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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  February 8, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PST

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erica hill joins me this morning. >> good morning. >> what a morning. >> oh my gosh. >> we have breaking news all over the place. a major supreme court ruling alleged extortion involving one of the world's richest men. a high stakes congressional hearing. ivanka trump talking about the russia investigation in ways we have not heard before. plus, another story we can't even tell you about for half an hour. how's that for a tease? but first, breaking overnight, wither john roberts the supreme court has blocked a law in louisiana that would have restricted some abortions from going into effect. they blocked that law for now. vote was 5-4 with chief justice john roberts joining the courts four liberal judges voting for the stay. so, does this signify a left ward shift for the chief justice? how will the president who has been critical of roberts in the past respond. plus, matthew whitaker will appear before the house
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judiciary committee but how much will he say and what will they do to force them to talk? he had refused to talk until they issued a subpoena during the hearing. >> they're vowing to press him on two subjects, his decision not to recuse himself from overseeing the mueller investigation despite his public rebuke of the probe and his conversations with the white house about the russia investigation. that's something the president recently said never happened. then of course there's the new explosive blog post from amazon found are jeff bezos which accuses the "enquirer" of extortion and black pail. the head of ami is a long time friend of president trump, david pecker. the company has not commented on bezos's allegations although plenty of other people are. >> we'll get to that in a moment. joining us now, lauren jarrett, joe lockhart and anne milgram.
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laura, i want to start on the supreme court ruling overnight. this had to do with a louisiana law that was set to go into effect. the law requires that doctors have admitting prif lames within 30 miles of an abortion facility. that means that fewer doctors would be available to perform abortions. critics argue there's no medical justification, it just makes it harder to get an abortion. that's the law, the judges put a stay on it going into effect meaning there is no law in louisiana in effect. the larger implication, though, here has everything to do with the chief justice of the united states john roberts. john roberts, who appears to be apparently in the middle of the court now sided with the more liberal justices here. what do you see? >> i think that analysis is right with the departure of anthony ken dit question was whether roberts was going to be the one that has to step up to be that moderating voice,
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especially now with the addition of gorsuch and kavanaugh trump appointees. the issue is whether roberts wanted to step in and try to be that moderating force for the rest of the core. and it looks like in this case and at least in the asylum ban case we've now seen two key decision where's roberts has sided with the more progressive liberal members of the court. that's not to say that roberts has turned into a flaming liberal overnight. i don't think that we can say that. but conservatives have already had it out for him from days or weeks or months earlier and they have been being looking at how he has had this sort of war of words with president trump. we remember when trump came after so-called obama judges and roberts hit back. an unusual move and said there aren't obama judges, there aren't trump judges, there are just justices trying to do their job. so it will be interesting to see how this plays out for roberts where are you know how he ruled on the affordable care act has been another ire for trump and
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other conservatives. but this is something to watch. >> it's also tlag winteresting was pointed out by our own reporter, the way chief roberts looks at precedent. that also comes into play here. >> i think that's actually the most important piece of this conversation. there's two things that matter. the first is this is just a stay, this not the final decision. before we start saying that roberts is going to decide with the democratically appointed supreme court justices we have to wait and see the final opinion. what he's saying is the supreme court has to have a hearing and decide this before the law goes into effect. this law will have tremendous consequences in louisiana and he's saying hold. the second piece is he's the chief justice. so in some ways he's the guardian of the entire federal judiciary and the courts and the i think he does feel he has a higher responsibility for fairness and make sure the processes work well. i do think all that's true dpoint thi i don't think we know whether
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he'll be closer to the center as the decisions come down. >> but there's one eyebrow raised when looking at the court to see what else he does going forward. we will watch that very closely. joe lack heaockhart, matthew wh will appear before the judiciary committee today. there was a back and forth because the chairman jerry nadler had a subpoena ready for him during the hearing what he was going to use. whitaker is going to be asked about what he talked to the president about. he's going to say i can't tell you because at some point the white house may decide to invoke executive privilege. jerry nadler was goi to say here's a subpoena, you have to talk or we're going to contempt. now he's going and nadler decided not to issue the subpoena while he's testifying. but what's the significance here? >> i think shockingly there's a lot of politics involved here. the white house is desperate not to have a couple of questions answered, which is what did they talk about with the president? what did whittaker talk about
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with the president in advance of taking the job and what did he brief him on? remember, the president is part of this investigation. may not be an official target. there are definitely questions. but executive privilege and oversight are very difficult issues politically. it's very hard for the average person to say if you know something why can't you tell census it's a real thinus? i was on the other side of it back in the '90s but even then i knew it was a political loser. in the broader context, nadler and the democrats want to set up how oversight's going to work and they want to out of the box say we're going to push you and we're going to use these subpoena powers because we think you guys have been stonewalling for two years and have gotten away scott free. and i think it will be a spectacle but a strategic spectacle to show that times have changed. you'll probably not get bomb shells out of this hearing, but
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you'll get a sense of what the next six months are going to feel like. >> there was criticism from the department of justice, too, laura, in this letter saying it's never happened this way before. and that's important too. >> yeah, i think their position at least yesterday was, look, this was a breach of the agreement. he wanted to come voluntarily, then you did this preemptive subpoena just to have it your back pocket and that's about a political spectacle. it's not about oversight of the justice department. but nadler's positionsy gave i you a detailed list of questions to answer ahead of time so if you weren't going to answer them you could just tell me. how did whitaker get this job in a lot of people have been interested in this connection between white house and whitaker. what he did to late groundwork for had job. they wanted to question him about cnn, our frorgt last month, that whitaker got the unloading of president trump about how prosecutors in manhattan had carried out the investigation into michael
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cohen. they wanted to talk to him about all of these things. obviously the mueller probe is foremost on their find, but they wanted to devlve into a lot of issues with him. this is their last chance. if they don't get him on the record today with some of these things, it's not that they can't question him after he's attorney general, but they just don't have the same power over him. and it looks like bill barr the permanent pick for attorney general is going to get confirmed next week. so the likelihood after today that they're going to get whitaker in the hot seat again is unlikely. >> i do think there's a process fight here. what we saw with jeff sessions when i was attorney general is when he was being questioned he refused to answer some questions because of the possibility someday that executive privilege might come into it. and that's what joe was talking about, there had been battles about executive privilege before. but it's something that needs to be invoked by the executive here . and what the house was trying to do is saying you can't raise it as a hypothetical.
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if you're going to do it, step up to the plate and we'll have this fight tomorrow. >> i agree. that's what we're seeing is that the house democrats are basically saying you're going to answer questions and what they're trying to avoid is people coming in and just saying, privilege, privilege, privilege and having it just go on where they have to decide will they hold someone in contempt, try to make them answer questions. and, you know, privilege is not as broad as people say, but it does become a question of do you have to litigate it and actually figure out what it is? and they're trying to short circuit that. >> they're saying if you're going to litigate it, bring it on, let's not -- >> we're going to literally get rid of that middle step and make it happen. >> i think there's a tricky question for whitaker because trump has said on the record we didn't talk about this advance. >> right. >> so when any say he says i can't talk about those, did you talk to the president? i can't answer the question. well the president said he hasn't talked good it, is that true or not? you can't assert privilege over a conversation the president said didn't happen. you can only assert privilege
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over communication that has happened. and that will be i expect to be one of the more tricky moments for him. >> it's going to be interesting, very interesting. and jerry nadler has been preparing for this for a long time. we'll see what happens. also speaking, and we're just learning about this as we wake up this morning, the daughter of the president, senior white house adviser ivanka trump, she did an interview with abc news with abby huntsman from the view and abby pressed her on whether or not she is nervous about the mueller investigation. listen. >> are you concerned about anyone in your life that you love? >> no. >> being involved? >> i'm not. i'm really not. >> you mentioned the moscow example, that's a perfect example. there's nothing there. yet it's created weeks and weeks and months of headlines. so, no, i have zero concern. >> it's interesting. first of all, it's always interesting to hear from the senior adviser to the president on the subjects, white house advisers don't often talk this openly about that.
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but when she's saying no one she loves, one would assume that means her father, her brothers, her husband, she's connected to a lot of people here who there have been question marks about. laura. >> oh, sorry. i wasn't sure you were asking me that. certainly, but what is she supposed to say? i've been having sleepless nights waiting to see what the results of the mueller probe are? >> it's true. >> it's a hard interview to do, especially without having the benefit of what mueller's findings are yet. we have, you know, no evidence of any charges on those fronts. but at the same time the investigation is not yet complete, the report is not yet out, and so it puts her in a little bit of a defensive posture here, obviously. >> it was interesting to hear that she was willing to at least go and talk about that. and the moscow project is something that there are questions about. and one of the areas where there are sort of still open questions. >> yes. >> and lingering investigations. all right. everyone thank you very, very
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amazon ceo jeff bezos accusing the "national enquirer" of blackmail and extortion in a bombshell online post, bezos writes the "enquirer" threatened to release revealing pictures of him unless he dropped his investigation of the tabloid and publicly stated that the tabloid's coverage was not politically motivated. joining us now, john avlon, joe lockhart, brian stelter. not surprising this is getting a lot of attention this morning and all of the papers. i give you the new york post and i just will leave it at that. >> perfect. >> genius. >> what's remarkable in this post, right, is everything that jeff bezos says he's exposing here. he calls it extortion and blackmail and he's not the only one. so he posts this blog and then all of a sudden we hear from roan anyone farell, the ap, the
3:17 am
daily beast. it's refield a lot, brian. >> this story has everything. we're talking about the world's richest person, alleged blackmail plot, his sex scandal, love affair, alleged connections to president trump. but just on the specific idea of blackmail, there are more and more allegations as the hours go on that the "national enquirer" has engaged in this for years and that bezos is not the only one to experience it. ronan farell has been experiencing this. and we've seen more of this coming out and given the legal consequences here the stakes are enormous. >> i think we need to make clear what's going on is that bezos was investigating the "enquirer." >> trying to find out who leaked his love life, basically. >> and the inquirer is saying to them, brian, just to be clear, if you don't stop this investigation, if you don't back off this we will do what. >> we will pushliblish more of e
3:18 am
photos we have of you. but if you come out and say we don't think was politically motivated, we'll bury those pictures. >> that's the key part. >> because, go ahead. >> because it ties it up with some attempt to curry favor with the president. pecker flipped on the president. remember, this is all in context of the catch and kill allegations regarding one of the president's para mores, right? and then were colluding with trump, then candidate to hide information while exposing dirt on his opponents. now, pecker apparently flipped on the president and has spoken to the counsel. was this an attempt to get back in his good graces and return to fo form? obviously this is muscle memory in the is extortion and blackmail. and we all know sunshine is the best disinfectant to and there's no place to hide for the chief content officer of this company because that whole e-mail going through saying these are the pictures we've got and saying i hope we don't have to release them, i hope cooler heads will prevail, sign this agreement which keeps us -- gives us the
3:19 am
power over you going forward and then ending it with a little fig leaf of ethics saying we hope this is obviously a note that no editor would like to send. this is part of their game plan. it's muscle memory, extortion, blackmail, it's disgusting. >> let me read the threat that bezos published yesterday, i'll clean up parts of it. it is something that he put on on his own. when this is bezos gub u publishing a letter he says was sent to him by the lawyers of the "enquirer." the lawyer told bezos i want to describe to outphotos obtained during the news gathering. in an e addition to a below the belt selfie, otherwise known as a blank pick, the "enquirer" obtained another nine majs. that's the threat, we have these pictures of you. >> i don't think anyone should be totally surprised that the
3:20 am
"enquirer" does this. it should not be shocking it is that kind of organization. but what makes this difference is 'if you read the letter and john touched on it, they didn't say this wasn't a normal i greemt of you go away, we'll go away, we'll never talk about this again. they brought the political angle in. they said what we really want from you say statement that says there no politics and what makes this now more explosive is the president's relationship with the "national enquirer." we know from the southern district of new york he was involved in some manner in an illegal arrangement been payments being made and catch and kill and all of that. and that's now the president. and this isn't just jeff bezos rich guy, this is the president of the united states involved with this guy whether he's trying to curry favor, whatever the issue is. and it gives you a window into who the president associates with. look at what we've been talking about for the last couple weeks. roger stone, you know, david pecker, michael cohen.
3:21 am
these are grifters. these are conmen. >> that's right. >> these are people that the president considers his inner circle. that's a scary thing. >> tone comes from the top. that's what we're seeing over and over again. this is a sense of the stakes and dividing lines. don't forget this fine point. the president of the united states who constantly attacks real journalism calling it fake news is most in bed with an organization that could be most accurately called fake news. but not only that, behind the scenes they are engaged in extortion and blackmail and acting more like organized crime than a journalistic enterprise. >> we should point out we've learned from former "enquirer" employees, the former bureau chief i spoke with him over the summer and he's been speaking out and he said from the moment david pecker came in, this was the plan. there was never to be any negative news about donald trump and everybody knew that. that's one part of it in terms of history. it's also important to point out and brian just expand on this, there's "the washington post"
3:22 am
connection. jeff bezos goes out of his way to talk about how this is -- it's complicated the relationship, but he does not have any editorial control and oversight of the "washington post" and yet because he bought the paper, that made him a major target for the president who is not happy with the "washington post" reporting. >> right. he describes the post as a complexfier, not a word but a good one, and he's right. owning the post makes bezos' life more complex, makes him feel fulfilled and proud. and i think the folks at the post are impressed with their boss by going public with this extortion plot. but the "enquirer" didn't like what the post was going to publish so it was trying to punish the publisher of the post and he didn't go for it. that's impressive. american media and "national enquirer," it's been 12 hours and they have no comment. i keep calling the spokes people and it goes to their voicemail. i think they're probably consulting with lawyers about what to say because there are
3:23 am
legal consequences here. they have an immunitity deal with federal prosecutors in the cohen case and that deal disappears if they've committed crimes. >> i want to get to that but i want to put more meat on the bones so people can see what's this this letter. bezos is saying that the "enquirer" was trying to force him to say that he didn't think the "enquirer" was going after him for political reasons. so the "enquirer" was trying to get bezos there is in his letter, affirming that they have no knowledge or basis for suggesting that ami's coverage was politically moat vaded or influenced by political sources. they're threatening him with naked selfies because they think it's so important for him to say it wasn't political. >> okay. >> why? i mean, why? that is fascinating. >> this is america. >> and then one other aspect here that bezos points out there are say connection that's particularly relevant when involving "the washington post" and jamal khashoggi who was a columnist of the post, he drew a connection between the saudis and the "national enquirer." he said mr. perk and his company
3:24 am
have also been investigated for various actions they've taken on behalf of the saudi government. federal investigators and legitimate media have suspected that mr. pecker has use. the "enquirer" and ami for political reasons. >> that's subjectively true. what he's referring to there is all of a sudden one day probably a year and change ago supermarket dailies found basically a glossy brochure magazine advertising the glories of saudi arabia? why was this coming out? it wasn't identified for what it seems to be which is a pay to play, you know, brochure. but it raises questions about these political connections. we know, we have the evidence of the political efforts on donald trump's behalf as a candidate. and now, of course, adding saudi into this mix is particularly fascinating given the way this administration has covered for the saudi regime and the killing of jamal khashoggi, the journalist who was working for bezos's "washington post." this is really deep stuff.
3:25 am
it's really for all tab lads dependence on sensationalism, this is as about as high stakes and genuinely sensational as you can get with real stakes behind it all. >> the reason you want a statement saying it's not politically motivated, because it is politically motivated. >> that's right. >> that's why bezos is saying they wand me to line because it would be a lie. there's one other explosive thing that bezos alleges from his security firm, this maybe the most important part of the story. these sorts of stories come from hacks. somebody has to hack into this phone or -- >> to get the pictures. >> every once in a while someone steals a phone and it's low-level theft but it's generally technology. and his security people have told him and he says in his letter that they suspect that there may be a government -- a u.s. government agency involved. they don't provide the evidence, they don't provide the backup, but if that is the case, you have taken something that san explosive story and made it into
3:26 am
a nuclear bonfire because that goes well beyond this. and that's something we'll have to watch. >> that much we just don't know yet. what we do snow that ami with the southern district of new york as part of the charges against michael cohen, ami was not charged even though they basically admitted that they broke the law and engaged in campaign finance violations. but as part of that agreement, they said we won't do anything illegal again. >> right. american media claimed we're going to clean up our act, we're going to engage more ethically in the future. it was really specific language in this immunity deal that says if there are future crimes committed by american media, by the "national enquirer," by david pecker, then the immunity deal's off. so federal prosecutors, what are you going to do now? >> yeah. >> going back to alien babies. >> one more thing, john. you ran the daily beast, a journalister enterprise. is there any whiff of journalism in anything that ami did here?
3:27 am
>> no. why i'm so fired up. he tried to use it as end of his extortion note in the say note that no editor likes to send and let's hope cooler heads free veil. this is tlugery, this is blackmail, this is extortion with very high stakes and not anything resembling journalistic practice. i think the prosecutors should look at this and it should compromise the immunity deal. this is something much more serious. again, that judo move by making it public, exposes it to the world. that's a power play and a gift for transparency. >> it is fascinating. i know we're out of time, we can't ignore the fact that these e-mails were out there from the general counsel from john. so the fact you've got the general counsel involved, that also. >> it's the opposite of the midas touch, everybody gets diminished. >> what a way of saying it cleanly. all right john, joe, brian, appreciate it. >> a stunning revelation from top white house aide,
3:28 am
kellyanne conway, a disturbing experience she experienced 'the that is next. top white house ai conway, a disturbing experience she experienced 'the that is next. ♪ ♪ our new, hot, fresh breakfast will get you the readiest.
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president trump's counselor kellyanne conway is speaking publicly for the first time about an alleged assault last fall while she was at a maryland restaurant with her teenage daughter. conway spoke with our dana bash. dana joins us now from washington with the details. what have ju learned? >> i saw the down with kelly anne for my series women in washington. and during that interview she spoke for the first time being in a restaurant with her middle school-aged daughter. some of her daughter's friends and their parents in bethesda, maryland, a suburb right here in washington. it was in october of 2018 right after the brett kavanaugh hearings and attentions were very, very high.
3:33 am
>> i was assaulted in a restaurant and -- >> assaulted how? >> that person has to go to court soon. >> assaulted how? >> i was standing next to my daughter and many of her friends at dinner and she was right here, right next to me. and her friends were too. and somebody was grabbing from behind, grabbed my arms and was shaking me to the point where i thought maybe somebody was hugging me, one of the other parents coming to pick up his or her daughter. as i turned around it just felt weird. it felt like that's a little aggressive. i turned around and the what grabbed my hand. she was out of control. i don't even know how to explain her to you. her whole face was terror and anger and she was right here and my daughter was right there. and she ought to pay for that. she ought to pay for that because she has no right to touch anybody. she put her hands on me. i said get your hands off me. she put her hands on me was
3:34 am
shaking me and doing it from the front with my daughter right there who video taped her. and she just would not leave the restaurant. she get e kept going on and on. she went outside, she just wouldn't stop. this woman thinks it's okay to touch someone else, it's not okay. it's not okay by her standards and by the law. >> so you called 911. >> the police came. >> it they arrest her? >> she left. >> with the police? >> no, she had already gone. >> you told the president about it? >> i did long after. i told other people. >> what did he say? >> what he always says, are you okay? are you okay? was your daughter okay? were the other girls okay? >> how was your daughter? that's so traumatic. i would imagine for you, but as a maerother probably the first thing you think about is your daughter. >> there were other kids there. i didn't want it to become a thing, i wanted it to become a teachable moment for everyone. >> during the sbif asked her
3:35 am
about incendiary rhetoric coming from her boss and whether she views that as contribute together toxic atmosphere is. she shot back by saying sarcastically that i violated herschel tlo her -- she said the only conduct she's responsible for is her. >> and the alleged sale aassails been charged with second degree assault? >> she has. and our colleague who got the police report here, other records relating to this also reached out to the alleged assailant, mary biz ibbitt, she disputed her account. she gave us the following statement. she saw kellyanne conway, a public figure in a public place, exercised her first amendment right to express her personal opinions. she did not assault ms. conway. facts at trial will show this to be true and show ms. conway's
3:36 am
account to be false. and, john, her attorney says she will be pleading not guilty. >> all right. that was a really interesting interview. no one should be harassed. >> absolutely not. >> or assaulted in any restaurant in any circumstances. >> no, they should not. >> thanks, dana. this morning tributes are pouring in for former congressman john dingle who died yesterday at the age of 92. his wife said he passed peacefully at home in dearborn, michigan. he served for a remarkable 59 years making him the longest serving member of congress. a source told cnn earlier this week had he cancer and was in h hos mi hospice wear. after long negotiations, we worked out a deal where she'll keep one twitter for me as i dictate the messages. i want to thank you all for your incredibly kind words and prayers. you're not done with me just yet. >> he's the walking embodiment of history. his father had filled that seat
3:37 am
before him and had taken him to the house chamber many times. i believe that he was in the chamber during fdr's -- this day will live in infamy speech after pearl harbor. this guy was history. >> a "new york times" report could shed new light on the role of saudi crown prince and the role that he may have played in the murder of jamal khashoggi. we have those details for you next. a lot will happen in your life. wrinkles just won't. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair's
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"the wall street journal" report that the pent zbon preparing to pull out all u.s. troops from syria by the end of april, even though there is no plan to protect the kurds. joining us now is former ambassador richard haase, the president of the foreign relations, thanks so much for being with us. what do you make of that report? that report says "the wall street journal" says that by the end of april all u.s. troops will be out of syria. >> well, as you say, it's a rhee act of undermining american support for the kurds who were the principal fighters and partners against isis. and it gets back to isis. the idea that you've defeated a terrorist group seems to me to fundamentally misunderstand the nature of the enemy. so if we leave them totally and quickly, it seems to me it only guarantees that groups like isis will reestablish themselves in parts of syria and it's only a matter of time before we find ourselves pulled back in.
3:42 am
>> it seems very important to the president that he be able to declare that the united states has defeated the caliphate. just the other day he said as soon as next week he was preparing an announcement to say that they're 100% defeated the what's going on there do you think? >> again, that sounds more like politics that he made good on a campaign promise. it's one of those things that it's a good news sound bite and a short one. but the day will come when groups like isis or al-qaeda will reestablish themselves. americans will die at their hands, american interests will suffer at their hands. in the meantime i just came back from asia, the rest of the world is watching what had we're doing in syria, even if they don't have a stake in syria, they look at that american departure and go, wow, if the americans after partnering way group like the kurds can suddenly pull away and they're talking about leaving afghanistan, what does that mean for us? so the rest of the world sees this as real evidence of a lack of american reliability. >> and that's exactly what i was going to ask here. because what's happening if the
3:43 am
united states does in fact pull all the troops out by the end of april, all over this "wall street journal" article is concerns for people including government officials about what this means for the kurds. is there any assurance you could give these u.s. allies that they would be safe? >> the short assistance no the 'particularly because of cirque i can another so-called american ally going after the kurds is the principal objective of turk irk policy. they don't see them as fighters, they see them as terrorists. plus we weaken our ability to influence whatever happens from here on in terms of trying to set up some sort of a political process. right now what we're essentially doing is leaving syria to the syrian government, which has committed all sorts of atrocities. it's russian and iranian partners, the turks and others. this is what a post-american middle east looks like and it's not pretty have some we're talk b ing about the middle east. saudi arabia has been a thorny issue for this administration.
3:44 am
and by today the administration needs to provide a response to congress because the magnitsky act about how they view the role of the kroup prince crown princ murder of jamal khashoggi. do you expect them to say anything here? >> there may not be a smoking gun. the saudis themselves have made the colonalculation that they c weather the storm. but they know that nobody freelance there's. there is a country that's run by the crown prince. so the idea that something like this could have happened, the murder of a prominent journalist of who was a main critic of the saudi regime, the idea that people close to the crown prince would simply have been acting on their own, that's preposterous. >> there may be a pointed bullet. "the new york times" reports and let me quote here that crown prince said he would use a bullet if khashoggi did not
3:45 am
return to the kingdom and end his crittism of the saudi government. >> my guess is the saudis and the administration will say he was venting and blowing off speech. it's like a king saying who will rid me of this troublesome priest and that will be the argument. >> one of the more interesting things here is that someone within the intelligence community, according to current and former american and foreign officials with direct knowledge of intelligence reports wanted the times to report that today. why is there such concern within the government current and former officials about what the united states is doing in regards to saudi arabia? >> because there's concern in and out of the government and the foreign policy community as well the united states is being taken for a ride by essentially giving the saudis unconditional support when they've been involved in a murder of a journalist. more broadly they've started an irresponsible war in yemen. they've had a fight with qatar. they kidnapped for a while the lebanese prime minister. this is a country that purports
3:46 am
to be a close american ally and we see this pattern of behavior across the board where people say hold is, this is not what responsible allies do. this is a battle being fought out not simply about the role of crown unprince and the inner circle man but what should be the relationship of the suxu.s.d saudi relationship. the part of the world where we're likely to see a serious crisis is this one 'and the united states have to be careful about what we do about saudi visa see a ran because there's a chance we could be drawn in. >> i don't know what they're doing in this explosive information about jeff bays says and ami today. but one of the things that bezos suggests. >> i was hoping to get through this without that. >> but bezos suggests that there is a connection between ami and the saudis because pecker and ami published a glossy portfolio for the saudis there.
3:47 am
>> i have no idea. people will be looking at it. you know, look, what we've seen in the last couple years is all sorts of things, we didn't know what the connections were, whether to russia and the details and the campaign, who knows about this. i'll leave this one to others, i simply don't know. >> but the one thing that that is clear is that the saudi royal family and mbs in particular, he's trying to ingratiate himself with people close to him? >> there's been all sorts of ties between this administration and the saudis. and this administration seems to be defending the saudi line about khashoggi. we seem to be bending over backwards to cut them some slack and give them the benefit of the doubt. the administration will say it's for strategic reasons. maybe i try to get into the game of discerning people's motives. i would question whether there's a pattern of behavior that's not in the best interest the united states. >> always a pleasure to speak with you. erica. millions of americans are under a windchill alert.
3:48 am
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dare to be devoted. only at jared. severe wind chills, that may be putting it mildly. 35 below zero. that's forcing public schools in the twin cities to close today. a second arctic blast will have millions shivering in the midwest this weekend. chad myers joining us now with your forecast. boy, this is two rough ones in a row. >> i know. just up and down and you and down. we're back down well below freezing, the feels-like temperature in chicago now 13 degrees below. this weather's brought to you by jared, dare to be devoted. valentine's day not that far around the corner, guys. louisville yesterday, you were
3:53 am
70. today you're going to be 30. atlanta broke a record. the old record wads 72, 80 degrees in atlanta yesterday. new york, you didn't quite get to spring and you won't get there for the next few days. rain's coming in, colder air coming in. the highs somewhere around 45, 50 for new york city. by 2things clear up, even some sunshine but the wind in new york is going to be 35. boston maybe 50. same story in buffalo, new york. so the highest temperatures today, detroit 21, it will feel like 5 and for the rest of the weekend we stay below normal. john. >> thank you especially for warning us about valentine's day, a messenger of love, weather cupid. thank you very much. >> weather cupid. i sense a hash tag. here are your late night laughs. >> a job on trump's re-election campaign can't be easy. it's like being a mole santa.
3:54 am
it's all temporary. it's completely degrading and you're constantly getting outrageous demands from a child. >> every other president or presidential candidate has released his or her taxes. why won't donald trump? is it because he doesn't make as much money as he claims he does? is it because he donates nothing to charity even though he claims he donates millions to charity? maybe he tried to deduct his tanning bed as a home office. we don't know. >> according to one committee aide the tax returns are only one evidentiary piece of the larger puzzle of trump's fpss. a larger pu puzzle? a don't care how large it is, i think it's going to be pretty easy to solve. i -- i'd like to solve the puzzle, pat. is it witch-hunt? >> stephen colbert there having some fun. >> just a wee bit. >> just a wee bit of fun. in a few hours the acting
3:55 am
attorney general matthew whitaker will be in the hot seat before a house panel. will he answer questions from democrats about his conversations with the president on the russia probe? we have new snftion finformatio next.
3:56 am
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we want matthew whitaker to share what he knows. the concern is that he is going to stonewall. >> he's going to be a private citizen next week so it seems ridiculous to be conducting an oversight hearing. >> we have a process we have to follow to compel questions. the bezos blog post is full of hints that there were larger political connections. >> there's a long alliance between ami, donald trump, david pecker. >> whether these details add up to a crime is unethical action. chief justice roberts who has been against abortion rights stopped the application of the law for the time being. >> he's an institutionalist and he'll sometimes vote to upheld press zblents it will be interesting to see how this plays out. >> announcer: this is new day with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning and welcome to your new day. alisyn is off. erica hill joins me this morning for a busy morning. >> it's a rather busy friday. >> we have some major breaking news for you about the courts,
4:00 am
capital, t capitol hill, and the world's richest man. we're going to start with the supreme court blocking a louisiana law that would have restricted abortions. they blocked that law from going into effect forin our. vote was 5-4 and the key here what makes this so interesting is that the chief justice of the united states john roberts joined the courts four liberal judges voting for the stay. so, does this signal which kind of a left ward shift for the chief justice? how will the president who's been critical of roberts in the past respond though this? plus, just hours from now the acting attorney general matthew whitaker will appear before the house judiciary committee? how much will he say and what will house democrats do to try to force him to talk? whitaker had refused to appear until democrats promised not to issue a subpoena during the actual hearing. also this morning, kellyanne conway saying a woman assaulted her physically in front of conway's child and other children.
4:01 am


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