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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 25, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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step in to care for children. what's it like to be a full time stay at home dad? have your daughter flying missions half a world away while your friends are having different experiences as moms and grandmothers. what's it like to leave your baby when she's just 6 weeks old and for her to refuse to hug you for days when you return and is it different for men and women? who you might be surprised. so check out my column and send us your feedback and story id s ideas. brooke baldwin picks it up from here. this is cnn breaking news. >> thank you. hi there. you're watching cnn. let's dive into the breaking news out of florida where any minute now, prosecutors will speak out on nfl owner, robert kraft, who has been linked to a prostitution and sex trafficking
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ring targeting multiple day spas and massage parlors in central florida. the 77-year-old billionaire has now retained a defense toeattor and faces two counts of soliciting someone to commit prostitution and police say there is video showing kraft receiving what they refer to as paid acts at the orchid day spa as well as video showing him being driven to this facility. the spokesman for the state's attorney says the charge, which are second degree misdemeanor, usually carry no more than 60-day county jail sentence. in a statement, a spokesperson for bob kraft denied he ever engaged in any illegal activity. let's go to the news conference. so run through, we are still waiting for him to be charged, correct? >> that's right. and we expect this press conference to be very revealing. not only because we expect to
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learn of the formal charges that will be filed against kraft and 24 other men who allegedly engaged in these paid illegal sexual acts with women at the day spa in jupiter, florida, but we're also expecting to learn the evidence that investigators have against these men. you mentioned police say surveillance captured these paid acts. we're told that the state attorney will be sharing with us the probable cause affidavit that led a judge to file these charges. in those we expect what was captured on video to be described to us in graphic and likely very uncomfortable details. when it comes to the question of what happens next for kraft, if he is in fact charged with the two counts of solicitation for a prostitute, those are misdemeanor charges. we know he has obtained a defense attorney here in the palm beach area. and we're told that that defense attorney gave the state attorney's office the palm beach address of robert kraft so
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that's where he would be summoned from. but here, the onus is on kraft to turn himself in. nobody is going to be knocking down his door here in florida or trying to extradite him from massachusetts. it's on him to show up here and turn himself in, which we don't expect him to do. he has every right to deal with this entirely through his attorney, communicating with the state's attorney's office here in palm beach and as a first time offender, we're told by the state attorney's office, it is very unlikely he would see any jail time. the maximum penalty being 60 days in jail, but more likely, community service, maybe a fine, maybe an educational component. >> okay. we wait for those details with you in west palm beach. we'll take the news conference when it begins. president trump u is in the air flying to hanoi, vietnam, for his second summit with kim jong- jong-un. as the president works toward a
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future of denuclearization, his past just may steal the spotlight from this major foreign policy event. you see, president trump's long time personal fixer, michael cohen, will finally testify before congress this week and while cohen can't talk the russia investigation, the now convicted felon can open up about a lot of other issue before he heads to prison may 6th. he pleaded guilty to tax fraud, making false statements and campaign violations and on top of all of this, the president's national emergency declaration to build a border wall will face its first official challenge from capitol hill. those three stories playing out in a big way and most of it in public view all before this friday. so let's get to what happens when. i have with me now, cnn politics reporter, chris cillizza with me. so the wild week to come. hit me. >> yeah, enjoy today, i guess. let's go through day by day. tuesday, wednesday and thursday. tuesday. so here's what we got. nancy pelosi is down here
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because the house is going to vote on that resolution to say donald trump can't declare a state of emergency on the border. remember, if that goes through, 18 days until the senate bumusty law act on it. michael cohen is testifying, but it's behind closed doors, so we're not going to hear really, unless we hear from people coming out. this is the big one. michael cohen testifying. house oversight committee. we waited and waited for it. as of right now, we're here. we have two days, day and a half, maybe things could change. we expect him to do this. a big moment. now he's not going to talk, very unlikely to talk about the russia investigation. it's an ongoing investigation, but maybe he will talk about what he's pled guilty to, which he said he paid off stormy daniels and orchestrated the payment of karen mcdougle to keep them quiet during the 2016 election at the direction of
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donald trump. which if you believe cohen's version of things, makes donald trump an unindicted coconspirator. maybe three quarters of the world away from here in vietnam, we'll have the first day of the summit. now over here, i'll get out of the way even more. we have cohen again testify iin on capitol hill, behind closed doors. two little cohens, one big one. the 27th is the one to watch. again, we have the summit. the second summit and we still have a debate by the way. are they duh nunuclearizing? mike pompeo said something yesterday. okay, let's go to it. our colleague wrote a good piece. so this is kind of what you're seeing. you have on the one side, what could be legitimately if a real peace treaty could be
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negotiated, it could be signature foreign policy of donald trump's presidency to date. maybe throughout even if it goes eight years. on the other, you have the guy who fixeded a ee eed all of don trump's problems. he has turned on donald trump. he is now telling his story or is going on wednesday to tell that story publicly. we really have not heard september for drips here and an interview here or there, what he has said in open court. really haven't heard the michael cohen story. he's not going to tell all of it, but more than we've heard. we'll hear it from his mouth. it's an open hearing. you have this, i feel like this is true of donald trump. so many things donald trump does. we could put another one in here, which is just sort of the mueller investigation for the tri split screen. maybe if it's not this week, we get the report the week after. a cloud that kind of looms over this. this is what he sort of creates. he is that kind of guy. he's a television producer. you've got two huge stories to watch. this potentially amazingly good
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for him, this may be striking at the heart of his presidency. both happening at the same time. >> so wednesday is the biggie of the big week. got you. thank you so much. analyze a lot of what you just threw down. gloria borger is with me, so starting with the steven collinson split screen peace deal, kim jong-un on one side versus the guy who turned on trump and is going to prison for lying, who are you looking more fo forward to, will pique most curiosi curiosity? >> i'm surprised at the democrats for having it at the same time the president is abroad in a very important meeting with kim jong-un. the president will be asleep one would think, for a lot of the cohen testimony. and if the democrats want to say this is above partisanship, it's
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interesting they're having it while the president is overseas. not normal procedure, but nothing that's normal these days. so you know x that's my first instinct here. but let me say that michael cohen's going to have a lot to say as you pointed out earlier, you sort of circumscribed about what he can say publicly about the russia veinvestigation. but he can tell us if the democrats ask him and i presume they will about whether he was directed to lie to congress by anybody. who direct ed him on the hush money to the mistresses. how did the trump organization operate? the president's taxes. >> family members. >> family members. all kinds of things. the republicans of course, brooke, are going to be saying that michael cohen has absolutely no credibility. that he's a proven liar. that he's been indicted for lying and you shouldn't listen to him. >> all of that potentially coming down when they'll be
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questioning him on wednesday, which we'll tune into and take the whole thing live, but as i'm also thinking of the president in vietnam, my mind is on asia. how significant is it that there looks to be a trade deal with china. how significant for the president on this, not only economically right back home, but politically? >> i think it's very significant. i think it's good news depending on what the deal is. that the tariffs you saw how wall street was reacting to these things. and i think that in the end, if it's a good deal, this is going to be very good for the president of the united states. he'll be able to say i was a great negotiator, et cetera, but the proof is in the pudding here. we've got to look at the details. if he wants to invite him to mar-a-lago to talk about this, let's see how it develops. he's pushed off that deadline
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for over the weekend for the tariffs to take effect. so if it works, it works and it will be good for him. >> thank you very much. >> sure. >> as chris had reported, tomorrow, democrats officially begin their challenge of the president's national emergency to fund construction of his wall. they plan to introduce a resolution in the house to block it. now to help back their case, nearly 60 of the top names in national security and diplomacy, both republicans and democrats, are speaking out today. against the president's declaration and you're looking at pictures at a few of the officials who include several past secretaries of state and heads of national security. let's go to alex with this. so all these people signing their names. what is the crux of this letter? >> yeah, this is a wholesale joint bipartisan loud rejection of the president declaring this national emergency. you have 58 of the biggest names
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in the national security apparatus who have been in charge of the country's national security for the past decade who have come out and in no d their rejection. >> excuse me, to the floor. this is the robert kraft story where he could be chargedment this is the state's attorney in palm beach county. >> to commit prostitution. purr susuant to sections 797, 2d 5ai. this charge is a first degree misdemeanor. punishable by one year in jail. mandatory $5,000 fine. 100 hours of community service and a class on the dangers of constitution and human trafficking. we also expect to receive packets with two women who have been arrested by the police department for among other things, reports from the
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proceeds of prostitution, which is a second degree felony. all defendants are presumed innocent at this point. the charges begin with court process with local defendants, a summons to appear in court. the defendant will have an issue, which is essentially a low level warrant. he'll have to either survrender or have an attorney contact law enforcement to satisfy the warrant. first off, this will publicly release court dates for those receiving a summons and the name of all defendants will be released and actually, they have been already. the names have been released by the jupiter police department. i'd like to thank the men and women of the jupiter police department for their professionalism and diligence in investigating these cases. our ongoing partnership with local law enforcement that helps keep our community safe. you can tell a lot about our
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community by the way it treats its most vulnerable individuals and that includes victims of human trafficking. which is modern day slavery. human trafficking is the business of stealing someone's freedom for profit. including it could happen anywhere, including in the peaceful community of jupiter, florida. in 2017, our office joined with the palm beach county sheriff's office and fbi to help start a human trafficking task force. we are pleased with our progress, but we realize there's a lot more to do. these cases aren't about any one defendant or any group of defendants. the larger picturpicture, which must confront, is the cold reality that many prostitutes in cases like this are themselves victims. often lured into this country with promises of a better life only to be forced to live and
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work in a sweatshop or a brothel performing sex acts for strangers. human trafficking is built on forced fraud or coercion. it is evil in our midst. it is also fueled by the demand side. demands from otherwise law-abiding citizens who are not aware or don't want to be aware about those being exploited. human trafficking often okccurs in plain sight, which is why i'm hopeful these cases will encourage people to say something if they see something and for victims of this unreported crime to gain the courage to let their voices be heard. with that, i'd like to take any questions you may have. >> please identify yourself. >> yes.
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[ inaudible ] >> no. if they are local residents, if they live in palm beach county, they will receive a summons in the mail. it's like a ticket. a note to appear in court. and that court date is, can be found through the clerk's office. if they are from out of the county, then they're subject to a cape yus, a low level warrant. and that one, they would either have to surrender to the authorities or they could have an attorney reach out and satisfy the warrant. [ inaudible ] there is no requirement. [ inaudible ] >> is there any kind of evidence any of these people knew -- >> well, the matters are still being investigated. and i don't want to get too much into the details of the case
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because this is a pending matter. but i can say this. that so far, there have been no charges of human trafficking in any of these cases, but that could change in the future depending on what the investigators find. >> the investigations are months long, last a while. [ inaudible ] >> those are questions for the police. the police engage d in a
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multimonth investigation then turned over a filing packets to our office for prosecution. i think the question would be more geared towards the investigators. they're very professional and i think they did an outstanding job. so it's always a balance as you say. between let iting the them gain enough evidence of foul charnls and stepping in and stopping it, but that is really a question for the investigators. yes. >> where are the women who were working in those brothels. do you think state law is sufficient to deal with this situation? >> i was a state senator when we tightened the laws against human trafficking. florida law is very strong against human trafficking. it is a first degree felony. for most cases of adult human trafficking. when it comes to child human trafficking, it is a life felony. and if there's force involved, some violence, and adult human trafficking would become a potential life felony. so our punishments are severe,
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but there's a high burden of proof. you need to reach that burden of proof and that's always a question in these cases, which is why these investigations can take some time. but one thing i'll mention about florida flaw is that it's very progressive. if victims will speak up, they're eligible to have their records exsponged, including arrests for prostitution, but they need to speak up. at the federal level, victims are eligible for a visa that can allow them to stay many the country and it's only reserved for victims of human trafficking. so the key is to get the victims to speak up. well the women now, i know that the investigators have been talking with them and you have to get details from those agencies such as jupiter police department. >> florida has a new law that protects victims of crime from having their information revealed. is there any way that --
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considered victims? >> no. marcie's law does not protect defendan defendants. it protects victims of crime. >> from cbs 12. these documents you just handed out put robert kraft in the parlor on the morning of the afc championship game. is that correct? he was in florida that morning? >> well, the documents speak for themselves. they'll be handed out and i know that we don't always give out those documents, but because the police department identified the names in advance and you've had the names for some time, we decided to in the interest of transparency, so let you have those documents, but they speak for themselves. >> influence and money and power connection. is there any reason to believe that roept kraft would be treated any differently than these other 24 men? >> i can assure you that our office treats everyone the same. whether you have a lot of money or you were indigent, we treat
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all defendants the same and no one gets any special justice in palm beach county. >> you fear more arrests to come from other similar businesses in palm beach county? >> hard to say because the investigators of the jupiter police then you have the martin county sheriff's department, vero beach. it's a a multicounty effort. it's hard to say if there are more arrests based on their investigations, but i was asked about rumors of bigger fish and i said that would be news to me. i also added that it's hard for me to talk about rumor, especially false wones. [ inaudible ] there are two cases there. two counts. >> to go from a second degree
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misdemeanor, what was it -- to what is the motion to do with this case? >> well all the cases are being charged as first degree misdemeanors under the tougher florida statute. one reason why that decision was made was because it has a mandatory 100 hours of community service. a mandatory $5,000 fine and a mandatory class on the dangers of constitution and human trafficking. not to mention, a potential for an increased jail sentence from 60 days to a year. >> multiple homes here and up in massachusetts, california, will he be given a summons. >> there was a question whether or not mr. kraft lived here in palm beach county and i believe we decided to, it was a summons, so he has a residence here, so he'd be receive iing a summons. oh, the question is when you get a summons in the mail, generally do not get a mug shot. that's up to the police department. it's not up to us. it's up to the local law enforcement agency.
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>> has he been sent that summons? >> his attorney has been provided the summons. [ inaudible ] >> are you happy with the way it's being handled? zbling law enforcement has done an excellent job. very professional and thorough and they've helped steer the conversation away from any one particular defendant towards the evil of human trafficking. it's about time the country has a real conversation b about human trafficking, which is modern day slavery in our midst. this is not b about lonely old men or victimless crimes. this is about enabling a network of criminals to traffic women into our country for forced labor and sex. >> how did you know there were 25 people charged? weren't there a lot more? >> those were the ones charged by the jupiter police
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department. when i talk about human trafficking, i'm talking about the general subject of human trafficking. the larger picture. there is no allegation that any of the defendants were involved with human trafficking. they are not being charged as such. but instead of talk about a particular defendant, i'd like to make the conversation broader because this country needs to have a reality check on what's going on when it comes to forced labor and forced sexual conduct. >> when did you first hear about -- >> well our prosecutors have been involved in this for some time. it's hard to pinpoint. i've been aware of it for a while. >> what did you think when you first heard it? >> i've been involved in fighting human traffic iking foa while. so nothing surprises me. i give a lot of speeches. i'm on the attorney general's statewide task force for human trafficking, so when this came across my desk, i wasn't surprised. i'm not surprised of the defendants. they come from every
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socioeconomic group. just a reality of the times we live in. >> what do you think needs to be done on the side of this? >> it's a good question. what should be cone on the supply side to stop human trafficking? well, the laws are in place and we need to do better about encouraging victims to speak up. because victims don't know there are services available to them. they don't know they could get their criminal records exupon nlged or obtain a special visa to remain in this country. so if we would treat victims in the matter as victims and not criminals, i think you would gain the trust of more individuals to speak up u on thiz matters because right now, they come from country where is the police are not their friends so they need know that we're here to help them. and treat them as the victims they are. terry. >> palm beach county has a lot of spectacular enterprise type businesses an they have for years. i reported on it all those years.
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[ inaudible ] >> our task force works with law enforcement to root out human trafficking at the store front or internet. a lot occurs on the internet. facebook is a popular site used by human traffickers to recruit and groom victims. we're working on them on a daily basis. t but there's a high burden of proof. we prosecutors can only file cases that reach the level of burden of proof that we can obtain beyond a reasonable doubt and so these cases are long in the making, but we hope sometimes, some of them can make a big enough splash to send a message to the rest of the coun country. >> what agencies you work with? >> our task force works with the fbi. and the department of homeland security. >> are the victims cooperating? >> that's up to investigators. they're working with them on it. i can't say much on the status
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of that. [ inaudible ] police can charge based on probable cause. is it more probable or not that a crime has occurred. for prosecutors to charge, we have to have a good belief that we can get a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt u. it's why sometimes we'll see police are charge some cases and we'll decide not to file charges. that's why we're having this press conference because we made the decision that enough evidence exists to file charges in all 25 of these cases. i'll get you next. yeah. [ inaudible ] i don't understand how someone b can be targeted. you look at all the defendants in this matter. they come from all walks of life. rich, poor, there's young and
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old. so i don't believe anyone is targeted for whom they are. over here. >> women are considered victims, is the video evidence -- >> the individuals involved were working with them and i can't speak more about it as far as the victims to gain more information, but it should not affect our ability to use video ultimately if we need to in court. >> what's the most important thing to meet that high burden of proof? >> well, the video evidence always very powerful in a court of law. you also have the testimony of some of the victims. i know that if many cases like this, there are language barriers and there are interp t interpretersinterpre interpreters needed. we're working on all those
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things. listen, i'll get you next. yes, sir. >> is there any possibility that those who have been charged can somehow -- >> there are programs and classes available. so just because the mandatory penalty is up to a year in jail doesn't mean someone's going to get that. if it goes to trial, it's up to a judge and you look at the person's background. first time o feffenders are unlikely to get significant jail time. depending on the plea, the background, the kuk, these are all considerations that come into play. >> your office is open to three of a lesser charge. >> we don't talk about the status. that goes into too much detail that i can talk about at the time. yes, sir. >> can you talk about the women? how did they get -- their story -- >> yeah, that would be for the jupiter police department. i say in cases like this, and i talk about in generalities because i can't speak to the
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specific evidence. i can't talk about where they came from or how we broke this case because that could jeopardize any potential prosecutions, so just say in cases like this, it is not uncommon for women to be lured into this country under false pretenses with the promise of a better life, a high paying job only to be stuck in squalor in a brothel or a sweatshop where they're forced to perform labor or sex acts for money. >> can you clairify how this process works for robert kraft? you said you determined he is a resident of palm beach county. they're issuing a summons. does that mean he has to appear in court or can he send an attorney? >> yes, it's a summons, so he does not have to make a public court appearance. >> so he can send an attorney. >> correct. >> one or two charges? >> two. yes, sir. [ inaudible ] how important is the cooperation? if it goes to trial, their testimony could be helpful.
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but you know if there's video evidence, that's always very powerful. but i don't want to talk specifically to the evidence, but in general, video, eyewitness testimony are all important for any trial. >> palm beach county -- [ inaudible ] >> that was three administrations ago. >> i understand. to set the record straight, how are you handling it? >> florida voters passed marcie's law, a victim's bill of rights. we have had a training session for all the prosecutors. and we are adhering to marcie's law. as someone who campaign ed for it, it's really important to all of us. we must let the victim's voices be heard. yes, ma'am. [ inaudible ] >> correct. it depends on the judge and the
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court. the judge ims poses a sentence. now if there's a plea, then we have a lot more to say in it, but this is all speculation. it's still early. na [ inaudible [ inaudible ] i work on sober homes task force and when it came to drug treatment centers, we're often frustrated the tha the inspections that occurred were just to see if the fire extinguishers were working. so we upgraded the laws to increase the demands. maybe that needs to be done here, too. maybe there should be increased scrutiny.
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>> there are 328 million americans and 800,000 law enforcement officers, so it's up to all of us to be the eyes and ears to protect against human trafficking. because a lot of the stuff occurs in plain sight. like the nail salon worker who is living in the back room and who's not allowed to handle money and is afraid the look at you in the eye. if you see something, say something. and maybe that's the good that can come out of all this. maybe we'll have a new understanding of what human trafficking is inking it is an. >> last question, please. [ inaudible ] >> there were two different occurrences. in which he's been charged. there are two counts, so he faces two separate counts. have to satisfy those counts with a plea and move on from there.
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he could. he could. one more. thank you all very much. thank you u. >> all right, so two pieces here. number one, obviously that news conference was dominated by you heard the state's attorney there in palm beach county talking about modern day slavery. human trafficking, this whole ring that the jupiter police and law enforcement there over the course of several months, you know, brought to light and as a result of that, 25 people he was just saying were charged. now they were charged with soliciting prostitution, which is different than being involved in human trafficking, but he was spotlighting that as a human atrocity, but the other piece the robert kraft, the owner of the patriots. he faces two counts of soliciti soliciting prostitution, possibly a fine. attorneys are with me and i just want to jump right in.
11:35 am
mark, with you on the legal of this. so with regard to robert kraft, he's one of 25 individuals all part of this you know, ring who are charged with soliciting in order to commit prostitution. sounds like he doesn't even need to show up. what does he face legally speaking here? >> legally, he faces one year on each count for a total of two years and the potential of a $1,000 fine under the general statute, but there's a specific statute to this crime which requires a $5,000 fine, 100 of community service and mandatory attendance at a class. so generally speaking, he doesn't need to show up. he's going to work something out with his attorney and the prosecutors, but one thing he needs to be careful about, once the discovery is forward ed to the des, it becomes public record in a florida law meaning that video though it might be edited to a certain extent to protect the victim, is going to
11:36 am
be available for the general public. my advice to kraft is to work something out quickly and get it done before that discovery is out officially and he won't take this advice, but he could now since he's in the center of this little mini storm, he could come out, acknowledge what he did, it's on video, then maybe even use some of his billions to address the issue that the prosecutor spent so much time on, which is human trafficking. 15 minutes ago in this kind of work, it was the prostitutes we were focused on. now finally we're looking at the people causing or forcing them to do what they do. that really needs to be the focus. >> hearing the sheriff, i was reading a quote from him this morning talking about really the mop centers or the men and this was a rescue operation. i mean, what happens to these women now? >> well, what we heard that state attorney talk about is helping these victims, these women will come forward. he talked about programs
11:37 am
available to them. both under state law and federal law. and although i was encouraged to hear the state attorney talk about trying to provide help for the victims, i'md by the amount what i'll say focus on the victims. the reality is if you're forced into sex trafficking or human trafficking, you're not likely to have the kind of trust with law enforcement that would you kn know, propel you to come forward. i wish the laws were tougher on these men who are soliciting sex from these women who were forced into prostitution and i agree, 15 years ago, this was a different conversation. but given it's 2019, this conversation needs to be b a lot further along and we need to be talking about a lot stiffer penalties for men who participate in sex trafficking, potential of one year that really comes down to a diversion program, 100 hours of community service and education class. that's all we're really talking about for these 25 men engaged in this very, very serious
11:38 am
crimes. crimes that there are victims. i love that the prosecutor said this isn't a victimless crime. these are real women who have suffered real harm. >> i'm glad he talked about it as much he did and maybe to mark's point, maybe bob kraft puts some of his money in a good place as a result of this. thank you both so much. appreciate that. my next guest says bob kraft along jeffrey epstein are just the latest examples of gill nairs behaving badly, especially when it comes to women who are younger, have less means and in his words, are disposable. will bunch is a national columnist for the philadelphia enquirer. thank you so much for coming on. your piece touched a lot of us. reading it this morning and you write that this is a quote a ta of reckoning and even as you acknowledge some wealthy men have been doing this for decades. so why do you think it's different this time? the reckoning. >> well, yeah, i think we are
11:39 am
having a day of reckoning. i was encouraged by the language from the state's attorney in the way he talked ed from the state's attorney in the way he talked abouted about th case. when the news about kraft broke on friday, the first reaction was to see this as a sports story. i'm from philadelphia, everyone hates the patriots right, ha ha or this is a lonely old man. i know some people said it. that was addressed in the news conference. i think the real issue here is the power imbalance and i think people are seeing this in so many cases where elites in america aren't being held account bable these days. in my column, i address not only kraft, but jeffrey epstein, the billionaire accused and investigated for abusing young girls at his palm beach mansion on a scale that really rivalled jerry san dus in term ki in terms of numbers of victims, yet unlike jerry sandusky, he was
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given an incredible slap on the wrist. a 13 month sleep in the jail at night and go to a luxurious office during the day sentence. immunity from any federal charges. and the person who oversaw that deal -- >> no,ed to jump in. i wanted to hone in on the nfl statement. the league's personal conduct policy applies to everyone. but you write that no one should be shocked when bob kraft essentially speaking of slaps on the wrist. when he gets the slap on the wrist and you spotlighted this tweet. from "new york times" best-selling author, jeff pearlman, who wrote this, the nfl will ab solve robert kraft of any and all sins because you can solicit constitutes, punch women, kill dogs, do drugs upon
11:41 am
drug, just can't kneel to protest against african-americans. does the nfl have an accountability problem and if so, how does that change? >> you saw kareem hunt who was accused of violence against a woman was almost immediately solicited by other teams and just signed a contract with the browns and we have a long history of them looking the other way. you know there's three big power imbalances in this country right now. there's the income inequality, the powerful billionaires. the patriarchy imbalance and white privilege imbalance. it's fascinating the only person who was really punished by the nfl, the racial power imbalance and i think the nfl with its history now of with the wrist slaps, they're under a lot of
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pressure. they need to handle this situation with some sensitivity towards the female victims here. >> thank you so much for your piece and your words. i appreciate it. we were just talking about jeffrey epstein. democrats are now calling one of the president's cabinet members to resign after a judge ruled that alex acosta broke the law by giving the billionaire a sweetheart deal in his sex abuse case. we'll talk more about that. also, senator elizabeth warren vows not to attend fundraisers or take phone calls from wealthy donors. is that even realistic? en and the oscars have everyone talking today. while diversity was on display, the best picture wins did not get the same praise. we'll discuss that. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin.
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20 house dremocrats are demanding trump fire alex acosta. the new development comes after a judge ruled acosta broke the law by arranging a pretty sweetheart deal with jeffrey epstein, who was accused of sexually abusing dozens of underaged girls. jessica, what are the democrats saying? >> brooke, so these house democrats, they're really reiterating these big questions about the plea deal acosta arranged for epstein. that's when he was u.s. attorney in miami and now these 20 democrats are saying the president needs to demand acosta's resignation from his labor secretary position and the president needs to do it soon so they sent this two page letter to the president where they accused acosta of suck coming to
11:49 am
the pressure of his powerful defense team in 2008 when acosta and other prosecutors in miami essentially let epstein off the hook. they gave him 13 months in the county jail which allowed him to avoid trial and even shut down the fbi investigation into those allegations that epstein sexually abuse d more than 30 undergauge girled. so last week, a federal judge in florida ruled that acosta and other officials at the department of justice broke the law by not notifying the alleged victims of this plea deal and really actively concealing the negotiations, so now these 20 democrats are write iing in the letter this. they say as members of congress, we are committed to ensuring that those who occupy top positions in the federal government are held to the highest standards of the law. we strongly believe that secretary acosta was negligent in his duty to represent the best interest of the victims and the u.s. government and as such,
11:50 am
we request that you immediately demand his letter of resignation. that letter to the president. now, acosta and the white house, they haven't yet responded to this latest call from house democrats that he resign. the last we heard about this was from the labor department and they defended his involvement in that 2008 plea deal last week after the judge ruled and the labor department said that the plea deal itself was approved by the department of justice leadership at the time. so no response yet. but they continue to really defend this plea deal that happened in 2008. brooke. >> thank you very much. meanti meantime, harry reid speaking to dana bash. he is giving 2020 candidates advice. we'll talk with one of those candidates, next. everyone's got to listen to mom.
11:51 am
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senator elizabeth warren is making a promise to her supporters. the massachusetts democrat says she will hold no fund-raiser, no dinners, no phone calls with wealthy donors. senator warren has not yet held a single fund-raiser since she announced the formation of a presidential exploratory committee. she has disavowed accepting pac money u and donations from federal lobbiests. this may be seen as a criticism or challenge. john delaney was the first democrat to formally announce his 2020 presidential run in july. congressman, welcome to the show. thanks for joining. let me dive in on this news here because you were one of the wealthiest members of congress.
11:56 am
here is senator warren. she is obviously doing this in part to stand out. you know from people like you. her competitors. how do you respond to this? >> well, i don't take any pac money or any corporate money either. i mean my campaign is focused on the issues that matter to the american people. i'm not sure this issue matters that much to the american people. they want to know you're going to put their interests first, which is what i'm committed to doing. that you're not taking money from pacs and that you're focused on solving the b problems that affect their day-to-day lives. health care or pharmaceutical prices or whatever the case may be. >> but obviously money matters in politics. you have to raise the money to run. so if she won't meet with these mega affluent donors, go to these fundraisers, accept phone calls, do you think she should accept their checks? >> you know, i don't really have any opinion on what senator warren does in terms of how she
11:57 am
plans on funding her campaign or who she raises money for. any of that stuff ch not really relevant to what i care about and what i care about is talking to voters about what they care b about and solving problems that affect their lives and laying out a vision for our country's future and addressing some of the big issues we have. whether it be climate change or te effect of technology and automation is having on our workforce. these are the issues that really matter to the american people and i think every campaign's got different strategies. i've got my strategy. i'm sure she's thought through hers. >> here's a big issue on foreign policy. the president as we speak is up in the air on his way to vietnam for his second summit with kim jong-un and if you were president of the united states, how would you be tackling north korea? >> well, i would insist on denuclearization of north korea. that should be our goal from this summit. >> how is this different from
11:58 am
what trump wants? >> i think it is what he wants. so listen, i hope this summit is successful. i mean, north korea possessing nuclear weapons and the destabilizing force they have in the region and potentially around the world, everyone should care about that. i hope this summit is successful. >> would you want to meet with kim jong-un as well? >> i have nothing against engaging diplomatically and if i thought i could deliver an outcome that was positive for the american people, i absolutely would meet with him. now the key is not to give up too much. i do worry that the president where he waves the flag and says he got something big out of north korea, he agrees to do something that really hurts the interest of the united states of america like pulling our troops out of the asia pacific region for example. i do not think he should do that for almost any concession with north korea. i mean north korea is the isolated nation it is because of
11:59 am
bad behavior. i think they have an opportunity to potentially re-enter the world stage if you will, economically, if they agree to denuclearize. that should be enough incentive for them to do that. we shouldn't be pulling our troops out of the region to get north korea to do something like this. i worry about the deal he cuts, but every american should root for a successful outcome. >> you mentioned climate change as something that hatters to you. the news that came out is the fact the white house is assem e assembling this group of scientists to reevaluate. so translation, the president wants skeptics to discredit his own government's -- in his pick just said that about climb change. listen to this. >> do yourself believe in climate change? >> i believe there are signs on both sides that are accurate.
12:00 pm
>> you believe there's science that proves there is, man is not causing climate change? >> i think both sides have their own results from their studies and i appreciate and i respect both sides of the science. >> both sides. she said it three times. i see you shaking your head. is that disqualifying? >> yes, i think it is. there's no both sides to this debate, just like there was no both sides to what happened in charlottesville around race relations. both sides seems to be a phrase they like to use in this administration. the facts are clear. it's happening and human behavior is contributing to it. we have to do something right away to avert the most negative consequences. we're already looking at pretty negative consequences. i have a plan to do that. i think it's consistent with positive economic growth. we can put a carbon tax in place. i introduce the only bill in congress. i think i can get it done in