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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  January 25, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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ctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. learn all you can... to help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. it is a busy breaking news friday. to our viewers in the united states and around the world, thank you for sharing it with us. a second missed payday for 800,000 federal workers and now flight risks the government says are due to a shortage of air traffic controllers. there are meetings on capitol hill but no signs of a breakthrough. long-time presidential confidant roger stone is arrested from an apparent raid. he is talking with campaign officials with e-mail hacks.
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his first lawyer, his first national security adviser, his deputy campaign chairman and his campaign chairman. but -- >> all things that again have nothing to do with the president. just because they had some association with the president at some point doesn't mean things they did in their private lives and personal lives that may or may not have been right or wrong, that doesn't have anything to do with the president. >> back to that explanation in a minute, but we begin with the images you see. that is roger stone, fresh out of court. now free on a $250,000 bond after a surprise visit from fbi agents. fbi agents arrested the long-time associate in his home. obstruction of justice, lying to congress and witness tampering. robert mueller details five
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separate lies stone is said to have told congressional investigators about his attempts to reach out to julian assange. investigators found no collusion or they would have charged him with it. the president's legal counsel said the same. it does not come to collusion by roger stone or anything else. the tweet last hour, no collusion. but there is a coordinated effort by the trump campaign to obtain information on wikileaks through stone. stone said he can prove this. after the july 22, 2016 release of stolen dnc e-mails by organization i -- that's wikileaks -- a senior trump campaign official was directed to contact stone about any additional releases and what other damaging information organization 1 had regarding the
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clinton campaign. stone thereaftertold the trump campaign about potential future releases of damaging material by organization 1. nick valencia is live outside the courthouse. we're waiting for roger stone when he comes out. take us inside those proceedings. >> reporter: it was a packed courtroom, no doubt about that, john. a few reporters were not allowed in. civilians were not allowed in as well, and there's roger stone. his hands resting in front of him, shackles around his waist, around his ankles and he looked very tired. he was wearing glasses, but as the judge started to read the charges he was facing, he removed those glasses and was very serious, very polite with the judge while she asked if he understood those charges. he was given a $250,000 signature bond, as you noted, meaning he doesn't have to put any money towards that bond so long as he continues to appear before the court when he is notified. there are some conditions to a bond, though, however.
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he'll be given travel restrictions, only able to travel three locations, and that's the eastern district of washington, d.c. and virginia as well as the eastern district of new york and here in southern florida. he's also going to have to submit to some substance abuse testing as well agreed to in the pretrial by both sides. we understand also he's going to be allowed to continue to see a doctor. also, he had his passport revoked to which he said to the judge that he currently does not have a valid passport, it is expired. but really, truly, john, just a remarkable sight to see a man who cares so deeply about his image look tired and disheveled, wearing baggy jeans and a dark blue shirt. and his hands shackled around his waist, john. >> we'll get back to nick in case roger stone comes out and decides he wants to speak to reporters. here to share their insights, shi mon prokupecz, san wu and
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michael zelden. let's try to go through to the degree we can what this tells us that's new and what questions it raises. we get new charges, we get new documents, they give us something but they also tend to raise questions. number one, there is nothing in this document that says president trump was aware of any of this, correct? >> yes. >> so the new significance from an investigative standpoint is what? >> i think this is going to be the closest we get right now that people within the campaign were looking for information on what wikileaks had that roger stone was willing to provide that information, that roger stone was working feverishly to get that information, and that a senior member of the campaign was asking for this information, wanted this information. and it's true, right now we don't see collusion mentioned, russian collusion mentioned in this document. but it seems that what the mueller team is really focusing on is why were people
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consistently lying to investigators, members of congress, when they were asked about questions concerning the campaign? >> and they're still collecting evidence. obviously they arrested roger stone at his house today. they will seize evidence from his house there. they also searched another property that roger stone has in new york, so they're going to continue to collect evidence. i think this is perhaps the first indictment we will see against roger stone. there may be others that come in the future, and i think that it's telling that the special counsel didn't just outline these issues of roger stone lying to the house intelligence committee about witness intimidation. they also laid out these contacts that he had with trump campaign officials and showed how eager he was to try to get this information, and how eager the trump campaign was to try to get it. there was a reason the special counsel decided to put all of that in writing. that's not an accident. >> that's not an accident, and that's a key point, if you look at these documents, they seem to lay out that he lied to
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congress. they say they have texts, they have e-mails. why, then, a search on two properties? what else are you looking for? and the special counsel made a point to put in the record senior campaign officials in touch with roger stone at this very important time. why? what's robert mueller trying to tell us? >> we don't know that. we don't know if robert mueller is saying, stand by, another indictment is on its way that's a broader conspiracy to defraud the united states in the same way the social media russian indictment was, or whether this is his final shot and that there's nothing more there, that he's got these processed crimes, these lying to congress obstructing the mueller investigation about something which underlying it is not illegal. because there is no illegality alleged, it's just lies to conduct. you asked is the president named
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in this indictment? the answer, fof course, is no. in paragraph 12 it says after the july 22 release of stolen e-mails from organization 1 -- wikileaks -- a senior trump campaign official was directed to contact stone. so who is it that can direct senior campaign officials to do that? there is an implication there without a name. because another senior campaign official, i suppose, could have done it, but that's not the implication of this to me. >> we know at least one of the people that roger stone was in touch with was steve bannon during the campaign. but if you look at the timeline of these various contacts, there were people before steve bannon came onto the campaign who were having these discussions with roger stone. this was an ongoing conversation, an ongoing pursuit by the trump campaign to check in with roger stone to say, what's coming? have you heard anything that's coming? did you get information you can share with us? >> forgive me for interrupting, but a lot of new people came
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into the trump campaign. he didn't have a preexisting relationship with roger stone, but he had a previous relationship with steve bannon. he didn't really know paul manafort, he didn't really know rick gates. this is someone the president knew for decades. cnn has just learned that we do expect the president to address the border shutdown and what he calls the border crisis a little later today. david, actually, i can go straight to the white house to our kaitlan collins to try to bring that in. kaitlan, we know the president has been debating his options. does he have something new to bring to the table today? >> reporter: that's what we're going to wait and see what the president has to say. jo john, this was not on the president's schedule, but president trump is expected to speak from the white house this afternoon, and right now aides are planning on the president to make that announcement. it's going to be related to the government shutdown, but the
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question now is what is the president going to say? john, our sources have told us ever since those two competing proposals failed, the white house has been exploring to find a way out of this shutdown as it's turned into a full-blown crisis as it's affecting air traffic control as our team has been reporting all day. we do know with that reporting we had last night, that it's still very much an option the white house is considering. they've even gone so far as to draft the emergency order if the president was going to declare it, laying out where they're going to get the money from. but officials have said multiple times they prefer to solve this legislative, legislative legislatively, not through this emergency action. so while the offer is still on the table and not something they're ruling out, it doesn't seem to be the top option right now, john. what we're hearing from the hill is lawmakers are waiting to hear what it is president trump would accept. our reporting has shown that the president is one that's been in
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the wild card on this, and other republicans, wondering what the president is willing to accept and what he'll sign, and that's what they'll be looking for the president to say as he's making that speech from the white house this afternoon. >> kaitlan collins live from the white house. you're right, what the public wants the president to say publicly. they won't say anything because they don't want anything blown. you'll see roger stone emerge after his arraignment. much more breaking news ahead. n. home instead offers personalized in-home services for your loved ones. home instead senior care. to us, it's personal. home instead senior care. your mornings were made for than psoriatic arthritis. as you and your rheumatologist consider treatments, ask if xeljanz xr is right for you. xeljanz xr is a once daily pill
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welcome back. you're looking at the courthouse in orlando, florida. we also expect to hear from the president on a different subject. perhaps he'll have new ideas, we're told, about the government shutdown. as we wait for that, the president is complaining again about what he calls the russia witch hunt. his press secretary, though,
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listening to a different take on the long-time arrest of confidant roger stone. >> this has nothing to do with the president and certainly nothing to do with the white house. what i can tell you is that the specific charges that have been brought against mr. stone don't have anything to do with the president. i know that the charges are about whether or not he gave false statements, and that's on that individual. that has nothing to do with the president. the charges brought against mr. stone have nothing to do with the president, nothing to do with the white house. >> got that? roger stone now one of six trump associates who face charges in the mueller probe, along with michael flynn, rick gates, paul manafort, george papadopoulos and michael cohen. when asked about all these charges circling around team trump, the white house press secretary added this. >> all on things that, again, have nothing to do with the president. just because they had some association with the president at some point doesn't mean things they did in their private lives and their personal life
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that may or may not have been right or wrong, that doesn't have anything to do with the president. >> cnn's abby phillip joins us at the white house. why would we think this has nothing to do with the president? >> reporter: it's a one-two that you heard from sarah sanders in those clips. when it involved paul manafort, when it involved michael cohen, the move is essentially to say it has nothing to do with president trump and then to reiterate how these individuals had other relationships with other political candidates. in this case sarah sanders talking about how roger stone had advised other presidential candidates and other people in the political sphere in the past. but the reality of president trump's relationship with roger stone is, of course, that all of this was happening in the context of president trump's 2016 presidential campaign, and in fact, the indictment makes clear that what roger stone was indicted for lying about were things that had to do with his
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discussions with people associated with the campaign during the presidential campaign and about things that potentially would have benefited president trump. so it's clear that sarah sanders is omitting a whole trough of information here, but it's once again just a pattern of behavior from the white house and from the president's associates to reiterate that president trump is not at the center of all of this when it is very clear that he is sort of the elephant in the room of all of these indictments. this is all about president trump's campaign, and we don't know everything that is to come here. but it's clearly not a positive story for this president. the white house is trying to cope with it as best as they can, john. >> abby phillip, i appreciate that live from the white house. i don't know what sarah sanders is supposed to say, but i want to get to the nitty-gritty of this and the legal in just a minute. again, this is the ceo of the trump organization who said he was going to run the government like a business. what business school teaches you that if you're the ceo and now
9:19 am
six people -- five of whom are actually pretty close to you. in the case of michael cohen and roger stone, very, very close to you -- are under indictment. there's been no direct criminal allegations against the president with roger stone. michael cohen alleges he is involved in another violation. in another document, michael cohen admits he lied for the president. what else do they need? if you put them in the search engine on computer, you will find that they are snakes. >> the irony is if this actually were a business, it's hard to believe they would survive. we have so many people with so many legal problems. trump, before he came into the white house, surrounded himself with some pretty shady
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characters. that is no secret. what is surprising is most of those people followed him into the white house, but there is no way to disassociate him from these figures. it doesn't necessarily mean he's done anything illegal here, but all of these people are in this position because at one time or another, they worked for donald trump. >> to that point, you spent months covering this campaign. the idea that -- and this is not a criticism, in some ways a compliment -- that donald trump is a gossip. he wants to know what's going on. a lot of politicians are. i don't say that as a criticism at all. they want to know what's going on in the campaign. this idea that if you read the stone indictment that he was in touch with senior officials, plural, in the campaign. that once he told them about this, they were asking him what's next to come. sarah sanders wants us to create a universe in which the candidate himself knew nothing about this. is that possible? >> sure, it's plausible that the candidate knew nothing about this, but we also know that
9:21 am
donald trump was talking to roger stone throughout the campaign. they disagree about sort of the frequency and the timing of those contacts, and roger stone has insisted up and down and all over the place that they never discussed wikileaks, but they were in communication. it's not outside the realm of possibility that donald trump and roger stone had a conversation about this, or that donald trump said to someone else on staff and said, go talk to roger and see if he can figure out what's going on with this wikileaks stuff, purely because of the fact roger stone was out there in 2016 saying he had an in with julian assange, he knew what wikileaks was about to do. so if president trump was watching television, like he was wont to do, he would have said to someone find out what's going on. this is not proof of that, but it's a possibility. >> i think what the indictment does offer is a trend that's going on here. initially the trump campaign
9:22 am
didn't have any contact with anyone. now, contact, obviously, now substantive in terms of exchange of information between manafort and his contacts. and we see that the campaign was interested in getting that information. so maybe it doesn't say collusion, cooperation, but they clearly wanted to glet. >> this also shows us a pattern, and you can see why investigators and the fbi, their antenna go up. everyone they question about russia, wikileaks, congress has tried to question people about people have lied. what is going on here? what you're seeing is this pattern, and we've seen this in an indictment of charges from michael cohen in the southern district. there is sort of a fraud going on here in that the truth of what was going on during the campaign could have politically hurt the president. everyone around them did whatever they could, lie, commit crimes to try to protect them. and that is what you're seeing in the pattern of all of these
9:23 am
indictments, whether it's mi mueller or the southern district for the payments. >> let's say he accepts the indictment that you don't indict a sitting president. he treats harshly anybody that has lied to him about the substance of the investigation in these court documents. well, the president has lied repeatedly about the timeline, if you believe michael cohen, anyway, of trump tower, other things he's said in public. do we assume that robert mueller loo leaves that for a report for the political. here's my report, and now the justice department decides what to do with it. >> maybe, but there are those written answers that he gave. in light of what we're hearing, some of those answers will be false statements. i think the other trend going on here, too, is that not only are people covering up, but the president is so worried about
9:24 am
this, that he and giuliani are really engaged in this. i think it will be interesting to see -- what trump wants is for roger stone to have changed that tattoo on his back from nixon to trump, and he'll be sending messages like that. >> i just want to put -- the president has previously some months ago tweeted that roger stone has guts because roger stone has repeatedly said he will not turn on trump. this is roger stone just wednesday on fox news. >> no matter how much pressure they put on me, no matter what they say, i will not bear false witness against donald trump. i will not do what michael cohen has done and make up lies to ease the pressure on myself. you know, my god and a great wife and my great family see me through this. >> he says he will not bear false witness, and he suggests michael cohen is. we're not done with the michael cohen story yet, but on the stuff that michael cohen has said that directly relate to the
9:25 am
president, whether it's the southern district of new york, he says -- >> you really see the style of roger stone and maybe this is why the president loves him. there was a witness that was going in -- >> because he threatens people? >> you know, he is this kind of guy that doesn't hold back, right? there is this exchange that he has with a witness that's going before congress who wants to tell the truth, and he's telling him to stonewall it. he says, plead the fifth, anything to save the planet. then he invokes richard nixon. it's just incredible to think that roger stone would have been
9:26 am
dumb enough to receive some of this. >> my lawyer is willing to rip you to shreds. >> he's admitted he was under some kind of surveillance for a long time it. he's sending all these messages at a time when he believes the government is already reading his messages. >> he has to know that mueller has access to everything right now. if. >> whatever you think of robert mueller, he's meticulous and he has good forensic people working for him. we're waiting at the courthouse in florida. we're waiting to see if roger stone might come out and speak. the latest innovation from xfinity
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>> move! >> quiet, quiet! whoa, whoa, whoa! whoa! >> mr. stone is going to speak. he speaks for himself. you know that roger stone has always spoken for himself. he's never been shy about telling his story. he is innocent. we're going to defend this case and we're going to win this case. but let me start out by saying that the spectacle this morning was completely unnecessary. everyone knows where roger stone is. he's not in hiding. the spectacle this morning with the s.w.a.t. team breaking into his house, searching the house, scaring his wife, scaring his dogs, completely unnecessary. a telephone call would have done
9:29 am
the job, and mr. stone would have appeared. but let me let roger speak for himself. there's nothing to hide, he has nothing to hide, and he's spoken before and he'll speak to you now. roger? >> we stand with you, roger! >> thank you. [ booing ] >> as i have always said, the worst thing than being talked about is not being talked about. the charges today relate in no way to russian collusion, wikileaks collaboration or any other illegal act in connection with the 2016 campaign. i am falsely accused of making false statements during my testimony to the house intelligence committee. that is incorrect.
9:30 am
any error i made in my testimony would be both immaterial and without intent. i find it disturbing that the special counsel's office released a press release prior to informing my attorneys that i would be charged today. this morning at the crack of dawn, 29 fbi agents arrived at my home with 17 vehicles with their lights flashing when they simply could have contacted my attorneys and i would have been more than willing to have surrendered voluntarily. they terrorized my wife, my dogs. i was taken to the fbi facility, although i must say the fbi agents were extraordinarily courteous. i will plead not guilty to these charges. i will defeat them in court.
9:31 am
i believe this is a politically motivated investigation. i am troubled by the political motivations of the prosecutors, and as i have said previously, there is no circumstance whatsoever under which i will bear false witness against the president nor will i make up lies to ease the pressure on myself. i look forward to being fully and completely vindicated. >> did you in any way cooperate with the special counsel's office? >> since i was not contacted prior to the charges today, my lawyers have not talked to the special prosecutors. i don't want to address that question, but i have made it clear i will not testify against the president. because i would have to bear false witness against him. i will be appearing for an
9:32 am
arraignment in d.c. next week, and i'll address those questions at that time. >> the president said that you were done. what do you think he meant by that? >> i have told the truth. i will continue to tell the truth and i will tell that to a court of law. i am one of his oldest friends. i am a supporter of the president. i think he's doing a great job of making america great again. >> did anyone tell you or anyone in the trump campaign to contact wikileaks? >> no. that is incorrect. i have addressed that before. >> if you were convicted, do you think the president would pardon you? >> the only person i have advocated a pardon for is marcus garvey. >> did you in any way work with the russians to help president
9:33 am
tru trump? >> categorically not, no. absolutely not. >> we got you, roger! we got your back, roger! >> with all due respect, i haven't even had a chance to read the indictment. >> you haven't read the indictment? >> no, i have not had that opportunity. >> so will you help the prosecutor to answer his questions? >> i will address those questions next week in washington, d.c. >> roger, if you did nothing wrong, what are you doing here? >> you see roger stone now stepping back toward the courthouse after just speaking to reporters outside the courthouse in florida. i mistakenly called this an arraignment earlier. he will be arraigned in d.c. next week. this is his special appearance after being indicted by the
9:34 am
special counsel this morning. a nixonian salute whose dirty tricks in politics go back to the nixon years in american politics. roger stone denying emphatically the charges. he says he has not had a chance to read the indictment. he said he will not testify against the president, because in doing so, he says it will mean he has to bear false witness, meaning to lie. >> we know he's going to keep fighting back, keep talking. they showed up at his house this morning before don, partially because roger stone has watched what happened to paul manafort and he does not want that to happen to him. he looked at him and he's been on various charges, and he says,
9:35 am
i'm going to go out there every day and fight. i'm going on tv, i'm going on info wars, and i think this tells you he's going to continue that same approach now that they've officially brought these charges against him. >> he said the fbi agents, the way they came, if they had just called me, i would have let them in. are there guidelines, are there reasons -- is there some reason to believe, talking about like they did when getting the warn of violence, right? >> when you look at cohen, when you look at paul ma manafort, they were allowed to surrender. roger stone, if you look at all the rhetoric, all the things he has has said publicly that if they gave him a heads up and they would like him to surrender, in these kinds of cases normally
9:36 am
you would see that. but there was something different here, and i'm sure there was concern on the part of the fbi about giving him a heads up that they were planning to do this. they wanted to do search warrants on his home because they wanted to get evidence. they could have been fearful he would give up evidence if they gave a heads up that they were coming. or maybe you try to flee. you do things as an allegely. they're real gang guys and throwing smoke greed nads in that were. they told him to come out. it was very orderly. the only thing different is that they did not allow him to surrender and there was a reason for that. he just has not been cooperat e cooperative. >> right, and the nature of
9:37 am
these charges will not give him deference. the nature of the charges are he's lied repeatedly, he's trying to hide another witness as well. to sarah's point, if this is the same judge who was on manafort, which is judge jackson, she's going to most likely tell them to quit talking. >> i think we also learned there why trump have become close so t. i wouldn't be surprised if the president is in the white house right now watching this and enjoying what he's seen. s mueller doing this? i think it's very clear he needs to get more information, but i think people accept the idea that roger stone highly unlikely will ever cooperate with the special counsel, and we don't
9:38 am
even know that they want him to cooperate. >> from that let's jump into the substance of what's alleged in the indictment. roger stone and some associates were in touch -- it doesn't say roger stone was directly in touch with julian assange. it raises the possibility but doesn't say he was. at least one or two associates had contacts with wikileaks. help me with the law. let's assume that roger stone, through friends, got a heads-up approximate. let's assume, again. that's a journal list. >> that in and of itself wouldn't be a crime. at that noichblt if. no the problem is the trump
9:39 am
campaign is trying to get that information. they know the russians are involved, they're trying to get that. fact th the fact they failed to do it, it doesn't matter. >> nick valencia is there and had a chance to ask a question or two of roger stone. nick, take us inside that wonderful scene and what did roger stone have to say? >> reporter: i'm sorry, john, it's really loud here, but yes, i just had a chance to speak to roger stone as he left court. i asked if he had a comment for cnn and he jokingly said it was good to see us at his house this morning. we were the only news outlet when the fbi knocked on his door to take him into custody. i asked if there was any connection between the trump associates and the charges. he said no, they're absolutely false. he did say later tonight, john, that he's expected to be on television. he said watch the media outlets
9:40 am
tonight. i will be on tv. he seemed to be in very very good spirits. he exited to large chants of "lock him up" as well, but as he left with one of his co-couns s co-counsels, he seemed in good spirits. we had one recorded on our cell phone. we're working on getting that into our newsroom now, but he was in very good spirits. >> you're in the middle of what is a show. roger stone during r what -- there is some saying, including people at the table with me, who had reason to believe that
9:41 am
things could come. when you see roger stone on this show, he just knows when he sees a federal judge in washington, he may be told not to do that. why is that so important? >> one, he wants to send a message to president trump that he's not going to get squeezed, he's not going to testify against president trump. and he wants to salvage his own reputation. he said, it's better to be infamous than never famous at all. he wants to have a chance to respond what anyone has been saying to him. and one of his friends said, as difficult as this day is, it's roger stone day to get hauled away in handcuffs, we kept wondering if this friday would be the friday, if this would be the day roger stone will be arrested. he said, we knew what to do if this day came and now it's a matter of executing that. i think you'll see it in terms of him trying to raise money for his defense fund, you'll see a gag on roger, you'll see his
9:42 am
allies on tv going out there and defending him it. if they preparing for this day. many. >> i'm thinking being in handcuffs is not a good thing. but at this point, p, i'm a 40-year dirty trickster but not a criminal trickster? >> he wants to make it clear he didn't commit any crimes, but now that he knows what he is convicted of, they now have them written there before court documents. here's what we have to face, here's what we have to fight. roger stone wants to be the guy who was out there, helped and,
9:43 am
you know, became famous. >> the question is, is there sth a slip holder when it comes to roger stone? >> that's right, we don't know. who are these other campaign officials that the indictment is talking about? do their names ever get revealed? what happens down the line? is there going to be a larger, bigger conspiracy connection that's about to come? honestly, we just don't know. but we also know that there are other people that are attached to roger stone that have been before the grand jury or that mueller wanted to charge r. his public line, if you will. . he just wanted everybody to think he was a bigger player than he was. he has the r said this document suggests that's not the case.
9:44 am
>> that's not the case, but krlt -- every time these guys have been confronted with information, by nchgs -- they wanted to protect the congress, they wanted to protect the campaign. even the white house going in after trump was elected, they all wanted to protect it. and i think that's the theory that mueller has taken. >> the big picture connecting all these other dots with documents. we're going to take a break now. the campaign chairman, paul manafort, was also back in court today. we expect to hear from the president shortly this afternoon. some new ideas, apparently, how to bring an end to the partial government shutdown. busy day. we'll be right back. at fidelity, we help you prepare for the unexpected
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roger stone not the only important trump associate in court today. paul manafort was back in court fighting attlllegations that he lied repeatedly to the special counsel after he signed a plea agreement. there are serious concerns about another time paul manafort gave information. quote, he may have lied, pure and simple. if the judge found manafort broke his plea deal, any bend he would receive at sentencing by cooperating can be null and
9:50 am
void. keira, what have we learned? >> the judge set a court date for february 4 where she will hear him behind closed doors. this goes to whether paul manafort intentionally lied to the grand jury. the judge did foreshadow today. she said some of manafort's arguments had some force to them if he corrected his testimony at the same time. but others said it's possible he may have lied, plain and simple. she's going to have everybody back on february 4 to hear more arguments about this. it also came up today, the special counsel's office said they were not planning to charge manafort with any additional crimes, but they wouldn't rule it out, and they left open the possibility that manafort could be charged in the future by the special counsel's office or other organization. he walked into court wearing a suit as he has to wear one. he also used a cane and was
9:51 am
walking stiffly and slowly. he's been confined for almost a year now. the irony is that paul manafort and roger stone formed a business together nearly 40 years ago, and today we have both those individuals in court on the allegations they've been lying, john. >> kara scannell in court. thank you. today the airport is blaming the shortage of air traffic controllers to the shutdown.
9:52 am
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9:55 am
the anxiety and emotional strain of this shutdown, and 100% of you are feeling the financial strain. making some people stay home
9:56 am
when they don't not want to and making others appear without pay, it's mind boggling, it's short-sighted and it's unfair. it takes a lot to get me angry but i'm about as angry as i've been in a long, long time. >> that's fbi director christopher wray voicing his frustration at the government shutdown and how employees have to work without pay. you heard the commandant of the coast guard yesterday saying the same thing. the shutdown now causing major flight disruptions. major delays elsewhere being blamed on staff shortages. they have lifted the ground stops at la guardia airport, but there are significant delays there as well as atlanta and newark. they say the president has been briefed and officials are monitoring these delays as well as keeping regular contact with the department of transportation and the faa. obviously we're seeing the ripple effect of the shutdown. what is the faa saying and what is the significance?
9:57 am
>> you know, this is a big deal simply because, john, you are seeing real life implications playing out of how this shutdown is really putting a strain on air travel. air travel, by the way, which is a very big component of the u.s. economy. so the faa this morning saying in a statement -- i'm just going to read part of it. they acknowledge that they experience slight increases of sick leave at two air traffic control facilities. translation. because of this shutdown, there are air traffic controllers who just simply did not show up for work. that is a big problem, especially when you're talking about a big air space like new york city when on a good day, you may have problems getting out, and you don't have enough staff in these towers right now to make sure these airplanes are taking off and landing safely. people, when they see it, should not be afraid. slowing down the traffic is actually a safety precaution. they realize they don't have the staff to safely land and make sure that planes take off, so
9:58 am
they slow things down so they can handle the capacity. we did speak with the faa a short time ago. they tell me they fixed the staffing issues from this morning. however, we're not out of the woods yet. people are still going to experience those residual delays throughout the day. delta airlines, this is a major hub. la guardia airport, they say they've already experienced some 200 delays for their air traffic alone. so it's impacting the airlines, but this is a big deal because it's not happening in a vacuum. it's this coupled with tsa and those workers not showing up as well. >> very important point you made at the beginning about the domino effect on the economy. it's a personal toll, some of these people not showing up b s because they're somewhere out making money to make ends meet. we'll talk to the president to see if he has any new ideas here. phil mattingly joining us from capitol hill. the democrats issuing a comment on the flight delays. she sees an opening here.
9:59 am
>> reporter: you could see it yesterday, you could see it when the president expressed extreme frustration at vice president pence yesterday. there is a tipping point on capitol hill and there is a lot of talk going on, not just between nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, but to come to some kind of agreement for getting the government back in a short period of time. we're hearing at the moment, at least in the course of the last hour or two, it's likely to be a reopening of the government with border security. this is something the bipartisan group of senators who went to the senate floor to urge a deal yesterday have been talking about now for weeks. it looks like we're at this point, but i would caution nobody has signed off officially yet. that's the expectation of what the president might be announcing here in a short period of time, but nothing is
10:00 am
final, as you know, john, until the president actually says it's final. >> until the president says it's final. if he does say what you just said, that would be a major concession by the president. we'll watch this play out. breaking news continues with brianna keilar right now. have a great day. i'm brianna keilar live from cnn's washington headquarters underway right now. we begin with breaking news involving the latest indictment in the russia investigation. >> lock him up! lock him up! >> in the russia probe, trump associate roger stone left federal court in ft. lauderdale, florida just a short time ago after his indictment by special counsel robert mueller's team. stone is accused of coordinating with trump campaign officials about the release of stolen wikileaks e-mails,


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