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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  February 14, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PST

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lot easier. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world, this is new day, it's thursday, february 14th, 6:00 here in new york. alisyn is off, erica hill joins me. happy valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day. >> in the spirit of valentine's day, do you know where we're going to start? lies. >> washington. >> lies. lies. it maybe the single biggest question hanging over this presidency. why are there so many lies about russia? lies, lies, and more lies. lies to investigators, lies to grand juries, lies to congress, lies to the american people, lies before convictions and now after convictions. and not just any lies, lies about meetings with people linked to russian intelligence. the mueller team says those are big lies. a federal judge ruled a former trump campaign chair paul manafort intentionally lied to the fbi, the special counsel, and the grand jury. lied to them about something central to the probe.
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meetings with someone linked to russian intelligence with whom he shared polling data and conversations about pro russian policy. he lied about this after he had already reached a plea deal. that plea deal is now a dead letter. manafort is in even bigger trouble facing an even stiffer sentence, but most of tall gets to t all it gets to the bigger question of why. we will discuss that. and on the eve of a deadline to avoid a second government shutdown, the house and the senate expected to vote today on a bipartisan spending bill. more than 1100 pages, and in that bill less money for the president's border wall than was offered before the shutdown. it appears president trump will reluctantly sign it, not everyone is sold on the plan. "the new york times" reporting calls have been made from the white house to at least two fox news hosts, lou dobbs and sean hannity in an effort to get them on board and to sell them that the president got more than would have without the shutdown. >> joining us now, our panel to
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discuss this. lies, that is where we are starting this morning, ellie. we're going to talk about the what and then the why. the what is paul manafort lying about these meetings with konstantin kilimnik who is this official who worked with him before when he was a political consultant but who the fbi believes has ties to russian intelligence. manafort lied, so said this judge, about interactions and communications with kilimnik about a $125,000 payment for legal bills and information material to another doj probe. he lied about a meeting on august 2nd in which there were discussions about policy toward russia, there had already been sharing of polling data, and he lied about all of that. >> so the russian collusion picture is really coming into sharper focus now, and that august 2nd meeting is so important because you have what
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lawyers call a quid pro quo, a this for that exchange. what kilimnik wants is relief on sanctions, obviously, the change in policy. and what manafort gives him is that internal polling data. that's such an important exchange. here's how important it is. this is what mueller's own team said on the record during the hearing. they said that exchange goes very much to the heart of the special counsel's investigation. and why did he lie? we have part of an answer also from mueller's team. one of the things that mueller's attorney said on the record is the reason they believe manafort lied was, quote, to at least augment his chances for a pardon. now, who's he trying to appeal to there? whose the on who's the only person that can grant that? paul manafort. we're getting to collusion and who else may be involved. >> carrie, we have these little snippets that ellie pointed out that we can read into and there's still larger questions out there. what is your main question after
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learning what we learned from the judge yesterday, after seeing all of this, what really sticks out to you? >> well, the question is by august of 2016, paul manafort was not at that point the chairman of the trump campaign. so the big question is did the candidate donald trump know at the time what paul manafort was doing, that he was providing polling data, that he was talking about potential policy issues that the trump presidency, if it became that, would adopt. and so that's the question. because the trump supporters and the administration, they can't any longer say that this did not affect the campaign at all. paul manafort had been the chairman of the campaign and he was providing campaign-related information. so the question really is who are the specific people that knew about it. >> david gregory, this is a happy anniversary for us in someway because the time period
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that this meeting happened we had smahared some memorable moments on television. july 22nd wiki leaks releases 20,000 hacked e-mails. after july 22nd they say a senior trump campaign official was directed to contact roger stone about additional releases. on july 25th the fbi announced it launched an investigation into the dnc hack. on july 27th, this was our special day together, david, candidate trump said russia, if you're listening, get me those e-mails basically. and then on august 2nd this meeting between man for the, gates, and konstantin kilimnik meeting at this cigar bar. that's a lot happening in a short time frame. >> what that picture paints is you have a campaign that's open for business, right? for anyone that has information that's opposition research against hillary clinton. he says it at the time, the candidate says at the time who wouldn't take it?
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who wouldn't take it and, russia, why don't you try to find those missing e-mails. so this a deeper look into what the prosecutor said in court said, this goes to the core of what this investigation is about. was there a this for that relationship? what was russia provide together campaign and what were they getting as a promise in return based on what policy would be. we know that vladimir putin, it was not a surprise, favored donald trump over hillary clinton. now you get into the details of what they were prepared to do to secure that and whether they had any help. so the fundamental question is if you just kind of were arriving today and saw that the campaign manager to -- for the trump campaign had these kinds of ties to russian officials and was discussing a quid pro quo around russia policy, it is possibly devastating, especially in the frame of all this lying to investigators, special counsel, to congress about what that relationship was. why the lies? >> and that's the main question,
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right? why did you need to lie about any of this? and let's just put up the list of people who have lied that we know about. we have paul manafort, we have michael cohen, michael flynn, george papadopoulos and it all comes back to, as david just raised, ellie, this question of why was there a need to lie about any of these interactions? >> there's a common thread with what they're lying about which is contacts with russians. the lie that paul manafort told to robert mueller was particularly high stakes for him. he was down to his last chance. he'd already been convicted at trial. he already pled to additional conduct. this was it for him. now that he's told this lie and got caught in it, he's going to get buried at sentence. he's going to be behind bars in all likelihood for the rest of his natural life. that tells you something about how strongly motivated he was to lie and to protect perhaps himself and likely others. >> to take that theory one step further, carrie, it's
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interesting because the reason that the prosecutors and the prosecutors in the paper that elsie said, their theory was maybe paul manafort was pardon shopping here is that he thought somehow by admitting or telling the truth about this meeting it would be so embarrassing to the president or so damaging to the president that it would somehow affect or hurt his chances for a pardon? >> sure. well, the president has sort of made some sounds all along the way that he potentially might be open to giving a pardon and he has brought authority to do so and he has demonstrated a willingness to use pardons in somewhat unusual circumstances not yet related to the russia investigation, but in other circumstances throughout his first two years of his presidency. so it is not unreasonable to think that paul manafort thinks that there's a chance that he still might get a pardon. and so -- and i think that that is still a possibility, that he could get a pardon, because he has gone to the mat for the president. if there was contacts that
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either the president knew about whenaways a candidate or that paul manafort thought would hurt him at this point in his presidency and paul manafort has gone to the mat to protect that information, given the types of things the president says about people who turn being rats and other mob-like statements that the president interp press tore cooperation with the government, it might not be so crazy on paul manafort's part. >> what were contacts between trump campaign officials and russian officials about what and what would be the -- we give you this, we get that in return, the quid pro quo. this is separate from some of the other crimes that are being investigated that on the face of them seem tan chent cgential. we have a president who has maintained every day this is a hoax, a witch-hunt, there's
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nothing here. and then the evidence starts to mount that, in fact, related to that key question you now have critical evidence. >> i can put up one more key date? it's a piece of sound from paul manafort on july 27th, 2016, he did an interview with cbs where he was asked again about his contacts and the then candidate's contacts with russian oligarchs. this was right in the middle of all of that. listen. >> to be clear, mr. trump has no financial relationships with any russian oligarchs? >> that's what he said. that's what i said -- that's obviously what our position is. >> oh my god. >> i tried follow that. >> it was like six days before he sat down at the grand havana cigar bar with konstantin kilimnik and says trump has no ties with russia intelligence. >> it was a rambling answer there, right? he said the president doesn't. so that part of it is interesting too, just in the way that he tried to craft that answer have some that's going to
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be critical. obviously there are legal questions here that will be the subject of what mueller ultimately concludes and then there's the political part of this that if there were to be impeachment proceedings, even a debate about the court that will fall short of what the legal standards are and what they were on policy levels, were you trading polling information to get a lighter sanctions on ukraine? and russia has not been an ally of the united states, it's been working across purposes of the united states and of democracy in that part of the world, and that's hardly a basis on which to have this tight relationship based on, you know, an exchange of things that are worthwhile. >> all right. david, ellie, carrie, thank you very much. happy valentine's day to all of you. congress expected to vote on the border deal today to prevent a shutdown. if it passes, the president is expected to sign it.
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i got up at 1:48, i did not finish it all, but berman speed read through all of it which is great for us. this includes, by the way, only a fraction, of course, of what president trump had demanded for border security. if this passes the house and the senate, the president then of course must sign it before midnight tomorrow to avoid another government shutdown. >> it's border security and a biceps work out all at the same time. >> that's how cuomo talks about it. we have senior white house correspondent for bloomberg news and joe lockhart, former clinton press secretary. we just touched on this on the break and david i want to start with you, is this reporting we saw this morning that the white house, right, calling on fox news host lou dobbs and sean hannity because the president needs some help, and he needs this to be spun as, hey, it may only have $1.37 billion for some sort of border barrier, but, the president got way more than would have if he hadn't done the
3:17 am
shutdown. except that's not really true. >> right, it's not really true. but there's no question that the president maintained this issue as the dominate issue in washington and in this round got more than the democrats said they were willing to give. it's more sort of what he wanted, it's far, far short of what he could have gotten as an overall immigration deal last year. but to your point he's so transparent in the way to say, look, i've got a base problem here. i've got people who sold out on this thing. what he wants to do is create all the sound and fury and say i've got more for the wall that's been built, i need more for the wall and he's telling them i will never waiver in my ability to protect the american people casting this as a major national security issue because people seeking asylum are come together border as they've always done. so that's where he is at this point. really grasping now to keep his core supporters on board enough to say, okay, well this was
3:18 am
better than he might have gotten otherwise. >> i want to read actually from that "new york times" piece. i think it's worth letting it sink in here. this is from maggie and peter baker. one call made to lou dobbs who tox business network show he always tries to catch life, another was placed to sean hannity who regularly talks to the president. mr. trump deserves the support because he still forced concessions that he would never have gotten without a five-week partial government shutdown. sean hannity, we joked, is the copresident here who has veto power over this. president and the white house seems to be acknowledging you on that saying we need your help on this. are they in trouble without him? >> sean hannity has been a promoter of the president and stood by him so much that if he took a step back or turned against him it would send a real signal so that base. you remember watching the rally the other night in which the
3:19 am
president had just heard about the contours of the deal on his way over to the rally and they even pulled away from the rally for a minute in which sean hannity called the offer garbage. so there's been a pretty quick recalibration of this. but i would argue to david's point that this deal that they're going to be voting on today has far less to do with the maul than it does to do with the 20 election. that's both in terms of the pressure to overt another shutdown which the president doesn't want on his tab at this point and on the president's ability to try to just begin remessaging what all of this means. we know what the contours of the wall are out of this, another 55 miles within the parameters that were already allowed and going to happen under kind of the existing law structure. and on the other side, on the democratic side, such pains by the democrats taken to make sure that the kind of guardrails for the way this money could be spent, the 1.37 billion, that it
3:20 am
could not include the sort of either futuristic wall that the president lurched toward later on the concrete thing. that's off the table. for both parties the messaging on this is to allow both of them to preserve the message that they didn't let the other guys do what they were trying to do. >> and there was little pushback, not surprising but there is pushback from republicans, including members of the freedom caucus not happy with this, as we nope. the president needs to work with that as well, in terms of messaging. >> it's interesting. the freedom caucus, it's about 40 members or so, has been the group that's gumd med up the wos for the last eight years. they're not a minority in the minority and they're irrelevant. they have nothing to say, they, you know, they can hold a press conference, they can do this, but they can't hold up their leadership because they're not in leadership. and that's actually a very good
3:21 am
thing forgetti getting things d. calling sean hannity and lou dobbs, all of this is based on a lie. you know, they were offered $1.6 billion before the government shut down. 35 days the government shut down, his poll numbers drop and he's now going to say 1.3 is some big victory. it's like me coming on this saying and saying you forgot in the intro to mention i played in the nba for 15 years and was the most valuable player. i can say it, it doesn't make it true. so, yes, there will be some face saving, that's part of politics. but this is a stunning defeat for the president and as you look to 2020, he made 2018 about this issue and lost in a resounding way. can he turn that around for 2020? i don't know. but i don't think the signals are positive. >> i have a slightly different view in that i certainly agree on the numbers.
3:22 am
but the idea of the wall as metaphor is really what this is about. and, you know, democrats without a comprehensive deal are funding something that they said was totally immoral. even though we know that there's been an existing barricade and there was an expanded mileage of how much wall or barricade there will be. so they're in that position. so he has been campaigning on the idea of metaphor this was important there are was a promise that he made that he wants to keep. and we don't yet know. we certainly saw the hit he took over the government shutdown. i just don't know how lasting that political damage is when it would be much more lasting, i think, for somebody else. and the fight, he can go to his base and say, look, i've got what i got and we're going to keep this fight going, i'm not going to waiver. and, again, the fact that he can do this through metaphor and through a lot of falsehoods doesn't change the political calculus, necessarily. >> but democrats were willing to give him more before he shut the government down, let's not forget that. there was a hundred something vote in the senate.
3:23 am
this is a climb down after a defeat. >> republican from utah yesterday said that on cnn. he said we had a better deal in some ways before the shutdown. who knows. you're talking about mileage barriers, maybe not, talking money, maybe so. but polling seems to indicate that the americans turned on the president because of the shutdown almost exclusively, not necessarily because of the wall. his numbers have gop up over the last week, what americans don't want say shutdown. what donald trump wants is golf, clearly, a lot of golf. and i don't necessarily think he should be blamed for it, golf i'm told is nice. but had he inside the white house according to the "washington post," a new indoor golf setup, some $50,000 worth of his own money so he can play anytime inside the residence. now, i think if you talk to people who've covered the white house for a long time like david or joe, margaret also will tell you it's important for presidents to get a break when they need it. so there may not be nothing wrong with it, but there is something who has thought that playing a lot of golf was not good for a president, and that's
3:24 am
donald trump. listen. >> obama, it was reported today, played 250 rounds of golf. everything's executive order because he doesn't have enough time because he's playing so much golf. obama ought to get off the golf course and get down there. if i'm going to be working for you i'm not going to have time to play golf. he played more golf last year than tiger woods. >> he doesn't have time to play, that's why he needed -- >> here's the irony of putting it in the white house. what president dos smartly is they go play golf because they can escape the bubble. and why put it inside when you're inside the bubble? that doesn't make any sense. if you're going to play golf, go out to a course and do it. >> the setup costs $50,000, but irony is priceless. >> it is priceless, but i'll also point out that every time the president leaves town for the weekend we're also going to one of the president's places to play golf. >> right. >> so, yeah. >> again, maybe it's a good thing, joe.
3:25 am
>> listen, i asked president clinton a couple months after he left office, i said, i thought you'd be out on the golf course every day, you've barely played at all. and he looked at me and sid went to play golf to get away from you and as -- but it's true. it's david's point, to get away. >> just to get away. that's why nobody goes to play tennis because you get too tired, too fast, you can't be away long enough. >> i'm learning so much this morning just for the record. >> there you go. >> all right, guys, thank you very, very much. just ahead, she worked as an u.s. intelligence service but now she is charged with spying for iran. we have those details in a live report next. in the time it takes to brew a cup... here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters costa rica paraíso. first, we go to san marcos, costa rica. and meet sergio.
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3:30 am
handing over highly classified information to the iranians. cnn's barbara starr is live with the very latest. barbara. >> reporter: good morning, john. for the u.s. military it's as bad as it gets when you betray your country, all the more painful in this case because the betrayal was to help iran. a former u.s. air force intelligence specialist who disappeared and was believed to be in iran is now wanted by the fbi for spying on behalf of the islamic republic. 39-year-old monica witt who had access to top secret information including names of u.s. tells officers defected to iran in 2013 and was once thought to be missing. but instead, the justice department says she was recruited by iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps. >> she protested the iranian government with the identities of employees in the u.s. intelligence community who were operating covertly.
3:31 am
>> reporter: the justice department says witt worked with iran to target at least eight u.s. government agent computer accounts in order to deploy malware that would provide access to computers and networks used by the u.s. intelligence community. the u.s. also alleges witt created target packages for iran to identify and track down u.s. government agents. this week, iran marks 40 years since the islamic revolution brought the current regime to power. and the rhetoric from the trump administration is getting hotter. >> i don't think you'll have many more anniversaries to enjoy. >> i appreciate you -- >> reporter: the hawkish language from national security adviser john bolton is at odds with the pentagon, according to a senior military official. the official said the military is seeking to avoid open conflict with iran and rely instead on economic and diplomatic pressure. but in an exclusive television
3:32 am
interview, the top navy commander for the region says the threat is real. >> they have a growing capability in cruise missiles, they have a growing capability in ballistic missiles, they have a growing capability in unmanned surface systems. >> reporter: cnn went aboard the u.s.s. gladiator, one of the mine countermeasure ships in the gulf where the crew faces the threat iran poses to the u.s. and shipping in this critical area. >> we are prepared for everything that they actually have and everything that they're rhetoric seds sa rhetoric says that they have. >> reporter: for the commander officer, the mission is make sure that if iran lays mines in the straight waterway, the ship will be able to find them. >> we need to take it as a threat that we need to be prepared for. >> the u.s. military is watching
3:33 am
this very, very closely. barbara, you're on this tour with general votel as he gets ready to depart his command. what is he hearing from u.s. allies around the world? >> reporter: well, look, up and down the persian gulf right now they are well aware that for the first time since 9/11 the u.s. is pulling back. there's no question about it. troops are coming out of syria, troops will come out of afghanistan. forces are being reduced in this region because the pentagon, the trump administration, is shifting its focus to china and russia. but, up and down the persian gulf there is consistent worry about iran and whether iran might be deciding at some point to engage in a destabilizing action in the gulf and will the u.s. be here to work with the allies and protect this region? john. >> barbara starr for us on a fascinating journey. thank you so much for being with us this morning. erica. we have more democrats now in the 2020 race. who's up? who's down? harry enten debuts his new power
3:34 am
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over night a new possible entry into the 2020 race for president, democratic congressman tim ryan tells our erin burnett he may be next. >> i don't feel any pressure for any timeline at this point but i am seriously considering it. the country is divided. we can't get anything done because of these huge divisions that we have. and people in communities like the ones i represent, erin, are suffering because of this division. you can't win the future divided. >> so how can we measure the relative success or failure of the rollouts so far? name's chris and harry have now new power rankings for the 2020 race. harry is the one who got up to tell us about it. >> yes, did i and that's six out of the last seven days. good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> let's go 10 through six and then we'll go five through one. here's our six through ten. you can read them on the screen. i think a few notable ones here. sherrod brown we backed down to number ten only because he
3:39 am
hasn't launched yet. a lot of the other candidates we tend to have up towards the top we give them a bonus forgetting in because if you get in you have a chance of winning. if you stay out you can't. kirsten gillibrand, there's a real surprise. we've dropped her a little bit even though she has formed an exploratory committee, her polling isn't so great. her traffic isn't so great. i think most people agree her rollout as-kind of eh. and then amy klobuchar we moved up to number 7. i think he's gotten a lot of attention from her launch, people talking about her elect ability including yours truly. i think being in the snow sort of definitely helped her. tough, iron, minnesota. one through five, most of this is pretty stable. beto o'rourke has dropped a little bit. we've seen his polling drop a little bit. questions about whether he'll get in. if he does get in i think we may raise him again. and joe biden, these are basically tied at two, two 1/2. joe biden we raised a little bit because we think his polling has maintained a good level and more than that i've looked at some of
3:40 am
the polling and just of the people. we think it might be name recognition but a lot of permanent saying that the attributes that he's strongest on are most important for their vote. >> kamala harris still number one. you're talking we could see what happens with amy klobuchar. kamala harris's lawn sch still getting positive marks. >> i would say that kamala harris had the best launch and we can look at this in a number of different ways. one of which is the net favor ability ratings which is favorable minus unfavorable in the poll before she launch and the poll after. in december she was seven points behind elizabeth warren on her net favorability. but look at february in her latest poll, she's seen a 12-point bounce versus elizabeth warren who only has a three-point bounce. >> and the other metrics show the same thing? >> right. let's look at the national polling average. this is hair ray's aggregate. and look where they were on june 1st. kamala harris and elizabeth
3:41 am
warren were tied at six. booker at 3, klobuchar at 2, gillibrand at one. but now kamala harris doubled her support to 13% while elizabeth warren saw a point bounce, cory booker so a two-point bounce and the other two didn't see much going on. this is a sign of a successful launch where you've taken support from beto o'rourke and some of the undecideds and put them into your column. >> in terms of traffic, you mentioned traffic, which is one way you can look at this, that means people asking or wondering about you, right? >> so google search trends are an interesting sort of metric to try to understand how different people are doing. and i just basically looked at all the senators who declared or formed an exploratory committee so far, what percentage of the search that was going to all of them has each of the candidates gotten. this is since elizabeth warren launched. despite the fact that kamala harris launched afterwards, she was running behind, she has received double the google search traffic that elizabeth warren has. i'm not sure i would read too much into this because klobuchar
3:42 am
just launched. but the fact that harris has has much search traffic as the other candidates combined indicates a lot of interest in her candidacy from people nationwide. >> is that why the next tab says betting harris, harry? >> well, this actually might throw you for a little bit of a loop. i've spoken up senator harris up during this segment. but one thing i think should be really important is just because someone's at the top doesn't necessarily mean that they're the runway, that they're the favorite to win the nomination. she may be the front runner but she's not the favorite. there's a fact if you believe the betting markets that harris will win. there's a three in four shot that she doesn't. there's a better shot that another candidate wins. >> does any single capped date have a -- >> no have she has the top chance in the betting markets so she has had the best launch so far. >> there we go. >> by the way, it's valentine's day. >> we didn't know that. >> i know, yea. so this is from the national -- this is a whole bunch of sales
3:43 am
federation stuff and some stuff from different folks and just what is like the best selling candy so far over the last 11 years. and what we see is those companion hearts we're actually doing the best. unfortunately the company that's producing them is kind of like stopped producing them in year. so if you see them in stores they might be leftovers from last time. >> good thing i didn't buy those yesterday for my kids because they were there. >> they might have been a little lefty depending where you were. box of chock lits in 15 stays and hershey's m&ms and look what i brought for you. >> you shouldn't have. >> it's great. he brought us breakfast. >> i have work valentine's and personal valentine's and you two can be my work ones. >> this candy tells me it's sort of the end of love overall. >> i believe in the power of love. >> just for the record, all morning john berman has been really bullish on valentine's
3:44 am
day. >> this is the biggest smile he's ever had. >> harry, thank you very much. >> thank you. severe turbulence forced a delta flight to make an emergency landing. the scary moments for passenger and crew caught on tape. that's next. whether it's a few years old or dinosaur old, we want to buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate, answer a few questions, and our techno-wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot, and pick up your car. that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car and say hello to the new way... at carvana.
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veteran journalist in the philippines who was critical of the country's strong man due dar tay is fru on bail one day after being arrested on cyber libel charges. they say the charges stem from an article she wrote in 2012. the libel law which is controversial came into effect in september, 2012, four months after the article was published. president freedom advocates say the charges against him are an attempt by the philippine government silence journalists. long resigned yesterday. he's been under fire for using government resources and a inspector general report found he continued to use it after he was told to stop. a response long later acknowledged was flawed, it's not clear when he plans to
3:49 am
leave. deputy fema administrator peter gainer will serve as acting chief when he does leave. so we now know who tipped off the "national enquirer" about the relationship between amazon ceo jeff bezos and laura sanchez. two people confirmed to cnn it was sanchez's brother michael, he was the leaker. now he denied to the "washington post" that he played a role in leaking information and a blog post last week bezos made unsubstantiated claims that president trump or the kingdom of saudi arabia may have been involved in the leak or the "national enquirer" may have acted to curry favor with them. image frins side a seattle-bound delta connection flight that sent two passengers and one flight attendant to the hospital. look at this. one passenger said the aircraft did a nose dive twice during that severe turbulence. it was forced make an emergency landing in nevada. customers did board another flight to get to seattle. >> i always wonder 'if those things will tip over. actress regina king may be
3:50 am
rethinking courtside seats in madison square garden. this is 7'2", joel embiid of the 76ers soaring over her head and into the crowd last night against the knicks. king is fine. the statistician took a size 12 shoe to the chest. he tweeted thank you god, for area athletic abilities. crisis averted. he was so nimble, he elevated going into the crowd. >> i'm still process that. you may want to put down your diet soda if that's your go-to in the morning. a new study has some important information about how those diet soda's could impact your health. dr. sanjay gupta has the details next. costa rica paraíso. first, we go to san marcos, costa rica. and meet sergio. that's his daughter, maria. sergio's coffee tastes spectacular.
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woman 7: go to to see proof in action. so it's valentine's day and
3:55 am
normally we'd maybe talk about your heart. this morning we're talking about your brain. and a new study just published with links drinking two or more diet sodas a day with an increased risk of stroke. cnn chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta with today's here's to your health. what did the study find? >> i love the heart but i love the brain even more. that was really nice, erica. this is an interesting study. this has been brewing out there for some time, this idea that there's a connection between diet drinks, artificially sweetened beverages, and stroke. but this is now the largest study. it was a study of over 81,000 women. and what they found was that women who drank two or more diet sodas a day were more likely to have a type of stroke. 31% more likely to have that stroke. so -- and this was mostly in women who were ages 50 to 79, as you can see there, higher risk if you were african-american, higher risk if you had a body
3:56 am
mass index over 30. let me show you something real quick. everyone who's watching this is saying yes, but, what were the things that they actually accounted for? were they already had some sort of history of heart disease? no. did they have atry of stroke? no. they found the physical activity in the diet was the same between the people that drank more diet sewed and those who didn't. so you can dispense with all those other things that may have caused this to happen. i will point out that out of the 81,000 women, only 5% or so actually drank two or more diet sodas a day, it was a small population of people. but, again, they had this increased incidence of stroke. >> it is faps nating when you look at all of things, everything listed on the screen there. i'm sure people ask you this question all the time. but there's this thinking for a lot of people that diet soda must be better than drinking regular soda. is that true? >> well, it's a great question and, you know, surprisingly there's some controversy even within the medical community on this. the american heart association came out last year and said that
3:57 am
for at least short periods of time they would recommend artificially sweetened or diet drinks versus sugar sweetened beverages for a short time because of the calorie restriction. they were saying we know there's a lot of people who drink soda, we know they're not going to transition to water, this seems like a reasonable short-term alternative. when studies like this come out, it throws some of that advice into question. they also recommend, as you might guess, water, sparkling water, which i think you drink. >> i do. >> and good option. coffee, you know, coffee's one of these beverages i never grew up drinking coffee, i didn't drink a lot when i was younger, but they say up to five cups a day could have health benefits. >> and beer. just saying. we'll cut you off right there, no answer. all right. thank you very, very much. appreciate it. >> we'll stick with the expert dr. john berman on that one. the comics are chipping away at president trump's border wall. here are your late night laughs.
3:58 am
>> since the government shutdown ended trump's approval rating has gone up seven points. trump said, great, what's my approval ragt approval rating? staff is like seven. >> a man in jamaica recently won $158 million in the lottery and in order to hide his identity and keep a low profile he claimed the prize wearing a screen mask, right? here are is here. there is he. now, suddenly all this extra mystery money for the border wall -- wait, guys, do you think it's -- [ laughter ] >> house minority leader and man indicating how many la teen knows he wants in america. kevin mccarthy, kev, told cnbc you got to remember who nancy pelosi was sht she who said no money for a wall, that's not case. democrats have now agreed to more than 55 miles of new barrier being bill.
3:59 am
yes, 55 of the 2,000 miles of border wall trump asked for, just another example of trump slogan. promises made, promises 3% kept. >> all right. the late night comics right there. i will note the banner over the president's head last night said finish the wall. changes clearly. >> there has been a change in message, yes. thanks for our national viewers for watching. for you cnn talk is next. for u.s. viewers, another trump aide lied about russia contacts. new day continues right now. the judge agreeing with the mueller team paul manafort lied repeatedly it. >> there's apparently proof of the connections between him and kilimnik. >> it's doomed for paul manafort. >> going in sentencing with this kind of finding is just disastrous. >> i don't want to see a shutdown. we'll be looking for land mines. >> i think he should sign it and i think he will sign it. it's a true compromise. i think it will be approved by congress by a wide margin.
4:00 am
>> take this as a down payment, go into the defense bill and move money around and build this damn wall. this is new day with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning and welcome to your new day. alisyn is off. erika hill joins me. happy valentine's day. we have candy for everybody. >> you're a giver, john berman. >> sweaty m&ms. >> i'm going to save that for later. >> as the president's lawyer rudy giuliani always says, it's not a crime to lie to the media. what is a crime? lying to the fbi, the special counsel, and a grand jury. just ask paul manafort. a federal judge just ruled that trump's former campaign chair intentionally lied about meetings with someone linked to russian intelligence with whom he shared polling data and conversations about pro-russia policy. he lied about it even after reaching a plea deal. that plea deal is now off the table. it gets to the


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