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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  February 13, 2019 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> i'm brianna keilar live from cnn's washington headquarters. under way right now the president may sign the spending deal, but the question is where else is he going to get money to pay for his wall? the responsibility used to be a rallying cry for republicans and helped give birth to the tea party. so what does the gop have to say about america's debt hitting $22 trillion? plus, if mexico's not paying for the wall how about el chapo? why the idea of spending the gangster's billions on border security is gaining steam. in a crowded field, two
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presidential contenders drop a reality check on the liberal colleagues. >> at first, he doesn't like it, but he's expected to sign it. two sources who have spoken to president say he intends to sign the bipartisan border deal to prevent another government shutdown. the president is waiting to see what the final agreement will look like and weighing his options to secure more money for his border wall. here's what he had to say on this just moments ago. >> we're doing a lot of work and we have planned to do a lot of work and i have not seen it yet. i appreciate the work the republicans have done because they're going against a radical left. it's a radical left and they're going against it very hard and they're fighting, but we're in very good shape and we're going to take a look at it when it comes. i don't want to see a shutdown. a shutdown would be a terrible thing. i think a point was made with the last shutdown. people realized how bad the border is, and how unsafe the border is and i think a lot of
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good points were made, but i don't want to see another one. there's no reason for it and we're going to look at the legislation when it comes and i'll make a determination then. >> cnn white house correspondent abby philip there for us from the north lawn. so this compromise, it includes $1.3 billion, a little over that for the border barrier which is less than what was proposed before the government shutdown. so what is the president's rational for signing this? >> in many way, brian a the president doesn't like this agreement. he has told people that he thinks it's a pretty bad deal, but he's also said as he said in the clip that you just played, he doesn't want another shutdown. he recognizes how damaging it was for him and his party, but what he's talking about now in that pool spray that we just heard from a couple of minutes ago is the big picture number for the funding of the department of homeland security. he keeps repeating this number $23 billion and that's the overall funding level which
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includes not just the money for the wall, but money for personnel and for technology and for other things and you're hearing the president trying to put a positive spin on this and ultimately what this is about is trying to avoid the second shutdown which has no support among republicans on capitol hill and what the white house is also considering according to our sources is the president still continuing and doing some kind of executive action and whether that is a national emergency which has gotten some pushback among republicans, but it could also be a number of other different options. the president and the white house have identified several pools of money which include a civil asset forfeiture and money from the army corps of engineers and money from the pentagon and other sources they can cobbel together in order to redirect money toward paying for a more robust border wall. i think the president is looking at this as something that would allow him to avoid a shutdown, but still potentially going it alone and trying to get more
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money for this border wall given that he and the administration have said that they need the border wall. a national emergency requires something urgent and so the president will potentially make an argument that this is urgent enough that he needs to act alone, brianna. >> that will be interesting to hear that argument. abby philip, thank you. >> the president indicating that he's going to sign this compromise, this, of course, has to get through congress first and the white house is scheduled to vote on this tomorrow night. tom reid is with us now. so, sir, this didn't really get close to the money that the president wanted for the wall. thinking about that, was this compromise worth this historically long government shutdown? >> well, i don't think anything was worth that shutdown because it should have been avoided as we were saying months ago. it should never have happened. however, the reality of the situation is we have to deal with congress. this is a congressional problem and we'll see if we can get through congress and if it's
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$1.3 billion that's what will go to the president's desk and i hope he will sign it and there are other monies that could be deployed for other border security enhancement that i see on the table. >> when you look at what has been offered in the past and what he ended up settling for, his demand, of course, was $5.7 billion, though the compromise that the vice president put out was $2.5 billion and the senate bill that was passed had $1.6 billion and the compromise bill just under $1.4 billion. i mean, looking at that and the whole process, what was the takeaway for you? >> i would generally remind many of my colleagues on my side of the aisle, not too long ago we had 25 billion on the table with the compromise position on border security. what i would say don't let perfect be the enemy of good. i encourage my colleagues to recognize when you can get 75%, 80% of the loaf take it. take yes for an answer. now i encourage my democratic
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colleagues, take yes for an answer and let's move on so we can solve problems for the people back home. >> so your message to the president and i ask because there was agreement in congress and it was the president who decided to back away from that. >> i would encourage all parties to -- when you can get to yes, take it and move on to the next day for another day to fight the fight because that's what it's about. it's about finding that common ground, declaring a victory and want a defeat because you're holding out for purity. i try to be a practical member, brianna, you know that. i think that is the lesson we can all learn from the last few months of this issue. >> what do you make of your leader of the house, kevin mccarthy when he's trying to spin this. he said the democrats caved on the president's demands and listening to you as you look at those number, you're saying don't let perfect be the enemy of the good. they could have gotten more before. do you think that this is democrats caving? >> i think there is some movement on the democratic side,
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yes. nancy pelosi famously said not one dollar for a barrier and quote, unquote wall. >> no, she said for the wall. congressman, in fairness, let's be honest. she said not one dollar for the wall. >> let's be honest -- >> that's where they're making that distinction. >> she didn't say not a dollar for the barrier and that didn't roll off the tongue as nicely as for the wall. >> that's how childish this is. a wall is not a fence. it's a barrier and it became a political fight and the bottom line is this, what we should always be looking for is the compromise position of recognizing, and we're proud democrats and proud republicans, but at the end of the day if you do believe in border security and if you do believe in securing american citizens' lives this is what we have to do, we have to compromise for the greater good. >> i'm curious what you think about the new milestone that the national debt has hit. it's now topping out at $22
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trillion. this has risen in less than a year and that's because of the tax cuts. economists say this is a troubling trend. they say this could have far-reaching consequences for the future. when you look that the, are you worried? >> absolutely. that's why i'm a proud, fiscal conservative. i voted against the budget deal because i do not believe increasing spending -- it will only exacerbate this problem. the bottom line is blaming it all on tax reform, let's be truthful about the revenues and revenues have gone up as a result of the growth that tax cuts have put into place in the american economy. >> they haven't made up the gap. >> they've certainly not -- there's a net problem. >> the net problem really is driven on the spending side, brianna. spending has gone up 7% and revenue has gone up 2%. those numbers should speak volumes to the american people. >> but then let me ask you this
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because republicans having been in control when you talk about the spending going up, that's the thing to keep an eye on, right? because your party has gone off brand of being fiscal conservatives and in the past when the gop has done this, they get taken to task by voters. >> i will tell you this is not a republican or democratic problem, this is an american problem. they're the spending increases that i voted against and i believe that's the root cause of the problem and we should use every opportunity and that's going down, but let's come tkt because this is not sustainable at $22 trillion plus. >> tax refunds for a lot of people and we're talking middle-class americans and they're coming in lower than these folks had expected and some people are owing the irs when they normally would not. in many cases, there were people who saw that their take home pay increased a little and now there's this bill coming due at
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tax time. is this what you expected as you voted for tax reform? >> let's be very clear because there's exploitation of ignorance here by folks on the other side. tax refunds does not equate to tax liabilities. four pin occhios say that's the case. we wanted them to get it up front and they're investing and putting it in savings going forward. i empathize with people who were relying on the refunds coming in, but bottom line, cash position, they're in a better position, middle class america, i'll argue that every day. >> the irs says that tax refunds on average are down 10%. >> the actual tax bill, but the tax bill for average americans is less and that meant that they have that money in their pocket. they're not loaning it to uncle sam at a 0% rate. >> i hear you. i hear you, but you know how this works. that's want what they were expecting, right? because maybe they had it in their pocket, but perhaps they
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didn't understand that it was also going to be coming out of their what they thought would be in their pocket in the future. >> and that's where i empathize. >> i empathize with people that had expected a refund because they somehow had the misinformation that that's money coming to them from the government and not their money coming back so what we have to do going forward is educate people on withholding tables and making sure that their paychecks reflect what they want to have held backs into the next tax season, and in the next time we are 100% sure most average americans have more money in their bank account rather than loaning it to uncle sam. >> congresswoman ilhan omar has apologized for anti-semitic tweets. republicans, including yourself, have criticized her and the president said she should resign. she responded, hi, donald trump, you have trafficked in hate with jews, muslims, indigenous, black people and more. i have learned by people impacted by my words. when will you?
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do you think the congresswoman should resign? >> i will leave that to the congresswoman. when these come up i defer to the men and women and it's between her and her constituents and her comments need to be rightfully condemned. antisemitism in any form as racism is unacceptable and i'm glad she apologized and let's see if she truly means it and we don't see this rhetoric coming out of her office. >> so if these should rightfully be condemned, is the president the right messenger condemning her with antisemitic, and he likened white supremacists to equal value of the people protesting against them in charlottesville? >> think the president as well as any american citizen should unite and condemn these comments and that's the right thing to do and that's what's been done here. anti-semitism does not need to go unchecked by anyone.
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>> how does he condemn anyone when he's behaved in a similar way? >> because her comments are wrong and whoever condemns them is rightfully calling them for what they are. these are about her actions and her comments and extrepressing anti-semitism and anyone who issues those statements should be held to account and anyone has a right to have that regardless of where they come from. >> if you refuse to resign, anyone would look at you, sir, and say you're being a hypocrite. why would you call for someone to resign for behavior that you have exhibited. >> i am not calling for her to resign nor have i exhibited the behaviors. we're not going to put up with racism and anti-semitism and for us to unite in that message i think is a good thing, not a bad thing. >> but how does it work for your party when the president is
10:14 am
calling on her to resign and he doesn't say anything about steve king who said he didn't have a problem with the term white supremacy which in itself is anti-semitic because that sets up what appears to be a double standard coming from your president who is saying that anti-sechl tic anti-semitism coming from this muslim female member of congress is worse than steve king being a proponent, is a republican, as a white male being a proponent of not seeing the problem of anti-semitism. doesn't that set up a problem for your party that makes it difficult to defend? >> well, i understand the question, but just as with steve king, kevin mckarthy acarthy to immediate -- >> not immediate, sir. >> come on, you know for years -- for years king said
10:15 am
racist things. for years and he went -- >> and he's been called out. >> has not been called out. he was just stripped. and i ask you this because i hear like you're a more moderate voice on it, but you didn't tweet about steve king, and you tweeted about ilhan omar. >> i did express disagreement with steve king and i put that out on social media. i'll double-check that. >> we looked. we didn't find it. >> i will tell you that we condemn those remarks publicly. we had a press conference as we do every week and we expressed our opposition to that language. so to make that assertion, brianna, is just something that i don't think is accurate, but at the end of the day, this isn't about me, this isn't about the president. this is about the issue of racism and anti-semitism and what we should be doing in this opportunity is coming together saying, you know what? we in a country say no to that and applaud people for stepping forward and you can judge people and you can play the political back and forth and get political
10:16 am
points at one way or the other and we should look at the substance of the issue and how are we improving our country by rooting it out of our country going forward. >> we did check your tweets. we didn't see one about steve ding. if there is one, leplease let m know. >> always good to see you. >> big on criticism and short on specifics. why howard schultz's cnn town hall has democrats on the attack. could billions seized from el chapo pay for the wall and this is an idea that's gaining steam and the damageman is speaking out after a racially offensive book was displayed in his office. see the page that it was turned to.
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it isn't so much about what he said. it's really about what he did not say. i'm talking about potential independent candidate billionaire howard schultz, the former ceo of starbucks. he appeared at a cnn town hall to field questions on a variety of issues if he decides ultimately to run for president in 2020. >> we are a country of immigrants. the united states of america should not be building walls. when i read the green new deal, and i try and understand what they're suggesting, i don't understand. the headline is here i should be paying more taxes and people when make this kind of revenue and of means should pay more taxes. if i decide to run for president i 100% will release my taxes and be completely transparent. >> if you become president, mr. schultz, will you share all of your shares in starbucks? >> think we are getting way
10:22 am
premature. does anyone here really understand that medicare for all also means that you will lose the choice of your doctor and your private insurance company? so now we have to go back in and fix the affordable care act and bring premiums down. i respect and i honor the second amendment, but what i believe is that there should be some sensible approach to removing the kind of weapons that have no place in common society as somebody who grew up in a very diverse background as a young boy in the projects, i didn't see color as a young boy, and i honestly don't see color now. if the numbers don't add up, i will not run for president because i will not do anything whatsoever to re-elect donald trump. no one wants to see him fired more than me. >> long on answers and short on details there and we have cnn political analyst and congressional correspondent for "the new york times," julie
10:23 am
hirschfeld to analyze this for us. what was your takeaway last night? did you feel he was ready for prim time? >> i feel like he did not have answers to a lot of questions that he had to have anticipated he was going to get from policy questions, some of the sound bites that you just played to the big question of, you know, what is he going to do about his own fortune if he decides to make a run? will he, you know, try to divest? will he go -- will he have some sort of a half way solution? president trump has been criticized so thoroughly for his failure to divest from his own businesses as president. you would think that someone who clearly is going to get that question would have had a ready answer or at least some outlines of what he's willing to do if he decides, in fact, that he is going to try to make this run and he just didn't have that. >> divesting, it's not premature to talk about it when the president has it and it's been a big issue for his opponent. i do want to ask you about amy
10:24 am
klobuchar and sharon brown. there are a couple of proposals, the green deal, medicare for all. they've been very popular with progressives and some of them are trying to figure out how to thread the needle on these expensive, and klobuchar calling them aspirations and brown declining to say if he supports the proposal and he's not jumping on the bandwagon. what does that tell you? >> it tells me that both of them are trying to stake out a path in this increasingly crowded democratic field that's somewhere more in the middle. brown's response on the question of the green new deal was interesting because he basically said i don't have to prove myself as a progressive and of course, he is one of the more progressive members of the united states senate and one of the more progressive democrats and they're both trying to appeal to this group in the industrial midwest, this group of voters, working-class voters that president trump appealed to and that democrats have had a harder time appealing to, and i
10:25 am
think both of them see the risks in going all in on some of these programs that progressives are pushing in and the base is enthusiastic about because they don't want to lose those voters and they want to talk to them in a sense that there is nervousness that if they go and bear hug those proposals that they'll have a harder time forging their own path and separating themselves from the more progressive members of the field. >> julie, thank you so much for being with us. >> cnn speaking with the republican congressman who is under fire for a racially offensive book in his office. you will hear his explanation, plus just in, a former air force specialist charged with spying for iran and accused of some explosive behavior. ly obsessed with numbers. so, i started with the stats regarding my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. like how humira has been prescribed to over 300,000 patients. and how many patients saw clear or almost clear skin in just 4 months - the kind of clearance that can last.
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clean my daughter's room. [ ding ] oh, it won't do that. welp, someone should. just say "teach me more" into your voice remote and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. a republican congressman is offering up an explanation, but no apparent apology for having racially insensitive material displayed in public in his congressional office. georgia congressman drew ferguson had several historic articles on display including a lock of george washington's hair, he had a few military medals and a book on con federal general robert e. lee and this was under glass and it was open to a page that said this, the blacks are a immeasurably better off here than africa, morally,
10:31 am
societally and physically. the painful discipline they're undergoing is necessary for their instruction as a race. lauren fox is on capitol hill. how did this even come to light and what is this congressman saying about this? >> brianna, was there a group of workers from the american federation of government employees who had planned to meet with the congressman on monday when one of them, octaveius miller actually got up and he noticed in a glass case that book with the page open to the excerpt that you just read at the top of this. and what he said was he was shocked by what he saw and later they were not able to meet with the congressman because of a schedule conflict, but they did call the office back to say we saw what you had in the office and we were horrified by it and we want an apology and we want to make sure that the book is removed. the chief of staff called octaveius miller back the next day and said that the book had been removed and apologized profusely, but he wants a more
10:32 am
public apology from the congressman. we spoke with the congressman earlier today, my colleague ellie kaufman and i and here's what he said about the book in the office. >> i did not know the book was in the office. it's not something they ever remember seeing there. i certainly am as offended by the remarks in the book as anybody would be. >> have you read that book? >> i've read parts of the book and parts of that that i found completely against my idealology and my belief system. >> he wants a more public apology, brianna. so that's just something to keep watching for. the congressman said i think we've apologized and i think we're probably good, but actually saying we want something more public. >> so he's read the book, lauren, but he's making the point that he's trying to distance himself from the book, but he admits he read it. >> i tried to press him on --
10:33 am
did yoi read it before it was displayed in your office and did you read it after you found out it was displayed in your office and his staffer didn't have time to answer more of our questions and he said that he thinks that the office has apologized to mr. miller and he thinks they've satisfied the situation. >> we will see if they have satisfied the situation, lauren fox, on the hill for us. thank you so much. first the president called for her resignation and now vice president pence is weighing in on the congresswoman who apologized for an anti-semitic tweet that she put out. i will ask one of her colleagues to respond. >> hear the idea that is gaining steam now that the drug lord has been convicted. ♪
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lawmakers are racing against the clock to finish work on a border security deal and one democratic aide tells cnn there's still a ton of work to do. this bill needs to be signed into law by president trump before midnight on friday to avoid another government shutdown. we have democratic congressman radja murthy of you will noi with us. thanks for being with us, sir. >> thanks, brianna. >> you've heard the president and we've heard from sources close to him. the indicateds are thions are tl sign this. do you think he might not or do you think he is going to?
10:39 am
>> i am hopeful. i think people are optimist thaek tthat the brawl over wall is over at this point. mitchell, who is a republican, it is called the shutdowns bill that basically shutdowns off the table as a negotiating tactic going forward. the american people don't want shutdowns. >> you have said that you would support a physical barrier in some places on the border as part of border security. so when you look at that number, $1.37 billion for a barrier, is that enough? >> i think it's reasonable. i think this was based on a fact-based assessment done by the appropriators and people who actually know what is needed on the border. so i'm okay with that. >> senator ted cruz has said that convicted drug kingpin el chapo should pay for the wall. this is what he tweeted. he said let's pass the el chapo act and make el chapo pay to
10:40 am
secure our border. it's getting a lot of attention, but do you think that that is any sort of serious proposition? >> very interesting. i don't know how much el chapo has, but if he wants to, if we can use his money instead of taxpayer money to fund this particular appropriations package, why not? >> all right. so i want to ask you about another story that we're following. the vice president is blasting congresswoman ilhan omar. you're familiar with her comments. she trafficked in an anti-semitic trope with one of her tweets. she has apologized, but the vice president wrote that her tweets were a disgrace and her apology was inadequate and he goes on to say that anti-semitism has no place in the united states congress, what do you make of this response and also his silence over offensive remarks that the president has made that are anti-semiistic? >> that's right.
10:41 am
i condemn these remarks. they have no place in the united states congress, and i am -- i'm also glad that the caucus and nancy pelosi took that step, as well immediately upon seeing them. however, you point out something very important which is that in the staples by the vice president he said nothing about anti-semitism having no place in the white house. we know that, you know, the president said that the people in charlottesville, the neo-nazis were quote, unquote, very fine people. and so i just ask him would he be willing to condemn those remarks because i think that's what's needed from folks like him right now. >> the senator and democratic presidential candidate amy klobuchar says that ideas like medicare for all and the green new deal are aspirations. that was the word she used, quote, aspirations that provide a framework for discussion. let's listen to her. >> we need to put out a negotiating bid here. i don't see it as something that we can get rid of these
10:42 am
industries or do this in a few years. that doesn't make sense to me or reduce air travel, but what does make sense to me is to start doing concrete things and put some aspirations out there on climate change. >> so some democrats like amy klobuchar are essentially suggesting these ideas are fantasy, but there are a ton of people in your party who love these ideas. are you worried that we will see a wig split between democrats and it will be really bad for your party? >> no, i don't. i think that the green new deal resolution, i read it. i think it's bold. it sets a goal, but my constituents asked questions such as who will pay for it and what are the details? similarly, they ask questions like that about every single piece of legislation that comes before us that we might ask to support. >> bold. is it realistic? you've read it. is it realistic? >> i think in ten years going to the type of economy that this
10:43 am
envisions seems very aggressive, but on the other hand the climate change crisis is so pressing. i come from the solar industry, and i started the bipartisan solar caucus for the first time here in congress, and so i care very much about this issue. i'm trying to bring other people from the other side along so we can put solutions in place as fast as possible. >> all right, congressman radja krishnamoorthi. thank you for being with us, sir. >> thank you. ? just days after president trump's physical, dick cheney's cardiologist says something is not right and he's asking what are they hiding? >> is the president non-committal on whether he avoids a deal on the shutdown and meet the two women who control the committee that controls government spending. with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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as lawmakers negotiated on a deal to keep the government open and provide border security, history was being written for different women. two representative congresswomen are heads of the house appropriations committee helps control government spending and they are the first pair of women to lead any hus commouse commit 42 years. dana bash sat down to talk about bipartisanship and pledge to get things done. >> what an honor it is to serve as the chairwoman of this committee. >> reporter: a moment for the history books. democrat nita lowey, the first woman to chair the powerful house appropriations committee. >> i look forward to our
10:49 am
productive relationship. >> reporter: and with kay granger, the top republican, this is the first female duo to lead any house panel since 1977 and that was a committee on the house beauty shop. >> too bad it was disbanded, i could use a house beauty shop. i never knew there was a house beauty shop. >> i didn't, either. >> reporter: you here in charge of the committee that performs the most important task constitutionally of congress. >> the power of the purse. >> reporter: translation -- they write bills to fund the government and were key players in avoiding a government shutdown. they joke it could have been done quicker if they were left alone to hash it. >> give us an hour, 30 minutes. >> reporter: they worked together for years across party lines. >> nita lowey said we're going to be friends, we'll show how well two women can get this done, we'll disagree but not be disagree and work things out.
10:50 am
>> reporter: don't let their congeniality fool you. >> there would be times when someone would come to the podium and misunderstand that beautiful smile and nice way she handles it. i'd say, she's in for such a surprise because she's a very tough lady. >> reporter: a male colleague even gave lowey an ice pick as a bag gift. >> he said, watch out for that smile she has a silver pick in her hand. >> reporter: granger, the first female mayor of ft. worth is no different. you probably have steel-toed cowboy boots. >> one member of leadership said if you're going to be in a knife fight, make sure kay is on your team. >> reporter: lowey, 81 and granger, 76, marvel at the young women in congress. do you feel a responsibility to mentor the younger women? >> absolutely. absolutely. i interact with the young women, the middle-aged women and reach out and try and be as helpful as
10:51 am
i can. >> reporter: you're one of 13 remember women in the house. around that's total of 102 women which is remarkable. only 13 are republicans. >> very disappointing. we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: a big part of their job -- traveling to see how firsthand taxpayer dollars they appropriate are spent. like granger's recent trip to the southern border. >> talking in a room in washington is one thing, when they see it for themselves, it's a game changer. >> man, man, man, man. >> reporter: in washington, walking through the capitol's statuary hall, it's hard not to notice the statues are mostly men. these men probably never imagined that women would be in charge. and you are. >> yeah. >> reporter: a female oasis of bipartisanship on a crucial house committee. >> this is what i gave her when she became chair and when i was
10:52 am
elected by the steering committee she congratulated me. so we have that relationship. >> reporter: do you use that at the hearings? or is it ceremonial? >> i use it for lots of things. >> reporter: dana bash, cnn, washington. >> thank you, dana. did the president's former campaign chairman lie to the special counsel? a judge expected to issue a ruling on this any moment. plus, a former air force specialist charged with spying for iran and accusedover explosive behaviobehavior. humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to symptoms. numbers are great. and seeing clearer skin is pretty awesome, too. that's what i call a body of proof. humira can lower your ability to fight infections.
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president trump still won't commit to signing the bipartisan border security deal that makes people like my next guest michael little pretty nervous. he's a navy combat veteran, his wife is active duty coast guard and he wants to take action and get congress to understand they should pay the coast guard during the government shutdown. certainly in the last and certainly going forward. michael, you and volunteers will have visited all senate and house offices. what is the message? >> we need to pay the coast guard. they're one of the five branches of the uniformed services and their mission is just as important as the army, the navy, that marine corps and air force and there's no reason why we
10:58 am
should not be paying them. this is the second branch of the military in our nation's history to not be paid. 1877 we didn't pay the army. 2019 we've now not paid the coast guard. >> they're housed under dhs, that's part of the issue because dhs funding has been hung up. d.o.d. has which has the navy, army, marines, they are guaranteed funding. the coast guard is not. tell me about being a coast guard spouse and -- some people don't even know this is a military branch. what do you have to say? >> it's hard because i'm a navy veteran. i think about when i served in combat and served alongside coasties, so to hear people say the coast guard isn't a branch of the military i get very angry and i think about how honored and proud i am of my wife and i get so disappointed that anyone would have anything ill too say about our branches of the
10:59 am
military so it makes me want to be more activated and work with more volunteers willing to help us because they are important. they have a role to play and it's a shame that we are being tied to the political issues out ther there. >> how hard was this last shutdown for you and those around you? >> very hard. fortunately for me i make a paycheck but i watched a lot of our shipmates that couldn't afford to pay their rent or buy food. they had to shop in the food banks and it was very sad, very depressing. >> morale takes a hit. >> morale took a hit. hopefully recruiting doesn't either. >> that could be in effect and we'll keep an eye on that. michael little, thank you so much for sharing your story. you can read more about this in my weekly column called "home front" on send me story ideas or feedback.
11:00 am
that is it for me. brooke baldwin starts right now. brianna, thank you, i e.j. brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. thank you for being with me in washington. it appears avoiding shutdown is a done deal. we have a proposal that has the blessing of top republicans and top democrats. we have a vote on that proposal set for tomorrow night in the house, one that speaker pelosi seems confident will get her chamber's approval. >> as with all compromises i say to people support the bill for what is in it, don't judge it for what it is not in it. we can't pass it until it's ready and when it's ready we'll be ready to pass it. >> and we have a president who says he doesn't want the government to close its door


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