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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 5, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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game of thrones trailer would drop before the mueller report congrats. the lead starts right now. ready for political war the white house today on the attack. the president furiously tweeting after democrats made almost everyone in trump's universe a potential witness. some democrats suggesting it may be too late for him to jump in. plus no fast food for you. critics say president trump is snubbing womens sports champions. why within the they getting their big moment at white house? welcome to the lead i'm jake tapper. today cummings accusing the
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white house of stone walling saying the trump administration is refusing to produce documents and wonss. this is one of the battles yesterday they kags a stunningly wide from 81 people, agencies and entities going after many of those close to the president. just this first wave of requests. multiple officials saying they will try to argue his right to confidentiality to restrict what they had ultimately handed over. 64% of u.s. vote rs say they believe donald trump committed
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crimes before he became president. americans are more divided as to whether they think any of the crimes happened once he took office. 45% say they think he broke the law and 43% do not believe that. significantly a majority in this pole, 59% say congress should not begin impeachment proceedings against the president. >> facing onslaught of investigations the white house is preparing to push back cnn has learned. >> it is a disgrace to our country. i'm not surprised that it's happening. >> they say they will look for ways to limit cooperation with a wide ranging probe by the judiciary committee now lead by democrats. >> we have to lay out a case to the american people and reveal
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it. it includes those from his time in officer. trump hinting at that strategy after a bill signing vent today. >> president obama was under a similar kind of thing. they didn't give one letter ocht request. many requests were made. they didn't give a letter. it's too bad. i would rather see them do legislation. >> that plan may only have limited success. >> for people that work in a senior capacity at the white house they cannot use executive pri privilege. if they try to do that we will negotiate with them. if we don't get documents they will get issuing subpoenas. >> two democratic lawmakers to
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open a criminal investigation into whether trump's son-in-law and top white house adviser broke the law by omitting foreign contacts. >> kushner had to submit two forms. the first two were false and misleading. he should absolutely be investigated. >> trump telling reporters the investigations are all about politics. >> basically they have started the campaign. the campaign begins. the campaign is actually going on for the last two fland a hal years. the a shame. when they look at it they say presidential harassment. >> and onto security clearances front the deadline was yesterday for the white house to respond to the oversight committee's information about the security clearance process. the white house saying they are not going to provide those documents the committee requested because the committee hasn't requested a need for that
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information. the chairman of the committee says national security is the issue here. they do have oversight over that. all of this seems to be leading up to one big subpoena fight. we hear from the president. he is going to -- he calls this presidential harassment. >> it is a simple way. that's that way he can describe it without going into any details which is what the president likes to do. it rallies his supporters and prevents him from having to tell people what is being looked into. it is true. every aspect of his life is being looked into, his business, his presidency, his campaign, his inaugural committee. it runs the table.
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>> his children could enup in front of congress. every aspect of his life is being looked into. >> and your sources tell you they think democrats have made a mistake by casting too wide a net? >> yeah. i this i they went too broad. you saw over 80 people and entities. they think they went too wide it will get lost in the noise. the people that thought were a criminal before won't have their minds changed. those that supported him won't have their minds changed by that either. they do see a streak of success. they were prepared for investigations but they didn't realiz realize it was going to be as big as the document request. they are bracing for more to come. >> a blistering statement about
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these investigations. chairman nadler have embarked on this fishing expedition because they are terrified their narrative is crumbling. they have in the after 2 truth they are after the president. do you think it is an effective message? >> there is a legitimate oversight, everybody acknowledges that. with this 81 person document request illustrates this isn't about oversight. it is about it's overkill. it is the narrative that others want to say it is a witch hunt, fishing expedition. it is hard to say how it isn't when they will get tens of thousands of documents back from 81 different entities over a period of months and months and months. if you did discreet requests that were serious the american public and even journalists and twitter is all kind of runs the president's defense in this which is very rare. from the president also on a twitter terror tweeting the greatest overreach, they will
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not get anything done. a big fat fishing expedition in search of a crime. do you any concerns of somebody that wants president trump out of office, do you have any concerns that the democrats have made a strategic mistake here? >> i want to be clear. i don't want president trump out of office. >> that's what i meant. >> i think those things are different now. i don't have any concerns with the approach the democrats are taking. all of these people up in arms they forget that the white waterhouse information and we are talking about a hundred subpoenas yesterday. we are not talking about that in the large scheme of things. it goes to the fact that the president has a lot of ethical issues. we are talking about a president who has, he had to sell his p peanut farm.
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he has a vast economic empire. we know there are irregularities there. he has families that are part of his business. you to delve there. it echoes the vastness of this unethical nature. >> and we do have breaking news just in on the former new york city he has announced he will not run for president in 2020. he will not. it doesn't mean he will be staying out of the race completely. what are you learning about the plans? why did he make this decision in. >> he has been soaking speculation that he might throw his hat in the ring. he came to the conclusion it was not a clear path to victory and he does not want to stay silent. he feels he can make a difference in this particular race and he is going to do that i'm hearing from sources by putting together essentially an operation to help the eventual democrat candidate and push for
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the issues he has been backing financially and on his stump far while now which is more gun safety regulation, fighting clie plat clang ahange and issues li that. he spent over $130 million during the midterm elections. you can bet he has plenty of money. he is worth about $46 billion to put behind such an operation. he wants to make a difference and this is the way that he has chosen to do it. the hurdles for him were quite high. yes he has an extensive track record running a very large city. yes. he won reelection in new york three times. he also was a self-described in %-p. it is something he already
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dismissed. there were questions about that too, jake. >> all right. let's discuss this. i mohope you won't be mad at me when i announced he wasn't running for president you did this. you want democrats to recapture the white house. >> there comes a point in time when people that have no pathway to the presidency should take a step back. if you're going to enhance the policy or enhance the dialogue so be it. it is kind of counter intuitive. i just feel as if there are people adding substance to that discussion. i don't think he was one. >> what do you think of this? >> you heard reporting right there. it says he saw the parties lurching to the left. i think it's pretty telling. if he is getting heckled for
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saying it may not be the best new deal at all it shows you whatever the democrats will run. >> i'm saying he is getting booed by the presidents. >> i don't know how much of a sen tryst he is. he is very progressive on social issues, guns, clie plmate chang. i don't know that it's a centerist. >> if in this field he might be. it is in this current diverse field of candidates. i don't think it means bloomberg will throw in with trump. i think -- you said he doesn't
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fit into the democratic party. i think he will put his money into this and into -- no. i think he will be putting his money into democratic races not only on a presidential level but around the country as he has done particularly on issues. >> he has been doing it for a while. >> yes. on guns and clie plmate change. take a listen. he said i believe i would defeat donald trump in a general election. he will be able to focus all of his time on if it is going to run. >> bloomberg describes what he thinks could win. he said i have run for office three times.
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i have never stuck my finger in the wind to decide what. they want someone who levels with them and capable of offers practical and sensible ideas and delivering results. do you hear any democrats you think are being candid with voters. >> i think you see in a we cent article i believe it was there. one thing it described is how she was endearing and sharing personal stories. i think it's something you can be proud of.
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sent a subpoena to the insurance broker according to a person familiar with the matter. it comes days after michael cohen said in his congressional testimony that this trump organization inflated the value of assets to insurance companies. cnn reports whether the public will see any of the mueller report remains a topic of fierce debate. attorney general saying he will not stp aside. which launch just days after trump fired fbi director.
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he is going public advocating for releasing it to the public in a washington post writing in critical matters a straightforward report of what facts have been learned and how judgment has been exercised may be the only way to advance the public interest. >> good morning. no charges would be brought against hillary clinton in july 2016. if you're overly transparent. i think we need to be cautious about that. >> the witch hunt as i call it should never have taken place. >> while the president attacked the mueller probe former trump attorney is reiterating he is a big fan of robert mueller. >> he reveals he tried to keep the president from attacking the
1:22 pm
special counsel and defended mueller. >> i was able to prevent the president from going on the attack. once it is over but it's never going to be over. >> yeah. it is going to go through 2020 and if the president is reelected i will go beyond that. >> the wall street journal reporting michael cohen's attorney raced the presidential pardon with trump's lawyers after cohen's home and office were raided last april. the president's team dismised the idea of a pardon. it is left open to the possibility the president could grant a pardon in the future. cohen told the house oversight committee he played to part in the discussions. >> i have never asked for for will i accept a pardon from president trump. >> i don't think flal investigators are digging into
1:23 pm
the reported pardon discussions between attorneys for the president the judiciary committee and jake, cohen will likely submit more documents when he goes before house intelligence tomorrow. >> all right. thanks so much. james comey argd in the washington post that it is possible for the justice department to make it public. comey wrote republicans are wrong now and they claim justice department rules forbid transparency. he goes onto write it is difficult to imagine greater public interest than one focused on a the president of the united states is a subject. >> americans deserve to see what's in this. to the extent it protects people that have been accusedov of wro doing. >> the deck lynn nation things. >> sources and methods will be a lot of things that should not be
1:24 pm
disclosed. americans will want to hear good or bad they will want to hear what's there this report. >> add the area of this, it doesn't even sound like an english word where they decide to not prosecute even if stuff looks fishy. it will be a big area of fighting between democrats and republicans because democrats are going to want to know who those people are and declare it to the world. >> there are certain things that can be considered abuse of power. >> but not illegal. >> not illegal. apparently jack gives out law gr degrees on twitter.
1:25 pm
>> he talks ability the previous cases and the justice department bent over backwards. mi michael brown is and e-mail case where a lot of people including republicans and rosenstein shared too much. >> i was like look at that. he said he was right again. who knew. comey, there is a question of what's in the public interest to be out there. the country can start to heal from all of this. it is extremely divided. i think there's a lot of bipartisan agreement that as much as should be out there isn't classified. you know, we'll see who wins that. >> what did you make of him today telling abc news the fight will go through 2020 and if the president is reelected through that. >> yeah. i thought a lot of that was
1:26 pm
interesting. you have to think he came on when robert mueller had been appointed. he left about a year ago in may. give or take some clang. he said we are talking about whether or not this is coming out. he said he thinks it will be shorter rather than longer. it will no be the silver bullet that brings down the trump presidency. he doesn't think you'll learn anything new. there won't be any damming rev laugss laugsrevlations in there. >> the intercept printed what they called the mueller report already which is all of the documents. >> a lot of folks have said that. >> everyone stick around. you just heard about michael bloomberg. he is not running for president. another is a washington outsider. stay with us. i really didn't expect to learn
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it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. . we are back with our 2020 lead. we learned he is not running for president. former secretary of state hillary clinton does not think the third time is a charm. she bluntly said i'm not running. joe biden said don't be surprised if he does enter the race. even though he enjoys support some voters told cnn this morning he missed his chance.
1:32 pm
jessica dean reports. >> has sewn high poll numbers. a cnn poll showed more than six in ten want biden to get in the race. >> how many of you would like to see joe biden get in? show of hands? >> what's happening right now? >> his time is done. >> biden's decision directly impacts former virginia
1:33 pm
governor. it is before they decide which candidate to back. he announced a date he will not be seeking the nomination but will run for relks to the senate. >> i believe there are democrats that are speaking to the importance of tackling the big challenges we face. >> i'm fiercely independent. >> reality tv star and dallas mavericks owner mark cuban telling the new york daily news he is considering a run as a third party candidate. he is a former friend of president trump's turned oat outspoken faux. >> i called i political chemo therapy. >> his message, rich people are stupid. >> obviously it is far from a sure thing. in that interview he said there
1:34 pm
is a lot of uncertainty and where 2020 is going. he added when it comes to running it's something if the circumstances were right i would do, jake. >> thanks so much. you heard the voters say biden's time is done. there is a poll showing they want him to run. he leads in second place, so what your reaction? do you think democratic voters want him to run? >> i think -- i'm not sure. i don't know the answer to that question. i want joe biden to continue to have that to continue to have the lum nar status that he had if he runs for president he is looking at what happened to hillary clinton. he left with 80% approval rating. she gets heckled when she goes to buy sweet tea.
1:35 pm
>> cnn asked if they should nominate something more progressive or a lot of enareer with progressives. >> we had the standard there for the kind of pragmatic candidate in 2016 and donald trump is now president. he is not your average political candidate. they think a more moderate candidate can do that.
1:36 pm
some of them and you rarely hear them saying they won't support medicare for all. they know that's what the base wants. that's what the trump campaign is hoping for too. they hope to the choice between the president and socialism. they hope that the further left the candidate is running against that it works out for them. >> i know you like to say they have lurched too much to the left. a poll showed 39% of democrats consider themselves liberal. 43% consider themselves moderate and 15% consider themselves conservative. i realize a lot of ener y is wi energy is with the liberals. >> look at the 40 democrats that came into this congress. 33 were backed by the new group. the group that sanders backed
1:37 pm
candidates failed miserably. they lost. you're right. the party in the house is very conservative. you're seeing that battle now with aoc and some of the other folks on these were very if he can atechnical things. i think you'll see that continued. they are very conservative. the party base wants a very liberal candidate. >> he said he doesn't need to get any advice from hillary clinton. a lot of others are seeking vice from hillary clinton. take a listen. she is telling some of them. >> i have told every one of them don't take anything for granted even though we have a long list of real problems and broken promises from this administration. >> what do you think her role will be like in the democratic primaries? >> i think that's to be
1:38 pm
determined. while a lot of these hopefuls have met with her i don't know that they are going to want to bringer on in the campaign trail with them or have her be a real presence because you had some of those folks on the panel saying she should stay out of it. while there are people that really like her and still make the point that she won the popular vote which is true i don't know that they are going to want kind of the ghost of christmas past around. >> and you were talking during the break about you were i guess impressed the governor from washington state that announced he is running for president, he raised more than a million dollars. he is not one of the best known candidates. you think he has a shot? >> no. i think it's one. >> what's the issue? >> the issue shows there is a lot of energy behind that in the
1:39 pm
democratic party. we want to get to a green new deal. others believe there's flnothin wrong with making sure of that. >> there have been two people that have been extremely impressive. one is the amount of money and the way he is able to articulate. the other is brown. brown actually spent time in some of these early states and come to south carolina. they looked at me and they are like i'm not sure but i don't know his name. why are they waiting for thinei invitations to the white house? stay with us. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage...
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they wrapped up a closed briefing on the failed u.s. north korea summit. it is a meeting to end the nuclear program. this is as a new report states they remain act ifrly targeting infrastructure in the united states. what happened in the briefing? >> well, it is a top dip low plat amat and were giving what happened in north korea. it is a right decision by the president to walk away from what they view was a bad deal. >> i think it's more likely than not.
1:45 pm
history repeats itself. it probably is just hoping that he will get a couple of good photo ops. then he will go back to rebuilding his nuclear program. republicans saying it is a good decision by this president. will there be more talks? they expect it to happen. he will meet with president trump. it is something they did not disclose. >> thanks so much. joining me now are two senators
1:46 pm
that got out of that briefing. i is committed to a step for denuclearization. >> i think discussion andy ploem si is always good. the president has been brave to having an opening when many said he shouldn't talk to kim at all. i have always been a little bit wary and in disbelief that kim would negotiate a way of nuclear weapons. it is the ultimate goal. i would continue to have talks. i have my doubts whether kim would give up nuclear weapons. >> let's talk about the reason why you're here. you are introducing new legislation which would effectively end the u.s. war in afghanistan. i would declare victory and
1:47 pm
withdraw troops within a year and it suggests the payment to service members that fought a $2,500 bonus. do you think democrats will come on board this bill and if so how many? >> i have heard many democrats that feel that way, they believe it has been in place too long. it should be reviewed. they believe we should be moving in the direction of pulling our troops out. we think it is an orderly way to do it. i will work hard with senator paul to make sure we try to round up a coalition to move in that direction. >> two weeks ago u.s. intelligence official told cnn isis is afghanistan affiliate is able to carry out direct attacks on the united states you'll hear that your bill would allow isis's affiliate to strengthen to become a bigger threat.
1:48 pm
you'll hear all sorts of arguments. what will your response be? >> i think if you'll wait for a time when the middle east is completely peaceful and there's no jihadist and no radicals will wait forever. i think we should ask the question what is the vital national security interest and what is our military mission? if you ask them you can't find anybody. you can't find a general period that will tell you we have a military solution in afghanistan. we are completed our mission. we won. we killed or taken capture of everybody that has anything to do with 9/11. name my somebody left that we knead to kill our cap clture an i'm for it. the mission is over. we need to come home.
1:49 pm
what we have had to happen is mission and we accomplished everything long ago. we should have pulled back and allowed afghanistan and the parties in afghanistan to support them to find a peaceful solution. >> i asked the president's national security adviser about afghanistan this weekend. take a listen to what he told me. it will be important to keep a counter terrorism present in afghanistan. >> would you be okay with some counter terrorism forces, navy seals, green beret raistaying i afghanistan? >> i think whether it is in syria or afghanistan they become a target and a trip wire for a
1:50 pm
disaster. so no. if you want to leave 200 troops in syria and 500 in afghanistan i think it's a terrible military judgment. you're setting them up for possible massacre and we are back involvedme. i think it's a bad idea. i think we need to reassess the war. we have soldiers that are born after 9/11 being sent to fight over there. there's a real problem. congress hasn't approved this war in 17 years. really the constitutional point is congress needs to be involved. we can't let presidents of either party keep fighting the wars forever. >> before you go you're an ally of the presidents but you're going to vote to block his declaration of a national emergency. how many do you think are going do join you and have you heard from the president on this? >> it is kind of interesting. the money that is spent under the constitution is very specific. it is spent by congress.
1:51 pm
in fact the constitution says only congress can make law and only by law can you take money out of the treasury and appropriation to an act of congress. i think there will be probably ten republicans, at least six beyond the four that are going to vote for it, have told me they will. it could be higher than that. what i keep telling them is if we can get to a high enough number maybe someone could run over to the white house and say hey, this could be worse. it could be 65. it could be 67. i know it's very optimistic. i might only be 57 to 60 but that's still a lot that could be avoided if the president could recend the emergency part. >> the republicans i talked to the ak cure is pretty good. >> good to see people working in a bipartisan way. >> thank you. it is dating back decades. up next, why many are wondering
1:52 pm
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hi wined and dined the football team with chick-fil-a and mcdonald's. do you know who hasn't made a visit? a single womens championship team unlike in the previous five administrations. just to go over this the 2017 womens basketball champ i don't go ships were invite today the white house but they declined because they waited more than seven months to invite them.
1:57 pm
2018 ncaa champions not invited. wnba the seattle storm but they had no interest in going. what's going on here? why not invite these women champions? >> it's crazy. this is the time in our country when people love womens sports more than ever before. today is the greatest day until tomorrow and the next day. 46 and a half years. you could make a case. i could make the case that red states care more about their girl sports than blue states. it is mind boggling the president is in the 1950s. >> i don't want to defend president trump but the reality is there are a lot of players that have individually said they don't want to go to the white
1:58 pm
house because of president trump. curry expressed concern. they fweeted going to the white house is considered a great honor. curry is hesitating therefore invitation is with drawn. there was a big brouhaha. is the trump white house getting ahead of the rejection? >> it could be. it seems to me you invite the teams and let them turn it down. i wouldn't be surprised if they say hey, we are going to come. at least two dozen white house visits, olympic teams etcetera. it is such a great honor each and every time to a man or woman they talk about going to the white house. it's not about this particular president. now, absolutely a man that bragged about sexually assaulting women rpgs you can understand why they might not want to go. you invite them an let them turn it down.
1:59 pm
that's the way it happened. >> i want you to take a listen to her. she said despite controversy she would have brought her team to white house if president trump had invited them. take a listen. >> this isn't just the sitting president. it is what clamponings do. it would have been important for us to put that political part aside and make a bigger statement around the country. >> it's the point that you just made that occupies the white house about the fact that it is the white house. all of our white house. >> and, you know, title nine signed by richard nixon tine signed by a republican, i could make the case that title nine is the most important over the last 46 or 47 years. a lot of competition for that. i think it's that big of a deal. for donald trump to not celebrate that and to say bring it in you can have them there as i have seen where you have eight or ten all at the same time.
2:00 pm
it's mind boggling especially 2019 for him to be making this decision. >> it's one they can fix right now. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> you can follow me on facebook and twitter. our coverage continues right now. thanks for watching. happening now breaking news, white house pushback. the president stops at demands for documents and complains democrats are taking a wrecking ball to his life. the white house plans to push back against congressional investigators. lawmakers have already calling for a criminal probe on the kushner security clearance. cohen returns. the president's former fixer will head back to capitol hill for more closed door testimony just as the house brings on board a former u.s. prosecutor with a background in organized crime. deterring russia, a top u.s. general warns about the growing