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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 4, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>> okay. lisa, always appreciate. thank you. >> thank you. thanks for spending some time with us. the lead with jake tapper starts right now. the lead starts right now. his white house, his children, democrats are demanding information from dozens of people and organizations in president trump's world as they launch a tremendous probe into whether he abused his power. the president speaking this hour. how might he respond? getting personal. sanders showing us how he plans to breakthrough there a younger and more diverse democratic crowd. an american taken prisoner allegedly tortured in saudi arabia. will president trump speak up against the crown prince this
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time? house democrats es calating ther investigations. three house committee intelligence, foreign affairs and oversight teamed up to push for answers with putin, asking in a letter being able to interview state department translatran translators. it comes as the house judiciary committee sent letters to 81 people and entities in the president's orbit. the dme demanding information from individuals such as the president's sons donald trump jr. and his son-in-law kushner, michael cohen. steve bannon and on and on. some of the entities, the cur ner companies and even the fbi.
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when asked about the letters today trump put it on the same scale as mull mueller's russia investigation. >> it is a political hoax. >> there is more. democrats may deny efforts but it sure does look as though they are trying to lay some ground work. >> the house judiciary committee announcing a strong investigation into the president's inner circle trying to uncover evidence that the president abused his power. the chairman of the committee sent letters to 81 individuals and entities connected to the president including family members like his sons. >> it is very clear department
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of justice. the scope is breathtaking. looking into everything from whether the president is benefitting financially from foreign interests as well as campaign contacts with the russians. >> a porn star and former playboy play meate. >> it is their responsible to do anything less would be delinquent. >> trump said. >> i cooperate all of the time with everybody. you know the beautiful thing? no collusion. it's all a hoax. >> republicans contend it's all part of a democratic effort to take down the president. >> i think there are a lot of house members that decided they wanted start the election early. they will do everything they can
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to tear down the president. i'm not saying the republicans wouldn't do it if the shoe were on the other foot. >> democrats are giving house committees some breathing room to ifirst investigate the president at least for now. >> i understand the leadership may want to build a stronger case or figure out what's happening in the mueller investigation. i defer to the claihair and par leadership. >> house oversight chairman is threatening to subpoena the white house for records over kushner security clearance. after new york times report revealed that the president o r overruled concerns to give access to classified information. >> i would certainly support an issuance if we don't get cooperation of the white house. >> there are 81 names and entities. that is just the beginning. expect more names to come
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forward in the coming days and weeks. at the same time you mentioned three powerful committee chairman demanding a range of documents from the white house and state department to detail what exactly happened in those conversations between putin and donald trump asking for transcribed interviews including with a translator that was at the meeting. >> okay. let's dye into this. democratic leaders keep saying it's too early to talk about impeachment. >> do you think the president obstructed justice? >> yes. i do. >> if that's the case is the decision not to pursue simply political if you believe he obstructed justice? >> no. we have to do the investigations and get all of this. before you impeach somebody you have to puersuade the american public. >> is this what we are about to
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experience, two years using subpoena power to persuade the president does not belong in office? >> i think you'll see a thoughtful investigation. democrats are trying to be very mindful. you heard him say that. you heard them say defer to the chair. i think you'll see a process by which all of these pieces of evidence i would argue like the chat we saw during the michael cohen hearing or aexperience, how does this evidence fit together? is it grounds for impeachment? i would remind you he was impeached for lying and that is -- some believe it is an impeachable deoffense. there is a lot more on whether or not we have collusion. there may be cover up. there may be all sorts of other things. unfortunately for the president the problem we have talked about this again and again, there continues to be more everyday all of the time that there are
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wrong doings. >> and you disagree with everything karen just said. >> i don't think they are being cautious. you heard him say he is guilt dptsguilty of obstruction. he is guilty of collusion. so look, the reality is they are not getting cautious. it will be their downfall. 80 people you'll interview on gosh knows what they will interview them on. they are trying to trash donald trump to do what you suggest, the next two years will be one hearing, one subpoena, one whatever just to beat him up. they will not do impeachment. they have an election next year. no reason to do an impeachment. >> we used to get letters from republicans like yourself on the hill every week asking for records. back in those days your phone
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records were literally paper. i had to pull out and xerox the copies. i still have a box of those files. >> let me ask you, one of the pressures that i think house democratic leaders feel is from members that do want to go forward with impeachment. we played a little bit of her talking about how she defers to leadership. there was more to that. take a listen. >> it has been very clear how i would vote there terms of impeachment. i understand that the leadership play want to build a stronger case and subpoena more records or figure out what's happening perhaps in the mueller investigation. i deferred to the chair and party leadership. >> she is ready to vote for impeachment. >> i think voters and members come from different perspectives. if you look there has been lots of polling on this. they support the special counsel
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and there is an increasing number of people who feel crimes are being uncovered. people want more public information. they are worried about lies. the president feels he lies more than other presidents. it is becoming increasingly serious in the minds of voters i think more than we saw in the beginning as we continue to have this conversation. >> and one of the things that's interesting here is there's no standard for what an impeachment can be for. take a listen to governor chris christie how it is ultimately a political decision. >> it is a political judgment. what can he get 67 votes for in the senate? it is high crimes and misdemeanors. tell me what that means. it means whatever 67 members think it means. >> that's the issue for house democrats they need to get 67 votes otherwise it's a wasted vote. >> there are politicians in a
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world. they have to make it part of the discussion. i think there's a shift the party is making that's going to be tough and maybe ran before some voters as suspicious download is the mueller report was to be the gold standard. he is the guy we can trust. everything is really important. as soon as it comes out we are going to say we are going to keep doing this for two years. no. some of that is perfectly legit. here is the final point. there is a way to say we generally do that in the campaign. there's an opportunity to do that very soon. >> how do you do that, the idea they were talking about conspiracy. neater will prove direct evidence but no direct evidence and now democrats are talking about subpoenaing individuals or
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asking for individuals and provide information. >> i think we are talking about a couple of different things here. the mueller information was to look into collusion. certainly when you have national security apparatus we had others on the hill saying yes, the russians are still at it, by the way. that is a valid question for congress and their role for the intel committees to take a look at if we believe that is still happening we need to understand what are the linkages. it's different than mueller is looking at. also different is this idea of a potential cover it's up. it is a check that may have been about covering up an affair with a former playboy play meat. >> it is a $130,000 violation. >> what was the intent? it does matter. at the end there may be other efforts throughout the trump
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administration like the president himself just said yesterday when he wined in the two and a half hour about jeff sessions yet again. he is so mad he didn't tell him right before he appointed him. there is plenty of evidence to suggest there was a cover up. >> and news flash. the russians have been trying to influence since the end of world war ii. >> they succeeded. >> well, they tried. >> to sit up and say -- >> yeah. >> used to be the democrats covering for the russians and all of the things they did. >> that's a lie. >> it's the truth. >> no it's not. >> your point? >> my point is that what the democrats are doing here is it
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president trump ordered to try to stop the merger at&t and time warner.
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a deal we will not approve in my administration. >> president trump attempted to see if that campaign promise was kept according to a new yorker investigation raising questions about whether he attempted to settle political scores from the oval office where he accused of making fake news stories that are. >> when where you report fake news you are the enemy of the people. >> trump summoned gacohen as jo kelly into the oval office and ordered them to pressure the
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justice department to pressure the merger of at&t and time warner and then the parent company of cnn. trump said i have been telling kelly to get this lawsuit filed and nothing happened. >> sit paints the picture of a president that is out of control. >> house intelligence committee tweeting i long figured he would use the instruments to carry out vendetta. trump spent the weekend lashing out at other enemies on all sides, blaming his former personal attorney before congress for his failure to strike a deal with north korea. trump tweeting that it is perhaps a new low american politics and may have
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contributed to the walk. >> it is for more than two hours. it is to investigate obstruction of justice, personal finances and business dealings. >> there is no collusion. now they go and morph into let's inspect every deal he has ever done. we are going to into his finances. we are going to check his deals. these people are sick. in the course of the litigation over the last several years the antitrust division's chief said this. at no time did i receive ordered instructions or directions
1:21 pm
related to this transaction. he is denying there was any undue influence. >> thanks so much. does the public care that president trump would do such a thing? is it something that is already baked in ? >> i think people feel the effects whether this remains to be seen this is something that came out today but it is certainly consistent with what we know to be true, this president and how he sort of sees the entire government at his disposal. specifically when it comes to the media they feel completely resigned to the fact that they are not sure what to think about anything they see we'll show them the full article just to get a sense of how to process it. they said i don't believe
1:22 pm
anything. do reporters just show up and concoct a story from scratch? they feel they can't trust any media source and the president and his excellents acomments ar responsible for that. they feel they can't trust whatever they see. it comes from the way he talks about the plemedia. >> tweeted about this report from the new yorker. he wrote if proven such an attempt to use presidential authority to seek retribution would unquestionably be grounds for impeachment. he is not a fan of the president but he is also a very eers conservative lawyer. >> right. no. if it were proven, which is a huge caveat here then it looks like corruption and i think could be grounds for impeachment. we are at the point democrats have to make the political calculation whether they want to do that.
1:23 pm
as to the media part of this her last big scoop was ramirez. her second allegation against kavanaugh in an extremely shotly sourced story. people look and say can i trust this and some times it is within good reason. >> so the new yorker reports that he told john kelly not to go through with what president trump was telling him to do. as he walked how he staid don't you dare do that. we are not going do business that way. >> let's be honest about this. the justice department knew the president's opinion on this. it's not like he was trying to block this. >> he campaigned that he was going to do this. i don't know what the story is
1:24 pm
here, that he tried to influence the justice department. he campaigned he didn't want this to happen. everybody knew that the president didn't want this to happen. so gary cohen going to tell him, hey, the president doesn't want this to happen is some how an impeachable offense? >> i want to ask you more details about the hush money payments. fox news had this story before the election but fox news killed the story. they report when her story didn't run fox news reporter told her colleagues that a fox executive said to her, good reporting but mur dock wants donald trump to win so let it go. that's according to the new yorkers report. do you think if that story had come out that it would have had an impact? >> i think it is impossible to know. possibly because for some people that is the kind of issue which they would vote against someone. there was so much for what was
1:25 pm
going wrong it's hard to know. >> this is after the access hollywood video. >> i understand but from my perspective the fix was already in with the russians. some of the damage was already done. that is based on research that i did after the fact with certain audiences where they were some of the talking points. here is what i think about all of this. i think what really matters is it is the job, if they are going to pursue investigations we have got to have, we have to explain why it matters. the reason i would argue it matters is if the president is focused on protecting himself and his own business interest which mhe was very interested there doing. good for him. he's a businessman. not fighting that hard for if american people and if republicans have not been using that time and effort to fight for them to get an infrastructure built that's where people start to get angry. yes he thinks thinks are
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i can customize each line for each family member? yup. and since it comes with your internet, you can switch wireless carriers and save hundreds of dollars a year. are you pullin' my leg? nope. you sure you're not pullin' my leg? i think it's your dog. oh it's him. good call. get the data options you need and still save hundreds of dollars. do you guys sell, other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. get $250 back when you pre-order a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. against the president's
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declaration in order to secure funding for a wall along the southern border funding the congress would not allocate. he is the fourth the flip and enough to flip. all of the democrats voted against it too. we are live now. this is a big loss for the president. >> it certainly could be and it certainly a rebuke to president trump notably coming from members his own party. it will push president trump to do something he has never once done before, issue a presidential veto. republican senator announcing he will vote on this one. that all but seals the deal that this republican-lead senate will send the president a resz luolu. mcconnell saying it likely will pass when it comes up over the next few weeks for a vote but also mcconnell said in the end it essentially won't change
1:32 pm
much. >> i think what is clear in the senate is that there will be enough votes to pass the resolution of disapproval can will then be vetoed by the president and then in all likelihood the veto will be upheld in the house. >> that's mcconnell there getting into if kt that congress has enough republican support to send it to president trump's desk but not enough to override the likely presidential veto they need. it is very clear they do not have that support. they likely will not have that support. the next step is republican sfl senate will vote this through. it will happen some time in the next two weeks before they leave for recess, jake. >> thanks so much. it gets a little confusing but the resolution is against the president's national emergency declaration. explaining his votes rand paul writes every single republican i
1:33 pm
know obama's use of executive power. we were right then. the only way is to stand up for same principles no matter who is in power. he is saying most are not being hone honest because they are voting against this principle. >> i'm on board with rand and i think congress should guard its powers and push back when the executive does something like this. it did not when daca was happening which i think is a he jit comparison and i think it is wise that they are even if it eventually fails. >> what do you think? >> i throw in the affordable care act. specifically counter what congress said no. you can't spend the money there and they said yes, we are. they ended up losing in court. i congressionally i think rand
1:34 pm
paul is right. i disagree. the president actually has the authority to do it. i'm glad they pushed back. i think it is stretching executive authority. i think it's a stretch and therefore i am sort of glad they are pushing back and standing up for themselves in congress. it's a good thing. >> it's for republicans in the senate that are pushing back and all of the democrats before the president declared a national emergency many republican senators expressed reservations includi including alexander. we don't have huge numbers of republicans matching those concerns. i talked to congressman, republican of michigan. he is one of 13 republicans that voted against the national declaration. take a listen. >> do you think that republicans who are supporting are abdoe kating their responsibilities to the constitution? >> i think so, yes. >> why aren't more republicans
1:35 pm
putting their money where their mouth is? >> it could be they feel nervous about primary challenges, perhaps they feel republicans, this is one of the issues where the base has moved and been driven by the president as oppos opposed. you have republicans in cycle who are up for reelection. this is in states that are trending blue. we don't flknow how they are gog to vote. >> all right. from democrats united to democrats divided. this comes after freshman democratic made more comments that leaders of her own party and suggested they have allegiance to a foreign country. the democratic chair said omar was questioning the loyalty and
1:36 pm
invoking a vile slur. omar and her supporters say she is simply challenging towards israel. this incident marking the second time in a month that omar has been accused. omar was the critic when a sign outside the west virginia house of delegates chamber tied the muslim woman to the 9/11 attacks. the republican state senate leader condemned it. let me start with you, what is the problem that house democratic leaders seem to be having with omar? >> it is not what they want to be talking about but i don't know that it's a problem. there is democracy. it is messy. it is a very diverse and new big congress. a lot of these members have different views. i think by -- >> has been accused of being
1:37 pm
anti-semitic. >> i don't agree with what she said. she certainly has a right to express her views. i certainly think what happened in west virginia is a step too far. >> in her own rights she has a different per specific ifr that she has a right to speak. i'm glad to see we have an effort don't aglree with it. i think we can't. >> she has every right to oppose the administrations policy towar towards israel and point out the deficiencies. to go to next step and say if you hold that position your allegiance is with a foreign state that is over the top and over the top in an area that has historically been very problematic. >> and you know this from polling. it indicates a democratic base
1:38 pm
is less and less supportive of israel. >> yeah. first of all i agree with what the senator said. also, there can be a conversation on israel and it's too bad that her excellencommen distracted what a lot of voters are open to having a conversation about. >> yeah. she hit is trifecta. i mean it's a pretty decent case against her. i do think part of the reason that they are having an issue with this is because there is a home for some of 24 in the base. so they are responding to that. i think pelosi wants to reign this in. the other folks want to make it clear they disagree. there will continue to be a fight about this. he says he is extremely moderate. another leads into the big
1:39 pm
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the loyalty of his supporters. he says he is learning from the shortcomings of the 2016 campaign and making a concentrated effort of reaching out directly to african pleamern voters. it come as one jumps into the crowded field and another decides not to run.
1:44 pm
>> the underlying principles of our government will not be greed, hatred and lies. it will not be racism, sexism, ho homo phobia and bigotry. >> trying to increase support among african americans which he lost by almost 57 points in 2016. taking his message to brooklyn, chicago and stop in alabama to mark the 54th anniversary of bloody sunday. >> how sad it is that 54 years later we are still fighting for the right to vote. >> we have a special guest in the building. >> sanders also appeared on the breakfast club radio show acknowledging flaws from his previous campaign.
1:45 pm
>> we were criticized for being too male to white. it because direct criticism. >> eric holder announced he will not be running for president in 2020 riding there a washington post though i will not i will continue to fight for the future of our country through the national democratic redistricting committee and affiliates. as one bowed out another opted in. former colorado governor hickenlooper saying he will run. >> we need dreamers in washington. we also need to get things done. >> after being laid off in the '80s he found success opening a series of breweries in kcolorad. he served two terms as colorado's gof flvernor working pass methane gas regulations.
1:46 pm
he hopes will make him stand apart in an ever growing field of democratic candidates. with eight years as play yor and eight years as governor he enters the race with the most executive experience. the question is does that matter and can he translate that message to the voters? time will tell. >> thanks so much. let's dive into this far 2020 story. you work for the health care health ca hillary clinton campaign. he seems to be trying to fix it. it is he doing enough? >> from the star he is. he is trying to be more mindful of, you know, he started out going to south car liolina. i think the other thing -- >> for his campaign. >> yeah. we were there early an often.
1:47 pm
i think the second piece of that will be for him that refound was that in the western states in latino communities talking about re revolution was not a popular theme because it meant something very different if you were someone that came from central america. >> or cuba. >> or cuba. i think they are trying to learn the lessons from that campaign. >> they estimate the crowds were more than 12,000. he is certainly able to command the stage. he has already shot to the top of the polls in new hampshire. a big drop off, 10% for harris and 7% for warren. >> he is the ideal logical of the democratic party. everyone is running to be like bernie. it is not surprising to me he has a solid base of support from the last time. he stayed with it. he continues to be push the
1:48 pm
envelope and we see the young voters all being like bernie. it is not a surprise he has a strong start. the question is doing it who maybe looks a little different than the white male that i think a lot of folks have some concerns about, whether they will have more appeal from the end. >> where is the democratic party right now? >> how much time do you have? so voters i think are very unified in a lot of different policies on a variety of issues. i think the same the similar for biden. this is -- it's because they have larger name id. they are more internationally known. we have a great diverse bench of candidates and voters. it doesn't mean they know who
1:49 pm
all of these folks are. when you see sanders or biden have early advantages it doesn't necessarily mean anything this far out. the polls are, there are some polls where they ask a question, who are you going to vote for? it is open ended. half say they are undecided. not only do they not know who they are voting for but they have not sure who all of the candidates are. i wouldn't read too much into the crowd size which is slowing from 2016. i saw one poll that showed or one collection of polls that sanders and biden were each each other's second choice. they could not be more different in terms of style or policy. so a lot of this is really -- >> take a listen to brown who has not announced he is running for president. he delivered some sharp criticism. >> the president talks about being a pop list.
1:50 pm
real populism is never racist. it is never anti-semitic. real population doesn't divide people. it doesn't push others down to bring others up. it doesn't give tax cuts to rich people and cut head start and social security. >> so in short he is trying to make himself the real authentic pop li populist. >> yes. in general and can have pitfalls. but to your point when you're saying all of that i would like 2015 me to say be careful. i will tell you that a 70 plus popu popu populous can walk away with figures. >> especially those that don't know. >> we will have win or take all.
1:51 pm
>> there is a poll. 41% said they would vote and 48% said they would vote for the democratic candidate. it puts trump in where they were at this point in their presidencies. >> and yet as you pointed out, who knows? i feel like anything we think we know was thrown out in 2016. there are a couple of factors. this time when donald trump runs he has a record. the last time it was let's see how this guy does. so that's different sort of decision matrix in terms of how you make the decision about who you would vote for. i think for the democrats we have such a diverse field, it is a diverse country, if we take a look at it i think the ideas and policies are more reflective. so i think we, you floknow, i tk
1:52 pm
we have a good chanceover beating it. >> you think the record is good? >> he'll have a great economy to run on and other very important things and who the democrats nominate is everything. if they nominate some crazy i'm telling you, donald trump will get relelngthed. what the trump administration is doing coming up next. ght. so even when she grows up, she'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only with expedia. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost.
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this involves a dual u.s.
1:57 pm
saudi citizen doctor that has been detained since 2017 under orders from crown prince. his family says he is being beaten and has been tortured. he continues to have a working relationship with the saudi crown prince. this is even after the cia confirmed they ordered the murder. it is over a decade in the u.s. sit a jewel national u.s. saudi. in the red sea port city. he was beheaded. he was bringing his skills back to his roots to help.
1:58 pm
he was popular, proud of the human rights instincts it picked up over 20 years living in the u.s. accusing them of corruption. he found himself caught in the dragnet. he was imprisoned along with the others in the ritz carlton hotel. his family says he was beaten and tortured. his lawyer says he was transferred to jail without due process and wrote pleading for help. it is believe that had he has been and is tortured at least psychologically during his imprisonment. washington post journalist
1:59 pm
tweeted how can someone like doctor he would not survive to find the answers. he was brutally murdered by saudi firms whom the cia conclude were acting on orders. the young crown prince still enjoys president trump's favor. only last week was courted by his mideast envoy and son-in-law kushner he has had to wait over a year to get the public's attention. >> we have lad counselor access meaning they have had voited with him. beyond that we don't really have any additional information at this point. >> officials have so far not returned the request for excellent. they told the new york times they take allegations of ill treatment of defendants awaiting trial and prisoners serving their sentences very seriously
2:00 pm
thanks for watching. happening now breaking news sweeping new probe. house democrats unlesh investigations into possible abuses of power and president trump's world. the judiciary committee chairman from dozens of people tied to the president, administration, campaign and business. could it lead to an impeachment push? t three others on the context with putin. what could they learn from the u.s. interpreters who were at the pleatin the meetings between the