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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  January 29, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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our time is up but people have to be carefulfrigid weather. you get frostbite quickly so watch this closely. thank you very much. to our viewers, tha thanks veryh for watching. erin burnett outfront starts now. next, contradicting trump. the nation's top intelligence chiefs repeatedly disputing the president's national security claims. why is the administration not on the same page about something so crucial? former starbucks krceo speaking out in an interview about taxes, immigration and whether a 2020 run will guarantee trump's re-election. roger stone pleading not guilty. john podesta is my guest. let's go outfront. good evening. i'm erin burnett.
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counter trump's intelligence. the nation's most senior intelligence officials testifying to congress today contradicting trump's claim about mayor national security threats to america again and again and again and again. take isis. >> isis is intent on resurging and still commands thousands of fighters in iraq and syria. >> we have beaten them and beaten them badly. they're all coming back and they're coming back now. >> talking about the troops. on top of this, the president's top intelligence add viviser released this report about threats facing the united states. on page 11 he continued on isis. it maintains eight branches. icy will continue to pursue external attacks against add ver sa -- adversaries including the united states. there's that. couldn't be more opposed to each other. take north korea.
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>> we assess that north korea will seek to retain its wmd capabilities and unlikely to completely give up its nuclear weapon and production capabilities. >> they have a process for getting rid of nukes. they will start immediately. >> okay. here's the thing. on page 8, it also continues. north korean leaders nuclear arms is criminal to regime survival. leaders like kim jong-un, the one trump is so friendly with. then take russia. >> not only have the russians continued to do it in 2018 but we've seen indication they are continuing to adapt their model and other countries are taking a very interested eye in that approach. >> i will tell you that president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. >> okay. then there was also this. they warned about the dangers of
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climate change. that's also in this report and in it they write climate hazards such as extreme weather, higher temperatures, drought, floods, and oceans are intensifying degrading infrastructure, threatening infrastructure, health and water and food security. yet when it comes to climate change, the president of the united states refuses to acknowledge it exists. >> do you believe in climate change? do you think it exists? >> there is a cooling and there's a heating. the icecaps were going to melt. they would be gone now but now they're setting records. >> no. the deep divide between trump and america's intelligence community is alarming. it's alarming on those levels and so many other issues. caitlin collins is live outside the white house tonight. this is a pretty stunning rebuke. the author on the front, daniel
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coates, wrichristopher wrey fro the fbi. it's the opposite of what the president said on issue after issue. has the white house responded? >> reporter: we asked the white house about what the director of national intelligence said about north korea, specifically. they got back to us with this statement from a spokesman saying quote, our goal is to achieve the final verified denuclearization as chairman kim committed to in singapore. one thing missing from that statement is the word irreversible. that's what we heard mike pom p pompeo say time and time again. what dan coates said throws cold water on the white house rosy assessment they will get the regime to denuclearize. a second summit could happen by the end of february. dan coates added his assessment is bolstered by what is
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inconsistent with what you would do if you were denuclearizing. we've known there's a gap between the president and his intelligence community. what we saw today is how deep that divide is between what the president tells reporters, the public and what information is being presented to him from the intelligence community. >> all right. thank you very much. starting with russian hacking of the election and seems on almost everything else. it couldn't be more clear. we observe activity inconsistent with full denuclearization. there's no ambiguity in this statement. it's the opposite of what the president is saying. i want to go to the chair of the house arms services committee. you see the report. you hear this testimony. do you think the president was listening to his intelligence chiefs today? >> i hope so. this has been a pattern since the president got into office. he says one thing and the intel community says the other. he has no facts to back him up.
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it's very disturbing that our president doesn't listen to his own init witel community and ev worse, he undermines their credibility with our adversaries and our allies. how can they trust us and work with us when the president who is in charge is contradicting the very people who he relies on. >> he does do so blatantly. what they did was incredibly blatant. they didn't say it behind closed to doors. they put out a report and contradicted he's said on these crucial issues. does that make you worried that they did it in public forum or does it give you reassurance that they are contradicting him publicly? where do you fall in. >> the whole thing is worrisome. it gives me reassurance they willing to say the truth publicly. this is not first time. over and over again they said we have no doubt russia meddled in our elections. the president has kocontinued t
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deny it. i hope the intelligence community continues to do its job and be driven by the facts and reality and not by the president's fantasy. it's good when they do that publicly. it's still a very worrisome situation. >> the senate majority leader today went to the senate floor and said he is going to offer an amendment that says u.s. troops need to stay in syria and afghanistan. mitch mcconnell crucial person to be taking him on. >> would acknowledge the plain fact that al qaeda, isis and their affiliates in syria and afghanistan continue to pose a serious threat to us here at home. >> is that enough? obviously he's with him on other issues. he is taking a stand here on the issue of isis and al qaeda and syria. >> i want people to understand the issue. the real problem with what the
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president is doing there's no facts behind it. he says things that are untrue like isis is defeated, we can go home. he makes the decisions without consulting anybody. pulling out of syria and afghanistan was done apparently even consulting the department of defense, certainly not our allies. there's an argument that can be made for reducing the number of troops in syria in afghanistan. i'm personally open to that argument. to do it in a tweet and to think you can do it in the blooiink on eye does not reflect reality. why is he withdrawing? just because three years ago he said we should or is there a policy behind it to achieve u.s. interests. having a huge military presence around the world is something that is concerning to me. if we can reduce that, i'm open to the argument but the president hasn't made an argument. he said let's get out. >> i want to remind everybody he lost highly regarded secretary
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of defense over that specific thing. jim mattis left bauecause of th. the president is saying he wants to bring troops home. it doesn't appear that he want a lighter footprint. i want to show you this picture. that's a close up of john bolton's legal pad in which he writes 5,000 troops to colombia. the president has spoken out and talked about military intervention in venezuela which jim mattis said we're not considering it. that was a while ago. now this is totally new, 5,000 troops to colombia. the white house response was all options are on the table. is that a decent option sending 5,000 americans to colombia? >> no. what are our national interests in venezuela. what is his explanation for the policy. this seems to be being made on whims and fantasies and no
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reality behind it. the idea we'll go in and do battle in venezuela over who should be running that country, i don't see a single u.s. national security argument for doing that. the president hasn't yet made one. >> yet in syria and iraq where there are those arguments, he wants to remove them. >> 5,000 troops would be more than in syria right now. >> roughly 2,000 in syria. there's an utter absence of policy behind the president's decisions and what he says. he doesn't seem to have a national security strategy. he has what he feels like doing when he gets up in morning. that's a very difficult way for the united states to achieve national security interests whether we're talking about in latin america or dealing with isis or afghanistan. we just want a clear, coherent policy. we don't have that from the president. >> all right. appreciate your time. next, the president's long time confidant roger stone pleading not guilty. sam nunberg is my guest.
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new tonight, roger stone pleading not guilty in court after being indicted by robert
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mueller. says he's innocent of making false statement, witness tampering and ob strstruction o justice. this comes as stone warns there's a speeding bullet heading for his head. >> this isn't about me, alex. it's about the president. they are coming for him. they want to silence me because i see the big picture. i worked for richard nixon. i saw that take down. it was very similar. this is a speeding bullet heading for his head. >> not mincing words there. i'm joined by sam nunberg, former trump campaign aide who says roger stone was his mentor. also with me assistant u.s. district attorney and sarah mur -- murray. let me start with you, sam. do you think he's right? should president trump be worried? >> i think he should be worried. i think robert mueller will lay
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out a case. it doesn't mean i agree with the case. he will say that the president knew that the russians had hacked these e-mails. not that the president was involved with it. people at the campaign. we have seen -- >> saying he was briefed and aware. >> had people looking into it and this was something ill gotten games to win the election. that's what i think is coming. >> sarah, in that context what sam is saying, roger stone pleadsed not guilty to mueller's charges. those are witness tampering, obstruction of justice, lying under oath. not yet including something like conspiracy. do you think it's possible there are more charges stone could face? >> it's possible. roger stone likes to point out there's no russian collusion, no conspiracy charge there. that is true. they still want to get testimony from andrew miller, a former associate of stone. that tells you they are trying
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to get testimony to bring more charges against roger stone. it tells you that mueller's team is more there and we wait to see what that might look like. they are looking through whatever they have gotten through the searches. >> they could still be looking and stone is the 34th person to be charged by mueller. the acting attorney general said out of turn, he thought the investigation was close to being completed. now trump supporter, trump transition, whatever he was, leader, chris christie, former new jersey governor says that this investigation is not done. here he is.
4:18 pm
>> matt, probably knows anybody else in the country other than bob mueller about it. to take word's matt's word for it. bob mueller doesn't feel to me like he's almost done. i don't think he's ending on roger stone. might be. >> could there be more indictments? >> there could be. we know there's certain leads that are out there. andrew miller is a grand jury witness. they're trying to compel. there's the mystery we talked about the foreign own corporation that's gone up to the supreme court. there's evidence in the stone search warrant. even though this is one of those every one could be true. even though the investigation is a mature investigation and many people have been charged and we may have less to come than has been already occurring in the past, at the same time there's so many open doors for investigation. it's hard to say it's ending like it's ending tomorrow. >> sam, one of the reasons that people keep saying this isn't done yet is something that's in the indictment of roger stone.
4:19 pm
the key par photograph, after the july 22nd, 2016 release by wikileaks a senior trump campaign official was directed to contact stone about any additional releases and what other damaging information. >> just to a senior trump campaign official was directed. who is more senior than a senior official? who are you talking about? that's either donald trump or donald trump junior. >> it could be president trump. i think having seen what rudy giuliani has done and i don't think he gets credit for this, sometimes i think he's doing it masterfully is laying the bar out saying trump tower negotiations may have started as early as the campaign started. that would be news to me. >> he starts it and gets the shock factor early so there's none. >> very quickly. every indictment that's reference someone that they have not been in that indictment has
4:20 pm
ultimately been indicted or cut a deal. roger was referenced in a previous indictment with the gru. i still think things are coming and the grand jury is still open. >> that is an interesting point. roger stone and he came on the show. hesitate like that's me. that was the person, whatever it was, person one. he assumed it was him and it was. now he is been charged. that's an interesting point sam makes. when stone was asked if he's expecting the president to reach out to him, i want to play for you what he said. this is interesting. >> no. i think he's lawyers would tell him it's a bad idea. my lawyers have told me not to communicate with him. he can watch the news and what he sees is truth. i'm not saying i'm covering up for the president, which some people have tried to say. i'm saying i won't make up lies
4:21 pm
about him. >> it seems like he's saying i'm communicating these media interviews with the president. >> yeah, he is. we have seen trump communicating with him through tweets. back in december there was the tweet along the lines of roger stone is standing strong and he's not going to say anything to hurt me or something like that. they are communicating with each other not in the classic sort of obstruction sense like a secret back channel that no one knows about. >> in this new world it's most public of all channels. >> right out in the open and people's lawyers in the future will say there was no secret communication. nothing was hidden but they are communicating in this way. >> sarah, it is interesting that thus far the president has already stood strong by stone. unlike say michael cohen where he did until he didn't. >> that's right. it's clear that stone is not cooperating with investigators. it's not even clear investigators want him to cooperate. there's a reason that these two guys have had this relationship that spans many decades. they can be very similar and i think that donald trump's this
4:22 pm
sort of defiance from roger stone and he likes that kind of a fighting spirit. i think as long as roger stone is out there insisting he is not ever going to testify against president trump and bring it on. i think the president will be happy. >> you remain he'll remain defiant? >> i think he will. i think roger's personality is he would love to have the quote, unquote political trial of the century. he will have a witness list. he will have a long, drawn out trial and as roger stone, donald trump, we believe that trials are made to be won. >> all right. thank you all. nc next, howard schultz speaking out to cnn about the backlash over him considering to run for the white house. >> people are worried and i understand that that potentially this could end up re-electing donald trump. >> but. and this former obama colleague
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4:27 pm
to my entire life. first company in america to provide comprehensive health care to part-time people. i know a lot about this issue. it's deeply in my heart. what i believe is every american has the right to affordable health care. i also believe that the affordable care act under president obama was the right thing to do to provide over 30 million people who did not have insurance to get insurance. now that we look back on it, the premiums have skyrocketed and we need to go back to the affordable care act, refine it and fix it. we need corporations to have more skin in the game and we must have self-interests and the lobbying efforts of the pharmaceutical companies come to the table with a level of transparency to lower the cost of prescription drugs. >> the price tag on it, whether you look at the numbers or 32
4:28 pm
trillion for medicare for all over a decade. >> senator sanders says if his plan, yes, you pay more in taxes for it. the health care savings that americans aren't spending private insurers are 2 trillion, you say. >> this is not true. >> i'm interested in what you would do and what you would propose as president for the roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants currently in the country. not just the dreamers. what would you do? >> i agree with the republicans completely that we need strict, stiff, border security. >> not a wall. >> not with a wall which is insanity. i agree. i also agree with the republicans, not the democrats that i.c.e. has a major role to play in this. republicans want to strip mothers from babies and put kids in internment camps.
4:29 pm
i think it's un-american for the dreamers to not have a pathway to citizenship. with regard to the 11 million people unauthorized, let them get in line, pay taxes, pay a fee and over time give them the opportunity to become americans. >> they remain under a schultz presidency, the 11 million undmed undm -- undocumented immigrants would remain in the country on a pathway to citizenship? >> correct. >> if you run, you take more away from democrats than republicans. we don't know. we don't know what that would be. i've looked a eed at the pollin to ross perot, we don't know. >> this isn't ross perot. >> if that's the final analysis that you pulled from democrats and president trump get a second term, would you lose sleep at
4:30 pm
night? >> that's not what i believe today. >> fascinating. that is a crucial question. you mentioned ross perot. you talked to him about michael bloomberg. someone who thought about running as an independent last time around against donald trump. >> my jaw dropped when he said this to me. he offered up to me, he said, if mike bloom buberg ran two years ago, i think he would have won. i said mike bloomberg didn't even think that. he looked a eed at the data and couldn't win. he said i disagree with that. he pointed to the polling with americans identifying as independent now. i then asked, if mike bloomberg jumps in the race does that mean howard schultz doesn't run. he says mike bloomberg has nothing to do with my decision to run or not. >> your full interview on your show tomorrow you'll see a lot
4:31 pm
more of this. excellent. thank you so much. i want to go to someone who will be in the center of the howard schultz decision. in the last section, it's getting at the heart of the anger out there. your former obama white house colleague tweeted one thing you can be sure of, the consultants who sign on with the howard schultz campaign will help facilitate the second trump term and will make enough men to keep them up with coffee. you say you're doing this for the money, what do you say? >> i will make less money in this than david axelrod made on the obama campaign. i'm helping out as an adviser.
4:32 pm
it's an awesome journey to be on. i'm here because i think he's a great guy and he has a great story to tell. >> he's there for the right reasons in your view? >> 100%. >> in an op-ed, the math never works. in the same way i would bet that ralph nader, or at least of his supporters wishes that he didn't want to make george w. bush president how they didn't make trump president. you know this better than anyone. trump's margin of victory. you remove stein you could make
4:33 pm
the argument that hillary clinton would be president of the united states. >> the big difference is they argument the two candidates were too similar. i don't think that's the problem now. howard schultz doesn't think that's the issue. he thinks the parties are so polarized and apart from each other that the majority of the american is what's together. he's going out and asking the question, is there a better way to help focus that energy. sdp y >> you say the problem is change. you couldn't unite the polls in one candidate. you're saying the whole is in the wide middle? >> yeah. i'm saying the politics is different and their motivations were different. he believes most americans agree on most of the big issues. >> the president wants shultz to get in because he thinks it will help him. he tweeted he didn't have the guts to be president. trump told the crowd that he was
4:34 pm
trying to get howard schultz into the race because he thinks he'll help him. >> it's hilarious. you have a president who is setting an awful tone on twitter. it's just taking everybody else down in the gutter with him. howard didn't respond to that tweet because he doesn't think that childish games deserves a response. he's not going to respond to a lot on the internet. >> people who don't respond get beaten like jeb bush or marco rubio. when you do respond like marco rubio, you look smaller when you do so. no one seems to figure out how to deal with him. you lose when you respond. you'll lose when you don't. >> it's so foolish we have to talk about it but i'm saying he is trying to elevate this debate. there's nothing more than him for beating donald trump.
4:35 pm
>> you can listen to the full interview with howard schultz on her cnn podcast and on her show tomorrow. all of that is tomorrow morning. the man whose e-mail was hacked by russia responds to roger stone's plea today. john podesta is out front. the shocking rise of measles in this country due in large part to people who do not vaccinate their children. how can this happen?
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tonight, quote, it might now be roger stone's time in the barrel. that is what hillary clinton's former campaign chairman john podesta says about roger stone. it was ron podesta's e-mails that were hacked by russia and leaked by wikileaks. roger stone wanted those e-mails out according to bob mueller's indict. the time in the barrel line refers to an august 2016 tweet that trump writes it will be podesta's time in the barrel. outfront now john podesta. this is his first interview since roger stone was indicted.
4:40 pm
i appreciate your time. i want to play for you what happened the other morning. it's sort of incredible moment captured live when the fbi arrested roger stone. here it is. >> fbi, open the door. >> when you saw that, what went through your head? stone was arrested and indicted. >> as i said in my washington post op-ed, vengeance doesn't run deep in my veins but i had a smile on my face then because i think stone has been lying for a very long time and i think it's finally caught up with him that the indictment that mueller and his team put forward is really devastating. it's relying not just on testimony from others who he might impugn but direct e-mails
4:41 pm
and tweets and texts that mr. stone sent to his con ffederate. i think he's in a whole world of hurt. i think that barrel he find himself in is about to go over niagara falls. >> in it john writes he's charged with false statements, witness tampering but not with conspireing with russia which is at the heart of the investigation. those charges are not in there. you got a firm to the investigation, russia hacked. you knew that. do you think it's possible that stone did not knowingly collude with russia? is it possible that charge isn't there because mueller doesn't think it happened? >> by the time trump campaign was directing him to get in touch with wikileaks, it was well known the russians had been behind the hacks at the dnc. >> that's true.
4:42 pm
>> i think, again, we has not charged with conspiracy but there's no question there was collusion going on and they were attempting even thoughing that russia was attacking the american democracy. they were teaming to encourage that to stimulate. mr. trump famously said pleaded with russia to try to hack hillary clinton's e-mails and we now know based on previous indictment from mr. mueller that on the very day he said that that russians went in and tried to hack her e-mails. >> you're sitting there during this campaign sort of embattled with the campaign. in the indictment, roger stone indictment, mueller says a person directed a senior trump campaign official. that's exactly the way he says it. directed the official to contact roger stone to get more dirt from wikileaks about hillary clinton. every one honing in on perhaps the most important sentence
4:43 pm
because it begs the question who could be more senior then a senior campaign official. this is the campaign you were facing off on. who is the person, do you think, that directed the senior campaign trump campaign official to do this? >> i think only mr. mueller and his team knows the answer to that question. if you're dreki indirecting sen official, there aren't very many suspects. whether that was mr. trump himself, don junior or somebody else, we don't know. i think we have to wait mr. mueller's final report to get the answer to that question. these grand juries are ongoing. the investigation is ongoing. i know acting attorney general whittaker says it's about to wrap up but we don't know that. again, we have to wait to see mr. mueller's even very me thods c -- methodical.
4:44 pm
he's gotten a number of guilty pleas. this was a culture of lying, corruption. i think the house of lies are really beginning to fall in on themselves. >> i want to ask you about the 2020 campaign. i don't know if you heard howard schultz. he was talking about medicare for all and why he will consider running. his political adviser was just on as well. question to you, should schultz run? >> no, i don't think he should run. i heard bill say he's not doing it for the money. i guess he's doing it because the weather is nice in seattle. i think mike bloomberg got this right. on a independent can't win. all he'll do is end up splitting the trump vote. i would think mr. schultz would rather have his legacy the fact he became a billionaire selling coffee than he helped get donald trump re-elected of the united states. >> when you put it that way.
4:45 pm
before we go, jeff is reporting that hillary clinton is not closing the door on running for 2020. do you think she would do it? >> she said, first of all, i love her. i wish he was president. she got three million more votes than donald trump. she said she's not running for president. i think this is media catnip. she's in puerto rico trying to help the people that donald trump abandoned. trying to bring some relief to the people of puerto rico. she's not running for president. we got a lot of great candidates out there right now. i think it will be a spirited one with a lot of great ideas coming forward. that's in the past and she said she's not running. >> thank you very much. good to talk to you.
4:46 pm
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new tonight, a state of emergency due to measles in the state of washington and it's because of people not vaccinating their children. the crisis in washington state 7.9% of children are not vaccinated and it may not sound like a lot, but it is because when it comes to vaccinations in order for an entire group to be safe you need to have herd immunity. 95% of the population must be vaccinated. 7.9% below 95% then vaccinated and people's lives are at risk. vaccines are safe and they save lives. this is back in 1962. look at that line. people are waiting to get the
4:51 pm
polio vaccine. those people knew if they did not get that vaccine, they could get polio and not ever walk again. diseases have been stopped with vaccines and people who do not vaccinate now, as i said, have been lulled into a false sense of security because of vaccinati vaccinations. by making a decision not to vaccinate, they are putting others at risk. dr. gupta is out front. what's happening in washington state, and these are outbreaks that have been happening in various pockets around the count country, but what's happening there is alarming. >> that was a good overview. the state of washington is in a state of emergency due to measles. look at this map here. clark county, you're going to see specifically. as you look at this, keep in mind that back in 2000 we had gotten rid of measles in the
4:52 pm
united states. to see any numbers at all is something that shouldn't necessarily be happening. we also know that between the time that someone is exposed to measles, one of the most contagious viruses on the planet, several days can pass. what can happen during those days? you can move around. we know many of the people who were likely exposed to the virus, they went to a basketball game, to hospitals, schools, stores, churches, restaurants. you can see why the state of emergency exists. now you have to figure out might you have been exposed. be on the lookout for symptoms because that's how you can keep this from spreading. oregon and washington state are both personal exception states meaning you can exempt from having the vaccine on your personal beliefs.
4:53 pm
7.9% of the population saying they're going to forego the vaccine. they're not going to get it because of personal beliefs. that's part of the problem. public health experts told me they could have predicted this happening in the northwest because of those exceptions some time ago. >> how do you get through to people? they look at a debunked study that linked a vaccine to autism and it's influencing people to make a decision which can hurt their own children and put the lives of others around them at risk? >> it was bad science. some say it was a lie frankly. we're talking about the wakefield study that found this link between autism and vaccines. it's not true. i've been reporting on this for a long time. people shouldn't hedge on this. people sort of sometimes, even people in the medical community equivocate a little bit. let me show you the results of
4:54 pm
an important study. they looked at lots of studies and basically over 1 million children were looked at trying to see if you analyze the data, is there a link? look at these sentences on here. no relationship between vaccination and autism spectrum disorder. we're running out of time. no relationship period with the mmr vaccine. it doesn't exist. that is not a reason you should not vaccinate your children. >> it isn't. i hope people hear that and take warning. thank you very much. >> thank you. next, tonight was supposed to be president trump's state of the union. instead, we got one from jean. these techs in a lab. this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians who do all of that.
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of the union, but he's got to wait a week, but we didn't want to make you wait a week so tonight we bring you the state of the union. >> since the state of the union is missing, we figure why not let regular people play the part of when the president goes up to the podium and says. >> the state of our union is strong. >> the state of our union is strong. >> the state of our union is strong. >> president's almost always say strong, though occasionally they dial it back. >> the state of our union is sound. >> the state of the union is not good. >> by the next year. >> the state of our union is better, but not good enough. >> what is thest state of the union today? >> a joke. >> chaotic and entertaining.
4:59 pm
>> chaotic and dismal. >> the state of the union is? >> unstable. >> president trump declared. >> the state of our union is strong. >> the state of the union is? >> weak. >> in grave danger. >> online some used gifts to portray the state of the union as fire. >> we're hang not guiling in th >> the state of our union is strong, but our economy is troubled. >> back before social media ronald regan didn't have to put up with comments like screwed with a glimmer of hope. >> it's messed up. >> in trouble. >> crap. >> crock. >> crock. >> someone even used space to describe our state. >> houston, we have a problem. >> apollo 13 made it back in one
5:00 pm
piece. so will our union, right? cnn, new york. thank you for joining us." . good evening. one of the president's oldest political advisers was in court today and it was a circus. this is a man who is proud to call himself a dirty trickster. now that roger stone is charged with lying in connection with that effort now that he represents a potential legal threat to his old friend the president, the president appears to be distancing himself and stone, who is portrayed as a wizard of the dark arts, is now painting himself as a victim after pleading not guilty to charges he lied to congress about the campaign and obstructed the russian investigation, he went