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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 15, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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at least this gentle plan saying he knew the person. helps us answer this question about why this particular location. we'll need details on what officers do next. >> all right. thank you so much everybody. thank you for your contributions. our breaking news continues right now. the lead with pam brown starts now. >> welcome to the lead. take ago live look here an active shooting situation. police sources confirming there is an active shoot you are in aurora, illinois just outside of chicago. it is where the shooting is taking place. police are telling people to stay away from that area.
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video shows multiple agencies have come to the scene. a near by school district is on lockdown right now as all of this unfolds. we are told a high school is near there where the shooting is taking place. we are also told multiple patients are being rushed to two different hospitals. this is still an active situation. it is fluid. it is still unfolding. i want to bring in the latdest. >> this is a fluid situation. we flknow it is an active shoot situation. what is unclear is what building this houses. is it a manufacturing company? is it a steel company? we know it is in that facility that you're seeing in aurora, illinois. it is about an hour west of chicago, illinois. we know the atf and the fbi, we
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know local police and sheriffs department officers are there on the ground. it is in there when the shooting broke out. what did we learn? >> honestly, i'm not going to lie to you. dint actually hear the witness because i'm trying to get information. it -- >> that's okay. no worries at all. we are going to go to josh campbell. i want to bring in josh campbell. she a special agent.
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this has been going on for an hour now. >> hi. when the initial law comes out they have a situation they are dealing with. it is by law enforcement on the scene. as you mentioned that witness we heard earlier, it is starting to answer a lot of questions that we have. first is what's going on inside and why this particular location, was there some type of connection with a possible shooter in this facility. again, this is one person. i'm very conservative. there was one individual that shoed up with a pois toll aisto opened fire inside. one said he recognized the shooter that worked there. that's telling -- there are a lot of unanswered questions for
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us. if main thing i'm waiting for right now is some type of statement from police officers. >> i hate to interrupt you. we are getting new information. aurora pd put on their facebook page that the shooter has been apprehended. again, aurora police department has put on their police department that the shooter has been apprehended. your take, josh. >> that's a good sign. a large facility like this, officers responding they don't know where the threat is. the fact they are able to confirm answers the question i was trying to get to earlier we need to hear from the cops. again, their work isn't done. the next step is they want to have some type of confidence that there's no additional threat and no additional victims. there is a very large facility. if there were individuals that were injured it would be transported out. they want to make sure there weren't other people that may
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have been fleeing, that may have been injured in some capacity that may have sought to seek shelter. hopefully we'll hear from law enforcement officers. >> i want to bring there charles ramsey, local police chief on this latest news we have coming in that the shooting suspect has been apprehended. it does not mean the work is done. law enforcement has to determine whether there is the only american that building that was part of the shooting, correct? >> yeah. they are going to continue to search that entire facility to make sure. i would assume you have people that shell ftered in place. and you have got a crime scene. so, yeah, their work is just starting actually. it is good they have an individual in custody. again, they can't take a chance on this being the only person
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involved. they will make sure everything is thoroughly searched. they located all people who are in there and tend to any wounded that are in there. >> okay. and we are told that the hospital there, mercy medical center, they have been receiving patients who were injured in the shooting at this valve company in aurora, illinois outside of chicago. i want to bring in retired fbi special agent. james, we heard from a witness speaking to one of our affiliates. he essentially said he reck cog fliez recognized. of course this person also said the shots are breaking out. i got a quick glance and i had to run. what do you make of what we are learning from this one witness? >> well, first, outstanding nudes that the shooter has been
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apprehended. it doesn't mean that the job is over. is anybody educationlse involve this. the difficult part in this assessment, i think he could agree with me on this, the difficult part is making it on the scene in realtime. is this a hate crime? is this somebody two has a dispute at work, a workplace violence issue? is this a domestic incident. once the law enforcement officers arrive on scene there are three things you quickly have to cycle there. is it an active shooter that we need to move to and bring down adds quickly as possible or is this a barricaded subject where we can put up a per imter or is this a barricaded subject with hostages. these are the three things they
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trying to cycle through. most importantly make sure there's nobody else working with the shooter that they have apprehended right now and then dealing with the people that were witnesses, finding out as much information as you can. we tell people in these type of situations, run, hide, fight and tell in that order. so go to law enforcement and immediately share whatever information you have as far as the description of the subject, where other people may be and where wounded people might be at the time. >> and even though that shooter was apprehended it could be an active situation. they haven't ruled out there are more shooters. josh campbell, you were in the fbi not long ago. they did compile a mass shooting data paperwork about how common they are. if i'm not mistaken in situations like this most of the time it is one individual though
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they have to act as though there could be more, correct? >> that's right. it is usually one but they are not going to hang their hat on that. it is part on an investigation. they have to determine if they are able to interview that subject, if this person is able to speak with officers. they are going to dig into his life and his associates. again, try to determine as much as they can in order to determine whether this person acted alone. one thing that's interesting, this goes to what's important for us as we cover these incidents is once an affiliate shows up on scene with this helicopter footage that's often after an incident already happened, after it took place. we continue to try to assess and analyze what we see based on some of this footage.
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we can't mistake it from what's going on inside. the sheer magnitude will require a lot of officers to go through and investigate and talk about all of the witnesses. this is what we are seeing on our television. we are not seeing blawhat's goi on behind the scenes. it is flord in order to find a . >> you said normally these things are over in a matter of minutes. what do you make of that? >> yeah. a lot of unanswered questions here. we don't know if officers were in kplun case, if they had identified and located the shooter. it is a massive facility. we don't know if he was fleeing and attempted to find cover or attempted to flee and exit the building all together. some times we see the person want to go down and they don't make it out. with the word they are using that suggested he has been taken
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alive and she he is there custo. it is now to let them know there's no additional threat and provides information on what transpired. >> and they have to make sure there's no threat in doing that. i want to bring in law enforcement analyst. what are some of the big questions you right now? the suspect has been ach apprehended. what are some of the big questions you have been moving forward? >> it will ascertain whether there isfully oth any other dane public it. it looks like it could be a classic case of workplace
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violence. studies have shown from the national threat assessment center that well over 60% of the time these incidents of workplace violence are as a result of a grievance of somebody at that facility. again, what i would want to know right now is the public, is anybody else in danger and then start getting into the motive. you know, why did this occur? what happened? what was the evolutionary steps to have someone transcend into this violent act. >> and i want to point out new news that are coming in right now. a city official confirms to cnn that four police officers and multiple sif multiple civilians have been struck. four police officers and multiple civilians struck.
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are you surprised shehe is aliv? >> it speaks to the dangerous and very dynamic, you know, situation that these officers have to face every single time that bell rings that there's a potential active shooter. it is to stop that threat. they are putting themselves between the threat in the public to prevent further harm. you know, again, statistics have shown that first interaction with law enforcement will solve that problem well over 75% of the time by the time that individual will be taken into custody or he will be, you you know, shot by the responding police officers. so unfortunately we have four members of uniformed service are injured. we have four heros that we need to be looking at. >> okay. i want to bring in former
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chicago pd and vnn law enforcement analyst. thank you for coming on. a witness speak to wls. the witness that was in the building when the shooting broke out that the suspected gunman was carrying a pistol equipped with a green laser. he went onto say the shooter is at that building. what would you do with that information? how would you use it moving forward? >> first and foremost let's knowledge the fact that we have four officers that have been injured that put themselves in between the public and this threat. our thoughts and prayers go out to their family and friends and loved ones. we hope they are all okay. what's going to happen with that first information is pretty simple. it is we have to verify the
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facts over time. there will be a lot of information pouring into law enforcement. that information is going to be recorded and then verified over time and help to use to build a case towards prosecution and finding out if the situation was part of a bigger plan, a bigger plot or if there are other people involved. the fact that there were devices or other pieces of weaponry used. i think the more people come out will only help sort it out in the long run.
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they are mostly industrial areas with large facilities like you see there. it looks like it is a logistics facility. civilians may be at risk. fbi and law enforcement are taking these things in consideration as we speak. >> and we are getting new information in that the four police officers that we previously reported were struck in the shooting are stable.
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so we are told that the four police officers are stable. multiple patients are being treated at local hospitals officers are still clearing the building and evacuated any wounded that may be there. they are trying to gather people who were there, witnesses. you have got to -- you can't lose your witnesses during a situation like this. so that's lot going on right now. we don't flknow the nature and extent of injuries. there is still a lot of
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information haas goithat's goine to be filtered through to make that information we can make public. it is a while before we get a clear picture on what took place. if it turns out to be a disgruntled employee he may have had specific targets that he was looking for. >> these are all things you'll have to go through. >> of course one of the challenges in situations like this is we don't have a lot of facts we are working with. we are told that four police officers, multiple civilians were struck. the four officers are stable. the suspect has been apprehended. police have not said that there is not an ongoing threat.
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so that is still something we are waiting to hear from police. would you consider this company, would you consider a place like this a soft target, josh? >> yes. based on some of the graphics our research team has been looking at the street. it doesn't appear there is external. we don't know what it was to get in the building. if it was someone that was supposed to be there flun none that really matters. if there were layers of security in place the person would be able to bypass. it will also need additional information we are hearing about the number of officers but also the number of victims inside the facility that weren't part of law enforcement in order to determine the full magnitude and extent of this.
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you can see this large police presence, all of these different agencies. once it goes out they all have additional resources. for example the partners with atf were responding to the sceneme scene. they will be using it to determine what the background with that particular device was. you'll have members of the fbi bringing in resources and doing checks around the country. just is multi-facetted information. and she the last part is the subject himself. it is based on what we saw from authorities. it will be interesting to know whether he is proud of what he
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did here or if it is something they will have to find out. >> we don't know if there's an ongoing threat. police have not said that. even if the threat is over, and again, we don't know, there is the aftermath. we are told multiple civilians struck. we have waiting to hear more. one of the witnesses told affiliate wls that the suspected gunman was carrying a pistol equipped with a green laser. presumably they want to interview multiple witnesses. what do you make of that? a pistol equipped with a green laser. >> i assume it is probably a quick way to pick up a target. the news we have is that it was a handgun.
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look, we are a month and a half into the year, 2019. there have been 16 police officers killed in the line of duty, seven by assailant gunfire. i think one of the things we learned going through so many of these in the last couple years is early reports are often erroneous in these situations. law enforcement is not going to street this as okay guys, let's get everybody to the hospital. they have got to treat this like there might be others that were involved with the person that is in custody right now. very important for law enforcement not to let their guard down, maintain their per imters and talk to any potential witnesses about things they might have seen that could lead them to other people or other
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threats as in impro vising explosive devices. >> all right. i will bring in my colleague for more information here. we are learning that four police officers were struck. they are stable. multiple civilians struck. they are not going anything. you don't see people leaving the scene. you don't see victims being transported. it could be a very good sign or bad sign. there have been a lot of people injured here. i think authorities are trying to get a handle on what have been injured. it tells you it was probably quite a gunfight here for the officers and i think what we are hearing is they are trying to
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get a handle of what was going on here. we have heard witnesses say that this -- that at least one person we heard say he knows the shooter. so that is helpful to law enforcement. sit not a terrorism attack. it would appear to be workplace violence. i think law enforcement wants to get a handle on the scene trying to fig youre out how many here. >> they are trying to determine whether there is an ongoing threat and how many victims are there. this went on for about an hour based on our latest information. we have covered a lot of mass shootings. did that seem like a long time to you? >> yes. when you see these kinds of shootings.
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it alwa it takes a bliwhile for us to learn information. the longer it goes the worse it is. it indicates they are working through the scene trying to figure out how many victims there r. that tends to happen too. the fact they were calling for more resources and the fact that all of these officers ran from the station house to the scene tells you you were probably dealing with a pretty big scene. it looks like a big area. we don't flow it doesn't necessarily mean it was contained to one area of this location. so again, obviously a lot we don't know. it tells you one thing. you look at the scene and officers are standing around. ambulances are not but for now it appears it is contained. that is one piece of good news.
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sit this many of officers shot. it is very telling in terms of what kind of scene this was, what the officers faced when they went in and, you you know, i'm sure they responded to 911 calls. they went in and engaged the shooter almost immediately. it is very rare you have these kinds of scenes. you have so many police officers shot at one location. that tells you something right there. >> okay. i want to go to chief ramsey. aurora police department said that the gunman in this case has been apprehended. that means she still alive. tell us what will happen now in terms of investigators trying to build the case against the suspects gunman. is that work already underway? >> yeah. sure. it's already under way. i know there's a lot of work that has to be done. you have to interview witnesses. they will have to mirandize the
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individual. this it has to be done and they will be bringing there resource to process this scene. you don't know whether or not you have any fatal injuries with people still there on the scene or not. but right now we just don't have a lot of information. the information is coming in really points to a situation. it must have been one heck of a shoot out. >> we are learning that president trump has been briefed and monitoring the situation according to sanders. one of the witnesses smoke to
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our affiliates and said he did recognize this person. you said that it may well be already underway. how reliable are witnesses in situations like this where it is chaotic, where it is fast moving and they are try to go run for their lives? >> that's why you have to interview all of the witnesses. again, you know, eyewitnesss are not always 100% accurate. i don't know the answer to any of that it is to identify a stranger and we'll see as it begins to unfold more and more information will start to come out now that the situation a apparently has been contained. >> that's right. we are just looking here at live
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footage from wgn. we had seen about five ambulances here. you see tactical teams there. they are the five ambulances. what does this tell you about the state of the situation they tl on the ground? >> yes. so when these incidents happened and you get some type of investigation it doesn't mean it is over. these resources are there in place for a purpose. that is if there are additional victims they find they will need to be transported. we mentioned the large nature of this area, just the complex itself is very large. they will be going through, that's what we don't see is what's happening inside that facility going through in order to ensure there are no victims. all of these resources are there. you a number of assets there in place. are there others until they clear it and have that sense of confidence there are no
1:30 pm
additional people involved they will continue to see that. one thing that we talk about witness testimony and some of interviews we saw, i'm always conservative because i want to know what people saw. that's what law enforcement officers will be doing. when they see something where stress hormones, where you have tunnel vision, people see things differently in the way that it happened. again, we want to know more, hear from more people about what they saw from authorities. the law enforcement officers won't come out and make a statement about what's there unless they are confident in what took place. we fled to haneed to have the d. you think about all of the family members and people that work in that fa ticility. it is critical for those details to come out.
1:31 pm
>> right. you think about these multiple civilians, four police officers that are stable and what their families must be thinking as they try to learn more about what happened here. i want to bring you back in, gener jen. i want to reset what the latest is, what happened and where we are now. >> we are waiting to hear information about what's happening on the ground. we are seeing so much activity there in aurora, illinois. i want to add to the conversation that u.s. marshals are responding to the scene. that makes a lot of them heading to aurora including the fbi as well as u.s. marshals.
1:32 pm
it happened one hour west of chicago. we flow four officers as well as multiit will civilians were hit by gunfire. those officers are in stable condition. ask that is good news. we don't know sort of what condition that is, just that it is stable meaning it is not getting any bet are ter or not getting any worse. we know that the suspect has been apprehended. we flknow the town was saying don't go to that area. it appears as if investigators are on the ground trying to make sure that everything is all
1:33 pm
clear it is where we are right now waiting to get more information from law enforcement on the ground. >> and on that note let's take a listen to what this within told wls. >> he is bleeding pretty bad. next thing you know he was walking back in front and we heard more shots. he was running down the aisle with a pistol with a laser on it. >> what is your take on what we heard from that witness? you want to hear from multiple
1:34 pm
witnesses. ithink what law enforcement is doing is they want to speak to as many people as possible to get out all of the common information and they will be able to figure out what that information is potentially something that may not be relevant to the investigation. they can push that aside. law enforcement notified that the pt is was actually app apprehended. we had law enforcement rushing to this site to engage the
1:35 pm
threat and address the threat however means possible. now it's time for everyone to take pause, to go back into a very thorough methodical search to ensure there's no additional threats. law enforcement, federal, state and local officials will start going tlau fa -- through that facility.
1:36 pm
there is a lot of unanswered questions here again, what you'll start seeing is information will start slowing down as the investigative process has to focus on the fidelity of the information available. hopefully we'll learn more details. police also said that the suspect had been apprehended i. he of course we don't know the condition of the suspect. we don't flow a lot of information. let's be up front about that.
1:37 pm
we don't flow. we don't know. it takes a while for the police investigation to come forward. if there was a threat we would be hearing from the police. we are not seeing a lot of am bu lant lan ambulances leave the scene. that is concerning. it could mean there are victims inside that presumably may have died and they would not be transported. we may have a very large crime scene there. the ambulance is not leaving. the police kind of standing around. it appears what they are dealing with is a crime scene. hopefully the police will be able to answer some questions about the shooter. you know, we do have a witness who was there who did tell one of our affiliates that it because workplace shooting. it was a coworker of his.
1:38 pm
law enforcement at this point is acting on this theory that it is a workplace shooting. that all we know right now. we are seeing police officers probably standing around after witnesses what they did inside. it is probably a rough scene in there. the officers, what they see, there was probably a pretty hefty gun battle here. you have four officers injured. hopefully we'll hear more soon. the thing that i want to know is more about the shooter, what's his condition? was he shot? is he alive? we know he is apprehended. the big thing i want know is the victims and the impact it will have on this community. >> absolutely. we hope to hear for in this press conference chlts . as we await to learn more
1:39 pm
information what would you want to ask the suspect if you were able to question he or she. we don't know the details of the suspect. what would you want to ask? >> well, obviously from the law enforceme enforceme enforcement perspective we are not looking at that. it doesn't solve everything. it helps us understand why something happened so we can get in front of the next one. we are look at a scene that she described there. i think it is important to understand we have got to be very cautious because reports, you know, the facts and ak cure si, that is usually the first casualty, getting reports assaying that aand saying that is sustainable. it looks like they do have a
1:40 pm
scene that is contained but as some of my other colleagues pointed out it doesn't necessarily mean there is not some investigation going on in the interior of these buildings right here. again, the most important piece of this, we have one shooter in custody. we don't flknow advertise statu necessarily. to make sure there was anybody that supported or assisted. the first thing i would want to know is what were you targets and was anybody else involved in those are the three questions i would hit him with right after the bat. >> and as we are looking at this live footage we just saw some of the ambulances there moving slowly. we are keeping an eye on the unfolding situation there and the aftermath of this shooting at this company or near by location. we hope to get details from police shortly. we'll take a quick break and
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an allstate agent will do the same for our protection. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands? c dplrnn first the report t mueller's team interviewed sandser for. sapders saying it was a voluntary interview and the president urged her to fully cooperate can mueller's team. it is one of the final known interviews. imcame around the same time as the special counsel interviewed john kelly. they tell me it happened late summer early fall. also at this hour president trump heading to florida after declaring a nation until emergency to get what congress would not give, money for the border wall. democrats blasted this move as a
1:46 pm
power grab vowing to take options. in his speech they claimed they needed to protect against invasions and he negated the entire argument in this five second admission. >> i could do the wall over a longer period of time. i didn't need to do this. i would rather do it much faster. >> is it more about keeping a campaign promise to build the wall? that is the big question. i want to bring in my colleagues with her piece. >> i i'll be signing a national emergency. >> president trump declaring a national emergency today. >> we have an invasion of drugs, invasion of people and it's unacceptable. >> bypassing congress to gain access to billions of dollars to fund his border wall after lawmakers denied him the
1:47 pm
5.7 billion he demanded. >> we have so much money we don't know what to do with it. >> trump grants himself from the mill their construction budget. it will likely face immediate challenges. >> we will possibly get a bad ruling and bad ruling and end up in the supreme court and hopefully we'll get a fair shake. >> speaking without a te teleprompter today. >> i didn't node eed to do this. i would rather do it much faster. >> that crime dropped after a fence was built. >> it was not only better it was like 100% better. >> fbi data shows it dropped long before construction began. trump also falsely claiming that the wall is needed because most drugs enter the u.s. through
1:48 pm
remote areas. >> a majority of the big drugs, the big drug loads don't go through ports of entry. >> it chose the vast majority come in through legal ports of entry. trump signing the emergency declaration which he framed as a victory even though he came close to rezwrektijecting it. >> i'm not happy with it. >> democrats immediately calling the move unlawful. >> i think the fact that members of congress will sue this administration over the use of expan expansive presidential powers is in the appropriate. >> as republicans fear what goes around will come around. >> for an executive order to go around congress is not the appropriate way to do business. >> so pam, a slew of republicans voicing concern about the president declaring a national
1:49 pm
emergency. his cleef of staff told reporters he is confident they have the authority. publicly he is but we know they are preparing for an onslaught of announcements. >> that's right. the president laid out what he thinks will happen. thank you very much for that. i have my table of ladies to discuss everything going on. it is hard to know where to start here. the president said today i didn't need to do this. did it directly undercut? >> it could. legal experts have been on this. a lot were jumping on this saying sit a national emergency. it should be something you must do. you're hearing members of congress jump on this and take issue with some of the things that the president is going to perhaps pull money from, things like drug addiction.
1:50 pm
i spoke to a member of congress today. he was saying that one of the things that could be problematic is there is a program that they work with columbia to make sure the drugs stop before they get any where near the border. if the money is taken out of that program it would be counter productive. there are a lot of conversations going on about how perhaps the white house could be blocked doing this and to your point that one of the ways that they might come at that. >> we don't know where the money specifically will come from and what projects will be on hold or won't happen anymore. the president said today when he was asked that some of the generals agree with him and that from what he thinks they are less important. >> right. it was really a stunning admission for some to say some of the projects, i didn't think they were that important anyway.
1:51 pm
it will be used against him. the white house has been very big about where this money is coming from and it's clear that it is coming from not only the pentagon but existing drug programs. the problem at the border is a problem of drugs coming over and using people to bring drugs over. if that's the case the president will have to explain if he is taking it from this pot and moving it to that pot is that a good use of resources? the t white house has been big about this. the process of checks and balances will be pulling that information out of them. i think dem it kras will get on that as soon as possible. >> and the other thing they are talk about already is you have made the campaign promise but he also said mexico would pay for it. he said the trade deal would eventually. it hasn't even passed congress.
1:52 pm
i want to go to this about robert mueller interviewing the press secretary. of course she would be a logical person that mueller's team wanted to interview. what is the significance of this? >> she was close to the team and close to the team in talking about in particular the one instance that we have that we me about at this point of in black and white the team working with somebody who was pitching information from russia, that trump tower meeting. she was part of how that kpl communications went down and whether the president knew about that meeting. i think it's probably top of the line. mueller knows more than i do as you shall. >> and you were a former spokesperson. what goes through your pliemind? >> i was reminded of the meeting i had with hope hicks.
1:53 pm
you know, it was a transfer of power. the main question she asked about is how do you make sure president obama sees every statement? we said he doesn't. her reaction is president trump does does. it has been reported in general but i think this is a case where sandsers in the role that she is, she's not just the press secretary. she has been playing a role that hope hicks was playing. she is a close adviser. was she taking dictation from him. also was she there for moments over the past year or so that have been, you know, discussed as possible obstructions of justice. i think the question is what did she know and how involved was president trump? >> as we know from the podium they said he weighed in as any father would do but then the president's lawyers later on
1:54 pm
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an update now on the breaking news this hour. officials tell us a shooter has been apprehended and is no long aerothreat aft er a threat.
1:59 pm
police will update us on the stitchuati situation. we'll are the news conference for you live. they say four police officers and civilians were struck. we are told mull pisttiple vict were taken to area hospitals. i want to go to jonathan, former secret service agent. the biggest questions you want answered. >> i would like to see a leading indication of motivation. were there any warning signs of this individual? to act out this violent act? i would like to see is there something we can do better to get ahead of behavioral issues so you don't have another incident of workplace violence. what are the warning signs that community leaders and individuals in the workplace need to be aware of to identify
2:00 pm
workplace violence indicators. >> you said you would like to know a motive. this is all under investigation. we hope to learn more about the gun and and more about the civilians who were struck. our coverage on cnn continues right now. wolf blitzer is on assignment. a tense situation in illinois where official says at least four officer and multiple civilians have been struck about 40 miles from chicago. near by schools are on lockdown. federal agents responding as well. hospital spokeswoman says multiple patients are coming in. there is no exact word at this
2:01 pm
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