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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  February 25, 2019 4:00am-5:01am PST

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michael, your show was terrific as always on saturday. >> thank you. thank you for our national viewers for watching, for you cnn talk is next. for our u.s. viewers, new day continues right now. >> we're going to want to get to the truth. >> it's going to be an interesting week. >> one of the charges against him was lying to senate investigators. >> i don't know that we believe him this time. >> there are concerns her at the white house that cohen's testimony could overshadow the president's diplomatic efforts. >> we've got work to do on the denuclearization. >> we have a special feeling and i think it's going to lead so something very good. >> kim jong-un, he's prepared. he wants a one on one with the president. >> he doesn't want to give up his nuclear weapons. ♪ we're far from the shadow now. >> one of the dig surprises is olivia coleman winning for best actress. >> and the oscar goes to green book. >> the whole story is about loving each other despite our differences.
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nps th >> announcer: this is new day with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> did you have stay up late? >> not at all. i went to bed extra early because i knew the oscars have been on. >> you have been anti-oscars this year zblas saw the films that were nominated. >> did you see this moment, the real life moment between lady gaga and bradley coop center watch this. ♪ in the shah la la la low ♪ in the sha, shallow ♪ we're far from the shallow now ♪ >> i need to take a cold shower. that's steamy. >> right there. >> i just get pregnant. >> yeah, i don't -- i think you might have. that was just intense and people are wondering. >> either they are best actors on planet earth -- >> well, i mean, the problem is it's like a forbidden love. he has a girlfriend with whom he has a child. >> yeah.
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>> we're going to get into all of this. >> coworkers have to be careful. >> don't i know it. >> it never happens between anchors. >> you're right. who would believe that. welcome to your new day, everyone. it is a critical week that could have big implications on the president and the russia investigation. starting tomorrow the president's former lawyer and fixer michael cohen who is now a convicted felon who of course has implicated the president in a crime, he will testify on capitol hill. he is set to make three appearances including one that's getting a lot of attention because it will be public. that one is on wednesday. that same day, the president will stitt down fit down with h high stakes summit with kim jong-un. new this morning ar a bipartisan group of 15 senior national security officials will issue a statement saying there is no factual basis for the president's national emergency declaration to build a wall on the border with mexico. this comes as the house will vote tomorrow to block the president's emergency declaration. that measure expected to pats
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house and will put pressure on senate republicans. also happening now, the legal team for president trump's former campaign chair paul manafort must respond to robert mueller's sentencing memo. in that memo he slams manafort as a bold criminal who repeatedly and brazenly broke the law. joining us now, dana bash and chief political correspondent jeffrey toobin, former federal prosecutor and chief analyst and david gregorly would say name political analyst. dana, i want to start with you. when you look at that week, the way it lays out, this is a major hurdle for president trump and the trump president -- i don't want to say make or break, but michael cohen testifying in public telling his story is something the president has to survive. how is the white house looking at this? >> well, you know, in some ways it could be a negative, one would think, for the president to be in vietnam around this time and certainly this week having a major event on the world stage. the other hand is if the
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president can keep his hand off his twitter feed and focus there, you could have a potential split screen that might not be the worst thing, even though it will detract, obviously, from what the president is doing on the world stage, at least is he being presidential and doing something whether or not there's going to be success or not with the north korean summit. at leave he's trying, which is a bipartisan desire for him to do. michael cohen, you know, there's no question it's going to be must-see tv. it's going to be theater. but he's got some issues on both sides of the aisle with the credibility and other -- and other things. so whether or not there's a real world impact on cohen's testimony remains to be seen. >> let's look through your legal lens, shall we, jeffrey? >> shall we. >> what are you looking -- can michael cohen be believed? obviously he's lied to congress in the past but this time he might tell them who directed him to lie to them in the past, if
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that, in fact, happened. what are you looking for? >> i'm looking for corroboration. i'm looking for e-mails, handwritten notes, tapes, anything he has that corroborates his story. because, you know, what he says will certainly be interesting, we'll cover it, but it will not break through the 55% of the people who don't like him, 40% of the people who like trump. i mean, every single issue we think oh, this is the big deal and the polls never change in any significant way. the only thing that might change the polls is if there is some new corroboration of improper conduct on the part of the president. but i doubt that, frankly. i think we will see the same partisan split both about north korea and michael cohen. >> he likes to be in charge, though, the president does, of his own reality show. >> yes. >> and we'll see an aspect of that when he goes, and that's a very important meeting with kim jong-un over the weekend. he has control over that to a certain extent, david, but he
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doesn't could have control over michael cohen and what this man, look, he's erratic and said a lot of different things, but there will be drama there. and it's out of the president's hands. >> well, and the drama is michael cohen in person as jeffrey says, getting beaten up by both sides. but there in person talking about the ways in which he claims the president of the united states directed him to lie, to make deals, to pay off women with whom the president was involved. all of these details that we have read about and heard about now to see michael cohen laying these things out potentially with corroboration does two things. it adds drama in the moment, and it also is a kind of precurser to what democrats hope to do with the mueller report when and how it finally becomes available, how they intend to exercise their authority on the hill. but the part of the reality show that's not a reality show is the president on the world stage. there's two things.
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it's not just a summit with north korea, which may or may not bear fruit. but as the president says, if he can keep the north from testing nuclear weapons that in and of itself is a success. but it's also what the president is doing with regard to china, holding off on more tariffs. i expect the markets to react favorably today and these are big stories. what's happening in asia and what the president is ushering in. he's got a lot of support for this and his position toward china. these are very big issues about the future of our economy that are going to have a lot to do with 2020. >> dana, the president likes a big reveal, okay. we know that. he likes tv, he likes the surprise of tv, and the theater of it and the big reveal on the apprentice and, so, michael cohen on that split screen, for a big reveal would have to reveal something new. he would have to produce something new. we've chewed on so much of this already of what he's said. he would have to reveal something new. and the president, to eclipse that, would need a big reveal some of kind with kim jong-un,
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possibly, you know, saying -- declaring the war officially over. who knows what he has in his back pocket. >> i heard will ripley suggesting that that is a possibility, which would be absolutely huge to say the least if that would happen after all those decades. the other just to kind of keep on the tv star metaphor, the north korea summit isn't the greatest time slot either for the president because of the time difference between the east coast and america in general and vietnam. so he's going to have to really, you know, sort of step it up despite the fact that inherently as we've been saying, there is incredible importance. i mean, because it's happened once, we're sort of, you know, not shoulder slugging but saying, okay, it's great, another summit with north korea. but it say very big deal for the u.s. president to be meeting not once but twice with a dictator
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from north korea. >> i can ask a question? and out of honest ignorance. war has been over for 60 years in korea. why is it such a big deal to have a formal end of? i know there's never been -- >> because it's u.s. troops in south korea. >> well, is that -- that's a different issue whether we remove the troops. the declaration that the war is over, does that necessarily mean that -- >> yes. >> the troops would go? >> no, not necessarily. >> see that's -- >> not necessarily, but just having -- i'm sure you have too and i know david has, having been to south south korea, been to the dmz, the notion that these two sides of the korean peninsula are still at war is a really big deal there, technically. whether or not the troops leave or not is another question. but it is a very, very big deal there. and regionally. and it would be huge after all these years to at least be able to tie that up. >> plus the north still believes that the u.s. wants to take over the north, and that's what the chinese are still afraid of. >> yeah.
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>> and that's one of the big points about a formal end to the war. >> on friday back to michael cohen who we'll hear from again and he testifies behind closed doors tomorrow then publicly and then behind closed doors there is how the president addressed that issue yesterday. >> no, no, no. >> mr. president, are you still considering -- >> lawyer/client, but he's taking his own chances. >> jeffrey, you've been critical before of how members of congress do questioning, that they aren't as good as it as trained lawyers. >> correct. >> in had the past committees have had counsel do it. if you're going to have a series of questions to michael co-direct questions, what would the first two or three be? >> the first question i would have would be before we even got in the courtroom -- the committee room, because the key to a good examination is preparation. it's not just like asking a tough question, it's going through with him what documents do you have? what corroboration do you have? and then using that in the
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questioning. for example, obviously the issue of the payments to karen mcdougal and to stormy daniels. are there any documents that show the president then candidate trump authorized these payments? are there e-mails? i know he doesn't e-mail personally but there are handwritten notes? are there tapes? use those. that's what would be a successful examination. it's not, you know, being aggressive and obnoxious, it's preparation and facts. >> you know, david gregory, when i hear the president say michael cohen's taking his own chances, you know, some people coulder that as another veiled threat. michael cohen could hear that has as another veiled threat because one of the things he's expected to testify to are the efforts that president trump and his lawyer rudy giuliani have taken to intimidate, he says, him and his family. and he says that he wants to talk about that #truth. he has said. so i don't know, i thought that
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was a curious thing for the president to insert there. >> right. but i still think we want to hear more about what those threats were. is there anything that we don't know about this? the problem with this gets into the political domain when pure on capitol hill and you're testifying it's not a court of law, sore he he's trying to mak case against the president. and this has bulle all been in the public domain. and there's been a lot of pushback on michael cohen and republicans' bring up his own credibility issues. the president making a reference to it there, this is his former lawyer who's now testifying against him so he's going to get blood did fr bloodied from both sides here. but that will be a dramatic moment where he talks more in detail about why it is he felt threat end. >> but as usual with the president, he's done it in public. >> exactly. >> so we act like -- you know, it's somehow discounted. remember he's talking about why aren't they investigating his father-in-law? i mean this is the president of the united states who is the head of the justice department
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saying that someone's father-in-law should be investigated. i mean, it is so outrageous, it is so wrong, it is so counter to every norm and perhaps law, but he's done it in public so we sort of, you know, don't pay him as much attention to it. >> fascinating strategy. >> it's become typical. >> jeffrey, david, dana, thank you all very much. >> thank you. >> there were big surprises at the oscars. green book took hollywood's biggest prize. but that's not the only thing that has hollywood buzzing. stephanie elam stayed up late to bring us all of the buzz this morning. stephanie. >> reporter: that's right. for the first time since 1989 there was no one to host the oscars but the show still went on. >> and the oscar goes to green book. >> green book's best picture win capping a historic night at the academy awards. a record 15 women winning hollywood's top honor. and more than a dozen people of
4:14 am
color earning golden statues. including alfon so, who won bes director for roma. film won best foreign language fim and cinematography. spike lee winning best adaptive screenplay for black clansman. he blank thanked his grandmother before turning to politics. >> make the moral choice between love versus hate. let's do the right thing! >> reporter: plenty of diversity in the acting categories. regina king and mahershala alli winning best actor awards and romney malik winning for front man in bohemian rhapsody. >> we made a film about a gay man, an ex-grant who lived himm life unapologetic himself. the fact that i'm celebrating him and this story with you tonight is proof that we're longing for -- for stories like
4:15 am
this. >> reporter: perhaps the biggest upset of the night, acting legend glenn close losing to olivia colman who won best actress for her performance in the favorite. >> any little girl who's practicing their speech on the tele, you never know. >> reporter: the night beginning with a high octane performance by queen and adam lambert. ♪ we will, we will rock you >> reporter: the band kicking off the first hostless oscars since 1989. ♪ tell me something, girl >> reporter: and that passionate performance by bradley cooper and lady gaga, the superstar duo from a star is born singing shal doe which earned lady gaga her first academy award for best original song. ♪ in the shallow ♪ in the sha, shah low ♪ in the sha, shallow
4:16 am
♪ we're far from the shallow now ♪ >> reporter: it's not about winning but what it's about is not giving up. if you have a dream, fight for it. >> and that was the moment everybody was waiting for, that duo to perform. but back to spike lee for a moment there because he always keeps it political and at the end of his speech did he talk about politics and about how people need to get out and vote. well, apparently the president saw that and he actually came out way tweet that just came out right now and he said that spike was doing a racist hit on your president. that's a quote there. so a lot going on in the world. but, you know, they say people aren't watching the oscars. clearly lots of people. >> he's got a big meeting with the north korean kim jong-un but the president finding time to watch the oscars last night. it was good. >> it was great but i want to know what the next act for the
4:17 am
lady gaga/bradley cooper thing was. >> we had to wipe off the camera lens off it was so steamy after that. >> everybody was talking about it. just the way it was shot was different than the rest of the show. it this was probably the best produced segment of the show and everyone was there for it or confused by it or one or wanted them to date and go off right after. >> the movie's over. they are actors. they're actors. >> they're actors. >> but they don't need to still be acting. they didn't win the oscar. they won for the song. >> they were at the oscars. they're acting really well as actors. >> that's your theory, i like it. >> yes. >> we have another person we would like to poll. >> dana bash. >> dana bash. >> are they acting or is something actually happening? >> hold on just a second. i just need to cool off for a second. that is not acting, folks, okay. that is not acting. that is chemistry with a capital. >> k. >> k. i was in a room watching this with about a dozen of my good
4:18 am
friends, adult women screeching because we could not believe and sort of take in how incredibly hot this was. one my friend said that's probably the sexist thing that's ever happened on earth in the world. and i don't think that was an understatement. >> all right. well here's the real question. i do think this is the real question. is what happens today, the oscars are over, the movie's over, they have won the awards or not. is today what happens? they don't need to act nip more, so now do they just high five each other and go back to their lives? i'm going to be watching very closely. >> come on. you know that the first time any one of them does an interview the first question's going to be so, bradley, what'd your girlfriend think of that? there's no way -- >> why didn't we get the cutaway. >> thank you. >> everybody wanted the cutaway and to see her. >> i agree with you on that. everyone was thinking the same thought. i think she just broke up with her fiancee, so -- she does did.
4:19 am
that is also wadding to the intrigue. >> stephanie about the with can he ask you about the interception of the politics last night, the president deciding to respond to spike lee. you know, spike lee, what he said, is he brought up the election and he said do the right thing. the president called his statement racist. >> listen, the president has a long history of tweeting about the oscars way before he was in politics. it is interesting that he decided to do so, as you mentioned, on the morning at the beginning of a very big week where he's about to get on a plane and go to vietnam nor a very important summit. but spike lee and the rest of the oscars, they have -- in recent years been even more political than this. and i don't think you should expect anything different from somebody like spike lee on the issue of truth or the issue of the president however overt or not it was.
4:20 am
>> i'll tell you when we've really gone full circle or completely to the upside down is when the president tweets on the bradley cooper/lady gaga moment. >> it's going to happen. >> i think they were both being true to form, the president and spike lee. >> well said. dana, stephanie, thank you very much. we do have big news in the world of diplomacy. president trump says he will postpone a new round of tariffs on chinese goods as trade negotiations continue. our chief business correspondent kristine romans with the details on that. >> this not as sexy as the oscars but it's very important for anybody who's trading in global markets. that deadline for that trade war was march 1st. the president delayed being jag of tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese kbs. the president said over the weekend there has been significant progress in trade talks with china. president trump told governors of the white house he hopes to achieve the largest trade deal ever made. the president also teased a summit with chinese president xi at mar-a-lago if more progress
4:21 am
is made. similar optimism from china's top diplomat who said concrete fro progress has been made. chinese stocks soared, almost 6% in shanghai and it spread to europe and here in the u.s. as well. stock index futures, looks like you can see more than 26,000 the level at the dow on the opening bell if it holds. the president did not specify a new dead lie for raising tariffs when any meeting with president xi will happen, did not specify that either. in recent weeks the chinese signaled a willingness to buy u.s. agriculture that's a good sign. but will the chinese keep to their promises whatever deal is made? negotiators have complained about that in the past and will it be structural changes to how the chinese do business? that's what the u.s. wants and that's what china's been resistant to. >> come back when you have all those answers. >> i will. what will become of president trump's second summit with north korea's dictator this week? we discuss the growing international concern about it next.
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[ cooing ] [ door closes ] [ cooing ] ♪ [ ding ] show me fish on youtube. say it and see it with the x1voice remote. from netflix, prime video,youtube and even movie tickets. just say get "dragon tickets". president trump again touting his relationship with kim jong-un as he heads to vietnam nam today for a second summit with the north korean dictator. >> we see eye to eye, i believe, but you'll be seeing it more and more over the next couple days one way or another. what's going to happen, i can't tell you. i think eventually it would but i can't tell you. and i'm not in a rush.
4:27 am
i don't want to rush anybody. i just don't want testing. as long as there's no testing, we're happy. >> all right. let's bring in cnn global affairs analysts susan glasser and max boot to talk about all of this. susan, that was a bit of a toned down comment on kim jong-un from the president because in the past he has said that they've exchanged these beautiful letters, love letters, basically have what he said because, quote, we fell in love is what the president has said about kim jong-un. so is this visit just for lack of a better word a romantic visit or should we expect some real progress out of this? >> well, he did mention last night that they still have a very, very good relationship. so is that equal to love still? irrelevant don't kno i don't know. he's trying to calibrate expectations. but essentially we're still dealing in this second summit with president trump and chairman kim. we're dealing with the president has declared victory and forced
4:28 am
everyone for the better part of a year to try to fill in what that victory means and they have not succeeded. and so you have this extraordinary spectacle like the secretary of state yesterday on cnn bobbing and weaving when confronted with president trump's own words. he came out of the singapore summit and said there is no more nuclear threat from north korea. w well of course that's not case. many months later essentially we're back to the drawing table. what i'm struck sbi number one the personalization of diplomacy. the president has succeeded in one notable way, had is to make himself the only real negotiator who counts in this situation. the north koreans essentially have bought for time in order to get this meeting again with the president and now the concern, even among his top advisers, according to very reliable reports, even among the top advisers to the president, the concern is what kind of concessions he might be willing to trade to chairman kim in order to come out and proclaim victory again. >> so let's talk about that,
4:29 am
max, because what real pro kbgr was made? the president said all i want is no testing are well, national security experts want more than that. dni coats testified to kron congress we continue to observe activity inconsistent with denuclearization. that used to be stated goal. north korea retains its weapons of mass destruction capabilities, the intelligence community assesses that it's unlikely to give up its stockpile and production capabilities. >> certainly the lack of nuclear missile test is an achievement, but remember that achievement preceded the singapore summit. it was not a consequence of the singapore summit. i think what you're seeing now with the president trump administration is massive moving the goal post. before singapore they were saying we want complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization of north korea and now president trump is basically saying, well as long as they're not testing, that's all we really care about. but we know from what the
4:30 am
intelligence community has concluded that in the past -- that since singapore north korea has actually been expanding their nuclear and missile programs. so the threat from north korea continues to grow worse. i share the concern that susan just expressed, which is what will trump give away so that can he march out of hanoi and claim this was the greatest deal ever. >> what's he bringing in his back pocket? >> right. >> what's going to move the needle here? >> the real concern is that he's going to macon sessions such as giving a peace declaration to the north koreans, giving ary laxation of sanctions, or worse the casa snare scenario what if zois give up the troop location in north korea? with trump you never know what's going to happen. >> let's move to venezuela and what's happening there. let's listen to what secretary of state mike pompeo said about any further action this weekend. >> america's policy has been very clear. we've supported the venezuela people, we will continue to do that.
4:31 am
there will be a meeting of the lima group on monday where further action will be contemplated. there's more sanctions to be had, there's more humanitarian assistance i think this that we can provide. think we'll find other ways to make sure that food gets to the people who need it. >> obviously that's been a challenge, susan, the humanitarian assistance is not get together people who need it. i don't know about what more sanctions would accomplish, but what else can the u.s. do? >> we're in an es calation here and we are recognize the interim of the country, the leader of the national assembly and yet nicolas maduro remains in power inside venezuela. ever since that declaration a rescue few weeks ago, the conflict has escalated with no obvious way out. now you're going to have vice president pence today speaking and meeting with the members of the lima group, that's the regional group that has been
4:32 am
sort of leading the response to this increase crisis. the concern, of course, is that president trump finds himself in a situation where the military option, as he himself called it several tiemmes, begins to look more and more attractive if there's no other diplomatic way to force maduro's hand. so this conflaict clashes over the weekend on the border on bringing humanitarian aid in, the hopes was that the government you would see soldiers refusing to carry out maduro's orders, you would begin to see the crumbling of the authority. but that didn't happen. i think we're left in a situation where nobody knows what's next accept escalation. >> max, what do you think happens next? >> again, as suzanne says, i don't think anybody has a good idea. i think one thing that we do know is that there is no good military option here in the say country of something like -- this is an oil-rich country of something like 30 million people. we've tried occupying one of
4:33 am
those before, it didn't work out so well. so i think they need to tamp down any notion that there will be any kind of military response. i think the best we can do now at this point is simply to keep the sanctions on. the u.s. has stopped buying venezuelan oil, thais that's their major source of the export earnings. so this will continue to keep the pressure on the maduro regime in the is one instance where i think the trump administration is on the right side because they're lined up with or i allies against a dictatorial regime. i wish them well, but it's not clear they have a game plan to achieve their objectives. >> thank you very much for the insight. john. all right. we have a cnn exclusive pay the famous fighter from the senate getting up off the canvass again. our dana bash speaks to the former majority leader harry reid about the fight of his life and his strong feelings about the trump presidency. at panera, we treat soup differently. with vine ripened tomatoes, signature cheddar, simmered to perfection. with big flavors, not artificial ones. enjoy 100% clean soup today.
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we have a cnn exclusive. former senate majority leader harry reid is in a tough battle with cancer, but, if you follow harry reid's career you know he doesn't shy away from any battles. cnn's dana bash sat down with
4:38 am
him for a really redealing discussion and joins us now with that. dana. >> earlier this year the political earth shook after mark leibovich of the "new york times" reported that normer senate majority leader harry reid doesn't have long to live. he is now in remission and i went to see him in nevada and found a very much alive harry reid. how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling so -- i feel really good. >> your cancer in remission? >> yeah. i had pancreatic cancer and it's in remission. chemo's all gone many months ago. that was -- that was worse than the surgery. >> the chemo? >> uh-huh. >> so for people who are concerned about you, understandably so, your message is? >> i'm doing fine. i'm busy, i work quite hard. i enjoy my family. >> a big part of what keeps him going, his love affair with wife
4:39 am
landra his wife of 50 years. >> she had a paver levi's and i said man, she looked so good. >> reid retired from the senate in 2017, a former boxer and ever the fight, he not being in the arena with donald trump is hard. you've had some choice words for president trump, spoiled brat, con man, human leech, big fat guy, and amoral seems to be your favorite right now. is there anything you think he's doing right? >> is there anything i think the president trump is doing right? i just have trouble accepting him as a person and so frankly i don't see anything he's doing right. >> you told "the new york times" that president trump is without question the worst president we've ever had. about a dozen years ago i remember coming here to nevada and you telling me almost the same thing about george w. bush. >> president bush is the worst president we've ever had. >> in hindsight, i wish every
4:40 am
day for a george bush again. i think that he and i had our differences, but no one ever questioned his patriotism. our battles were strictly political battles. >> i just try to wrap my head around somebody who covered you and was with you realtime all those years ago in the bush administration when you were, you know, his chief antagonist in the senate calling him a lose, he calling him a liar, and now you're saying, please, i wish i had george w. bush in the white house again. >> there's no question in my mind that george bush would be babe ruth in this lead that he's in with donald trump in the league. donald trump wouldn't make the team. >> chemotherapy compromised several vertebrae. he can no longer walk unassisted, but wry sense of humor firmly intact he was eager to stand and show us a 2010 letter from donald trump hanging in his las vegas office. >> dear marry, congratulations
4:41 am
you are amazing. with best wishes, donald trump. >> well, that was in the days when he didn't know he was a democrat or republican. >> president trump has tweeted about reid's 1993 speech opposing birthright citizenship. >> how about offering an award for being an illegal immigrant? no sane country would do that. >> you've said those comments were a mistake. >> yeah, they were a mistake. i had a staff member that was -- i shouldn't have listened to as closely as i did. but that ended pretty quickly when my little jewish wife wlos dad was born in russia first time she heard about it said what are you doing? don't you realize my mother was born to russia? >> what do you make of the president using that tweet? >> i guess everything's fair, he found it and let him use it. >> what's your view on impeachment? >> well, first of all, unless you get some republicans joining that's a waste of time that a republican in the senate are so
4:42 am
afraid of trump that they're not going to get involved in this. >> still, he says house democrats should do what they think is right. >> you don't think there would be a political backlash against democrats for doing that before an election? >> i don't think there would be a backlash because vast majority of the people know something's wrong with trump. >> that's his basis of advice for democrats running for president. >> the candidates running need not talk about how bad president trump is, they just need to talk about what's good for the country. everyone knows, even those people that support him knows what problems he has. >> reid served with many of the would be and declared democratic candidates. many call him for advice. >> i've had the good fortune of having a number of them come and see me at my home. i think it's wonder that we have this wide range of talented people, joe biden's been to my home, spent an hour and a half with me. i think so much of him. >> should he run for president?
4:43 am
>> these are personal decisions. if he wants to run for president, i think everybody's going to have to catch up with him. >> thank you. >> he likes amy klobuchar so much in 2016 he recommended her for the supreme court. >> i thought she was perfect to go on the supreme court. >> this is if hillary clinton wins? >> that's right. >> any truth to the story that you had to pull senator klobuchar aside and say go easy on your staff? >> i don't know her wherestuff like that comes from. if i did that i have honestly no memory of it. >> barack obama credits reid with being the first to seriously urge him to run for president. how about beto o'rourke? >> when you're a new candidate like beto o'rourke, you have to be tested because you, the press, love to have vir begigin there and they go after them pretty quickly. he's not tested yet. >> tested, something reid knows a lot about growing up in this
4:44 am
city in nevada. now he hopes this is one of the cores of his legacy. >> one of things i hope people look back at me and say if harry reid can make it, i can. >> wow. what a discussion, dana 'the that was fascinating. i wish every day for a george bush again. >> i know. >> i never thought i would hear harry reid say those words outloud. and i understand there's more here because talk about the bad blood between reid and bush, bad blood between reid and mitt romney when he was the republican nominee for president in 2012. where is that now? >> very bad blood for a lot of reasons, the biggest is that senator reid stood on the floor of the senate and accused mitt romney of not paying his taxes without offering real proof. and so you never really thought the two of them would have a sort of meeting of the minds. but reid told me did he reach out to the gnnow senator, the t met in salt lake when senator
4:45 am
reid was there and said they made amends. i said why did you do that? he said i saw that abraham lincoln use dodd this, try to reach out and, you know, cover up problems or put problems beside you after you have real big political fights. and he said i wanted to do that with mitt romney. >> when your face your own mortality think there you perhaps see a lot of these political feuds in a much different way. terrific interview. thanks so much for giving it to us this morning. >> thanks, john. all right. r. kelly meanwhile is in jail this morning. how his financial troubles will affect his legal battle, next. ok look, if you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes. that's why this is the view for every other full-size pickup. and this year, it's déjà vu all over again 'cuz only the ford f-150 with its high strength,
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simple. easy. awesome. r. kelly is expected back in an illinois courtroom after spending the weekend in jail. he was indicted on ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse. his bail is set at $1 million. cnn's sara sidner has been following this. she is live in chicago with more. what do we expect, sara? >> look, this is the second time that r. kelly will be in court in the past 48 hours. it's a stunning development in a case that spans more than a decade. the state's attorney saying he is guilty of sexual abuse. one of the most successful r&b singers ever, r. kelly, left his
4:50 am
studio, turned himself in to police, was booked and taken to the cook county jail friday night. he is still in jail more than 48 hours later. his taerp says that's because kelly has been able to pay the $100,000 in bail money. >> this is someone who should be wealthy at this stage of his career. and through mismanaging, through people, hangers on and bad contracts and bad deals and bad leases like he had on his studio, he really doesn't have any money at this point. >> reporter: a cook county judge set a million-dollar bail in the case. $250,000 for each of his alleged victims. >> robert kelly was indicted before a cook county grand jury on ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four victims. >> reporter: cook county state's attorney kim fox says the abuse spanned 12 years between 1998 and 2010 and 3 of the 4 alleged victims were under age girls at the time of the abuse.
4:51 am
there is also physical evidence prosecutors said, including a videotape that shows multiple sex acts allegedly by r. kelly and a girl who repeatedly refers to her 14-year-old genitalia. that tape given to prosecutors by attorney michael avenatti who is representing several people connected to the case. for decade, kelly has faced allegations of sexual misconduct with minors. he was acquitted in a 2008 trial after being charged with 14 counts of child pornography. in a case where a videotape showing sexual activity was also a piece of evidence. 11 years later, he is facing ten new charges. kelly's attorney gave a hint of what may be part of his defense. >> do you think these women are lying? >> yes. >> all of them? >> i think all the women are lying, yes. one of the charges appears to involve the same alleged victim from the earlier case. and double jeopardy should bar that case. and he won that case.
4:52 am
a jury heard the facts of that case. a jury acquitted him, fair and square. it's over. >> reporter: avenatti who represents one of the victims responded. >> he's call all of the women victims liars, are outrageous and completely unprofessional. mr. greenberg also seems to not recognize what double jeopardy really is. none of the counts that have been alleged against mr. kelly involve double jeopardy. >> reporter: the battle in front of the cameras now in the courtroom. we do expect to see mr. greenberg, mr. avenatti and the assistant state's attorney in court as well as r. kelly. we should also mention as far as his money problems, we learned that he owes more than $160,000 in back child support as well. >> sara sidner for us, thank you so much. pope francis calls for an all-out battle against priest sex abuse after a vatican summit. why many say they're not
4:53 am
satisfied with this. that's next. liberty mutual accident forgiveness
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4:57 am
full force. pope francis calling priests who abuse tools of satan and declaring an all-out war on abuse. the problem is there are different ideas about what that battle plan should look like. we did have a surprising revelation during the conference from german cardinal marks who admitted that some files containing evidence of sex abuse have been destroyed in germany. he said he did not know who was responsible for that but that he didn't think germany was an isolated case. and the other thing in the conference, there were some refreshing voices from women, including a nun from nigeria who had this to say. >> we proclaim the ten commandments and parade ourselves as being the custodians of moral standards. these are crucial times, yes. but why did we keep silent for so long? >> and vatican officials tell us they are already meeting this morning for follow-up on the
4:58 am
summit. they'll publish guidelines for bishops around the world, but survivors are saying that's not enough. they want to see bishops who have been accused of cover-up held accountable. >> they want real action. the time is well past due, they say. thank you very much for the update from rome. a california man is getting a $21 million settlement after spending 39 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. craig was convicted in 1979 for the murder of rhonda wikt and her 4-year-old son. he was pardoned by governor jerry brown in 2017 after new evidence and dna proved he did not kill the victims. i want you to see some amaze voog. this is a food cart exploding in eugene, oregon, sunday. it damaged three surrounding buildings. it blew the door off a pub next door and triggered the taps
4:59 am
spilling beer everywhere. that's the tragedy here. i can't believe we didn't lead with that. nobody was injured. a fire investigator say it may have been caused by a malfunctioning gas line. >> that worries me. imagine this, john. peeking out and seeing this outside your door. a doorbell camera captured a 100-pound mountain lion on the prowl in a california residential neighborhood. oh, boy. the area was immediately cordoned off and people were urged to stay inside. after a few daring escapes, authorities finally captured the cat using a tranquilizer gun. animal control says once the cat was awake it was released back into the wild. not the suburban neighborhood, i hope. that's the best advertisement i've seen for those doorbell cameras. >> it's not like the mountain lion was going to ring the doorbell. >> if your doorbell ever rings and you say who is there and they say meow, do not answer it. >> mountain lion. mountain lion, who?
5:00 am
>> don't answer that. >> my favorite joke ever. a critical week for the trump presidency. "new day" continues right now. we see eye to eye as long as there's no testing. we're happy. onge >> on the same day president trump is meeting with kim jong-un, michael cohen will be testifying on capitol hill. >> what other light can he shed now that these cooperating. >> he has to be very careful. the president should first return with a codification of the freezing of the missile program. >> we've made it very plain to chairman kim. the alternative to giving up his weapons is remaining a pariah state. ♪ we will we will rock you ♪ >> and the oscar goes to -- "green book." >> green book is a very divisive film. >> i thought i was court side at the garden. the ref made a bad


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