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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  February 11, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PST

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thought they were on a path to resolving their outstanding issues, but sources tell cnn there's now a growing concern that lawmakers may not be able to make a deal. talks have stalled to limit number of undocumented immigrants who can be detained. president trump is laying the blame for thiem pass on democrats. tonight, the president travels to el paso, texas, to make his case where in a sense he'll share the border spotlight with the potential 2020 challenger beto o'rourke. they will hold dueling rally there's. president falsely claimed that before a wall was built there, crime was rampant, it wasn't. also knew this morning, a fresh leak of the president's private schedules, this time schedules from just last week and this schedule shows that nearly half of his hours were spent in executive time, unstructured where we really don't know what
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does he. there's now a hunt for the leaker of these said ulaisles a the white house claimser that closing in. we have our panel here to discuss this. great to vaufl you, happy monday. sung ming, tell us what -- what happens over the weekend? there was a feeling that things were going to work and then on sunday morning things broke down. >> well, all through the last couple of weeks since this 17-member conference committee began negotiating there was a lot a optimism that these people could get it done. they're appropriators an approp negotiators and talks really broke down and they began to go out on sunday and tell people what the problem was. that problem sofr the number of i.c.e., immigration and customs
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enforcement can detain. democrats want to cap a daily number of the people that can be detained at 16,500. now for context purposes, the daily rate right now is about 40,000 people. and democrats say this is a way of reining in what they call aggressive enforcement tactics by the trump administration. but republicans say this is an absolute deal break because setting the cap so low they're effectively eliminating i.c.e.'s ability do their job and ob oabolishing i.c.e. >> they want to get people caught in the interior. this isn't people crossing the border, this is people that i.c.e. goes and gets who are already here. and the democrats say by capping the number it will force them to go after people that have committed violent crimes, not just border crossings. but that's a complicated argument to make, david, at this point, and it's distinctly for people who haven't been paying
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close attention, not about a border wall. >> it's not about a border wall. how much money are democrats willing to foot for the bill for a border wall? >> i talked to top democrats who thought they were closer to a deal who want to respond to what the demands are by border agents for more reinforcements and lots of border barriers in different spots. now democrats have paid for it. let's remember the contixt this is happening. the whole question of abolishing i.c.e. is huge for democrats who think they've gone out of control, the administration is so overly broad in their sweep of immigrants in the u.s. they want it to be more focused for those in violent records and for trump every day there's a new 2020 opponent opposing him. so it's so easy for them to dig in and become a central pillar of a negotiation argument.
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and you always have to wonder do they want the deal more than the issue or the issue more than the deal? and that's what could ultimately destroy this. >> there you go, margaret. this is a new variable being sent out by the democrats. this wasn't the impasse we heard two weeks ago that they were stuck on. so in order to avoid whatever may happen this friday, why introduce this new variable? >> it's new in the context of the last, you know, since the last 30 five-day shutdown but it's certainly not new in the context of the overall debate that's been swirling for the last two years since president trump took office. and, you know, we haven't talked, alisyn, about the one other thing that's on everyone's mind, which is whether the president's going to declare a national emergency or executive of some kind. that's all wrapped up in the same thing. in the first shutdown, the 35-day shutdown these two things got interlinked. the continuing operations of the
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governmente government and the wall debate. it's possible that they will agree to continue spending through the end of the fall and let president decide whether or not to put trigger on this emergency. >> and sung ming, you can help fill in the blanks here because there is something else happening here and this time it's from the president's side where he's sending more troops to the border or near the border. and also as margaret was just pointing out, sending all kinds of signals that no matter what is agreed to by this conference, he may still take emergency action that he feels is he take to spend money above that for the boardrder wall. so there are forces on both sides here that are drawing questions on this process. >> exact lly. the president hasn't shown that much faith in this process at all. he said he would sign a bill to
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reopen the government a couple weeks ago and he said this wall is going to get built one way or the other. and now with the national emergency declaration very fresh on our minds or potential other executive action, the president has to be looking at the backlash that a potential national emergency declaration could cause. certainly among democrats who have already said they are explore legal cal challenges should he do so, but also among republicans, just the way that the procedure is structured in congress, a resolution of disapproval that can basically negate the emergency declaration could easily pass the senate because there's that much republican opposition to it. now the president will almost certainly veto that, but it would be a very sharp rebuke of the administration and of the president should it come to that point. >> and also just the backlash of another government shutdown on friday. we had so many federal workers who talked about the impact on their lives and the pain that it was causing them and the idea
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that they are on the cusp of this again. >> look, a government shutdown is stupid and i think everybody knows that and i think trump got spooked by what happened not only the potential impact on the economic growth, flights being delayed in laguardia, but democrats will worry about this too. if it happens again they will feel some of that weight as well. but i keep coming back to who wants a deal on this? because you do have some appropriators who know how to make a deal on these issues, but what's fighting them are their respective base who's want a fight on this issue. and that's what gets in the way. so we had all this movement towards getting close on a deal, getting close, and this could just be a lot of screaming and yelling before they aprief rriv some deal or not. it's hard to know with this administration. maybe we have to hold out and hope for infrastructure week
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again. >> i think we'll know more in the next couple days, but if president trump really wants to have either the emergency declaration that he's been contemplating or some kind of executive action, he doesn't have to get jammed by congress, that if that's going to happen if i way, there's not that much insensitive for democrats to go along with concession these don't want. there's more incense e sentiinc for them to go for what they want. but this dueling at the border tonight kind of shows how what's at line with 800,000 people's jobs on the line and realty implications for families and children at the border. >> more politics will be injected into this over the next 24 hours rather than less given there are rallies tonight at border. and what david was saying, shutdowns rare stupid. you say there's no way, but then you remember what we're dealing
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with her, republicans, democrats, members of congress and, sure, we can't rule it out. axios revealing two weeks of schedules here. this was after they showed months of time. the four days last week 50% of his time spent in executive time. sung ming, what's the issue here? is it that people are still leaking these schedules or is it that the president uses so much executive time or that we don't understand what he's doing during those hours? >> first of all, how easily these are being leaked to the press should concern white house officials and senior white house officials including the acting chief of staff mick mulvaney have indicated they are on the hunt and that they're close to find the perpetrator in this case. but it gives a window to how this president operates. and these large stretches of executive time with a lot of
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senators, especially republican senators i've talked to they tell me all the time how frequently is he calling them and how much he's gauging their feedback, their advice on what he have you had do about this nominee or on this policy. there are meetings that he has held that we have found out after the fact that doesn't ever get advised on his public schedule. so he is doing something here in this what is structured as executive time. but with meetings there's an issue of transparency here. if you look on his schedule that gets sent out to the press they can be sparse. but he's holding meetings with mitch mcconnell a couple weeks ago where the leader warned him about the perils of taking steps to declare a national mng theme. so there's a leak issue and a transparency issue on part of the white house. >> we have to wrap but i'll read his side. here's what he tweet about it. media was able to get my work schedule, something easy do but
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it should have been reported as a positive not negative when the term executive time is used i'm generally working. >> generally. >> generally, not relaxing, john berman. >> generally. >> and i probably work more hours than any past president. >> generally. >> thank you all very much. segregate to talk to you. virginia's top democrats are embroiled in scandals, but can they weather these controversies and will they remain in office despite them? okay, max...time to help mrs. tyler reach her health goals! i'm in! but first... shelfie! the great-tasting nutrition of ensure. with up to 30 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals! ensure. for strength and energy. ensure. in the time it takes to brew a cup... here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters costa rica paraíso. first, we go to san marcos, costa rica. and meet sergio. that's his daughter, maria.
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new this morning, we are hearing from virginia governor ralph northham in ways we have not before. a new interview. he's vowing to stay on the job, while lieutenant-governor just continue fairfax refuses to step down. he's ignoring calls from top democrats to resign after a second woman has accused him of sexual assault. joining us now, former mayor of tallahassee, andrew gillum. and joe lockhart, former clinton press secretary, also a cnn commentator and a legend in his own time. i want to play you some of this interview we're hearing from ralph northam, the governor of virginia new this morning, let's play that sound.
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>> right now virginia needs someone that can heal. there's no better person to do that than a doctor. virginia also needs someone who is strong who has empathy, who has courage, and who has a moral compass. and that's why i'm not going anywhere. >> it's now ten days, two weeks, since we saw the yearbook page where people appear in blackface and a klan costume from his medical school yearbook. mayor, did you ever think that ralph northam was going to be governor today? >> no, i didn't, obviously. the interesting thing about this process that we see the governor going through right now is i'm not actually sure what he is atoning for. he started by saying it was him, then it said it wasn't, then it was i didn't select these pages to go in my yearbook. and we're actually not sure where the truth is there. i just think i do believe people ought to be griffin grace and have an opportunity to make amends for what they've said and
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done. but we're still unclear. the people have virginia have to be unclear what he stands for. >> should he stay in office? >> i've called for his resignation largely because i think it's extremely difficult for him to lead state with the full confidence of the people that he's leblingelected to ser. we did see some polling come out this weekend that shows he's got some majority popularity baugh his support of voters of color have gone down by half. there's something there. i will tell you, i am a little bit conflicted in this whole situation in the sense that i went around the state for two years in florida saying that people shouldn't be judged forever by their worst day. all of us ought to have the ability to reconcile and get it together. i feel the governor should do that as a private citizen but if he's offering to stay in the
3:18 am
office governor we'll have to hear something better than we heard in this interview the past weekend. a policy work to move the state forward are. >> are we in a new day? what does it tell you that he is still in office? i don't think despite what we predicted is not going anywhere. >> i would not have predicted he would have lasted that weekend. his answers were unintelligible and i think i agree with andrew that the teachable moment here is for him to resign. but, we're now in the era of trump where you -- as he said, i could go down fifth avenue and shoot people and if i just dig in and deny and, you know, say that my people are going to keep me here and create this sort of alternative reality, it has worked for him and people in politics model success. it's all wrong, he should resign if he wants to make improving race relations in virginia
3:19 am
around the country, then he ought to do it as a private citizen. politicians do need to live to a higher standard and we can't. and i think as democrats, the reason this is a problem for democrats is we are different than republicans. and, you know, you saw al franken get run out of the senate with kirsten gillibrand leading the charge. we are different, i think, when people say things that are racist. and leaving northam there for the party is problematic. and then finally it's problematic because it goes to who elects democrats. democrats are elected by people of color and with women. and with fairfax and with northam, this is a problem. >> do you think this is a bipra duct byproduct of president trump? there are 15 women who have come forward and said they witness order were at the receiving end of assault or harassment from
3:20 am
president trump, he mocked a disabled reporter. he has employed as we know now dozens and dozens of undocumented workers, so many things that scuttled other people's bids or campaigns didn't for his, and so now is this officially a new day? >> there's not only a new day, this may be a new normal in politics. the president has set a different tone. i agree, what we are trying to say on our side is that we are party of values, of morals, of racial justice and equity of women's rights and obviously standing side by side in the me too movement. you've heard every major presidential candidate on the democratic side speak up on this issue and demand better, demand greater. we're unfortunately in a really conflicting place, i think, in the state of virginia. i'm hopeful that all three leaders will take real stock of what their responsibility is not just to themselves, but more
3:21 am
importantly to the people who elected them and how we move that state forward. >> it's all getting thrown into the same bikt now, the governor, lieutenant governor in, and the attorney general. justin fairfax accused on the record by two women of rape in 2000 and 2004. i can't think of a national democrat who hasn't called on him to resign at this point. there's something else that developed overnight, joe, and it is worth noting. a tweet, we were talking about tweets a lot here, from representative ill l representative omar of minnesota. she retweeted with comment said would love to know who she thinks is paying american politicians to be pro-israel, though i think i can guess. bad form congressman, the second anti-semitic quote, it goes on,
3:22 am
and she retweeted with apac, which is the aipac, it's a lobbying group and one talking about support of israel where she says it's all about the benjamin's baby. >> yeah. >> and there will be people who look at this and saying what she's doing is perpetuating this myth, this notion that jewish money is somehow controlling things in this zblunt listen,co >> i understand what she's saying which is aipac is a powerful lobby and they spend a lot of money. >> and they do spend a lot of money. >> it's one of the polarizing influences in the jewish community. many american jews believe they that they're way too pro-netanyahu and there's a different point of view. i think several of the freshman congress people are on a learning curve and this just walks into, i don't -- i don't
3:23 am
believe that it's anti-semitic, but you are opening yourself up to those charges and there's a better way to do it. >> well, look, it's all about the benjamins baby is going even further than just putting the word aipac there. and what you have seen before is there have been all kinds of people who have criticized bringing up michael bloomberg for instance and they will note that seems to be some kind of illusion to anti-semitism here. it's the same thing. >> i'm not sure it's the same thing but she shouldn't have done it and she's got to be clearer on these things. and it goes to when you communicate by tweet, everyone can interpret it anyway they zbla want. >> what do you think? >> i got accused of being anti-semitic. i will tell you i visited israel three times, presii'm completel
3:24 am
aware of the power of organization, i don't say that as a pa jurortive. i will tell you, we have to be able to criticize certain pieces of foreign policy. i don't think this was a respectful way do it, but think we ought to give the congresswoman some room. she has said she supports the state of israel and i think in certain places we can be critical at the same time recite state our unapologetic such israel. >> being pro or anti-israel is very different than being sufficientive that u.s. money is controlling things in the united states. >> my read of it was that she was acknowledging that powerful lobbying influences, absolutely does have significant power in the state of -- in the nation's capital. >> and i think it's akin to people who criticize the nra for having power. but i understand how making these sorts of statements. >> although we're not equating. >> no, but doing it in the way
3:25 am
she did opens herself to criticism and there's a better way do it. >> joe, mayor, thank you very much. the top u.s. commander in the war against isis is speaking out and contradicting the president. we'll tell you what he says next. (mom vo) it's easy to shrink into your own little world. especially these days. (dad) i think it's here. (mom vo) especially at this age. (big sister) where are we going? (mom vo) it's a big, beautiful world out there. (little sister) woah... (big sister) wow. see that? (mom vo) sometimes you just need a little help seeing it. (vo) presenting the all-new three-row subaru ascent. love is now bigger than ever.
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i can worry about it, or doe. something about it. garlique helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally, and it's odor-free, and pharmacist recommended. garlique the commander of the u.s. central command is in the middle east this week as part his farewell tour before stepping down. he says ten of thousand of isis fighters remain spread across syria and iraq directly contradicting president trump's claims of them having been destroyed. cnn's barbara starr is the only tv counteraccompanying the general on the trip and she joins us live from cairo. barbara. >> reporter: good morning. we have landed overnight after overnight flying from cairo and this is the week that president trump wants very much to
3:30 am
announce that 100% of the physical caliphate, the land that isis once controlled in syria is now out of their hands. that right now is something he's looking forward to saying when he talks about isis being gone, that they no longer will control territory hopefully area fwithi view in the next couple days in syria. but when we spoke to the general on his plane overnight, he took a longer view of the isis threat, the scope of fighters out there and what they are capable of still doing even if they do not control land. have a listen to what he had to say. >> i'm kind of -- the intelligence community is -- kind of saw the and they talk about ten of thousands that have been disperse and disaggregated from the area. but there is leadership there, there are fighters there, facilitator there. they have -- still have some access to resources. and, of course, they still
3:31 am
maintain this kind of ideology that's -- >> there's leadership, there's fighters, there's capability out there and that's something that general vot he will wel has bee about. u.s. troops continue and have been withdrawn from syria. more than 2,000 will be making their way out of that country in the coming days. >> so interesting to hear from the general who must feel strongly knowing that people will look at those comments and say they're slightly different than what the president has said but sticking to that timeline for sure. great to have you on the road with general votel. millions of americans face a new round of heavy snow this week. cnn chad myers is here with our forecast. >> punxsutawney phil didn't say
3:32 am
which corner we'd get snow. this weather is brought to you by boost, nutritional drink, be up for life. there's the snow across parts of the northeast this morning and here is your boost forecast for the rest of the day. we will see the snow moving into chicago and detroit for tomorrow. very ugly weather tomorrow morning across that area as the storm does move in. also ice just to the south of that snow in the is 9:00 tomorrow morning we're going to see significant snow into new york city. could be 3 inches on the ground for new york. changes over terrain and washes away but not before you slow down that early early morning rush for tomorrow. there's ice on the ground some in some spots, snow on the ground in some spots and these purple areas are at least a foot of snow in pe and. >> oh my gosh. thank you very much. two more democrats jumping into the 2020 race, elizabeth warren and amy klobuchar?
3:33 am
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all right. two more democratic canned democrats have jumped in the race. there's something before harry, so let's gt the forecast with cnn politics writer and analyst harri harry enten. great to see you. >> welcome back. >> so senator amy klobuchar
3:38 am
announced in a hardy, minnesota style in the middle of a driving snowstorm. tell us what we need to know. >> i have respect for her as someone who went to school solely for someone who liked snow so i appreciate her being out in the snow. let's talk about her strengths first. we did get to this later, but she's right next to iowa which is the first in the nation context. so the fact that she might be more familiar, she connects with those types of voters, could in fact be helpful to her in the iowa caucus which i think she needs to win. she's also moderate, and we'll get to this later, but she's more moderate about 75% of senate democrats. and 54% of democrats are non-liberal and more than that there's a real sort of clog of the liberal lane. cory booker, kamala harris, all of them have liberal records. so she might be able to stand ought as someone to appeal to those democrats. and finally electability.
3:39 am
this is very important to the vote and the three times she's run for the senate in 2006, 2012, and 2018, she's had above-average performance in all three of those outrunning the average congressional candidate in minnesota by ten points or more. >> on the other hand. >> on the other hand, by the way, notice she's smiling here. and then look here. >> she's sad. >> she's a little sad. why is that? because we're talking about her weakness dollars. number one, look, the democratic field is huge, huge, so it's going to be difficult to become known. and only 31% of democrats right now have an opinion of her. and more than that, when they say there's a scandal or something bad that comes out, the way that she treats her staff that might be the first impression that voters get of her. less liberal than about 75% of all democratic senators, the fact is that when you have a democratic party that's moving further to the left, that can be very difficult. and then, yeah, when we -- >> isn't she just the per son fa occasion of where we are?
3:40 am
are we as a country moving for democrats, moving left ward? >> yes. >> or is it that there's this big chunk of independents who want somebody that's sent tryst in the middle? she would be that person? >> she could be that person but the democratic party is moving farther to the left. finally fewer african and latino voters. about 15% of minnesota democrats are nonwhite and of course in the national party it's significantly greater. >> let's look at the numbers for elizabeth warn quickly. >> we've spoken with liz warrel warren. she's the most liberal senator. if you had a contest like last time that went long, long, she raised a ton of money back in 2018 for her senate run. here's the other thing i'll note. she lives right next door to new hampshire. if she wins with, she'd be in a perfect position to win new hampshire and run the table. >> that worked well in 2004.
3:41 am
>> it's the same exact thing. but in terms of weaknesses, if she strong in her races, she's had below electability in her races. hillary clinton won by 27 points in 2016, and of that course was a much less democratic year. competition, a lot of liberal candidates that she'll face and she has that same problem with she represents few african, latino voters. >> you're wearing pink. >> yes. >> i understand you want to talk valentine's day. >> i thought we would all get together here and could we keep in mind there's still some people, 28% of people who aren't in a relationship. >> yeah. >> so none of us, i don't think, are in that position so let's keep our heart out for them. but in terms of valentine's gift, if you are in a relationship, i wanted to help john out. i wanted him to know. >> what to get me. >> what he should get you, what he should do. >> you're the least of my worries. >> chocolate is the answer always.
3:42 am
>> but maybe a simple card or gift, you know, that 15%. a night out 40%. or maybe just some jewelry. >> i can tell you what the problem is here? the top two things are diametrically opposed which is life for a guy. you can't do both. >> go with a night zblout but this is number two. >> why don't you do two valentine's day? >> big love. >> big love. it's on hbo and cnn. >> all right. appreciate it. don't go far. so did senator elizabeth warren go too far on her first day of campaigning as a declared candidate? she suggested president trump dmob jail by 2020. we'll discuss next.
3:43 am
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new entries into the race for president and a new line of attack from senator elizabeth warren. >> the time we get to 2020, donald trump may not even be president. [ cheers and applause ] >> in fact, he may not even be a free person. >> all right. joining us now to discuss, harry enten and mj lee, name national politics reporter. she is in iowa traveling with elizabeth warren chasing her around the country. mj, you wore there for that comment from elizabeth warren which needs some context. it's interesting because she's been going out of her way not to respond to every statement or tweet from the president of the united states, then all of the sudden she comes out with this,
3:47 am
which is, you know, nuclear. the president might be in jail by 2020. >> reporter: that's right. i can tell you what she made those comments yesterday in cedar rapids you could see the reporters sitting up in their seats because it's, a that she goes after trump by name. think in fact since she announced her campaign about a month ago she's really only brought up trump if she has really had to because she gets asked about him kples itaexplic voter or reporter. it was clear she walked into that room with the plan to make this specific comment about trump. but i think you're right, that there is this bigger point that she really wanted to make, which is that this is not going to be the warren that we see on the trail every day. she does not want to be throwing punches at trump every single day or responding to every single one of his tweets or attacks. she was kind of call on her fellow democrats too, to not let
3:48 am
the president sort of set the conversation and set the agenda for them because she said there's too much else that we need to be talking about and otherwise we are not going to get our message across and set the conversation up to our own terms. >> it's interesting, because that's a different strategy. so do you ignore the president or do you engage with the president? so over the weekend, president trump put out this tweet about elizabeth warren. today elizabeth warren sometimes referred to me by -- as polka honor tus, joined the race for president. will she run as our first native american presidential candidate or has she decided after 32 years this is not playing so wellny long center see you on the campaign, capitalized trail, elizabeth. so you have to decides if you're going to rebut that or ignore that. >> i mean, look, a lot of people saw that as an illusion to the trail of tears. >> it was an illusion to the trail of tears, there's no other way to look at that time. >> exactly. >> which is flat out race zblift
3:49 am
it is. so i think that elizabeth warren said enough is enough. if the president is going after me and a subset of people, then you have to respond in kind. and think while democrats don't want president trump to be their only focus, at the end of the day if he is going to make statements such as those, then democrats are going to want her to fight back because even in the primary you're just going up against your own party, eventually the main prize is going up against the president of the united states so you have to show you're able to push back. >> do the numbers predict that and want people fighting the president day in and day out? >> no. most important thing is electability and if you can't fight back against the president of the united states then what are you going to be doing in the again election? are you going to be speaking about your own issues as the president dominates the media? you have to show that you can fight on the same stage that he is. >> let's talk about amy klobuchar. she in typical minnesota fashion ape nounsed in a snowstorm.
3:50 am
>> it's amazing. >> she's not herring a hat. i mean, it's just -- that's how tough she is. that's how hardy these minnesotans are. what's the feeling about the fact that she announced and that the snowstorm may have upstaged some of it? >> look, i'll first say i am so glad that i was not covering that. i thought i was cold in lawrence, massachusetts, on saturday. and it was cold and an outdoor event but we didn't have snow coming down on us. look, clearly what amy klobuchar did in using sort of the weather and the elements in her announcement was to say, look at this, look at the grit that i'm showing. i think she used that word a couple of times. this shows that i am all in, this shows that i am in it for the long haul, that i will brave the elements and that i can take on the president. i saw that she tweeted back in
3:51 am
the president too yesterday when he tweeted about her announcement. so clearly from day one showing that she wants to engage him. as far as just the field getting bigger, i just wanted to note that we've been talking to voters every time we come to iowa or travel with the candidates and they're excited, especially in the early stages. this is the moment that they wait for every four years. they're so excited that the candidacy -- the candidates that are jumping in, the field's getting bigger. just seeing all of that and sort of getting the chance to get to know all of these candidates. because what it all means is that there are a number of people that are going to take on president trump and this buffet of options that they have. voters are really excited about that right now. >> it's interesting to see if she wanted to differentiate herself with the announcement in the snow like that, it certainly did, no question about that. mj, harry, thank you very much. beto o'rourke by the way tonight with some kind of event when president trump is in el paso.
3:52 am
so this may be an opportunity for him to try to shiene the spotlight on himself. >> be sure to watch tomorrow night, poppy harlow is speaking with starbucks ceo howard schultz who is considering an independent race for 2020. that's tomorrow night only on name. a miracle in missouri, an unreal finish you just have to see. bleacher report is next.
3:53 am
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that fits your business. heartburn and gas? ♪ fight both fast tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums tums chewy bites with gas relief one of america's greatest athletes says she is done competing. lindsey vonn going out with style. andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. >> good morning, guys. no matter how many times she fell, she always got back up. von one of the most dominate forces ever put on skis.
3:57 am
but, after fult am knee injuries and a bunch of scary crashes, vonn calling it a year yesterday in sweden. the 34-year-old had a bad crash just earlier in the week and her final super-g run but still wanted to give it one more go in the downhill. and she came through with a great performance, raising her hand in the air one last time as she crossed the finish line. vonn earning bronze for that final run. she said she's putting it right next to all of her golds. >> i want tend to my career on a high note. i didn't want to crash but i also wanted to risk everything. so it was just hard for me to manage those emotions. but i kept it together and i did well enough for a bronze so it was an amazing day. >> and this morning vonn posting to instagram, did i it one last medal in my final race. i couldn't have asked for anything more. thanks, everyone, for the years of support. it means the world to me. vonn retires as the winningest
3:58 am
female all-time skier of all time. all right. we had a crazy finish in college basketball. missouri state down by two to illinois state with under eight seconds. there's a mad scramble for the ball, jared dickson finally comes up with it, shoots it from half-court and it goes. missouri state wins it 66-65 and, you know, guys, it's a perfect example of sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. >> you've got chuck that ball up, throw it up, you nofr know wh never know what's going to happen. "saturday night live" back in action. er hoar your late night laughs. >> once upon a time there were women and then they became fed up women, and then they became congress women. they fight crime. they right wrongs. they wear white but they're not all white and we love that. then, the womthey're the women congress. >> ladies, we have a message
3:59 am
from president trump. >> congratulations women of congress. since i've been president, we have more women serving in congress than ever before. >> you don't get to take credit for that. >> it not because of you. >> and you're not zblich during the state of union address president trump urged political unity which is kind of like captain morgan -- kinda like captain morgan urges sobriety. >> virginia governor ralph northam is refusing to resign after a racist photo in a yearbook. if it's in a yearbook how bad could it be? oh, i knew it was a yearbook but dint know the year was 18 zbl70 >> that was funny. >> thanks for watching. for you, border talks, breaking down, could a shutdown, a new
4:00 am
one, be just days away? new day continues right now. we are not to a point where we kaye noucan announce a deal. >> this has become an negotiation not over substance. >> the president's right to have contingency plans in place. >> these are very serious allegations. it's not clear to me how can he continue to do his job. >> i think i'm in a position where i can take virginia to the next level. it would be very positive. >> it's determined to go on this reconciliation tour, he should do that as a private citizen rather than as the governor. >> i am running for every american. i am running for you. >> by the time we get to 2020, donald trump may not even be a free person. >> we need bold visions, policies, platforms, and i think that's what we're seeing. >> announcer: this is new day with alisyn camerota and john berman. all right. good morning and welcome to your new day. alisyn camerota is back, which is the best news we're going to receive all play. i> thank you.


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