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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 22, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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china. owners have held to a higher standard. it said that owners are held to a higher standard and will be subject to more significant discipline when violations occur. >> we'll watch for the fallout. thank you very much. good to see you. the lead with jake tapper starts now. what clues plight tmight th mueller finding reveal? the lead starts right now. democrats kicking off a fight with the new attorney general demanding the full mueller report be made public as we get details on when the mueller report will drop. the president has a new favorite reality tv show, the 2020 democratic campaign tuning into all of the rallies, town halls, commentaries and how he plans to sew division among
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democrats comes up. plus robert kraft accused of soliciting for sex at a day spa. police say there is evidence. kr kr kr kraft says he didn't do. soon robert mumer will reveal brand new clues. it is due by midnight tonight. what could be the last opportunity for the public to learn where all of this is headed before the mueller report although a doj official says mueller is not expected to police officer h deliver his report. democrats demanding the full report be released to the public. today's memo set to outline all
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of the facts they believe a judge should consider before determining how much time he should spend behind bars. while the president has been publicly suggesting there is a pardon available they report that the manhattan district attorney is preparing state charges as an insurance policy to guarantee manafort faces prison time even if he pardons the federal crimes. pamela, at the center of the case are interactions with kilimnik. it is possible that any minute we'll learn about more than just manafort's financial crimes. >> that's right. reporters are awaiting this
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memo. it will likely kor the alleged contact after manafort's arrests and lies about interactions with kilimnik in 2016 as well as other topics. as you pointed out, it is expected to be released before midnight. so we are waiting to see what prosecutors will say about manafort giving as you recall the internal polling data. that has raised questions on bl the russians used it to help with targeting during the campaign. the filing could reveal more about other contacts manafort had and lies about prosecutors. today's filing is significant. it is one of the last opportunities for mueller's team to tell the public of its theory of what happened during the 2016 campaign and the communications
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which really strikes at the heart of what mueller has been looking at. >> they said he should face up to 25 years in prison. they also wanted to pay tens of millions of dollars in tax and bank fraud. what kind of punishment do you think we'll hear today? >> the bottom line here, he turned 70 in a month. he is likely going to spend the rest of his life in jail regardless of what mueller's team asked today. the most highly anticipated sentencing is what we learned that could answer this question of possible coordination during the 2016 campaign. details about cooperation as you know has been especially guarded since his interviews have been a significant part of the russian influence. it will be interesting to see what prosecutors choose to
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reveal today. >> thank you so much. we'll talk with our experts right now. let's start with the fact they just wrote a letter to bill bar that says the public is entitled to know what the special counsel has found. the department of justice will release to public. they submit without delay and to the maximum extent permitted by law. there will be redactions for, you know, confidential secret information. it sounds like the house democrats are willing to sue. >> yeah. they mean business. it needs to be public. democrats have a reason. they are putting it out. it is to their benefit to put it out publicly. if you're donald trump or his supporters why wouldn't it be public? they are anticipated there will be a big public pressure. the public is entitled to know
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what's in there. also democrats should also remember to set expectations here. we don't know what's in it. this is by mandate a concise report. it will not be 500 pages. his mandate is limited to specific russia investigation. it will not touch everything we have been talking about for the last two years. it is more of a road map for what needs to happen moving forward which is why it needs to be public. it is is why parts of the justice system are doing certain things. it's smart for them before it is a debate with that in mind. >> it is entirely possible we have seen the last mueller indictment that roger stone was it and that this report is not actually going have direct evidence of conspiracy. many democrats think there is circumstantial evidence. i assume you believe in
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releasing everything. is there a good argument? >> i believe in releasing as much as possible because we paid for it. i'm on board for that. i'm not sure what the argument is for not releasing it. i think even many trump supporters don't get the feeling it is a huge block buster. democrats are going to take it as a road map versus a -- as opposed to closure, which is what many trump supporters would prefer. i think there needs to be some sort of closure. it has been two years of a public process going on behind closed doors. there needs to be some sort of conclusion to it. i think as public as possible is good for the nation. >> what do you make of the fact they are preparing this indictment so that if president trump pardons manafort, and we'll hear any minute what the financial sentencing recommendation is.
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a president cannot pardon that. >> what an outrage they thought it is something they have to do to protect themselves at the justice department. protect themselves from the president interfering in their investigation. you know, we get used to this stuff because it happens all of the time. it is so outrageous. it was at a friend's birthday party. everybody there from 40 to 75 years old wanted to know what was going to happen with the mueller report. i don't see a way they cannot release that and the american public won't be outraged if they don't. >> what are you looking for in the manafort document sm it comes to what they are saying that manafort did and what they did wrong, his lack of
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cooperation, everything. >> i will be looking to see if there is any new information for which he shared polling data that was not internal to the trump campaign or what have you you with his contacts with russian -- >> exactly. >> it is something that i believe leaked because manafort's lawyers redacted a document. that's how we noted that might be in there. coming from the polling world i know closely how important that kind of information can be making strategic decisions. it could be a key component acting in ways that were improper. it would draw the closest between a campaign. i'm looking to see if there is any new incite about what polling information with blwhomt was shared. >> there is a point to that
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which is how and why did paul manafort interfere with the process on the ukrainean question? >> absolutely. i think what is interesting to watch is all legal analysts should expect a narrative that repeats his crimes and all together. we haven't totally seen that yet. what would be interesting is is he more than a sketchy foreign lobbyist? does it tie together? it would be a more concrete understanding for all of us about not just manafort's dirty business dealings and how it ties into the 2016 campaign and to trump specifically. >> and who in russia is so sophisticated they know to go after this demographic in pennsylvania and this in wisconsin and this might be the answer, it might not be? >> right. the answer is what happened and
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what dealings did he have after the campaign or shortly before. it was no secret that he was a shady character of some sort long before that. >> you can check the tape on me from 2016 saying that. what matters in this case is not -- or not in this particular legal case but for the purposes of the mueller stuff is when he joined in march. everyone stick around. he prepares to meet with kim jong un. what did he have to say? that's next. >> and one of the most famous sports team owners caught in the middle of a prostitution sting. what they say robert kraft did not once but twice. stay with us.
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and we are back with our politics lead. we just heard him talk all about it. the president will meet face to face with kim jong un and the president's quest for the denuclearization of the peninsula. his former fixer michael cohen will testify the same day as the summit. democrats will street block the national emergency declaration to build the border wall. they say they are entirely focused on the president's agenda. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> no. i have not. >> president trump answers questions about the oo looming russia probe report. the white house prepares for mueller to hand it over and end his investigation. >> there was no collusion. there was no on stuks. there was no anything. i look forward to seeing the report. if it's an honest report it will say that.
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if it's not it won't. >> sanders says once the final report is done don't expect the president to weigh in on whether it should be made public. >> just because he hasn't made that call he is following the proper process. zb they insist staffers aren't focused ton problem. they coming hours after the president tweeted there is no collusion and the witch hunt so bad for our country must end. the mueller report is one of several possible headaches facing the white house. as trump heads overseas to meet with kim jong un the same day as the summit his personal attorney is set to receive on capitol hill publicly and behind closed doors. >> i'm done being loyal to
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president trump. >> aimed at blocking the national emergency trump declared to build a wall on the southern border. >> there is no emergency at this border. if there was we would be there with him. >> there is the to meet with kim which could prove to be a d
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dispointment. >> he expressed his belief that he doesn't believe that resolution would survive his veto. >> thanks so much. let's take a listen to what trump said about vetoing this to block his emergency declaration to get his border wall funds. >> will i veto it? 100%. we have too many smart people that want border security. i can't imagine it would survive. i will veto it, yes. >> it does seem that is where this is headed. i don't know if it will pass the house, and it will, then it goes to the senate. mcconnell has to bring it up under this law. i don't know if it has enough votes to pass this senate. i doesn't have a veto proof majority. >> that's right. as a result you may see a number of republicans who had public misgivings before it happened and have softened on the not vote to oppose it. if the legislation is not going
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to work the president can veto it. they may just sort of say well, it's not worth taking a stance but it will get me in trouble with my base but not really have any effect. i imagine that is the thinking of a lot of republican lawmakers that don't like that the president has done this but feel powerless to do anything. >> there are a number of republicans who are up for reelection in purple states. they might not want to vet on this at all. think think the read on that is right. it is a little more not wanting to vote on this. i think they should. i think the clarity on this will come from the courts. i think via it going through the courts you might get more clarity on what it has in this
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area. >> next week will be big. it will also be michael cohen going to testify three times, once publicly before the ov oversight committee. he was asked about michael cohen testifying. take a listen. >> have you heard about michael cohen's testimony? >> no. >> he is taking his own chances. >> to be clear there's something he is not allowed to talk about. he will be expected to ask about hush money payments to president trump, the compliance with tax laws, various conflicts of interest, and attempts to intimidate cohen and intimidate others. do you think he is not worried? >> no. he will say he is winning. the mike cohen is like a sugar rush to everybody that watches these things.
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while there is a scope of what he can and can't talk about as it relates to investigations democrats will ask about all sorts of things to make trump look incompetent to make his judgment look bad, to kind of draw this narrative that he was directing these. we have seen that come out. so that's what is to be anticipated. trump has been looking forward to this summit. this is really a photo op. there's not going to be any real negotiating that happens at this meeting. what have i heard is that what they are hoping to do is reset it because the last time they met trump made all of these promises and pompeo and others, that's good but it doesn't mean there will be a big victory coming at the end of this week either. it is highly unlikely. it could be months from then. >> he just talked about this upcoming summit which is the
1:23 pm
same day as the michael cohen public hearing. probably not coincidentally. take a listen to him talking about the summit. >> we have had such a great relationship and china has helped us a lot with north korea and kim jong un since i got to officer. >> what do you think? >> i they if president will go to the summit. whatever it is it won't be true two weeks later. what we discovered is that president trump goes in and we never quite know what's real and what's not. that is a thing that's most disturbing as a citizen is you can't really trust what the president says on any day. none of these people are good people. it's not like we have some shining angel on one side and devil on the other. they are all kind of murky. people have got to weigh into
1:24 pm
this mess. i think it's bad for the entire country. >> he is saying things about the deeds he did on behalf of the president. perhaps it reflects more on the president. >> what do you think of the prospect of there being a deal at the summit. it will want to denuclearize. he was doing something very different. it is on several decades now.
1:25 pm
>> things have gont a lot worse with north korea in terms of capabilities over the last couple of years. i think they would say i think the concern is that it is out of the last summit. it kind of gave them more leverage and public propaganda. >> everyone stick around. coming up a sex sting. patriots and say illegally coming up. ♪(oh oh oh oh) it's taking over.♪
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and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. breaking news in our pop culture lead. prosecutors unveiled an indictment against r. kelly, one of the most successful r and b singers in history. three victims were under the age of 17. >> a class 2 felony with the sentencing range of 3 to 7 years per count. we anticipate that mr. kelly will appear in bond court tomorrow afternoon. >> allegations of sexual abuse date back two decades.
1:31 pm
the charges come after several women came pford ward in a recet documentary series. it predicted kelly with a girl as young as 14 years old. in our sports lead now the billionaire owner of the patriots charged earlier with o soliciti soliciting sex from a prostitute. he was driven to the day spa and in the room where the crimes happened. kraft is one of 25 people charged in a sting that could involve human trafficking. >> we are as equally stunned as everybody else. >> police shocked that patriots owner robert kraft is caught in the sting operations. kraft charged with two counts.
1:32 pm
>> much of our evidence comes directly from the businesses also surveillance. >> police say kraft visited the spa on two occasions and receiving what they and two dozen men are being charged for receiving illegal services. >> he is being charged with the same offenses with the others and that is soliciting another for prostitution. >> kraft is the chairman and ceo of the kraft group. he is worth more than 6 billion dla dollars.
1:33 pm
she a frequent visitor the trump's club. a spokesman released the statement which says we categorically deny he engaged any illegal activity. we will not be commenting further. the kraft family has been fillen tropic but they will be issuing a warrant for his arrest. multiple law enforcement agencies were involved including hope land security and irs. the question is what if anything the nfl will do about this. owners are held to a higher standard and according to the policy it states that owners will be subject to more significant discipline when violations occur. >> thanks so much.
1:34 pm
our world lead now. staying behind to help with peace keeping. she was with the commander and saw firsthand u.s. service members on the ground. in a statement a small peace keeping group of about 200 will remain for a period of time. >> they are all coming back and coming back now. >> within hours of the samt even the 200 number changed. white house and pentagon
1:35 pm
officials say the number could go higher, perhaps more than 400 u.s. troops will stay in syria. it is expected to all be part of an international course of 1,500 coalition and u.s. troops the original order brought criticism. they called it the dumbest idea i have ever heard. >> a very smart decision and he adjusted his policies. the goal is to make sure isis doesn't come back. >> under the new plan they could provide targeting for air strikes. they have operate as well as to
1:36 pm
protect democratic forces that have lead the fight against isis. turkey threatened him they say see as terrorists. a second group will remind with jordan and iraq to assist the hunt for the remains of isis. all of this as troops are packing up prepared to lead by the end of april. >> the u.s. kplandcommander is g not to partner up with russians. >> no relationship with russians. >> so isis still very much a
1:37 pm
threat. if you think isis is defeated as the president seems to think so, think again. >> thank you so much. reporting on the 2020 strategy, what and who he is mostly focused on. that's next. ♪ just hold on, i'm comin' ♪ hold on, i'm comin' ♪ hold on ♪ don't you worry, i'm comin' ♪ here i come
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they say it's our 2020 lead today. thigh say president trump is
1:42 pm
closely watching rallies and town halls. he is looking for ways to cause chaos from the left and the right. >> his name is donald j. trump. >> bernie sanders is running now. i think he missed his time. >> they will say they know iraq. >> i'm not impressed. >> the president is not only watching the democratic race the ability to connect with voters. he plans to play an active role it is the fire up his own supporters. >> america will never be a socialist country.
1:43 pm
it is to cause chaos in the word of one adviser. trump is increasingly fixated in private conversations. >> they say if we can hurt trump we'll have a better chance app winning an election. >> they say the president wants to get in the game. he is holding regular meetings with a small circle of advisers. they were not indicted to a meeting on tuesday with wide open where the ultimate nominee is a guessing game. the president and his advisers are trying to make it anything but a referendum. >> sit a radical left. >> former vice president joe
1:44 pm
biden at the top of the list. >> obama came along and took him off and he became a vice president and now he is probably leading. >> so the president certainly has his eye on the former vice president. one is he believes he would be difficult to compete with in pennsylvania and other places that went from blue to red. he has one sentiment. he does not plan to sit by and watch. he wants to have a plan in their race. >> thank you so much. let's chat about this. would you recommend to the president to get involved and usually he sits back and says they will sort it out. he wants to get into it. >> actually, sure. he experienced this from the left and right in a primary. he has done this before. >> his own primary?
1:45 pm
>> of course. and so i actually think they are not terrible things. you can't pay too much attention. they didn't have much of a campaign structure. it is like i hope everything would be together and make sense and conducive to a traditional co campaign. >> they say democratic candidates include warren, joe biden, brown could win votes in the midwest.
1:46 pm
he is impressed with how they connect with voters. do you think there is a good opponent for him? >> i don't think we know yet. i think everybody is interested to see how they deal with it. i think the right strategy is to ignore it and run their own races. we'll learn how they do in a room and how they do in a rally. >> are any of those qualities that the president either is impressed by or not impressed by important ones? >> well, i think what you're likely to see is the president live tweeting this campaign. i think part of that is is going to give democratic voters interesting information about who can and can't stand up to the attacks and the trolling.
1:47 pm
it involves her eating a salad and require ago staffer to clean it. all of of these people are going to have some kind of cute nickname from the president, some kind of thing to undermine them. it is in a way warren has not been able to with regards to the native american heritage story will be something democratic voters will be looking at. >> and let me get our viewers up to speed. the larger point many this story, what happened next is she
1:48 pm
handed the comb over. there has been stories. she says she is a tough boss and demands a lot. is this something that could hurt her? >> i don't think voters care that much unless it in some way that it shows up in a way that it impacts them and a photo we all care about. one of the smartest things is about how you run. you usually think of it as a marathon. president trump says it's more like a decathlon.
1:49 pm
how you handle the trolling. trump should be careful. if democrats had to choose a nominee a couple of years ago we would have thought he was the one. be careful who he tries to choose. it might be the one. >> do you think at this point we have been reading this since at least 2015. do you think at this point that he attacks them. >> i think it's diminishing returns. it does take up energy. it takes up air in the room.
1:50 pm
it will do that regardless. his tweets as much as i dislike it are news worthy. one of the greatest talents is that he can make people as crazy as he is, right? >> yeah. >> and if you become that person democratic voters noeed to know that. >> it is to focus on the things we need know about. >> the first thing i would do is the alliances. there are alliances like nato and friendship with european countries that helped keep the united states safer post world war ii. this president has kept our allies out of the loop.
1:51 pm
>> is that effective to talk about issues and talk about things like that as opposed to responding as republicans did when they ran against trump? >> we are talking about him and he is not a top tier candidate. he is talking about a serious issue, which is our relationships overseas. that is winning for him i think. >> all right. thanks one and all. a story coming up. a tennessee state representative reelected by an enormous margin after they accused him of abusing them when they were teenagers. stay with us. as well as all the things you want to do. because when you're ready for what comes next, the only direction is forward. with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. so even when she grows up, she'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure.
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he was their high school basketball coach and many assumed the state representative would step down. his own party asked him to. not only did he stay in office he was reelected to a third term with 78% of the vote and he was just named chairman of the key state house education sub committee. now, one of thiz was secretly ror recorded talking about the abuse. the house speakers response, if i was raped i would move. >> she said when she was a student in southwest tennessee her basketball coach sexual lay assaulted her. >> you would have to come into
1:57 pm
the office after ball games. we are supposed to be reviewing plays, reviewing the game. it was touching, touching, touching. >> he is representative bird. for years she said as long as she was the only victim she planned to keep the allege ad abuse a secret. she secretly recorded this call last february. >> i have been so sorry for that. i mean i have lived with that and you don't know how hard it has been for me. >> byrd apologizes but never says what it is he is apologizing for. >> when we have kplcommunion ate church, that's something i'm still asking forgiveness for. >> did he say i touched your broess? no he did not.
1:58 pm
the entire content is all about sex and the effect that it did have on me and the other two that have come pforward. >> we reached out to him and visited him to ask him about the accusations. no answer at either. rice and the two others told that are stories to reporters last year. despite the recording he was reelected in november by a 56 point margin. s >> yes. he'll do a good job. >> that's how speaker on the left. he supports byrd in this video. >> i don't think they are lying. i think they are believing something that's not true. >> if you listen to the tapes there's nothing else that man could be talking about.
1:59 pm
>> i disagree. >> what is the other thing he could have done? >> i don't know. i don't flknow. >> when the women say they are being os that sized the speaker says -- >> if i was raped i would move and held would hath no fury. on the camera he says if you listen to the context it is abundantly clear what was meant by my statement. if you have been raped or sexually assaulted you should move to hold those fully accountable for their actions. >> do you think representative byrd should keep his seat in the tennessee state house? >> no. personally i don't think he should. >> all right. thanks nar story. before we go tune in this
2:00 pm
sunday morning. my guest will be mike pompeo. that is 9:00 a.m. and noon. have a fantastic weekend. i'll see you sunday morning. happening now breaking news, a waiting game. the justice department says the mueller report won't come next week while the president is away in vietnam. we are standing by for mueller's crucial court filing on paul manafort which could come at any moment with details on russia context. singer indicted after decades of allegations. r. kelly faces sexual abuse. chicago police say a warrant has been issued. a bail hearing set for tomorrow. patriots owner charged. police say new england