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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  February 2, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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and you don't want to miss out on everything epix. a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! hello, everyone, thank you again for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. we're following breaking news. virginia's democratic governor ralph northham has no plans to resign and now says he believes it was not him in a racist photo from his medical school yearbook according to a democratic source. that's a big flip from his a
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pollee apology he issued where he confirmed it was him in the photo. listen. >> that photo does not reflect the way i have conducted myself as a doctor, a soldier and a public servant. i am deeply sorry. i cannot change the decisions i made. nor can i undo the harm my behavior caused then and today. >> at any moment now, the state's naacp chapter will hold a news conference. we're also expecting to hear from the governor, governor new york northam, in just a few hours. you've been outside of the governor's mansion. a big change in what the governor said last night. essentially taking ownership but then explaining that he can't,
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you know, explain, you know, what he was thinking at the time and he's a different person, et cetera. what is going on? >> i think it's fair to be blunt and call it a complete contradiction of what he said last night and what he is now according to reporting from ryan nobles telling virginia democrats he now believes it's not him in the photo and he doesn't plan on resigning. he will have a press conference at 2:30. we'll be there to see what he says. now it's kind of an open question. is he going to resign or stand by what we're now reporting it's not him in the photo? i want to read exactly what he said in that state. because it directly contradicts what he is now telling people. he said earlier today a website published a photograph of me from my 1984 medical school yearbook in a costume that is clearly racist and offensive. i'm sorry for the decision i made to appear as i did in this photo. that statement really doesn't leave any wiggle room. he is saying he is apologizing for appearing in the photo.
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he's now saying something significantly different to virginia democrats. after a whirlwind 24 hours where the governor was on shaky ground for a lot of the day but there were some thoughts initially he'd be able to survive this. that went away after a series of democratic groups here in richmond including both sides of the democratic caucus and the legislature and the senate here as well as ralph northam's predecessor terry mcauliffe called for him to resign. northam was calling people last night, calling allies, including mcauliffe, and talking to them about this controversy and about what he was to do next. i'm told that mcauliffe told northam he was going to call for his resignation and later did that. there's been a cascade of calls from 2020 democrats, from national figures would have said northam needs to go. that includes kamala harris, castro, gillibrand, the whole stable of democrats running for
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2020 has also called for him to leave. there were protests and it was clear to these protesters that it was time for northam to leave the governor's mansion behind me. they were well aware of the history, the fact that richmond was the capital of the confederacy during the civil war. not only that, but that the charlottesville riots in 2017 happened miles across the state in charlottesville, virginia. that was all front of mind for these protesters and certainly front of mind for democrats who are waiting to see what northam is going to do, fred. >> okay, thank you so much. we'll check ba wick with you. a number of people have spoken on the telephone. among them, lament bagby. you spoke to the governor. what was that conversation like? >> well, we had a short conversation over the phone but a member -- a few members of the
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legislative black caucus and myself being the chair went over to see him yesterday. one of the things other individuals are able to do that i don't think we have the luxury of doing is making those calls via social media. the relationship we have, the things we have been able to do together with medicaid expansion and, you know, providing additional resources for teachers, all of these we've been able to do to help the most vulnerable citizens. he owes it to us. to look in the eye and tell him how painful these things are.
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i made a speech in which i probably got a little too emotional. that's before we learned of this. what i said to the members on the house floor is the members of the virginia legislative black caucus have no permanent enemies. no permanent friends. only permanent interests. so we were challenged on that yesterday. we wanted to make sure we talked to our friend northam and let them know how disgusted we were. also to let him know we can't focus on this foolishness when we have all the work to do to make sure we're taking care of the most vulnerable individuals in the commonwealth of virginia. >> i'm hearing a few things from you now, chairman. because you're talking about, you know, you're calling him a friend. you're talking it your common advocacy, you know, of policy. you were moving in the same direction. now to be blindsided, you know,
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from this photograph when he was a 25-year-old, you know, med student, he commented on it last night, taking ownership, you know, of the image. but then distancing himself to a degree about, you know, the purpose, where his heart was at the time, you know, where it has been along the way, really just saying, you know, that photo does not reflect the person that i am today. so am i hearing from you that, you know, because of the commonalties that you have shared on policy that your conversation didn't go as far as saying it's time for you to resign? just saying this is very painful, hurtful? >> we had two conversations. one conversation was us having the frank conversation direct hi to him telling him how we felt. we then went back to the capital. had a conversation amongst the
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full caucus and decided it was in the best interest of the commonwealth to ask for hiss s are resignation. we had a conversation with him and at that point i think he understood and i think he understood because we all agree that it's not about us. it's about the individuals we are serving. the individuals we come to help. and i think the governor agreed that if you're ever in a position where you're hurting those individuals, it's time to step aside and allow the commonwealth as a whole to begin to heal. i don't think we're going to be able to heal until the governor resigned. >> after his response or statement last night, there were some critics who say it was really short of an apology or ownership of -- that picture and, you know, the spirit from which it comes and then today
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reportedly a source is saying the governor, you know, says he wasn't in that picture at all. and now we know that there's a scheduled 2:30 statement coming from the governor. what is your gut instinct? and based on the relationship, the friendship you've had with the governor say that he will say today at 2:30? do you think he'll be resigning? do you think he'll be asking for forgiveness and want to continue on as governor? what do you think? >> well, my gut is turning right now so i'm not listening to it right now. we're all shaken up. but i hope the governor will make the right decision and do what's in the best interest of the commonwealth and we can turn the corner and start the healing process. >> what do you think the right decision? >> to resign. >> and -- >> and -- go ahead. >> i was going to say, what do
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you think the lieutenant governor is thinking? what do you think patients, patients of color, black patients and their children, are thinking today after either having a friendship or being treated by him as a pediatrician, as a doctor, and now seeing this image? on this page from his medical school years? >> i think everyone is reconciling this. from his friends back home. his friends in the general assembly. i know lieutenant governor considered him a friend. they campaigned together. they crossed all parts of the commonwealth. they just went on a campaign tour across the commonwealth, i mean, across the country, trying to help other lieutenant governors and governors get elected in the country. you spend that much time with somebody, you have an opportunity to see who they are and you focus, laser focus on
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some of the work we do that is so -- it takes so much out of you. and you learn so much about an individual. and then you find out that they have been engaged in something that i think qualifies you from holding the highest office in the commonwealth. it is heart wrenching. >> you said it so succinctly, in so many ways. it is so hurtful to you personally and so many virginians. >> as i said before, the floor speech that i gave yesterday, i had no idea that this was going to come about two hours later. but the floor speech i delivered yesterday spoke directly to instances of this nature. and, you know, i ended that floor speech talking about a piece of legislation that i put in just this year. and that legislation says that -- that we will establish an african-american advisory
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board. advance on issues important to the black community. focus on the most vulnerable. and it just illustrates it's such a need for us to make time to talk, take time to listen and really be laser focused on serving those individuals. >> it's hurtful and painful not just to virginians but really to americans as a whole. thank you so much for your time. >> happy to be on with you. >> all right, still ahead, president trump tripling down on his border wall proposal and trading barbs with house speaker nancy pelosi with another possible shutdown now less than two weeks away. will both sides be able to strike a deal? (vo) this is the avery's.
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welcome back. president trump is firing off new attacks at house speaker nancy pelosi saying she's, quoting now, very bad for our country. end quote. in a new interview with cbs, trump blames pelosi for the impasse over border wall funding. >> well i ink thithink she was ri rigid, which i expect. she wanted to win a political point. it's very bad politics. she wants open borders. she doesn't mind human trafficking or she wouldn't do this. >> -- over $1 billion for border security. >> excuse me? >> she offered over $1 billion for border security. >> she's costing the country hundreds of billions of dollars. when you have a porous border and you have drugs pouring in and you have people dying all over country because of people
9:18 am
like nancy pelosi who don't want to give proper border security for political reasons, she's doing a terrible disservice to our country. >> the president has threatened to declare a national emergency if congress does not give him the $5.7 billion to build a border wall. and he's teasing the possibility of making a decision during his state of the union speech next week, tuesday. cnn white house reporter sarah westwood is in west palm beach not far from where the president is spending the weekend at his mar-a-lago resort. what is the reaction thus far to the president's latest interview? >> well, democrats are pushing back on this suggestion from president trump that they don't support any kind of border security and they're slammingle for a second government shutdown later this month when the temporary spending bill runs dry. now, pelosi's team is hitting back, accusing trump of twisting what democrats actual positions on border security are after
9:19 am
trump accused pelosi of playing political games by opposing the wall. those two leaders, they've been trading insults this week, but they haven't met face-to-face. since that contentious meeting on january 9 in the situation room during which trump stood up, left the room when talks weren't going his way. that's all set to change on tuesday when trump goes to capitol hill to deliver his state of the union address. pelosi responding quickly through a spokesman yesterday to trump's comments. said in a statement, president trump's recklessness did not make us safer. it undermined our security with 35 days of border patrol agents and homeland security personnel missing paychecks. democrats have put forward strong smart and effective border security solutions in the bipartisan conference committee. while the president still refuses to take a second shutdown off the table. the spokesman goes on to say the president's unpredictable misrep
9:20 am
res representations do nothing to make our country safe. democrats this week did put forward their opening offer for a border security package that was worth billions. they did fund some border security items like new technology, like beefing up security at points of entry. basically nothing that trump could spin as a victory. so fred with just two weeks left in this negotiating period, trump is returning to his threats to declare a national emergency. >> "the washington post" reporting that senate majority leader mcconnell cautioned trump about declaring a national emergency. this was a face-to-face conversation. >> that's right. "the washington post" is reporting that earlier this week mcconnell warns trump there could be a backlash within the gop to that national emergency declaration. it could essentially divide congressional republicans, some who would, some who would not,
9:21 am
support that kind of move. there's been disagreement within the gop about the use of a national emergency declaration. there's concerns it would immediately be met with a legal challenge. there's concerns particularly from conservatives that this would set a precedent for any future liberal president to be able to evoke an emergency to fulfill his or her campaign promises. mcconnell making that warning to trump. would initially during the shutdown was reluctant about declaring a national emergency. he said it wasn't his first choice. but increasingly as we see the stalemate persist, suggesting he now fully expecting to declare a national emergency when funding runs out. >> sarah westwood, thank you, in west palm beach. with me now is the former campaign manager for hillary clinton, jack kingston, a former senior adviser for the trump campaign. good to see both of you. >> thanks. >> good to be here. >> your reaction to the president lashing out at speaker pelosi, third in line to the
9:22 am
presidency. the house speaker. >> yes, the problem here is we are treating what donald trump wants to do as if it's a serious policy and it's not. it's a racist fantasy that there are people streaming across our border and the director of national intelligence, the cia director, the president himself appointed, said in a state hearing there is no crisis on the border. there's a crisis of opioids streaming in through ports of entry. democrats have offered to put over $20 billion into border security but trump is fixated on this quote/unquote wall, which no experts say is possible. his own chief of staff on his last day of service said they'd taken it off the table because the experts told them it wasn't possible and it wasn't a smart idea. i think we need to relevel set this entire conversation and stop giving credence to a fake policy and a fake quote/unquote
9:23 am
crisis and focus on the real problem, which is the points of ent entry. where, by the way, donald trump took away the salaries of the people who staff those ports of entry during the shutdown. i think this whole conversation has been warped by a bunch of fantasies in trump's head. >> it seems the president is having his hands to his ears. he just doesn't want to hear what experts are saying about, you know, the inefficiency of any kind of wall. but he is bent on the wall. he keeps threatening this declaration of a national emergency. but mcconnell reportedly has told him, he's cautioned him, you don't want to do this, it's going to divide the gop. is it mitch mcconnell who can actually get president trump to listen? >> well, let me say this. i think number one, i have to disagro wigree with my friend r that there is an actual crisis. border patrol arrested over 17,000 criminal aliens trying to get into the united states. i.c.e. arrested 158,000 who had already been here.
9:24 am
>> the majority of people coming in are come thug poing through entry -- >> but the democrats -- >> but back to mitch mcconnell cautioning him against doing that, will the president be more receptive to hearing that from mcconnell? >> on the other hand, people like lindsey graham said it's okay to do this. i can say this, i was on capitol hill this week, talked to many members of the appropriations committee and they're all saying we don't want another shutdown. we think the president declaring a national emergency is where we're going to go. it will end up in court. let's face it, robbie and i both agree -- >> doesn't that mean that the president actually achieves the goal of getting a wall built? will there be appropriations of funds which is what he'll have to get if he declares a national emergency? >> if the democrats would just vote as they did last february 2018, there was a $25 billion package, which included physical barrier, so if they get off their politics and say hey, you know what, we realize that part
9:25 am
of being -- >> but he had an opportunity to -- >> he offered it to them -- >> it was less money but -- >> -- shut down the government, last february, so -- but, you know, fred, part of this is always going to be compromise. you don't get what you want in a legislative body. this is not a dictatorship. whether you're the speaker, whether you're the president, you have to compromise. >> all right, so robbie, you know, but the president, you know, touts that he is a great negotiator. you can't negotiate after you've name called, can you? he has every -- every criticism he can think of, you know, lack of respect, for house speaker nancy pelosi. she is very much able to corral her caucus. so at what kind of disadvantage is the president put himself in to try to get a package he would sign? >> yes, there's the name calling and all that. i think the president's biggest problem as you were just
9:26 am
discussing. there was a deal on the taebl last year when he could have gotten some wall funding. i disagree with that because this wall is a fantasy as a policy. he got the wall funding and then walked away from the deal. he's not reliable as a negotiating partner. this idea that somehow there needs to be a compromise, it's too late for that. he had a compromise. and when there was an agreement, he walked away. furthermore, this declaration of an emergency will be a disaster. not just for donald trump but for our republican. i mean, consider it, there were people, you know, in california who died in those fired. people in puerto rico who were killed in a hurricane. we have children getting gunned down in schools -- >> illegal aliens -- >> jack, jack -- >> -- the democrats said over and over again reopen the government and then we will compromise. reopen the government and they we will negotiate. the president did what they asked. he reopened the government. and now they're saying nothing for the wall.
9:27 am
that is a radical position. none of these, quote, experts, which democrats identify are saying let's tear down the wall -- >> fredricka, i wanted to finish my point but it looks like jack's going to finish this out so -- >> go ahead, finish. >> children are being gunned down in our schools and our president did not have the guts to say that that was an emergency. but he wants to declare an emergency about a family situation that he made up. and it's disgusting. and i hope that the republican party will come to their senses and stop him. let's talk about real problems and real solutions. >> okay, and so in the cbs interview, we're going to hear the president talk further about his wall idea. he also weighs in on democrats who already threw their hats in the ring for 2020. cory booker made the announcement yesterday. for the first time, we're actually hearing the president talk about the contenders.
9:28 am
this is what he told cbs. >> i want to ask you about 2020 quickly. >> okay. >> senator cory booker announced today he's also running. >> he's got no chance. >> no chance? >> i say no chance. >> why? >> because i know him. i don't think he has a chance. >> who has a chance? >> so far, i don't see anybody. i'm not impressed with their group. >> all right, so jasck, the president is very confident, why? >> i think he's confident because the democrats are racing to the left. while that's very popular and it's not representative of mainstream america. america is a center left, center right nation. i happen to think it's center right. robbie might disagree. the truth of the matter is none of these candidates are talking about issues that appeal to middle america. to them, it's all one con fusin flyover country and they just go from l.a. to new york and talk to people who agree with them. that's what the democrat contenders are doing right now. it's not connecting with america. >> robbie, the president's approval rating is in the 30s.
9:29 am
that would be hiss store ek. if an incumbent with approval rating so low were to win. what is he up against with the field of democrats thus far? >> i think es up against what republicans were up against in the midterms which is democrats are talking about making sure every american has access to quality affordable health care. that every child has an education that can get them ahead in the world today. that, you know, frankly people pay their fair share of taxes. the republicans passed a massive tax break for millionaires and billionaires this year. that the middle class is going to have to pay for at some point in time, given the debt it's creating. democrats are focused on kitchen table issues and donald trump is focused on fantasies. >> 220,000 jobs were just reported, new jobs this year. the unemployment rate at a low leave. we're at peace abroad. people like that. middle america likes to work. and every group is benefiting
9:30 am
from the president's economic policies. i think that's going to be very hard for the democrats to overcome. >> all right. go ahead, robbie. >> i was going to say republicans created a sugar high for wall street but their tax cut, we'll see how regular people -- >> and for middle class families. >> i wish. i wish that had been what it was. >> come on, robbie, you know that. >> nope, sorry. >> jack kingston, robbie mook, thank you. up next, cold war compromises falling flat. russia suspends its participation in a decades old nuclear missile treaty a day after the u.s. announced it would do the same. does this signal another arms race between the two countries? it's absolute confidence in 30,000 precision parts. or it isn't. it's inspected by mercedes-benz factory-trained technicians. or it isn't. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty, or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned,
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welcome back. russia says it is pulling out of a key cold war era nuclear treaty and will begin developing a new intermediate missile. russian president vladimir putin characterized the announcement as a tit-for-tat against the u.s. for saying it was also done with the agreement. the announcements are sparking fears of a renewed arms race and a showdown between the two countries. cnn's orrin lieberman is in moscow. what more do we know about the missile that moscow is threatening to build? >> well, it's worth pointing out that before russian president vladimir put be talked about this missile, he said there should be no arms race and there will be no arms race. describing his decision, russia's decision, to withdraw from the inf, the arms control treaty, as a tit-for-tat with the u.s. seals the russians were
9:36 am
threatening to suspend the treaty and this was their response. saying if the u.s. isn't going to abide by the treaty, there's no reason for us to do so. shortly after saying there won't be an armed race, putin talked about the missile that will further develop. russia currently has a missile called the calibecaliber. itlimits of treaty. putin said they will develop a ground-based version of the same missile. russia signaling if the treaty's not going to be held up anymore on the u.s. end, we're not going to hold it up and will continue to develop weapons. russia saying if the u.s. is going to do research in technological development when it comes to missiles, russia will do the same. there certainly seems to be an investment in arms on the russian side. it's also worth pointing out that after this, if this falls apart and is not saved within the next six months in some sort of fashion over the course of the next 180 days, really leaves
9:37 am
only one more major arms control treaty. that's the new start treaty. the deadline is coming up in three years. >> orrin lieberman, thank you. all right, still ahead, playing both sides. a new lawsuit alleges a powerful pharmaceutical giant both contributed to the opoid epidemic all while profiting off treatments to those who became addi addicted. details about the case coming up. ou excess fees. making you wait in line. keeping billions of dollars of your interest. they've been treating you like you're lucky to have them. that's not right. show them who's the boss of your money. you. better is out there. ally. do it right. i get to select my room from the floor plan... free wi-fi... ...and the price match guarantee.
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welcome back. a new court document alleges a powerful family made billions of dollars on the addictive opoid oxycontin and pushed doctors to prescribe the painkiller even though they knew how deadly the drug could be. >> reporter: 23-year-old corey started on the opoid oxycontin after surgery. he eventually turned to hoeroin. an overdose killed him.
9:42 am
his mother says he'd still be alive except for purdue pharma, the company that makes oxycontin. >> they are ruthless people who are just out for money at the expense of our children. >> reporter: merrill was one of thousands in massachusetts alone who's lived were destroyed by opoid abuse. his mother and now the state of massachusetts lays much of the blame at the feet of purdue pharma for practices they say not only deceptively marketed the drug but pursued a strategy of selling oxycontin and the treatment for a dictiddiction t. calling the plan project tango. >> it's an outrage. but they're going to come down. the whole empire is going to fall. it's just a matter of time. >> reporter: the empire is that of the sacklers, one of the country's wealthiest families. known for funding musicians and
9:43 am
institutions worldwide. the new york metro art and the louvre in paris. their main drug oxycontin has made them tens of billions of dollars since it was introduced in the 1990s. the lawsuit contends from 2008 to 2016 alone members of the sackler family paid themselves more than $4 billion in opoid proves. >> for purdue, it was all about the money. and it was profits over people. >> reporter: among other thing, the newly points to a strategy to blame the addict. in a confidential e-mail, richard sackler, then purdue chairman and president, wrote, we have to hammer on the abusers in every way possible. they are the culprits and the problem. they are reckless criminals. >> there were lies about the efficacy, about the safety, about the supposed nonaddictive nature of their product. >> reporter: in a statement, purdue pharma said the
9:44 am
massachusetts attorney general's decision to release the full complaint is, quote, part of a continuing effort to blame it for the entire opoid crisis and try the case in the court of public opinion rather than the justice decision. massachusetts seeks to publicly vilify purdue while unfairly undermining the important work we have taken to address the opoid addiction crisis. massachusetts wants the company to pay possibly billions of dollars to communities, the state and families devastated by addiction. the complaint, initially filed last summer, had large sections redacted. the full lawsuit shows why purdue may have fought to keep the redactions. page after page of information showing the sacklers, the company, executives and the massive amounts of money they made, stricken from public view, until now. eight members of the sackler family are named in the lawsuit, as well as former and current executives of the company.
9:45 am
and the woman we spoke to today says she hopes this latest lawsuit in massachusetts is the beginning of the end for the sackler name on institutions worldwide. back to you. >> thank you, miguel. all right, gearing up for the big game, super bowl sunday, it's tomorrow. and security measures are well under way. as thousands head to atlanta. a look at some of the challenges of keeping people safe during the biggest sporting event of the year next.
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all right, dozens of local, state and federal agencies are joining forces in atlanta this weekend to provide security for super bowl liii. with more than 1 million people flocking to the city, law enforcement is ramping up its presence on the ground and in the skies. let's bring in someone familiar with protecting events like this, of this caliber, jonathan, a former secret service agent for president obama. good to see you. describe, you know, how security -- i mean, so many layers of security, really try to side up something so gigantic lake a super bowl. >> absolutely. when you look at an event like this, it starts a long time ago. coordinated started two years ago when atlanta was picked as the site location. what it comes down to for law enforcement is coordination and understanding roles and responsibilities and how each one of the 50 entities involved in the overall security plan for
9:51 am
the super bowl are going to react in three major buckets. law enforcement looks as this as though they have to plan for the worst. they're looking at what are they going to do in a tactical situation what are they going to do in a medical situation and what are they going to do in an evacuation situation. all these entries have to come together and develop a coordinated security response plan to each of those buckets. but also there's a whole other part of this. the ordinary crime that occurs throughout atlanta or any other city, you know, that's hosting a large event also has to be, you know, maintained. so there's a dual side to the security preparations. it really does come down to coordination, understanding what the threat environment looks like and how to mitigate vulnerabilities and address threats that pose themselves very dine nynamically mind you these kinds of events. >> it's security inside the event and then there are other events across the city and then
9:52 am
there's security outside. i was here in 1996 for the olympic games in atlanta and while, you know, all these precautions were taken inside and outside of events, look, all it took was one bad actor at the centennial olympic park and that is exactly what security has to be mindful of potentially even when you have something on this scale too, right? >> that's right, the bad guy has to be right once, law enforcement has to be right all of the time. the way they set up the security plan is not centered around the game itself but it's rings of protections around atlanta. it's 360 degrees of coverage and protection. both on the ground and in the air. i bemean, as we've seen from th olympics there last time to today, the security footprint is drastically different. again, because they're learning off of the changing threat environment. they're addressing, you know, new threats. like right now, we've had
9:53 am
reporting earlier today about the airspace security. how important that is. but that's a dual mission. that's not only about aircraft but it's also about this emerging technology of drones. the threat of drones being able to come up over the horizon and, you know, have a measured effect on the game and security measures. so listen, there's a lot of moving parts here. 50 agencies trying to coordinate for one event. it's a difficult task to say the least. >> unique here is u.s. customs and border patrol is part of the equation. >> absolutely. listen this is designated as a level one event by the department of homeland security so there's no one agency that can pull off a security plan like this by themselves. atlanta pd can't do it. so the department of homeland security assists with these types of events. they're led by the local and state authorities. but they're coordinated across, utilizing the backstop of the federal government.
9:54 am
like we saw earlier today, the air assets. but it's also air monitoring services. it's x-ray machines. they utilize and bring everybody together as a force multiplier to bring forth the most comb prey hencive security plans so the event goes off without incident. >> all right, thank you. we'll be right back.
9:55 am
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so third time was not the charm for passengers on board a flight from los angeles to maui. hawaiian airlines flight 33 left and returned to los angeles international airport three times yesterday before finally being canceled. this is what passengers on that flight saw when they looked out of the window. fuel they say. that's fuel coming out of the plane. take a listen.
9:59 am
>> i was really nervous. it was making a lot of weird sounds. the captain, they weren't giving us information. one lady got kicked off because she was upset. she was throwing a fit and they kicked off. >> the airline says the delays were caused by different systems. there's some good news for parts of the u.s. enduring record cold temperatures. today, the prognosticator of prognosticators, punxsutawney phil, did not see his shadow, and that means he is predicting an early spring! today marks the 133rd annual prediction ceremony for the famous pennsylvania groundhog. >> faithful followers, there is no shadow of me. a beautiful spring it shall be! >> that is some serious wish if his thinking. folklore says if the groundhog
10:00 am
casts his shadow on february 2nd, winter continues for another six weeks. so punxsutawney's telling us it's going to be an early spring. all right. triplets separated at birth discovering the most amazing incredible remarkable true story. three identical strangers airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. we've got more straight ahead in the "newsroom." it starts right now. all right, hello, thank you for joining me this saturday. i'm fredricka whitfield. following breaking news. virginia democratic governor has no plans to resign and now he says he believes it was not him in this racist photo in his medical school yearbook according to a democratic source. big flip from last night where he


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