thought what? >> so my first thought was we are the most powerful nation on earth and this is just embarrassing. this is just another instance of someone very close to donald trump engaging in unethical activities at the direction of donald trump and you're right, brooke. it doesn't matter whether it's $13,000 in a bag of cash or in a check or in a wire transfer, the fact that donald trump was telling michael cohen to go ahead and rig polls is unethical
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and it is just something that you sit and think, we're not living in a parody and you wake up and read in those stories and it makes you think you are. >> what is the one burning question you want him to answer to? >> so he's going to testify before the house oversight committee. i'm very sure that our elijah cummins is going to make sure that he answers all the relevant, important questions. what i want to know is since michael cohen was up front and personal and close to donald trump, just a straight up simple question, did members of the trump campaign collude with the kremlin and did donald trump know about it? >> uh-hum. if that happens, february 7th, until then congressman ted lieu, thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up next, state of the union plan b. a day after speaker nancy pelosi called for it to be rescheduled, we're now learning about the alternative white house plans currently in the works.
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we have those details. also school lunches scaled back. food safety inspections delayed. marriage licenses put on hold. some of the real world consequences of this government shutdown including my next guest who says her coast guard family is hurting. he joins me to explain why the turkish government wants him arrested and extradited. do not miss that. i'm brooke baldwin.
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president trump to nancy pelosi. jim acosta is standing by with that development. jim, what is president trump saying? >> reporter: well, our nation's capital has become a playground, brooke. the president has responded in sort of a childish way is the only way to describe it to the house speaker nancy pelosi, to her letter essentially saying that the state of the union will be postponed or she asked that it be submitted in writing if the government is still shutdown. this is the letter from the president. i guess in lieu of having actual briefings here just tweet this had out, madam speaker, due to the shutdown, i'm sorry to inform you that your trip to brussels, egypt and afghanistan has been postponed. we will reschedule the seven day excursion when the shutdown is over in light of the 800,000 great american workers not receiving pay. i'm sure you would agree postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate. it goes on to talk about how the president is going to continue
11:18 am
to defend the nation's borders and he's calling upon the speaker to join isstrong border security movement as he's calling it to end the shutdown. what this letter does not include, brooke, is any kind of response from the president to what he's actually going to do about the state of the union coming up on january 29th. we've been talking to our sources throughout the last 24 hours or so and what we understand is that they're looking at a variety of options inside the white house. i talked to a white house official late last night who said the president is going to show up at the capitol on january 29th to deliver the state of the union speech and i talked to one trump adviser earlier today who said that some of the betting is and these are folks who egg on the president to some extent, but some of the betting is that nancy pelosi will fold in all of this and allow the president to deliver the state of the union speech and this adviser described the trump/pelosi battle right now as king kong versus godzilla and we'll allow the viewers at home to decide which one is king kong
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and which one is godzilla. this letter is not really a -- it's -- not really a serious response to what the house speaker said yesterday which is you can't have the state of the union speech at the capitol on january 29th. >> hang on a second. so this is the president's volley now back to speaker pelosi. does the president have the authority, jim, to cancel these trips to brussels, egypt and afghanistan? not only is she a member of congress, she's the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives, can he do that? >> reporter: if you would like to make your journey by flying commercial, that would be your prerogative. if the house speaker would like to fly commercial on a commercial carrier, she can do that but what the president is saying is that he's not going to allow government employees to be apart of any kind of excursion that the house speaker would be on overseas, whether that be flying or protecting her and so on. so, yes, this is sort of a back
11:20 am
and forth that seems to be going on between the president and the house speaker, but interestingly and up until this point h we haven't seen it, no response from the white house to the house speaker saying yesterday you can't give a state of the union speech on january 29th. this letter right here saying that he can cancel her upcoming travel plans is about the closest thing we've come to an official response from the white house to the house speaker and her letter about the upcoming state of the union speech, brooke. the mystery continues, what can i tell you. >> it does. dot dot dot. thank you, jim. let's go up the road from you manu raju who's catching the other end of this on capitol hill. so the president writes nancy pelosi saying i'm sorry to inform you can't go on x, y and z trip unless you want to fly commercial which is his volley back to her saying she's going to postpone your state of the union or you can do it from the oval office.
11:21 am
does the president have the authority to cancel her trips? >> reporter: members of congress take trips paid for by their appropriations here on capitol hill. this is approved through the various committees that are in charge of traveling over specific issues. that's how that is dolled out. she does fly on a military jet and what apparently the white house is referring to is that they would try to prevent her from flying on a military jet to these overseas trips. she gets that type of protection as the speaker of the house, as someone who is in line in succession to the president behind the vice president of the united states. she is afforded that protection, so the question is, is the president trying to take steps here from preventing her from flying in that jet overseas on these trips. i don't think it's entirely clear yet from what the white house is suggesting, but that's what they're saying. they're canceling her trip and
11:22 am
if she flies commercial instead, brooke -- go ahead. >> if we're talking about trips to brussels, all right, so she's going to belgium, egypt, but afghanistan, manu. when you're talking about flying to afghanistan as a member of congress, as a speaker of the house, isn't it just unusual to begin with to say ahead of time that you're going to a place like afghanistan, that the president's now put that out in the public ether? >> reporter: that's new. that was certainly news up here on capitol hill. not many people were aware of her trips overseas, particularly in a dangerous war zone like afghanistan, so it's uncertain what's going to happen. i've reached out to the speaker's office for a reaction. this is just breaking. i'm certainly that they just learned this on twitter like virtually everybody else here. it's also uncertain exactly what the president decides to do and what would happen if the speaker
11:23 am
decides not to accommodate the president at all on january 29th, that initial date going forward. some republicans have suggested that he deliver it in the united states senate, which is controlled by republicans. that's not so easy either, because republicans -- there are various procedures you have to do in the united states senate, some of which require unanimous consent and a body that's divided between republicans and democrats hard to see that happen on such a partisan issue, it's without precedent for him to do something like this to come and deliver to the united states senate. you have to go back all the way to george washington's times in the first -- one of the first inaugurals. it's hardly any precedent there. it's uncertain that's going to happen. where he may deliver such address if he does decide to do it on january 29th and pelosi doesn't allow him to do it. i talked to mark meadows who's one of the president's closest allies, he thinks the president will deliver this some where else.
11:24 am
what does that mean in the white house? that's still unclear. pelosi herself told me today that she has not heard any sort of formal response or any response from the white house, from her letter from yesterday morning asking for a delay in the state of the union. this appears to be the first official response to try to say that they're going to take steps to prevent the speaker from traveling overseas on official travel, so this is the response the speaker trying to push back this state of the union date, saying, you may not be able to travel overseas. we'll see how the speaker responds but a tit for tat of sorts and also not much closer to any deal to resolve what's at stake here, a government shutdown that's going to carry on into 30 days or so into next week given that both the house and the senate are expected to be out after today up until after martin luther king day next week, brooke. >> all the while, 800,000 american are going to work and not getting paid. manu, i'll let you grab some
11:25 am
more reaction. thank you so much for jumping up with us. gloria, let me get your perspective. i'm still back on jim acosta referring to washington as a playground. the only phrase that comes to mind is manny manny boo-boo. >> the wording in this is incredible to me because it is this kind of dumb tit for tat thing, but he calls -- first of all, i'm not sure he can postpone her trip, but let's just leave that aside. >> yeah. >> in light of the 800,000 great american workers not receiving pay, i'm sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is appropriate. now, this is a president who went to iraq not too long ago. i don't know whether he would call that a public relations event but most of the members of congress -- in fact, all of the members of congress that i know who go to places like
11:26 am
afghanistan, a, it's not announced publicly, b, sometimes we never find out about it. they can talk about it when they get back, but they go to places like afghanistan because they want on the ground information about what is exactly going on there. you learn things on these congressional delegations and it is important that members of congress see what they are voting on very often. >> of course. >> so this is not -- and then he called it -- he called it an excursion, okay? >> to a war zone. >> to a war zone, right? this is not an excursion to the beach, okay? this is a congressional delegation, i presume, to a war zone and other places along the way, but -- but he was making -- the president seemed to be making light of any kind of trip that she would take to a place like afghanistan, which is an important place for the speaker
11:27 am
of the house to visit. now, i don't know what the timing of her trip was supposed to be because we're not told the timing when members of congress go to war zones, go to places like afghanistan, just like when the president went to iraq. we were not told in advance about his trip to iraq. you don't announce these things, so this -- this seems silly to me, honestly. the real world out there looking at this will go, come on, kids. time for a nap. >> i've got a coast guard wife on stand by and i cannot wait to when we eventually talk to her. >> yeah. >> i want to get her response to all of this. her husband's working the coast guard for 16 years and they've got two kids and this is what we're talking about. let me just stay with you, gloria. so it's this tit for tat. it's this back and forth obviously between these two but for everyone else watching,
11:28 am
everyone's like make it stop. >> yeah. >> make it stop! >> yes. reopen the government, figure out a way to deal with the immigration issue and, you know, the problem is you have both sides that are boxed in. the president boxed in, of course, first, because he is insistent upon this wall and he's not going to give on it and the democrats are saying we're not going to give you the wall. they believe they've already given him money for the wall. he turned down another offer in which they had given him more money for the wall and so you do have two sides here that are boxed in and people are suffering and it seems ridiculous that in the middle of all of this, the president is responding to pelosi essentially saying, you know, i'm not going to let you take your trip to afghanistan, which is i'm sure is a pleasure trip, an excursion. come on. >> right, right.
11:29 am
>> not the way to do it. >> not at all. >> gloria, stand by. let's go to the pentagon and so, now that we have this letter from the president basically publicizing that the house speaker was planning to fly to this war zone and now he's suggesting, you can fly to this war zone, but fly commercial. does he have the authority to deny military plane? >> reporter: well, let me first point out, i think if my civics is correct, he is suggesting third in line to the presidency of the united states, is that right, would fly commercially into a war zone and somebody pleads hasten to correct me if i'm wrong on that point. so that would be point number one. so how do members of congress get military air flight anywhere in the world that they need to go on official business? how does this happen? so essentially the u.s. air force maintains a fleet of jets, cargo jets, the blue and whites, also, if you will, that take congressional delegations around
11:30 am
the world when their trips are approved and they're approved in a couple of different ways. sometimes it's actually the congressional leadership that starts the process and says, this is a trip we want our members to go on. we want them to go to these countries abroad and meet with officials and meet with u.s. troops if they're on the right committees that need to learn information in these areas. it's appropriate for them to go. in recent years, it's gotten a bit of a crack down. they don't let congressional members go on some of these boondoggles if they can couch them that is of so many years ago where they would essentially, you know, go off on the government dime with government transportation to fancy places, perhaps in europe or overseas, golf trips, that kind of thing. that doesn't happen very much any more. there has to be a justification. so speaker pelosi and whatever members are traveling with her, you have to ask yourself, does the speaker of the house in her position in the line of succession have good reason to
11:31 am
go to afghanistan, to egypt and brussels, perhaps brussels being nato headquarters is worth noting. the president has commander-in-chief presumably can pick up the phone and say to the air force, don't give them an airplane. i can't see any reason why he couldn't and even if he, you know, just had that order verbally saying, i don't want them to go, don't give them an airplane. i think you could presume that the air force is not going to challenge the commander-in-chief. so i come back full circle. what the president is doing here is making a political partisan case as he says in his letter, i think he calls it a public relations event in his words. he's making that partisan political case again. he's not saying that the military air is not available for them. he's not saying the aircraft aren't available. he's not even saying the trip's not worthwhile given her
11:32 am
position and her responsibilities. he's calling it a public relations event. i suspect the troops in afghanistan and the military families who have their troops in that war zone feel very differently about that. >> such a strong, such a strong point. and i'm just wondering as you and i are talking, do you think the folks in the pentagon are -- do they get a heads up that -- of all of this? do we know? or are they learning as we're talking? >> reporter: let me be very candid with, everyone. i mean this quite seriously. we're talking 20,000 people. so somebody knows. >> somebody knows. >> reporter: i mean that seriously. the military aircraft that carry congressional members around the world, most of the time are based out of joint base andrews here just in the suburbs of washington where we see air force one often take off and land. so the air force which runs that
11:33 am
program essentially, they have a special headquarters over at andrews that does the logistics and planning and they're very familiar with it. i suspect at the highest levels of the pentagon there is some awareness of this, but what we are seeing time and again now, to be very blunt, are partisan decisions being made by the white house that do impact the military and in the rank and file, you're beginning to see a lot of reaction. so why is this happening? what's behind all of this? what's the president up to? what's he going to do next? i must tell you that more and more that's the conversation that you do hear in the pentagon hallways. >> barbara, thank you so much and just think of those -- you think of those troops who are there and you think of those military families and the fact that the president referred to a trip to afghanistan as a public relations event. i cannot imagine that is sitting well with them.
11:34 am
gloria borger, i've still got you and, you know, this to me just exemplifies, both sides are digging in, the president saying this isn't going to end any time soon. obviously he's so worry philadelphia he doesn't get his money for his wall, i have to imagine he's thinking, pure politics. >> this is pure politics and my producer is reminding me that the president went to iraq early on in the shutdown, himself. a handful of days into the shutdown, so it's rich that he's telling nancy pelosi that she can't and for all we know, by the way, she may be deciding or have decided that she wasn't going to go because we're in the middle of a shutdown here and that she needed to be back in washington to negotiate. we just -- we have no idea because this is nothing that pelosi would talk about publicly. to get back to your question,
11:35 am
this is politics and was nancy pelosi -- let me just be fair here, was nancy pelosi playing politics when she said to the president, sorry, you're not allowed to come up to the hill to do the state of the union because we're in a shutdown and we don't have the secret service? she's stirring the pot there and she knew exactly what she was doing and the white house was really quiet about it, which surprised everyone and now they've, you know -- now they've just sent this -- this letter to her, this rocket to her and so the ball's in her court. we'll have to see what she says, but while they volley back and forth in the meantime, people like the one you're about to interview, people are struggling and this looks bad for everyone. >> gloria, thank you. i have john kirby who just hopped on the phone with me,
11:36 am
former spokesperson at the pentagon and can also just speak as a military veteran, admiral, when you first heard this news that the president is now informing the house speaker that her trips to egypt, brussels and specifically afghanistan, which our folks on capitol hill were surprised, this wasn't out there, the fact that she was going to this war zone has all been postponed and he referred to it as a public relations event. what are you thinking? >> i have to pick up on what gloria is suggesting. the denigration of this all into politics and that's really unfortunate because there are people who are really still serving our national security interests that are suffering here. i would never call a trip by congressional delegation to a war zone as a p.r. stand. they go there because they need to understand the missions that they're funding and that they're sending their constituents off to fight. that's a real -- that's a --
11:37 am
that's an insult to call this a p.r. event. the president does have within his powers, he has the ability to cancel or curtail a congressional delegates visit because they're using military access, but it's a stretch in this case to paint it on the shutdown and the cost incurred because, again, there's an enormous cost of putting troops in the field, deploying them and the cost of a -- is not exorbitant. >> can you just talk about -- outing or publicizing the fact that the house speaker and this congressional delegation have these plans to go to afghanistan, to a war zone and now that it's out there publicly, does that -- we don't know what her response will that even be, but how much does that put her and other members of congress at risk? >> it would have put them at
11:38 am
greater risk if he hadn't canceled the trip. but since they're not going, there's no risk to them now because they're not doing it. it does speak, though, to gloria's point of -- this entire shutdown and how inappropriate it is for him to simply curtail or cancel this just to get political points and that's unfortunate, because these visits are important and our congressional representatives have every right and responsibility to go to these war zones and visit the troops. >> when he ends this graph, when this -- if you would like to make your journey by flying commercial, that would certainly be your prerogative. >> that's an empty plat tud. he knows darn well that you can't go visit the war zones commercial. you can get only so far and if you want to go into countries, you have to be -- to be transported by military means
11:39 am
and, quite frankly, you need to be transported on the ground by military means and protected by military means. when he visited them in iraq, it was physically impossible to make a trip like this to a war zone without the support of the military, without the support of federal dollars. >> and he knows that? he was just in iraq. >> exactly. even though it took him a long time to get there, it's exactly right. that is a facetious and completely politicized comment. >> thank you. gloria borger, do you know any more about this trip? >> i do and that's because of the great reporting of jeremy diamond who has spoken with the white house official who is telling him that nancy pelosi was scheduled to leave today, that she was scheduled to leave this afternoon and, according to jeremy's reporting, that the administration worked with the air force and the department of
11:40 am
defense and basically took away the rights to the plane from the speaker and their argument is, that if she had traveled for a weekend, that it would have guaranteed that federal workers would not get a paycheck because effectively no deal could be reached without her. so it seems to me that this is the last minute thing and that they're now trying to blame nancy pelosi for taking this trip to a war zone, which they are portraying as a vacation of some sort to go to afghanistan for, what, three days or four days, whatever it is and that therefore the reason people remain out of work is because of her. again, to get back to why they're all in the sand box theory, they are. because that's what this is. >> gloria, stay with me. i've got former pennsylvania congressman charlie dent on the phone with me.
11:41 am
congressman, your reaction to this letter from the president of the united states. >> wow. these congressional delegations, i'm assuming that's what this is, this is a congressional delegation and nancy pelosi apparently was going to go on this and with military air. that is not uncommon. i have never heard of the executive branch canceling the plane in this manner. now, i don't think the president should do that if that's what's, in fact, happened. nancy pelosi could probably still go on this trip. she could fly commercial. i have flown commercial myself. that's not the desired way to travel to afghanistan, but potentially she could, at least to brussels and egypt. it appears this is just simply a retaliatory move by the president because of nancy pelosi's sort of disinvitation for the state of the union and i don't think she should dis invite him to the state of the union, personally. she should let that go on but at the same time the president shouldn't cancel a military air flight at the last second like
11:42 am
this. >> and what do you say, congressman -- actually it's sort of two-fold, one, to, you know, the brave members of the military who are in the thousands still in afghanistan, their families back here at home as they hear the president refer to this as a public relations event, a? b, when you think of the 800,000 federal workers who are still going to work and not getting paid and all their families who are dealing with all of that because of both parties, what's your message there? >> well, look, this shutdown should be ended immediately. they should reopen the government. that said, the president traveled during the shutdown. he went over to iraq over the holidays, christmas holidays and nancy pelosi's traveling now to afghanistan. i think the president and members of congress should go to places like that where our troops are serving, but the bigger issue is, i am just alarmed by the lack of urgency that all parties seem to be
11:43 am
engaged in this shutdown. i dealt with the 2013 shutdown that lasted for 16 days. i was parked in washington every one of -- every second just to zeal with that issue. i mean there was a sense of urgency, almost a sense of panic among the members of congress to get the government reopened. i just don't get that sense right now and so for the 800,000 workers, i can see why they're very disappointed in the leaked leadership and -- disappointed in the elected leadership. they see a crisis of public leadership in the united states and they're not always sure who to blame. >> so disappointing. congressman, i appreciate you hopping in on the phone. if you're just joining us, we have just learned that it's the return volley essentially from yesterday as we were reporting that the house speaker essentially was saying -- she was telling, not asking the president to change the date for his state of the union. it was supposed to be january 29th but because of the government shutdown, she says essentially no-go. you can do it from the oval
11:44 am
office. obviously the president isn't thrilled about that, therefore issues this letter which we have a copy of in which he is essentially saying to the house speaker. well, i'm going to inform you that your upcoming trips to the nato headquarters, brussels, to egypt and to afghanistan have been postponed. if you want to go, you can fly commercial. he's referring to this -- these trips as public relations events. so that's what's going on. we've got a lot more people who will react to this breaking news here out of washington as jim acosta referred to it, the playground. quick break. t-mobile knows dancing is better when you include a partner. singing is better when you include a friend. and unlimited is better with a phone included. it's true.
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we are back with this
11:49 am
breaking news. this is a letter that the president has now sent to the house speaker nancy pelosi saying that she will now no longer be able to go to these upcoming trips, brussels, afghanistan, egypt unless she wants to fly commercial in light of this government shutdown he says referring to them as public relations events. we're getting news as far as when she was actually planning to leave. let's go back to the white house and our chief white house correspondent jim acosta. >> reporter: according to my colleagu colleagues, the house speaker was scheduled to leave this afternoon and essentially the president pulled her ticket, pulled her plane and denied her that ability to fly on a military aircraft on this upcoming congressional trip. we're still waiting on some kind of response from the speaker's office but this just came out to the white house pool in just the
11:50 am
last couple of minutes. this is from a senior white house official describing what the president did in this action, it says he postponed her ability to use military air as he made clear in the letter. she can still go but most do so commercially. if she had gone on this trip, she would have guaranteed that 800,000 federal workers would not have received their second paycheck because she would not be here to negotiate any kind of deal. the president is trying to put the onus and i guess transfer ownership of this shutdown from himself to the democrats and nancy pelosi as we saw earlier today. she's not having anything of that and she said, even to the reporters in the room at that press conference earlier today, she's still not going to have a wall. she's not in favor of a wall, so in terms of the particular as to why this shutdown is grinding on, both sides are very far apart. getting back to some of the thee at tricks of this afternoon, the white house is confirming that
11:51 am
they pulled this speaker's plane just as she was about to embark on this congressional trip. obviously, you know, there are lots of different implications in all of this. one of the implications that's been raised is why the white house would disclose publicly that the speaker of the house, who is in the line of succession to the presidency, why the white house would be, i guess, revealing the fact that the house speaker was scheduled to travel to afghanistan? now as you know, brooke, when the president travels to places like iraq and afghanistan, those details are kept top secret. they are kept under a very tight lid for security reasons and the president of the united states in issuing this letter that was tweeted out by the press secretary to the entire world disclosed that the house speaker was heading to afghanistan. now, obviously that didn't reveal exactly when she was going to be landing in that country, but there is that
11:52 am
implication and i think that question will be put to the white house. the other thing i suppose that could be asked in all of this, brooke, is if the president of the united states is going to deny i suppose taxpayer funded transportation to the speaker of the house, i suppose you could gain that out and say, well, what about all the government provided transportation that is used by cabinet secretaries, that is used by top officials in the white house who have secret service protection and so on and so i suppose if you go down this rabbit hole, you sort of get your arms around just how childish all of this is becoming. that is the latest at this point. the white house justifying this trip being canceled for the house speaker by saying, she shouldn't be using government employees and government aircraft when there's a shutdown going on, essentially throwing back in her face what nancy pelosi was saying yesterday that you shouldn't have a state of the union with all of those security, you know, precautions being taken, which is paid for by the taxpayers in the middle of a government shutdown.
11:53 am
this is just going back and forth like a school yard brawl with no end in sight. >> yep. so he's having her put off a trip to a war zone that he has yet to visit. got it. jim acosta, thank you. keep in mind while these leaders fight it out, millions are impacted by this government shutdown. hundreds of thousands aren't getting paid including 550 coast guard personnel who aren't getting paychecks because of this shutdown and among them is seth bosswell. his wife joins me now. beth, thank you for being with me. we were going to talk a while g ago. you have two kids. your husband isn't getting his paycheck. i imagine you were already fairly ticked off and now you're feeling how. >> well, i think we're scared. i really do. i'm personally scared. i don't know if i'm ticked off, but i'm just -- i'm frustrated,
11:54 am
i guess, frustrated and scared that nothing's happening in terms of getting pay and reopening the government just so, you know, my husband can get paid and his buddies can get paid. >> what scares you the most? >> just -- just not being able to meet our expenses, not being able to, you know -- we're lucky we live in military housing but i've been in contact with many spouses who say they are worried about rent payments and car payments and just -- it's -- you know, the uncertainty. when i married my husband, there was a lot of things that i signed up for, being separated for long periods of time and things like that, but the one thing that really kept us going was financial security and a guaranteed paycheck and it's not guaranteed right now and it's not something we -- we're prepared but we weren't prepared for it, if that makes sense. >> it makes sense and moving every 18 months or so, not really being able to get a job
11:55 am
because what do you say to an employer, i'll be in town for 18 months because i've got to bail because my husband's in the coast guard. you've got these two kids who are 7 and 4 and you mention these other military families and i hear you say you feel this gratitude because you aren't having to deal with paying rent or mortgages, but tell me about these other wives or spouses who see, you know, february 1st is doomsday. >> it's really -- february 1st is really honestly it is doomsday for many families. that's when, you know, credit card bills that they couldn't pay. they'll start paying late fees. rent -- rent happens and if you don't pay it, you have rent fees and just those little fees and late fees they kind of add up and it's harder and harder to dig your way out of it the longer those fees pile up. >> do you think -- do your kids understand something isn't right? >> from the very point when i decided to have kids, i wasn't
11:56 am
going to hide them from anything or shelter them. so my kids know that, you know, daddy's not getting a paycheck right now so we're having to cut back on things. we just -- we try to create a sense of normalcy as much as we can for our kids and my husband goes to work every day and wears his uniform. i do all the things we need to do thanks to the angels in my life, my kids are still able to participate in their afterschool programs, so -- my kids know because kids in general are intuitive. i've worked very hard on trying to minimize all of this from them as much as possible. >> thank you so much, beth, for coming on. it's so important to hear from wonderful people like you and thank your husband for us for serving this country for 16 years. hopefully this will end soon. >> you know what? i hope so, too. i really do, for the 800,000 of us, i really -- i really do. i hope it ends soon.
11:57 am
>> thank you, beth. our special coverage continues after this. we'll take you live to the bus that was supposed to take this congressional delegation to the plane. ness means they won't hike your rates over one mistake. see, liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin and we are in the thick of this breaking news here. day 27 of the government shutdown is quickly becoming more bizarre, more childish than anyone expected. president trump moments ago canceling house speaker nancy pelosi's overseas trip to brussels, egypt and afghanistan hours before the speaker and her congressional delegation were set to leave, saying in part, quote, in light of the 800,000 great american workers not receiving pay, i am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally inappropriate. this is the president's words here. he goes on to write, obviously, if you would like to make your journey by flying commercial, that would be your prerogative. this comes