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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  March 1, 2019 4:00am-5:01am PST

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for our u.s. viewers, new reports about jared kushner's top ski correo he crete securit clearance. >> he made sure he got a security clearance. >> hand picked white house counsel and chief of said we have a problem here. there were real concerns. >> i was never involved with the security. i don't want to get involved in that stuff. >> this is the biggest problem with having family in official positions, because it's much harder to be objective. >> he was able to shed light on a lot of issues have some nuchbt questions we had for him went unanswered. >> they're doing what they said before the election, that the whole goal is to impeach the president. >> mr. weisselberg is in our sites. he's been there 40 years, he has the keys to the kingdom. >> i will be back only mar marc there's more to discuss. good morning, everyone. welcome to your new day. "new york times" has a bombshell report this morning revealing that president trump ordered his
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then chief of staff john kelly to give his son-in-law, jared kushner, a top secret security clearance. the times says the president made that demand despite concerns from intelligence officials, even the top white house lawyer. >> jenn general kelly was so disturbed by what was going on that he reportedly made a contemporaneous memo about the president's order and this report directly contradicts the president's public denials that he had any role in kushner's security clearance when adds to the number of lies that we have learned about this week. >> joining us on the phone now is one of the reporters who broke this story. our friend maggie haberman of the "new york times." good morning, maggie. >> good morning. >> how did jared kushner get his security clearance? >> well, according to our reporting it was ordered by the president by way of john kelly despite the objection of some career personnel security office folks and the white house counsel, donald f. mcgahn.
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john kelly wrote a memo saying that he was -- the president ordered that jared kushner get a clearance. kelly thought whatever it was the president was saying he took it as an order. why it's striking, among other things, the president has the authority do this. but he told me when i asked him in the oval office several weeks ago that he had no role in this. ivanka trump said publicly her father had no role in it. and abbe lowell, jared kushner's lawyer said last year that this went through a normal process, a point that he made i think on cnn as well as to us after the clearance came through. there has to be a reason why it was that everybody did not want to point to what had actually happened. and we don't know what that reason is. again, the president legally can do this so why say he didn't? >> good point. and we have that audio. and i just want to play it for everybody because, i mean about, we get to why people were so concerned about giving jared kushner security clearance, let's just play the exchange
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that you had with the president where he's not telling the truth about what he did. listen to this. >> you tell anyone else in the white house to overrule security officials? >> no, i don't think i have the authority do that. i'm not zhaire. >> yi do. >> you do. >> but i'm not sure i'd do. i was never involved with his security. i know just from reading i know that there was issues back and forth about security for numerous people, actually. but i don't want to get involved in that stuff. >> he said i wouldn't do it. maggie there is weird, because often when the president breaks protocol he does so proudly. and so the idea that he would lie directly to you, why? >> i don't know. i mean, i don't know and, you know, all we've gotten back from the white house is that they don't discuss security
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clearances. candidly i felt there was a real chance when i asked them that question that he was going to say, yes drer , he did do it. i assumed that is what he was going to say, that he chose not to for whatever reason. again, we don't know. it is within his authority to say regardless of what people think of it, jared kushner is who i want to have looking at middle east peace and looking at a host of other global issues and therefore he needs this clearance because he can't do his job without it. they could have just said that and they chose not to. >> so now let's get to why people in the intel community and beyond were so concerned. why didn't chief of staff then john kelly want jared to have this? why didn't don mcgahn, white house counsel at the time want him to have this? why didn't the fbi and the cia think that this was appropriate for jared kushner? >> so i should note here that according to our reporting, we reported this past last year, jared kushner and ivanka trump were very frustrated about the clearance issue when his
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clearance was downgraded in february of 2018 after a review of the clearance process they felt like john kelly and don mcgahn were targeting them for petty reasons, not for anything legitimate. the fbi and the cia during the course of jared kushner's background check had flagged concerns. among those concerns was that he had not disclosed initially open his application for security clearance some contacts with foreign officials, including a meeting with a russian banker during the transition. jared kushner's folks said that was a clerical error, that it was fixed overtime. but there was concerns flagged by intelligence officials about questions of whether he would be susceptible to foreign influence. they noted how many interactions with foreign governments and officials that he personally had as well as due to his family's real estate. and this went on for a very long time. it was a source of enormous frustration for the white house that jared kushner's security clearance is getting such attention, as i said, a source of frustration to them. and the personnel security office was divided as to whether he should get one.
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the white house counsel erred on the side of recommending that it not happen. >> ha does thwhat does this mea? what is jared kushner privy to now that the intel committee thought he shouldn't see? >> we don't know the details but he has access to top security issues with other countries, deals with trade, but it is stuff that fbi and cia officials have voiced concern about. he still does not have an sci clearance which is the one that's attached to a cia review. >> maggie hashman, thank yberma for all your reporting and sharing it with us. >> have a good weekend. i want to bring in joe lockhart, former white house secretary, and margaret tala from bloomberg news who just got back from vietnam flying on air
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force one on that flight. thank you for waking up. i don't know when the last time you slept was. >> i don't even know what day it is so we're all good. >> we'll give you a second to rest up, i'm going to joe first with this question since you worked in the white house. a few issues raised by this story. number one, why did intelligence want jared kushner to have the clearance. number two, why did the president say, man, had all of his officials are telling him don't do this and number three why is he lying about it? >> i'll take the third first because it's the easiest because trump's instinct on any hard question is to lie first and then backtrack. you've seen this multiple times, thousands of times that when he gets pressed on a question where he doesn't know the answer, he just denies. i think on the reasons that the intel community were concerned are a couple. one is his veracity. he didn't tell the truth. he had to file his form four times. he has a well-respected lawyer in washington, he had the resource dos it right. he chose to withhold. the second is, and this goes to
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the broader trump organization and the president, he's continued to do business, he's continued to -- with his family be involved in a multibillion dollars business around the world that is constantly trying to raise money and that makes him susceptible to influencing u.s. poll city to benefit his business. and that's why, you know, the intel community and the fbi, you know, i think just look at this right and do it by the book. the really significant part is the white house counsel, a political appointee said no. and he not only said no, he said no to the son-in-law of the president. that's -- that's a pretty courageous decision. and, you know, again, why did he lie? because he lies. >> i guess i see it differently because a lot of times the president is unapologetic when he does something that breaks convention. so i hear this differently, this lie here when he tells maggie, rebecca, i don't think i have
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the authority do that. i wouldn't do it anyway. that's so braisen. that's such a bold face lie. i'm not sure why i went there. do you have any insight into this? >> it's extremely puzzling with the president has the authority to make this decision and he does, and as you said, he has no problem breaking with convention, elevating jared and ivanka in the white house, why wouldn't he own this decision? why wouldn't he just explain that he assessed the analysis of the against community and thought that their concerns were without warrant. and so this is exactly why these questions are exactly why we are likely to see congressional democrats look into this issue further. elijah cummings on the oversight committee says he believes this is an issue worth examining they're considering subpoenaing the white house for documents relating to this decision. i think this just maggie's great reporting is just the beginning here and we're going to be seeing this -- this issue continue and hopefully get some
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answers to these very important questions. >> congressional democrats are going to look into this further. could be the title of any one of six stories. >> that's right. >> today, margaret, because that's where we are. michael cohen fichb nished his behind closed doors.ny yesterday we learned he's coming back next week to testify behind closed doors. felix sater is coming to testify. allan weiss willberg, there are a couple alan weisselberg, they want him. this seems to be what the democrats rejoiced in, which is oversight, aggressive oversight and investigations that won't go away for some time, margaret. >> and, john, i think we can see at this point the democrats investigation seems to be heading much closer to questions about the trump organization, whether it's -- what happened inside the internal finances of the organization, whether it's
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related to golf courseors development or contacts overseas. this i think is where the jared kushner security clearance nexus and where the democrats are going have the potential to meet in the middle. we have no idea what, if any, jared kushner's exposure is in bob mueller's investigation. but we do know over the course of the last several months when you talk to lawyers around the white house, around congress, what many of them say is that the fact that jared kushner had gotten his security clearance and was able to go forward, had given them the sense that he was not sort of in the crosshairs of the investigation. and think we may see some new questions about that, although, as i said, we don't know the answers to that. but, yeah, look. every since novemb ever since november we know the difference between a divided congress and we're search beginning to see it now. and michael cohen's testimony this week is the beginning not the end of that. >> joe, big picture on michael
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cohen. now that we've had a day or so to digest all that he revealed, and he revealed crimes, he revealed criminal activity, some of which he says opened in the oval office, some before, but there was a whole litany crimes that any regular people would have to pay for. having lived through impeachment, as you did up close and personal, what are democrats supposed to do now? >> well, i think what democrats are going to do is, and i think you saw nancy pelosi give a strong hint yesterday, they're not going to -- they're in no rush to get to impeachment. what they want to do is establish a pattern of abuse of power, of criminal activity from within the white house, and a culture of corruption that is not just the president, it goes to the president's family, the president's cabinet. i think we're going to see a little bit more about some of these people who have left who are under investigation. and they are in no rush because, again, once they move towards
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impeachment, then the battle lines are drawn. you can't go halfway in and stop. so i think you'll see this for the whole -- this whole year you'll see them establishing a case, particularly if the -- we have a year-long court fight on whether the mueller report is made public or not. that plays right into the democrats -- >> but they establish a case and then they hope for the best at the ballot box? >> i think they establish a case and then they in 2020 they run a democrat against a president who is under investigation by five jurisdictions and the house and they let the voters decide. >> but ra beck aebecca, there's attention there. if they come on and say crime, crime, crime, while on the other hand nancy pelosi says no impeachment, no impeachment, there's attention there. >> absolutely. i think joe is right, though, that democrats are laying out the case not for impeachment, but for the president to be judged by the american people. if they're the prosecutors in this case, the voters are the jury. and this is for a couple of reasons.
4:14 am
one, i think democrats feel they're running out of time before the 2020 election. joe mentioned the potential legal battle that could ensue over the mueller report and the release of that report. that could take a while in the lead-up to the election. and then of course there's the political reality here, which is that democrats don't control the senate. it would be very difficult for them to get the 67 votes that they need for impeachment. and so this is what they're up against. and so i think they're just dealing with the political reality that's in front of them. >> so margaret, tell us about that flight home from vietnam on air force one. what did they come back and tell you about why the -- they left empty handed? >> alisyn, i wish i had an awesome, juicy briefing about what really happened. but we didn't -- we didn't really get visitors to the press cabin, neither the president himself nor aides. we're very interested to know
4:15 am
p precisely what point things turned. we were expecting to hear him give his analysis of what had happened in the summit and he didn't, he mentioned had he been in vietnam. he didn't talk about kim at all. we certainly took that as a sign that he wants to put this behind him now and move on. but you know what? you look at this in the political context, you know, the experts that i've talked to, what they were really worried about was that president trump would give away too much. and i think his instinct was probably to be able to say we reached, you know, here's the declaration of peace or here is an office that we're going to open in north korea. but most of the experts that i talked to i think were relieved that he didn't do anything like dialing back the u.s. military posture. in terms of 2020 i'm not sure how much voters are going care what happened with the second north korea summit. i think in terms of what he's coming home to this week he's probably pretty frustrated that he wasn't able to gain a little bit more ground on that summit he's comes home to michael cohen and you will of these investigations. >> i got to say, there's a much
4:16 am
different friday than he was anticipating. you get the sense he wanted to be out there celebrating some ki kind of achievement. that doesn't appear to be the case. thank you very much. we have breaking news in the 2020 race. a new name joining the field of democratic contenders. the crowded field. washington's governor, governor of the washington state jay inslee just announced he is running in a new video statement posted just moments ago. cnn's vanessa is live in sweeeae with that. vanessa. >> reporter: governor jay inslee here in the state of washington announcing he is throwing his hat in the race for president. he is the 11th individual, the 11th major democrat to announce a run or an exploratory committee. it's notable that he's the only governor to have announced so far in a sea of democrats. he's in his second term here in the state of washington. he was also a member of
4:17 am
congress. but what's really interesting is that in that announcement video that just came out a short time ago, is he running on a single issue, and that is climate change. often when we hear people come out and announce, they talk about a couple issues, healthcare, immigration, income inequality. but for governor inslee, that issue that's most important to him is climate change. it's also notable that it's in direct contrast to what the president has said about climate change. often questioning it's validity, often questioning officials and scientists in his own administration and his own government on the issue. but let's take a listen to a little bit of jay inslee's campaign video that he released just a short time ago. >> we have an opportunity to transform our economy, run on 100% clean energy that will bring millions of good-paying jobs to every community across america. create a more just future for everyone. i'm jay inslee and i'm running
4:18 am
for president because i'm the only candidate who will make defeating climate change our nation's number one priority. we can do this. join our movement. this is our moment. >> reporter: we can expect to see the governor a little later today. he will have his first event as a candidate at a solar panel installer facility that's very much in line with his messaging. we'll also see him hit the road in nevada and iowa later this week. and, alisyn, he'll be out there sort of road testing this single issue as we get further and further into the race and more and more candidates announce. it will be interesting to see, alisyn, whether or not voters are very much interested in a single issue candidate and whether or not that issue is climate change. alisyn. >> that's really interesting. just another candidate announcement that we bring you first on new day.
4:19 am
and we'll be watching to see what governor inslee does next. all right. president trump has claimed he could not make his tax returns public because they are under audit. but his former personal attorney casts doubt on that story. so we talked to a member of the house committee that could get the president's taxes next. one hour pickup order? got it. ran out of ink and i have a big meeting today and 2 boxes of twizzlers.. yeah, uh...for the team... the team? gooo team.... order online pickup in an hour. get up to $200 off on pcs and your tech destination. at office depot officemax
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this is a big game changer. this is the new wave, and whoever doesn't get on, i think they would be left behind. just one more way we go beyond at&t. right now get fast, reliable internet and add wifi pro for a low price. comcast business. beyond fast. michael cohen casting doubt on president trump's repeated claim that he cannot release his taxes because they are under audit. so, what will lawmakers do now? joining us now to discuss is republican congressman tom reed. he serves on the house ways and means committee who chair mapp has the legal authority to request president trump's taxes. congressman, thanks for being here. >> great to be with you. >> do you want to see president trump's taxes? >> you know, i think going down this path of having the chair of the ways and means committee
4:24 am
request tax returns say dangerous path. that's a tremendous amount of power and if you weaponize this in this political environment, i will tell you, don't be surprised in the future years that other chairmen are going use this for political purposes. that's a danger that we need to recognize on this issue. >> so you're interest has been piqued as to what's in president trump's taxes? >> you know what? what i'm interested in, there was a good conversation. i'll give credit to chairman neil. what we focussed on was thee disclosure forms that we all file as candidates to protect the privacy of those that are affiliated with a candidate that's running for president, why don't we focus on the disclosure forms, amend those, get all the information out in a more detailed analysis so that innocent bystanders also their privacy has to be respected in this conversation are not brought into this political warfare. >> do you believe the president's taxes are under audit? >> i believe my understanding of the general audit policies out of the irs, yes, a business of
4:25 am
that magnitude, a business of that size is under a general audit type of situation. but i don't know that first. >> and of course you don't know it first hand and you don't know if for a fact because he hasn't produced any evidence or any letter that he's under audit. >> sure. but knowing how the irs operates, the standard of audits for businesses such as what we're dealing with here, that wouldn't surprise me that that's the situation. >> did you change your opinion when you heard michael cohen who worked with the president for ten years very closely and knew a lot about his finances when, let me remind everybody, what michael cohen told the oversight committee on wednesday? listen to this. >> what he didn't want was to have an entire group of think tanks that are tax experts run through his tax return and start ripping it to pieces and then he'll end up in an audit. >> so could you presume from that statement that he wasn't under audit?
4:26 am
>> i presume that he's not under audit. >> michael cohen thinks thats preside that the president is not under audit and he's trying to avoid scrutiny. >> i didn't hear that from michael cohen. and so believe michael cohen say questionable foundation to start with. he said presumed. if you're his personal attorney, high don't you know that? you're talking about all the private information, you presume that he is? that shows credibility issues with michael cohen. >> let me read to you exactly ver bait tim tim, what he didn't want, what the president didn't want was to van entire group of think tanks that are tax experts run through his tax return and start rip tping it to pieces an then he'll end up in an audit. that's from his conversation with the president. >> and then when he was asked the follow-up question he said i presume. why would you have to presume if you're you're private attorney, you either know that or not. why do you make an assumption in
4:27 am
that swaption? situation? i don't think that's a smoking bun if the bottom line on the tax issue is if we go down this path of weaponizing the ways and means committee for political purposes, we do did eyes wide open. that's the alnaritiveternative d video advocating for. >> you think if president trump has to release his taxes, that there will be -- that willy-nilly all sorts of private citizens, the irs is going to and congress is going to force them to release their taxes, that's what you're afraid of? >> that's on the tax returns. that's on -- that's in the schedules. that's in the additional exhibits. absolutely. a complicated tax return like that is going to get incidental business relationships disclosed -- unless you redact everything. >> yeah. >> and then you'll have the question is this really a credible release of tax returns because someone's hiding something. >> well i'm glad you brought that up. do you ever wonder what the president is hiding by not
4:28 am
releasing them? >> you know, i'll defer to the president it's his decision to release them. he did this openly, did he this with the american people knowing he was not going to release them. he became -- >> no, he promised he was going to actually. that's not true, congressman. he promised at some point he was going to release them and then he didn't. >> and he didn't. but at the time that people were voting they knew exactly where the president stood on it. that's where i trust the people of the wisdom on this election. he was dually elected our president and now we're going to go through a year's worth' political theater on impeachment and other issues coming down the pipeline on the other side. you know who loses that entire conversation is the american people where we have an opportunity to do something substantively for the people rather than distract on these attacks on impeachment. >> let's move on because i know that you're part of a bipartisan effort and legislation to prevent future presidents from being able to declare national emergencies and go around congress. so, why did you support the
4:29 am
president doing it this time? >> absolutely. because remember the resolution we voted on was under the national emergency act. and that is exactly the problem. congress under that act has given tremendous authority to the president. and when we gave that authority away as congress because congress and congressional leaders don't want to have the hard votes on record, the president has the authority to make these determinations and act. and when i looked at the border, i saw the crisis at the border. given the fact that congress delegated the authority, president has the authority to make that determination, i agreed with the assessment it's a crisis. now, what i'm ke very concernve about is high did we delegate that authority to the president? congress needs to take that authority back so that the president doesn't have this broad discretion that even this president and future presidents will have if we do not act. >> but you volunteer koh have voted to block it this time. since you object to the overarching principle of a president being able to declare a national emergency and take
4:30 am
the purse strings from congress, you could koh have voted to block it this time. >> but when there's a crisis and the law is the law and i agreed with the crisis determination by the president. what i do want is congress to be coequal in a national emergency declaration. that's what this amendment that time proposing and many of my colleagues in a bipartisan way are proposing is we make sure congress plays a role in this. we've got 31 national emergencies on the books from the carter administrations and beyond that are still there because the president has just acted. president indicator declared a national emergency and it's still in effect today? congress has advocated its role. it needs to step up and take its authority back. >> we appreciate talking to you on new day. thank you. michael cohen's testimony could be trouble for some republican supporters of the president and it could be trouble for some of his democratic critics. why both may now be in a no-win situation. that's next.
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so is blood thicker than intelligence some that is the question this morning following
4:35 am
this report in the "new york times," the report that president trump ordered his chief of staff john kelly to grant his son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner a top secret security clearance last year overruling concerns flagged by intelligence officials and the white house top lawyer don mcgahn. joining us now to discuss this and much more, michael smerconish, the host of smerconish. thanks so much for being with us this morning. you've read the report and listened to some of the coverage and you have a slightly different take on what's most important here. what do you see? >> well, i think that all of the attention on why the president would be, again, at odds with the intelligence community, because that's really what this is about, is worthy of interest. but i keep wondering what is it about jared kushner that created all these questions to begin with? is it the meeting at trump tower with the woman who was arriving promising dirt on hillary clinton? is it the meeting that he never
4:36 am
disclosed with sergey kislyak? is it the idea that he had to set up a backdoor communication and using the russian embassy as home base for that? what's the substantive grounds that he couldn't get the approval that was necessary when clear clearly he was the choice the president to run this middle east peace effort? >> is it possible you've just answered your own question since you've laid out a laundry list of things that he didn't disclose? that was part of the problem is that in the security clearance paperwork he didn't talk about the meeting with the bank chief in russia with ties to the kremlin. i mean, so what do you want the fbi and cia to feel if he's not disclosing this? >> well, listen, you raise a great point and maybe the answer is then they should have flat out denied. i can't help but wonder if they wanted to deny but that they were sort of held in check by the realization that this is the president's son-in-law and so they ditherred, it sat for a
4:37 am
while and created this opening where the president can go to john kelly and say is this what what i want you do. kelly papered the file, mcgahn papered the file in classic cia fashion and the president got what he wanted. >> 7 hours 21 minutes cohen testified in congress yesterday. >> with a lunch break. >> that's not including the two days behind closed doors but i want to focus on the public testimony. at the close of that hearing what was the feeling that you were left with? you just watched a long gathering of the roundtable or was it something different? >> i thought it was a preview of coming attractions in the is what an impeachment process will look like. it will be -- it will be little on facts and huge on partisanship. everybody suited up in their usual armor. i had one observation, though, that is that that check -- i bet that roy cohen who was the original fixer for donald trump is probably rolling over in his grave at the realization that trump signed a check regardless
4:38 am
of what the intent was. i know that there's a tendency to look at that check and say, ah-ha, there it is, exhibit "a" for him violating campaign finance regulations. but there's a different interpretation. michael cohen said that donald trump and those at the highest level of the campaign never expected to win that election. by the way, that comports with my own knowledge of the trump campaign. the figure that i heard is that they thought they'd tap out at 240 and regardless half they say, they never expected to exceed 270. well, if michael cohen is right that the president never expected to win the election, doesn't that embolden the president's argument that he wrote that check to protect his brand, his marriage, his ability to have another reality tv show and not to dissuade voters in the 11th hour of the campaign? because after all, as michael cohen said, he didn't think he was going to win anyway. >> but he wrote it when he was in the white house.
4:39 am
he wrote it avenue won. >> after he won. >> but having cut the deal, your great point, but he cut that deal before he became president. why did he cut the deal? mueller has to get into his head and assess his intent. and i think it will bolster the argument that his intent was to protect himself because he didn't think when he woke up on wednesday morning he'd be the president-elect. >> what the prosecutors look at there, they say the timing right before the election does draw that into question question. and ami as part of their agreement, that's the owners of the "enquirer," said in writing as part of those legal proceedings that their role in this was purely for political and campaign purposes. that's part of the legal process right now. but you're right, if and what this ever does come to a crime with the res, they will have to prove intent. i want to get your take on north korea also in the meetings that the president walked out of yesterday with kim jong-un. the president's back in the white house now. the president people say it was better to walk away from a bad deal than accept the bad deal. but should he have ever been in that position in hanoi if they
4:40 am
weren't going to make a deal? >> usually what transpired is that all the work is done by the underlings and by the time that the principals get together they're dotting the is and crossing the ts. so i'm critical of the president for being there if the deal wasn't already cut. but, willing to give him credit for walking away because i was one of those who, as the michael cohen hearing was under folding, the public hearing, i was very worried that as a diversionary tactic the president would cut a deal, any deal, just to try to change the narrative of what was being discussed at home. to his credit, he did not to do that. instead, he packed his bag and got on that plane. >> michael smerconish, great too to talk to you. thanks so much. >> you too. >> be sure to watch his show tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern right here on name. >> after years of blasting president obama's arbitrary quote timetables for pulling out of afghanistan, it looks like president trump is about to do
4:41 am
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4:45 am
reporting that the u.s. militaries offering to withdraw from afghanistan entirely over the next five years leaving the taliban in control of a majority of the country. so much for learning lessons of september 11th. the taliban controlled failed state is what created the safe haven for osama bin laden in the first place which gave rise to this. >> every nation in every region now hoos a decisias a decision . either you are with us or you were the tear sfwliftss thrrori >> that was the bush doctrine and it led us to a war in iraq. the taliban still control and are fighting for roughly 60% of afghanistan. they're ideology not only coddled terrorist training camps and blew up priceless statues of the buddha, but it left girls uneducated, women virtually enslaved and the population brutalized. now we're negotiating a one-sided peace deal with these people. and part of the reason why, the
4:46 am
"new york times" reports, is to fit into president trump's isolated instincts, no matter the cost. the same policy pulling our troops out of syria, conceding crucial ground to vladimir putin, the same policy that caused james mattis to quit in protest. keep in mind that while he always pushed for withdrawing from afghanistan, private citizen trump repeatedly blasted president obama's weakness and withdraw time tables, all things trump appears to be engaging in now. almost eight between years in war, more than a trillion dollars spent, the taliban is stronger and controls more territory than at any point since the conflict began. the lot of ground isn't just happening over there. the foundation that's helping with the first responders is about to rouchbt money. and first responders are dying faster than ever before and the senate can't make the fund permanent. john stu stewart has remained
4:47 am
committed to this. he's been to capitol hill receiver times already on this issue and can't believe he's back again. >> this is nonsense. you guys know it, i know it, this is theater. we're all down here today, there's no reason to have dra d dragged these people down here. there's no reason to have to have these conversations. it's bull [ bleep ]. >> he's right. congress shouldn't need to be asked twice for this. i'm old enough to remember after the attacks one very popular slogan, never forget. but now nearly two decades later we seem to have forgot pen as we prepare to turnover a majority of afghanistan to the taliban after america's longest war. and congress can't even properly fund our first responders relief fund without prodding from a comedian. we can do better and they deserve better. and that's your reality check. >> john, such a good point. this one should be an easy one. >> i can't believe we keep seeing john stewart having to go to washington to lobby for this. it really is stunning. >> thank you very much. all right.
4:48 am
intense body cam video captures chicago police going beyond the call of duty. they rude a man stuck in freezing cold water after he went into save his dog. cnn's ryan young has the story. >> reporter: intense body cam video shows the moment chicago police walked into a frozen lake michigan beach to rescue a man who had fallen through the ice. >> got a little space. >> reporter: the man fell into the lake while trying to save his dog in several feet of freezing water. he became stuck between large crashing waves and blocks of ice too big and slip troy climb over. a look from above shows the danger officers faced. after a 911 call from a woman on the beach, at least five chicago police officers rushed to the frozen beach, including sergeant alex silva. >> there was a lot of wave action, it was windy. it was extremely cold. it was below zero i believe that
4:49 am
day. the water testimony's mperature degrees above freezing. >> they say he and his fellow officer didn't train for this. but with the man yelling that his hands were starting to go numb waiting for firefighters to arrive wasn't an option. >> we realized we're walking out over ice to get to him, which was nerve-wracking but we had to get to him quickly. . >> reporter: the officers didn't hesitate. lying down on the unstable ice to form a human chain using a dog leash to try and pull him out. >> and then we jifust kind of without even talking to each other we kind of fell into place. he went first, i went next to him, everyone behind belts.
4:50 am
>>. >> give him the dog. right in his lap. >> i'm a police officer, absolutely. but you're a person first and someone's in distress, i like to think that most people, you jus saved the person's life. >> oh, my god. >> you're good, man. >> cnn, chicago. >> oh, my gosh. god bless those officers for the rescue. now this. she worked with donald trump for 18 years. does she think the president is a con man and a cheat and a racist as michael cohen described?
4:51 am
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4:56 am
floor, how one woman changed the face of construction." barbara rez, nice to see you. you thought michael cohen's testimony rang true to you? >> very much so. i reacted when he would say something. >> like what? >> like when he said code, i understood what he meant. >> that the president spoke in code. >> he didn't have to say what he wanted you to do exactly. he implied what would be good. what would be the right outcome, something he would like to see and make it happen without him telling you what to do. >> did you ever feel you were asked to lie for donald trump at the time? >> yeah. i mentioned this in the article i wrote. i was asked to sign off on the functional obsolescence of the hotel building before trump tower was built. i had no knowledge of it so i said no. that set a tone for him where he didn't ask me to do things he knew i wouldn't do. >> why do you think -- if you
4:57 am
believe the people around donald trump were will be to lie for him, why was that? >> i think you're broken in slowly. it's a little thing and a bigger thing. next thing you know you're entrenched in it and you start believing what donald says and you think it's true. that kind of thing. he reels you in. people want to win his favor. i did, too. i did things that i said to myself, hmm, but to curry favor and he's the boss, get the promotion, the money, whatever. so you do. you get lured in. >> when michael cohen testified to the various crimes, the paying off of the porn star, the defrauding of a charity, the insurance fraud, the tax fraud, could any of that have happened without donald trump knowing about it? >> i can't imagine anything happening of any import at all
4:58 am
at the trump organization which is what we called it, without him knowing about it. >> he knew about things little and small? >> depending on who he was talking to. years ago he had a lot of faith in people and let them do their jobs like me, architects, other people. i see him doing less now. people tell him what to do and he does the opposite. my inclination is to say he gets into the little things too, at this point. anything major back then. something like the trump tower meeting with the russians, that was major, major. he would know about that, absolutely. >> why do you think it is that you are one of the only people from the trump organization that will speak out about what your experience is? why don't more people, past and present speak? >> present people are under nondisclosure agreements. >> you didn't have to sign? >> no, i didn't. the only people when i was working for him -- if you were fired you would get severance pay and promise not to
4:59 am
disparage. i was never fired. so i spoke to a lot of people there and some people want to maintain their privacy. others are afraid. i thought maybe i was going to help with the contribution to win the election for the democrats back when. i thought i was doing my part, to be honest with you. >> also, let's be honest. you have been on the receiving end of some threats when you spoke out. from whom? >> well, michael cohen called me. the first article i wrote which i thought was somewhat flattering to trump. it was balanced. said something like you have my home number to the fact that it was libelous or defamation. it was going in that direction. i said, michael, i have people here. i can't discuss it now. i'll call you back. i never called him back. that was the end of it. >> you took it as a threat? >> definitely. >> we appreciate you being able to shine a light on what your
5:00 am
experience was. >> my pleasure. >> there is a new report exposing another potential lie from president trump. "new day" continues right now. >> jared kushner's background check has been a problem. the president ordered john kelly to give one. >> the president had no involvement pertaining to my husband's clearance. >> there is no way to defend. those things should be disturbing to people. >> there was new material that took me by surprise. >> on march 6 i will be back. there is more to discuss. >> he lied so much. when it came to collusion, he said no collusion. >> a texas butterfly sanctuary vows to keep fighting trump's border wall. >> congressionally approved plans would have spared this place, but trump's emergency order trumps that. >> they were cutting down trees and said the government sent us to clear this land for the border wall. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> welcome to your


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