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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  March 6, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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all right. top of the hour. good morning everyone. >> this was to have been the first day of michael cohen's three we year term in prison. he is spending one more day behind closed doors. it is one of three committees which he testified for much of last week and one of at least five in the house alone now investigating the president. cohen has just arrived on capitol hill. those are the pictures there. also it seems kushner was not the only top white house adviser to get security clearance after a personal intervention. cn th cnn learned overroad the objections of chief of staff to
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grant that security counsel to ivanka trump. we saw moments ago michael cohen and his attorneys walking in. what are we expects today. >> i just saw them walk into the secure facilitimenty. i try today ask whether or not he brought any new documents. he wouldn't answer. he said he will make a statement. another question whether or not he hadful any discussions about getting a pardon. he is walking into the secure location for this 9:30 a.m. eastern meeting that will take place all day long. those are the main questions lawmakers want to ask. one is how the white house may have been involved or the president's attorneys in editing
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a false statement that cohen initially gave to the committee back in 2017 about the trump tower project and pursuit of the trump organization during the 2016 campaign and after cohen's offices and hotel room properties were raided did he have discussions with the president and president's team about potential pardons. those are questions the lawmakers want to ask. one person i caught up with was adam schiff. he is making it very clear it is part of a larger series of efforts this committee will do to oversee this white house. >> okay. thank you very much. >> think about it. it is the president's long time lawyer and fixer. >> yeah. >> at least one crime it's in the daily churn. >> i know. easy to lose track o
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that. as it comes to the president's daughter a source familiar with her thinking tells me this morning ivanka trump has no knowledge of the president getting involved in her or jared's clearance. that's what we are hearing from a source familiar with her thinking. cnn has multiple sources saying look, the president got involved here on both fronts. >> right. our reporting is that cnn that president trump pressured then white house chief of staff john kelly then white house counsel apparently others to give ivanka trump her security clearance. reporting is also that it's totally possible she did not know her father intervened in getting her security clearance.
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i have got to tell you, the thing about this is that the white house is in a state of circle the wagons. they figure out how to handle it including a letter from the chairman of the oversight committee to the white house from january 23 really set off alarm bells. today sarah sanders, we asked her about the story about ivanka trump. she had to give the same answer she gave a couple of weeks ago about the husband of ivanka trump, jared kushner. she said we don't comment on security clearances. that's not our policy. her rhetoric has really stepped up as the white house tries to deal with this. she is using words like calling this a small radical fringe of dem it kras who were doing this.
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using words like outrageous. the white house is trying to deal with what is coming at them from capitol hill. it is an absolute flood. there are more and more requests for documents on this issue of security clearances. the big question is whether there will be a subpoena issuing from the house oversight committee. it is entirely possible. the chairman hinted at it. the chairman also hasn't said whether he will do it. back to you. >> thank you. what is interesting the president is aware of the sensitivities of him overruling his advisers. he asked his advisers to order the clearance to be issued. he was aware of the implications. >> it's true. it's not do you have a right to do it it's what do you say that you're doing it overriding that advice when it comes to issuing them for family members. >> and what does it say about the fact that they had concerns
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about issuing clearances. a host of questions there. the white house in the midst of this is refusing the hand over documents for both ivanka and her husband all this while the president slams the house democrats sweeping probe as a disgrace to our country. that is phrasing he used before. we have the latest on capitol hill. it is quite a broad ranging investigation by hill's committee control by democrats few. >> that's absolutely right. when we are talking on that one point of security clearances, the request for information coming from the committees up here to the white house it sets up certainly a huge battle ahead potentially as joe mentioned a subpoena battle between the white house and house oversight committee. they have been pushing back very strongly. they have called the committee's
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requestion f request for documents overly intrusive. they are making it clear right now they are not handing over the documents. it set off the house oversight committee. he believes in his words that the white house is stone walling them for their request for this information. here is how he put it last night on capitol hill. >> when you cannot get information you cannot be a check. under the constitution we have a duty. it's not some witch hunt. >> and cummings who said he believes the white house is being very reluctant here to hand over that information that he wants, he says that he believes it is clear the white house has been abusing the security clearance system and he has an important decision to make. will he issue a subpoena or not to get this related to kushner?
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he has not made up his mind yet. he said he is talking to lawmakers as he moves to the next phase of this battle. >> and before you go we heard the president in his own words ichb cyst i cooperate with everyone but that is changing now when it comes to that sweeping probe. the white house is exerting executive privilege. >> that's right. it is a huge potential. it is sending shock waves on p capitol hill. this huge request coming from the committees up here on capitol hill of 81 entities and requests for documents. it is clear that the expectation they are expecting and bracing themselves for the executive privilege. it is the next phase in the months ahead. >> thank you. we appreciate that. let's discuss now of
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illinois. he sits on the house intel and oversight committees. >> let me begin with the plan to overrule the recommendations and intelligence agencies to offer his daughter and son-in-law top security clearances. do you know rngs do you have any information what the concerns were he had numerouser rors with he has it makes it to
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susceptible to compromise. most of the law enforcement community that looked at this particular case said he should not have access to top secret security clearance. when the president directed them to give him security clearance he went and flew in the face of his decision flew in the face of what career professionals said and hes a said later on he hadding in had nothing to do with that. the truth is much different. >> top secret clearance gives someone access to the nation's most sensitive secrets and classified information. with the president here overruling to grant clearances to family members is he himself mishandling the nation's secrets to grant that access in. >> possibly. you know, basically it's true that the president has a per
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ogtive to issue clearance and to people that he designates. it is our duty to perform oversight. she absolutely correct there has to be transparency. he repeated documents about this. they refused voluntary compliance. i should note that i offered a law which was an amendment to the secret act which required them to explain the security process he promptly vietlatolate law and he is doing it with repeated requests. the white house and whether they do the same on open question. in light of that should the chairman, should he subpoena
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pose records? >> i think he has made it very clear that the power is potentially the next step. i would be very supportive if that's the direction he decides to go. i think he has shown extreme patience at this point in terms of repeatedly asking for the documents and their refusal to comply flies directly against the constitutional duty of oversight. >> as you know we michael cohen is now testifying in closed session. it was one of your questions last week that made the most news. have a listen. >> is there any other wrong doing or illegal act that you are aware of regarding donald trump that we haven't yet discussed today? >> yes. and again, those are part of the investigation that's currently being looked at by the southern district of new york.
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>> to that point we did not know about an additional investigation of the president. do you know what that pertains to? >> i do not. >> is it something he could talk about in closed session? >> suffice it to say there's a lot of question marks surrounding that particular answer that he gave. they have saying they may not turn over the findings. i believe we have a duty to actually investigate some of these ourselves and get to the bottom of what happened. >> you might say americans have a right no know if there's an additional criminal
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investigation. >> yes, sir. >> i do want to ask you a bigger picture about the range of investigations by democrats today. we'll put a list up on the careen. even some democrats have warned that this is so wide ranging that it gives the impression of casting a net too wide. is that fair criticism? >> you saw the hearing with michael cohen. the president likes to talk about hiss role on the apprentice. michael cohen painted a picture. there are so many characters that i think it's only logical that the chairman would want to get to the bottom of what's going on with each of these particular people. the second point is -- >> i do want to ask that. i have been covering that for a couple of years. i can understand why folks would
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be frustrated. you know, what is the result of this? explain what you have seen it being worthwhile. >> i think there are at least three issues. one, was there a conspiracy between the trump organization or the trump campaign and the russians with regard to influencing the elections of 2016 and how do we prevent that from happening again. secondly was there obstruction of justice following this particular issue surrounding the investigation of 2016 and then third, all of the various campaign finance violations.
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a poll showed 60% of american people think that the democrats are doing the right thing and serving as a check and balance on the trump administration now. that being said we have to deliver on the pocketbook priorities of the american peechlt we have to walk and chew gum at the same time. >> right. thanks very much for joining us this morning. >> thank you, sir. days after the president walked away in that failed summit satellite images released overnight appear to show north korea he begun building a long-range missile site. also the end of the line for workers at a huge gm plant in ohio. this is the first of four gm plants to close today. this means thousands are out of work. >> life clanging news for those people. >> yeah. >> and also today an explosive
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all right. welcome back. new sat l slight images shows it appears to be rebuilding part of a facility. >> this comes from 38 north. that's a north korean monitoring web site. it says vehicles were moving around between february 16th and march 2nd. those dates obviously matter a lot. barbara joins us from the pentagon. barbara, the timing significant. the images matter a lot. what do they tell us about rebuilding if it is happening at this launch site?
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>> i think the most important thing to remember about satellite imagery is they know full well sat satellites are overhead. many they want it to be seen they will let it be seen. what the most interesting is what is hidden away that the satellites never see it shows new activity at this site. a number of analysts say hang on d was it mean north korea is getting ready to launch another missile to reseume weapons testing? you can't conclude that from these images. they are picking up the pace on activity and they want to make sure that the u.s. sees that. >> paula, you cover south korean intelligence that exposed this. how are they reacting?
6:23 am
>> well, jim, they were briefing lawmakers. what they were saying is they had seen what had been dismantled being restored. they spoke about moving things around the facilitimey. this is a place where they did test missile engines. they also launched satellites into space. this is something that kim jong un had personally spoken about when president there. there were discussions about whether or not they were going to be allowing independent inspectors in if the u.s. gave corresponding measures. despite the timing and there were many two were making a
6:24 am
judgment on this. they say it's too soon. it's clearly not a good move. >> so if these images show what it seems like they are showing, the thing is that the president walk walked away from the table without a freeze agreement, right? you have him saying that the administration would be willing to consider beefing up sanctions against north korea if they don't make a commitment to denuclearize. >> right. >> we understand sarah sanders was asked about this cht. other news, the trump organization facing investigation. did it tip off officials in.
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>> it is not just cohen with a big hearing today on the hill. minutes from now neilson will face democrats as tension grows. she is the highest ranging administration official to testify on this front yet. we'll hear from her in less than an hour. stay with us. discover. hi, what's this social security alert? it's a free alert if we find your social security number on the dark web. good, cuz i'm a little worried about my information getting out. why's that? [bird speaking] my social is 8- 7- 5 dash okay, i see. [bird laughing] somebody thinks it's hilarious. free social security alerts from discover.
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they have opened an inquiry. they say the long-time insurance broker has been slapped with a subpoena. >> it comes days after michael cohen made explosive allegations specifically of insurance fraud and of course he did so under oath. >> did the president ever provide inflated assets to an
6:30 am
insurance company? >> yes. >> cohen back on the hill this morning to finish his testimony to the house intelligence committee this time behind closed doors. it gives more freedom to discuss others. it is joining state prosecutor and cnn legal analyst. help our viewers here. there are a lot of nfs going on. new york state finance department relating insurance dwes. if donald trump inflated assets to his advantage of different times what are or are there potential crimes? >> sure. there could be. this department is a civil state level investigative unit. they can easy make a referral to entitiesment we got referrals from them at all times. it could be a crime either way. i have seen insurance fraud where they inflate their assets or deflate it. either one of those would be
6:31 am
pretty straightforward. >> even though yes it is the top insurance regulator it does not have the power to bring criminal challenges. it could prove to be parless? >> we you. they know what they are doing. they have subject matter expertise on things like this. it could absolutely result fairy quickly. >> this would be outside the president's ability to pardon himself. >> right. or pardon anybody. >> okay. michael cohen is on the hill today. a lot of things members will want to push him on if they could not do so in public. what could they learn today?
6:32 am
>> this is a different format. the staffers do a lot of questioning who often know issues better. i would look at it as an opportunity to dig deeper sba issues we heard testimony about, the hush money payments and also you want to identify verifiable leads chs you want to say is that something that can be backed up. >> we saw more of in the new york times reporting. >> adam schiff hired a prosecutor, a guy by the name dan goldman. not only do you call him a friend you worked with him, supervised him and he sent me
6:33 am
this article about how mobs are investigating and how it could translate to him asking the trump organization. what does the hiring of dan goldman tell you? >> he is look at this as a political question and criminal-type issue. you have an organized unit. it can be a political ent enterprize. the trial that we did together and at first i thought he will be doing something a lot different now. certainly he will not be looking at murders or violence. you're going to have to flip people and penetrate this sort of closed secret of networks. i think it will be very well. >> and it is traditionally
6:34 am
organizesed crime if. >> i has been youed in public corporation. >> who use it it? >> giuliani and me p. so general motors shuttering protection at the first of four plants it will close in north america. this is in ohio, the center of employment for this town. what does it mean for all oaf those workers next. hi, i'm joan lunden. when my mother began forgetting things, we didn't know where to turn for more information. that's why i recommend a free service called a place for mom. we have local senior living advisors who can answer your questions about dementia or memory care and, if necessary, help you find the right place for your mom or dad.
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you'll make my morning, buty the price ruin my day.ou? complicated relationship with milk? pour on the lactaid, 100% real milk, just without that annoying lactose. mmm, that's good. gm's plan will halt production today. this is after 50 year of building american cars there.
6:39 am
>> it is a big deal in the heart land. this is the first of four gm plants that are set to close as part of the restruck curing. it will mean 1,400 or so workers without a job or transferred to other plants. remember when the president said this in ohio? listen. >> i was looking at some of those big once incredible job producing companies. my wife said what happened in i said those jobs have left ohio. they are all coming back. they are all coming back. they are coming back. don't move. >> don't move. don't sell your house. >> we are live outside to you first, look, even before today
6:40 am
you had 3,000 of the plant workers. so what are people telling you on the ground? >> yeah. hi. today is the last day of work for 1,400 employees here at the gm plant. according to the ceo she said the reason they are closing this plant is because people simply aren't buying sedans anymore. they are to take advantage of low gas prices. he said he was disappointed. it is an area that supported the president and largely in part because he said he would keep these jobs here.
6:41 am
>> it stabbed us in the back. saying we might have to leave ohio to go somewhere else. we get through this. is cutting of this plant and four ears that you mentioned is going to be saving the company about $6 billion going into 2020 by the end of 2020. they say we know it is an emotional day for our team. they say we have job you opportunities for every hourly. anyone who wants a job and willing to relocate will have a job. so far gm said they were able to accommodate new jobs at other
6:42 am
plants for about 400 of the employees here. you talk about a ripple effect. when this plant closes the town of lordstown suffers. we can only expect when people stop showing up that number will decline even more. >> yeah. these plants are defining for these towns. >> sure. >> big picture here, you saw the president. it has been a frequent promise of his. this is one that several shuttle down. on manufacturing jobs what does the data show? have many jobs come back in. >> coming become is a complicated question. they have been growing quite quickly for a number of
6:43 am
different reasons. the difficulty of managing large global supply chains. many reasons it has grown quickly. the closures are more the exception to the rule at this point. >> when you look at this though and you're reporting they spent a few days. you look there on average could make up to $88,000 a year. that's a really good salary there. when they talk about finding new jobs, are those going to pay that? you can make a middle class salary and pay for cars and house and kids and college especially in some of these
6:44 am
areas. that's a disruptive thing. >> listen, it's not just the waves, right? it's health care and pension. >> he is right. what about the threat he made to general motors? he questioned they would not get some of the subsidies. is there anything they will do to have gm bring other vehicles to this plant? >> sure. there is very little any president can do to make jobs appear on any particular case. he threatened and bullied people. it makes people think twice from moving jobs to mexico. wall street loves these kinds of restructuring. there's no reason she would kang their mine. >> they will choose that.
6:45 am
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all right. r. kelly and an explosive emotional interview saying he's fighting for his life, adamantly denying the multiple charges of sexual abuse against minors against him in a new interview
6:50 am
with cbs. watch this. >> i didn't do this stuff. this is not me. i'm fighting for my [ bleep ] life. y'all are killing me with this [ bleep ]. i been here 30 years. >> robert -- >> 30 years of my career. y'all trying to kill me! you're killing me, man! this is not about -- i'm trying to have a relationship with my kids, and i can't do it! y'all just don't want to believe the truth. >> it was truly remarkable to watch this morning. kelly, we should remind you, was indicted on ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse last month. if convicted, he could face 3-7 years in prison for each count. sara sidner has been following the story. this was quite the encounter with cbs's gayle king there. >> you saw a very raw,
6:51 am
emotional, emotive person who at times seemed to really be going off the rails. i mean, jumping up like that and screaming, that wasn't the only time when he really started to raise his voice or cry during this interview. he talked about fighting for his life. you heard it there. he knows that, as you mentioned, he stands accused right now of ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse, which holds up to 70 years in prison if he's convicted. now, there have also been a lot of tears on the point of those alleged victims, women who have come forward. we have seen them over and over and over again. i also saw them in court at one of his court hearings. one of the victims of the case was there. i watched the families crying as well. a lot of tears have been shed by his alleged victims as well.
6:52 am
let's listen to a little bit more of what r. kelly said as he's talking to gayle king, who did a wonderful job of just listening and asking the right questions. >> did you start seeing her at 17? >> absolutely not. >> did you have sex with her when she was 17? >> public schoabsolutely not. although her parents wanted me to. what kind of father, what kind of mother will sell their daughter to a man? >> who did that? >> how come it was okay for me to see them until they wasn't getting no money from it? >> now, we have heard from alice and angelo cleary. their daughter is still with r. kelly. the savages' daughters are there two.
6:53 am
here's what cleary's parents told us. they said we have not asked r. kelly for money. we have never received a penny from r. kelly and we never told our daughter to him or anyone else. they believe he should go to jail and die there. that is literally what they said. a lot of emotion here coming from those concerned about their daughters, who are currently adults and living with r. kelly. >> remarkable. thank you for the important reporting. >> remember the tears of the victims. that's the focus. >> exactly what sarah mentioned. you're right. moments from now on capitol hill, kirstjen nielson will face tough questions on border security, also the zero tolerance policy. want more from your entertainment experience?
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this is the math here. there were big tax cuts. there's been big spending and now a big problem. the u.s. budget deficit skyrocketing up 77% over the same time one year ago. >> another stunning number this morning, the trade deficit hit a ten-year high. it grew to more than $100 billion under the president. christine romans is here to break it down. trade deficit we're going to get to in a moment, but the fact that you have the 77% increase here, is it more because of the tax cuts or less revenue coming in or more because of increased spending? >> it's both. big military spending, veteran spending, just the interest on the debt that gets bigger and bigger. there's a lot of spending and the tax cuts to a lesser extent. on the trade front, the president's entire trade policy is predicated on the belief that
6:59 am
trade deficits are a failure. the u.s. trade deficit last year was the worst in a decade $621 billion. the overall deficit in goods 891 billion. th the president detests trade deficits. he simplistically sees them as losing money to the trading partners. yet the trade deficit has swelled to way more than $100 billion. that 77% surge in the budget deficit in the first four months of the year. 310 billion. tax revenue down about 1.5% over the past 12 months. larry kudlow down played those numbers. >> we are making an investment in america's future.
7:00 am
it's already beginning to pay off. and if that means we incur some additional debt in the short run, so be it. >> the white house view is that that huge corporate tax cut would super charge growth to rein in the deficit. >> there are decades of history to back this un. >> deficits matter when the other party's in power. when your party's in power, suddenly deficits don't matter again. >> thanks. very good wednesday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto here in new york. >> i'm poppy harlow. kirstjen nielsen is coming before the house homeland security committee at a time when congress is very close to rejecting the president's


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