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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  February 1, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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a reminder don't miss full circle our daily interactive newscast on facebook. you can get all the details and watch weeknights 6:25 p.m. eastern at cooper full circle. news continues. i want to turn things over to don lemon and "cnn tonight." hello, everyone. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. and i wish i didn't have to talk about this tonight. i wish we didn't have to talk about the racist part of yet another american politician. another of our leaders who publicly traffic in racism, who proudly wore some of the most offensive symbols in our nation's history. and i wish we didn't have to talk about this on the first night of black history month. maybe it's good we're having this discussion. our history is full of americans who were proud to parade their racism publicly. the evidence is right here in
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black and white, a page from a 1984 medical school yearbook of democratic governor ralph northem of virginia, showing a feteo of two people, one in black face, one in a kkk hood robe. governor northam admits he's one in that picture. the governor put out a statement tonight. >> that photo and the racist and offensive attitudes it represents does not reflect that person i am today or the way that i have conducted myself as a soldier, a doctor and a public servant. i am deeply sorry.
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i cannot change the decisions i made nor can i undo the harm my behavior caused then and today. >> so here are some important points. first, he apologized. he didn't resign, though. there's another thing the governor knew about this picture. he says he made the decision to appear in it. it is part of his past, and it's not so distant past. this was a yearbook from 1984, not 1954. he was 24 years old, in medical school. there's no way he didn't know what he was doing when he posed for that picture. a picture that is a slap in the face to americans of color. quite frankly to every american. this matters -- this should matter to every single one of us.
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none of us can forget what happened in virginia in charlottesville in 2017. white supremacists, neo-nazis marching in the streets. counterprotester heather heyer murdered, mowed down. none of us can forget what the president of the united states said. >> you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides. you had people in that group -- excuse me, excuse me. i saw the same pictures as you did. >> i think that is why it is so important for the president to emphatically say once i did something really terrible, and it shouldn't happen, but it didn't. he had to do the whole on both sides thing. on both sides. there are certain situations, and you hear me talk about it all the time where there are -- there's no both sides. there's no both sides to racism. there's no both sides to sexism.
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there's no both sides to fact or nonfact and reality and nonreality. there's no both sides to a truth and a lie. there's no both sides to this. and when i saw it, quite frankly i wasn't surprised. if anybody out there, if all the folks who went to high school with me around the time 1984 -- i was a senior in high school in 1984. that is not shocking to me. people did that in 1984. it was not right. they thought it was funny. they laughed and again they paid no consequences because that's the way things were. and it was not so long ago. so all of these people who are either i feigned shock or surprise or if you're really shocked or surprised, you have been living in a bubble. because this was the reality especially for people like me in louisiana and in southern states. i can't speak for the north, but this is not shocking. people did this all the time. and i know there are a lot of people out there who have got some photo worry going on. oh, my gosh, what is going to pop up with me right now.
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i know friends who's got photos of me and i wouldn't want -- listen, kids do stupid things. they take photos. they do dumb things. but this is more than dumb, this is racist. and if you don't -- if you're making an excuse for this, say, oh, this is what happened when this person was young, they were in high school, they were in college, they were in medical -- they were a young person. if you're making an excuse for it, you need to check yourself. you remember that when i said black face was not cool then. we were talking about a major news anchor -- this is why people are so upset because they think that it was okay, but it wasn't. it deeply hurt people like me. deeply hurt people like me. so if you even thought it was okay or you're somebody like ralph northam, then you owe people a huge apology.
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ralph northam talked about trump's both sides remarks one month later. quote, i regret the president of this great country of ours did not denounce what they were there for. he didn't call it out and talk about charlottesville. he didn't call it for what it was. racism is not just something from our collective past. just last week florida secretary of state michael irdle resigned after photos of him at a party in black face as a katrina victim were publicly revealed. that was last week. governor northam has apologized, but is that enough? a lot of top democrats, members of his own party, well they don't think so. senators kirsten jill brand, elizabeth warren, swalwell, castro, have all called on him
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to resign. and the virginia house democratic caucus is having a conference call right now to discuss this situation. democrats who have called out president trump for his racist remarks cannot try to sweep this one under the rug just because ralph northam is one of their own. like i said, i wish we didn't have to talk about this, but the evidence is right there. in black and white. or i should say right there in blackface. sarah snider joins us now with more. hi, sarah, good evening to you. >> look, the democratic governor of virginia is having to answer a question i don't think any governor or any politician would want to answer in the 21st century. are you the guy in blackface or are you the guy wearing the kkk robes? that is question he needs to answer.
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he's admitted one of the people in that photo is him. the picture is from a 1984 yearbook, when he was at the eastern virginia medical school. he was an adult. he was somewhere around 25 years old when that picture was taken. here's more of what he said after admitting indeed one of those photos, either the guy in blackface or the person wearing the kkk robes, if indeed is him and here's how he responded to some of that. >> i accept responsibility for my past actions, and i am ready to do the hard work of regaining your trust. i have spent the past year as your governor fighting for a virginia that works better for all people. i am committed to continuing that fight through the remainder of my term and living up to the
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expectations you set for me when you elected me to serve. >> so what you heard there was that he is planning on continuing his term and not resigning. that's what's happening right now in the hours after this came out. i want to mention something else that just came out. there's this. there is a yearbook photo from his time when he was in college in 1981 when he was going to school at the virginia military institute. you'll see the picture there. now underneath that picture it says what are his nicknames. and one of his nicknames is goose, and the other nickname is coonman. you know that's one of the most insulting characters from the jim grow south. there's something in that mind that made that okay, because three years later he's pictured either as a person in blackface or a person wearing kkk robes.
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if you're one of those folks that thinks racism is not a part of america's fabric, our politicians keep on giving you a clue that it certainly, definitely is, don. >> and do you have more reaction from both democrats and republicans tonight? what do you know? >> so we are hearing -- we heard first from republicans and this was actually first put out, the picture of him from 1984, by a republican, conservative website. here is what we heard from republicans and the republican party there in virginia. basically they talk about the fact that racism has no place in virginia, that these pictures are wholly inappropriate. if governor northam appeared in blackface or dressed in a kkk robe, which by the way he has admitted he is one of those things, he should resign immediately. that was followed up by some heavy hitting democrats. tweeting out that leaders are called to a higher standard and the state of racism should have no place in the halls of government. the governor of virginia should step aside so the public can
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heal and move forward together. we're also hearing from congressman eric swalwell, julian castro. we're hearing from many democrats who are saying you know what, you've got to resign. you can't stay there. but the two republican senators have not called for him to resign, not directly anyway. they've called for him to think about it, to think about what to do next. and they decry what he said, but certainly there are plenty of democrats now who are piling on this governor to walk away. that this is not okay and you cannot survive this. we will see what happens, don. >> there's a lot of photo worry, yearbook worry going on out there because there are people who have other pictures like that. trust. so this a second major controversy facing the governor this week. this photo surfacing follows remarks he made about abortion. >> yeah, and that certainly
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sparked a lot of reaction out of virginia and elsewhere. he was on a radio show, governor northam was appearing and discussing late term abortion. and he said something like the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and family desired and then a discussion would ensue between the physician and the mother. and a lot of people took that would say okay the baby is still alive and you're talking about killing a child that's already been born. a huge outcry from that. so he's already faced quite a bit of criticism there. but this is something that he is going to have to face in a different way because his own party has come after him with guns blazing, and the public is starting to see some of these pictures. there really isn't any good explanation, i don't think. but certainly he needs to answer a few questions about this. and there are a lot of people, republicans and democrats, who are saying you have to resign. we will see what happens with
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him in the next 48 hours, and as you said there is a phone call going on right now amongst democrats as to what they are going to do in light of these pictures coming out. not new pictures. pictures from 1984 or pictures from 1981, but certainly pictures that give everyone pause as to whether this person should be in any position of political power. >> sarah, thank you so much for that. sarah mentioned a phone call wasn't the only phone call that has been going on. there's a phone call between lieutenant governor justin fairfax and governor ralph northam. a spokesman that fairfax would likely not weigh in tonight on the racist controversy involving governor ralph northam. did not provide any insight into their call. if we get more information on that, we'll bring it to you. a lot to talk about. bakari sellers, april ryan, we'll dig into it next.
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we're back now with our breaking news. growing calls tonight for virginia's democratic governor ralph northam to step down. he pall juls for being one of the people in this photo you see there. on his page in his medical school yearbook from 1984. he's apologized tonight again saying he's deeply sorry. is that enough? april's the author of "under fire, reporting from the front
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lines of the trump white house." hello. >> hey there. >> glad you're all on. i just -- bakari, we've been texting. are you shocked? >> am i shocked, no. not at all. i think that racism is a part of the fabric of this country. i think that, you know, and it belongs to both democrats and republicans alike. my trouble that i have here is that you have a man, a grown man who is 25 years old who won't admit which one of them he was. we don't know if he was the one in blackface or wearing the kkk garb.
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that's one issue you have. the other issue you have is one i take a greater concern with which goes to the systemic racism in our country that there was a medical school and medical school students who thought this was appropriate to put in their yearbook. when you have these things in collective he should resign, and we should continue to have serious discussions about race in this country. but for all of us on this panel are we surprised? no. are we exhausted? yes. >> you have been reporting on this story. what are you learning? >> a lot of folks particularly black lawmakers are in wait and see mode. there's a 7:00 emergency meeting called with these black lawmakers. they've been talking all day. some of these conversations some of these folks had with ralph northam he apparently is telling folks he doesn't remember which one he was in this photo. he doesn't remember the details. he has obviously since then released a statement, the apology and then that video. and a lot of people find that video lacking. they want to see what he does next. they want to see if there's some sort of press conference, if there's any sort of full discussion of this. because there's so many
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questions. if you think about him being 25 years old, really i think displaying perhaps a pretty deep level of racism, perhaps a deep hatred of black people, right? you think about somebody putting on a kkk costume and using that as sort of a presentation of who they are as a medical student at 25 years old. and here you have essentially saying that isn't who i was subsequently. what kind of work did he do subsequently to turn away thinking that was okay to do when he was 25? those are the questions i think a lot of black lawmakers in particular are waiting for answers on. and bobby scott in virginia, is he going to weigh in on this? you had the richmond mayor weigh in on it and say he should resign. and black lawmakers so far have basically said they see this as a complete betrayal, and they don't have any permanent friends or permanent enemies, only permanent interests. and the question is will they
11:20 pm
see it in their interest at some point to call him -- >> it's certainly who you are and how you feel about people of color, but it also shows a deep level of ignorance as well. listen, tara, people are calling for him to resign. we know politicians of different types, steve king, we were just talking about him who had to resign last week being a katrina victim. all those things. but this is whole other level -- another level of ugliness and bigotry and hatred. should he resign? >> absolutely. i mean, there is absolutely no way in this day and age, in the climate we're in, with the president we have, in what happened in charlottesville in
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the very state northam is governor of, that you could possibly remain in office. besides the fact it is utterly unacceptable, there's no explanation in my opinion for someone in 1984, 20 plus years after the civil rights act, still thinking it's okay not only to dress up like this, take a photograph like that and submit it to a yearbook as a representative of who you want to be remembered as. that tells me a whole lot about your upbringing, your values, what you think is acceptable. and to mia's point, what has he done in the last few years to have a come to jesus moment and renounced nothing. today my mom and i went to see green book, and i'm even more riled up because it was a reminder of the jim crow south and what black americans had to go through and the disgusting n
11:22 pm
inequities -- just not that long ago. in my mom's lifetime. she's 64. so you can't tell me that ralph northam didn't know exactly what he was doing and didn't find anything wrong with this. clearly he didn't. so the crocodile tears tonight is not acceptable. and not only that, no democrat worth their salt is going to stand next to this guy in a state like virginia where i live, i'm a resident of virginia, during the next presidential election coming up, they're not going to stand up next to them. virginia is a key state. if you go after donald trump for his racism and bigotry there's no way you can not call for ralph northam to resign. they called for al franken to resign. how could they possibly let him standby and get away with this? >> i don't think he can. number one, you've got republicans who are going to be relentless on this. i'm hearing from my sources that they are already strategizing. democrats are very upset. and you have a community -- i was in charlottesville two
11:23 pm
nights ago at the university of virginia, uva, and people were still fighting back after charlottesville. not the noun for the town, but charlottesville now is the noun about racism, the fight against racism. and people were upset about that night or those nights, that august with the riots and the death of that woman who was protesting for the good, not for the bad. and then they were talking about how the klansman had just come back with their sheets, you know, during the summer. and then you have your governor turn up with a picture in the yearbook with the get-up or in blackface. and it's unacceptable. it's one thing to say it happened in this yearbook, in the medical yearbook.
11:24 pm
but guess what, he did it a couple of years prior too, saying he was called coonman. when did the light shine in damascus, that's what i want to know. if you want to go to church, let's go to church. but here's the deal, this happened twice. not once but twice. >> that we know of. >> so who is he? >> he is grown, right? >> 25 years old. >> -- need to stop making the brett kavanaugh comparison, which some people are trying to do. no, there's no freaking comparison. brett kavanaugh was in high school -- >> brett kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault. that's something different. >> right. that was high school. this is medical school -- >> 25 years old. you mentioned congressman bobby scott.
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past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. okay, so everyone's back with me now. you mentioned it, i want to just read it. it says virginia congressman bobby scott issued the following statement regarding virginia governor ralph northam. it is never easy to condemn a personal friend. i know the governor has dedicated his life to public service.
11:29 pm
i take him at his word that he is deeply sorry and that he understands that his behavior was inappropriate and offensive. history will have to judge his life and public record, and his chapter will be a major stain on that record. the governor must now make the right decision that is best for the commonwealth of virginia. what is that right decision? what is he saying? >> i think the most important of that statement is the last part. they're basically giving him room to make the right decision, which i think at this point folks are saying he should resign. you had a similar statement from mark warner. they're sort of giving him a room in respect. but this is all but calling him to resign. i think that's the inference in particular from that last statement. also when he says i know he's had a good record in terms of public service, but it's sort of not enough at this point. that's how i read that statement and translate it. >> all right. standby, you guys.
11:30 pm
joining me on the phone is julian castro. the first 2020 presidential candidate to call on governor northam to resign. he's apologized. does he deserve that chance? >> well, i think that he can have that chance. what he does not necessarily deserve is to remain in a position of trust and authority, which is what the governor's office is. you know, what i said is that no matter whether somebody's a republican or democrat, that kind of behavior was racist and inexcusable. and if we're going to ensure that these types of things don't continue to happen in our country, then we need to hold people accountable for their actions. and this happened when he was in medical school. he wasn't, you know, in high
11:31 pm
school or younger than that. he was an adult. it happened in 1984. in 1984 jessie jackson was running for president of the united states. and so 1984 was not, you know, 70 years ago. so i'm happy that at least he has apologized and that he recognizes that what he did was wrong. and i do think, of course, that there's the opportunity to understand and accept his apology. but i also believe that that's separate and apart from him continuing in a position of trust and authority, which is the governor's office. so i hope that he does resign. >> can i just get you to just -- little bit clearer about democrats who think that northam -- there are democrats and there are also republicans, there are people who think that he can survive this, that he should go on and continue to be governor. and they say, hey, look this was
11:32 pm
a long time ago, he was a young man. i wouldn't want my past being investigated like this. where does it end? >> well, i mean, the only thing i can say the way i think about these things, you know, i would distinguish between perhaps somebody who did something when they were 15 years old and 16 years old and somebody who was in their late 20s who was a grown adult. and also this happened in 1984. this wasn't 1954. in addition to that, he never brought it up before. it may have been different if he had affirmatively come forward at some point in the last 35 years and said, look, this happened, i messed up. you know, i'm a different person
11:33 pm
now. i see that this was wrong. instead, a journalist had to go find this in a library of that medical school. otherwise, we wouldn't even know about it. and so those are the things that i look at in thinking through whether he can maintain the trust and the authority that goes with the governor's office. >> thank you, sir. i appreciate your time and your perspective on this. it's very important. we appreciate it. please come back. >> good to be with you. >> you as well. let's bring back in our experts here, people who dealt with this, right? five folks of color here. bakari, let me ask you i think julian castro made a good point about not addressing this in 35 years. i know a lot of people who did some awful, awful things to me and to people i know then in the '80s when i was in high school
11:34 pm
and college. never said a word, never apologized. can barely look you in the eye when they see you now. does that -- what does that mean? what does that mean for people like northam and for people -- mostly for people like us who are looking for the larger culture to come to a realization about racism and historic racism and how to deal with it? >> i mean, that's a tough question. i'm only 34 years old. i don't believe i have the audacity -- i don't believe i was born when he took this picture. what i do know for a fact to add a bit more context to what julian castro just said, not only was jessie jackson running for president, but also doug wiler was running for president right there in the state of virginia. so there had to be some sense of awareness to that going on. to the larger question you just asked, the fact i think there are a lot of people in this country who are still having trouble grasping a couple of things. one, what exactly did he do wrong, it was 30 years ago, it should absolve him. it does not.
11:35 pm
it was despicable. it does not absolve him because of the length of time that has passed. that's first. second thing is, again, you cannot avoid the fact this is somebody who was a medical professional. and when we talk about systems of oppression in this country and how it trickles down, you have to look at the fact that a medical professional who's treating people of color every day, you have to understand and think about the biases they have when they're ignorant enough to believe that wearing blackface or a kkk garb is appropriate in an adult age where they're learning how to treat you. so those biases they seep all the way down. so when you have issues of disparity in health care, this is why those issues exist. and it is disheartening to believe whether or not you're democratic or republican, i think republicans really have a leg to stand on either.
11:36 pm
because if you supported cory stuart in virginia you just need to shut the hell up as well. but the fact of the matter is this man does not even know if he was the man in blackface or the kkk garb -- >> i don't believe that. >> he doesn't admit it. they're both equally as horrible. >> i've got to go. i'm out of time. i just want to say that we need to have these -- these conversations are not hard for me. they're not hard for people like you who are up on the screen. they're hard for a lot of other people. but you need to have those conversations. if there is something in your past that you're concerned, that you did or not sure about, talk to someone like us. and you're saying no, tara. >> i'm saying, don, this is not so far in the past. cory stuart came within one percentage point. cory stuart became the senate candidate in virginia last year. >> you're right. >> so there's still a
11:37 pm
considerable amount of acceptance of this racism. >> to not hide behind the statement, to hide behind a video where he's like i'm sorry, i'm a good person now, i'm sortry the pain i caused, is it stepping down coming on don's show and taking questions from all of us. they are noticing what the conversation is around this governor at this point, but there is northam sort of hiding at this point from the public, from the press in this crisis moment. also saying that he should still maintain power, right, without being -- without facing any questions. >> i've got to run. >> don, really fast. >> i can't, april, sorry. >> don. >> okay, go on. >> really fast. remember the governor of alabama who was very racist and he on
11:38 pm
his deathbed decided to say i'm sorry? well, he knew better that the time. yes, governor george wallace. so he knew better at the time. and when it came time for him to possibly meet his maker, he said i'm sorry. this virginia governor knew it was wrong when he was a teen, when he did the coonman. he knew it was wrong when he was 25, but he knows it's wrong now especially as virginia is grappling with issues of race following charlottesville. >> it's not courageous when you get caught. >> who does that? let's be honest, we can't even get our own to come on our show when they face controversy. they go on entertainment shows and face people who don't look like us because they know the questions aren't going to be as hard. where's the lie, bakari? >> you're not telling a lie.
11:39 pm
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new jersey senator cory booker joining a crowded and diverse field of democrats vying for the white house. both booker and senator kamala harris are embracing race in a way that has never been seen before in a presidential campaign. let's bring in now nina turner, tiffany cross. good evening to all of you. so i cannot let this go by. i want to talk about -- we'll get to lof that, but i want to get your response what you think of this news about governor northam. first to you, tiffany. >> i was watching the last
11:44 pm
panel. i was telling you i was screaming in the make-up room. this is nothing new. i think there's this false narrative where people think these kind of systems of white supremacy only exist on the right. and i think for those of us who have been on the left side of things and have been working in progressive movements and have worked with and in the democratic party, this is something that permeates all across areas of politics and society. it's not exclusive to any party or any side of the aisle. so i like you, don, at the top of this show you said this is not surprising. of course this is not surprising. this is not anything, you know, that made us think something like this couldn't happen in virginia of all places. i do think, though, it's really interesting if governor northam steps down, that you have a state like virginia who's obviously a very important state in the battleground, that you'll have a state like virginia that will be the only state in the country that will have two african-american governors serve, and i do find that interesting. but this 100% not a surprise at all. >> nina, what do you think? >> damn shame, don. and i'm going to keep this as pg as i can, but i'm about to jump
11:45 pm
out of my skin. let me tell you something this same governor just last year, just 2018 and democrats didn't say a word when there was a labor union there that told this governor that if you don't take justin fairfax's picture off your literature that we're paying for, we're not going to support you. go check the record on that. that just happened in 2018, so it should be of no surprise that this governor has done this. and furthermore, back to what my sister said, you know what? this is outrageous in every single way, and it does happen on the left a whole lot. and it reminds me of some words that the reverend dr. martin luther king, jr. had to whites, and don there's two books i know you've been doing bedtime stories for these folks on the show. i recommend they read a book called "white rage" by carol anderson and how to be less
11:46 pm
stupid about race by dr. crystal fleming. otherwise, this governor has to go. he needs to go really quickly, and the left as my sister just said, they need to get a clue because racism is in the dna of this country and we are sick and tired of it. and one more point, don. this governor needs to apologize to black folks first. all that okie doke he was just talking is bs. he needs to straight up apologize to black folks who were dehumanized, ridiculed. this country was built on the blood, and sweat and tears of black folks. no, apologize to black people first. >> i agree with senator turner. if he's not in a black church on sunday begging for forgiveness, he may at that point have thrown in the towel. i reality is i can't see how this administration continues. this is not like being a judge where you're sort of removed, you've got guards, the public
11:47 pm
doesn't have real access to you. you can't governor a state like virginia from hiding. he's going to get an earful. he's going to see the base of his democratic party is absolutely outraged. he's going to probably i think through the equivalent politically this weekend get his affairs in order when you get a diagnosis of terminal cancer. and come monday morning very surprised if he's got anything left of an administration. i hold out hope perhaps some will surround him and say all is forgiven. 1984 is the year i graduated from college, so he's older than me. i look at this and say there's just no way you can govern a state with that kind of raw bigotry and ugliness that's in your past if you don't have a really, really good explanation.
11:48 pm
which up until now we have not heard. >> i'm getting word, and that the governor may have called a press conference tomorrow morning. and senator cory booker throwing his hat to run for president, he is calling for him to step down. we'll talk about that after the break. ok, here's the deal.
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okay, we're back now. guys, i have a short time. you know cory booker threw his hat into the ring. he just tweeted out, these images arose centuries of anger, and eroded confidence in governor northam's ability to lead. he's leaving it clear. >> i think anybody on the 2020 race on the left needs to call for him to resign. again, this is not something
11:53 pm
new. this is something that's been, you know, very consistent i think on both sides of the aisle. and we see systems of white supremacy. if you've ever worked in labor, nina, just talked about the liuna issue which we wrote about last year. i remember it well, so thank you for bringing up that point. >> thank you, tiffany. >> i think this is something people will have to reckon with. the demographics of the country are changing. a lot of people feel very uncomfortable with this. there seems to be this false narrative of, you know, like republicans are having trouble with suburban white women, but that's not necessarily true. 49% of them still remain very loyal to this party. when you think about people who are quote-unquote allies and people standing on the same side of the aisle as you, but some of these people share this ideology with ralph northam. i think these are conversations we'll have to have as we go into
11:54 pm
a different electorate in 2020. >> so cory booker is saying resign. do you agree? >> he's in active leadership. you don't get to pass on an issue like this, and he's making the kind of decision that i think others are going to make. look, this is an example among other things. you strip away the hot button of race, this is somebody who is found to have been disrespectful and to have denigrated an important part of the base coalition of his party. he doesn't have enough friends out there, close friends, personal friends, people in the favor bank as they would call it who would step forward and say i vouch for this man, we can't just get rid of him. we didn't have that. he has no protection. i'd be expecting a resignation notice perhaps that's the point of tomorrow's press conference if he holds one. >> we're not sure yet. >> he's got probably 48 hours,
11:55 pm
72 hours to try and get his ducks in a row. it's not looking good right now. >> i'm sure it wasn't lost on you, nina, as this is happening, you've got julian castro, you've got kamala harris and cory booker, all diverse candidates, people who are running for president of the united states right now, and they are diverse people even with this. >> and bring on more of that, don. we need not just diversity of phenotype but positions and experiences. don, let us not forget that during lynching some white folks posed while black folks were swinging from trees. so we should not be surprised by this. the surprise should be that we're surprised. we need real truth and reconciliation in this country. as my sister tiffany said and we're all breaking it down, don, and thank you. we need this kind of conversation. but white folks in america need
11:56 pm
to wake up, and we need real allies. not just people just talking but people who are going to put real systems in place and understand the systemic racism, hatred, bigotry, anti-blackness is real in this country. it's not a figment of our imaginations. it's absolutely real. and i hope all of these presidential candidates are not just going to talk this talk. are we going to do the heavy stuff? reform the criminal justice system, reform a system where law enforcement hurts black bodies? that's the kind of reform. educating our children, making sure we've got clean water? hello, flint, cleveland. >> thank you all. i appreciate your time. we'll be right back. [birds chirping]
11:57 pm
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