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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  January 31, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> he's bringing the world together. new evidence that russia is attacking the u.s. justice system. while that's going on president trump appears focused on how the justice system is treating his friend roger stone. the president told the daily caller he's looking at asking them to review their policies in the predawn arrest of roger stone in florida. stone was indicted on seven counts including obstruction of justice. the mueller team worried he might destroy evidence. the president thinks he knows better than the fbi. he says when you have 29 people, armored vehicles and all of the other -- you know -- many people know roger is not a person they would have to worry about from that standpoint. >> meantime the justice department alleging a pro russia twitter account targeted the mueller investigation, stealing nonpublic information from the team in an attempt to discredit the probe. joining us now, joshua green
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from bloomberg business week. jonathan martin from the "new york times" and laura jarrett, cnn justice reporter. there is a lot going on. it seems quiet on january 31, but there is a lot going on. one of the fascinating things is we are learning about the information that we know has now been put out by this pro russia twitter account is how they got it. i brought this up during a break. it's fascinating to me that they were pursuing this at all. they were fighting these charges against a number of people who were never going to be extradited by russia to face charges here. why go after them. could it be that they wanted to get their hands on information so maybe they could put it out there? >> absolutely. the special counsel's team hinted at that idea before. even within the justice department, bringing charges against concord would seem controversial. there were lawyers who thought
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maybe this should be an unindicted coconspirator. if they are a co-defendant they are entitled to discovery. here the evidence potentially goes into the hands of the kremlin and something like this disinformation campaign on twitter is something that's been uninterrupted though people have been indicted and face serious charges. they haven't seemed un detdeter by that. >> josh green, russia is attacking the russia investigation. the president is, in some way, offering a defense or expressing sympathy for a target of the investigation. roger stone. the president parroting what have been conservative talking points suggesting the fbi went in too hard when they arrested roger stone. what do you make of the president's words saying he might review the use of force here? >> it's par for the course for
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how the president has responded throughout the investigation. implying or often stating that he thinks something was unfair, was done wrong, shouldn't have happened. anything he can to discredit and undermine the investigation. we saw a lot of the same complaints when paul manafort's house was raided by the fbi. not the least from manafort himself. why so many agents and this upset my family. it is a way of trying to cast doubt on the integrity of the investigation with the hope that it might undermine a conclusion if the conclusion turns out to be negative for the president. >> we are hearing, too, now from lindsey graham who wants to know more about exactly what the protocol is, how things went down, why it went down like this. >> yeah. i think in the case of senator graham he obviously is facing a primary next year in south
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carolina. he made it clear that he wants to side with the president when he can. going forward that explains that. as far as the president, i think it largely depends on who the target is. right? if it's manafort or stone who indicated that they are not going to cooperate with the feds and they are not going to flip as the president puts it, then he tepnds to be sympathetic. if it's folks like cohn, his former attorney, who are cooperating with the feds he doesn't have a lot of sympathy for the nature of their arrest or indictment. it's much more hostile. so, look, if roger stone had come out of the courthouse the other day and said he was not going to cooperate -- now going to cooperate with mueller do you think the president would be concerned about him being woken up in a predawn raid? >> it's interesting.
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the president doesn't always express concern about law enforcement investigations. >> when have we seen him outraged about law enforcement tactics? with cohen he was outraged on twitter saying who raids an attorney's office even though there are justice department protocols to follow with such a search. he's outraged selectively. >> lindsey graham, the judiciary committee in the senate, it's their job for oversight. what will the fbi tell him in terms of when they decide to use that type of posture? >> the fbi will say this is what we do every day. this is what we do to protect our agents. i think there are fair questions to be raised about whether those are good tactics to be using in any case where there isn't a fear of violence. but those should be raised in every case, not just in the cases where it happens to be the president's former advisers,
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lawyers, fixers or campaign chairmen. >> not picking and choosing. >> no. >> that's an interesting angle. looking at what else we are learning, there were fascinating moments in the daily caller interview with the president. not just that, but the way he's looking at the investigations. you know, talking about the resources being used for the mueller investigation versus the resources, for example, in the las vegas massacre and that investigation. we should point out he was asked specific questions and he's answering them. he's not just pulling it up on his own. when you look at this, josh, it's fascinating to see that this president still can so quickly move topics and just craft his own message to make it fit whatever he thinks will be most appealing in that moment. >> that's what trump does. he does it especially in the mueller investigation. anything he can do to cast doubt on the integrity of the investigation, he's probably going to push.
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the one thing from the daily caller interview that surprised me was trump seemingly saying he's going to let this investigation continue. he's not going to interfere. to me that showed uncharacteristic restraint since trump generally doesn't miss an opportunity to take a punch when one presents itself. >> interesting. we should note the president is now five days without a public schedule. he's made a bunch of statements online. jonathan martin, there is one that's interesting to me. i feel as if kellyanne conway may want to see it. the president says, let's just call them walls from now on and stop playing political games. a wall is a wall. now there is a bipartisan group of members of congress trying to negotiate a deal to move forward on border security. the president worked so hard and kellyanne conway worked hard to stop calling it a wall. call it a barrier, steel slats, but not a wall. this morning the president is like, never mind.
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it's a wall. >> the 147th time he's undercut his own advisers. not surprising in that sense. it does speak to the nature of his presidency, the stream of consciousness, watching tv, responding to something he sees on tv. also the fixation he has on getting this wall which has become so self-reinforcing that he's boxed himself in now. it will be hard for him to do what i think a lot of folks thought he would do last year which is ultimately declare a victory somehow. get some money for border security and declare victory, call it the wall. most of the base would believe it was the wall if he sold it effectively. now he's gotten himself so wrapped up in this he may actually have to get some kind of a wall to call it a victory. >> he did both of those things in simultaneous statements. let me read what he wrote prior.
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he said large sections of wall have been built and much more either under construction or ready to go. renovating existing walls is a plan to properly secure our border. the wall is getting done one way or the other. on the one hand he's saying i have already won. making it easier to make a deal maybe. he beats himself up with the other hand. >> there's a 180. >> not a lot of consistency there. that hallmark of his com strategy. this is the whole thing. the democrats and republicans supported physical barriers, walls, fences, what have you, on the border for years and spent billions of dollar s appropriating money. it's not controversial. it's effective in some places. to his point there are parts of the wall already down there. yes, from a p.r. standpoint he could certainly sell it as a victory depending upon what he gets. you can get the photo ops on
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whatever new construction he gets appropriated. he seems to have created a dynamic where he's worried about a critique from his conservative allies if it's not seen as the wall. >> we saw the red line he drew before the meeting started saying this is a nonstarter, you shouldn't be in there. >> what does that mean? >> yeah. you make the point though in a new piece about when we look at what the president has, there is another shutdown looming. he actually has something else looming over him in terms of the arsenal this time around. >> one thing i laid out in the piece was the shutdown could get worse next time if he were to attach a debt limit increase which is everybody's worst nightmare. lindsey graham, the robin to his batman suggested it the other day. there are potentially bad
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outcomes if trump isn't satisfied with whatever is agreed and pushes us into another shutdown. >> i'll come back. >> fantastic. we have booked laura for the morning of the mueller report. great to have you here. thanks. >> thanks, john. millions across america waking up to historic, brutally cold temperatures yet again this morning. this polar plunge shattering record lows across the map. it's already being blamed as well for several deaths. ryan young is live in chicago off lake michigan. that's amazing, ryan. we see the steam rising off the water. it's beautiful, especially when we are not in it. >> it is beautiful. absolutely. we wanted to bring you this shot. we are not protected by the buildings. today feels colder than yesterday. but to step out to show you something. this is unbelievable. just to see this. the water temperatures are warmer than the air creating this steam coming off here. you think about this.
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lake michigan is one of the fifth biggest lakes in the area. this is brutally cold. the midwest is dealing with winter's punch. a brutal arctic freeze sweeping over nearly a quarter of the country bringing the coldest air in a generation to the midwest. >> it's freezing cold. my face, toes, everything. >> reporter: with a low temperature of negative 23 and a wind chill of negative 52, the windy city's temperatures lower than parts of antarctica and alaska causing ice breaks to blanket the river and a wall of ice steam to form along lake michigan and across the skyline. the dangerously cold weather showing its strength inside. >> the steam froze around the leaks in the front door. >> reporter: in minnesota, a wind chill of 65 below zero. these ultra marathoners crossed the finish line with their faces covered in ice. police uniforms frozen upright to show case freezing cold.
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residents in minnesota and michigan asked to turn down thermostats to conserve natural gas. meanwhile, snow squalls ripping through the north eeeast bringi whiteout conditions. this time lapse video showing a squall through new york city. lake effect snow creating blizzard-like conditions in upstate new york. dropping two to three inches of snow per hour in buffalo where temperatures dipped to negative 35. near rochester a 21-vehicle wreck brought this highway to a standstill. a snow squall to blame for this 27-vehicle pile-up near reading, pennsylvania. >> the snow is being driven perfectly horizontal. we couldn't see anything. >> reporter: first responders forced to brave the treacherous conditions. >> the temperature not only affects the manpower but also the hose lines freeze up instantly. >> reporter: firefighters in indiana covered in ice as they
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battled this house fire in negative 22 degree weather. you guys can see this now. it looks like it's more dramatic. the sun is rising. we're an hour behind you. when you think of people standing outside for long periods of time they are warning about the potential for frostbite. think about the folks trapped outside, especially even the homeless people. one of the things i read in the chicago tribune is a good samaritan bought 70 hotel rooms last night for some of the homeless people throughout the area. today now you have dozens of people showing up here around our location to take pictures. i'm sure they will be talking about the weather for quite some time. >> all right. good for those good samaritans. that picture is stunning. thank you to you and your crew. now go get warm. how cold is it and how long will it last? chad? >> it's record-breaking.
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we know that. . the old record in chicago was minus 12. we are at minus 21 now. it feels worse because the wind is blowing. feels like 34 below where he was standing. later tonight it will feel like 11 below. that's 7:00. the warmest part of the day for chicago around 6:00 central time. tomorrow, not as cold. three below will be the wind chill in chicago. then the warm air tries to get here. there will be a rub that happens every time we get brutally cold air and go from zero tomorrow and try to warm up to 41. it doesn't happen without consequences. we are going to get humidity that will go over this land. the land and the roads will likely zero degrees. six inches deep. when you try to get rain on top of a road that's below 32, you are going to get an ice event. rough, rough ice event. probably saturday morning into saturday afternoon depending on when the rain gets to you up
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here. a little bit more salt in the wound, if you don't mind. back to you. >> we always like that. chad, thank you very much. a number of candidates jumped into the democratic race for president. who was the announced candidate with the most twitter followers? you might be surprised. we'll talk to her next. gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet?
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the race for 2020 is on. the wide range of potential candidates includes several
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members of congress, a billionaire former starbucks ceo and our next guest who is the one with the largest social media following of any declared candidate so far. mary ann williamson, democratic candidate for president, bestselling author and activist. you are well known to millions who have read your books including "a return to love." some people who follow politics closely may not have seen you. i want them to get familiar with where you are coming from politically. you said we have a problem with the psychological fabric of the country as a low level emotional civil war has begun to rip us apart. in order to deal with it we must address it on the level of our internal being. that's on your campaign website. how does a president address this? >> we need a moral and spiritual awakening in the country. nothing short of that is adequate to fundamentally change the patterns of our political
5:21 am
dysfunction. there are many things we need to discuss, to name. we have an economic and amoral system. we have to discuss it. millions of american children live in chronic despair and trauma. we need to discuss this. we have layers of systemic racism that are left-overs from slavery. we need to discuss this. while we are good at preparing for war, we do not wage peace on the levels we need to. we need to discuss this. franklin roosevelt said the administrative aspects of being president were secondary. he said what matters is moral leadership. we need someone to articulate what's happening, the deeper levels of moral dysfunction. i have had a 35-year career in naming and transforming those dynamics. that's my qualification for the presidency at this time. >> your campaign has a number of proposals already. some very specific. you call for universal health care, medicare for all, permanent middle class tax cut,
5:22 am
free higher edge education including free tuition for public colleges. government support for children's services, establish a green new deal. all of these sound like many of the policies from the progressive wing of the democratic party. do you feel it's necessary to come up with a way to pay for these all? >> well, that's such a canard in this country. when you give 83 cents of a dollar to the richest among us nobody is supposed to ask how to pay for it. any time somebody want as war that turns out to be the biggest foreign policy blender in our history nobody asks how to pay for that. the truth is every dollar we invest in education is money we are investing in our economy. if you really want a vibrant economic system ten, 20 years from now, take care of your children today. our current economic system doesn't lead to a vibrant economy. when you have short-term profit
5:23 am
maximizations for huge corporations as the bottom line you allow market forces to replace democracy. you're not building a strong economy. we need to name that, see it for what it is. it is propaganda that serves avilled aristocratic system. you unleash the creativity of the american people. >> some of the policies, not dissimilar to what bernie sanders ran on four years ago. you supported him in the democratic primary. >> absolutely. >> why haven't you waited to see if he jumps in before declaring your own candidacy? >> i certainly agree with many of the things bernie sanders says, many of the things that elizabeth warren says. i'm having a more expanded conversation. it's like an int gray tif model of health and healing. you need more than external remedies. you need to address the issues that cause disease and help ameliorate it when it occurs. we need an integrated model of politics. the political conversation is so
5:24 am
stuck on externals but that's inadequate. we need to talk about the larger pan polyof what's pap ihappenin. you water the leaves of democracy and not the roots. i feel this conversation is the only one that's adequate to navigating and transforming. >> is that what you would do as president? is the conversation what you are promising? >> first of all, the bully pulpit of the presidency isn't to be undervalued. it is the consciousness of the president that drives policy decisions in domestic and international policies. underlying ways in which we are not addressing our deeper humanitarian and democratic values. our democracy and our capitalism has swerved off course from an ethical center. i believe, yes, it is the job of the president to name this. >> we have a short time.
5:25 am
you have specific proposals and policies. you are a candidate who believes african-americans should receive reparations for slavery. $100 billion paid in an annual installment of $10 billion. is this symbolic or do you think the money goes to a practical purpose? >> this is not symbolic at all. at the end of the civil war general sherman promised to every formerly enslaved person 40 acres and a mule. that would have given a formerly enslaved population an opportunity to reintegrate into free society. what happened instead of course was laws were passed in the american south to ensure sub-par social and political and economic opportunities for the former slave population. this was not addressed for a hundred years until the civil rights movement. while the civil rights movement
5:26 am
gave voting rights act although that was chipped away since 2013 and gave a lot of political opportunities that had not been there for the hundred years previous. it did not address the fact that we have not yet paid that debt. germany has paid $89 billion in reparations to jewish organizations since world war ii. reagan signed the american civil liberties act. we paid every surviving member who was interned during world war ii in the japanese internment camps $22,000. i believe a hundred billion dollars given to a council to apply this money to economic projects and educational projects of renewal for that population is a debt to be paid. until we pay it, we'll deal with these issues. >> you are not a novice to politics. you have been an activist for years and ran for congress in 2014. what do you see as the path to
5:27 am
victory here for the democratic nomination? do you think you can win? >> first of all, donald trump is president. this idea of predicting who can win, we should throw that out the window. >> fair. >> my strategy isn't strategy. my strategy is that i seek to speak as deeply, articulately and passionately as i can. what i see as the deeper truths confronting our nation, challenging our nation to live up to them. i'm speaking from the depth of myself to the depth of the american in all of us. this is not strategy. the whole strategic mind is part of the corruption of the political system. i'm not trying to figure out what to say to get people to vote for me. i'm seeking to have the conversation that i believe we need to be having. these are very serious times. we need to be very serious deep thinkers. i'm not trying to get shallow or superficial so people will hear me. i'm inviting the american people to get deep with me. it's time to address these times and transform them. >> we appreciate you coming on
5:28 am
and having the conversation. you're in iowa today. headed to south carolina. i know this is a real campaign. you have a campaign manager. there is a website with a lot of policies. we look forward to speaking again as the campaign season continues. >> thank you. i appreciate your having me on. >> erica? new clues in the attack on a television actor being investigated as a possible hate crime. what chicago police are saying about a surveillance photo next. liberty mutual accident forgiveness
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chicago police releasing photos of people of interest, people they say they want to talk to about the alleged racist and homophobic attack on jussie smollett. sara sidner is live in los angeles with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are learning new things. one, he was talking to his manager at the time of the attack. two, police put out pictures they are hoping the public can help them try to identify two people they would like to question. chicago police releasing these new images of people they want to question regarding the alleged racist and homophobic
5:33 am
attack against jussie smollett. police are calling them potential persons of interest. police making the pictures public after combing through hundreds of hours of surveillance video and expanding the initial search area for video. they have not yet found images of an assault, but police have found videos showing jussie smollett entering his building with what appears to be a rope around his neck. he's best known for his role in the series "empire" where he plays jamal, a black singer who is gay. ♪ >> reporter: in real life he's black and gay which may have been the motivation for a possible hate crime against him in chicago. authorities say the "empire" actor reported that the crime happened about 2:00 in the morning tuesday when two men got his attention by yelling out racial and homophobic slurs.
5:34 am
he told police the men began hitting him in the face and poured an unknown chemical substance on him. he added that at some point one of the offenders wrapped a rope around his neck. during a follow up interview police say jussie smollett told them something new. during the attack they uttered "this is maga country." he's out of the hospital and recovering. police hope to learn more about who the people on the surveillance video are. so far, more than a dozen investigators are working this case with the assistance of the fbi. now u.s. congressman from illinois bobby rush is calling for an immediate and sweeping civil rights investigation. >> again, the fbi is involved in the case. the pictures are very hard to see details. you can't tell the color of their skin. you know it is freezing in chicago right now, so of course they are bundled up. there are a lot of questions
5:35 am
that police are trying to answer, trying to figure out just who is behind this and trying to get the public to help. >> sara, thank you for staying on the story. so much more to learn. appreciate it. new evidence of a russian attack on the u.s. justice system. the president seems preoccupied. we'll get the bottom line next.
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virginia's democratic governor is facing backlash for comments made on a late-term abortion bill. the measure would have loosened restrictions on abortions during the third trimester of pregnancy. he was slammed after he said this. >> if a mother is in labor i can tell you exactly what would happen. the infant would be delivered. the infant would be kept comfortable. the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired. and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. >> florida senator marco rubio retweeted the comments adding this. i never thought i would see the
5:40 am
day america had government officials who openly support legal infanticide. nor northam was talking about medical treatment, not ending the life of a delivered baby. >> the justice department is revealing russia stole and spread nonpublic information about the mueller probe in order to discredit the investigation. despite that headline the president's focus is aimed at the tactics the fbi used to arrest roger stone. let's get the bottom line now with david gregory. david, good to see you. >> good morning. >> there is an element where you say, wow, look at this headline. this is crazy. this is exactly what we heard in the threat assessment on tuesday that we should be concerned that russia is still meddling and trying to exploit the discord in the country. the president is worried about roger stone. it's really not that surprising, is it? >> it's not surprising. in this particular case if you read the daily caller transcript, the president seems
5:41 am
like a bystander here. the reporter is asking him increin cre where he had bli leading questions saying isn't this outrageous? are you concerned about the militaristic fbi and their tactics? the president saying, that's a good question. i should think about that. i'll be darned. he loves to go along with someone aggressively in his favor. you see it over and over again. it doesn't detract from the larger point. the president with regard to roger stone is all too happy -- we were here a week ago when this was breaking. i remember saying at the time the president and his allies will say what are you doing bringing all that fire power to his front door to arrest him? it's going to look like overreach on the part of the fbi. the president is happy to play into that. and not to talk about the mueller documents and how they could be compromised and forwarded to other people. that's just something he's not been concerned about throughout
5:42 am
for fear, obviously of it proving the case against him. >> david, i love your assessment of the interview with the president. you spent so much time in the white house. don't you wonder what you could get him to say if you led him down a certain path? he'd agree to almost anything. >> he would. if you read the transcript of the daily caller, well, that's a good question and i have to think about that because i haven't thought of it at all and i wasn't aware of it. then he says, i really think you should play that question. it also shows that to him all of the world is television. there is no such thing as print media. you should play the question. that question is important and maybe other people will weigh in on it. it is a side note. it's not the president waking up to say, i will drive this. he's happy to agree with anything that would advance the question of unfairness about the mueller probe. his focus on stone, for example, he's not commenting on the
5:43 am
substance of what he's charged with. he may get to a paint where he said, yeah, these people were doing bad things and i didn't know. it's easier to create doubt about how and why things were done when it gets to, oh, you got him on lying, obstruction? there's no underlying crime. that's what he'll continue to focus on. >> so we have you here for the bottom line. one of the big issues in the country is will the government shut down again in 13, 14 days? we talked to members from both parties who are part of the meeting, the gang of 17 trying to hammer out a deal. they spoke in really soothing tones. >> yes. >> like they are working very hard to come up with a solution. is there reason for hope here, david? >> look, i think there is. i think if you are the president, whatever penalty he pays for the shutdown in the polling. if there is anything that endures and i'm not sure there will be lasting blowback against him. he has made this issue that's
5:44 am
central to his campaign and how he thinks a front-burner issue again. he's got a real opportunity to get some kind of funding for some kind of barrier, slash wall, slash, steel slats, whatever. democrats have to look at it as an opportunity for a long-term deal on dreamers. think there is an opportunity for this. i don't know if it's at the level he wants. it may not be at the level democrats want. i don't think either side -- i heard jonathan martin make this point earlier. democrats have supported a wall. there is already a wall. there are already barriers. they can't make it simply a moral issue when they have been for this in the past. i think there is room to negotiate here based on a president who made this argument in a campaign and got elected on it in part. >> david gregory -- he speaks in soothing tones like the appropriators needing to fix this. >> you're in the bob ross club. we have deemed that the bob ross voice. >> happy little clouds.
5:45 am
david gregory, thank you very much. so you have heard democrats push medicare for all. dr. sanjay gupta tells us what it is and how much it could cost next. >> first, how your diet can boost your immune system? today's food as fuel from jacquelyn howard. studies linked having good gut health with boosting immunity. all natural yogurts are a good source of probiotics. garlic can have a powerful effect on your immune system. it is a source of selenium which is good for cell damage. it can be found in broccoli, sardines and enriched breads. go for bone broth. broths like the one in chicken soup can help ease symptoms of infection. to keep your immune system strong think zinc. zinc can be found in seafood like oysters which are high in the mineral. of course, vitamin c.
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several 2020 democratic candidates and some potential ones are talking about medicare for all, pushing this health care plan. what exactly is it and just how much could this free care actually cost? cnn's chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta joins us with more. good morning. >> good morning. a couple of years ago medicare
5:51 am
for all was considered a fringe idea, only being pushed by senator bernie sanders. now just about every democratic hopeful is looking at medicare for all as their health care idea of choice. >> i feel very strongly that we need to have medicare for all. >> it could be medicare for all. >> that's what medicare for all is all about. >> reporter: what exactly is medicare for all all about? depends who you ask. medicare which has been around since 1965 is the government-run health insurance program that primarily provides americans, 65 and older, with basic health care coverage. covering hospital stays and doctor visits. put similarly this program would expand medicare to everyone? >> it would provide essentially free care to patients when they go see a physician or go to the hospital. >> reporter: kenneth thorpe isn't a politician. he's a professor of health policy and management at emery university. >> free sounds wonderful.
5:52 am
who doesn't want free care? but the reality is in order to finance this people are going to have to pay more in taxes. >> health care in america must be a right, not a privilege. >> reporter: bernie sanders introduced the medicare for all bill in 2017. in his bill, health care is covered by taxpayers with no out of pocket costs at the time of service. even for vision and dental. just co-pays for some prescription brand name drugs. all of that while providing access to everyone and, he says, dramatically reducing costs. it is worth taking a closer look at the numbers. in the united states in 2017, we spent $3.5 trillion on health care, nearly double what other high income countries pay per capita. blame administrative costs, prescription drugs, lots of tests and procedures, and not enough preventative medicine. change that and sanders believes
5:53 am
we could cut health care spending from $3.5 trillion to $1.4 trillion a year. >> those numbers dramatically underestimate the increased spending associated with providing everybody free care. >> reporter: both the conservative leaning mercades institute and a left leaning institute estimated a medicare plan for all would cost $32 trillion in new federal spending and taxes over the next decade while saving only $22 trillion in the private sector meaning sanders' plan needs to come up with funding for another trillion a year. many will pay less in premiums, but many will pay more overall in taxes. it's something billionaires michael bloomberg and howard schultz who would be most affected by the tax hikes have railed against. >> what the democrats are proposing is something that is as false as the wall.
5:54 am
that is free health care for all in which the country cannot afford. >> it may have been milton friedman who said if you want to understand how expensive something is, make it free. does that apply here? >> absolutely. what sounds free has got to be paid for. >> when you look at all of that, it's worth pointing out there is significant support for a medicare for all program. people will get more details. look at the most recent polling data from this month. 56% in favor, 42% opposed. when you call this medicare for all. if you remind people that it might mean you will lose your private insurance the numbers flip. 58% oppose, 37% in favor. then if you also say this is probably going to mean a tax increase for everybody because it's not just income tax, it's payroll tax, sales tax, look at the numbers. 60% then oppose. this will evolve over the next several months for sure. >> it is. sanjay, good to see you.
5:55 am
thank you. >> great discussion to have this entire campaign season. "the good stuff" is next. eate ar visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at
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yeah! now business is rolling in. heartburn and gas? ♪ fight both fast tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums tums chewy bites with gas relief >> announcer: "the good stuff" brought to you by tums. fights heartburn fast. it is time now for "the good
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stuff." a man from washington state came across a military bag at an estate sale. it reminded him of his forther w -- father who served in the national guard. he found inside two dog tags and a military id. >> i could hear my dad telling me you have to get this back to him. >> reporter: he tried to hunt down the owner on facebook. when a newspaper ran a story on the discovery the men did connect. dennis who lives in california had no idea the bag still existed. >> i don't know what to say. thank you, jeremy, i appreciate it. >> it's a piece of his history. it's nice that jeremy took the time to make the connection. >> great story. i love "the good stuff." >> at the very end of the show after all the other stuff. >> there's even more good stuff coming at the top of the hour on
6:00 am
"cnn newsroom" with poppy harlow and jim sciutto. >> we're glad you are with us. after hounding his first attorney general out of a job and calling the russia probe a witch hunt more times than we can count. president trump is alleging he won't interfere in the report and taking credit for not shutting it down. the president says i could have gotten involved in this. i could have terminated everything. i could have ended everything. i have chosen to stay out of it. but i had the right if i wanted to to end everything. he goes on to say i could have said that's enough. many people thought that's what i should do. >> many people disagreed as well. as for the fate of mueller's eventual findings the president says, quote, they will have to make the decision within the justice department which is likely to be headed soon by the


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