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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  February 27, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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couple hours. cohen's statement includes at least a half dozen new allegations, each of which alone would be huge scandals in and of themselves. the president redefining, perhaps threatening scandals. cohen's plans to provide documents to back up some of his accusations, including two checks. one is this one for $35,000 obtained be i cnn. cohen says then president trump wrote it to reimburse him for the payment to stormy daniels to keep her quiet about the alleged affair with mr. trump. now the check, itself, does not indicate what the payment was for. look at the date. august 1st, 2017. it was written while donald trump was president. and it could put allegations of criminal activities directly in the oval office. now, the second check also we are told is signed by donald trump, jr., cohen claims was another reimbursement for the hush money paid to stormy daniels. the attorney for the trump
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organization declined to comment. >> remember what president trump said in april of 2017 about those payments. . >> all right. well, michael cohen with answer those questions this morning. cohen will also say he witnessed a conversation in july of 2016 where donald trump, the candidate, was told in advance that wikileaks was planning a massive release of e-mails damaging to hillary clinton's campaign. michael cohen, of course, is the president's lawyer and fixer. he is a convicted felon for lying so will that color the view of lawmakers today and while all of this happens at home, president trump is in vietnam for that summit with kim jong-un. he clearly has michael cohen on
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his mind. he is tweeting early this morning. we have the chairman of the house intelligence committee where michael cohen will testify tomorrow behind closed doors. good morning, congressman. >> good morning. >> have you had a chance to read the 20 pages of prepared opening statement of michael cohen yet in. >> i have had a chance to read some of them. we are trying to come to grips with the remarkable statements he is prepared to make. >> so what is new in here. what didn't you know before reading some of this? >> you know, a lot of this we knew. it wasn't public. but in terms of what i think is most significant about the written statement, it certainly indicates that the president had advanced knowledge of the wikileaks release. these russian stolen documents. >> that would mean if mr. cohen is ac rat about this, that the president has been dishonest with the country about his
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knowledge of those releases of russian stolen documents of the clinton campaign. he also offers some pretty solid corroboration in terms of the hush money payments. if these checks are, in fact, authentic. and i think what you can see also in the written statement is why the office of the special counsel found his testimony credible. now, we haven't heard it yet. but what strikes me as a former prosecutor as credible about it is is that it only goes so far, if it was merely incriminating the president. you would expect him to say i overheard direct conversations of this or the president told me this or i witnessed that. he could have been much more express it than the statements in his written testimony so that does lend it some credibility. but again, what we'll be looking for in our hearing is the corroboration for these accounts. >> and if you see corroboration, he is apparently going to
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present two checks. if you see evidence in corroboration. how does that change how you proceed? we had congresswoman jackie speir on who says she sees impeachable actions in here. >> first of all, we haven't heard the testimony yet. the original testimony included falsehood. so we need to go through what part was accurate. just what part was inaccurate. what went into those false statements and also dig down much deeper in terms of the circumstance around his testimony before our committee. in the written statement, he talks, for example, about his testimony being available to the president's personal lawyers. is that all that he has to offer there? or is there more that we can corroborate in terms of what the president knew about that false testimony? so there are still a lot of questions to be answered. we really have only the highlights in this written testimony. but we have a lot of hard work to do ahead of us. >> as you know, you tweeted
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about it. remember that explosive buzzfeed account that got so much attention that then robert mueller actually distanced himself from and said it wasn't true. that was saying the president of the united states had directed michael cohen to lie. you seized on it and said that was one of the most serious accusations to date you heard, you tweeted. well, he puts more details on that in his opening statement. mr. trump did not directly tell me to lie to congress. that's not how he operates. in conversations we had during the campaign at the same time i was actively negotiating in russia for him. he would look me in the eye and tell me there is no business in russia and go out and lie to the american people by saying the same thing n. his way, he was telling me to lie. >> that is obviously less overt and less direct than the way buzzfeed had depicted it. so does that change how you see it now? >> you know what i said at the time, yes, these were serious allegations. i said at the time these may
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prove unfounded. obviously, that original buzzfeed account, what mr. cohen was saying wasn't fully accurate. >> that the knowledge that he was describing in his written statement is far less than what was attributed to him in that buzzfeed account. >> that to me makes cohen's account more credible. because again, if his only motivation as the president suggests is to reduce his sentence or to incriminate the president, then you'd expect him to make a more full throated claim against donald trump so i find on the face of it, if a credible account, certainly that was the conclusion of the special counsel, but the proof is in the pudding. i'd like to see how he behaves when we question him. i'd like to find what he is saying on these and frankly many other issues. >> so now that you have read this, a portion of it. what is your most burning question tomorrow when he is in front of your committee? >> well, i think what we want to do is go methodically with him
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through his prior testimony to determine what was accurate, wasn't accurate. we want to drill down into just what lawyers, what individuals were aware that the statements he was making to congress were false, whether any other indications that that got back or was blessed in anyway by the president. but we want to walk through each of the russia-related allegations with him in great detail. and again, our goal will be to find the truth, to find corroboration, if it exists. so that we can make a full report to the american people. >> congressman, i want to read you something that another congressman, matt gaetz a republican, a big arguably biggest president trump supporter in congress. here's what he tweeted to michael cohen last night, yesterday afternoon, hey, michael con, do your wife and father-in-law know about your girlfriends? maybe tonight would be a good time for that chat. i wonder if she'll remain
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faithful when you're in prison. she's about to learn a lot. how do you categorize that? >> the first thought i had when i read about this, in addition to just being appalled at what looks like a blatant effort to intim date this witness is that this is the effect of the trump presidency and that is, you know, that kind of a sleazy attack on a witness before congress is something we have come to expect out of the white house. and it affects the whole of government. and so you see members of congress essentially mirroring their behavior on the president of the united states and that is i think a terrible effect on this institution. but, indeed, we have seen it on all of our institutions. >> i think that's an important point to underscore. this is from a member, a sitting member of congress. the then apologized. matt gaetz wrote, speaker, i want to get truth, too. while it is important to create
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context around liars like michael cohen. it is not my intent to threaten. i am deleting the tweet. i should have chosen words that better showed my intent. i'm sorry. does that sort of erase the threatening of the witness in your mind? >> it doesn't erase it. and nonetheless, i am glad he has apologized for it. but the harm has been done and i hope that this will discourage other members from engaging in that kind of low behavior. >> so, congressman, where are we? just give us from where you sit, because you have been so steeped in this. where are we today? does this michael cohen, you know, look, there are so many days we come on the air, there is breaking news, there is some new thread and there is something that sounds explosive. but these 20 pages are really in a different category of what is about to be revealed under oath to congress and so from where you sit, has the needle been moved? how do you assess where the investigations are today? >> well the needle has certainly been moved. it's been moved into the white
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house. if mr. cohen's allegations are correct. it means the president, who ill in office, literally while in the oval office was engaged in criminal activities. that was furthering this campaign fraud scheme that the southern district of new york has already identified individual one as being involved in. so, that's pretty breath taking when you think about it that the president of the united states is allegedly paying hush money as president of the united states. and misleading the country about it. and that's pretty serious business. but i will say this, the most complete picture at this point is the one possessed by robert mueller. is the one that will be a part of his report and i think this only underscores how important it is that that report be made public. so that we can see michael cohen's testimony in the context of other evidence that has been proud of the government. we are in possession of some of that in our committee.
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bob mueller is in possession of a lot more of it. some of which we can only obtain through his office, because he's conducted search warrants. he's seized physical objects that we are not going to have access to. so it underscores the need for transparency and the justice department will have to make that information publicly available. >> we will see if that is their intention. thank you for taking your time out for a busy morning. he says it moves the needle right into the oval office. >> and that it is breath taking. >> we have much more breaking news coverage. joining us new york correspondent maggie haber mavrp. she is pinned there from the beginning. what does she say about these new revelations? that's next. lerie: but we worrye enough to last. ♪ cal: ellen, our certified financial planner™ professional, helps us manage our cash flow and plan for the unexpected. valerie: her experience and training gave us the courage to go for it.
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as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. with the botox® savings program, most people with commercial insurance pay nothing out of pocket. talk to your doctor and visit to enroll. . breaking news, in less than two hours, president trump's former lawyer and fixer michael cohen will testify before congress in this stunning transcript by cnn, a prepared testimony. mr. cohen is expected to say publicly, mr. trump is a racist, a con man and a cheat and will spell out a half dozen new allegations or provide color into some allegations we have been hearing for some time. joining us is maggie haberman, cnn political analyst. to an extent you are in the middle of what could be one of the biggest bits of news michael cohen claims here. he says he witnessed a conversation where roger stone told president trump there was
5:16 am
about to be a massive dump of e-mail incriminating to hillary clinton. quickly, on july 2016, days before the democratic convention, i was in his office when he announced mr. stone was on the speaker phone and he had gotten off the phone and he said within a couple of days, there will be a massive dump of e-mails ethat would damage clinton's campaign. mr. trump responded by stating to the effect of wouldn't that be great? three weeks ago you asked the president of the united states whether he had such a conversation. let's listen to that exchange. . >> it seems to me what michael cohen says here and the president told you, beau of them can't be true. >> what i think is significant about that moment, remember
5:17 am
roger stone had denied such a conversation took place because it had emerged previously. what is significant there is what, a, what i was asking him about was what was in the indictment against roger stone and there was an unnamed senior campaign official quote/unquote directed, not by whom, to get in touch with stone to see what he knew about the material that wikileaks had. so while there is this denial from stone, there is a denial from the president. there is this conversation from michael cohen, that could be. we don't know what the mueller folks are referencing in that indictment. to me that is the significance of this remember, a lot of this in michael cohen's testimony is one person's word against another and another. there is often just three people in these rooms. but i think this is why it's so important that people focus on the corroboration aspect of what cohen says. i think that's what cohen is going to point to himself in this testimony. >> i'm wondering in that tone,
5:18 am
he was so sedate, no, no it's so different than when he generally sort of full throatedly denies something. i'm just wondering if it struck you at that moment? >> reporter: i mean, it struck me as something he didn't want a long prolonged conversation about. i don't know the tone belies something different of what he said. you know i think time is possibly going to reveal more on this. again, it is hard to assess what is taking place in terms of veracity between three people in one room. this is why what mueller is willing to put in the indictment becomes so significant. >> it's easier to assess the veracity like the stoemplrmy das saga. the president said things about that federal versions say are provedly false. today michael cohen will testify the president ordered him to pay and this check that he signed while he was president of the united states august 1st, 2017.
5:19 am
this is the type of corroboration, maggie, you were just talking about you think will be so important today. >> reporter: right, taken in its motelity the mere fact of this testimony is stunning. the many of the granular details are things we have known or at least have been told by other people about this president so far. but what is stuning is that it is all in one place and attached to someone's name in a seting where there is penalty of perjury. to your point about those checks, that goes to a different level than almost anything else in the testimony that we have read. because that speaks to a coverup. >> that speaks to an effort to conceal something. my sources tell me there was no retainer agreement between michael cohen and the trump organization or the president, despite the fact that hit had been described by people around the president. have you these checks that were signed while the president was in office. recall again the president said he didn't know about these
5:20 am
payments to stormy daniels. those checks would sugges otherwise. >> there is all pages of color we haven't gotten to, there are so many blockbuster headlines. because you know this so well, i do want to get to some of these things i guess are of lesser import legally, still really interesting. here is what he plans to, what michael cohen plans to tell lawmakers about the president's son. mr. trump had frequently told me his son, don jr. had the worst judgment of anyone in the world and also that don jr. would never set up a meeting of significance alone, and certainly not without checking with his father. he says he was in office when don jr. came in behind the desk, which is unusual and whispered audibly the meeting is set up, this was about the trump tower meeting with russians and apparently upgrade to michael cohen, donald trump said, good, good, let me know.
5:21 am
>> i think it's an important asterisk. michael cohen going to say and i heard it was about the russia meeting. he is going to say that in retrospect he thinks a scene he observed at some point that he believes was around that time could have been about that and likely in his words was about that, but he is not saying that he heard about it. i do think that it's important. i think this is a point you will see republicans drill down on, you know, michael cohen and donald trump jr. were at one point pretty close. and i think that michael cohen and allies of michael cohen feel like he has been betrayed by the president and his family. i think you will see a fair amount of that in there. i think of everything that you see? what he says, that is the piece that is going to be i think the hardest for him to stand up. >> yeah. look. he does, though, go out of his way to elbow donald trump jr. there. which he didn't have to do. i don't think that necessarily lends anything to his legal argument there.
5:22 am
it is interesting he close to do that. >> absolutely. the point about him feeling she thrown under the bus. >> yet again the president isn't being investigated for being an alleged racist. michael cohen goes out of his way to call the president is a racist. he tells varies stories, michael cohen claims he the president once asked me if i can mention a company run by a black person that whan a sh -- hole. this was when barack obama was president of the united states. >> i think you see michael cohen prepare to address this, yet i continued to work for him, clearly recognizing in those statements that this is deeply troubling if somebody said something like that. you know, think that, remember the time when barack obama was president of the united states, president trump was also questioning when he was a legitimate question based on birthplace and suggesting he might be african. so i think this is not surprising what you are hearing
5:23 am
michael cohen say. he had a conversation on the record with vanity fair about that very conversation several months ago. i think you are going to see again where a lot of this is stuff that has been said about the president before, michael cohen is prepared to fill out a lot of it. she prepared to say things that are going to, you know, just sort of fill in the other side of the page about donald trump on things that other people will feel sounds familiar to them or they think they have seen in this presidency. i think the fact it is taking place under oath in his own name is why it will be so powerful. >> suggest you think if the volume of what we will be hearing. all one stop shopping in one place that is what moves the needle today? >> i don't know it will move the needle to be clear. in the mind of folks around the president, their feeling is, there is not, or their argument is, there is not that much new here. this doesn't say a whole lot new. i think they are searching for the silver lining. the mere fact that this is
5:24 am
taking place, if mere fact you have a former lawyer testifying in this setting and these kind of details is going to be remarkable. >> i have to say quickly, the michael cohen i dealt with in 2011, 2010, 2012, when donald trump was flirting with the presidency, i can't imagine him ever saying what he said here. i can't look back and think this would ever happen? true. i have known michael cohen going back to when he worked for president trump before he ran for office in new york city at one point. he did have a life prior to donald trump. he clearly is hoping to have one after. but what he's going to describe in his testimony is this cult-like setting. >> that he will i think suggest he got sucked into. >> maggie hag haberman, it will be fascinating. thank you for previewing it with us. michael cohen once said he would take a bullit. now he says president trump is quote a racist and a con man and a cheat. how did we get to this point?
5:25 am
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michael cohen will appear before the house oversight
5:29 am
committee in just over an hour from now and cnn has obtained a copy. john has it in his hands, of his prepared public testimony. he submitted it late last night. if you are just waking up, this is a blockbuster. it is damming. we will read you portions of what he will say under oath in congress. joining us is jeff toobin, cnn analyst and joe lackhart and gloria allred, great to have with you us this hour. give us your thoughts on what you see in these 20 pages of prepared testimony. >> well, it's stunning testimony. and it gives you a general sense of where donald trump was coming from during the campaign and also on jeffrey's the lawyer here. i think on the legal side, it provides a bunch of problems for the president of the united states. on the bicker pick, the way mr. cohen describes donald trump and his attitude toward the campaign was as an infomercial.
5:30 am
a great marketing attempt. they never thought they were going to win this election. the president as a candidate was using this to market his brand and use the word infomercial to michael cohen. say, you know, this is really good for us. on the legal side and here's where the problems really are. he makes the case very clearly, which, by the way, we have not heard from the special counsel so again this is mr. cohen's testimony, that mr. trump knew from roger stone in advance about the wikileaks dump and he describes, you know, a conversation that trump and roger stone had on the speaker phone he was there for which stone said i just got off the phone with julian assange and he said within a couple days, there will be a massive dump of e-mails that will provide damage to hillary clinton. something to the effect of,
5:31 am
wouldn't that be great. and he also and again this is a legal issue. he also describes in the oval office michael cohen walks into the oval office for the first time after the president has been elected. i believe it's in february. he's inspired by it. the president makes the points to him. don't worry, you've got two checks coming to you. of course, that's referring to the hush money. the president said he knew nothing about to pay off his former mistresses. >> again you see evidence of that, michael cohen will produce, including his check. >> what about the other checks, there are 11 of them. >> it's a great question. we know there is a second check he will produce. >> he says in his testimony there are 11. >> there is no memo on that check? unfortunately. >> hush money payment to important star. >> no memo. but there is a date. >> and it is august 1st, 2017, when donald trump was president
5:32 am
of the united states. joining us is dana bash. we want to give dana a chance to weigh in. you woke up like the rest of us to these remarkable 20 pages. dribs and drabs. here it is, dana in print. what jumps out to you? >> let me tell you a couple things i have been told via text by somebody familiar with what the president's legal team is thinking and how they're going to approach this. the first is on what i certainly consider the most explosive when it comes to the core oust mueller investigation. the occlusion. cohen says he was listening in on the conversation, he was on speaker phone with the now president and roger stone about wikileaks. that's about as close as it comes except for the trump tower meeting except for collusion knowing ability the russians meddling in the election. here's the but they throw out
5:33 am
there, which i'm sure we will hear much more publicly later. who are the characters we are hearing talking about, put the president aside, michael cohen and roger stone. roger stone at least said publicly he has testified under oath the president did not have them so is there corroboration? michael cohen talks about the fact that the call was put through by donald trump's secretary maybe she can corroborate. did she listen in on the call or did she just put the call through? we don't know the answer to that or whether we will be left with more importantly federal investigators will be left with. he said he said by two people who are not the most credible of witnesses. >> jeffrey, let's talk about the legal jeopardy here. i want to read from page 11 here in what michael cohen will
5:34 am
apparently swear to today. i am giving three years of financial statements, from 2011 to 2013. he gave deutsche bank to inquire about a loan to pie the buffalo bills and to forbes. these were exhibits. it was my experience mr. trump inflated his assets when it served his purposes to be listed in forbes and deflated his assets to reduce his real estate taxes. so the financial statements will be interesting. jeffrey tell me about the legal exposure that you see. >> this paragraph really jumped out at me as a former prosecutor. let's put aside the forbe's issue. forbe's comes out with a list of the richest people in the world. donald trump wanted to be on that list. it's no crime to lie to journalists. so that is legally insignificant. however, if you apply for a loan and submit a knowingly false financial statement, that's bank fraud. >> that is a classic bank fraud.
5:35 am
>> that gets prosecuted all the time in the federal courts. so if michael cohen can produce a false statement -- financial statements that can be proven to be false and they were submitted to deutsche bank to get a loan, even if you didn't get the loan. as we know, donald trump did not wind up buying the buffalo bills. if you apply for a loan and ask for a loan with a false financial statement that you notice to be false, that's a crime and that certainly jumped out at me in here. now it's not the only crime described in here. but it is one i am sure prosecutors will be look into. >> stand by, we'll take a quick break. when we come back, this i will pose to joe lockhart the white
5:36 am
house secretary. what is going on in the white house on a day like today where there is about to be this event which is completely beyond their control? how do they feel about this? more cnn breaking news coverage next. next.
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. we're just about an hour away from when michael cohen, the president's former lawyer testifies in public before the oversight committee. we have this explosive look at his prepared testimony, which raises all kind of new questions. i want to bring back jeffrey toobin, dana bash and joe lockhart to discuss. the question i raised, you have been inside a white house facing scandal before. michael cohen what he says out lo you had today, to the american people the white house has no control over that. how do they deal with that? >> you know we went through this a couple times on the clinton administration. the video deposition was released who ill the president was addressing the united nations. the day the president was impeached was also the day we finish prosecuting that airstrike against iraq. what they should do is just keep their head down, stay after
5:41 am
this, and say, we are doing the people's business. what we are doing here is more important than what happens in the swamp of washington. and just go on. >> isn't is that what they are doing? isn't is that what they are doing with these meetings with kim jong-un? >> not really. the president has tweeted. if you look at his tweets over the last 24 hours, he can't resist injecting himself under this i'm the president, they're being politician. so their big achilles heel through this whole thing has been the president's lack of impulse control, his desire to get in, in his bullying kind of way and make his case so it's very hard for them to prosecute a strategy that was similar to what i think some people had done in some other presidential scandals. >> gloria borger, you have already seen inconsistencies between what musical cohen will testify to, according to his written statement and what have been reported about what president trump has said to
5:42 am
investigators. >> well, cnn did the story. in fact, dana was a part of that story saying that the president denied to mueller in writing that roger stone told him anything about wreaks. a.p. did another story. let me read what the president said then, when wikileaks came out, never heard of it. all i was saying look if all this information is out there, this is pretty good stuff. and what michael cohen is saying is, uh-huh, i was sitting there while he was having this conversation with roger and roger stone said to him, i spoke with julian, this stuff is coming out. the president said, wouldn't that be great? >> just to stop you for a moment. we are watching michael cohen arrive on capitol hill just moments ago. he is carrying documents with him. he seems to be in a relaxed
5:43 am
stance. >> he is smiling. there were smiles there. he is hobnobing with the capitol hill police who are walking him in. >> you know, i can say i think this is a moment for michael cohen that actually he has wanted for quite some time. he has said, i'm not going to be the veil lane in this. i changed my mind. he always uses the date, july 2nd, 20s 18 was my independence day. and i think in a way this kat /* catharctic for him. i think this is something he actually wants to do and sees this as a moment in history for himself and for the country and is full of remorse as you can see from the opening statement. >> he will have a couple years to think about what he does today. the point that dproria raised that michael cohen is going to testify, he heard this
5:44 am
conversation. president trump has said in, you know, written statements that the conversation didn't happen. both of these things can't be true. >> exactly. >> so legally, jeffrey, where does this go? >> well, and it's also worth pointing out that roger stone denies that it happened. roger stone says, first of all, he's never spoken to julian assange in his life, second, he never told donald trump anything about wikileaks. period. i mean, i, you know, he sometimes says well, i don't remember telling anything to the president or candidate trump about wikileaks. but by and large he denies that this conversation took place. so you have three people. >> right. >> who are a party to this alleged conversation. stone, trump, and cohen. and two of them deny that it took place. now, you could argue that i are the ones who have motives to lie
5:45 am
about it and cohen has the mod modus to tell the truth. in the absence of further corroboration, i don't know where prosecutors go with this. >> again, that is already what i am hearing from people who are associated with the trump legal team this morning. >> that exact point. you have three people, two of whom are saying this didn't happen. one, at least two of them claim they have said this. people around them have said that they said this under oath. so unless there is corroboration, you can't prove it. >> none of those three. >> special counsel did not use this. don't forget, one of them wants a pardon. roger stone. one of them is in a position to give it and michael cohen is going to jail. so the question is. >> what a crew. wow. >> yeah, but the question is, who has more motive to be truthful? cohen has nothing to lose at this point, quite honestly.
5:46 am
he could get a reduction in sentence, i suppose, jeffrey. but i think, you know, i think roger stone is still looking at that pardon from the president. >> on the corroboration. let's see if the investigation is opened in the fbi during campaign. we don't know what corroboration came out of that. we don't know what phone records, e-mail records, intercepts. we just don't know. we won't know until mueller comes out. so we may get an answer to this it may be unanswered. >> we do know none of those three people named there are in the honesty hall of fame. i will say, there are no busts. >> no medals. >> no, thank you all very much. we will have much more on cnn's breaking news coverage next. stick around. biopharmaceutical researchers.
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5:51 am
he looks rather relaxed. he carries a stack of documents. >> his shoulders look good. >> we are back with joe. you are saying of these 20 pages of michael cohen testimony that he's about to give is in a political realm. >> how are we dissecting all of this? >> we have been in a quasi-legal political realm. now octobbjectively, you have grounds to open a process to see whether the president committed a high crime misdemeanor. in 1998, it was an inappropriate relationship with an intern. it could be anything. political politically, i don't think the democrats want to impeach, unite republicans. it levels the plain field i think for trump.
5:52 am
they rather this just go on. politically, this is a disaster for trump to have all of these things just hanging over. it is a powerful argument that a democrat can make and should make in 2020 that this guy was elected by conspiracy with the russians to defraud the american public, he has done all of these things, let's let the voters decide as to oppose to having impeachment trial and hearing. it is very hard. you will see from democrats this poll because they also think he's a danger to the country. >> dan, i think i am with you. >> dan, i want to underscore the time difference when joe alluded there when he dealt with this under bill clinton, he was in his second term. the voters did not have a chance to decide. now they do, that's a major difference in the democrats c
5:53 am
calculation. that's where they are twisting and turning about how to deal with it as joe laid out so well. they understand from history and from seeing very different level of what happened with brett kavanaugh and attribute a lot of the democratic losses in red states to backlash against democrats over what happened to kavanaugh. imagine it is not kavanaugh but the actual president, it would make that look kind of minor politically speaking. on the other hand, you know, they have a lot of pressure on the left, this is why we elected you, this is why we put a majority in the house to hold the president accountable and look at things, the mueller report laid out by the former fixer. >> gloria. i want you to bring us inside the hearing room today. we know republicans, jim jordan,
5:54 am
is the ranking member of this committee. they are going to hammer at michael cohen. what is that going to look like? i think there are some strategies, michael cohen, releasing this beforehand because he knows he's going to be hit hard. >> james comey kind of did that and it worked for him. you have matt gaetz who's not on the committee and tweeted that ridiculous tweet and had to pull it back and i think it is going to get ugly. what you have in a lot of michael cohen's testimony is insight into how the president operates. i think they'll push back really hard on what did you know specifically, for example, he says in his testimony, mr. trump did not tell me to lie to
5:55 am
congress, period. he says that's not how he operates and he went on and on and said he would look at me in the eye and say there is no business with russia when they both knew there was business pending in russia and then he would say go out and tell the american people the same thing. he was telling me a lie. at some point the republicans are going to say he never told you to lie. you're just assuming this and the american people can't assume it and you are assuming it. >> gloria and dan, thank you all very much for being with us this morning. thank you for this remarkable three hours of walking us through this. >> it is an incredible morning. cnn's coverage with jake tapper and wolf blitzer, we'll pick up after this short break. we looked at business insurance, our mortgage, even our plans to adopt.
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