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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  January 24, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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testing. they end up being the perfect test subjects. >> incredible prospects. all of this leading up to a remarkable film, the award winning cnn original film premieres this sunday night here on cnn. top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow. >> and i'm jim sciutto. 34 days but finally a few hours from now the senate plans to vote on measures that would end the partial government shutdown after which we all know if we didn't before exactly it won't pass. maybe lawmakers can work on things that might. >> wouldn't that be refreshing? the biggest difference between the competing bills, is funding for the president's border wall. one has it and one doesn't. while the president shows no signs of giving any ground on
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his standoff with the democrats he is not giving his state of the union speech as the shutdown continues. that is a big sort of retreat for the president who was just as of yesterday looking at a rally or doing this on the border. it was made clear the house speaker nancy pelosi promptly rejected his decision. the president says he will give a quote great speech in the near future. so we return to phil mattingly on capitol hill. how near is near? what does the president need? >> if you have the answer to that question, please call. go to vegas. >> i'm asking you. >> i think the interesting element is the state of the union was a side show and not productive. my colleague just caught up with one of the power players, nancy pelosi. here is her view on what
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transpired. >> it was about the least important thing. we have to talk about opening up government to recognize the pain and fairness of this shutdown. >> the speaker was smack in the middle of the back and forth. that idea or concept reflects what most republicans or democrats on capitol hill. it is the least important part of this entire shutdown. there will be two votes. one will be on the president's proposal that he released on saturday. the trade off they hoped would bring democrats on board, temporary protections for daca recipients but significant changes on asylum laws for central american immigrants and children that have made it impalatable for democrats. there is a real possibility
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none. there is a threshled that will fall short. we know a handful of republicans, three, maybe four are considering moving over and voting for that. the big question is will the failure of these bills kind of spark talks or negotiations or some type of future deal? right now everybody is really in wait and see mode. there is no answers yet. somebody i just talked to involved told me there is no plan b yet. >> unreal. 34 days in, no plan b. go find out what near means and come back to us. it's just so ridiculous. we are joined by our chief political correspondent dana bash. nice and tan from a few days off. so the president really gave in. this is a huge walk away. why? >> look, something has to give. it is completely out of
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character and worth taking a step back, taking a breath and noting it as we are this morning that this is not donald trump's m.o. to do that. but he is hurting politically. he just is. he is hurting politically with his own poll numbers. he is hurting with regard to how people see him more specifically in how he is dealing with the shutdown. much more importantly, the economy is hurting. your interview yesterday was the prime example of policy wise why this is very bad for the president, him saying that there could be zero percent growth if the shutdown continues in the first quarter. the economy is literally the calling card for president trump. if that gets messed up, it's over for him going into 2020. just quickly on the other side, even though they are winning politically right now. i am told by senior democrats
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that there is a growing number of rank and file who are saying we have to be for something. the republican message is working in some of the districts saying we are not for border security. >> we have had democratic lawmakers do that to us. that is not how they were swept into office. the president yielded to pelosi on the state of the union. is he going to yield on the wall? >> maybe. i think what is going to be really important to see later today after these show boats that are going to go on in the senate floor, they are show boats, something we have seen so many times where people have to get it out of their system and get on the record with their constituents and bases that this is where they actually stand -- and then they can maybe get to work. house democrats have been talking publically about the fact that they have a package
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that they are going to be talking about publically, maybe as soon as today where they are going to offer something new. not the border wall, but more money, more specifics on border security. will that be what the president wants? no. but it will at least create an opening. >> dana bash, thank you. let's discuss this now with republican senator mike rounds of south dakota. thank you for taking the time this morning. >> good morning. >> on the shutdown, you had a rare show of unity from former homeland security secretaries including the president's chief of staff. john kelly saying end this shutdown now because it is threatening national security. what is your response to that? >> nobody wins in a shutdown. we shouldn't have had it in the first place. how do we get out of it? you have two leaders, speaker
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pelosi and the president that both have to have some way out. we will have these votes today. i don't think either one of them will pass. it has taken us 30 days to get to this point. it never should have taken this long to get to this stage. i think cooler heads can start to prevail. i think we'll find something in the middle. nothing in the middle has yet come up that either side can agree to. >> because the democratic proposal is simply to reopen the government while negotiations continue so that the 800,000 people can get paid and not have to go to food banks to feed their family. why not like your republican colleague vote for that bill to reopen the government for a short period of time while the negotiations go on? >> if the president does not agree it would take two thirds vote in the senate and in the house. most of us don't think we have two thirds of a vote to do that.
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>> would you vote for it? >> not if all we do is delay this until such time as we work through the process and then override it or look at an override on it. we are better off to find a solution before that and one which is palatable to all sides. >> aren't you think enabling the president here to hold hostage. he feels he would be punished by his base. it's quite a price to pay to see dhs employees, coast guard employees having to go to food banks to feed their families. >> you can say the same thing about our colleagues on the other side of the aisle because what the president is saying is make a deal with us on securing that border. we'll redefine and make modifications. speaker pelosi has said nothing
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for you. i will not come off dead center. that is just the same thing as you're suggesting with the president except the president did modify his original proposal. i think there are several options that both sides might say we don't like it but it is better than continuing this shutdown. >> i want to ask you this because wilbur ross, the commerce secretary, made comments about the federal workers who aren't getting paid. i want to get your reaction. >> first of all, the banks and the credit union should be making credit available to them. when you think about it, these are basically government guaranteed loans because the government has committed these folks will get their back pay once this whole thing gets
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settled down. there are reports that there are some federal workers who are going to homeless shelters to get food. >> i know they are. i don't really quite understand why, because as i mentioned before, the obligations that they would undertake say borrowing from a bank or credit union or federally guaranteed. so the 30 days of pay that some people will be out, there is no real reason why they shouldn't be able to get a loan against it. >> the commerce secretary who happens to be a billionaire saying he doesn't understand why these people have to go to food banks. does he not understand the predicament these people are in in. >> i think what he is suggesting is an alternative but it is not taltable to a lot of people and does suggest maybe we don't understand how serious it is to
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federal workers and contractors and people they offer services to. it is not that they are not providing services. ag workers in south dakota, farm workers, individuals who need loans approved through different federal agencies including the department of ag are all feeling the impact of this. look at our coast guard. we have guys going on a five month deployment out of south dakota on coast guard, they don't know what they can do to feed their families. we provided a specific alternative which our colleagues have said no deal on coast guard until we make a deal on everybody. there is a lot of blame for a lot of pain and suffering that is absolutely unnecessary. in the future congress should hold itself accountable by saying come hell or high water by september 30 we don't get paid either. that means we don't get back
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pay. we put it in. i'm one of the co sponsors on the bill. some people say why is congress getting paid when a lot are not. the reason is because congress cannot alter its own pay without an intervening election in between. our best bet is to fix it in the future. >> before we go, i want to ask you a question on another topic. you voted in favor of lifting sanctions on a kremlin ally. why, i wonder, did you particularly when he had a role in the interference of the 2016 election? >> the original limitations that were put on the businesses that he is actively involved with was designed to change his behavior. we had secretary steve mnuchin in. we heard briefs from the chairman of the intelligence committee and the banking committee who both said we have looked at this thing. they have honored what we have
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demanded of them in terms of the limitations that we put on them. they have complied with our law. we don't like it. we wish we had another alternative. >> to be fair, those limitations are not as severe as the secretary described them. according to the "new york times," documents show they will keep majority ownership of the companies. how is that a fair punishment for an ally of the russian president who helped russia interfere in the u.s. presidential election? >> the information that was received this week was not information that most of us had seen when we made our decision last time. we are going to take another look at it. i will tell you that in this particular case the idea was not to destroy the company but to impact the individuals responsible for the illicit activities. the other side of this is if we would have sdroidestroyed the cy
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the remnants would have been making it stronger or -- we found ourselves in a precarious position of do you ignore the recommendations of the treasury secretary and the chairman of the intelligence committee as well as the banking committee woo have looked at it? in this particular case, we didn't want to send a message to the rest of the world that even though it says in law that they have complied. do you say we will just change our mind right now and our rules and laws are going to take second place to our opinion. >> i did hear you saying you are going to take another look at this and you might consider putting these sanctions back on. >> i think we will take a second look at whether or not the new information provided was provided to the folks who are providing us with the advice and whether or not that would change their opinion on whether or not we should proceed. >> thanks for taking the time
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this morning and the hard questions. >> you bet. >> that's really significant. it sounds like he is saying had we known that, maybe we would not have lifted it. >> it would be significant if the senate will look at the sanctions. michael cohen postpones his testimony in front of congress citing threats against his family from the president. now his lawyer is accusing rudy giuliani of witness tampering. a 21-year-old man is in custody after a shooting at a bank in florida leaves five people dead. families of federal workers are taking a hard hit on the shutdown. in alaska this is taking a particularly large toll on an entire town there.
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michael cohen, a significant move. he has postponed his testimony. >> president trump's former fixer and lawyer says he and his loved ones are facing threats from the president himself. now cohen's lawyer is calling on congress to act. >> the house of representatives now has an obligation, a resolution of sensure when the president of the united states intimidates and obstructs justice from preventing a witness from testify. so is a criminal investigation of rudy giuliani for witness tampering calling out a man's father in law and wife in order to intimidate the witness is not fair game. >> cnn reporter joins us now. what are democrats saying about his change of heart? will they force his hand here? >> it sounds like they will.
7:21 am
after cohen sort of abruptly said he is going to postpone his testimony, we heard from a joint statement saying that they understood michael cohen's concerns and that the president shouldn't take any action to intimidate witnesses or obstruct congress's investigation and oversight capabilities. he also said that appearing was not an option. we caught up with elijah cummings. let's take a listen. >> i promise you that we will hear from mr. cohen. we will make those determinations soon and we will let you know how we plan to proceed. but we will get the testimony as sure as night becomes day and day becomes night. >> now the question is will they subpoena michael cohen for testimony? we caught up with several members of democrats on the
7:22 am
committees. according to one of them, they said the overwhelming consensus was that they would subpoena michael cohen. they could do it before march 6 or call him back to do it at a later date. >> always on top of it. thanks very much. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort has to appear in court tomorrow. manafort requested permission to skip the hearing. the judge said otherwise. >> this as lawyers are disputing allegations that he lied to the special counsel. let's go with more. why did the judge deny manafort's request to not be present at the hearing? >> the judge said manafort has missed too many hearings. he hasn't been seen in court since october. the judge said this is too important of a hearing. we are discussing the allegations the prosecution has made saying manafort lied according to prosecutors to investigators when he was supposed to be cooperating in interviews. remember, prosecutors say he
7:23 am
lied about a number of things including his contact with administration officials as well as his contacts with one of his associates who prosecutors say has ties to russian intelligence. manafort's team is not agreeing to claims that he lied. they say when placed in proper contact much of the evidence presented by the office of special counsel merely demonstrates a lack of consistency in mr. man's recollection of certain facts and events. clearly the judge believes this will be a very serious hearing on friday morning. she wants paul manafort to be there in person. he asked if he could wear a suit in court. the judge agreed. manafort will be suited up when we see him in court tomorrow. >> thanks for the update. we will speak with a republican lawmaker in the house who says not only is the border cris crisis --
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unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway. which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. a live update on the shooting that happened inside of sun trust bank in florida. five people are dead after a gunman barricaded himself inside the bank and began shooting. the suspect, 21-year-old who made his first court appearance earlier this morning and is served with five counts of felony capital murder.
7:29 am
five people dead. are there any answers in terms of a motive? >> reporter: just an absolute tragedy. so far police have yet to officially release a motive. we are awaiting an 11:00 a.m. press conference. as you noted, what police are accusing him of doing is walking into the bank and opening fire. he called 911 dispatch on himself to report the shooting. he was barricaded for a number of hours. perhaps one of the most disturbing details from the shooting is what the suspect was wearing at the time of the shooting. he was wearing a shirt written across the front saying death to the wicked, an imag of the four horse men of the apocalypse. we don't know much about the gunman. he moved to the florida area within the last year.
7:30 am
he was working as a correctional officer trainee at a facility nearby. it was yesterday that we were able to get in touch with the father. he was clearly distraught. he either just finished crying or was in the middle of crying when we talked to him. here is what he had to say, he wasn't raised to be like this. he has had his troubles but he has never hurt anyone ever before. he is being held without bond. that press conference expected to happen 11:00 a.m. eastern where hopefully we get more details. >> we appreciate the update. we haven't gotten identities of the victims. as soon as you have that, let us know. >> suffering families. the shutdown, it is day 34. no paycheck in sight. the coast guard's top admirp calling it unacceptable that brave men and women protecting this country, some relying on food pantries and donations.
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kodiak, alaska. it is a small town. home to about 6,300 people. according to the "new york times," a quarter of the population there depends on paychecks from the coast guard. that means furloughs federal workers not getting paid is a quarter of the community there. on friday the coast guard ploys there again won't get paid.
7:36 am
among them is zachary taylor, a helicopter pilot. his wife, they just opened a small business together. they have two children both 11 years old. bottom line, beth has had enough of the dysfunction in washington. she joins me now from beautiful kodi kodiak. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> politics aside. we have had enough of that. what is life like for you every day this goes on? >> we are getting hit from both sides. we are a coast guard family and we are small business owners. we are blessed that our local community when they can shop they shop local. right now our sales are down at our store. i have friends that are really struggling. they are having to decide what bills to pay.
7:37 am
>> what are your kids asking you about this? >> how much longer it is going to last, what's going to happen if it lasts too much longer. is dad going to be able to retire? they are worried about that. are we going to lose our business? >> i was just going to say, they are at that age when in school you are learning about how the government works and why we pay taxes. what are do you say to them about this utter dysfunction? >> we pray. you know, that's what we do. we have our faith in god. we say that regardless of what happens we are okay because we have our god. it is still a lot of anxiety, a lot of stress. we try to do what we can to
7:38 am
help. there are still so many people in the community who have it worse than we do. the percentage you gave of the roughly 26%, that's just the coast guard. we also have tsa and our wildlife refuge. that leads to about 30%. >> it is about a third that relies on the federal paychecks. i think the 800,000 number that we say just tdoesn't tell the whole story because it is people who own sandwich shops who aren't selling the sandwiches because people aren't going to work. what is the impact to kodiak, alaska as a whole over the last five weeks? >> business is down. i drive by local restaurants. they are usually full. the parking lots are typically pretty full. they are down. i talked to some other local business owners, people are canceling appointments or
7:39 am
businesses are down. some businesses are offering discounts. some are offering ious if they can. we are doing what we can to help our community. but we also have to survive as a business, as well. >> this morning, we got news that five former heads of dhs which of course oversees coast guard have said this is unconscionable. you have to fund this. can you tell me a little about the conversations you have had with your husband who is a coast guard pilot just about the concerns you guys have about national security? >> well, our coast guards men and border security agents, they are distracted. they are responsible for protecting our borders. right now, they are concerned about protecting their families. that's going to -- that could very well lead to serious implications in the future.
7:40 am
that's what is scary to me. my husband is a pilot. who knows what kind of scary things could happen. i worry. i'm always concerned. that is part of the life. i trust his skills to get him through. right now there are so many that are distracted. it's scary. >> it is. before we go, is there anything that anyone watching can do especially just for the people of kodiak given that a third of your population is now completely going without a second paycheck? >> there are a few things. one is the cgea you can donate there. you can go to find someone local in your own community that is struggling. there are dhs employees all over the u.s.
7:41 am
find someone even if they say no, they probably need something or know someone who does need help. >> pay it forward. >> absolutely. >> thank you for being with me and thank you for what you and your entire family has sacrificed and given to this country. we wish you all the best. >> thank you. >> these are the people paying the biggest price for this shutdown. there are 800,000 of them. nancy pelosi will speak to reporters just hours after president trump conceded to the house speaker and says he will wait until the president is back open to deliver his state of the union speech. we'll bring you her comments live. more than half of employees across the country bring financial stress to work. if you're stressed out financially at home, you're going to be too worried to be able to do a good job. i want to be able to offer all of the benefits that keep them satisfied.
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day 34 of the shutdown and still the crux of the fight is funding for the president's border wall. >> of the nine house districts that border mexico, only one is represented by a republican. that republican says that the president's wall makes no sense. joining us now is that republican, texas republican, he represents the longest stretch of the border with mexico. i have seen the map in his office. thanks for taking the time this morning. >> i said a wall from sea to shining sea makes no sense. >> i hear you. in places i know your position is the wall does work. you have said that trump's border crisis is a miss and the vast majority of your republican colleagues are standing by that. is the party misleading the american people on what this is about? >> i said it is a myth that this is a new problem.
7:47 am
this is a problem that has existed under multiple administrations going all the way back probably to ronald reagan. so this is not a new problem. 400,000 people came here illegally last year. that is a decrease of 80% since 2000. 400,000 is a lot of people. $67 billion dollars worth of drugs is coming into our country. some communities deaths from drug overdoses have eclipsed deaths on the highway or homicides. these are challenges. we should have operational control of our border. that means we know what is coming back and forth across our border. the only way to do that is looking at all 2,000 miles of border. the only way to do that is through technology and additional manpower. >> you are right that this has gone through democratic and republican administrations. what is different now is that the president is shutting down
7:48 am
government. 800,000 people are not getting paid because he is demanding money for a wall immediately today. that is what is different here. i'm curious if you think that he should change his mind on this. >> we shouldn't be negotiating on the backs of 800,000 federal employees. many of those employees are keeping us safe. border patrol agents are working without pay. tsa is working without pay. it is more likely for a terrorist to get a fake european passport and come through our airports. it is important for tsa to be fully functional. you have the number of people defending us from cyber attacks within department of homeland security. we are only at 60% staffing. 2,500 federal employees in san antonio had to go to the 2350d bank because they couldn't afford getting groceries. other things that are impacting.
7:49 am
there are -- the technology we are using along the border is really most places 20 years old. there are innovative programs going through the pipeline to be introduced. we can't because the government is shutdown. we can't introduce the new technology. if this is a crisis, the people dealing with the crisis should get paid. that's why i think we should open this up and speaker pelosi should offer an alternative to what the president outlines. >> and it sounds like from the third ranking democrat we will get that which may be something you will get on board with. i want people to know that you have voted nine times recently with democrats on bills to end the shutdown that do not include a dollar for wall funding nine times. my question is as we see some fracture among some senate
7:50 am
republicans, when does that group that stands with you in the house republicans get bigger than a dozen which is the most republicans you have gotten on board with you here? >> i think when the final solution is some form of completing the secure fence act in 2006 amended in 2008, most of democratic leadership voted for it. we know all the stories. >> not pelosi. >> she didn't have to vote but she was the speaker at the time when it was amended. you complete the secure fence act and double down on technology at the ports of entry and use technology along all 2,000 miles and make sure border patrol is taken care of. you stream line legal immigration so fix daca, have a permanent fix. make sure tps is made burm and address root causes. that is violence and lack of economic opportunities in central america specifically the
7:51 am
northern triangle. so state department and u.s.a.i.d. has a role in this. so those are the points of a major deal. the details matter. what i outline is i think something that could pass. >> you have probably seen the report in the "washington post" is that president's chief of staff was examining the possibility of the shutdown going into march and april, looking for the effects on agencies. i imagine you speak to people in the white house. do you see any relenting on this issue or any support behind exactly the kind of bill you just described? >> i think the president outlined some broad strokes in his speech this past weekend. the fact that you had a daca fix in there and a tps fix. the details didn't go as far as what probably needs to be. i think that is movement.
7:52 am
i think we will hopefully see a response from pelosi. we should be thinking about what is a republican solution or a democratic solution. we should think about an american solution. >> totally. i hear you. just to put a button on it here. you barely won reelection in your district. there is a political price to be paid for compromise. we heard it from outgoing senator jeff flake where 80% of the republican party supports -- do you think there will not be enough republicans to go with you? >> i will clarify. i won by a narrow margin in a district everybody thought i would lose. i think that is a positive rather than a negative. it's unfortunate that a tactic that is miles of wall has become the focus of what should be strategy. excuse me. the strategy should be how we achieve operational control of
7:53 am
our border. the mettics we should be focussed on are seeing decreased amount of drugs in the country, not how many censors are in one place or how much wall is in one place. we are focussed on the wrong thing because it has become political and my friends on the democratic aisle have dug in because they do not want to give a political victory to someone that they have been opposing. >> thanks very much for joining us today. >> thank you. again, the shutdown is in day 34. former secretary of homeland security says the damage will last for years. what do you have there? p3 it's meat, cheese and nuts. i keep my protein interesting. oh yea, me too. i have cheese and uh these herbs. p3 snacks. the more interesting way to get your protein. [kno♪king]
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from a security standpoint we are letting our guard down. >> he is one of the former dhs heads that has penned this letter to the president and congress to thend shutdown. >> it's quite a warning because it comes from the five different homeland security secretaries who span different administrations. this is a letter addressed to congress and to president trump. the most remarkable name on the list is john kelly who until just a month ago was the chief of staff for president trump. now he is calling on his old boss to end the shutdown. so much of the national security apparatus continues to be funded during the shutdown. one that is not is the department of homeland security. they take care, a big huge part
7:59 am
of homeland security. the coast guard, counter cyber operations. so much of protecting this country. they have addressed this letter to congress and president trump saying it is unconscionable the way that the department of homeland security plemployees a being treated. let me read a part of the letter. the president says dhs ploys who protect critical infrastructure should not have to rely on the charitable generosity of others for assistance in feeding the families and paying their bills while they focus on the mission at hand. they call that unconscionable. we also have a little bit of the sound that you mentioned about former secretary johnson talking about the damage that could last for years to come. take a listen. >> from a security standpoint, we are letting our guard down.
8:00 am
if this shutdown ended tomorrow, i fear that the damage already done to our security will be months if not years. >> now, the department of homeland security has responded saying that the department is fully capable of carrying out our mission of securing the country during lapse of government funding, that some 90% of employees continue doing their jobs during the shutdown. >> it is important and a stark warning. thank you very much. thanks to all of you for being with us today. we'll see you tomorrow. at this hour starts right now. hello. 34 days into this thing otherwise known as the longest government shutdown in history and the senate is voting today on two bills that are likely to fail. but in a jarring statement of how bad things have gotten, you might view that two bills as


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