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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  February 7, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PST

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>> the question is not whether these people can't move on from their past, the question is wlob they should be in a position of public trust. >> announcer: this is new day with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world, this is new day. it's thursday, february 7th, 6:00 here in new york. alisyn off, poppy harlow star of stage and screen joins me now. >> thank you, my friend. >> host of a big cnn talent hall next week with howard schultz. >> no pressure. >> that's a big deal. >> tuesday night. it's going to be interesting. he hasn't declared a run for president but he's got everyone up in arms about it. we're going to ask him the questions and mainly the audience is going to ask those questions. >> he's the one thing of running, just to be clear, not you, yet. >> that's correct. new this morning, the president has a red line and democrats aren't just crushing on it, they're jumping on it, stomping on it and dancing on it. that's subpoena power.
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they are launching a braufd investigation into president trump's finances. and they're looking into whether any foreign actor has financial leverage over the president, his family, his business, or his associates. way back in july of 2017 the president acknowledged to "the new york times" that looking at his money would be crossing a red line. so, yeah, it's happening and the president's not happy about it calling it presidential harassment. >> that's how he sees it. house speaker nancy pelosi has made it very clear that democrats will not be intimidated by the president's, quote, all-out threat to drop investigations. this is the battle between the president and the democrats comes to a head. in just hours, house democrats will hold hearings into the president's tax returns. tax returns. and take the administration's policy on of separating families at the border with mexico. also, sources telling us this morning that acting attorney general matt whit khew whitaker
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undergoing significant preparation for his testimony tomorrow morning. >> we have laura coats, a former federal prosecutor, and john avlon, a cnn senior political analyst. john, i do want to start with the picks here, because let me read down what this investigation entails as stated by the house intelligence committee. the scope and scale of russian intervention in 2016, the extent of any links and/or coordination between russians and trump associates, whether foreign actors have sought to hold leverage over trump and whether they have any investigation. this seems intentionally broad and i would be wrong to think it is so broad because it wants to send a message to the president? >> this is a message. this is a two by four congression ail accountability to president of likes he's never faced before. and unlike the mueller probe, he doesn't have any possible claim that he can constrain it because
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it's under his aus papices. there's been talk there may be investigation, but this is saying there is no red line, mr. president, we're looking to see if you may be compromised by foreign actors via the money trail. follow the money, that's what they're doing. >> a two by four. >> two by four. >> laura coates, broad as berman puts it and he's right, in legal cases there's an issue of overly broad, right some but you can't be overly broad here if it's congress and the democrats are in power in the house and they have the power to check the president, right? >> well, that's true. and what they've essentially done is taken all the sd nrkts y filings and what's going on there and probably the new york state attorney general's office afters well, combined it with what they know about the mueller collusion probe, including what he's already farmed out to virginia and other places and they've said, that's a great starting point. and they recognize that one of the tlans mueller's probe has been attacked is because it has
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been the side of its mandate, it's always being claimed it's outside of its scope. so they've dealt with this issue and say we'll roll it all into waund do one thing. people have been waiting for a very long time. the mueller probe has been the parallel investigation, except the congressional probe has been stalled waiting in deference to the mueller probe. now there's independent occasions that it's wrapping up or forming out and putting things on autopilot, congress is stepping out in the lead and saying we're going to combine them and do what the citizens would like us to do, our constituents, as well as what we are not finding out in the mueller probe, we'll take it on ourselves. >> jennifer, you think there's a risk, though, and the democrats need to stay focused here. that list that i read before, i'm not sure that's terribly focussed. >> no, it's huge. i do think that they need to keep their eye on the ball here, one, because stlor ma one, because i think there are so many things. i hope that they leave to the
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law enforcement professionals those things that are currently under criminal investigation. sdny, the other u.s. attorney's office can handle those criminal probes. congress should do what they're good at, oversight. delving in these interests that are never going to be the subject of criminal probes. >> do you mean for example when it comes to finances, the emoluments clause? >> this notion of whether u.s. policy is being set based on not is what in the best interest of the country but what is in the best interest of trump and his pocketbook and the kushner business. >> like the saudi deal for example. >> exactly. those are things that are not going to be quid pro quo cases. that's what congress should focus on. >> and they have the power to get and release trump's taxes. and they're moving down that road today. that's something that's a unique power and something they campaigned on and it's
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happening. and it's going to get contested but it's going forward. >> it's in the u.s. code. >> yes. >> this is written law which gives the chair of the house ways and means committee. >> democrat. >> yes, richie neal from massachusetts and he's going after that. he's holding hearings today. what he's trying to do is create a pred date. legally speaking i'm not even sure he needs to do that, he can just do it if he wants to but he's trying to create a public regard here. does the administration and the president and the white house and maybe his personal lawyers, do they have a way to keep this from happening? >> well, the idea of the finances and the tax returns being a part of an investigation, i think it's safe to say that the mueller team probably already has access to it through the grand jury subpoena power they already have. we don't know that they actually have but they probably already do. i think what the lawyers should be focusing on on behalf of trump is why the president has set this red line and anticipating that they may actually lose that battle and
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having that be a public document and be available to congress. the reason about the entire shift probe and the commensurate -- i mean the core spo corresponding investigation into his taxes is answering the question why? why has there been a trend of this administration that they happen to be marionettes of foreign nations or at least appear to be so. so it's whether or not the president of the united states is beholden to a foreign entry is going to be a very uphill battle for a personal attorney to try to combat. now the office of the white house counsel may have a larger role here in trying to ensure in the long run that the office of the presidency, not simply the incumbent, will have certain protections about what is made public. and that may be the uphill battle. but not the private attorneys. >> and, by the way, this request, right, through neal leading this will have to go through the secretary of the
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treasury who we know is with the president. >> you don't think he'll just run down to the file cabinet and turn them over. >> i don't think so. but these were headed by republicans and now it's by democrats. can we listen, the president calls this harassment. here's how adam schiff, here's how he sees it. >> the american people have a right to know, have a need to know that their president is october acting on their behalf. that contains to any credible allegations by the russians or the saudis or anyone else. >> mr. avalon. >> russians, saudis, follow the money. you know, schiff there echoing almost the american people have a right to know whether the president's a crook. this shows how serious this is. and, again, going back to the taxes for one second, remember, this is all against the backdrop of the fact that almost every president we've had previously has released their taxes. so normally this is not
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necessary. and this could be difficult, not impossible, difficult to claim executive privilege. but schiff coming in and he's focused on the money. that is much broader and that may be where the real vul nablts lies. you say why did trump draw the red line there in why is this a point of se point of sensitivity? >> your sighing the president should be looking beyond the areas of where the investigation and sdnys. another thing that committees do, they can ask public squs and hold public hearings. they cana irrelevant this dirty laundry if they want to in their own way. i'm curious who they will try sit down there and question. >> i am too. we'll have to wait and see. i think they're going to be digging into first on the one side the finances. so they'll be talking to and looking at the documents and probably wanting to talk again to people like alan weisselberg,
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the people of the trump organization. people no know about the money. and don jaune or and eric trump are two people too. on the other side they'll want to think about the conflicts so they'll want to study the administrations actions, talk to people in the administration who are responsible for decision making and see whether those two things are linked. >> the first thing the intelligence committee did yesterday was voted to release all the transcripts. >> right. >> from last term's hearings to the mueller investigation. is that symbolic or does that have real implications? >> because the mueller team, my understanding, was they knew what was said behind closed doors, they had seen maybe not official transcripts, but the unofficial transcripts, and where they wanted and needed the official transcript for official legal action, they wept and got it. but the roger stone thing, they went and got that. do we have any reason to believe they have the need to go and get other transcripts? >> that's what's so interesting here, because you do feel like roger stone they obtained the transcript, they charged him with false statements. if they were going to charge,
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say, don junior for example, you would have thaut thought they w have made that official request. maybe there was some reason they felt they couldn't, or they do still plan to charge someone else. but it gives me pause that they were able to do it in one circumstance and 'they were going to do it they would have. >> devin nunez was not performing oversight, it was worth hand in glove with the white house. midnight trouns get on the same page regarding stories that later fell apart. this really is democrats saying we're here now, this is a real investigation checks and balances full-court press. and ta happens just 48 hours, less than 48 hours after donald trump says you can't have legislation with investigation. >> right, you can. >> you can. >> laura coates, put a button on it for us. the president says this is in his words, presidential harassment. i'm interested, if there is any line legally as to how much the american public has the right to see in terms of a president's tax returns, for example.
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does he and his legal team have any claim to privacy here? >> the president has claims of privacy when it relates to things of privileged communications. but it has to be privileged in the accepts that he was already the president of the united states. >> okay. >> and he was conferring with his cabinet members. we're not here with a tax return, that happened before he was the president of the united states. he has a very odd claim about privilege. now, every citizen of the united states does have certain privacy rights, this isn't one of them. >> it's clear to me that, again, the u.s. code allows the ways and means chair go get it. what's not clear to me is that it allows him or her to release it publicly. >> that's important. >> i'm not quite sure the mechanism for that. maybe that's something where the white house -- >> but never ever leaks. >> there nor leaks ever. >> all right. jennifer, laura, john, thank you very much. what is going on? >> in virginia? >> in virginia. >> political crisis engufling now the top three statewide office holders, all democrats in that state.
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what happens if they all get pushed out? what does this mean about politics and politicians and their past? and what does this mean for the democratic party who wants to hold people to a higher standard? live report next. live report next. -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing. -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child. -yeah, she is. oh, but seriously, it's good to be surrounded by what matters most -- a home and auto bundle from progressive. -oh, sweetie, please, play for us. -oh, no, i couldn't. -please. -okay. [ singing in spanish ] but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory.
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all right.
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what is going on in virginia there? a full scale political crisis, the state's top three lawmakers now facing separate scandals, although they're all interconnected, and maybe they will be forced from their jobs. if all three democrats did step down, it would be a republican who would become the next governor. jason carroll is live at the richmond state house with the very latest. jason. >> well, you know, one resident put it to me this way. he said you wake up in the state of virginia and wonder what's going to happen next. you've got the govern norv, lieutenant-governor, the state attorney general all involved in scandal. and folks here wondering if they'll survive. growing turmoil engulfing virginia's political leadership with the state's top three officials all democrats confronting separate controversies. attorney general mark herring admitting to wearing black face at a college party in 1980.
3:18 am
and the firestorm over this racist picture on governor ralph northam's medical school yearbook page. >> i was appallinged that thapp showed up on my facebook page. but i believe i am not the person in that photo. >> he wrote a statement sometimes we'd attend a party dressed like rappers we listened to and because we didn't have the appreciation for the experience of others, wer drused up and put on wigs and brown makeup adding the shame of that moment has haunted me for decades. hours after herring's revelation, vanessa tyson coming forward accusing the state's lieutenant-governor justin fairfax of sexual saw the. tyson writing she met fairfax at the 2004 democratic convention and went with him to his hotel room where she says they began kissing before mr. fairfax put his hand behind my neck and
3:19 am
forcefully pushed my head towards his crouch. tyson insisting i did not want to engage in oral sex with mr. fairfax and i never gave any form of consent. >> you think it's any coincidence on the eve of potentially my being elevated that's had this uncorroborated -- >> he has denied the accusations release a you in statement wednesday reading dr. tyson should be treated with respect, but i cannot agree to a description of events that simply is not true. a source close to tyson's legal team telling cnn that she told bobby scott about the incident over a year ago. aides to scott confirming the allegation, but noting the congressman did not learn the full scope of the allegation until yesterday. meanwhile, the "washington post" editorial board this morning is calling for governor northam's resignation writing that he can no longer effectively serve the people of virginia who elected him. but northam showing no signs of
3:20 am
stepping down. hiring a crisis management team and meeting privately with prominent leaders to strategize his path forward. this is sending shockwaves through the state's leadership. >> i'm shocked, disappointed. i'm still processing it. >> if you look for any silver lining it's that virginians are saying clearly and loudly that behaviors are unacceptable. >> moving forward, if all three democrats were to step down, the next person in line would are kurt cox. he's the house speaker, a republican, and he has already called for the resignation of the governor. poppy, john. >> all right. a lot there, jason, thank you for tlk and fbringing us that s morning. good morning, everyone, toluse,
3:21 am
to you. there is the specifics about what's going on in virginia and then the national implications for the party, right? and your read this morning is the democrats are learning the perils of zero tolerance. >> that's right. the democrats that have that zero tolerance policy that they use towards people who are accused whether it's a sexual misconduct or racist incidents, they talked about it in discussing president trump in his history, now they're realizing that in order to maintain i certain level of credibility, they have to keep that zero tolerance policy when these allegations affect other democrats. they're finding how difficult that might be now that it's ensnared the top three democrats in virginia and it's made it difficult for them to explain their past positions on things like brett kavanaugh, the supreme court justice who many democrats called for to resign or step aside during his nomination when various allegations came out against him. and trying to figure out whether or not they should take that same standard to the
3:22 am
lieutenant-governor now that there's a detailed account of alleged sexual misconduct on his behalf become in '04. so democrats stand the risk as being seen as hip crits if they don't keep that same standard and it's difficult to keep because neither party has a monopoly on racism or sexual misconduct and it's difficult for top democrats to figure out how to maneuver in this environment without calling for the resignation of the top three democrats in virginia. >> and people say how can rafrl northam survive and then how can justin fairfax survive and the same thing about the attorney general. there's a template. there's a very good template for in now, and it may be that the democrats might put those high standards off to the side a little bit and learn the letion s lesson the republicans learned, you wait it out. you just wait it out. the supreme court, brett kavanaugh is on the supreme court. donald trump is president of the united states. sometimes if you just wait out these scandals, politics
3:23 am
prevails. >> but i think in virginia they're looking forward to this next election where democrats actually were poised, they were hoping to take over the state house which is sort of the last frontier in state politics where they hadn't taken over. let's not forget the speaker of the house there who say republican is only speaker of the house because a delegate drew his name out of a bowl because he and the democrat were separated by one vote. so it's only by chance that he is the top of the state house to begin with. so they're not only looking at these top three, this is about virginia democrats' future in that state. >> and redirect by the way. >> and redistricting. >> let me show you the headline of the new york post here. this is new york, they have no hess tans go after virginia. virginia is for losers is what they are saying at this point, john. if you look at that nationally, again, what will the democrats
3:24 am
do nationally? i actually don't think there's a dilemma. as far as i can tell, almost all national democrats have called for northam to resign. >> yeah. >> almost all national democrats, now that they've been pushed on lieutenant-governor justin fairfax, they say that professor tyson, we should hear her story. they haven't called on him to resign but no one's defending him at the this point. they'll call for this to end and leave it up to virginia to make their own decision. >> democrats have really come back to power in virginia in recent years and this kind of full-court press of real scandal, self-inflicted scandals by the top of the ticket say real setback. i think you're right to say is the new standard the trump standard? the kavanaugh standard, wait it out. can northam do that? against it all, you've got two black-face scandals in 2019. and from megyn kelly, this keeps resurfacing, it's evidence that conservatives like to say which politics is downstream from
3:25 am
culture. there's something odd happening and it's obviously laden with the history that black face keeps popping up in these college experiences. the ag trying to get out ahead of it, but it's an opportunity to examine a certain sickness in our society and to try to come to terms with it however belatently. but neither party has a monopoly on this. and the idea that this is a particularly democratic problem doesn't hold any water at all. there's been a neoconfederate strain that republicans are playing footsie with for quite some time. >> i hear that and toluse, what's troubling to learn is that the congressman were told and his staff acknowledges and there are e-mails about the allegations of sexual assault and misconduct by dr. tyson, her allegations a year ago. >> yeah. one of the defenses that the
3:26 am
lieutenant-governor has put out there is that this is only coming out now that he's about to potentially be elevated to the governor position. but this allegation was actually circulated more than a year ago, not only to the congressman but to some reporters. it's clear that this is not just something that's coming out only because he's potentially about to be elevated. so that sort of strikes at one of the defenses that the lieutenant-governor has tried to use. >> but also the responsibility of this member of congress and his team. >> that's exactly right. and we see his team's trying to clean it up now saying he wasn't aware of the full scope of the allegations. but there's a certain responsibility and we saw the same situation with senator dianne feinstein with the kavanaugh hearings of what do you do when one of your constituents or one of your citizens has an allegation that may potentially affect someone in power? do you keep it quiet? do you go public? do you call for an investigation? i think there's going to be some scrutiny on this congressman about how he handled that and
3:27 am
whether he took the right steps. >> this is now an on the record accusation with not contemporaneous corroboration, but corroboration before the current political crisis if she did go forward, if they went to bobby scott the congressman there a year ago before this issue came to a head. that really is interesting there. and, jackie, again, if democrats were to hold themselves to the standard that they laid out before, there isn't much question about what they would do. they have set the precedent with al franken at first, and how they questioned brett kavanaugh. they have set that bar high, national democrats have. >> yes. >> i do think the question is what is virginia going to do about it? i do think that perhaps ralph northam's in a better position today ironically than was two days ago because his attorney general who called for him to resign. >> did the same thing. >> turns out did the same thing. >> well, so on northam, it seems like "the washington post" is drawing the distinction in that editorial that northam initially
3:28 am
said that he wasn't in the photo -- or was in the photo and then he wasn't in the photo and his changing story is as much a part of that resignation demand as his actual acts. talking about lieutenant-governor fairfax, it is -- it has been the silence has been deafening from national democrats. also it's put together test the activist class who were very vocal during the brett kavanaugh hearings. most of them have been very quiet as these allegations -- as they've surfaced. and then yesterday when you had that agonizing account of what allegedly happened in that hotel room in boston from the woman who was accusing fairfax. so it really is putting them in a tough position. and they're going to have to come forward and say something, particularly someone like gillibrand who was very vocal when it came to al franken and
3:29 am
some of these other issues over the last year. >> but you'll remember with her there's a lot of reporting on big donor democrats pulling away from her after she did that. >> that's right. >> so you wonder now that she's running, will it change things? everyone, thank you very much, we'll stay on this. republican congressman sparking anger, fur rating the house on gun violence. we'll tell you what he did next. in the time it takes to brew a cup... here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters costa rica paraíso. first, we go to san marcos, costa rica. and meet sergio. that's his daughter, maria. sergio's coffee tastes spectacular. because costa rica's land is spectacular. so we support farmers like sergio. who use natural compost. made from coffee pulp. it helps keeps the soil healthy. and the coffee delicious. for the future of his community. that's sergio's neighbor, leo. sergio wants grandkids. which is making this very interesting.
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right now get fast, reliable internet and add wifi pro for a low price. comcast business. beyond fast. an absolutely extraordinary hearing on gun violence in the house of representatives, extraordinary in that republican congressman matt gates tried to change the subject first and then get the fathers of teenagers killed in the parkland massacre removed from the room. our lauren fox is live on capitol hill to explain what happened here. wow, lauren. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, john.
3:34 am
the father -- two fathers of parkland victims were clashing yesterday with republican congressman matt gates in that hearing in the judiciary committee. here's what happened. >> a congressional hearing on gun violence boiling over after republican congressman matt gates suggested that illegal immigration poses a greater threat to the public than guns. >> i hope we do not forget the pain and anguish and sense of loss felt by those all over the country who have been the victims of violence at the hands of illegal aliens. hr-8 would not have stopped many of the circumstances i raised, but a wall, a barrier on the southern border may have. and that's what we're fighting for. >> gentleman will suspend. >> reporter: the florida congressman's claim prompting outrage from the fathers of two
3:35 am
victims of last year's massacre at a parkland, florida high school. they repeatedly interrupted gates as he argued against a bill that would require background checks for all gun sales. and actively campaigned for a border wall. >> the greatest driver of violence in the circumstances that i indicated was not the firearm, it was the fact that we have an immigration system that allows people to come here violently. we engage in -- >> there will be no comments or demonstrations, please. >> reporter: committee chairman democrat jerry nadler issuing several warnings for the men to stop interrupting before democrat david sicily posted this question to committee members. >> is there any rule that prevents a committee member from citing false statements in a hearing? >> his remarks prompting allows from some and' rebuke from doug collins. >> may i make a point of order
3:36 am
against the gentleman of florida. i make a point of order that the gentleman's words were inappropriate because they implied a lying or falsehood. >> they were calling for the parkland faernls to be removed from the hearing. >> is there a process in the committee whereby if the very same people are repeatedly interrupting the time of the members that those people will be asked to depart the committee or is there a -- >> reporter: chairman nadler denying gates request and later criticizing the congressman on cnn. >> he was beyond terrible in what he was saying. we were sitting in a room full of parents, of children murdered at parkland high school. >> reporter: gates telling the sun sentinel that he did not know that oliver had lost a child in the parkland shooting but would react the same way if he did noting, quote, i don't think anybody regardless of tragic circumstances can expect to come to a congressional
3:37 am
hearing and take it over with a series of interruptions. now both of those parents attended the state of the union address on tuesday night. president trump not addressing gun violence but recognizing the survivor of that synagogue shooter in pittsburgh, the one-year anniversary of the parkland massacre where 17 people were killed will be next week. poppy. >> lauren, thank you very, very much for bringing that to us. it's important. all right. ahead for rurs he ahead for us, he's not in the race yet, but who democrats want to see face-off against president trump in 2020. we have that answer next. unfold this. new neutrogena® makeup remover single. and remove 99% of makeup. 100% rain or shine. neutrogena®.
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all right. a new cnn poll this morning shows nearly two-thirds of democrats want former vice president joe bide tone get into the democratic polling for 2020. i'm fascinated by this. what does the number show skblus thank you for the plug, it's i have much appreciated we're
3:42 am
melding in digital and television network, i like it. i think this is important to point out where we are now versus four years ago when biden decided not to run. we see that biden is in much stronger shape now than where he was four years ago. 62% of registered voters think it is time for bide tone run versus four years ago it was 47. and actually more voters last time around did not want him to run versus this time. look at that, that's a 34 point margin democratic voters want him to run. where has that translated to the polls so far? well, we say -- hi, everybody. >> hi. >> we see joe biden well out ahead. and this has been consistent where he has held the lead in all the polls taken, whether it's now, three months ago, so on, so forth. >> and then many people asked, is it just name recognition? is it because people know who joe biden is? but you've got numbers that indicate maybe not. >> maybe not. so this i think is so interesting, right. remember four years ago when donald trump was running we said republicans wouldn't want to go for him because he wasn't
3:43 am
conservative enough and we thought republicans wanted conservative but we were wrong about that. we weren't listen together voters. this time i think we should listen to the voters. look at the top issues we found among democratic voters for choosing a good nominee. good chance to beat trump. right experience, willing to work with the gop. all of these. these all sound lie joe biden's sort of bread and butter. good chance to beat trump. he's leading in all the polls. has the right experience, elected experience. he served in washington for 40 plus years. willing to work with the gop. he has that more moderate record. all of these look like joe biden's base versus the bottom four, consistency on issues holds progressive positions, represents future of the party think there even joe biden at his age he probably isn't doing that at this point. >> is there a lesson in here for all of the other 2020 contenders who are already in? because they're not -- i mean, other than the chance to beat trump we'll see. but a lot of them represent what's getting lowest rated. >> i think especially right here with this, sort of the whole
3:44 am
progressive positions, they have been moving so far to the left in terms of where democrats normally run. >> yeah. >> basically i think it was the senators who were in at this point calculated that four of them were in the top seven positions for most anti-trump positions with the democratic senators. >> talk to me about the biden coalition, who are the biden voters? >> this is fascinating to me. we sort of think who's the base of the democratic party. white voters way college degree. he's doing significantly better with white voters without a college degree. you might say that's bad because this is the base of the democratic party. but these two groups make up an equal share of democratic voters. and then ideology. moderate conservative versus liberal. joe biden is doing significantly better among mod right and conservative dems versus liberal dems. that's bad. this group makes up an equal amount of the democratic party as this group. what you're basically seeing here if you go back to this and you say, okay, we think these
3:45 am
are the most important positions but in fact these are and then you go to ideology and say this group is more important but he's doing as well among this group and they make an equal share. you can see how you can trick yourself and say we're looking for these certain signs of how he's doing and wether or not he's doing well. but he's doing very well on things that matter, but not necessarily in the things we think matter so we fall in this trap. and now it's this trap whereby we think we're supposed to see something but we're seeing something else that makes a lot of skblens what's the most important tab on the bottom. >> it's right here, reporting in less than a week, the oakland as are reporting, noyer woo all big baseball fans, at least i am, they this is re, very bad. see, i want to be cross it out it's so bad. the yankees at 15% chance to win the wold series. we don't like that, i know you don't like that, i know you don't like that. this you poppy. >> it's not zero. >> it's not zero. >> you're saying there's a
3:46 am
chance. >> we need you, john. >> it's been four days since the boston team has won the championship. >> we need you. i don't mean the devils, i mean the yankees at 15%. please help me. >> i'm here to help, so is tom brady always. >> and you to have one interesting thing from the pole. >> howard schultz next week, he's not so popular right now. ocasio-cortez actually more popular. i'm interested to see those two go at it. >> neither officially running. >> poppy harlow very popular she'll be hosting that town hall. thank you very much. she'll be hosting that town hall next tuesday night with former starbucks ceo howard schultz live from houston, 10:00 p.m. eastern time. the president's inaugural committ committee subpoena by federal prosecutors. how worried shut president be? we'll have a reality check next.
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♪ drop off onya. pick up perry. and get to the store by five. on it. yes girls, i'm totally free this thursday. tell kat, to call carla, to confirm katrina is still coming. olly. brand-new investigations into the president from the house against committee and a federal investigation into that very moment where he became president. the inauguration. so, what does it all mean? john avlon with the reality check.
3:51 am
john. >> guys, 17, that's the number of reported investigations into all things trump. this covers the trump organization, foundation, campaign, transition and the administration itself. but none may be thornier than the investigation into the trump inaugural. here's what you need to nope. the trump inaugural committee raised a mind blowing $107 milli million dwarfing obama and clinton administrations. now they are under investigation for conspiracy against the u.s., false statements, mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, disclosure violations and laws prohibiting contribution business foreign nationals. the latest shot across is from an investment firm colony which muses about profiting off its access to the incoming
3:52 am
administration. it says the key is to strategically cultivate domestic and international relationships while avoiding any appearance of lobbying. note that phrase, any appearance of lobbying. colony is quick to point out this was a proposed business plan which was never acted upon. but the memo also talks about horning in on, quote, international bilateral meetings already occurring between the trump administration and influential foreigners. what was said in those early meetings is anyone's guess. also anyone's guess is how the inaugural committee pulled in its record-breaking haul and from whom. now it demands a huge array of documents of each donor and donation and what they received in return especially any evidence indicating the possibility of donations made by foreign nationals, which is kind of illegal. that's white mueller team reportedly looking into an unusual number of pro-russia ukrainian guests could be significant.
3:53 am
it's important to note that tom barrack isn't noted in the subpoena. and zuberi is. and a company founded by the first lady's friend received nearly $26 million for planning inaugural events, almost a quarter of the total haul. according to the "wall street journal," she could be heard on tape questioning how the committee was spending its money. that's a good question. because right now it's hard to account for that 107 million, both where it went and what donors thought they were getting other than a big party. this and the other 16 investigations are a reminder that trouble for trump seems to be expanding, not contracting more than two years into his president spit and that presidency. that's your reality check. >> it will be interesting to see how they proceed and in what order they place things in and how it runs in parallel with the federal investigations. that will be interesting. >> thank you very, very much. all right. so a moment of levity, here are your late night laughs.
3:54 am
>> northam has been clinging to his job since it came out that his med school yearbook page featured a photo of a man in black face next tie man in a klan robe. apparently he saw the movie blacks clansmen and thought hey, that's two good costumes. >> last nightways president trump's state of the union address to congress. there wasn't a lot of new information that came out of speech but trump did confirm that he'll be meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un in vietnam later this month. meeting with kim jong-un around valentine's day. looks like someone's trying to make vladimir putin jealous. >> the person i enjid most last night wouldn't donald trump, it was josh trump. he's the cute kid who the president invited because he gets bullied for his last name. but it turns out, he fell asleep during trump's speech. oh, man, the donald must have
3:55 am
been so like how could you, josh? i spent minutes writing this speech. >> the kid needs sleep. it's past the bedtime, starts at 9:00. it's like the world series. maybe it should start at 6:00 so kids across america can watch. >> my kids are bed in seven on the dot. congressional oversight of president trump in a near gear this morning crossing all the red lines the president set. how will he react this morning? that's next. in the time it takes to brew a cup... here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters costa rica paraíso. first, we go to san marcos, costa rica. and meet sergio. that's his daughter, maria. sergio's coffee tastes spectacular. because costa rica's land is spectacular. so we support farmers like sergio. who use natural compost. made from coffee pulp. it helps keeps the soil healthy. and the coffee delicious. for the future of his community. that's sergio's neighbor, leo. sergio wants grandkids. which is making this very interesting. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee roasters. packed with goodness.
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4:00 am
responsibility to stop. >> there are between 20 and 30,000 members of isis, clearly there's still a threat there. >> the idea that the behavior to be acceptable in the modern democratic party seems untenable. >> they need to say the democratic party has no place for racism full stop. >> we have a stain on us but we can kim out of this can come out of this in a positive light. good morning and welcome to your new day. alisyn is off. poppy harlow joins me this morning. great to have you here. >> good to be here. >> happening now, red line down. either the worst movie title ever or the new reality facing president trump. house democrats just launched sweeping new investigations into president trump's finances and links to russia. house intelligence chair adam schiff says they're looking into whether any foreign actor has financial leverage over the president, his family, his business or his associates. you'll remember back in july of 2017 the president acknowledged to the "new york times" that being look at his money


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