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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 6, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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to take a stand on controversial issues. standing next to the issues is not one that very many are deciding to join onto. >> nice to have you back. thank you. thanks for joining us. the lead with jake tapper starts right now. the lead starts right now. >> he has more to say on capitol hill. democrats demanding to know whether and why president trump pressured officials to get security officials for his daughter and son-in-law.
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now the president's responding. good afternoon. we start with politics lead. michael cohen handing over new evidence documents to the house intelligence committee that he says shows edits to the false written statement delivered in 2017 cohen said in his testimony last week that president trump's then personal lawyer made changes to his statement and cohen suggested that he himself was guided by what he thought the president wanted him to do to not be honest about how long conversations lasted. does this document provide any
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evidence of anyone at the white house or affiliated with the president he has been behind closed doors as a convicted liar he says he is speaking his truth. let's go to cnn who is waiting for cohen to come to the mike. what more can you tell us? >> we are trying to learn more about what these edits show. we know that cohen provided it to the committee in the aftermath of his statement. he sg jested that the lawyer for
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ivanka and jared kushner but we know that today members have been asking questions about these documents and it has been a significant portion of today they also have tried to figure out whether the discussions are going to move forward on any pardons in exchange before he flipped. in relation today the trump attorneys are standing by the statement from last week. they say the statement made last week about the edits being done by trump attorneys was quote completely false.
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>> thanks so much. cohen talked about the edits publicly last week. take a listen. >> there were changes made. were there changes about the timing? >> there were several clanhange including how we were going to handle that message. >> okay. >> the message being the length of time that the trump power moscow project stayed and remained alive. >> and aman da, we know that message was false, the one that cohen gave to the house to congress cohen lied. we have to weigh what the word remains but if the white house had anything to do with adding to the lie it could be a big issue. >> these are the two outstamdndg
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questions. did the president or his lawyers direct him to lie to congress? it indicates kushner because they also shared a joint defense agra agreement at one point in time. the other question is what was the length and duration and scope of the moscow trump tower talks? he has not been totally clear except to say he wanted to coordinate with the messaging from the white house. i think back a few weeks ago that said maybe it went many months into the campaign. the late stages of the campaign. i speculatively wonder did the talks ever end because donald trump continued to have secretive talks with russian contact. it is clear now he has never separated his official business from his personal business. i wonder if there was ever an end to those talks. >> and of course we have to continually weigh that michael
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cohen has been convicted and going to prison in part because he lied to congress. who knows if what he said last week is true. we already know that he said at least one thing not true in terms that he didn't want a job at the white house. that said this is the witness they have. >> right. what i find interesting about the on camera testimony is that the republicans consistently said you're a liar. when we examine what they are accusing him of lying about it is evident about moscow tower. you asked the question but i feel like it has been asked and answered that he consistently had praise on putin. he ignored the advice of his own security counsel to believe and take putin's word over everybody el el else's. i don't think he learned anything major during this
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hearing. i this i we all kind of already knew. i personally believe we know he is a con man and maybe a cheat. i do think because of the moscow tower exchange and that he placed donald trump on the phone with roger stone which by definition shows collusion. if she was talking to him about the wikileaks conversation that is by definition collusion. he brought the receipts in that area. >> we should point out that roger stone and president trump say there's no truth to the allegations. >> we never lie. >> there's a lot of liars. >> cohen showed six checks he claims were repayments for hush money paid to him on behalf of the fact that he paid money to women who had alleged affairs with the president. the new york time cross referenced the date. one was written the day and another one he hosted senators to talk about tax cuts. another one he pardoned the thanksgiving day turkey.
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he talked about moving the embassy to jerusalem. it is defending the fact that there's such a jarring statement of the fact that he was going official business while also writing the checks at the same time. here is how one republican snarlt senator defended it. >> i think this president loves hiss family and i think it has as much to do with trying not to have public discussions about something that is for him a private matter that he didn't want discussed with his family. >> that's the defense in terms of it not being a crime. i don't know if it's a great political defense. >> i always get the easy questions, right? >> look, it's not -- the position is what's problem solving. the president is doing this
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big -- these big policy things. >> he was saying to hush an alleged affair. pretty unseemingly. it is a bad visual. what the senator was talking about is the legal defense here that even if the president did it, even if it was exactly as cohen did it is important whether it is a campaign violation or not, if he was doing it to keep it from his family, remember, it was all long after the billy bush tape came out. it is hard to see the voters turning away because of, you know, a consensual affair with a woman after the billy bush tape came out. it was kind of winding down. i think what he was offering was, you know, he said i'm saying it's what i think should be going ochblt. >> -- on.
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>> although he said because he loves his family so much can be a difficult one. >> very christian of him. >> look, i'm trying to imagine if we had this conversation when barack obama was president about him paying off a porn star on the same day or through a lawyer ton same day he was having conversations about the global economic crisis or whatever it play be. the lack of outrage continues. >> i think -- >> just to speak to one piece of this the question is not whether or not the public would have changed their point of view. it is sort of unknowable. the question is whether he held this from public view. the public has the right to make a decision about whether they thought it would have changed who they would have voted for. it is an issue. demands over ivanka trump's security clearance. her father pressured her to give
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we are back. cummings says he will continue talking to the white house before he resorts to using subpoena power after they say cummings and his committee are playing games by demanding documents they claim they know they are not entitled to. cummings wants to me for ivanka trump's security clearance. sources say president trump pressured his then chief of staff and white house counsel to grant the security clearance after the white house security office raised concerns about doing so. as c flrks n reports for us when the top two refuse to get
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involved president trump approved it himself. >> we are not going to comment on security clearances. >> sources say the president lobbied john kelly and don mcgan to grant against their recommendations. trump wanted them to make the decision so it didn't look like they were tainting the process. when they refused he did it himself contra districting what ivanka said weeks ago. >> there were anonymous leaks ability there being issues. he had no involvement. >> a source adding it is possible she was unaware of her father's involvement. while clearances can some times be stalled if a married couple is involved sources say cnn had
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separate concerns about irk van. >> what were the problems early on? >> there weren't any other than that backlog of close to a million clearances across government! the revelation coming after the new york times while he has the authority to grant clear ranss trump denied getting involved. >> i was never involved with the security. i know from reading that there were issues back and forth about security for numerous people actually. >> it has infuriated democrats that are demanding more information. >> he continues to lie. when you talk about the security clearances he said he had nothing to do with it. all of the everyday comes out that he did have something to do with it. it is lie after lie after lie.
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>> details efforts to bury the president's academic records. >> i heard i'm first in my class. >> according to the post is superintendent instructed the school's head master to find trump's records an bury them. >> she says he was a great student. if he was that's great. if he wasn't that's great. i was a very good student. >> he said the superintendent had been accosted by wealthy alumni who were plfrmt trumr. t friends. he said you need to grab that record and deliver it to me. now, after cnn published that report the chairman of the house ov oversight committee said he wants more information about how she got her security clearance and he is concerned if the president brushed aside those on
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ju je objections. he should have no problem handing over the documents. >> all right. thanks so much. right now ivanka trump and her father just arrived to a meeting about american workers at the white house. she is making some remarks there. it is an american work force advisory board meeting. let's continue to talk about this. there's no doubt that she works on issues that are important to her having to do with child care and having to do with women and entrepreneurs at the world bank but you have had a security clearance of the white house. >> uh-huh. >> i don't flow whknow what tha process means but would she need a security clearance? >> it is a little unclear why she would need a security clearance. a lot of the issues she works on are domestic. they are issues she clearly
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cares about. the need for security clearance is not -- everyone is not given one. it is an extensive process. the first question i would ask is why he needs one. >> and you had a security clearance. one of the other questions has to do with the fact they haven't been forthcoming about this. take a listen to ivanka trump talking with abc news about the rumors, the reporting rather that her father intervened to get her and her husband security clearances. >> the president had no involvement pertaining to my clearance or my husband's clearance. >> so no special treatment? >> no. >> maybe she didn't know but it doesn't appear to be true. >> i don't know what i think one
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report, i think it is subject to legitimate oversight i can be done. >> what does she need a clearance for? quite frequently there's documents on the desk that are classified. there are meetings that are going on. there could be an actual viable reason. i would like to see if it is beyond one leaked source at this point. >> i don't flknow if she was lying. if she did not obtain her clearance. she was living an embarrassing lie through any fair means. >> yes. this is why there are these
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rules. >> and you're a lot more gracious than i am. the only thing it proves is she is as bad of a liar as her father is. >> when you say the kushners do you mean the entire family? >> she has earned almost 4 million just from trump international towers. it 0eopens a lot of questions about what business you had with these hotels. we saw it already with the sprint merger. we don't know what red flags were raised but we have an idea what it could be with kushner. i think when you look at some of
1:23 pm
the relationships you with some of these business dealings, with the crown princeov of saiudi arabia, all of them are defending this kind of process and it is clearly inappropriate. >> a terrible student. >> it opens up and gives. this passport applications to a
1:24 pm
charity of his choice. >> i asked to see his college records. i would like to see him. >> i don't flow why he doesn't release his records. >> why doesn't he? >> everyone says she a great student. >> if he was that's great. i was a very good student. >> at the same time he was saying all that his minions were doing everything they could to suppress donald trump's records. >> true. donald trump was an originator of the conspiracy theory. that was really what he was getting at. barack obama wrote a book where he talked about wandering around aimlessly and how he wasn't a great student there. he was pretty transparent about that. if we took a poll on two they thought was more intelligent
1:25 pm
barack obama would probably win by a landslide. >> i would say the acts of intimidation are more important than his grades. that's something that continues to be explored. all right. everyone stick around. we'll talk about president trump reacting this afternoon to these new imagesov of north korea building up days after the failed summit. what is the new message to the dictator? that's next. stay with us. i'm a dancer. i live in new york city. casting directors will send me a video of choreography and say, "if you can be here in a couple hours, the job is yours." and then, i need my phone to work while i'm on the subway or streaming the video they sent me while i learn the choreography as best i can. the key is to hold the bar up top and not the pole, so that you have full range of motion. it's a little kooky. (vo) there for you when it matters most.
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we are to solve a problem. we have a very nasty problem. we have to solve a problem. >> president trump responding for the first time to questions about brand new satellite images showing that north korea seems to be working on satellite launch site. the rebuilding of this site started just before or even during the summit between president trump and kim jong un. barbara shows us the images and has details about what went wrong at the failed summit. >> for the first time in months new satellite images show north korea working at a launch site rebuilding a portion of a key facility once used to test missile engines. the launch facility has been dormant since august. images indicate restoration work at an engine test stand and a launch pad. president trump warning kim not
1:31 pm
to break a promise by rebuilding the site. >> i would be very disappointed if that were happening. it is a very early report. we are the ones that put it out. i would be very very disappointed in chairman kim. >> there is nothing here that indicates it being prepared. >> it may be kim's answer to last week. >> they clearly understand we can see what they are doing. it play be as much messaging adds it is anything else. >> i think it's more of a political signal, a frustration, a reversal of decisions building measures. >> cnn has learned just how much both sides miscalculated each other over the summit. before president trump landed secretary of state pompeo was there hoping to meet with north korea's chief negotiator, a play
1:32 pm
are he has welcomed to the oefrl officer. he refused to meet, an early sign the north koreans were in the prepared to agree to full denuclearization. as he prepared a north korean proposal for the u.s. to loosen sanctions in return for north korea dismantling the nuclear complex. the u.s. declined and the president left strevietnam. national security adviser says president trump might decide to increase sanctions on the regime if kim doesn't give up his nuclear weapons. >> if they are not willing to do it i think trump has been very cleared they will not get relief from the crushing economic sanctions and we'll look at ramping those sanctions up. >> right now there is no indication that north korea is getting ready for another missile launch but if they were it could be a real game changer
1:33 pm
between trump and kim. >> thanks so much. let's take a moment to remember how president trump had depicted this relationship. he obviously had very high hopes. >> i like kim. he likes me and we fell in love. >> no. really. he wrote me beautiful letters. they are great letters. >> i guess the question is did kim jong un play president trump? >> we don't know. the time frame for this by the experts is right before or right around the summit. so it's entirely possible they were rebuilding this in advance of the summit. it seems less likely it was in reaction to. they there are also reports that there are additional facilities which we expected for a long time. this is all a lesson here that yes, the agreement and the verbal agreement and the photo and, you know, first step but
1:34 pm
the verification is the most important part of this. that is going to take months. we should all root for this success and root for this to get back off the ground. there are some very smart people at the state department who are working on this. there were many ups and downs. it is whether it can get back on track and whether trump can give it the room and the privacy and some times even the secrecy to negotiate these issues. >> the problem is he's not listening to those smart people. we don't know that this. even then there was satellite imagery. it is the same thing he told the american people, that i and i alone can handle all of the
1:35 pm
world ee world's problems. he has been to asia twice now to meet with kim jong un and the only thing he accomplished is falling in love. >> and so i would say to push back on that there hasn't been a test or launch over 400 days, right? that is a pretty big success. >> no. during the obama administration they were testing nuclear weapons. if the you live in south korea or any where in the planet it is an accomplishment, right? there was talk there would be a nuclear war on the korean peninsula. you take the longview. this isn't something that will happen in a week or two weeks. the president will need some r.n. room. steve at the state department, they people that have been doing this far very long time. i think it will take a lot longer than people expected. >> absolutely. this must be disappointing to president trump. last july he made a point of
1:36 pm
talking about the fact that the same site, satellite or rocket launch, that they were dismantling it. >> new images show that north korea has begun the process. it seems to be going very well. >> president trump exaggerates. he didn't get what he wanted. here is why i'm some what hopeful these talks will continue. i know they declared this a failure. i think the conversation is going to go on. at the end of this the north korean side was rushing to say don't leave now. we want to talk about shutting down one aspect. they said that's not enough.
1:37 pm
that is an invitation to come to the table again. donald trump is talking to them. i assume when those talks occur we are getting lots of other information. i'm praying for the best. >> one reason is the idea that it would give him credibility on the world's stage. usually the lower ranging negotiate the deal and only then did they let him come in do you think that should be the template for president trump going forward? >> yes. because i think that these negotiations need to happen behind closed doors where issues can be aired and difficult technical issues can be discussed and really it should be 99% there. it needs to be handed off so they can work through the issue. >> and the two deciders in cleef need to be at the table. >> as you see that president needs to be there.
1:38 pm
>> he needs to pass it off. >> all right. everyone stick around. homeland security secretary being grilled on capitol hill today forced his national emergency declaration. it comes as the head crossing the border and is warning that the system is at a breaking point. jessica picks up our coverage now from capitol hill. >> homeland security secretary facing off for the first time feeling the heat as members grilled her on the controversial zero tolerance policy after they crossed the border illegally. neilson admitting she had discussed the policy with then attorney general jeff sessions but didn't realize he was ready to announce it. >> some time before the announcement we had the conversation. i did not know he was making that announcement that day. >> that resulted in weeks of confusion until he issued
1:39 pm
guidelines to implement the policy. >> why didduate to enforce implementation guidelines? >> we wanted to ensure we could do it in an appropriately safe way. >> do you know how outrageous that sounds? you wanted to separate children and families and you wanted to do it with compassion. you didn't do anything at all and you let kids be separated without tracking them. >> neilson also defended the president's decision to issue an emergency declaration and try today avoid addressing this false statement. it depends 90,000 immigrants. without proper documents continue history has shown
1:40 pm
higher numbers since the arrest of more than 1 million and republicans seized on the latest and last month was the highest total for my february in the past 12 years. >> the american people it landed on the southern border. >> and secretary kneelson warned and neilson was criticized for she didn't have at the hearing.
1:41 pm
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the democratic party continues to shape the 2020 presidential field. the question remaining will joe
1:46 pm
biden throw his hat into the ring? michael bloomberg warned saying we cannot that would diminish our chances in the jen election and translate into four more years. joining me now is doug jones from alabama. the book is called bending towards justice that changed the course of sifcivil rights. >> i want to talk about this in one second but i want to get your thoughts, the year you'll be running for reelection. you seem to share some of the concerns about the direction that the democratic presidential condition day d candidates are going. you write it's not a matter of moving left or right it's a matter of moving towards the people and reenergizing the
1:47 pm
center. the radical middle. what do you hear them talking about and are there any declared candidates that might appeal to the radical middle? >> i think any of them can appeal to that radical middle. what we need to be looking at is the same thing we kind of ran on and that is the kitchen table issues. you can debate tweaking the affordable care act. the debate, the discussion about health care is i think a driving issue for all morning and that's where i think that's going to be a really big issue. i see a lot of that coming up. that's lot of ways that we can work. >> we have heard criticism of them embracing the bernie
1:48 pm
sanders bill that would get rid of private insurance. do you disagree with that? >> you know, look, i have got a concern about a medical care for all plan. health care is such a concern. it should be a right for all folks. we have to do what we can for affordable health care. it is fostering other possibilities that will come from that. you'll have people on completely the other side of that issue that say this needs to be nothing but private industry completely. somewhere in the middle of that is going to be where i think the country lands. >> your book mentions one potential 2020 candidate. vice president biden mentioned, is he somebody that would be an effective messenger? 2020? >> i think joe would be very effective. i always believed that since i first met him 40 something years ago. i think he appeals to a wide
1:49 pm
cross section of america. i think minorities across gender lines, you name it, i think joe has that message. he has the experience to kind of pull people together. everyone knows my history with joe. i'm not telling them anything they don't know. i think his history has been to get things done and to pull people together. you name it from where ever they live in this country, whatever zip code they live in i think he has that opportunity. >> let's turn to the book. you write about your experiences as a prosecutor. it is for that horrific church bombing. you talk about embracing sifrl rights and you want to remind people how relevant those cases are to our prevent day challenges. >> i'm not going to call the president aracist. some of the things he says garners a lot of criticism. it can have the racial overtone to it. i am not going to call him that
1:50 pm
name unless they are real haters. i don't think donald trump is a hater. what i'm trying to say is that we made a lot -- we went down a path in the 40s, 50s and 60s and before that but especially in the 60s. words do matter. i'm hoping that whether it is president trump or democrats or who ever can take the lessons that we learned and understand that in today's world in a social media world that people can feel empowered to do things if they feel like they want to have the backing. it doesn't have to be the president. it could be anybody. it could be a senator or congressperson or mayor or the case of beirmingham a county commission. >> it's a time of tragedy for many in your community back home with those deadly tornados. the new york times is reporting that the sirens and cell phones alerted people only 12 minutes before the storm hit.
1:51 pm
23 people were killed. is there anything more that can be done to reduce the risk of this happening? >> it is a great question. it was literally having a meeting with emergency management in the state of alabama. you can do things that i think -- i think one of the things we have to do is education. people get conditioned some times. you know, this is not like a hurricane. a hurricane you have got days and weeks and you can plant and see that thing moving in a visual fashion. that's not what happens with a tornado. everybody knew the storms were coming. a to flrnado can touch down so quickly. i wish everybody had a radio. nothing is but what people have to do is we have to condition people to pay more attention and try to find more shelters and get folks in place. you a rural area like alabama where you have a lot of small struck clu structures it is very difficult
1:52 pm
for people to protect themselves regardless of the warnings. >> we are thinking about the community hit by that. the book is bending towards justice. thank you so much for being here. >> any time. a new senator getting personal today in a way very few people expected. that story is next. jerry♪eastbound and down.ound loaded up and truckin'♪ ♪we gonna do what they say can't be done♪ ♪we've got a long way to go ♪and a short time to get there.♪ ♪i'm eastbound, just watch ole bandit run♪ whatever party you've got going in the back, we've got the business up front.
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we expected the hear from survivors. what no one expected is an incredibly emotional moment where the arizona republican
1:57 pm
revealed that she was raped while serving in the united states air force by a superior officer. >> i am also a military sexual assault survivors. unlike so many brave survivors i didn't report being sexually assaulted. i didn't trust the system at the time. i blame myself. i was a shamed and confused. i thought i was strong but felt power less. in one case i was preyed upon and then raped by a superior officer. i stayed silent for many years but later in my career as a military grappled with scandals and inat adequate responses i felt the need to let them know i too was a survivor. i was horrified how my attempt
1:58 pm
to share how generally my experiences were. i almost separated from the air force at 18 years over my dispair. like the victims i felt the system was raping me all over again. >> wow. i mean it's hard to gather yourself for a reaction but i mean obviously very brave of her to do that not unlike did that and talked about how she had been raped. what's your reaction? >> it is important that she said in her capacity as a fe female . senator. a lot of people questioned the validity of those reports because it increased dramatically in recent years on campus, in corporate america. she is there saying i didn't report it because i feared retribution. i think those people who want to
1:59 pm
make that argument will have a hard time sitting next to a woman of her bravery, courage and accomplishment and trying to question the validity and ask why she didn't report. >> and we saw the outburst of r. kelly trying to defend himself with gail king. i think it's not a partisan issue. the safety of women should matter to all people but it does beg to question how some republicans standby this president who lihimself is accud of sexually assaulting over 20 women. it forces the question to be answered. >> i think by speaking her mind she is using her platform for good. that should be applauded. i think what's hard to grapple with is the fact she supported kaf kne kavanaugh.
2:00 pm
i hope she addresses some of the issues she experienced. >> thank you so much. it is emotional to watch that footage. follow me on facebook and twitter. our coverage continues right now. thanks for watching. appreciate it. we are following breaking news. i'm wolf blitzer. we are standing by for michael cohen to immerge from an hour's long closed door house intelligence committee hering. cohen provided new documents showing edits to the false statement he delivered back in 2017 about the trump tower moscow project. he claims another trump lawyer made the clanhanges to that statement. we are outside this closed