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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 11, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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that is it for me. newsroom starts now. hi, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. new story. same old story in washington. once again, a shutdown is just days away. the government is set to close this friday, but today and tomorrow, actually really the key in keeping things on track. the reason is this. the house has a 72-hour rule that requires legislation be released three day s before it receives a floor vote, but before they can vote, they need a make a deal. and with all the talk of money for a wall, turns out a new sticking point. detention beds for detained, undocumented immigrants. democrats want the cut that number from about 40,000 beds to just under 36,000. but the white house and republicans want to increase it up to 52,000. and this weekend, one of the key
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members of these talks said he was not confident of a deal or that the government would stay open. >> shutting down the government should always be off the table. we would like for it to be off the table. we've worked hard to fund the government. we're going o continue to work hard in these negotiations, but the specter of a shutdown is always out there. >> we start with cnn congressional correspondent on capitol hill and a big meeting is about all of this is happening next hour. tell us what it's about and who will be there. >> that's right. this is a big meeting coming at such a crucial moment for these negotiations and just over an hour, the top four leaders on the conference committee, this broader group of 17 members, they'll be sitting down behind closed doors up here on capitol hill. essentially trying to pick up the pieces. trying to see if they can find a way forward. trying to see if there's anything that's salvageable after the breakdown in talks
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over the weekend. we heard from negotiators after the breakdown, the fact they had not gotten agreement for the potential physical barrier at the wall, but interestingly enough, the other big dividing point is the number of detention beds for illegal immigrants who are criminals in this country. that's something democrats want to see a cap on. they want to see that number of beds reduced. republicans say at that level that democrats are proposing, that's a nonstarter and you heard that tone coming from senator richard shellby. she is one of the people who will be in the meetings today. that really reflecting the sense of. >> peter: michigan pessimism here and the fact we are now four days away. no deal on table. but i think in the next hour or two as lawmakers emerge from the meet, we could see hints of what direction this is heading. >> as we pointed out, how the rules go, that's why today and tomorrow are so key. we'll stay in close contact with
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you. president trump is taking his fight on the border wall straight to texas. he holds his first campaign rally of the year in el paso tonight. beto o'rourke, the former congressman and potential white house contender will join march build a stop the wall, stop the lies and headline a rally across the street as the president is speaking. here is what the mayor, a republican, told me about trump's wall just on friday. >> well, you know, a fence, i don't use the term wall because it just personally conjures up the berlin wall in my mind, but the fence is a part of you know, we are a sovereign nation and we need to control our borders. i'm sure it's part and parcel, but it's not the total pan sace. i don't think anybody would ever agree it should be the panacea. you can't build a fence from brownsville to el paso, texas.
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geographically, texas, it won't work. >> with me now, todd curry, an assistant professor of political science at university of texas at el paso. so professor, welcome. and wechted to talk to you wauf this quote of yours. trump's trip to el paso is the equivalent you said of a criminal returning to the scene of the crime. what did you mean by that? >> well, trump's most notorious policies regarding immigration started here in el paso. or family separation, the torneo, all of these occurred here in el paso. >> so your point being you're calling those crimes and referring to trump. >> not necessarily calling them crimes. what i'm in essence saying is that when trump is showing back up here, he's bringing back up these certain occurrences that
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have occurred that are sort of negative marks on him at least nationally, and they all took place here where he is come lg back to this evening. >> this is something i also addressed with the mayor. he has insisted over and over falsely that el paso had one of the country's highest violent crime rates before any border barriers were put up. you heard the el paso mayor refute that. if trump stands up the there tonight and spouts these false statistics on crime in el paso, what can city leaders, what should city leaders do about that? >> well, i think city leaders are are taking a stand. beto o'rourke holding a rally at the same time to tell you the truth. and the truth of el paso. i think city leaders are going to be thrust into the limelight and have as a necessity to put the record straight regarding what crime has looked like in el paso over the last 30 year and it's historically low.
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>> and to your point about beto tonight, you have these duelling rallies. so the president being in el paso, he's essentially gifting beto o'rourke a stage and a microphone and a prime time audience on a cable news split screen. do you think the president is giving him a political gift here and who do you think comes out on top? >> it's granting him, if he decides to run, it's a campaign contribution to beto o'rourke. i think coming out on top, beto o'rourke is probably going to get just as much coverage as donald trump does. and beto o'rourke is nationally more popular than donald trump. i think the outcome is not a true strategic thought on the behalf of the trump candidacy, but more so a failure again of sort of a strategic mind set on behalf of this administration. >> we'll be watching both of these men this evening. todd curry, thank you so much. and we've got break iing ne
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now. democratic leaders of the u.s. house of representatives have joined this growing list of democrats in condemning one of their own. freshman conscious woman omar of minnesota accusing, accused again of anti-semitism, for suggesting republicans support israel is fuel bid donations from a prominent pro israel group. the house leadership is now calling the congresswoman's comments quote deeply offensive. and this is one of the comments raising outrage on both sides. congresswoman omar tweeted all about the benjamins, baby. her response critical to kevin mccarthy. aims to put pressure on israel to change its actions toward palestinians and then in a later tweet, the congresswoman called out apac specifically for paying politicians to be b pro israel. now, house democratic leadership is calling on omar to apologize. no comment so far from the minnesota congresswoman.
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but i have seen a political commentator and here is part of our conversation from earlier. let's start with you have the language the congresswoman used and the policy that she was referring to. you thought what? >> i think it's really important that we have supporters of palestinian rights in congress. i think there are a lot of americans, a lot of very legitimate criticisms. human rights abuses are serious, but i think you can talk b about these issues with suffering and humanity and suffering without talking about jews and money. i don't know that omar meant it that way, but just like with black face, thing haves a hs ha iry and you have to be aware of this. >> as she was saying all about the benjamins and talking about all this lob b bying money, you take that as entirely anti-semitic. >> i don't think it was in her intent, but it was unfortunate.
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you can criticize apac. here's where i think they're wrong on the issues, but you don't need to say politicians are being controlled by a jewish organization organization because that had negative and hurtful connotations. whether she understood sto stoo she needs to understand these things. >> do you think language, choice of o language aside, do you think she had a point on the issue that she was trying to make? >> look, obviously. apac has committees that give money to candidates and that has an influence with them just like on every other issue. what issue in washington isn't influenced by fact you have groups giving money. but when u you talk b about this particular issue, that antisemiantise anti-semitism is bound up with jews in this way, i think it's better to avoid the subject and make the point you want to make on the policy. part of the trangedy is that
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that's been lost. talk about palestinian rights. not jews and money. >> just big picture, it was the house minority leader, kevin mccarthy, calling her out on twitter. now everyone is saying look at what you tweeted. we have the graphic from before the midterm elections. again b, you know, the theme of jewish people and money. anti-semitic. you also have congressman steve king, the racist remarks he's made. the president over the weekend sparking backlash over trail of tears then doubling down using the word savage. it's a lot of hate and racism and anti-semitism right in the open at the moment. for years and years. among politicians. >> right and the tragedy is that we need to be bound together in this. jews need to fight it.
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we need to all be united in this struggle and omar has a really important role to play and unfortunately, she made a mistake that undermines her ability to play that role. i hope she comes back from it. >> peater, thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up next, a closer look at the growing democratic field. david joins me to talk about the most recent entries. two more women, but senators, but with very different ideas about how to run the race. and take a look at how many women are running for president in 2020. we'll talk to margaret karlsson who says you better get used to it. and virginia remains in a state of chaos over scandals with top democrats. north you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. e. ♪ doctor dave. see ya. ♪
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now to the race for 2020. while beto o'rourke is keeping them guessing about a run, two of his fellow democrats, senators, warren, klobuchar are leaving no doubt. >> this is the fight of our lives. the fight to build an america where dreams are possible, an america that works for everyone. and that is why i stand here today to declare that i am a candidate for president of the united states. >> i am running for every parent who wants a better world for their kids. i'm running for every student who wants a good education. for every senior who wants affordable prescription drugs.
11:17 am
i am running for every american. i am running for you. >> two women, two senators, with two different approaches to what it means to be b a democrat in this 2020 campaign. david is in houston where he's getting ready for the town hall with howard schultz. he's repeatedly slammed a democrat's lurch to the left. klobuchar presents herself at a moderate. doesn't back apobolishing i.c.e and has voted in line with trump 31% of time since she took office. is she a viable option for anyone skittish about backing a third party candidate? >> well, she is a viable option inside this democratic nomination race. she's the first one actually that we're seeing now sort of
11:18 am
start paving that path of a potential more centrist lane inside the democratic party. we've seen warren, you were just showing unabashedly liberal progress. gillibrand and harris and booker are sort of filling the left lane at the moment and we're waiting on some folks. you mentioned beto o'rourke or mike bloomberg or joe biden who may also join amy klobuchar in this more centrist lane. when i say centrist, i'm still talking about the democratic party of the left. just in the context of the p primary e fight. you noted she's not lined up with some of those other more liberal members. staying on klobuchar and in the days leading up to her announcement, she was subject to several reports citing anonymous former staffers that say she mistreats her staff. according to leg storm, she has the third highest staff turnover in the senate from fiscal years 2001 to 2017. here is how she responded to
11:19 am
those reports this morning. >> first of all, i love my staff. i wouldn't be where i am and we wouldn't be able to pass all those bills and do all that work if we didn't have great staff. i am tough. i push people. that is true. but my point is that i have high expectations for myself. i have high expectations for the people that work for me and i have high expectations for this country. >> do you think she can spin this into a positive moving forward? she's going to keep getting asked. >> she's clearly trying. that was spin there and pushing back on a couple of negative stories that were looking at this staff issue in the week leading up to her announcement. she's clearly having none of it yet she's not run inning away f it. just trying to embrace some bit of reality of that reputation and turn it into a president obamative. we'll see. to me, it will largely depend on
11:20 am
if we hear any mistreatment of her staff during this campaign that feeds into this larger narrative, but i don't think this is going to be the defining character iistic of her campaig if she avoids those kinds of pitfalls in terms of managing this. but remember, just to go back to what you were saying before, she is somebody who swrus won 60% of the vote in minnesota. a state that was razor thin close in 2016. she's making the case a lot of other democrats aren't yet that she could win over some of those trump voters that slipped away from the democrats. >> kamala harris, warren and klobuchar's colleague and 2020 rival, they were talking about a range of topics this morning including marijuana. >> they say you oppose legalizing weed. >> not true. >> i know. >> and look, i joke about it. half my family is from jamaica. >> have you ever smoke snded? >> i have. and i did inhale.
11:21 am
it was a long time ago. but yes. >> now all jokes aside, cory booker in 2017 would legalize marijuana in a bill that senator harris cosponsored after gillibrand and sanders expressed their own support and 27 years ago, bill clinton made headlines for saying he tried it, but didn't inhale. do you think now with the snapshot that is 2019, is this even a blip on the radar? >> i mean the fact that candidates smoke pot is not going to be a blip. we're well beyond that in society and in fact, this issue of the legalization of marijuana came up in the barr confirmation hearings. she was making very clear that she believes this needs to be dealt with legislatively to move towards legalization. >> david, thank you, my friend. again, you're in houston
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preparing for the cnn presidential town hall. poppy harlow is the host. tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern here on cnn and a week from today, don lemon will moderate a town hall with senator amy klobuchar in new hampshire. just in this afternoon, we are hearing the president will be holding a meeting inside the oval office this afternoon on wall funding as we get closer and closer, a government shutdown in talks break down over the deadline is friday and tax return season. so many americans are getting quite the shock. refunds. way smaller than years past despite the president promising his tax cut would help the middle class. t-mobile knows dancing is better when you include a partner. singing is better when you include a friend.
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president trump is facing unique opposition in his bid for re-election. he will be b challenged by at least five women who have announced they're either running for president or explore iing an in 2020. but in a campaign that will be post me too movement, post women's march and after a historic year for women up on capitol hill, my next guest argues the rules are different for women in politics this time. she writes in "the washington post," as the year of the woman gives way to the year of many women, the female candidates are woke to the ways in which they are required to pass a test they shouldn't have to take in the first place. the writer is margaret carlson. just dpa going back, how are they so woke you think? >> a lot has happened since hillary ran and she was pretty much torn apart. this whole likable business is a
11:28 am
free pass to do a personality test on women, but not so much on men. we've had me too, time's up, the women's march. women have organized votevoted. they won 100 seats in congress. it's too late to be imposing something on them that their male counterparts aren't asked to answer for. >> we saw a real world example of this with amy klobuchar talking to david about this. responding to claims that she's a mean boss and your quote was this. that doesn't mean klobuchar shouldn't have to answer valid criticism, just that she shouldn't do it with her blueberry muffin recipe. double standard doesn't vanish in a day. i think i know what you mean, but explain it. >> you know, a couple of the videos i mentioned kamala harris put out her corn bread on thanksgiving and warren did an
11:29 am
announcement video in her kitchen. so there's still a you know, this need felt to be likable. i can't think of a different word and the mean boss thing, i wanted to listen to david, but i was just coming into the studio, so i didn't hear him. there are mean bosses on the hill and a lot of them are male members of congress. all of them work their staffs like rented mules. what it's like on capitol hill. but the fact that she's being called on the eve of announcing is tligt sleight unfair and the study that was done a few years back found that she was klobuchar was at the top of the list. but this list of ten had seven women on it. 70% of the list was made up of women when they made up about 20% of the senate. so i'd just be skeptical and why
11:30 am
would a woman be singled out for this? but as i said, she should have to answer for it. i think she did yesterday. i think she was put on that. but there's a lot of putting out your favorite resccipe to softe your edges and i'm hoping she doesn't do that. >> like we're over that. don't need to see your blueberry muffin recipe. >> i didn't bring my chocolate chip recipe today, brooke. >> well i don't cook, so my husband does all of that, so that's my free. >> lucky girl. >> thank goodness. >> now we are used to seeing a lot of the women champion one another in politics. i'm wondering when we pass through this phase of everyone jumping in and when everyone'ss that look like when they go head to head in a debate? >> they have a supper club where the women in the is that the get together about once a month at each other's houses or a restaurant. this is bipartisan, democrat and republican. i remember amy klobuchar telling me she went and spent a week's
11:31 am
vacation with senator murkowski in alaska. so they're all very friendly. it will be on the merits. i don't think it will be personal. you're not going to see any lying ted cruz or you know, crook ed so and so. it's just, it's not going to be personal and in fact, you will look in vain to find a democratic senator taking on a republican senator personally. but you have seen them take them on on substance. and they'll have different tax reform plans. they'll have senator warren probably wants to break up the banks and senator gillibrand's home state. there will be discussing all of that. but it will be done on -- >> substance and issues. >> policy differences. >> it will be refreshing. margaret, thank you very much. this embattled governor of virginia giving a sit-down tv interview as he faces calls to resign, but the interview didn't entirely go as planned.
11:32 am
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ralph northam, the embattled virginia governor who has admitted to wearing black face says he isn't going anywhere despite calls for his resignation. he says it's given him a betting understanding of white privilege. >> i was born in white brprivile and that has implications to it and it is much different the way a white person such as is treated in this country. >> did you not know you were born into white brif ledge? >> i knew, but i didn't realize the poufrful itch ka fuful impl that. i've also learned why the use of black face is so offensive. yes, i knew it in the past, but reality has really set in.
11:37 am
>> and in that same interview with gayle king, the governor said this. >> if you look at virginia's history, we're now at the 400-year anniversary. just 90 miles from here 1619, in first indentured servants from africa in old point comfort, ft. monroe. >> also known as slavery. >> yes. >> after that interview aired, northam issued a statement to cnn that read quote, an historian advised me the use of indentured was more historically accurate. the fact is, i'm still learning and committed to get it right. phillip thompson has moderated a debate between northam and his challenger in 2017, sir, welcome back. that was a sight. >> thank you. >> i mean, it's never a good thing when you have to issue a statement after you go on air
11:38 am
essential ly for an apology interview, what did you think of how the government, governor handled it? >> brooke, the scary part is he's a democrat and he's the one that's going out and got millions of african-american votes and this is what he thinks and this is, just now getting woke on this issue. despite the fact being in office two years and not having very many policies that have been b helpful to the african-americans of virginia. >> apparently, he's getting woke on white privilege. the man is 59 years of age. when gayle asked did you not know you were born into white privilege, he says i was, but i i didn't realize the powerful implications of that until now. you thought what? >> i think last time i was on, i said this is virginia. and then you kind of said what does that mean. and now you're see iing what i mean. this is virginia. virginia you know certain white people in virginia have this perception that you know, why
11:39 am
you bothered by confederate monument, by this. they just don't get it and understand that in virginia, there's two separate states. one for african-americans. and minorities and one for white people in virginia. >> so then explain this to me. i saw these numbers out of this "washington post" poll. find virginians split. 47% wanting him to step down. 47% saying he should stay on, but among blacks, 58% say he should stay. >> i think that a lot of that has to do with you know, the historical implications of having a republican take over because if he goes and justin fairfax is in trouble and the attorney general who has done something similar, they feel like might aybe a republican wi take over. but most of the people who i've talked to and i think you'll see coming in the next few week, e we will put more pressure on governor northam to resign. >> do you think it's possible
11:40 am
though that this mess is swrus so big for this state? we've mentioned all three of these gentleman that virginia gets wroefr whemed and all three remain. is that a real possibility? >> that's a probable outcome of this, this everyone will finally throw up their hands and say i guess we're stuck with what we got. but the impact of this is going to be lasting if critical steps aren't taken to identify you know, that you know, i think northam was in that picture and i think we need some sort of forensic analysis and investigation done on that because again, the black face is not the issue. it's the klan. we had b problems with them in northern virginia handing out flyers in just the last few years so we know they're out there. and to have this man pose in the picture with them in 1984 when they were doing some very bad things in this country is troubling. >> thank you for coming back. we'll stay in touch. >> thank you. >> thank you. zblncht just in, an nfl team just signed kareem hunt, the
11:41 am
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit music's biggest night. it was a night of a lot of firsts, not only did a lot make history, but women dominate d te show. from dolly parton and diana ross celebrating her 75th birthday to alicia keys. and the surprise guest that brought the audience to its feet. >> can i bring some of my
11:46 am
sisters out here tonight? ♪ >> from the motown records i wore out on the south side to the who run the world songs that fueled me through this last d k decade, music has always helped me tell my story. >> i want to thank my daughter because i'm not just saying thank you because she's my daughter. it's because you know, when i found out i was pregnant, my album was not complete. ♪ >> winning this doesn't make my album better than anybody else's in that category. they're all so good and life is
11:47 am
pretty tum uhltous for it all. >> learn, dream, unlock new doors. all is possible with music and with you. >> it was her birthday party the whole night long. anchor of people tv is here with me again. so fun, but this picture. to watch these women walk down those stairs, with dr. dre then to have michelle obama, can't the grammys just be michelle obama talking to us? >> that would be divine. i could watch three and a half hours of her just talking to us and that fabulous tuxedo, she was the biggest rock star in the room. got the first standing ovation of the night. not the last though. she was incredible. just seeing her out there, seeing her so embraced by the crowd was awesome. i've been read iing her autobiography. she talks so much about music dwr growing up. she has a sound track to her
11:48 am
life and it has been motown. >> speaking of motown, j. lo. j. lo. a lot of people were not feeling the love. they did not feel like she was the right person so if you have not seen it. ♪ do you love me now do you love me ♪ >> smoky robinson lashed out. he was saying motown is for everyone. but is the criticism fair? here was jennifer lopez when asked about it by entertainment tonight. >> any type of music is inspire, any type of artist. you can't tell people what to love. can't tell people what they can can and can't do. say or not say. you got to do what's in your
11:49 am
heart. >> what did you think? >> whoa. okay. i don't want a-rod coming after me with a baseball bat. i do have to say, jennifer lopez is an incredible performer and put on a great show. do i think she should have been the sole performer during the motown tribute? absolutely not. i love her and we all do. but the sole performer, i don't think so. there were a number of women in the room who could have joined in. could have just scooted her over into that motown tribute. i just found it deeply problem bmatic that the only woman represented was not a woman of color. a black woman. >> just lastly real quick because so many people are saying the grammys have had this big woman problem and we're talk ing about all these women, but behind the scenes. >> things have gotten better this year, but it's still a problem b and the numbers don't lie. between 2013 and 2018, nearly 900 individuals are nominated and of that number, 90% were
11:50 am
male. 90%. so we've got a long way to go. only 12% of the women in the industry are song writers. only 12% and of the 650 women produce ners in the tri, only 2 are female. got to get more women. not just in front of the camera. >> wanted to make sure you made that known. good to see you. zblncht still ahead. early taxpayers are dealing with an unwelcome surprise. the average refund is down. and news from cnn's k file. what we've learned about kamala harris and her support of a controversial policy involving undocumented juveniles. we'll be right back.
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call or visit just in. kareem hunt is back in the nfl. going to go play for the cleveland browns. the team just made the announcement. hunt had been on the exempt list since he was questioned last year by police in cleveland. a video surfaced of him appearing to push and kick a woman at a hotel. the browns general manager who used to work for the chiefs said in a statement, quote, my relationship and interaction with ra ream since 2016 in college was an important part of this decision making process. kareem took full responsibility for his agree jous actions and showed true remorse and secondly, just as importantly,
11:56 am
he is undergoing and is committed to necessary professional treatment and a plan that has been clearly laid out. hunt may not practice, play or attend games for the browns pending that nfl investigation. so on the phone with me now is christine brennan, "usa today's" sports columnist and sports analyst. so the fact that he is you know, essentially back in action, is significant. what do you think? >> yes, absolutely. the optics here are terrible. the league has not found a place for colin kaepernick because he takes a knee during "the national anthem" yet allowing a man to come back and play for the browns. and of course it's just been two months since we saw the video of him shoving and kicking a woman and two others as well. not on the video from previous other times in the last year or so.
11:57 am
so the optics look terrible. what a message, terrible message is nfl is sending. >> the fact this happened in cleveland. the message it sends b, we'll stay on this. thank you so much for jumping on the phone. i want to move on and talk about these new revelation coming out about kamala harris. we are learning while she was district attorney of san francisco back in 2009, the now senator supported a city policy requiring law enforcement to turn over undocumented juvenile immigrants to federal authorities. if they were arrested and suspected of committing a crime. and the senator's campaign spokesman released a statement to cnn quote, the policy was intended to protect the sang ware status of san francisco and to especially sure local police who needed to have strong
11:58 am
relationships with a communities they served regardless of immigration status, were not forced to operate as immigration agents. which is the responsibility of f the federal government. looking back, this could have been applied more fairly. kate and andrew are with me now. kamala harris has styled herself as an advocate for undocumented immigrants. might what you guys have uncovered open her up to attacks from the progressive wing or folks on the other side of the aisle? >> well, it could open up her to some criticism from folks on the left. when this went on, the california san francisco board of supervisors actually attempted to pass some legislation to prevent this. from happening. this new policy that san francisco put in place in 2008. that was actually opposed by harris and then mayor newsome.
11:59 am
so that was an incident where she found herself to the right of many immigration activists. >> can you give me more context around this? >> there had been in 2008, this murder of a couple of family members by an undocumented immigrant and san francisco responded by changing their policy as a sanctuary city. so now undocumented youth suspected of a felony were arrested for a felony would be turned oaf to immigration authorities or they could be placed in deportation proceedings. now some of these people you know if before you've been convicted, if you're arrested, you're not convicted of a crime, so there was the chance that people who had not been guilty of what they were arrested for could have been turned oaf and deported. >> thank you so much. you and your reporting from the k file. appreciate it. this is cnn breaking news.
12:00 pm
>>. >> we continue on. you're watching cnn. thank you for being with me. here's the breaking news right now. minnesota congresswoman omar is now apologizing after house leadership and many fellow democrats called on her to do precisely that. senator nancy pelosi and steny hoyer released this statement b about her saying that quote, use of anti-semitic tropes and accusations about israel's supporters is deeply offensive. we condemn these remarks and call upon her to immediate ly apologize for these hurtful comments. and the backlash over this tweet, this is where this all started. she had tweeted quote it's all about the benjamins, baby. it was her response to the message critical of the republican and house minority leader, kevin mccarthy, for going after congresswoman omar and her support of the antiisrael movement called boycott divestment in


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