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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  March 5, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PST

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house democrats launched a sweeping investigation into the president's orbit looking at allegations of corruption, obstruction of justice, abuse of power, requests are in to 81 individuals and entities including the president's sons, the white house is blasting the probe as disgraceful and abusive and calling it nothing more than a fishing expedition. also this morning rescuers continue to search for victims and survivors after that deadly -- the deadly tornadoes in eastern alabama that killed at least 23 people including three children. the youngest victim was six years old. this morning we are learning stories of survivors who lived to tell about how they made it out alive. so let's begin our coverage with cnn's lawyer falk live on capitol hill for us. >> reporter: the democrats are casting a wide net as they start to intensify these investigations on capitol hill where anyone who has been in trump's orbit is a potential witness. >> our goal is to hold the
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administration accountable for the obstruction of justice, the abuse of power and the corruption. >> reporter: house democrats announcing a sweeping new investigation into president trump, requesting documents from more than 81 people and entities within the trump world, including members of the president's family, his businesses, his former aides, advisers and white house staff, his former campaign officials and companies and organizations that may have been involved in his campaign. >> this is not a pre impeachment hearing. if we're going to do anything we have to have proof. >> reporter: the investigation will look into a range of issues including potential russian collusion, the firing of former fbi director james comey, hush money payments to stormy daniels before the election and allegations that the president has abused his office and used it for personal gain. >> i've been very, very clear, there was no collusion, there was no cooperation, no coordination between the trump campaign and the russians.
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>> reporter: the white house slamming the probe calling it, quote, a disgraceful and abusive investigation into false allegations, add, quote, democrats are not after the truth, they are after the president. the president indicates he will cooperate after spending days criticizing investigations. >> i cooperate all the time with everybody. and you know the beautiful thing, no collusion, it's all a hoax. >> reporter: three other top democrats also requesting documents related to contacts between president trump and russian president vladimir putin, including information about whether mr. trump or any person sought to conceal, obscure or otherwise misrepresent the substance of those communications to shield president trump from scrutiny. the president saying these are false allegations, no one should be diving into them, it all comes as william barr the president's new attorney general says he will not recuse himself
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from the mueller investigation. as the president's former lawyer and fixer, michael cohen, comes once again before the house intelligence committee behind closed doors tomorrow. alisyn. >> thank you very much. joining us now is john avalon our cnn senior political analyst. john, you can just hear the talking point echoing everywhere now, all of president trump's supporters are speaking from the same script, here is kaylee mca nany our old friend who is now the national press secretary of the trump campaign and she spells out the talking point i think to a t. here it is. these desperate democrats know they cannot beat president trump in 2020 so instead they have embarked on a disgraceful witch-hunt with one singular aim, topple the will of the american people an seize the power that they have zero chance of winning legitimately. that's what they are now saying about the nadler and other versions. >> that's right. they are all parroting the same talking points from cara sanders to kaylee on the campaign. what kaylee did is different
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because she took it a step further, no the just repeating old lines about witch hunts and hoaxes but saying the democrats have zero chance of winning an election legitimately. it's a sinister one. the white house and the trump folks are never going to like the fact that there's real oversight now from democrats and this is a broad investigation they're conducting on their own, but you don't call into question legitimacy of an election ahead of time even if you say that impeachment has problems in terms of overturning the will of the people. >> the 81 people and entities that the judiciary committee is planning to call is pretty stung wh stunning when you look at the names. everybody from allen weisselbe g weisselberg -- >> there is the scroll. >> don jr., eric trump, rhona graff his long time gatekeeper at the trump organization. what happens if some of them don't want to come in? >> you have have a fight. you will have a legal fight over subpoenas and whether they can
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resist. the investigation the president is facing are not just focus odd on the russia probe and things being covered by bob mueller. 17 different investigations that go into his businesses, questions of lying. this is a full probe into everything from obstruction of justice to questions of money laundering. >> that's their whole people. what republicans now say or at least president trump supporters is they can't get him on collusion, this is them trying to cover the fact that mueller is going to be greatly disappointing, mueller's report, so this is them now on this fishing expedition. >> the leading authority will be the mueller report when it comes out, but the issue is is there there are a lot of other questions that have come up that house republicans effectively carried the water for the president democrats say. they're proceeding aggressively with this investigation. i will say overnight ty cobb the president's former lawyer coming out and calling bob mueller an american hero and saying it's not a witch-hunt contrary to the president's podcast this
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morning. >> we have a portion of that podcast where ty cobb speaks. >> i think bob mueller is an american hero. i think bob mueller is a guy that, you know, even though he came from an arguably privileged background has backbone of steel. he walked into a fire fight in vietnam to pull out one of his injured colleagues and was appropriately honored for that. i've known him for 30 years as a prosecutor and a friend and i think the world of bob mueller. he is a very deliberate guy, but he's also a class act and a very justice-oriented person. >> john, i don't think you get a better endorsement than that. what are you hearing in ty cobb's words? >> from the president's own lawyer. the opposite of a witch-hunt is a justice-oriented person. these are the stakes and that has a force of clarity being from the president's former lawyer. overnight james comey writing an op-ed in the "washington post" saying, look, the justice
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department could and should release more information than they may typically because it's in the public interest, citing a number of sources. look, this is heating up. this is the first time the trump administration has faced this kind of oversight and accountability and checks and balances. there are going to be a lot of fights ahead, let's hope it's focused on a fight for the truth not simply partisan food fights. >> thank you for the analysis. happening now, rescue crews in the middle of their search efforts for victims and suffer viefrs after that monster tornado, many more tornadoes, in fact, leveled much of lee county, alabama, at least 23 people were killed, dozens more hurt in this catastrophic tornado outbreak. the national weather service says the most powerful of those tornadoes was an ef-4 that had winds of 170 miles per hour. victor blackwell is live in salem, alabama, with the latest. vict victor? >> reporter: john, after rain overnight and temperatures right now hovering around 30 degrees it is going to be a damp and cold sift through the bent beams
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and broken furniture when the teams get back to work now for a third day. we know at this seen here in salem the person who was inside what used to be a trailer here was thrown into the woods, he was taken to the hospital and has since been released, but we no he that this will be and still is a search and rescue effort on the off chance that a survivor will be found in the piles of what's left. now, the county coroner says that he has received no new reports of persons still missing and actually is surprised that the death toll is into the higher considering the damage and the shortened notice of the storm. listen here to la shawn wilson, she was with her mother and son when the storm hit. >> we all got pushed down flat, we were like dominoes on top of each other, my son was on top of me, he said, mom, i don't want to die. i don't want to die. i said, son, just pray your way through. i said pray your way through.
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at this point my mom hadn't said anything, i was looking at my husband, i said, mom, are you okay? she said i'm just praying. and i'm just counting on that faith that it will keep us strong, we will hold together and we will make it through. >> reporter: two bits of good news here at the height of this after matt there were nearly 80 people admitted to hospitals, at cnn's count that's now down to ten and on the drive here this morning there seemed to be more power at homes here, the power teams have been working overnight to get power no those homes, more porch lights lighting that drive to salem this morning. john? >> victor blackwell in salem, thanks so much. joining me now by phone is jessica chandler, she survived the storm in a grocery store with her four children, her boyfriend at their home which was destroyed, he was badly injured. i understand, jessica, he was just released from the hospital. tell me his condition this morning, also tell me how he
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describes what happened at your house. >> well, he has a fractured leg, he has broken ribs, puncture wounds, cuts, scrapes, bruises all over him. he's pretty banged up, really sore. he said that he heard some loud noises, he didn't even know that there was bad weather in the area, i didn't know, either. he heard some loud noises, he walked to the screen door where he had -- we have a [ inaudible ] on the front porch, he seen the front porch fly up, he said he had just enough time to run like right behind him and dive for the couch and he held onto the couch for dear life and he said he fly up and when he landed he landed on a tree. he immediately got up with the adrenaline rush and ran to find his parents who were in the home next door to us. they had just enough time to dive inside of their bathtub and he was able to somewhat unbury
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them. he was able to flag down a truck and some guys helped him get all the stuff off of his parents so they could get them out safe. >> what's the condition of your house at this moment? >> it's gone. it's completely gone. i went and looked at it yesterday, it looks sprint erred, it looks broken. our house is not there anymore. it's far away from where it used to be. >> we have a which can tour right now, an aerial image of your house and where it was and you can see it's just simply gone. you have four children ages 11 to four months old. >> yes. >> you were lucky enough not to be at home when the storm hit. >> thank god i was not there with my children, i was there to get my baby formula, i missed it by minutes. >> what would happen if you had been at home? >> me and my children would not have survived that. i don't think there's one chance me and my kids would have survived that. >> what's next for you? >> there is a lot of people in the community donating clothes, donating food. i work for an awesome
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and they have helped me so much. right now we are in a hotel for a week. my mom has a go fund me page going. i'm going to take it one step at a time and we're going to start over. i'm thankful for the lives that were spared for my family. >> you have what's important. you absolutely have what's important at this point. >> right. >> did you have any warning? was there warning before the storm hit? >> i didn't -- my mom told me there was supposed to be bad thunderstorms, possible tornadoes, but, i mean, we hear that quite often whenever it rains bad down here. i had no clue what was coming. no clue. i didn't hear sirens or anything. my phone went off just about ever it happened. many people don't watch cable any more, they watch netflix, we didn't know. >> again, you have what's important. let us no he if there's anything we can do to help. >> thank you so much. >> for more information about how you can help the victims of the alabama tornadoes go to we have some breaking news. at least 80 people arrested
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overnight in sacramento. they were protesting the fatal police shooting of stephen clark. this comes after prosecutors announced they were not filing charges against officers who shot the 22-year-old last march. officers said they thought clark had a gun but it turns out he was holding a cellphone. this morning the tributes are pouring in for actor luke perry. the "beverly hills 90210" and "riverdale" star died monday after suffering a massive stroke. he was just 52 years old. stephan stephanie is live in los angeles with the latest. >> reporter: for fans of luke perry they will be able to see him in his final film "once upon a time in hollywood" that's coming out in july, but for most everyone luke perry will be remembered for that role as dylan mackay on "beverly hills 90210." >> luck perry. luke. >> reporter: beloved actor luke
3:14 am
perry died monday at the age of 52 after suffering a massive stroke. the '90s heartthrob was best known for his role as dylan mckay on the hit show "beverly hills 90210," playing the vulnerable bad boy. >> i just don't believe in winning through intimidation. unless, of course, i'm doing the intimidating. >> reporter: the popular series catapulting perry to fame. so much so that in 1991 10,000 people turned out to see him at an autograph signing prompting a stamp peed. >> get in that laundry bin, i will cover you up, they covered me and we rolled out through the crowd, it was pretty slick. >> reporter: the actor went on to play roles on the big screen, most notably in buffy the vampire slayer. >> you are the chosen guy. >> reporter: and his latest role in "riverdale" this time as the father of the show's heartthrob.
3:15 am
>> i'm trying to build us a safe life for you. >> reporter: throughout hollywood perry remembered as a guy as cool as the character that made him famous, his 90210 co-star gabrielle carteres calling the actor a sensitive soul who was kind, generous and he fought for the underdog. sara michelle geller posting, quote, i hope his family knows how many lives he touched. >> i want to do something with my life. when my time here is up, i don't want to look back and see that i didn't do anything. i see a lot of people that let their life happen to them and i want to happen to my life. i don't want my life to happen to me. >> reporter: and luke perry was a very proud ohioan and a little known fact, senator sherrod brown said that they were both from mansfield, ohio, and that his father actually delivered luke perry. the senator tweeting out that he was very saddened by this loss.
3:16 am
luke perry was not only a talented actor but a warm, kind person who made his home state proud. alisyn. >> reading that news, that was a crazy world's colliding. >> completely. >> yes, just all the different paths that cross in life. stephanie, thank you very much. joining us now is cnn contributor michelle turner. look, it was so shocking obviously to "beverly hills 90210" fans as well as the fans that he has made through his acting and adulthood. i know that you were so saddened to hear the news about luke perry. we have pictures of you from a time that you interviewed him. you're touching him a lot here, he seems to be attempting to take a picture and you are kind of pawing at him. can you share your memories with us? >> my adolescent self was really having a good time that day, alisyn. i like millions of other girls my age fell in love with him on 90210, the bad boy persona. for us he was kind of like that updated version of a teen idol,
3:17 am
you know, and he had that james dean hair and he was a bad boy driving a convertible, a kid who was in high school who lived on his own and he just had a swagger that that's what they call it these days, swagger, back then we just thought he was the coolest guy in the room. to meet him, someone that i fell in love with when i was a teenager and to know that he was such a good soul and a good guy, i mean, i was just kind of overhe will md that day if i'm being honest. i really was. so, yeah, it hit me hard. when someone, you know, that you idolized and that you loved and that you really fan girled over growing up passes away like that unexpected an so young, it does hit you. it hits you right where you live. >> i totally get it. and 52 years old is too young and so of course there are the inevitable questions about his lifestyle. you know, when somebody in hollywood dies too young people wonder if there was drug use, if there was alcohol use. he looked fit, he looked active, he was working.
3:18 am
do you know anything about his lifestyle? >> we have not heard anything about -- about that, about the cause of the stroke, about what happened behind it, we just know that it was a massive stroke. we know that when the paramedics got to his home he was alert and then he took a turn for the worse. we know that he was heavily sedated in the days following the stroke and never fully regained consciousness. other than that we haven't got any other information except that he was surrounded by his family. what we've heard throughout hollywood is just an outpouring of love from his cast mates now to his cast mates from 90210 and all of the people that can a i'm in contact with him. they all repeat the same thing, a wheat, kind, gentle soul who has gone away too soon. >> absolutely. i had a chance to interview him as well a few years ago and he was wonderful. just really down to earth and really nice. i wasn't touching him quite as
3:19 am
much as you were in the interview. >> i have to own that one. i have to own it. it was a day that my younger self said, this is it. >> everybody can understand that and it's so great that you had that moment and it is so great that he's being remembered to fondly and so warmly as a really great guy. thank you for sharing your photos. >> absolutely, alisyn. >> i have to say i was more of a "melrose place" guy, but my age cohorts, people i know were shaken by this. i think part of it's the age. luke perry 52 years old he is our age and we remember him from being in high school. >> totally. and he hadn't fallen on hard times, he was a working actor. that was so sudden and why did he have a stroke? we have going to talk to a medical expert about that, what the precursors are, what you can do to try to avoid it, what we can learn from this. >> it's an important discussion. overnight a democratic presidential candidate announced an impressive fundraiser haul, 1 million bucks since announcing just a few days ago. this candidate joins us live in the studio next. s huntsville, a. aka, rocket city, usa.
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the governor of washington state jay inslee announced he has raised $1 million in just a few days since he jumped into the 2020 race. he announced on friday. the campaign says he has supporters from all 50 states. joining us now is the democratic governor from washington jay inslee. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> congratulations on getting into the race, congratulations on the fundraising haul. look, the last cnn poll we asked democratic voters harp the traits they want to see in democratic candidates and we ranked them. the most important trait according to democratic voters, 49%, said the number one trait they want is a good chance to beat trump. why is that you? >> well, i present a perfect vision that is opposite to donald trump's. his is one of pessimism and fear
3:25 am
and division. my vision is a growing expansive america that will defeat climate change as the highest priority of the united states. something that he has said is a hoax. this is an urgent matter, we need to have a president who will call forth america to a higher mission statement. i do believe it is our destiny to defeat climate change and build a new economy. building a new economy with electric cars in michigan and wind towers in iowa and batteries in nevada and solar power in my state where i kicked off my campaign. so far as you alluded people seem to be responding to that vision statement by helping this candidacy. >> more than almost any candidate that i can remember you have made a single issue the issue in your campaign which is climate change. i think for casual observers of the democratic field they may look at this and say, the democratic candidates all pretty much have the same view of climate change which is that it's a major threat that needs to be addressed, so why are you any better on climate change think any of the other candidates? >> i have a unique candidacy for
3:26 am
a variety of reasons, number one, i am the only candidate who has said forthrightly that this has to be the highest priority of the united states and the reason it has to be our first, foremost and paramount duty of the next administration is that we are out of time and the only way this is going to get done is if we have a president who will really put political capital to get this job done. so first i'm the person who said it's a priority, second, i'm the person who has actually got things done. look, i'm a rch goer of the most successful state perhaps in the country, best economy in the country, because we have done things to build our clean energy jobs. we have created a whole wind turbine industry from 0 to $6 billion from my governors experience. the third, look, i've been at this for 20 years, i co-authored a book about this 11 years ago, i've been active in forming the u.s. climb alliance that now has 21 states involved in it. i've put a priority on t i've moved my state and shown progress and i've got the chops to get this job done. >> you say you are the
3:27 am
democratic candidate who puts this as the number one priority. according to the polls, do you know who doesn't put it as the number one priority? the american people. pugh research did a roll on this and you ask ask all voters democrats and republicans the issue of climate change ranks 17th. if you narrow that down to democratic voters it's fifth or sixth behind healthcare, education, environment, which i think could sweep up climate change, medicare and poor and neddy. it's not the number one issue even among democratic voters. >> it is the number one issue for two reasons, number one in the first four primary states which we're most interested in at the moment the center of american progress actually just did a poll and it showed it was ranged as a number one priority tied with healthcare. that's one thing we need to know. the second thing is more important, look, climate change if you care about the economy, this is the economy. this is an economic issue. the fastest growing job in america is solar installer, the second is wind turbine technician. clean energy jobs are growing twice as fast as the u.s.
3:28 am
economy. so this polling is a bit distracting, if you will, because if people care about the economy, this is a clean energy job creation message. listen, if you care about national security, this is a big time national security, the generals and admirals in the intelligence community have told us this because as deserts swallow the world you get these ss migrations and political instability. so it is much more than an environmental issue, it cuts across everything we care about and that's why people are responding to this message. >> the president has declared a national emergency in order to get funding to build his border wall. if it survives congress, if it survives the court and there is a precedent for a president declaring such a national emergency, if you, governor, become president will you declare a national emergency to fight climate change? >> first thing in answer to that i want to make sure people understand he should not be able to do this. this is illegal and unconstitutional under the current rules of the united states. this vanity project and that's what this wall is, because we do
3:29 am
not have a national security, we have a political emergency by donald trump, that's it. so i hope the republicans will stand up and do their job. >> but if it gets through congress and through the court and there is a precedent will you use it for climate change? >> i would first work with congress because the best way to do this is to build a national consensus and work with congress to get that job done. >> but you won't rule it out? >> no, you can't. if the rules change in the united states democratic process, no president r or d can rule out the use of whatever the rules are, but the way this should be done is by building a mission statement of an economic destiny to build a clean energy economy. we can do this if we have presidential leadership. look what john f. kennedy did in going to the blood pressure. that's what we need. >> two questions. the house judiciary committee just issued requests from 81 individuals and entities for documents and other information regarding the investigations. how much time do you spend thinking about these investigations and the president? >> not a lot.
3:30 am
i'm glad that we have now a democratic majority that's going to do its job, i believe, and get to the bottom of all this and it's a long sorted tale involving this president. he has multiple depp ra dagss and there are dark resources that need to be brought out to the light. what i'm con traded on is to give people a mission statement like kennedy said when we're going to go to the moon and i believe we need that type of leadership from the white house. look, right now we have a president who denies the clear science, he denies the job creating opportunity that's so obvious to so many of us. look, we've got thousands of jobs in my state today that didn't exist ten years ago and we have to make sure that can happen all across the united states. >> we opened this interview by talking about your fundraiser haul, a million dollars in just four or five days, which is impressive. in addition to what you're raising for the campaign there is a super pac. you are allowing a super pac to raise and spend money on your mav, not all the democratic candidates are doing that, in fact, most are not. why are you? because some people say this is
3:31 am
big money influence on politics. >> well, as i understand it this is a separate organization from into i organization. >> it is. it has to be. >> and i'm told that they are climb advocates. they want to fight climate change. i have been fighting climate change now for 20 years, i believe it is a message that we need all americans to join in on. i'm not going to speak against them or con did em them by wanting to fight climate change. this is something we all should be involved in. >> but it is unlimited. someone can give unlimited money to that. is that too much big money influence or the possibility in politics? >> the money i'm concerned about is i am refusing to take a dollar from corporate pacs or from the fossil fuel industry. i hope the other candidates will follow me in breaking this addiction to oil and refuse to any take no, sir sill fuel money. that's what i'm doing, i hope they will join me. then we have to break the control of the fossil fuel industry over the u.s. congress and i'm very interested in doing that job. >> governor jay inslee, with he hope you come back and visit us. >> you bet. >> we know you haven't slept
3:32 am
much over the last four days. coming up, another one of "new day's" famous voter panels, this time i get the pulse of the democratic voters about the 2020 race. it turns out there's one person they do not want to see in 2020. >> i love you, hillary. i love you, i love you, but stay away. >> wait until you hear who else they want to stay away from that race. it's coming up. i can't believe it. that we're playing "four on four" with a barbershop quartet?
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. venezuela's opposition leader juan guaido making a triumphant return to venezuela. the self-proclaimed interim president risking arrest as the calls come to boost nicolas maduro. what's the latest this morning, patrick? >> reporter: well, it was a rock star welcome yesterday when juan guaido arrived and it was a very bold move because at any point the government of nicolas maduro could have arrested him when he returned on a direct flight from panama, but that didn't happen. juan guaido came into the city
3:37 am
and gave this speech in a central caracas plaza and this morning he is leading meetings, making appointments, in all senses really giving the impression that he is leading a shadow government here. so you have two presidents now and two governments. the other government, the government of nicolas maduro, has called on him, on juan guaido to engage in dialog dial but juan guaido said the only way is for nicolas maduro to leave power. a new arctic blast will grip the midwest and northeast, how long will it last? cnn meteorologist chad myers. chad, you warned us this was coming, feels like it's here. >> it will be gone by saturday and sunday will feel like spring again finally, but look at the temperatures behind it. this one feels like below zero in most of the midwest, chicago feeling like 7 below. right now your weather is brought to you by zantec, eat
3:38 am
your way, treat your way. here comes more weather, here comes more cold. we are not going to warm up above freezing for the next 72 hours. lows down down to, detroit 11. through the midwest for tomorrow still below freezing. here is the warm map. here is the good -- here is the feel good map as the arctic air is here today, here comes the warm stuff, here comes some orange and it will be eventually better by the weekend. now, if you're a ski fan ma' california has had snow. mamouth mountain will be skiing until the fourth of july. >> did you say 602 inches? >> 602. >> john is skeptical. >> that's a lot. >> that's more than three feet. i'm not going to math, but that's a lot of snow. >> thanks, chad.
3:39 am
there is this stunning exposé in "the new yorker" on the vast influence that fox news has on president trump and their efforts to protect him. so jane mayor, the reporter behind that story joins us with the back stories next.
3:40 am
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to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so go directly to now. secret that he did not support the merger of at&t and time werner. here is then presidential candidate donald trump talking about the pending merger just days before election day. >> at&t is buying time werner and thus cnn, a deal we will not approve in my administration because it's too much
3:44 am
concentration of power in the hands of too few. >> well, last week a federal appeals judge ruled in favor of the merger and against the justice department's challenge. now in a stunning new exposé publish in "the new yorker" it finds that the president was more involved in trying to block the deal than we previously knew. but wait, there's more. joining us now to discuss is the author of this new report, chief washington correspondent for "the new yorker," jane mayer, and full disclosure, i worked at fox news for many years and i was one of the many people quoted in jane's piece. jane, great to see you. great job on this epic 28-page article that you've written. i know that people read it with great interest, it crashed the website as i understand it and one of the big bombshell headlines in it was that president trump was more involved in trying to block that merger than we previously knew. tell us how he went about pressuring the department of justice into than
3:45 am
justice. >> he promised the public he said he would not interfere with the justice department because that would be improper, but behind the scenes in the oval office there was a meeting where he basically ordered gary cohen who was his top economic adviser to get the justice department to file suit and stop the merger. not only did he in his own words order gary cohen to do this, he said i've told him to do it 50 times. he was saying this in front of a couple other people who were there at the time. so we know that he tried. he may not have managed to get his way on this, we do know the justice department did, in fact, file suit about two months later, but he certainly tried to abuse his power that way. >> and, i mean, to be clear, this is about more than just a business story and more than just a merger. this is -- i mean, what has gotten so much attention over the past 24 hours is all sorts of noted attorneys have said,
3:46 am
this is first amendment right. he was trying to retaliate against cnn's journalism. here are a couple that i want to read to you. this is kellyanne conway's husband, george conway, he said if proven such an attempt to use presidential authority to secret bugs for the exercise of first amendment rights would unquestionably be grounds for impeachment. senator chris van hollen tweeted this as a result of your reporting, if this report is true it is deeply troubling. mergers need to be closely examined and reviewed on their merits not because the president wants to retaliate against a news organization. i will be writing to the department of justice to get the bottom of this and make sure it never happens again. is it your reporting that it was really at its heart about punishing cnn? >> well, i think we need to know more, but you can say that the impact of it was that it would hurt cnn. this was a merger that was going to help the company that owns cnn, time werner, and it was
3:47 am
going to also it would hurt that company and it would help fox, which is the rival company, the rival news organization. and then fox had its own merger after this, it's own sort of huge deal, and that went flying through the trump administration and trump -- they publicly endorsed it even before the justice department had taken its position on it. >> interesting. speaking of fox, another big scoop, in your piece is that there was a fox reporter, diana falzone, she and i worked there at the same time, we never worked together. she had a big scoop and her scoop was the stormy daniels story and it was a year before the "wall street journal" published it, a year before anybody knew about the alleged affair between stormy daniels and donald trump and the hush money to try to cover it up. she had the story, she had researched it for months, then
3:48 am
what happened? >> this was right before the election, the 2016 election, and according to the reporter who spoke to a number of colleagues at the time, she is now under a gag order so she's not allowed to talk about it, but i interviewed people around her and who worked with her, they said that her editor at fox said good work, kiddo, but rupert murdock wants donald trump to win so set it aside. so it never came out before the election. i've got to say on behalf of the "wall street journal," i heard from them, they had a shred of it in print, but nobody paid any attention, they didn't have the whole story. she evidently had the story and had it cold. >> and so just there esh thfles for us. they killed it. >> they killed it. >> she had the story, wanted to run with it, had it buttoned up and according to her her her boss said rupert murdoch wants
3:49 am
donald trump to win so kill it. >> kill it. halves it. it was gone. nobody heard from fox on t even when the "wall street journal" broke the story later she tried, again, to get it in print and they again killed it. so fox has been so aligned with trump really that you can see that it's almost an arm of the west wing. and that's really the point of the story is that the trump white house almost has its own propaganda organization and it's fox. >> and you found more evidence, one of which is that during the presidential debates leading up to the election you found some information that donald trump had somehow been given some of the questions in advance. tell us about that. >> this is according to two insiders at fox and someone -- two people close to the trump campaign, actually, said that there's an eyewitness who said that roger ailes tipped off trump in advance to two key
3:50 am
debate questions and the first really big republican presidential debate. just to, again, be fair, there are certainly people in the campaign and at fox who deny this, but there is an eyewitness at fox who says it happened. >> and, i mean, one of those -- everybody remembers one of those questions and that was megan kelly's questions where she asked him about his treatment of women. that was a breathtaking moment in one debate. he attacked her, it spilled into a feud. so the idea that he might have known that that was coming -- and you have good reason to believe that he might have known because it sounds like he tried to call fox beforehand to complain. >> megyn kelly's book says that he called fox in advance and he said i hear you're -- that megyn kelly is going to ask a really tough question, he called and had some kind of conversation, we know that. megyn kelly has said she doesn't think that he was tipped off, but there are people there who
3:51 am
claim that it happened and they are basing it on someone who says he saw it happen. >> and the other question was would you support whoever the eventual republican nominee is, and donald trump had a different answer than everybody else did, and so it stands to reason that maybe he was prepared for that one. >> well, and he seemed somewhat prepared for the megyn kelly question, actually. if you go back and take a look at the tape you will see he had a really snappy rejoinder about how he wasn't against women, he was just against rosie o'donnell. maybe he's just really quick, but he was certainly ready with a one-liner there. >> jane mayer, the piece is "the making of the fox news white house." everybody should read it. thanks for sharing the great reporting with us. >> thank you for having me on. i have to say i had my popcorn there, i was waiting for that interview, i was doo i go to hear your conversation with her. think about the implications of just those three issues you brought up. >> i mean, they're huge. and, you know, again, these are things that were speculated to,
3:52 am
but people hadn't been able to completely connect the dots yet. by the way, it's funny, there's a lot more in here as well. >> a lot of dots. >> yes. a potential major breakthrough in aids treatment. a second hiv patient is said to be cured. the details next. ♪ looking to lose weight this year? try fda-approved alli®. for every 5 lbs you lose, alli® can help you lose two to three more by preventing about 25% of the fat you eat from being absorbed. for the only fda-approved otc weight loss aid, try alli®.
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a patient in london appears to be the second person to be completely cured of hiv. according to a case study published in the journal "nature" the so-called london patient has been in sustained remission for 18 months. this case comes more than ten years after a berlin patient was cured using similar stem cell transplants from donors who carry a rare genetic mutation. hillary clinton says she is not running for president, but she tells a cnn affiliate she is not going anywhere. >> i'm not running, but i'm going to keep working and speaking and standing up for what i believe. >> those of us who adhere to strict ziens said i am not running not i will not run, it wasn't sherman-esque. it she said i am not running. >> you are a strike letter for the english language. >> there are ways to say, no,
3:57 am
not ever and she didn't say it, but i don't -- i don't know whether it was intentional or not. there is someone who over the last hour did say he will not run for president, much more definitively, that's oregon senator jeff merkley. he said he will not be a candidate for president, instead he will run for reelection not senate. he said he believes there are democrats already in the presidential race who can tackle the nation's big challenges. the winner of the $1.5 billion mega millions jackpot back in october has finally come forward to claim their prize. but the south carolina resident wants to remain anonymous. this is the largest single winner mega millions jackpot. this is a billion they won, not mega millions. the winner opted for a one-time payment of nearly $878 million. i feel like they're being ripped off. they won 1.5. >> that's a lot that they're giving up. by the way, i'm changing my name to anonymous.
3:58 am
>> if you can get jackpot. president trump and his fact challenge cpac speech have made for some comedy opportunities. here are your late night laughs. >> trump again speaking and speaking and speaking. he talked for two hours and two minutes making it the longest presidential oration in american history, which is impressive because some of obama's pauses were at least an hour. >> i know there is a lot of competition but this might be the dumbest thing he does. who does that? it's -- donald trump shows more affection to flags than eric and don jr. have ever gotten in their whole life. >> this is everybody at the "new york times" says are running or thinking about running. that's almost as many con te
3:59 am
ants as they have on the bachelor. and like the bachelor not everyone is here for the right reason. we just had three more democrats formally announce, washington governor jay inslee, former colorado governor john hickenlooper and steve pachinko. one of those i made up. >> that caught us by surprise. >> i was like that's not the governor -- >> how did we am is this. >> that's when you realize you don't have a sense of humor. thanks to our international viewers for watching, for us "cnn talk" is next. for our u.s. viewers house democrats launching a sweeping investigation into president trump's orbit. we will analyze it. "new day" continues right now. we have a responsibility to do oversight, this focuses on corruption, obstruction of justice and abuse of power. i'm not sure what they're looking for. i've been very clear that i've had nothing to hide. >> this is not a preimpeachment hearing. our follow is to protect the
4:00 am
rule of la you. >> i cooperate all the time. no collusion, it's all a hoax. i'm not running, but i'm going to keep standing up for what i believe. >> i believe not only can i beat donald trump but that i can get stuff done. >> we're ready for progressive candidates. >> we really need to try to think outside the box. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning, everyone, welcome to your "new day." new this morning, the white house is firing back after house democrats have launched this sweeping investigation into nearly every aspect of president trump's world. the probe is taking on allegations of corruption, obstruction of justice and abuse of power. the house judiciary committee sent letters and document requests to 81 people an entities, including the white house, campaign staffers, the justice department, even the president's sons. the white house is blasting this sweeping probe as, quote, dis graceful and abusive an calling it nothing more than a fishing expedition. new this morning the "wall street journal" reports that a lawyer for michael cohen approachedre


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